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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on GL
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Monday, July 30, 2001

In San Cristobel:

At the palace gardens, Olivia gets a call from Vreeland who tells her he needs to talk to her ASAP. She tells him she is in the palace gardens and he can stop by. Josh comes out and tells Olivia that something is wrong with their books, they are way too clean, no monies allocated for miscellaneous. Olivia tells him that she runs a taunt ship and puts down what she spends and only that. He tells her that they usually have some money allocated for payoffs to people to make sure deliveries are on time, etc. Olivia tells him that they are doing that this time; everything is on the up and up. Josh pushes it and Olivia tells him that if he doubts the books he doubts her. She is upset and he apologizes. Vreeland comes in and overhears. He tells Josh that the reason things are ran like that is because of Edmund, as well as Vreeland's candidacy, everything he is involved in has to be above reproach. Josh thanks them both and excuses himself.

Vreeland tells Olivia that they have problems. They have to pay off Edmund or else he will expose everything. Olivia tells him that she gave him enough to pay off Edmund so he should take care of it. Edmund also told him that his new "friends" in Springfield want to be involved with their project. They have a ton of cash and want to launder it through the harbor project. Olivia asks who they are and Vreeland tells her. Olivia can't believe that she is being shook down by the mob and "little Tony Santos."

At the Rusty Anchor, Reva and Cassie go in and find "Scarface." They try to act like they met him somewhere before but he catches them in a lie. They tell him that they just want a piece of the action and they have an "in" with Richard who will pay for information on his brother's dealings. The guy thinks they are cops and won't let them out. He tells them to either start talking or they will all three have matching scars.

At Company:

Buzz is watching the court case and is cheering Ross on. He sees Edmund come in with his dirty friend, Bernardo. Edmund and Bernardo have a seat. Edmund tells him that he needs help in Mexico. He says he needs Bernardo to help him stop the divorce his wife is trying to procure. Bernardo said he would call and get the court docket so full that they will be unable to fit Beth in. Edmund tells him he also has to get to Mexico to talk to her. Bernardo tells him that he will get him there but he also wants a favor, he wants to talk to Peter Vreeland.

At the Courthouse:

Ross questions Harley who tells about finding the gun and believing that Danny was being set up. She tells the jury that she looked into the surveillance tapes of the day Gus made her summons the entire Bauer clan down to the station. She found that Gus was at the Bauer house alone that day and the tape had a splice at precisely the same time. Ross calls Agent Peterson who tells the jury that Gus told him to take the tape and edit out a sound that he thought was a gunshot. Ross calls Gus and Gus tells him he was only trying to protect a rookie agent from looking like an idiot and possibly losing his job. Ross tells Gus that he has an agenda against Danny and wants him to fess up. Gus denies it. Ross pulls out a file and tells Gus that he knows that the key to the case lies with who he really is. He tells Gus and the jury that Gus Aitoro doesn't really exist.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

In the Courtroom:

Ross continues to hammer away at Gus accusing him of making up the identity of "Gus Aitoro." Gus denies it. The DA objects but Ross presses further. He tells Gus that they know who he really is and why he has a vendetta against Danny Santos. Ross shows Gus his photo with his dad and asks if it jogs his memory. Gus looks at the photo and then at Blake, realizing she took it from his room. Ross asks Gus who the boy is and Gus reluctantly admits that it is a photo of him and Joe Augustino, a highly directed cop in Chicago that worked on the organized crime team, putting away mobsters on a regular basis. Ross asks how Gus knows Joe August a.k.a Joe Augustino and Gus tells him it has nothing to do with this case. Ross against asks about the relationship between Gus and Joe Augustino. Ross produces the birth certificate that says he was born only seven years ago. In reality it was a name change to Gus Aitoro from Nick Augustino and Joe Augustino was his father. Gus admits it. Ross asks why he changed his name and baits him about maybe he was ashamed of his dad. Gus is getting angry telling Ross that his dad was a good man and a terrific cop. He keeps on and asks if that was the case maybe Gus wanted to conceal his identity. Gus tells Ross that he is a FBI agent and he knows Danny Santos and knows that he is a murderer and that is all that matters. Ross tells Gus that he wants Danny to pay for all that he has done. Gus tells him that Danny murdered his mother, Carmen Santos and the feds have a file on him five inches thick, he is no Good Samaritan. Ross asks if his interests are purely professional. He shows Gus his evidence and tells him that if he knows anything more he better tell know. DA Wolfe looks at the evidence and then at Gus. She walks back to her seat and Ross asks about the document. A police report from 1980, concerning the murder of Joe Augustino allegedly by Miguel Santos. Ross asks if that is why Gus hates Danny Santos and he will break any rules to put him behind bars. He tells the jury that it doesn't get any more personal that one boy's father killing another boy's father. Gus tells Ross that Miguel was never convicted, charged or tried for his dad's murder but it has nothing to do with Danny's case. Ross tells Gus that he can imagine him as a small child at his father's gravesite and promising that the Santo family will pay for killing his dad. He changed his name so that no one would question his motives. Gus blows up and tells Ross that he wants the Santos to pay, they shot his father down in cold blood and he wants them all to rot in hell. Gus tells Ross that there is nothing about Justice in this case. A piece of garbage shot down a good man and left him in the street. Gus is upset and Ross moves for a mistrial. The judge asks for the DA and Ross to meet in his chambers. Everyone leaves except Gus who stays in the witness stand, stunned.

In San Cristobel:

At the Rusty Anchor, Reva and Cassie are backed into a corner by "scarface", who continued threatening them if they didn't reveal their true identity. Reva and Cassie tell them that they just want information on the harbor project and the former prince will pay for the info to bury his brother. "Scarface" thinks they are cops and holds his knife to them. Reva tries to get by him and he orders his thug friends to take them out the back way by the docks. Richard and Noah get them just in time to get Cassie and Reva but the men run away. Richard realizes that Reva can see and she tells him that they didn't want Olivia to know about her sight. He is angry and tells them that they shouldn't be down there dressed like hookers. Outside, Scarface calls Vreeland and tells him what happened. Vreeland figures out one of the girls must have been Cassie. Back in the bar, Richard and Cassie are arguing about the situation. Noah takes Reva out of the bar and she kisses him. She thanks him for trusting her enough to let her do what she had to do. She tells him how lucky she is to have him. Noah tells him that they get this out of the way and then set a date and focus on them. Cassie tells Richard that she had to gather information about Edmund, this is important. Richard tells her to look at herself. She is completely out of control and what is going to happen to him and the children if something happens to her. She tells him that it wont happen. Richard is scared that something else will happen and they will be separated again. He doesn't want her to keep putting their life at risk. She tells him that Edmund cannot win; she has to do something to take Edmund down. Richard tells her he understands but he doesn't like it. He takes her home.

In the palace gardens, Olivia comes over to see Vreeland and he tells him that Scarface wants hush money and it won't be coming out of his pocket. Olivia is furious about how problems continue to pop up. Olivia tells him that she has already given 10 million bucks, her well is dry and there is no more. Vreeland tells her that she better get the money now or else he will go to Josh for it. Olivia calls Claire and asks if she can get Alan to call her, very important message.

In Mexico:

Beth is unpacking when the phone rings. Phillip is checking in to tell her about what Edmund did at the airport. He tells her that his security guy is watching Edmund now drowning his sorrows at Company. Beth tells him that there is a problem with the divorce. She tells him that the court is closed and will reopen in the morning and then she will get the divorce. She will use the time to think and sip margaritas. They reminisce old vacations they had taken together. Phillip tells her to get the divorce over with and come right home. She tells him that no one will change her mind. She tells him that she learned about Edmund the hard way; he is a dangerous man.

Beth thinks of Edmund and all the good times. She is sad and wonders why nothing can ever work out. She wishes she only remembered the good times and not the bad.

At Company:

Edmund sees Tobias, the man who Phillip has following him. He goes over to him and tells him that he is going to the bathroom and then home to cry himself to sleep and asks him if he wants his agenda for tomorrow as well. He goes to the powder room and sneaks out the window. Meanwhile, Claire and Buzz are watching the court proceedings. They think Ross is going to fry Aitoro. Buzz tells Claire that he thinks Gus is really Miguel Santos Jr.

On an airplane:

Bernardo puts Edmund on a small plane and tells him that it will fly him all the way to Mexico under radar and past immigration but he can tell no one. Bernardo reminds him that he will expect contact with Vreeland. Some other men come on board and Edmund asks if they work for Bernardo. Bernardo tells him that the less he knows the better. Bernardo leaves. The other passengers stare at Edmund and thinks he looks like a Bond wannabe. Later, Edmund daydreams about he and Beth; he kisses her and tells her not to divorce him, he needs her.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Olivia finally contacts Alan and tells him that she is over her head and now the mob is getting involved. She needs his help. She hears Josh approaching and tells Alan she will call him back. Josh pulls Olivia to him and asks what she is thinking about. He thinks that maybe they should take a break and go diving by the reef. Olivia is glad for the break and tells him so. Sam and Marah interrupt. They are about to go for a midnight swim. Olivia tells them about their diving trip and that they will be gone for a few days. Marah whines and Josh almost postpones it but Sam tells Marah that while her dad and Olivia are gone he will show her around the island. Sam asks to speak to Olivia and they walk away. Josh talks to Marah about Tony and she tells him that she no longer cares. She tried everything she could and even tried to make him jealous with this trip but it didn't work. Josh tells Marah not to play with Sam's feelings. Marah insists that they are just friends. They talk about Olivia and how the get away is going to help the tension that has come up since Reva arrived.

Olivia and Sam are talking about the island. She tells him that she seems to be getting problems thrown at her from both sides. She tells him that she has to do some intense juggling but will handle it. They walk back over to Josh and Marah and the kids leave for the beach. Josh and Olivia head back for their room.

As Josh sleeps, Olivia is worried. She thinks they should have left tonight while they still could.

Richard and Cassie talk about Vreeland and how he doesn't want her and Reva in his line of fire. Dax comes in and asks to speak to Richard. Dax and Noah tell Richard that Vreeland is buying votes. Richard doesn't want to do anything about it. He tells them that this is a democracy and if he loses the election, so be it. While Richard is occupied, Cassie and Reva decide that they aren't going to give up on getting Vreeland. Cassie gets a call supposedly from Scarface telling her that he has info on Vreeland and will talk. She tells them to call her tomorrow. Richard comes back and asks who was on the phone and Cassie tells him it was someone with information for the commission. Richard says he admires her determination but she and Reva have to play by the rules from now on.

In their bedroom, Cassie and Richard in bed talking. He wonders if she is having difficulty sleeping and she tells him that she thought she heard thunder but saw that the sky was clear. She also tells him that she isn't pregnant. He tells her that fate has its own timetable and they will just have to do their part. They kiss and cuddle.

Meanwhile, Reva wakes up suddenly with a nightmare. Noah asks about it but she doesn't want to talk. She tells him that she dreamt that she lost him. Noah holds her tight.

At the Bauer House:

Frank, Harley, Blake, Ross, Buzz, the Bauer's and the Santos' are celebrating their partial victory in court. Ross reminds them that just because they showed Aitoro's true colors doesn't mean they are out of the woods. Danny goes to Harley to thank her and tells her that he realizes that it had to be tough to turn on her boss like that. Michelle agrees and hopes Harley won't get into trouble for it. Harley tells them that she is going on maternity leave in a few days anyway, so it doesn't matter. Ray proposes a toast to Danny and Michelle and Danny tells him that he is keeping his fingers crossed for the rest of the trial. Ray doesn't understand how Danny could still be convicted since the body was a fake. Ross tells them that even though there is no body he could still be convicted of murder. Danny asks what Ross is thinking. Ross says they could bring up the charges again later or just instruct the jury that the body doesn't matter and to judge on the other testimony. Then there is a chance he could be acquitted. Tony thinks all cops are crooked but everyone reminds him that if it weren't for a cop, Harley, they wouldn't be in the position they are in now. Rick toasts to Harley. Tony asks Danny if he will return to work at Infierno after he is acquitted. Danny tells him that he isn't sure; the hours aren't the best for his family. Ray reminds Tony that it is still Danny's club. Danny asks if Tony is keeping his nose clean. Tony gets angry and spits back at Danny that he needs to let him run the club on his own terms. He leaves. Catalina asks if Tony is okay. Michelle tells her that says Tony just misinterpreted something Danny said but Michelle can't believe Tony would get back into the business again. Harley is talking to Rick and Frank. She is trying to think of why Gus would do what he did. She is thinking of the picture of Gus and his dad. She can kind of relate to what he has gone through since her own mom was murdered. Rick wonders if she feels sorry for Gus. She doesn't answer and gets up to go home. Frank and Rick worry about Gus taking this out on Harley. Rick thinks Harley needs protecting but Frank thinks she will get angry if he tried to protect her. Holly tells them to leave Harley alone or they will make her crazy. Rick hopes Gus leaves her alone as well.

Ross and Blake leave and Rick tells Michelle and Danny that he is going to bed. Michelle asks Danny if he wants to go out and make a wish on a star. Danny doesn't want to tempt fate but Michelle thinks they will be okay and she wants to fill every moment with joy. She kisses him and he lays her back on the countertop.

At Infierno:

Tony is talking to Romeo. Romeo thinks Tony is still stuck on Marah and he should just go down to that island and get her. Tony tells him he is busy at the club. Romeo says he will watch things for him. Tony is worried about running money through Lewis construction. He says Josh was always honest with him. Romeo says either he is in or not but he has to make a decision with these guys. Romeo tells Tony he will cover the club. Tony says it is too soon to make a move; Marah still thinks she owns him. Romeo says Sam looks like he is moving in on her fast. Tony says he has everything just the way he wants it.

At Harley's:

Harley dumps her purse out to find her keys. She walks in her house holding her gun and notices that she isn't alone. She flips on the light and holds the gun up to Gus, who is sitting in a chair smoking. She tells him that he was not invited in her home. He congratulates her and tells her that she is a better braver cop since he has worked with her. She did her job without prejudice or sentiment and he believes she did fine work. She thanks him and asks what will happen to him. Gus says he doesn't know yet, Washington is still figuring it out. He tells her the irony is that he started out to nail the Santos family but he really grew to love the job. He looks at Harley and they sit down together. She tells him that he told her, small town cops get too involved and yet everything he did was personal. He betrayed her trust. If she had known, she would have told him to take himself off the case. Danny didn't kill Gus' father. Gus says Danny killed his mother and the man who killed her mother is in a mental institution. How does that make her feel? She says Gus hates Danny. He says he hates everyone who gets away with things. She asks him about his family. He tells her that his mother died when he was 5 and his father devoted his life to him. His father was popular with the kids in the neighborhood; he loved baseball and took Gus to the day games. They sat in the bleachers most of the time but one time had boxed seats next to a man with his two boys. His dad was looking at the man and no longer seemed in a good mood. The man, Miguel Santos caught a fly ball and gave the ball to him but his father made him give it back telling him that he never wanted to owe people like that. Joe was about to take the Santos family down when on one Saturday afternoon; his father took him to see Star Wars. After the movie, his father gave him money for ice cream and Gus went to get it. He turned and saw the man, Miguel, pull his gun and smile at him. He shot his dad in cold blood. His father was on the ground and everyone was screaming. The sirens came and the police wouldn't let him look at his dad. He was 10 and that was the last time he saw him. They gave him a hero's funeral and then it was over. Harley says it wasn't over for him. Gus says all his father ever wanted was justice -- and that is all he wants. To this day there is no justice. Harley touches his face and he touches hers. Gus tells her he has to go and she wishes him luck in Washington. He tells her that he will call and hopes she has good luck with the baby. He tells her to take care and she does the same. He leaves.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Danny and Michelle are still celebrating. They are happy that at least Gus has been exposed. They read the newspaper together and the headlines say that the feds are embarrassed by tainted evidence in the Santos case. The article goes on to say that the feds will not retry the case if it there is a mistrial. It also states that they will not pursue any charges against Michelle. Danny is happy that Michelle is cleared at least. Michelle thinks they should take Robbie on his first vacation. Danny thinks Robbie wouldn't remember the vacation, so they should take the vacation themselves, alone. Michelle wonders who would tend to Robbie. Danny thinks Meta would do it. Just then Meta and Claire come in and Claire tells them that she would love to watch Robbie.

Michelle tells Claire to go home. Claire understands that Michelle is still angry but she insists the only reason she talked to the feds was because she wanted to protect Michelle. She congratulate them exposing Gus. Claire says if the judge rules it a mistrial Danny will be free too. Michelle didn't believe her sincerity but Claire insists she wants Danny to be free. She tells Michelle that Gus was on a mission and no one could stand in his way. Meta isn't impressed. Claire asks Michelle for a chance to make things right. She wants to babysit for Robbie. Michelle isn't ready for that and Danny tells her they are trying to start over. Claire thinks that Danny might want to try a new career and offers to set up a meeting with him and Alan. Meta tells Claire that Danny doesn't need her or Alan and Danny says he doesn't want to talk to Alan. Michelle says they will pass on the offer. Claire says the truth is she wants to be part of Michelle's life. She has made horrible mistakes and seems to keep making them. Nothing has been right since she gave her up as a baby but that shouldn't stop Danny from at least talk to Alan. Claire thinks Danny could start a new life for his wife and son. She wonders if someone else made the offer would they not consider it? She offers again to set up a meeting with Danny and Alan and Danny finally agrees to meet with him.

Michelle is humming when Danny comes back down. Danny kisses her and tells her he is glad she's happy. He tells Michelle that he told Claire he would meet with Alan to get rid of her but he thinks he will really meet with him and see what he says. Ross arrives and Michelle asks him if he saw the newspaper. Ross says the judge ruled against a mistrial and now the jury has to decide if what Danny did was justifiable. Michelle and Danny are disappointed.

At the Carriage House:

Ross tells Blake that the feds ruled out a retrial and won't press charges against Michelle but the Judge still hasn't ruled on a mistrial. Ross thanks her for all her help. She tells him that she has something to tell him. She tells Ross that while she was investigating Gus, he ended up using her as well. She says Gus purposely made her think he was Miguel Jr. with all these sob stories about the kid. She tells Ross, Gus is low and she has no sympathy for him. She wonders if Ross ever had suspicions about the time she spent alone with Gus. He says he wasn't suspicious. She asks if Ross is jealous but he insists he isn't, telling her that he trusts her. Just then the doorbell rings; its Gus. He tells Ross that he just wanted to clear the air about what happened between him and Blake. Gus tells them he is headed to Washington and may get kicked out of the bureau but he won't go down without a fight. Gus says he just came by to say there are no hard feelings and Blake wins. She tells him that he was just a character in her book. Gus says make sure he is handsome and gets all the ladies. As he leaves, he tells Ross that the kiss between he and Blake meant nothing. Blake looks upset and as soon as Gus leaves she tries to explain things to Ross. She tells him that she broke into Gus's room and when he found her there she had to play the game long enough to get out of there. She didn't cheat on him. Ross doesn't seem to care about the kiss, he tells Blake he is worried about the risks she is willing to take for her book. Ross gets a call from the courthouse. The judge has a decision and wants to meet in chambers.

In Mexico:

Beth again learns that the court is closed for the day and her lawyer tells her it will be three days before they can do anything, after the festival. She tells the attorney she just wants to get divorced and go home. He tells her that she should have a good time while she is there. Beth calls and tells Phillip what is going on. She tells him she will be home in a few days. Beth tells the lawyer she will take this time to vacation and will enjoy the fiesta.

Later, Beth comes in after doing some shopping. She has a drink and is dancing with the others. She sees her lawyer and he dances with her and then places a festival mask over his face as they dance. He tells Beth to close her eyes and imagine good things. When she does another man takes his place dancing with Beth, wearing the same mask. Beth opens her eyes and the dancing starts turning passionate. She wants to know who the man is and removes his mask to find Edmund.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie and Reva are plotting how they are going to take Olivia down. Just then Scarface calls and asks to meet Cassie alone. She tells Reva and insists Reva not follow her. Cassie leaves and Reva follows.

Cassie arrives at the Rusty Anchor and meets Scarface. He tells her that he has the dirt she wants but he wants to talk price. She tells him to give her something solid as good faith and then they will talk price. While they are talking, Reva walks in, disguised as a street woman. Cassie asks Scarface why he is willing to sell out Vreeland. He tells her that Vreeland is cheap and stupid. She offers $10,000 to start and immunity. He wants more. Cassie says he has to show her some evidence first. Scarface says Vreeland has been taking payments from Lewis construction and having him pick up the money after Edmund left San Cristobel . Cassie wants to know who gave him the money but he won't say anymore. Cassie notices Reva just as Scarface did and tries to negotiate some more but he goes straight to Reva and asks who she is and what she is doing there. Reva asks for money and tells them she hasn't eaten in weeks. Cassie tells Scarface the woman is obviously blind but he doesn't buy it and pulls a knife out and holds it up to her face to find out.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is trying to find out why the courthouse in Mexico is closed. He doesn't get anywhere with the language barrier and hangs up. Phillip tells Alan he can't find out why Beth can't get the divorce but there is something about this he doesn't like. Alan is happy he is thinking of Beth but Phillip says not to get too excited. Just then, Tobias comes in and tells Phillip that he has bad news. He tells them that he lost track of Edmund last night. Phillip is furious that he waited 24 hours to tell him. Alan tries to calm Phillip down but Phillip relieves Tobias of his duties and goes to call Beth. She doesn't answer. He thinks he is going to have to go find Edmund himself.

Friday, August 3, 2001

At Company:

Rick, Michelle and Danny are about to go in when Danny tells them that he has lost his appetite. They are all upset about the judge not declaring a mistrial but Rick thinks it may be best; the jury has to have serious doubts with all the tainted evidence in the case. Danny reminds Rick that he did admit to killing his mother on the stand. Rick tells them that he is having Ross draw up a legal document between he and Harley concerning his parental rights. Rick goes inside. Michelle tells Danny that she has been thinking about it and the more she thinks the more she comes to the same conclusion. Michelle says the body that was pulled out of the water was weighted down with chains, just like his mother's body. Only someone who was there that night would know that detail. Danny thinks someone saw them. Michelle says that maybe someone switched the bodies but that is because the real body wouldn't be there. The only person with any reason to set this up is Carmen herself. Danny says Carmen is dead. Her body was cold when he put it into the water. He tells her that they are both just stressed but his mother cannot hurt them anymore. Danny tells Michelle that he has to swing by the courthouse for some papers and asks if she wants to go along. She tells her that she needs to get back to relieve Meta from babysitting. Danny leaves and Michele calls and asks Meta if she can sit with Robbie a bit longer.

Inside, Rick comes in and sees Harley. She tells him that she is going out of town for a while and wanted to say goodbye. He questions her and she tells him that she is taking her maternity leave. Rick wants to know if Harley is running away but she tells him she just wants to have the baby in California. She needs to get away from everyone. They all think they know what is best for her but they don't and they are just piling on the stress. She has called a friend of hers in California and she said she could stay with her and Susan will come down for her break from school to stay with them awhile. Rick tells her it all sounds logical but she still can't go. He doesn't think it is safe for her to travel but she tells him that Dr. Sedgwick Okayed it. He tells her that he is the baby's father and asks if she is going to deny him the birth of his son. He pleas with her not to do this to him but she tells him that she is doing this for her. Rick tells her that he has rights and that he has called Ross in about it. Harley gets even more upset and tells him that she thought they were friends, she can't believe he is pulling legalities into this. She tells him that she feels like she is being mugged. He tells her he feels the same way. He should have seen this coming, now she is running away. Harley says the baby will have both of his parents but right now she needs space. Rick thinks she is being irresponsible to travel now but Harley wants him to stop pushing her. Rick says he sees children with no parents all the time in the ER. Harley gets hysterical and tells him that she isn't his friend; she is just a one-night stand he knocked up when he was loaded. She begs him to see what they are doing. She tells them they are great friends and she would like it to stay that way. She doesn't want to hurt him. He tells her all he has ever wanted was a family and children but if she has to go to California the least she can do is call him at her first contraction so he can head out there. Harley tells him she will think about it. She starts to cry and tells him she has to go. She asks him to give a letter to Buzz and Frank for her, she just couldn't tell them goodbye in person. She goes to leave but comes back and asks him for a hug. He hugs her and she leaves. Rick looks lost.

Rick is sitting at a table still in thought when Danny comes in. He asks if Rick has seen Michelle. She had told him that she was going home to relieve Meta of babysitting but when he called Meta told him that Michelle called to extend her time. Now, Michelle isn't answering her cell phone.

At the Docks:

Michelle gets to the docks and looks around. She wonders if Carmen is in there somewhere or not. She thinks she may be overreacting and gets up to leave. When she turns, she runs into someone who had been watching her.

At the Airport:

Phillip is questioning everyone, asking them if Edmund got on any flights to Mexico and they all say they haven't. He calls Beth at the hotel and she isn't there but she had signed in under the name "Beth Winslow." Phillip leaves a message and turns to leave when he runs into Harley. She tells him that she is going out of town with Zach but he will be coming back early and she was hoping he would keep him for a while. Phillip says he will and tells Harley he hopes everything works out for her.

In Mexico:

Beth asks Edmund what he is doing there. She wants to call for help but he tells her that he loves her and wants to remind her of that. She tells him she wants a divorce and he should let her go. Edmund says she is his wife and a husband can't be so easily dismissed in Mexico. Edmund says he followed Beth because he loves her. If they get a divorce it will cut short the life they could have had together. Beth says being in love with him brings out the worst in her. She needs a fresh start and that begins with a divorce. Edmund says she used the present tense when she said being in love so that proves she still loves him. He asks if she can tell him she doesn't love him. She can't and he tells her that is why she can't go through with the divorce because she would be going against her own heart.

Beth tells Edmund she can't think straight when he is around. She starts to walk away but he tells her that because of him she has changed. She is a self-assured woman who answers to no one. He mentions Bradley dying and Beth thinks he knew about the inheritance and that is why he wants her back. She tells him that she is going to go through with the reason she came. He tells her that if she gets a divorce she will regret it for the rest of her life. She is angry now and tells him he almost had her doubting her own instincts, but no more. She walks away but is stopped by the two thugs that were on the plane with Edmund. They show her their guns, put a mask over her face and drags her out of the fiesta. Vargas, Beth's attorney comes out again and picks up the bracelet Beth dropped.

In San Cristobel:

Scarface finally believes Reva to be only a blind homeless person. He goes back to talk to Cassie and he shows an audio tape that he tells her has a conversation with Olivia and Vreeland talking about the kickbacks and Edmund's name is mentioned a bit. Cassie tells him she is buying then and he tells her what he wants. She tells him it is steep but she will pay. There is another tremor and Cassie starts to leave when Scarface tells her that he wants more than money. He wants something more personal and goes to touch Cassie. She tells him to forget it. Reva comes over and jumps on Scarface and Cassie grabs the tape. She starts to run off but Scarface has Reva and she comes back to help. Reva takes a beer bottle and cracks him over the head with it and they both leave.

Richard walks into their bedroom looking for Cassie. Noah arrives and asks about Reva. The guys are worried that they went back to the bar. Just then, Reva and Cassie walk into the bedroom and tell the guys they have the dirt on Olivia, Vreeland and Edmund. Cassie goes to get the tape recorder just as another tremor comes. This one is worse and the room shakes so much the ceiling starts to come down. Noah and Richard grab the women and try to get them to safety.

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