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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on GL
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Monday, May 5, 2003

A man, looking JUST LIKE RICHARD checked into the Beacon. He seemed indifferent to Edmund and Cassie dancing and went to his room.

Edmund and Cassie were about to kiss until Tammy showed up and said, "What are you doing!?" When Edmund said he was just helping Cassie waltz, she said her mom already knew how and didn't need his help. Cassie apologized to Edmund and said she was using him. She forgot for a moment that he was Edmund and thought he was just a man. Edmund said he was happy that even if only a moment, Cassie had forgotten all the horrible things he had done to her and saw him as just a man. When Edmund left, the man that looked like Richard walked right behind Cassie and barely glanced her way when he stopped to pick up something off the floor. But when the violinist started to play Richards favorite waltz, he stopped and listened. Later, Rick stopped by to talk to Cassie about the memorial and Cassie confided in him about how she felt she was betraying Richard and told him about what happened with Edmund. Although he was not so supportive of Edmund, he agreed it was time for her to move on.

Alex was panicky over the letter she received. Lizzie came and tucked her in bed attempting to comfort her since she was visibly upset. When Lizzie walked out of the room, Alexandra saw a pair of men's shoes under her dressing screen! She panicked and ran over to it and it was only a pair of shoes, but they were Alan's shoes posed behind her dressing screen. Alexandra hollered at Nolan to get rid of the shoes and then locked her bedroom door. When she opened her closet, there was a note on her clothes that read "NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO BE AFRAID OF THE DARK" and the head was missing off the statue on her dresser. She called Edmund and pleaded with him to come over saying he was the only one she could trust. Edmund arrived and Alexandra asked for his help in finding Alan. He said he would IF she gave another large donation to Richard's library. Edmund had promised Cassie to raise a certain amount and was unable to do it.

Alan had another hallucination that Harley was really Alexandra and her smacked a drink out of her hand. They realized that the drugs had not totally left Alan's system and got the neighbor, who is an RN, to take Alan's blood. Harley talked Rick into testing the blood saying it was the blood of a witness. After Alan went to bed, Gus undressed Harley right there in the living room and made love to her on the coffee table!

Shane walked in on Marina in her underwear! Marina made him turn around while she got dressed and told him that the kiss they shared earlier was nothing and it was only excitement over the baseball deal. Shane was aggravated and only said, "Whatever you say." Lizzie talked Tammy into breaking her curfew and taking her over to see the museum. Marina was happy to see her and was catching her up on all the news. When she told Lizzie that the red convertible outside was hers and a gift from Ben, she warned her not to tell anybody because Frank would blow a gasket. When Frank showed up at the museum, it seemed like Lizzie was purposely trying to get her in trouble because she said, "Thanks for offering to take me home." And Frank started questioning Marina over that statement and figured out that the car sitting out front was hers. Frank couldn't believe it and drug Marina out, scolding her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Marah comes up with a new fashion design that, with Eden's help, could be the "Next Big Thing" in fashion. But while Marah goes off to develop the idea, Michelle and Eden square off, with Michelle warning Eden not to break Bill's heart. Father Ray worries that Danny and Tony have returned to the bad old days with their interactions concerning 5th Street. Danny reassures Ray, but Tony thinks Danny has merely become adept at lying. An insecure Olivia needs to hear Phillip say that he loves her. But when the words don't come easily, she lets him off the hook. She turns her attention to his daughter, Lizzie, trying to win her over. Meanwhile, Beth deals with the shocking accusation from Lizzie's boarding school that Lizzie may have set the fire in the dorm. Lillian isn't so quick to dismiss the possibility, which enrages Beth and makes her all the more eager to believe Lizzie's version of events. When Lizzie goes off shopping for gala dresses with Olivia, Beth turns to Phillip for support.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

It is the night of Richard's gala and Cassie is touched when Edmund gives her a pendant for Tammy that used to belong to his mother. But a newspaper article featuring a reminder of things he did to Cassie and Richard challenges Edmund's chance at redemption. He is deeply hurt, but Cassie proclaims she doesn't care what other people think; she wants him at her side. Meanwhile, Richard's doppelganger descends the Beacon stairs on his way to the party. Rick brings Harley and Gus the news that Alan's blood tested positive for a hallucinogenic drug. Now they have to prove that Alexandra had the drug in her possession. Alexandra shows up at Harley's house, wanting Harley's protection from Alan, believing that Alan is after her. Harley accepts, but later blasts Alan for secretly terrorizing his sister. She is willing to bring Alexandra to justice, but won't be involved in a revenge scheme. Alan promises to let Harley and Gus take the lead. Later, when Harley and Gus enter the Spaulding house to begin their search, Alan takes off in costume for the gala. Reva and Josh's argument about Shayne's baseball career becomes something deeper and more personal. Reva wonders if Josh's regrets about his own career are a comment on their life together. Things get heated. Eden tells Marah a famous designer will be looking for her at the gala. She also advises Ben not to attend the Gala because Mrs. Hendon will be there with her husband. Marina refuses to miss the event and forces Ben to take her.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Gus and Harley search the Spaulding mansion separately. They locate the bracelet that Alan gave to Gus' mother, and Gus realizes Alexandra has done everything possible to keep him from discovering that he's a Spaulding. Lloyd interrupts Harley's search and threatens to kill her before Gus saves the day. At the gala, Alan slips a surprise into Alexandra's martini - a cockroach. He listens in on the conversations of Phillip, Olivia, Ross, and Lizzie and realizes he is losing his hold on the family and Spaulding Enterprises. Reva is the only guest who knows Alan is present. Later, Gus goes to the gala and rescues Alan, who is being confronted by security. Gus admits he doesn't have the proof he needs to nail Alexandra for drugging Alan. Alan remembers where to find proof against Alexandra, but they have to get to it before Alexandra gets home. Edmund and Cassie embrace at the gala and it turns into a kiss. The moment is interrupted. Later, Cassie has a near miss with the Richard look-alike, but Edmund comes face to face with him. Shayne tells Reva that her ongoing argument with Josh is making everyone miserable. Reva agrees to try to see the baseball situation Josh's way, and she and Josh make up. Eden succeeds in bringing a famous fashion designer to look at Marah's purse/sash creation.

Friday, May 9, 2003

When Phillip and Olivia return to their apartment after the gala, Lizzie and Olivia spar for control of Phillip. Every time Phillip's back is turned, the two females show their true colors. Lizzie derails Phillip and Olivia's plans to shop for baby things the next day by asking Phillip to meet with her and Beth to discuss Lizzie's school plans for next year. When Olivia confronts Lizzie about sandbagging her, Lizzie taunts Olivia with the idea that parents usually favor their children when forced to choose sides. Lizzie later compounds her victory over Olivia by pretending to dread going back to the Spaulding mansion with Alan missing, and manipulates Phillip into inviting her to spend the night there with him and Olivia.

Jeffrey O'Neal, the new district attorney who is Richard's double, meets Edmund in the martini bar of The Beacon. Jeff mistakes Edmund's stunned fascination at his appearance for gay interest, confounding Edmund even more. Cassie arrives in the bar just after Jeff leaves, and when Edmund rubs her sore foot, Cassie gazes at Edmund with desire. Nonplussed by her reaction, Cassie rushes out of the bar, tripping over Jeff, who is bending to retrieve his room key. However, neither sees the other's face.

Just as they are about to leave the gala, Ben and Marina spot Ramona Hendon with her husband Mitchell. Mona tells her skeptical husband that Ben is her personal assistant, but Mitchell, aware of his wife's penchant for young men, subtly threatens Ben before they leave.

At the Spaulding estate, Harley finds the compact disc which is the master surveillance tape, showing Alex wearing Beth's wig to drive Alan crazy. Alexandra returns home from the gala when Harley is still upstairs. Gus tries to get Alexandra out of the house by calling her, but Alex spots Harley's keys right by the telephone. Alexandra comes up behind Harley just as Harley ejects the disc. Alexandra uselessly tries to convince Harley that Alan is only using Gus and Harley to get back at her, but when Alan and Gus burst into the room Harley immediately hands them the disc. Just afterward Frank comes in as well, having been alerted by the security guard at the gala that Gus had left with Alan. Alan slips the disc under the bedcovers and pretends to Frank that Gus found him wandering around and just brought him home to Alexandra. Offended and hurt that Alan wants to stay with Alexandra, Gus and Harley go home. When Alan begs Frank not to send him to a hospital, Frank agrees to let him stay at the Spaulding mansion with Alexandra, under house arrest. As soon as Frank leaves, Alan brandishes the disc to Alexandra and gloats, "Now, until the end of your days, you'll answer to me!" When Alan tells Alexandra that he knows that Gus is his son, she begs him not to put Gus over her or Phillip, "Never over me!"

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