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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on GL
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Monday, April 28, 2003

Rick went to see Michelle's new house and Ed was still there visiting. Michelle showed Rick around apologizing that Danny couldn't be there. Danny was with Tony. Tony told Danny that he couldn't go back to the mob life and wanted Danny to promise this time was the last time and Danny promised while he loaded his gun. When suddenly a thug showed up at Danny's door, he flung the car door open and busted the guys nose and when Danny got out of the car he kicked and punched him till the guy was unconscious. There were 2 others and Tony and Danny beat the daylights out of them. Tony's hand was bleeding when he got back to the museum. Tony didn't want to lie to Marah so he told her the truth about his bloody hand. He promised it was the last time he would use his hands in a violent manner and explained that some people are mad about how easy it was for Danny to separate from mob life. She made him promise it would be the last time and kissed his wounds.

When Danny showed up at his house, he wasn't as honest. He walked in to see Michelle and Bill talking. He handed over the milk he brought home and wanted to know what Bill was doing there. Michelle told him that her and Bill mended their friendship and that Bill wanted to help renovate their new house. Danny said if that would make her happy, that it was fine. He never mentioned what he was up to when she asked how work went.

Frank asked Eden how Dr. Jed Simmons, the County Coroner, got her business card. Eden played if off that lots of people have her business card but that it doesn't mean anything. Frank asked for her credit card receipts in an attempt to see if he was a client of hers but used a different name but Eden refused saying that they are confidential. Frank showed her a picture of the dead guy but Eden didn't recognize him. When Frank left, Eden got on the phone to one of her girls and told her that if anybody asked, she never saw or heard of Jed Simmons.

Ramona called Ben but not for "business." She wanted to give him the keys to his new car. They were kissing outside the Beacon when Marah walked out and saw them! Ben swore to Marah that it wasn't what she thought. He said his boss drinks and gets too friendly when she's had too many. When Ben asked her to not say anything, she agreed but warned him not to hurt Marina. Ben was supposed to be meeting Marina but of course, was late again and Marina was not happy. She was spending time with Shane, helping him with baseball stuff. When Ben finally showed up, Marina told him her and Shane had plans and when Marina didn't seem excited about his new car, he said he bought it for HER, not for himself. Then Marina was REAL excited and ran outside. Shane was mad!

Gus told Alan he was his son. Alan was back to his old self with his attitude. He seemed so angry with Gus and said it was a lie and said he was SOMEBODY'S bastard child but not his! Gus tried to explain that he thought Alex had something to do with his mental state because she wanted to make sure Phillip was head of Spaulding before it finally came out about Gus being an heir. He told Alan that Alex had known the whole time about Gus's paternity. Alan was furious and wouldn't believe any of it. Harley lashed back at Alan saying how Gus put EVERYTHING on the line to help him, even his BADGE while his so-called "family" was stabbing him in the back. Alan accused Gus of saying all this for the money he thinks he'll get. Gus told him to sit down vowing he would be back with proof, and left.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

A reluctant Lucia finally agrees to help Gus by talking to Alan. Hoping to spark his memory, Lucia emotionally recounts to Alan her time with him. A disbelieving Alan calls her a liar and a gold-digger. After Lucia leaves, we see it was all an act, and that Alan is convinced. He sets out to confront Alexandra, the woman who kept him from finding out. Egged on by Alexandra's pressure, Phillip is determined to discover the paternity of Olivia's baby. He goes to the hospital and arranges to have a DNA test run behind Olivia's back. Josh rejects Shayne's request to move to the 5th Street museum. Later, Reva confesses to Josh that she thinks the move is a good idea because Shayne could use a little distance from Josh. Josh can't understand why she'd think it's a good idea for a high school student to leave the house. She admits that she worries that Josh's obsession with Shayne's baseball prospects puts too much pressure on him. When Reva suggests that Josh is living vicariously through Shayne, Josh disagrees and they part on angry terms.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

After Beth assisted Alex in faxing information regarding Alan's disappearance to out-out-state police departments, Alex let into Olivia, taunting her about the baby's paternity, but Phillip walked in and put a stop to it. Olivia was still feeling crampy from the amnio, so Phillip took her back to the loft. Meanwhile, Alan stood outside the Spaulding livingroom window, listening in. Later, Beth thought she heard a noise outside and when she checked, nobody was there. A storm began to brew. When Beth and Alex heard another noise outside the window later on, they found Lizzie standing there. A shaken Lizzie told Beth and Alex that there was a fire at her boarding school and that she was scared and just wanted to come home again. When Lizzie asked where her father and grandfather were, Alex lied and said they were both out of town working. After Lizzie went to have a bath, Beth was angry at Alex for lying to Lizzie. Beth called Phillip and told him about Lizzie being back, but told him to wait until morning to see Lizzie because Lizzie needs her rest and will have enough to deal with tomorrow when she learns about Phillip's living situation and about Alan being missing. Later, Beth told Lizzie that her father will come to see her in the morning. After Lizzie was alone, she called Tammy. When Tammy commented that Lizzie is out of school early, Lizzie confidently remarked that she "arranged" it that way. Without really divulging anything, Tammy sort of let it slip that something was wrong with Lizzie's grandfather. After hanging up, Lizzie angrily condemned all those who are lying to her. Over at Phillip's loft, Olivia tried to get frisky with Phillip, but he backed off. At first Olivia thought he reacted that way because she's pregnant, but later she correctly assumed it was because of the trust factor, that Phillip has misgivings because she slept with Alan after she and Phillip started to become intimate. Phillip received a phone call from the lab technician he secretly hired to perform the paternity test on Olivia's unborn child. The technician told Phillip the test is a go, and that it will take a while to get the results.

At the Beacon, Cassie, Edmund and Tammy smoothed out details regarding the gala fundraiser for Richard's library when Reva walked in. She was shocked at how well Cassie was getting along with Edmund. Over drinks, Reva warned Cassie of how unscrupulous Edmund can be and that it's doubtful Edmund can change. Cassie insisted that Edmund seems to be a better person lately, and she also told Reva about the "dream" she had of Richard and that Richard told Cassie to move on with her life. Reva told Cassie about how vigilant Josh is being towards Shayne and his baseball and that she and Josh had a spat over it. Meanwhile, Tammy told Edmund she senses that Edmund likes Cassie more than just as a friend, then told him to stay away from her mother. When Reva returned home, she got a call from the police, who told her a neighbor had called to report a trespasser on Reva's property. Reva was stunned when she suddenly noticed Alan in her living room. He told her not to worry, that he's not her stalker, and she told him she already knew that. Alan told Reva that Alexandra set them both up, and promised Reva a big "scoop" for her talk show. After telling Reva that if he's incapacitated in any way and if he hasn't already lined up a successor, Alex would inherit Spaulding Enterprises by default. Alan told her he has plans to smoke-out Alex, and asked for Reva's help---but told Reva that she can't tell a soul about it, not even Josh. Later, Josh returned home and it was obvious there's still a wall between them. Josh told Reva that his interest in their son's future is a healthy one and that there's nothing to talk about.

Alan used an outdoor pay-phone to call the Spaulding mansion. Alex, alone in the living room, lifted the phone's receiver, and when all she heard was silence, she asked aloud if Alan was on the other end. Alan began to chuckle, and after he heard a frightened gasp from Alexandra, he continued to chuckle more and more into the telephone.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Reva went to the Spaulding mansion and told Alexandra that her "feelings" are telling her that Alan is not her stalker. Alan was outside the window, smiling, as he listened. Alex said that all the evidence points to Alan as being the stalker. When Reva came into contact with Alex, she flinched, then told Alex that she's in serious danger. Reva then told a shaken Alex that she senses that the stalker is somebody Alan knows, that Alan knows this and is plotting revenge. After her little act, Reva left. Alan arrived at Harley's and, in a pleasant mood, as he was beginning to tell her and Gus about a plan he's hatched to get revenge on Alex, Reva arrived. Reva told Alan that by the time she left the mansion, Alexandra was left shaking in her boots. Alan and Reva laughed about their plan as Gus and Harley listened. When Gus suggested Alan let Alex squirm and suffer before reeling her in, Alan told Gus he likes the way he thinks---and called him "son." Harley took Reva aside as a down-to-earth Alan told Gus that everything Regina said was the complete truth, that the news had thrown him for a loop and now he truly believes that Gus is his son. After Gus went off with Reva to prepare Alan some breakfast, Harley told Alan that yesterday he ran both Regina and Gus through the wringer, but now that he needs Gus' help, he's being too nice and welcoming to Gus, warning Alan that if he's jerking Gus around to do his bidding, he'll be sorry. She also warned Alan about trying to get Gus into the backstabbing Spaulding ways. Later, as Harley was filling Reva in about the connection between Alan and Gus, Gus told Alan that Alexandra should be made to suffer. Alan slowly turned to Gus and told him that he spoke "like a true Spaulding."

A pro baseball scout went to "Company" and told Marina he's been keeping an eye on Shayne's remarkable talent and Marina sat with him and wholeheartedly endorsed Shayne. Later, Josh and Shayne entered and sat with the scout to discuss Shayne's talent, but Josh was a little too enthusiastic and over-bearing. Later, the scout spoke to Marina about Shayne's father's attitude and asked her to speak to Josh. As Josh was leaving, Marina relayed what the scout had said to her, that sometimes the fathers of promising, up and coming athletes are too overbearing and overzealous and try to monopolize their sons' budding careers, but Josh laughed and told Marina that she must have misunderstood the scout. He told Marina to mind her own business and that Shayne's future is HIS concern. Later, Buzz took Josh aside and told him that he overheard the scout talking to Marina and that Marina didn't misunderstand at all. Josh told Buzz that when he was Shayne's age, he had a chance to become a pro-baseball player, but that he blew his chance and doesn't want Shayne to make the same mistakes HE made. Outside, Shayne was overcome with excitement at the prospect that the scout is interested in him and will be watching when the next game is played.

When Lizzie noticed a stack of mail for Phillip, Nolan informed her that Phillip's moved out and is living at a loft somewhere. Lizzie ordered Nolan to send the driver around to take her to Phillip's. Just as Phillip was telling Olivia how he's dreading to tell Lizzie about all the changes that have occurred since she was last in town, Lizzie arrived at the loft. Lizzie was irritated to learn that Olivia was living with Phillip, then Lizzie noticed that Olivia is pregnant. Keeping her true feelings under wraps, she asked her father if he was happy, and when Phillip said he was, Lizzie told him that's all that mattered. After Phillip left the room to get Lizzie some money, Olivia told Lizzie she's glad she's back, then said she wants Lizzie to be a part of the baby's life. Lizzie snidely told Olivia she doesn't know if the baby will be her brother or sister OR her uncle or aunt, and told Olivia she's obviously found a way to make a permanent foothold in the Spaulding family. Later, Lizzie met up with Tammy and the two went to "Company." Lizzie was floored when she found out that Tammy already knew that Olivia was pregnant and living with Phillip. Lizzie then overheard part of a radio show where Alan's sanity was being discussed. After Tammy turned the radio down, Lizzie fumed that everyone seems bent on keeping secrets from her. Back at the loft, both Olivia and Phillip agreed that Lizzie seemed to handle the news TOO calmly. A frantic Alexandra arrived, telling them that Alan's stalking her. After telling them about the phone call, Olivia and Phillip were skeptical. Alexandra told Phillip that his father's crazy as a loon and is coming after them and that they have to go on the offense. Before leaving, she looked pointedly at Phillip and cryptically told him that she's not the only one with a vested interest in this.

Friday, May 2, 2003

Cassie wanted to write the newspaper about her attack to let the public know and Danny said, "NO" that he took care of it. She questioned him about what he meant by that and he told her that he sent a message to the drug dealers that they won't be tolerated in their neighborhood but assured Cassie he was not going back to the old way of life.

Frank showed up at the museum and questioned Tony and Marah about the drug dealers getting beat up and noticed the scabby knuckles on Tony's hand. Tony told him the cuts were from moving and Frank warned him that using violence to take care of the violence on 5th street is like putting a fresh coat of paint on rotten wood. When Marah made a comment about protecting ones self and property, Frank got the impression she knew more but Danny walked in and put a stop to the questioning. He told Frank that it was his fault because he had made calls to some "families" that drug trafficking would not be tolerated in their neighborhood and to get out. Tony was not happy with the way Danny is handling things and doesn't like it that he's in contact with the mob again. Danny tried to convince him that the worst is over.

Edmund showed up at Reva's with her favorite imported chocolates and tried to apologize for his past. Of course, Reva reminded him of everything he had done to her and her sister and didn't believe in his sincerity. Edmund asked Reva to put aside her feelings toward him and come to the Gala and Reva said she would, on ONE condition. She wanted Alexandra's head on a platter. She claimed that Edmund has been Alexandra's sidekick and told him to "give her up." Edmund refused defending himself saying that Alexandra was his only friend. She was there for him when he had nobody and no money. If he gave her up, and told all her dark secrets, he would be the creep that she believes he is and he left. Reva called Cassie right away and said for once Edmund did the right thing! She said she had mistaken Edmund's intentions and would attend the Gala.

Reva then called Dr. Langham and said she changed her mind and wanted to be in the research project because of all the images and thoughts she has going through her mind that she can't understand.

Edmund went back to the Beacon where he made fun of Cassie's domestic wine but when she told him to try it, he actually liked it and they drank together and Cassie got a little tipsy. The San Cristobel Orchestra was practicing there for the Gala and they waltzed to one of the songs. Edmund said he remembered the first time Richard waltzed with her and he said, "I thought he was the luckiest man on earth." Then a man with a beard and baseball cap walked in and up to the front desk, a man who looked exactly like Richard!

Alexandra showed up at Gus and Harley' s. Gus hid with Alan around the corner and listened in while Harley talked to her. Alex told Harley that Alan was calling her and breathing heavy on the phone and wanted to know if Gus had gotten any calls. Harley asked, "Why would he call Gus?" and she said, "Well, Gus IS his SON!" (Alan heard this) Harley reminded her that Alan doesn't know that fact. Harley asked her why Alan would be so upset with her to harass her like that Alexandra kind of laughed it off and said she was probably overreacting. When she left, Harley was mad about all the lies and wanted Alan to leave. Alan agreed but Gus stopped him and defended Alan to Harley saying that the judge had ruled him incompetent and that he would go to the funny farm and if it were BUZZ, that they would do ANYTHING to help him but since his father is ALAN...and Harley gave up and said he could stay. In the mean time, Alexandra opened her mail and there was a letter that said, "I'M ALIVE AND COMING TO GET YOU

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