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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on GL
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Monday, August 27, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Michelle is trying to put together a baby swing and talking to Meta about what happened with Danny's interview. Gus stops by with a gift for the baby. Michelle is cold to him but Meta invites him in. Gus watches as Michelle struggles to put the swing together and finally takes over and has it together in a matter of minutes. Meta is impressed that he knew how to do it without any instructions. Gus gets a page and tells them that he has to go. Michelle is glad to see him leave and asks Meta why she was so nice to Gus. Meta tells Michelle that she should always keep her enemies close so they can see what they are up to.

Michelle stands in the doorway wishing Danny would hurry up and come home.

At the Spaulding Office's:

Danny has broken in to Alan's office dressed all in black. A security officer comes in and Danny hides until the man leaves. He accesses Spaulding's confidential files on his computer and downloads information onto a diskette. He tells himself that is will teach Alan to not turn him down.

Alan comes in just as the alarm in his office goes off. He and the security guard go in and find Danny at the desk with his feet propped up on the desk. Danny asks Alan what took him so long.

At Cedar's:

Claire asks Rick what is wrong and he tells her about Beth. She thinks Alan will be very upset and wants to find him.

In Alan's Suite, Tower's:

Alan and Olivia are getting undressed and kissing. She tells him that this is only business to her and he will never have her heart. They make love and Alan tells her that he hasn't felt that intense since Annie. They are interrupted by a phone call.

Josh knocks on the door and Olivia answers fully dressed. She tells him that she was talking to Alan about additional funding. Alan comes to the door and tells Josh that Olivia is very convincing and he has agreed to the additional funding. Josh shows him the tape and says Olivia sounded scared on it when talking about borrowing. Alan says she was just afraid to ask him for more money but she is very persuasive. Alan promises to stick with them and thinks the earthquake might be a blessing in disguise. They can start over and Alan believes in good luck. He tells Josh that Olivia has made a compelling case and he is very satisfied and will increase his commitment to the project. Olivia tells Josh she will stay to finish her meeting and then meet up with him. Josh tells her to be careful and not let Alan take advantage of her. Alan goes back into the room and calls the bartender and thanks him for the warning call. Alan tells Olivia if she is upset they can tell Josh the truth. Olivia says tonight he just had her body; Josh is the one she loves. Alan is taken with her and asks why she wastes herself on a small time player like Josh. He wants all of her and he is going to have her. She says all of her is not for sale; she just fulfilled the terms of their agreement. Alan asks her for a kiss goodbye but she tells him she always leaves them wanting more. Alan tells himself that he will have more of her and soon.

At Tower's:

Josh gives the bartender a tip to tell him Alan's suite number. Josh heads to the suite when Reva stops him and tells him about Beth. Josh and Reva talk about how Ed gets away with everything. Reva tells Josh that the investigation into all Edmund's dealings will continue and that includes the harbor project. Josh thinks Reva is accusing Olivia again and tells her that Lewis is clean. Reva says she is not accusing anyone. He helped dig her out of a hole and she is trying to make sure he doesn't fall into one. Reva realizes that Josh has his own suspicions. He tells her to tell Cassie that Olivia is being used and he is checking it out. Josh leaves.

Gus arrives with the info on Lewis that Reva wanted. The company is squeaky clean but he wonders why she wanted to find things out about her ex-husbands company. He asks what she really wants him to find out. Reva tells him she thinks Olivia has committed crimes against the government of SC with the former prince. Gus understands that when everything hits the fan Reva doesn't want Josh implicated. Reva asks if he can handle it and he tells her he can. Josh comes back in and Gus calls him over. He makes up a story telling Josh he is working on a show with Reva. Josh leaves and Reva tells Gus not to do that to her again. They leave.

Olivia comes in and tells Josh the meeting is over. Olivia tells Josh she loves him and her pager interrupts them. He tells her to answer it and he will meet her at home. Josh kisses her and then leaves. She checks her pager and it is Tony.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is trying to get baby James to eat but he is too upset and keeps crying. Lillian comes in and they talk about the children and Beth. Phillip goes to put James down and when he comes back into the den, he brings back an old wooden jewelry box of Beth's that Lillian gave her as a child. Phillip tells Lillian that it is the only thing she didn't take to SC when she went to be a Princess. She cherished it more than any other possession. They go through the jewelry and remember when Beth got each piece. Phillip opens a locket of Beth's that held an ink drawing of Lizzie at the age of four. Phillip tells Lillian that he is going to keep it and give it to Lizzie when she turns 16. Lillian tells Phillip that she still feels like a mother. Phillip tells her as long as he is alive she will have a son. Phillip leaves and Lillian breaks down while looking at Beth's things.

At Cedar's:

Edmund comes in and tells a nurse that he is sick. He just came back from Mexico and he feels like his insides are going nuts. The nurse learns that Edmund doesn't have insurance and tells him he shouldn't have drunk the water in Mexico. She tells him to have a seat and she will get a doctor. Edmund lies down on a gurney while telling his hood friend that he will see Carlos after he gets something for his health. The nurse gets Rick to see Edmund. Rick tells Edmund that he is going to give him the treatment he deserves. Rick asks Edmund if he knew Beth was his first love; Edmund tells him she was his as well. Rick tells him he isn't a very nice man and reminds him that he was the one to tell Phillip about Harley's baby. Rick gives Edmund two shots for a full recovery and tells Edmund not to drink the water in Mexico.

At Infierno:

Olivia goes in to see Tony. He tells her he has some money and he wants her to take it down to SC to do the laundry on it. Olivia tells him that she can't go down there and she wasn't aware he wanted her to travel with the cash as well. She tells him that Cassie and the commission is watching her and she was already almost caught once. Tony tells her that it is her problem and sends her on her way.

In the bar, Olivia calls Vreeland and tells him that he needs to get to Springfield and pick up this money. Vreeland tells her that he has a meeting with Richard and he is in the middle of a presidential campaign. Olivia tells him to stand him up and get there as soon as he can. She hangs up. Edmund comes in and Olivia gives him a hard time about Beth. She tells Edmund that she knows he killed Beth. She tells him he had a woman who loved him but he didn't trust her and now she is gone. Edmund tells her she is heading the same way. He tells her she is desperate for her husband's attention yet she lies down with dogs. Carlos comes in and Edmund leaves with him to see Tony. Olivia reflects over her life as it is now. She thinks she is a smuggler, she is lying to her husband and now she is sleeping with Alan. She thinks it all came to that because she loved her husband. Olivia gets a call from Vreeland, telling her he is heading to Springfield. She starts to leave just as Gus comes in. Olivia starts to leave and Gus helps her with the duffle bag. Olivia is very defensive and grabs the bag back. Gus smiles and wonders what could possibly be in the bag.

Edmund and Carlos come in to see Tony. They tell Edmund that they need him to help Vreeland defeat Richard for the presidency of San Cristobel . Vreeland is the only way to insure their families place in San Cristobel . Edmund tells them that if he could defeat Richard they wouldn't be there right now. Tony tells him that it does seem that Richard bounces back quite often but they need him to see to what they want if he wants to continue living.

At the Bauer House:

Michelle is getting worried that Danny hasn't shown up yet. She asks Meta to watch the baby and she heads out to search for him. When she gets to the door she drops her keys and is startled to see Maria out there. Maria asks to talk to Danny and Michelle tells her that he isn't there. They are both worried that Carmen is out there somewhere and Maria tells her that they need to stick together. Michelle agrees and they head off to Infierno to see if anyone has seen Danny.

Michelle comes in with Romeo who checks the house out and tells her that all is clear. He asks if she wants him to stick around but she tells him she will be okay. Romeo leaves. Michelle wonders where Meta and the baby are and she is starting to get paranoid when someone rattles the doorknob. She grabs a poker and goes to the door just as Danny comes in. Danny asks if she is okay and hugs her. He tells her that he thinks he may have gotten a job at Spaulding and they should keep their fingers crossed. He kisses her and tells her that Meta took the baby out for the evening and Rick is working double shifts so they have the house alone.

At Spaulding:

Alan comes in and asks Danny what he is doing there. Danny tells him he is there for his interview. He tells Alan that he got through all of his security and accessed his confidential files and shows Alan the computer. Alan can't believe it and asks Danny how long it took him. Danny tells him that he had full access in less than an hour. Alan asks how long it would take him to make sure it could never happen again. Danny tells him that he is through with the free advice. Alan asks what he wants and Danny tells him he wants a job and a future for him and his family. He tells Alan that he loves his family and he wants to provide for them and he is only asking for a chance.

Phillip arrives at Alan's office and is surprised to see Danny there. Alan says Danny got past their security system and smiles. Alan tells Danny he will be in touch with him and Danny leaves. Phillip asks Alan if Danny broke into his office why is he considering giving him a job? Alan tells Phillip that Danny is a man of action, unlike Phillip who let Beth die by his lack of action. Phillip tells Alan he is through of listening to him talk like that. He tells Alan that he is the one to blame since he broke their marriage up to start with. Phillip tells him that Beth never had a chance with all the twisted, destructive men in her life: Bradley Raines, Edmund Winslow and Alan Spaulding. Phillip storms out.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie and Richard are going over the debate materials for the election. Phillip calls and tells them what happened to Beth and Cassie tells him they will be there for the memorial service. Cassie asks Richard what to do about the debate and he tells her they will have to postpone it.

Vreeland comes in the sitting room after talking to Olivia. Richard tells him they need to postpone the debate and tells him about Beth. Vreeland tells Richard that it will look bad for him to leave when his country needs him. Cassie offers to go to the funeral alone but Richard says no. Vreeland says the station in SC is in bad condition and he will help the Winslow's out by having the debate in SF. Cassie says Reva can moderate and Vreeland agrees. Richard asks Vreeland how they can thank him for accommodating them. He tells him just to remember to give credit where credit is due. Richard asks Cassie if she is ready to go. She takes his hands and tells him she is with him and ready for anything. They leave.

Dax is left in the sitting room when Mrs. Mayhew arrives out of breath. She tells Dax she needs to talk to Richard as soon as possible. She is very sick and she cannot die with these things on her conscience. Dax tells an aide to prepare a room for her and he leaves to get something.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Reva is sitting with Cassie and Richard when Shayne comes in. He is glad his mom can see and that everything worked out in San Cristobel . He asks to see Noah and starts looking around for him. Richard and Cassie leave while Reva tells Shayne and Marah that she and Noah still love each other but they had to part ways. Marah understands but Shayne doesn't and tells his mom and sister that they are losers in the men department. He is upset and tells them that they always drive guys away and he really liked Noah. Marah thinks Shayne shouldn't say these things but Reva tells her that he is right about her. She tries to explain but Shayne runs up to his room, upset. Marah sits with Reva and tells her that she has no clue when it comes to men either. Reva tells her that someday she will find someone and things will make sense.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Claire is trying to console Alan about Beth. He is angry with her and tells her that they are no longer partners and she should find another place to live. She can't believe it but he tells her that she has used him over and over again and on top of that kept messages from him. She tries to explain why she wanted the interview with Danny. Alan tells her that Danny and he have talked and whatever happens between them is between he and Danny. Olivia comes in and Claire thinks she understands. She comments on Olivia getting her claws into Alan. Olivia tells Claire that she is paranoid. Alan asks Claire to excuse them and goes on to talk to Olivia. Olivia tells Alan she is in trouble. She tells him she is being followed and thinks Reva and Cassie are behind it. She asks him for his help and Alan realizes that she has no one else to turn to. He tells her that he will help her but she will have to do whatever he says and she will not like it.

At Infierno:

Olivia comes in and tells Tony that Vreeland is on his way and she will pass the cash off to him when he arrives. Tony tells her just to get it done. Gus is in the bar watching as Olivia goes in the office. He goes in closer to see if he can hear anything and is caught by Romeo. Gus tells him that he was babe watching, nothing else. Romeo doesn't buy it. Olivia leaves and Tony comes out. Tony comes over and Romeo tells him that Gus is hanging around the office. Tony walks away from them and Gus tells Romeo to go pester someone else.

Blake and her friend, Felicia, come in to have lunch. Gus comes over and compliments Blake. She tells him to get lost and Felicia thinks Blake wanted to talk to her about her attraction to Gus. Blake denies there is any attraction. She tells Felicia Ross has lost his spark and she was hoping she would talk to her husband about a job for him.

Sam comes in to Tony's office and tells him he wants to know why he is going to Lewis to talk to Olivia. He tells Tony that the secretary at Lewis told him he came to see her the other day and he wants to know why. Sam tells him that his sister is missing and he thinks Tony may know where she is. Tony denies everything and Sam asks him what his business was in San Cristobel . After he gets no answers, Sam tells Tony he will be watching him and leaves.

At the Airport:

Olivia meets with Vreeland and hands him the duffle bag full of cash. They go over in a corner and he looks through the bag. A man in a dark suit takes a picture of the transaction and when Vreeland leaves he takes another one of Olivia. Olivia sees him as he runs from the airport.

Olivia is back at the airport about to leaves when she gets a message that Tony called warning her that Sam is asking questions. Just then, Sam comes in and asks Olivia what she is doing. She tells him that something came up and she has to go to SC right away but she will be back. Sam pleas with her to talk to him and she tells him she can't but she will tell him she is in big trouble. He tells her to talk to him but she tells him to stay out of it and she will be back soon. An airport employee comes over and tells her that Mr. Spaulding's plane is ready and at one of the executive gates. Sam thinks her trip has nothing to do with San Cristobel . Olivia tells him she has to go and leaves.

At Cedar's:

Blake meets with her friend Felicia. Her husband is the dean at the university and Blake wants to talk to her about Ross. They head to Infierno for lunch.

Richard and Cassie come in for some tests. After the tests Dr. Sedgwick tells them that she will contact them with the results are in. Cassie prays they will be able to have children.

In San Cristobel:

Dax talks to Mrs. Mayhew about what she needs to say to Richard. Dax tells her that he favors the monarchy and her secret will be safe with him. He thinks he already knows it anyway. Mrs. Mayhew confesses to Dax that Charlotte's baby was healthy but George lied to Charlotte because he wanted Richard to succeed him. A tiny coffin was buried, filled with rocks and George paid everyone off not to tell Charlotte that her baby lived. Mrs. Mayhew tells Dax that she took the baby to a couple in a fishing village, not telling them the truth about his parents. The baby and the parents have no idea he was the heir to the throne. She feels guilty for her part in this but Dax just smiles and tells her that she has more than made up for it; she may have saved the monarchy.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Danny is feeding Robbie as Michelle shows him an article in the paper where the body of Carmen's henchman, Pedro, was found in the trunk of a car out in LA. Michelle thinks Pedro knew too much. Danny just hopes that Carmen stays away. He tells Michelle he is a bit concerned that Alan hasn't called him about a job yet. Michelle reminds him that Beth just died and he probably has a lot on his mind. Claire comes in and tells Danny and Michelle that they can't trust Alan. She tells them that Alan kicked her out and about their confrontation. Danny thinks Claire shouldn't have made appointments for Alan without his knowledge. Claire tells them she was just trying to help. She tells them that Alan is a control freak and now she hints that she is homeless. Michelle wonders if that ruined things for Danny as well. Danny tells them he is going over to see Alan after the memorial service. Michelle says she is going as well after they get a babysitter. Claire offers to sit with Robbie but Michelle doesn't want her to. Claire tells her again that she is homeless but she doesn't bite. She only tells Claire that she is sure she will land on her feet.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan comes in to meet Danny and Michelle. Danny tells him that he was worried when he didn't hear from him because he was under the impression Alan wanted to hire him. Alan tells Danny that paranoia doesn't become him. He was impressed with his spunk and confidence the other night and if he wants the job, he is Spaulding's new Director of Corporate Security. They thank Alan and leave. Alan picks up the phone and tells someone to handle the situation with Gus Aitoro.

Back at the Bauer House:

Michelle and Danny talk about how they can celebrate his new job. They kiss and head inside. When they step in the kitchen Carmen is holding the baby and says hello to both of them.

At the Country Club:

The memorial service is taking place. People are arriving and talking about how much they loved Beth. Lizzie has on her mother's pearls and Alan tells her how proud he is of her. He asks her to sit with him during the service so he won't get too upset.

Richard, Cassie and Reva come in. While Richard is talking to Phil, Reva tells Cassie about Gus getting the goods on Olivia. She tells her all about the photos at the airport as Alan listens. Cassie thinks they finally have them and tells Reva they will expose Olivia and Vreeland at the debate. Josh comes in and interrupts Reva and Cassie. He wonders where Olivia is just as he gets a call from Sam telling him that Olivia had to fly to San Cristobel . Josh tells Reva and Cassie that he and Marah are going to be at the debate later that afternoon. He goes to take his seat and Reva thinks if Josh is there, he will see the pictures and blame Reva for all of it. He will think Reva deliberately set out to bury Olivia.

Rick comes in and hugs Phil. He thanks him for letting him be a part of the services. Everyone takes their seats and Alan begins. He tells them that they will be informal and whoever wants to can talk. Lillian gets up and tells how much she loved Beth. Rick talks about Beth being his first love and reads a letter that Harley wrote him about Beth being safe now and in a better place. Phil goes up next but Lizzie stops him and asks to talk. She tells her mom that she will take care of James just like Beth took care of her. Phil hugs her and she goes back to sit with her grandpa. Phil talks about how he and Beth were so close they could read each other's minds and how he will never regret a minute of loving her. He tells everyone that Beth will always be with him. Just then Ed stumbles in drunk and calls Phil a liar. Richard tries to stop his drunk brother but Ed calls them all hypocrites. Phil and Ed accuse each other of Beth's death. Ed knocks over Beth's picture as he goes to hit Phil. Lizzie is crying and asks him to stop. Somehow in the commotion, Lizzie's pearls were broken and the beads have scattered. Ed apologizes to Lizzie but she tells them to leave her alone, she wants her mom. Everyone leaves and Ed crumples to the floor in tears as he looks at Beth's picture. Finally he leaves.

Phil comes back in and picks up the picture. He sits down in the floor and starts picking up a few of the pearls. He starts sobbing as Lizzie comes back in. She picks up some of the pearls too. Phil hugs her tightly and they cry together.

At Infierno:

Vito comes in with a disk of digital pictures for Gus. He tells him that he got photos of Olivia and Vreeland at the airport. Gus tells him he wants real pictures that he can hold in his hands and look at. Vito leaves and Gus tells himself that Vito is no Harley Cooper. Ed comes in and sees the paper with Beth on it. He tells the bartender to give him something to make him numb. Ed is sloppy drunk when Gus comes over. They have a few words and Gus recognizes Ed as one of the royals. Ed leaves.

Blake and Ross come in for lunch. She tries to talk to him about working at the university but he doesn't want to talk about it. Vito comes back in with the pictures and drops them. Gus goes down to help him pick them up as he stares at Blake's legs.

At the Airport:

Ed is at the airport with only $79 on him. He wonders how far that will take him. He sees someone he thinks is Beth but it isn't. He counts his cash again and wonders if they have really beat him this time. He is angry and says that he will get back what is his and leaves the airport.

At the Lewis House:

Richard is getting ready for the debate. Cassie is thinking positive about it and about having children. She wants to starts things over positively. Richard goes outside to think while Reva and Cassie talk. Reva tells Cassie that Gus called and he will have the photos at the debate. Reva thinks they are cutting things close.

Friday, August 31, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Danny and Michelle come in to find Carmen holding Robbie. She tells them she paid the sitter and told her that she was Robbie's grandmother and the girl left. Michelle is terrified and Danny asks her to stand back. He goes to Carmen and tells her to let him have his son. Carmen holds on to Robbie and tells Danny she has already lost so much time with him and Robbie and she wants to make up for that. She tells Danny that she loves the baby already, he reminds her so much of Danny as a boy. She would never hurt him. Michelle reminds her she tried to kill him when she was pregnant. Carmen tells her that was unfortunate but she has realized how precious life is now. Carmen finally hands over the baby to Danny. Danny hands Michelle the baby and tells her to stay back. He picks up the phone and calls the police. Carmen tells Danny that she came back to turn herself in so he should go ahead and call the cops. Carmen tells Danny she gave him life and will always be a part of him. She just wants a chance to be part of his life and know her grandson. Just then Frank shows up and is surprised to see Carmen. Danny tells him that Carmen is there to turn herself in. Carmen tells Danny he should let go of his grudges. Danny tells Frank to get Carmen out of there before he really kills her. Carmen and Frank leave and Danny kisses Michelle and Robbie. Michelle is still shaken and doesn't want to let the baby go. Danny tells her that this changes everything. He was looking forward to starting over with his new job at Spaulding and now Carmen comes back and ruins it. He tells Michelle that Carmen will be splashed all over the news and that means the press will be hounding them too. He also thinks that Carmen won't stop harassing them. Michelle tells Danny that Carmen has tried to kill her twice and has framed both of them as well as tried to destroy their relationship and she has always failed. They are stronger than she is now and their love has conquered everything she has tried. Michelle is sure that Carmen will not succeed. She tells Danny to focus on his new job because they have nothing to fear from Carmen.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan gets a call from someone who assures him Olivia has gotten out of the country safely. Sam bursts in the den just as Alan ends the call and tells Alan that Olivia is in trouble and he thinks Alan knows where she is. He tells Alan that he knows Olivia went somewhere in Alan's jet and he demands to know what's going on. Alan tells him he needs to ask Olivia himself; she is an adult and deserves her privacy. Sam tells Alan that if she is in trouble he has a right to know. He tells Alan that someone is pressuring her to do something she doesn't want to, involving the harbor project. He thinks it involves the mob. Alan tells Sam he is imagining things but he wants the truth. Alan tells him he will take care of Olivia. Sam tells Alan Olivia has a husband to do that. Alan says not for long and then covers to say by saying he said, "She wont be gone for long." Alan promises that Olivia will be fine but Sam isn't buying it. Sam leaves. Later, a blonde comes in and hands Alan the disk from the digital photo. She tells him it is easy to alter digital photography. Alan thanks her for the good job.

At the Debate:

Holly is talking to Reva about the debate. She tells Reva she has to be impartial. Cassie asks Reva where Gus is and Reva tells her he will be there soon. Reva is only worried about Josh learning about Olivia this way. Marah and Josh arrive and talk to Reva. Vito arrives with a delivery from Gus for Reva. Reva is a little embarrassed that Josh is hearing the conversation and tells Vito to put the package on the podium. Reva leaves to check on some things and goes to open the envelope. She sees the picture of Vreeland and Olivia. She thinks it is perfect but that Josh will be hurt.

Cassie goes to talk to Richard and gives him a pep talk and tells him he may have to lower his standards for strategic reasons. She tells him about the picture and asks him to consider using it. Edmund comes in and tells Richard he came to gloat in his defeat. Ed tells Richard he will never become president of SC and heads for Vreeland. Ed tells Vreeland that they are in this together and he is going to tell him how to bring down Richard. Ed says he should challenge Richard, he hates to be contradicted. Ed also tells Vreeland that Richard knew from a geologist that the earthquake was going to happen and he didn't warn anyone. Vreeland thinks if he hits Richard with that, Richard will retaliate. Ed tells him he won't. He thinks Richard will try to fight fairly to the end and that is going to be his downfall.

Reva shows Cassie and Richard the photo but Richard doesn't want to use it at the debate. He wants to wait until they are back in SC so they can go through the council. Cassie tells him the election is tomorrow, they won't have time. Cassie sees a blond woman go by the table and pick up envelope. Cassie tells her to put it back. The woman puts another envelope down on the table and apologizes. Cassie takes the envelope and places it into Richard's portfolio. She asks him again to reconsider.

The debate begins and Vreeland talks about the harbor project. Richard thinks rebuilding SC should come first. Vreeland tells Richard they won't have enough funds for that and suggests it is because of the way Richard wastes money. Richard tells Vreeland he has lived modestly compared to past royals. Vreeland accuses Richard of wasting state funds on his faked death. Richard combats that with his saving the country from a dictator. Reva stops the arguing and tells them to go back to talk about the harbor project. She asks about the allegations of improprieties if funds and kickbacks in the harbor project. Vreeland says Cassie's committee cleared him. Richard says he was not satisfied with the findings of the commission. Richard looks at the envelope when Reva asks if he has any proof. Richard says he does and it will prove once and for all that Vreeland is a crook. He pulls out the photo and holds it up telling the press that it is a photo of Vreeland accepting illegal payments from the developers of the project. The photo shows Vreeland accepting money from Josh, not Olivia. Cassie and Marah are horrified to see the picture and Marah begs her dad to tell her it is a mistake.

At Infierno:

Gus tells Vito to get the picture to Reva at the debate. He calls Reva and tells her it is on its way. Catalina asks Gus what he is doing back there. He tells her he likes to watch people. He thinks she, for instance, is a bit over her head. He tells her that she doesn't belong there with the Santos clan. Catalina says the Santos family has been good to her. Gus tells her they will be until it is payback time and then she will be stuck. Catalina says they would never ask her for something she is not willing to do. Gus tells her to be careful.

Sam follows Catalina into Tony's office. Sam asks her where Tony is. She says he and Romeo took off. Sam asks if Olivia had been there and Catalina tells him she was there earlier. Sam is worried that Olivia may be in trouble with the mob. Catalina runs out when she hears dishes breaking outside. Sam starts to leave as the phone rings. He picks it up and tries to sound like Tony. It is Carlos asking if Olivia took the laundry down to San Cristobel . Sam (acting as Tony) tells Carlos they can trust Olivia to get the job done. Carlos hangs up and Sam wonders what his sister has gotten herself into.

At the Police Station:

Frank has Carmen is an interrogation room. He gives her paper and pen and tells her to get writing. She asks him what he expects her to confess to. He tells her that she can start with where she has been and how Jennifer Tarver's body ended up in the water after she helped Carmen. Carmen wants to make a call first. She takes the phone and makes her call. She tells the person on the other end who she is and that she would like to talk to them.

Frank is trying to lean on Carmen when Gus arrives. Carmen tells Frank she called Gus instead of a lawyer. Frank tells her that Gus isn't a lawyer. Gus says he studied law but didn't take the bar exam. Carmen says he is a PI and she wants to speak to him alone. Frank leaves and Gus tells Carmen that Frank is right; she needs a lawyer not a PI. She says she needs someone with pull and she knows he is still very much a special agent with the FBI and she wants him to cut her a deal.

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