All My Children Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on AMC

Kendall agreed to help Michael manipulate Erica. Jack learned that Luis had been in the alley on the night that Jack had been shot. Flanders knocked out Derek, attacked Mia and Edmund, and fled to the woods. Maureen started to regain her memories from her life as Maria.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, May 12, 2003

Michael is talking on the phone in his apartment when Kendall enters, she tells him she has thought of nothing but their plan and he told her he was watching her kiss Boyd. Kendall lets him know she is in his plan only for herself, that everything is right within her grasp. Michael explains to her he will own 20% of enchantment by the end of the day, be appointed to the board of directors and be in charge. Kendall wants to know how he will get Erica to elect him to the board. He explains that she will be able to push Erica's buttons and that he has put a reporter at the Valley Inn to catch Erica being unhinged in public.

Erica and Jack are ordering breakfast at the Valley Inn when June (a reporter from WRCW) enters and tries to join their table. Erica tells her to go away; she'll give her an exclusive later. Erica discusses with Jack how Bianca blames her for anything that goes wrong. He tries to tell her to let Bianca make her own mistakes in the affairs of the heart. She angrily describes to Jack how heartless Lena is, he lets Erica know he thinks Bianca is aware of something going on. At another table June is engaged in a conversation with another woman and claims to think she has been set up. Just then Michael and Kendall stroll in. June calls her cameraman and tells him to quickly get to the Valley Inn. Kendall approaches Erica and accuses her of shooting Jackson. The cameraman arrives just in time to start rolling the camera. Kendall continues to bait her. Erica knows she is being pushed but tries to control herself. Jack gets so upset and appears to have trouble breathing. Erica runs to take care of him and tells Kendall to get out of her sight. She still eggs Erica on, they continue arguing. Kendall warns Jack that Erica will hurt him. The situation continues to heat up while the camera is rolling. Michael looks on hoping Kendall will continue. Erica tells her to shut up! Then she picks up a knife and raises it to Kendall. Jackson gets her to drop the knife, they leave and Kendall yells to everyone, "See how certifiable crazy she is?" Michael happily tells Kendall her reign at enchantment is assured.

Bianca and Lena enter Erica's apartment under the pretence of surprising Erica and Jack with a homecoming dinner. Bianca and Lena discuss things that happened in their childhood with hopes of getting closer to each other. She asks Bianca if she will ever forgive her and professes her love. Bianca explains that they hardly know each other. Lena takes her hands and tells her that they have plenty of time to get to know more intimate things about each other. Lena answers her cell phone while Bianca is in the kitchen and Michael tells her that her mother's future depends on their plan. Bianca overhears part of the conversation and then Lena sends Bianca to get the flowers that she left in the car. Reluctantly she leaves Lena in the apartment alone. Outside in a security room Bianca remembers Kendall telling her how Michael hired Lena to seduce her, and how she asked if Lena has tried to gain access to places she doesn't belong. Bianca watches her on the hidden cameras going into Bianca's purse. Bianca silently begs Lena not to do anything. As Bianca holds her breath, Lena contemplates what she must do. She removes the photo that hides the safe and removes the disk that holds Boyd's formula. Bianca realizes that what Kendall has said about Lena was true. The security officer enters and Bianca stops him from calling the cops, he asks what he should do, she tells him she will take care of things. Bianca returns to the apartment with the flowers, crying. Lena acts like nothing is wrong. Bianca asks her if she should believe that she has a good heart. Lena promises her that everything she tells her from now on will be the truth. Bianca asks Lena why she was going to leave and Lena tells her the reason she actually stayed was because of Bianca. As Lena tries to get close to Bianca, Bianca backs off and tells her they need to go.

Derek is securing the situation at the hospital when Maddie sees Edmund and runs to him. Maureen and Aidan join Edmund while he explains to Maddie how she will go away with Maureen and Aidan for awhile. Maddie begs Edmund not to make her go. She is concerned the bad man will get Edmund and tells Maureen she is sorry for running off in the park. Edmund tells Maddie that he trusts Aidan to take good care of her. She finally agrees to go. He promises her he will never lose anyone he loves again. Edmund gives her a St. Christopher's medal and explains how St. Christopher helped Jesus cross the river, and that St. Christopher will help protect her also. Derek pokes his head in and tells them they have to go. Derek lets Edmund know they can get the guy without him risking his life. He warns him to be careful. Aidan tells Edmund that if Maddie were his daughter he would do the same thing. Edmund says he's counting on him and Aidan promises not to let him down. They hide Maddie and Maureen in a laundry cart to get them out of the hospital. Maureen hugs Edmund and begs him to take care. Edmund carries a pretend Maddie into Wildwind while the man they are after looks on. Aidan, Maddie and Maureen are seen hiding out on a yacht.

Michael is back in his apartment working out when Lena comes through the door and tosses him the disk she took from Erica's safe. She tells him to leave her alone now that she's delivered the formula. She storms out, leaving Michael chuckling to himself.

Back at Erica's apartment Kendall calls Erica asking her if they were convincing! They then discuss what their next move should be. Bianca enters the apartment and tearfully admits to Erica that she was right, everything she said about Lena was true. Erica wraps her arms around Bianca and promises her that Michael and Lena will be very sorry!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


At Wildwind, someone was lurking outside and came into the dark house where Edmund was waiting with a loaded gun. It turned out to be Derek, who was not amused by Edmund's vigilante tactics. As they discussed the case, someone else lurked in the shadows outside with a gun. Edmund explained he had reduced the private security at Wildwind to make it easy for the killer to come in. Derek suggested that Edmund leave for awhile. The killer will be waiting for Maddie to be alone in the house with the servants, he explained. He gave Edmund his cell phone number to call anytime. Later, Derek walked through the house and was struck from behind and knocked out by Flanders. Flanders dragged Derek into a closet.

On the yacht, Aidan, Maureen and Maddie were fishing. While Maddie went to get a hat, Aidan proposed again to Maureen, waxing poetic about their love and the future. She was hesitant to accept, although she was grateful to him for everything. She said the timing was off, but Aidan reminded her they can't wait and must learn to live in the moment. Maureen finally told him the time was right and asked him to put the ring on her finger. Just then, Maddie screamed from below decks. Aidan and Maureen struggled to get the door open to go to her. Maureen found her in a closet, huddled on the floor, crying. She had seen a spider and heard noises that had frightened her. Maureen felt guilty for causing the noises by banging on the door to get in. Maddie was fine once in her mother's arms.


Kendall got a phone call that flustered her and she promised to be there as soon as she could. Greenlee told an obviously distracted Kendall that Mia nearly got Maddie killed and Edmund was so upset he twisted her ankle. Kendall said "that's nice." Greenlee thought Kendall was distracted by Michael and accused her of being played for a fool again. Greenlee and Mia chastised her for being used by Michael again, only to go after Enchantment and they did not want her risking Fusion. Kendall said everything would be fine and rushed out. Simone and Carlos came back to the office, after being bailed out by Liza. They were defensive about having gone to bed, separately, to sleep after being released and then were going to dinner together, stopping by the office on the way. Greenlee smugly commented on all "we's" going around in Simone's conversation. Simone asked Greenlee to go ahead and let her have it for what she'd done and getting arrested again. Greenlee only hugged her, calling her a genius. Simone was frightened. Greenlee continued to effuse over the good idea and Simone further explained that Carlos had taken full responsibility and blame with the police.

Mia got a phone call and left, on crutches. Simone answered another call and Greenlee told Carlos she thought the commercial was terrific and complimented him on his screen presence. After the phone call from a fan, Simone got the idea to find more men like Carlos to run an ad campaign on how to find perfect men by using Fusion cosmetics. Greenlee gave her the green light to run with it, telling Carlos it was either the best or worst decision she's ever made. Carlos admitted to Greenlee that Simone wrote the words in the commercial, but they were for her. Later, Greenlee complimented Simone on her instincts for selling cosmetics and Simone told Greenlee that if she didn't see what a good man Carlos is, another woman would, and soon. Simone and Carlos left for dinner and Greenlee watched the commercial, over and over again. Edmund showed up at the office, looking for Mia.


Before dinner at the penthouse, Erica and Bianca were discussing Lena and Erica expressed her condolences to Bianca. Erica was just thankful that Bianca had found out the truth before Lena could hurt her; Bianca told her she was in love with Lena and she had been already been hurt. Bianca noticed there were three place settings and knew Uncle Jack had already gone to bed. Erica had a surprise planned and Bianca only hoped she had not invited Lena over to ambush her. Erica denied it and said she wouldn't let Lena get away with it. Bianca wanted to fight the battle herself, and said the worst part was finding out the truth from Kendall. Erica defended Kendall's actions and continued to blame Michael and Lena for their conspiracy that had hurt both Kendall and Bianca.

The third dinner guest arrived and Bianca was shocked to see Kendall come in the door. Bianca said it was not only unexpected, it was unreal and threatened to leave. Erica asked Bianca to calm down and was very gracious to Kendall. Erica explained that Michael and Lena came after each of them separately and the only way to win was to stand together, all three of them. Bianca and Kendall bonded awkwardly over their similar experiences with Lena and Michael. Erica was quite maternal in reassuring the women that they had done nothing wrong and should stop feeling bad. Erica then told them they have another secret ally that Michael and Lena cannot expect, who will hurt them worse than they had hurt the women. The women strategized about Bianca continuing to see Lena without letting her know she's on to her. Kendall described how hard it would be and how she hadn't wanted to tell Bianca about Lena in the first place. Erica told Bianca that she had asked Kendall to tell her the truth about Lena and explained that the scene at the Valley Inn had been staged, except for some improvisation by Kendall. Bianca went to check her phone messages and Kendall apologized for bringing up how Erica stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener at the Valley Inn, which Erica considered a low blow. Lena had called, Bianca explained, and wanted to see her. In unison, Erica and Kendall told her she had to meet Lena. They continued to discuss how hard it would be for Bianca to pretend to believe Lena's lies, but Bianca resolved to go through with it. Kendall listened quietly as Erica told her how hard it was to watch her daughter in so much pain. Erica then told Kendall how sorry she was for what Michael did to her and briefly held her hand.


Lena went to Michael's and reminded him she had done everything that he asked and wanted to be done with him. They quarreled about the past and Michael refused to tell Lena that her mother would be safe. It would all depend on her next actions, he said. Lena was dumbfounded and wondered what else Michael could possibly want from her. Lena was disgusted by Michael's reference to their sex life and reminded him that they are over. She also suggested he call Kendall. Michael them implied he wanted Lena to find him another woman and she told him she is not his pimp. Michael said he was serious. Michael's father called then and Michael bragged about his accomplishments. Lena told him they are the same; Michael told her not to compare the way she whored herself to save her mother to the way he feels about his father. He only wanted his father's money, power and job. Michael vowed to throw his father out the same way he'd been thrown out years before. He offered to share it all with Lena, who did not want to hear it. Lena called Bianca and they made plans to meet at SOS.

At the penthouse, Bianca was distraught after hanging up and told Kendall and Erica she didn't think she could do it. Kendall was reassuring, but Bianca said she'd like to join a convent. Erica only said "don't look at me, I've already done that." They all toasted to the swift, just and unforgettable downfalls of Michael and Lena.

Meanwhile, back at Wildwind, Flanders began his search for Maddie, just as Mia walked in the door to surprise Edmund.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Erica, Kendall and Bianca finished dinner in Erica's penthouse. Bianca didn't want to go see Lena but her mother and Kendall convinced her to do it. Bianca's phone beeped and it was Lena leaving her a text message saying "I miss you." Bianca said she shouldn't put it off any longer and Erica walked her to the door. After she shut the door Erica turned to Kendall who said "This was the first time we've ever had dinner, I enjoyed it." Erica said it was obviously an awkward situation but they need each other to bring down Michael and Lena. Kendall said Erica was unstoppable when she wanted to be. Erica told her they needed concrete proof against Michael and Lena. Kendall wondered what else she could do, "Steal their files?" Erica just looked at her.

In Michael's condo Lena made a phone call. Michael wanted to know who she was calling and she told him it was none of his business. Michael said everything she does is his business. He told her he was leaving for Argentina for a quick business trip and would call her when he got back. Lena left and Michael called his pilot and told him to file the flight plan. A little while later Kendall arrived as Michael started out the door with his suitcases. He told her where he was going and she said she'd miss him, then kissed him passionately. Michael's cab honked and Michael tried to shut the condo door but his hands were full. Kendall said she'd do that for him and as she did she made sure the door was not locked. She walked him to his cab and after they drove off she went into the condo. She sat at his computer and started to download information onto a disk. Then she started snooping around his desk and found an envelope addressed to Michael at college in 1986. She opened it and read a letter written by Michael's father, telling him that it was now up to him to continue the family empire and that everything was riding on him and not to let the family down. Kendall said down and said it was no wonder Michael was the way he was. She put the letter back and found an envelope full of pictures. Thumbing through them she found pictures of her and Ryan, Erica and Bianca. "You've been stalking us all this time you sick bastard!" she cried out. A noise outside interrupted her and she quickly put the pictures back in the desk. She yanked the disk out of the computer as Michael came back in. He stopped when he saw her and demanded "How did you get in here and why?." Kendall just looked guilty.

At Fusion Greenlee told Edmund she thought Mia was going to Wildwind to visit him. She thought maybe Simone would know where Mia was so she called Simone's cell phone and handed the phone to Edmund. All he got was voice mail and he left a message. Tad came in looking for Liza. Greenlee went to "fix her face" and Tad asked Edmund about Maddie and the shooting. Edmund gave him the details and said now he couldn't find Mia. Greenlee returned and said she thought Simone was going to SOS with Carlos. Edmund left and Greenlee told Tad she was going to SOS too, to rescue Carlos from Simone. Tad told her not to push Carlos. Greenlee grabbed Tad's hand and told him to come with her. They headed for SOS.

Simone and Carlos sat at a table in SOS talking. She was coming up with new ad campaigns using Carlos as the spokesperson. He told her to get another guy and Simone said this was strickly business, she wasn't hitting on him. He smiled and Simone asked him what made him tick. He said there wasn't much to tell and got Simone to talk about her life, her father and her career. She said she keeps screwing things up and Carlos said her father put too many expectations on her. Simone asked about his family and he told her that his mom is great but his dad died a few months ago. Simone started to offer condolences but Carlos stopped her, saying his father wasn't worth much. Edmund showed up and asked Simone where Mia was. She said Mia and Liza were supposed to meet her there. Edmund tried to call her again but still got no answer. Tad and Greenlee came in and sat at the bar so Greenlee could watch Carlos and Simone. Greenlee wanted Tad to tell her exactly what Carlos had said about her in jail and Tad told her he never mentioned her name. Greenlee was a little bummed about this and wondered why Carlos spent so much time with Simone. Tad told her it was because Simone was nice to him. Tad told her that he's been where she is now, starting over after a near perfect relationship and that it is terribly hard. Greenlee looked at him and asked "Did I blow this?." Tad said yes, basically. Greenlee continued to watch Simone and Carlos get along so well. She wondered how she could get his attention and Tad told her to cool off for now. She just glared at him.

Bianca stood at another area of the bar in SOS and looked for Lena. Lena came up behind her and kissed her, startling Bianca. Lena asked "Who did you think it was?" Bianca answered "Someone I didn't know!." Lena asked why she was so jumpy and Bianca said she wasn't used to being kissed in public. Then Lena wanted to know why she seemed stressed out and Bianca said she'd just had dinner with Erica. Lena wondered if Erica was giving Bianca problems because of her. Bianca said her mother had to learn that she was old enough to make her own decisions. Bianca asked about Lena's mother and Lena admitted that she'd been lying to Bianca. She told her that her mother wasn't dead, and told her the story about her mother's previous career as a spy. She said she just couldn't lie to Bianca anymore because she trusts her. Bianca looked at her and declared "Do you really expect me to believe a word you say?." lena was taken back by this and Bianca apologized, saying she'd been lied to alot. Lena said Bianca was such an honest person, she hoped some of it would rub off on her. She said she hoped Bianca could meet her mother one day then ran off in tears. Bianca snipped "You are some piece of work!." When Lena returned she apologized for being so emotional. Bianca said she needed to leave, her mother had put her on a new project she needed to get started. Lena offered to come with her but Bianca said she had to work on it alone. Lena asked her to call when she was finished but Bianca said it would be very late. Lena told her "I need you tonight, I don't want to wake up alone." Bianca just gave her a weak smile and left.

Mia opened the front door at Wildwind and stepped inside, carrying a huge bouquet of balloons. She called out for Edmund and Maddie but got no response. She hobbled on crutches into the darkened house. Flanders pulled down a ski mask over his head and followed her as she moved slowly through the house, calling out for Edmund and Maddie. Mia heard a noise and went to a door. When she opened it she found Derek lying on the floor unconscious with his mouth taped. Flanders grabbed her from behind and told her he'd snap her neck if she struggled. She hit him with her crutch and he fell down. The phone was ringing (Edmund was trying to call) and Mia attempted to get to the phone but Flanders pulled out a gun and aimed it at her.

On the ship Maureen tried to cheer Maddie by telling her they were having a sleep over. Maddie asked if she could call her daddy and Maureen said she'd talk to Aidan about it. Maddie went into another room and Aidan said he didn't see any reason not to call. Maureen wondered why Derek hadn't called them yet to give them an update. She was very worried about Maddie saying "My little girl is a target!." Aidan told her he would take care of both her and Maddie as long as she needs him to. They hugged but Maureen was still upset. Maddie returned and Maureen said they could call Edmund. They dialed it for her then handed the receiver to her. It rang and rang as Flanders and Mia struggled on the floor at Wildwind. Flanders dragged Mia to the phone and ordered her to answer it. She breathlessly said "Hello?" and Maddie immediately asked "Where's my daddy?." Aidan took the phone and said "Edmund?" Flanders grabbed the phone from Mia and hung it up. Aidan asked Maddie who answered the phone and she said it sounded like Mia. He and Maureen wondered why Mia would be at Wildwind. Aidan said something was off and he was going to find Edmund. After he left Maureen tucked Maddie into bed and lay down next to her. Maddie said she missed her daddy and Maureen started to sing a song in Spanish. Maureen had a flashback of holding Maddie as an infant and singing the same song.

Back at Wildwind Flanders threw Mia around and wanted to know who was on the phone. Mia wouldn't tell him and he asked where the kid was. Mia said probably asleep in another wing of the house. He dragged her to the stairs and ordered her to show him where Maddie slept. Mia said she didn't think she could get up the stairs because of her ankle. Flanders started to force her and she shoved him down the steps, which knocked the gun out of his hand. They struggled on the floor and Mia tried to reach the gun.

Aidan called Edmund and told him about Maddie trying to call him but that Mia answered the phone. Edmund was frantic and rushed to Wildwind.

Erica came out of her bedroom and was shocked to find Reggie blaring her stereo. She asked why he was there and he said he was waiting for someone to show him his room. Jack came out in a robe and told Reggie to go to the kitchen for some food. Reggie headed off and Erica told him not to touch the English bone china. Reggie stopped and said "English folks eat off of bone?" and went on his way. Erica told Jack she had no idea Reggie would be living with them. Jack reminded her that he is Reggie's foster parent and then said "Haven't you always wanted a son?." Reggie returned with some food and sat down to eat. He dropped mustard on the floor and Erica started to freak. Jack told Erica to go take a hot bath, he'd take care of the mess. She left and Jack sat down with Reggie. He told him that things were starting to come back to him and he knows that Reggie and Joni weren't the only people with him in the alley when he was shot. Reggie denied anyone else was there and Jack said he heard another voice. Reggie told him he was hallucinating and Jack told him he was a bad liar and wanted to know who he was protecting. Reggie said he can't tell.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Reggie shut down when pressed for information about who else was in the alley the night Jack was shot. Erica overheard Reggie state that he wasn't going to say who else was there and threatened to toss Reggie out of her home. Jackson managed to get Erica to back down. Later, Jackson promised Reggie that he would not meet with the same fate as his brother, who had been shot and killed. Reggie was furious at the mention of his brother's name and stormed out of the penthouse apartment. Joni showed up a little while later and spilled the beans to Jack. She told him that Luis was in the alley when he was shot and explained why Reggie had told her not to squeal. Reggie returned and Joni told him that she couldn't keep his secret any more. Reggie angrily told Jack and Joni that he would not be held responsible when Luis went gunning for them. When Erica returned, she informed Jack that Kendall was supposed to have called her - and her call was long overdue. Erica's antsy behave prompted Jack to question if Erica might be genuinely concerned about Kendall's safety. Erica rolled her eyes and told Jack that he was reading too deeply into things.

At Wildwind, Mia and a masked Flanders continued to struggle. Flanders dropped his gun and Mia reached for it. A battle for the gun ensued and a shot was fired. Flanders was shot, but the bullet merely grazed his right arm. Flanders continued to make demands of Mia, but she tried to but herself time. She caught sight of Edmund lurking around and continued to stall. Edmund arranged a trap to lure Flanders away, but his plan failed miserably and Flanders ended up having both Edmund and Mia looking at the barrel of his gun. Luck intervened and Flanders found that he had no more bullets in his gun. He took off, grabbing one of the phones on his exit. The police arrived on the scene a short time later, but by then Flanders had made his getaway. There were no fingerprints anywhere to be found because he'd worn gloves; his getaway car was found a mile down the road.

Huddled somewhere in the woods with a suitcase containing another gun, Flanders held the phone he'd stolen during his getaway and waited for Maddie to call.

Aboard the yacht, Maria told Aidan that she remembered singing a lullaby to Maddie. This wasn't just a flashback, she explained; she truly "felt" this recollection. Aidan seemed concerned that he was losing his precious Maureen, but he tried his best to support her. Later, while perched on the deck and looking out over the water, Maria recalled giving birth to Maddie in a cabin at Willow Lake.

Michael returned to his condo expectedly and caught Kendall snooping around. Kendall claimed that she had forgotten her purse, but Michael remembered seeing Kendall carrying her purse when he walked her out. Kendall then admitted that she was trying to find something to hold over Michael in the event that he welched on their deal. Kendall told Michael that her search came up empty and swore that she wouldn't double-cross him again. Michael planted a forceful kiss on Kendall and she tried to pull away, but Michael held her in place. Michael then pushed her onto a sofa and began removing her top. A knock sounded on the door and Erica called out that she wanted to speak to Michael. Kendall yelled out that Erica's presence wasn't wanted, but her shaky voice indicated otherwise. Michael didn't bother to put his shirt on before allowing Erica to enter his home. Kendall raced out of the condo trying to hide the tears in her eyes. Erica looked on in concern. Erica proposed a merger between Enchantment and Cambias' company, but Michael wasn't interested in the idea. He touted his plan to take over Enchantment and install Bianca as the company's new CEO. Erica became enraged and said she'd rather see Enchantment destroyed than to have Kendall run it.

Erica returned and found a shell-shocked Kendall waiting in the hallways outside her home. Erica nervously asked Kendall if Michael had sexually assaulted her. Kendall shook her head. She then stated that if it hadn't been for her mother's arrival, she could very well have been assaulted.

Friday, May 16, 2003

On the yacht, Aidan calls Maureen 'Maria' he knows Maureen is getting her memory back. She asks him if he really thinks she is. She said she remembers being Maddie's mother, but if she were really getting her memory back she thought she would remember so much more. Maureen tells him she likes being Maureen and she likes how she feels when she's with him. She assured Aidan that nothing could change the love she has for him or their life together. Aidan professes no matter what happens he will always be there for her. He stated that he wants her to remember every moment she had with the kids. He kissed her and went inside to check on Maddie. Maria looks out over the water, then as she looks at her engagement ring she remembers Edmund and her wedding....

In the dark at Tad's house, Tad sits looking out the window, up at the sky; remembering Brooke tell him how Dixie lost the baby, and then about the car accident that took her life. Tad is brought back to the present when Brooke and Jamie knock on the door and try to get him to open up. They brought him dinner and even though he tries to get them to go, Brooke says their staying. Tad asks Jamie why he isn't getting ready for exams, then he asks Brooke what her excuse is. She said they just didn't want him to be alone tonight. Shortly, Opal and the Martins also show up with dinner. Joe and Ruth try to come up with ideas for a family fun trip. Tad admits he is just fine helping Liza with Fusion. Opal tells him he is acting like a miserable old hermit. The family insists he needs to get out of the house more, they just want him to be happy again. Tad sadly says, "Happy will be a long way off. I am functioning. I get up every morning, have my coffee and live life without Dixie. That is the best I can do." He is interrupted by another knock at the door, this time it's Liza with chili! As she enters then turns around she is surprised to see the whole family! He says it's been a year and hard to believe Dixie is gone. Brooke says to him, "You're still here and we love you." Liza gave Tad an envelope that was in his mailbox. It was from J.R. Tad reads, 'I know that wherever you are tonight, we are both looking at the brightest star in the sky in both our lives." Tad excuses himself and takes the letter outside to get some fresh air.

Erica and Kendall enter Erica's apartment; Kendall looks very disheveled. Erica wants to call the police but Kendall tells her Michael didn't do anything. Erica cant imagine what would have happened if she didn't stop Michael when she did. She strongly tells Kendall to NOT blame herself for what happened. Erica asks Kendall if she told Michael no, that she didn't want to have sex with him. Kendall told her she tried to push him off of her and that she knew she was playing a dangerous game when they tried to fool Michael. Erica tries to discuss with Kendall what happened when she was raped. She told herself her whole life that if she had done things differently then it wouldn't have happened. Kendall tries to sympathize with Erica but Erica says "You didn't get raped, someone stopped it for you." Erica later apologizes for snapping at her. Kendall tells Erica she is sorry that she wasn't as lucky as she was. Erica tells her she wasn't responsible and Kendall wants to know if there will ever be a day when she will be able to look at her and really mean that. Erica wants to focus on enchantment right now. Erica tells Kendall she has an idea to let Michael think he is still holding all the cards. She calls Michael, yelling at him that he is a deceitful pig and she knows he stole her formula! He claims he has no idea what she is talking about. He wants to know if she has proof and she tells him she doesn't have direct proof. "Look Michael we both know you're guilty." Erica says. Michael replies "If you keep fighting you'll have nothing, if you surrender I'll buy your shares in Enchantment." She says under one condition. Erica tells him she won't be replaced with Kendall, and he agrees with her. He said set up a press conference to announce the new agreement. Erica claims that that was exactly what she wanted him to do. Erica said she wanted to make sure there wasn't a shred of doubt that Kendall knew Michael would sell her out. Kendall said you did this because you care about me? Kendall apologizes for putting her on the spot. Erica tells Kendall if she wants to help her than she needs to stay far away from the press conference. Erica explains she intends to trump Cambias and that things will be smoother if she stays away. Kendall tells Erica she is not the only one with a surprise. Kendall confesses to Erica that she has the confidential files that were stolen from Enchantment. She tells Erica, "You want proof, you got me."

At Michaels apartment he discusses the take over of Enchantment with his father. He wants a status report, Michael asks how he found out. His father tells him Erica called and asked him to intervene in her behalf. Michael asks him if he is here to stop the takeover. He insists his father must not do that! Michael tells his father he wants Erica to beg him to leave her a shred of dignity. His father says, "You think you can force Erica to respect you?" Michael replied, "I learned from the best, you." The phone rings and as Michael talks to Erica his father listens on. He tells his father that he did this for him. Because he wanted proof that he could run Cambias Industries. Michael's father tells him that he has proof that Michael still doesn't want Cambias Industries for the right reasons and the he built Cambias Industries for himself and that Michael is nothing without him, then he leaves.

Bianca and Boyd review what Lena did by taking the disc, she tells him Lena knew exactly what she was doing and Boyd questions her about whether or not she is still in love with Lena. She tells him that's not a simple question. She claims Lena looked into her soul and saw how vulnerable she was. Boyd wants to know if she is just going to pretend to Lena nothing happened. Bianca tells him she's Erica Kane's daughter and this is in her blood. He said she's not capable of lying and then Lena will know. Bianca says, "So what? Will she try to kill me? She's already killed me." She tells him she can't turn her feelings off. Boyd tries to get her to give Lena one last chance to explain. He thinks Bianca should go for it if she thinks there might be a chance.

Lena finds the security room and watches the camera that points to the safe, she realizes there must be a tape and that Bianca has seen it. After she finds the tape and plays it, she is completely horrified. She remembers that day and telling Bianca she cares for her and how Bianca pulled away.

Lena shows up in Bianca's room and tells her she knows what she saw but she loves her too much and wants to explain everything. Bianca lets Lena know that she would do anything to protect her mother. Lena tries to convince her that what was between them was really real. Bianca picks up the phone and calls Jackson asking for his help. Lena thanks her for having Jack check out her story. Lena promises her it's all the truth. Bianca says she doesn't trust her and won't let her out of her sight until she hears from Jack, that she will just have to spend the night.

Tad sits on the porch talking to Dixie about the life they should have had together. He wonders what he did to deserve this wonderful family he has. A delivery boy shows up and mysteriously delivers chicken fingers. He tells Tad they are already paid for. Tad tells Dixie goodnight and enters the house.



B&B's most Taylor-made moments
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