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Passions Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on PS
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Monday, May 12, 2003

Mrs. Wallace and Precious crash the little party that Luis and Ethan are throwing for Gwen and Sheridan. Gwen is shocked to see Precious. Hank and Luis explain about Precious being Mrs. Wallace's caregiver. Everybody seems glad to see her except for Beth. The old lady glances at Sheridan and can see how upset the poor girl looks. She asks what is wrong. Luis tells Mrs. Wallace that Sheridan is having nightmares about clowns. Luis explains that just a few minutes ago Sheridan picked up the paper and saw a picture of clowns and began to freak. The old lady is sure that Beth engineered Sheridan finding the paper. She announces to all that she knows why Sheridan is afraid of clowns. She tells everyone to gather around because she has some tales to tell. Beth says quietly to Luis but loud enough for Edna to hear, "Mother's delusions are getting worse. I have no choice but to put her in a home." Edna then has horrible visions of rats gnawing on

her. She decides to keep quiet. She passes off some lame excuse that pregnancy can bring on irrational fears. Beth then corners the old lady and warns her to keep her mouth shut.

The pregnant women head to the Book Cafe. Sheridan and Gwen talk about their cravings. Gwen asks Beth about her cravings. Beth replies she is craving pickles. Hank comments on how that is a typical stereotype.

Gwen is highly suspicious of Beth. She is sure that Beth is hiding something. Gwen continually grills Beth on pregnancy questions. She asks about Beth's ankles and how she is coping with the swelling. She asks about her vitamins. Beth does her best to field these questions. Sheridan tries to get Gwen to back off. Gwen tells Sheridan that she can't back off because Beth reminds her too much of Theresa.

TC finds Eve on the dock with Julian. Liz pretends she is trying to stop TC from seeing the couple. She is enjoying watching the fireworks. TC asks why he keeps finding his wife with Julian Crane. He warns Julian to give him a straight answer or he will kill him.

Ivy is ecstatic that Sam moved out on Grace. She tells David that now is the time to strike. John tells his father that the reason Grace is so upset is because she really loves him, not Sam.

Grace goes to see Sam at the station. Grace keeps telling Sam the problem is with Ivy. Sam cuts her off and tells her that the problem is not Ivy. Ivy is not keeping him out of her bed...she is. Grace begs Sam to come home. Sam says they have a house not a home. He then accuses Grace of loving the attention David gives her. He says that all their problems are her fault and no one else's.

Fox questions Chad about his birth parents. Chad says all he knows is that his father was white and also a bigot. Fox and Theresa tell Chad that secrets always seem to come out in Harmony. They feel that the next secret revealed could be his parent's identity.

Fox then gets Whitney to feel a little more unsure about her relationship with Chad. He cites all the shaky couples in Harmony started out as solid. He tells Whitney not to worry though. Whitney walks away shaken.

Julian and Eve stand silent in the face of TC's wrath. Liz volunteers to tell what is going on between the couple.

Fox and Chad hear TC raise his voice since they are standing on the other side of the dock.

Liz tells TC that Eve had a child before she had the girls. Eve begins to weep.

Gwen accuses Beth of not being very forthcoming about her pregnancy. Gwen comes straight out and says she does not believe Beth is even pregnant.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Eve begins to cry on the dock. She tells TC that she did have another baby before she had the girls. TC asks Eve to come home with him and not to talk about something so painful in front of someone like Julian Crane. Whitney and Theresa over hear part of the conversation and Whitney realizes that her mother had a son. She is in shock and questions Eve about it. Whitney then takes her mother in her arms and tells her she is sorry for her pain. TC questions how Liz would know such a thing since Liz is practically a stranger to her. Julian chimes in that maybe Eve felt more comfortable with telling a stranger like Liz instead of family. Fox tells Julian not to speak for Eve and to back off of the situation.

Whitney turns to Theresa a little happy and says in awe that she has a brother out there somewhere. Theresa asks Whitney if she is going to look for him. Whitney then says of course. Then she stops in her tracks. She fears that she already knows the identity of her brother...Chad. Whitney is fearful that Chad will turn out to be her brother.

David finds Grace in the house crying. She tells David that it is over with Sam. David hears Ivy's urgings in her head. He begs Grace to run away with him and take her back to the place where they fell in love.

Ivy is in the park over looking a cliff. She is remembering her young love with Sam. A little boy comes by chasing after a ball. He almost falls off the cliff. Ivy stops him and gives him money to buy another ball. Ivy then sees a ball that belonged to Sam years ago. She reaches for it and falls out of her chair. She is hanging near the cliff. Sam comes by and rescues her. He can't believe that she risked her life for his old baseball.

Gwen questions Beth why she does not want to go to see Eve Russell since it will not cost anything. Sheridan goes up to Luis and offers to pay all of Beth's medical expenses. He is secretly hoping that Beth is not pregnant. Beth asks him if he wants her to be pregnant. Luis says not and that he can't lie to her.

Beth calls the "doctor" and says she has an appointment now.

Luis insists on going with her. Mrs. Wallace happily wants to tag along. She shouts, "Wait for Grandma!"

Fox gets Chad to wonder if he is Eve's son.

Theresa tells Whitney not to think such a horrible thought about Chad. She tells Whitney that there is no way Chad will be her brother.

Fox reminds Chad that he made love to Whitney. It could possibly be he made love to his own sister.

Beth gets cornered into admitting that she never saw a doctor. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth in a loud obnoxious voice to tell the truth, she never did see a doctor.

Beth then plays the poor victim by telling Luis she lied about going to the doctor. She said she had to lie because she was just too humiliated. Luis asks why. Beth announces that she can't afford to go to the doctor. She looks at Sheridan and Gwen and says they do not understand what it is like not to have money and insurance. Edna is upset that Beth got out of another tight corner. Gwen still does not like or trust Beth. Gwen then offers to pay for Beth's first doctor visit herself. Gwen then announces that it is possible that Beth is not even pregnant. Hank and Antonio stick up for Beth. Luis tells Beth to go to the doctor to be sure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Whitney has a real panic attack when she realizes that Chad could in fact be her brother. Theresa tells her to stop the destructive thoughts. She tells Whitney that things like that only happen in novels. Whitney tells her stop talking about novels and look at the facts. Whitney then points out that her brother would be older than both her and Simone like Chad is. Whitney then tells Theresa if this horrible thought is true, she made love to her brother. She cries that they can never be together and should have never been.

Chad is having the same worries. Fox keeps feeding Chad's doubt. Chad tells Fox that before Fox came back to Harmony, he aggressively searched for his parents. He says that a DNA check was done and he matched no one in Harmony. Fox tells him that mistakes can be made.

Gwen and Sheridan arrive at Lamaze classes. Antonio saved a spot for Beth and Luis. Gwen is sure Beth won't be needing the spot. She is sure that Beth is faking the pregnancy. Sheridan tells Gwen that she is wrong. Gwen asks Sheridan to look at the facts. If -- and when -- Sheridan and Luis tell Antonio the truth, Beth would still have a hold on Luis by having his baby or pretending to have his baby.

Sheridan asks Gwen if her judgment is being clouded by her experiences with Theresa. Gwen says maybe so but she still wants Sheridan to keep her eyes open and be careful around Beth.

Beth, Luis, Edna and Precious arrive at the OBGYN's office. No one is there and Beth is ready to bolt. Luis tells her to wait for the doctor. Mrs. Wallace asks her daughter if she really did make an appointment. Beth tells her of course. She does her best to get Luis to leave. Luis refuses to budge. As Beth gets ready to leave herself she is invited into the doctor's office by a woman doctor. The "doctor" has her back to everyone. She apologizes for being short handed and says she must get the report she is working on out as soon as possible. She promises to give Beth a blood test as soon as she can. Mrs. Wallace looks suspiciously at the doctor.

Eve begins to have a panic attack and can't breathe. TC asks Liz to help. Julian goes to Eve instead and tries to get her to calm down. Julian and Liz then face off over Eve. Liz thinks Julian is pathetic for still being in love with Eve all these years. Julian calls Liz evil for taking so much enjoyment from Eve's pain. He says that Eve is just an excuse for her own mistakes. He tells her she is wrong for blaming all her problems on Eve.

Liz laughs at Julian and tells him that revenge is so sweet.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Fox tries to convince Theresa that Chad is probably Whitney's half-brother. Whitney pushes Chad away and lashes out at her mother for keeping such a potentially devastating secret. Chad tries to convince Whit that they are not related. Julian helps a hysterical Eve. Liz "accidentally" gives TC a hint that the baby wasn't his.

Sheridan is horrified when she sees another picture of a clown. Ethan, Gwen, and Antonio reassure her all will be fine. Gwen is certain Beth's not pregnant. Meanwhile, Beth gets help from Charlie, who impersonates a doctor. In private, Charlie accuses Beth of wanting Luis, but Beth sweet talks her into sticking with the plan. Luis gets bad news about Beth's "pregnancy."

Friday, May 16, 2003

Whitney refuses to get near Chad in the fear that he is actually her brother. Liz keeps digging TC by asking him why Eve never told him about her son. TC then gets the deluded notion that Eve had miscarried his son and never told him. He is sure it happened in the early years of their marriage when he spent a great deal of time on the road. Liz keeps insisting that many women have miscarriages but they always tell their husbands. She keeps asking why Eve kept it a secret. TC explains this in his own mind by telling Liz and everyone else that Eve so desperately wanted to give him a son that she was heartbroken when she lost him. Whitney hears this and asks her mother hopefully if what her father is saying is true. Eve wants to come clean once and for all. She almost does until she has a vision of Whitney as a drugged out lounge singer hating her mother. Eve takes the easy road and agrees with TC. Whitney and Chad are relieved. So is Theresa. She is glad that this secret did not ruin anyone's life unlike so many other secrets that have gotten exposed in Harmony over the years. Fox is not so sure that this is the whole truth. He plans on keeping his eyes and ears open to make sure Whitney and Chad are not related.

Whitney and Chad pledge their love for each other all over again. Each is grateful to have the other since they came so close to losing their relationship forever.

Antonio is thrilled to hear that Beth is "really" pregnant. He does his best to convince Luis that he should marry Beth NOW. He argues away every excuse Luis comes up with. Beth is secretly hoping that Antonio's strong arm tactics work. Antonio even offers Sheridan's cottage for the wedding and says his pregnant wife will plan the whole thing since she needs something to occupy her time. He seems to be hoping that if Sheridan is planning a wedding, it will keep her mind off of her killer clown nightmare.

Charlie goes to the Wallace basement with tools and shovels. Mrs. Wallace follows her and keeps asking what she is doing. Charlie begins to dig a pit in the dirt floor of the basement. She tells Edna that Sheridan is going DOWN.

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