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Monday, September 3

Eve went into labor and her water broke while in the chapel at the hospital saying goodbye to Caleb / Michael. Ian tried to the be the doctor and not the daddy but Karen quickly stepped in and said that he must be the daddy this time around. Frank and Karen walked Eve to the delivery room. Livvie heard Michael / Caleb talking to her and had the ring in her possession. Eve was distressed about going into early labor and Ian remembered that they are not married as Michael wasn't a real priest. Ian asked Kevin and Lucy to find a minister that could marry them before the baby came. Livvie didn't tell Jack about hearing Michael / Caleb's voice. Jack told her not to worry because nothing or no one would ever come between them. Livvie threw the ring Caleb gave her from the top of the hospital roof. Jamal and Alison and Jack and Livvie went to have a breakfast feast. Kevin and Lucy found a priest who married Eve and Ian very fast. Jamal asked Livvie how she is doing through all of this. Jack and Alison went to take the cappuccino machine to the shop but Alison said that a big strong man like Jack shouldn't have any trouble carrying it to the shop. Jack had flashbacks about just how strong he was when he was a vampire. Jack told Alison that he isn't that strong anymore but he was scared that he would become a vampire once again. Alison tried to reassure him that that won't happen. Jamal told Livvie that Jack loved her deeply and that nothing or no one would come between them. The neonatal specialist was stuck in traffic and couldn't get into the hospital as Eve was delivering the baby boy early. Livvie planned a romantic evening with Jack and, while turning down the bed, found the ring that she had thrown from the roof of the hospital on the pillow.

Tuesday, September 4

Jack, Livvie and Jamal enjoyed Alison's breakfast and decided to focus on the bike shop. When Alison teased him about being a "big, strong man," Jack recalled his strength as a vampire and became angry. Lucy and Kevin find someone to marry Eve and Ian moments before the baby was born. As Livvie cleaned up Jack's room for a romantic night, she found Caleb's ring on the pillow. Eve delivered a perfect baby boy - but he didn't cry. Eve recalled the death of her first son while Karen tried to comfort her. Livvie was affected by Caleb's ring and told Jack the truth. When she tried to show him the ring, it was gone. Gaby apologized to Jamal and Alison and told them she was going on a retreat. Alison was angry at her selfishness and said so. Eve prayed for her child's life. As Livvie and Jack made love, an angry wind whipped up. Ian asked Karen to bring Eve to the baby. Ian promised his child the world if he'd only live. Jack swore he would always take care of Livvie but she was still affected by Caleb. Ian and Eve sat by their son's side waiting for the test results.

Wednesday, September 5


Eve kept a vigil over her new baby, telling Ian that she is afraid to take her eyes off him. Chris came by in to see the baby and congratulate them all. He reassured Eve that the baby will be a fighter like his mother. While he is there, the pediatrician came in and told them that the baby had sleep apnea and would need to be monitored, but he should eventually outgrow the condition and be just fine. They where all relieved to hear such good news and Chris gave them more support and encouragement as he left. Eve was still very concerned, afraid that the doctor may not have told them everything. Ian calmed her down and assured her that he was going to be fine. She then asked him if he could get a nurse so that they could hold their son. Ian was first to welcome him to the world and then he gave him to Eve who was overcome with joy as she held him for the first time.

Alison apologized to Jamal again and told him that she would try very hard to overcome any bad feelings that she had for Gaby. He thanked her and told her that Gaby has had a tough couple of months also and he knew they wouldn't be an instant family, but he was going to be there for her if she needed anything. Jack came into the bike shop and told Jamal and Alison that he was afraid it would take a while for Livvie's fear to go away. He told them about her seeing Caleb's ring appear on her pillow after she had thrown it away. They tried to reassure Jack that she had been through a lot, and that it would just take some time. As they where talking, Kibble came into the shop looking for Jamal. He was exited about the possibility of vampires in Port Charles, and wanted to know more. Jamal told Kibble that he was busy working but Kibble pursued his quest. Jack then jumped in and told Kibble to leave them alone. Kibble asked Jack if he was the head bat. Jack was staring to get very upset by Kibble's questions and asked Kibble if he saw any fangs, then picked up a mirror and admired his reflection, and then left the shop in a huff. Kibble continued to talk with Jamal and Alison, asking Jamal about Jack, and if he had succeeded in "icing" the head vampire. They told him that Jack had been bitten, along with several others in town, but now that Caleb was dead they had all returned to normal just as he said they would. Kibble then warned them that vampires don't just up and die. They always leave behind a "residue" of their being. He explained to them that this "residue" could not kill anyone, but instead attacked people mentally by planting things into peoples mind. After Kibble had left the shop, Alison told Jamal that she was still very worried. The things that Jack had told them about he and Livvie, and the unrest that they both felt made her believe that Kibble was right about Caleb's spirit still being present among them. Jamal insisted that Caleb was gone and their ordeal was over.

Lucy had a horrible nightmare and was very frazzled about it when she woke up. Kevin could see that something was bothering her and she wouldn't even tell him about it. He calmed her down and with some coaxing, she finally told him that she had dreamt that Livvie was pregnant with Caleb's child. Kevin was very disturbed when she told him about it. He was paged to the hospital, but as he left he asked her not to share her dream with Livvie. She stood in the dining room alone and sensed that someone else was in the room. She turned around to find Livvie standing there. She had come in through the den and heard all of her and Kevin's conversation. She too was disturbed, and told Lucy that it was really a possibility. Jack walked in as they where talking and overhear Livvie say that she may be pregnant. Jack was stunned at first, but then realized that it may not be his baby. They both panicked and Lucy tried to assure them that they where all just jumping to conclusions and to be sure Lucy would by Livvie a pregnancy test. Jack hugged Livvie and told her that they would face anything that happens together.

Chris shared the good news about Ian and Eve's baby with Kevin, and mentioned that with everything that happened, it was good news. Kevin then told him that Karen and Frank had destroyed all of the research and blood samples they had taken, so they could all put it behind them. Chris was initially upset by this information and told Kevin that they had no right to do that. He calmed down and told Kevin that it was probably for the best. He then walked into his office,went over to the refrigerator, and pulled out a small vile of blood. He commented to himself that they hadn't destroyed everything.

Thursday, September 6

Excited by her recent past as a vampire, Chris offers Gabi his apology and then makes a leering pass at her. Jamal arrives to hear Gabi laying into Chris for his sick desires and Jamal eventually kicks Chris out. Jamal then helps his sister move to the convent. Both are unaware that someone seems to be following them. Livvie and Lucy are relieved when Livvie's home pregnancy test shows that she is not pregnant with Caleb's baby. Later, however, Jack admits how sickened he is by the thought of her in bed with Caleb. He finally confesses that he doesn't blame her and reassures Livvie that he loves her more than ever in spite of everything that has transpired. The two agree to move on with their relationship. They then pay a visit to Eve and her baby at the hospital. As she stares in awe at the tiny infant, Livvie is frightened when she hears Caleb's voice inside her reminding her that this should have been their baby. Lucy watches as Kevin admires Eve's baby. Seeing Lucy react, Kevin guesses that she's upset because she can't have a baby of her own. She angrily denies being reminded of her infertility and storms off.

Friday, September 7

Kevin finds Lucy hiding in a storage closet. She told him she's fine, but Kevin doesn't believe her. She told Kevin she doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for her and wants him to go away. Kevin sits. Livvie hers Caleb's voice and told Jack she has a headache and needs to leave. Jack runs into Ian outside the hospital room racing after Livvie. Livvie told the voice in her head to stop.

Ian bought everything they needed for the baby, but the diapers. He gives Eve a bracelet for the birth of their son. Eve told Ian in all the excitement of the delivery and his shopping they forgot one thing -- A name for the baby. Jack asks Livvie who she is talking to. She told him herself. Says the pounding in her head makes her remember everything. Jack offers to take Livvie away for a while. Livvie agrees to go. Kevin begs Lucy to talk to him but she refuses. Kevin then explains to Lucy that she is the luckiest girl in the world. She has everything included a man that loves her. He continues saying that it isn't the baby but the commitment that Ian and Eve have for each other that has upset her. She tries to deny it and wants "Doc" to tell her what he is really getting at. He says it's incredible to dedicate yourself to someone else's happiness. And that he wants her to marry him.

Jack leaves to make arrangements after which Livvie has an episode. Lucy backs away from Kevin asking if he just asked her to marry him. He repeats the question and Lucy told him no. She told him the only reason he asked her to marry him was because he felt sorry for her. She tries to scurry out but runs into the janitor trying to put things away. He told her she doesn't belong in the closet and Kevin covers for them both saying she is a patient of his and he is giving her therapy. He turns to Lucy and says he can't believe he turned her down. She told him she's afraid that things will get messed up again. That and the fact that he proposed in a broom closet. He apologizes and takes his proposal back. He was trying to be spontaneous. She then yells him that it WAS a pity proposal. He told her it wasn't, it was that she was going home without him and he wants her to go home WITH him. He told her to forget the whole thing and attempts to leave only to find the door locked. Lucy starts to panic. Eve and Ian go through a list of names. Ian comes up with the middle name of Griffin and told Eve she must decide the first name.. She remembers the poem that Ian told her during labor and decides on Daniel. She asks him to repeat the poem. Livvie is in the catacombs yelling out to Caleb. She wants him to show himself.

Kevin tries to get the door unlocked. Lucy asks why people get married these days. She tries to sort the reasons out, children, money. They know they love each other and the issues aren't important to them. They don't need a slip of paper to prove they are married. So they agree not to get married. Lucy thinks about it a little longer and realizes that she does want to get married and accepts Kevin proposal. He is happy and agrees to getting married too. He went to open the door but Lucy reminds him that it is locked. He told her it was never locked. They kiss. Eve has a dream of waking and seeing Ian with the baby. He told her to come look at the nametag for the baby to make sure it's right. When she sees it, it says Caleb. Livvie told Caleb she will never love him of her own free will. She wants to know where the voice is coming from if he won't show himself. Looking around she sees a music box. She opens it and Caleb's ring is inside. She told herself she's not imagining things. From the box, music, a beam of light and a gusting wind escape. Jack finishes up packing and lifts the suitcase only to find his superhuman powers have returned. Livvie yells for Caleb.

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