One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on OLTL
Marcie kidnapped Al in order to stop his drug dependency. Jen was arrested. Flash and her band performed at Capricorn. Jessica plotted against Mitch even as she took care of him. Dorian was horrified as Mitch stabbed his aide. Cristian told Natalie about his past with Jessica.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Renee fires Rex. She also installed silent alarms in all the guest's rooms.

As Jessica dreams of a tryst with Antonio, he rings the doorbell and awakens her. Natalie still suffers from jealousy over Cristian and Jessica's relationship.

Jen feels like girl without a country as she is not welcomed anywhere (not even by Marcie). It seems she's found a new pet - Al Holden, although Bo offers an olive branch to Jen, she refuses. Marcie spots a drug dealer as Al tries to score, since he owes the dealer money he has to offer his watch as collateral.

Jen discovers proof that Rex is the hotel thief, and encourages him to try one more time. He asks her to leave and gives her the key to open the hotel guest's rooms.

Carlotta enlists Viki's help in ending Natalie and Cristian's engagement. Viki gives Carlotta much needed advice; work out your own problems, and give Natalie a chance; she also reminds her that Cristian and Natalie are no longer children. At that moment Cristian walks in with the news that he is now Asa's chauffer, much to Carlotta's chagrin.

Dorian asks R.J. to fence a fabulous gem. As he begins to make a few phone calls, he spies documents that Dorian has to take Mitch Laurence down. She insists that R.J. find a buyer before Mitch gets out of the hospital.

Blessed be the Ties that Bind -- Could it be poisoned ivy?

Mitch ever the Svengali uses his blindness to bring Jessica closer to him. Viki discovers that Jessica took Mitch home. Dorian tries to get rid of her, so that R.J. can leave without being seen. Viki arrives to rescue Jessica. She tells Mitch that she knows that he pressured the Judge to rule in his favor regarding Victor Lord's will. However, Jessica tells Viki that she will stay at Llanfair to be with her father.

Jen gets caught in the act, thanks to the newly installed silent alarms.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

In the beautifully redecorated Palace dining room, five couples rendezvous. At one table, Hank and Nora celebrate the district attorney's Distinguished Service award. At another table nearby, Blair and Troy sip champagne in honor of the doctor's receipt of the same award and rebuff Nora and Hank's probing of Blair's turnaround decision not to testify against Mitch. Asa is grumpy, having just awoken from a nap he enjoyed during the award ceremony. But his gruffness doesn't prevent him from sharing a stolen glance with Renee while his granddaughter, Natalie, tells him about the torrid immediacy of her pending nuptials. The most amorous couple in Llanview, Nigel and Roxy, cavort amongst the palms and the trees at the gazebo to hide their love from the big boss man. After their tryst amongst the greens, Roxy emerges with twigs and leaves sticking out of every orifice. When Natalie asks her about her disheveled appearance, she replies, "I just had the Palace special of the day." Overhearing Nigel's tribute to his fiancÚ as more beautiful than Helen of Troy, Asa demands to know the reason for his butler's loco behavior. He suspects it's the result of going cold turkey off cigarettes. Nigel invents, "We're thespians!" Roxy protests, "Speak for yourself. I like men." Rather than face Asa, they secretly decide to elope. Lastly, the unlikely coupling of Al and Marcie produces the truth about his suspected substance abuse. Despite Al's insistence that the pills he's gobbling on the terrace are merely aspirin, Marcie discovers he truly is a drug addict. Grabbing the pills and shoving them into her bra, she calls out to Al as he storms off, "Hey, you thanked me for giving a damn!"

Viki pleads with Jessica to come home with her. But Jess is resolved to moving into Llanfair to help care for Mitch. Viki goes to the Palace to discuss this latest development with Nora and Hank. Since Jessica is acting of her own free will, no legal action is applicable. Natalie overhears and goes to Llanfair to speak privately to her sister. She's impressed with her obvious plan to use her father's love to "bring him down." But the plan is not so obvious to sainted Jessica and serves as yet another painful reminder to Natalie of how different they are.

"You know that big rock that you found? You better watch out because that snake is going to be looking for it." Blair speaks in code to Dorian on her cell phone and dismisses her aunt's request to replace the Badhra diamond. Nothing will interrupt the romance that is blossoming between her and Troy. Despite severe claustrophobia, Dorian is on her own. She retrieves the diamond from its hiding place, but is unexpectedly greeted by Mitch at Llanfair's library doors. Perversely enjoying his affliction, she waves the huge stone back and forth in front of his black sunglasses before pocketing it. It's so large it causes a bulge in her soft-knit rose-colored jacket. Mitch's assistant, Craig, begins to escort Mitch towards the secret passageway, but Dorian interrupts and manipulates the situation to her advantage. After many excuses fail, she persuades Mitch to go to bed using Jessica's concern for him as the reason he should rest. Alone, she cautiously makes her way to the secret room below, using slabs of concrete to hold the door open. As she sits with the hieroglyphics to open the box, she hears footsteps coming down the stairs behind her. Quickly she yanks the slabs from the doorway and adroitly pulls the lever to close the door. Just outside, Mitch discharges Craig and trips the lamp with his cane to open the door. He gingerly walks forward, using his cane to anticipate the dug up hole. Dorian is frozen with her back pinned to the wall behind him. Mitch steps to the edge of the abyss, turns around carefully, and venomously slithers, "Hello, Dorian."

Marcie listens to the radio waiting for The Voice of The Night, who appears to be a no show. Jonesing in the park, Al approaches a stranger rumored to be a dope dealer. But the transaction goes south when the creepy guy punches and kicks him unconscious and steals his money. Al wakes up on a bed he doesn't know. Marcie explains, "Some guys I know helped me get you here." The front door to her dorm room is ornately duct taped shut. When Al asks her what she's doing, she affirms, "Saving your life."

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A rebellious Jen is taken into police custody but she refuses to talk or listen to what anyone has to say. She's charged with breaking and entering and attempted burglary but only wishes that her dad could be there to represent her.

Joey invites Jess to Capricorn to hear Flash and her band, suggesting that Dorian watch over Mitch for the evening. When he receives a call from Nora at the police station, since he's supposed to be supervising Jen's community service, he heads down to see her. He denies knowing anything about a business card from Capricorn that Jess has picked up from the floor, with an unknown telephone number on the back.

Flash gets ready to appear at Capricorn, chugging down some cough medicine when her cough reappears.

R.J. admits that he likes Flash. He meets with Cole, asking about his return. The ex-con offers that he's going after Asa. R.J. is most agreeable but only wants his cut. Cole will be strictly on his own if caught.

Al goes through withdrawal as Marcie continues to hold him prisoner. He becomes violent but is unsuccessful in setting himself free. When his cell phone begins to ring he throws it against the wall and breaks it, after seeing that it is Max who is calling. Marcie insists that this is all for his own good, that she wants him to have a life. It's because she has none of her own, he accuses her. Well, he doesn't have one either, she retorts.

Mitch encounters Dorian in the basement area under the stairs, telling her that her perfume gave her presence away. She claims to have followed his bloodstains and can't believe that she's found another of Victor's secret rooms, with a mystery box no less. She asks him if it's buried treasure and he tells her the story of the rare and valuable Badhra Diamond which supposedly has incredible powers. Victor thought that his success and power both came from the gem and now it's his. "Ours," Dorian corrects him. She offers to open the box for him since he's unable to see and "following directions" she's successful. She can't believe all she can see is sand, she moans to Mitch, as she quickly re-buries the diamond. He leans down and frantically digs until he comes up with the gem himself. Unbeknownst to the pair, Mitch's aide Craig looks on from the doorway. The pair head back up the stairs with diamond in hand while Craig remains behind looking rather happy. Jess is upstairs though she misses seeing them emerge from the hidden doorway. She agrees to catch a bite of dinner with Mitch before heading to Capricorn. She asks if the card she found belongs to Dorian but the older woman plays dumb. Mitch puts the diamond into his safe.

Admonishing Jen for getting into trouble, Joey also admits to understanding how she's feeling. She admits to being lonely.

R.J. announces "Midnight Logic" as Flash grabs her throat. They perform perfectly as Joey looks on from the audience, filled with pride.

At the Palace, a group consisting of Hank, Nora, Bo, Gabby and Viki look on in disbelief as Jess walks in holding onto Mitch. Viki heads over to their table, demanding that Jess leave and threatening Mitch, who offers to go elsewhere. Jess informs her mom that she will have to accept her decisions.

Once Mitch is gone, Dorian tries in vain to get the safe open. A rude Craig has an offer; if they make an agreement, he won't inform the owner of the stolen diamond where he can find it.

Jen sleeps in the cell and dreams of Lindsay who has become her psychiatrist. She confesses that the b & e was like being on a roller coaster ride. Lindsay takes notes and asks how Jen is different. She swore she wasn't like her mother. Abruptly, Jen awakens and cries for her dad.

Marcie reassures a sleeping Al that he will get through it. She's upset to learn that a sub is on for the voice of the night. When Al wakes up, he begs her and then demands that she give him her diet pills or release him. Again, she refuses and he begins to tear the place up to locate her key. Finally, he begins to moan and cry that he's scared. Marcie puts her arms around him to comfort him.

Antonio receives a call from an undercover cop at Capricorn who suggests that Antonio might want to pay a visit. R.J. and Cole are appearing to be friendly, Martucci says. An observant R.J. orders the cop out after the man refuses to acknowledge who he is.

Mitch wants Jess to know that she's a comfort to him and she realizes that she wouldn't even be there if he could see. He offers to give Viki everything she's lost if Jess will move out of town with him. Admitting that she could never leave her family, she understands that Mitch was testing her, to see if she was only with him to get Llanfair back. He in turn realizes that he should have trusted her. When Dorian shows up and tells Mitch that there's an emergency with the foundation problem at the house and that it seems to be dangerous, he heads back to Llanfair with her and Jess heads to Capricorn. Cole leaves and Max asks R.J. about him since he earlier claimed not to know the man. R.J. is not too happy with Max asking questions and presents a story of an acquaintance looking for a job. Max needs to protect his interests since he's investing with R.J. Antonio arrives and is taunted by R.J. but spots Jess who has missed the band. He tells her to remember what Mitch is really like.

Bo and Gabby share a dance; she never thought that they would still be together after what she did.

After the band's performance, Flash hugs Joey in thanks for all he's done. He escorts her "home" and they share a kiss. Quickly, Flash pulls away. They're both appear uneasy and say good night. "Whoa," is about all Joey can say. Flash begins to cough again but this time she spots some blood.

Dorian and Mitch stand before a sly Craig who stipulates that he wants to be included on any deals involving the diamond. Calmly, Mitch stabs the man, killing him before a startled Dorian. She doesn't have time to react as Mitch orders her to help him conceal the body. From the front of the house comes the sound of voices; Antonio has escorted Jess home from the club.

Thursday, April 24, 2003
by ABC

Dorian and Mitch narrowly escape being discovered with Craig's body when Jessica and Antonio arrive. Dorian later discovers that Craig's body has disappeared from where she left it on the terrace. Dorian enlists Blair's help, but they are unable to find Craig's body. Meanwhile, Craig calls Bo and says that Mitch tried to kill him.

Jessica becomes frightened when she sees blood on Mitch's sleeve and later sees blood on the rapier he used to stab Craig. Jessica tells a concerned Antonio that she is going to stay at Llanfair in order to find out something to use against Mitch and get back everything he stole from her family. Antonio discovers blood on the terrace at Llanfair.

While waiting for Asa, Cristian tells Natalie about his past with Jessica. Cristian assures Natalie that he loves only her. Nora apologizes to Bo and Gabrielle when a call from Matthew interrupts their romantic evening together. R.J. tries to put the moves on Evangeline when she stops by Capricorn. R.J. reminds Max that he needs his share of the investment money sooner rather than later.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Angry when Marcie refuses to be with her, Jen goes to her hearing. Between Sam's good name and Nora's encouragement, Judge Fitzwater gives Jen leniency with only one year community service. When she goes to tell her friend the news, Jen is shocked to find Al and Marcie in bed together. Thought Marcie was merely trying to help Al with his continued withdraw, she refuses to tell Jen the truth about what she walked in on, insisting that it is none of her business. After Jen leaves, Al thanks Marcie for all that she has done for him.

At Llanfair, Mitch hears a news report about Craig's body being found in a dumpster. Suggesting to Dorian that they should move the body from the shed, he threatens her when instead of confessing that the body is missing, she tried to make excuses to keep him away from the shed. When Bo and Antonio show up to question the couple, Dorian provides an alibi for herself and her husband. As Bo continued with his questions, Antonio watched Jessica and realized that she knew something about the murder. After Bo leaves, Antonio asks Jessica what she knows and takes her into protective custody when she confesses about the blood she found on her father.

At the train station, Bo runs into Matthew and Nora and realizes they are on the same train. As they prepare to board, Nora sees Jen with a suitcase and convinces her not to leave town.

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