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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on GL
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Monday, May 19, 2003

Eden went to see Marah and interrupted Marah and Tony almost hopping in the shower together. Marah had news that Adrian Pascal wanted to buy her design. Marah was jumping up and down with excitement. Eden seemed excited for Marah and took her and Tony's picture together.

When Eden left, Marah asked Tony if he would agree to be friends with Eden. She explained that Eden needed friends and had helped her very much with getting Adrian interested in her purses. To make Marah happy, he agreed. Eden went back to her place and looked through a scrapbook filled with pictures of Tony. She placed the new picture in and took a red marker and scribbled Marah's face out.

Cassie fainted at the sight of Jeffrey. When she woke up, she thought Richard had returned and lovingly touched Jeffrey's face. He got up to leave, and she desperately asked him to stay. She again reached out to hold him, and he pushed her hands away and said, "I'm not him." He then explained he was the new District Attorney. He told her that he was prosecuting Tammy and that he knew about her prior conviction.

Cassie told Jeffrey that Tammy had only been trying to get back the ring he had given her. She caught herself and said, "I mean Richard." He was cold and uncaring and told her she needed to get her kid a shrink. He spat insults at her about her parenting methods. She pleaded, "Why are you doing this?" and he said, "Your kid has committed a crime!" Edmund stepped in and said that Tammy was a good kid and Cassie was a good mother, and to that, Jeffrey replied, "Were you being a good mother while you were off in San Cristobel and your daughter was being arrested?"

Cassie couldn't even talk. She couldn't believe the words this man who looked like Richard was saying. Edmund reached out to comfort Cassie, but she pulled away and told Edmund she knew something had happened between them in San Cristobel, but she needed time to think and to breathe. She looked hurt and in shock.

Phillip showed up at Gus's with a six-pack of beer. Phillip felt he needed to warn Gus that Alan was only looking to punish him. Gus asked if what Phillip was really worried about was Alan using Gus to get Phillip out of the company. Phillip assured him that he would fight Alan for that position. Gus reminded him of what he had said just a couple weeks earlier at the Beacon -- that he was out of the Spaulding Family. Phillip used that to show him how easy it was to get drawn back in and warned him to be on his guard because Alan would suck him in.

Gus tried to make Phillip see that he didn't need Phillip's concern. He also asked Phillip who had been there for Alan when he had been on the brink of suicide from being drugged. Phillip asked how Gus knew for sure that Alan had been drugged, and Gus told him about the drug test. Gus realized Phillip had had nothing to do with the drugging. Phillip asked, "Do you think I don't love him? Why do you think I keep coming back?"

Phillip received a call from Olivia finally informing him about Lizzie's arrest. Phillip was furious and threatened to rip the new D.A. apart, but Gus said that wouldn't be a good idea and offered to go talk to the D.A. himself if Phillip would stay with the boys. Gus went to see Jeffrey and explained that Frank had illegally impounded the car because he had been mad at Marina seeing Ben and that the car was really Marina's. Jeffrey didn't realize that. He decided not to press charges and thanked Gus for the heads-up. It helped that Jeffrey already liked Gus because he was the one who had taken down the Santos family.

Gus pulled through for Phillip. Olivia kept her mouth shut about Lizzie being the mastermind behind the attempt to get the car back.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

At home, Lizzie proclaimed that Beth and Phillip were not good parents because it was Olivia who had gone to bail her out, not them. Lizzie's vulnerability got through to Phillip and Beth, and when they left the room, Olivia discovered that Lizzie was truly acting to gain her parents' sympathy. Alexandra rushed in to comfort Lizzie, but Phillip pulled her away, declaring that she was no longer part of the family. Lizzie admitted that moving around so much had made things difficult for her, and Beth suggested she see her psychologist, Felicia. After failing to get through to Phillip, Alexandra tried to recruit Olivia.

Edmund told Alexandra that he was not worried about Jeffrey sweeping Cassie off her feet. Tammy found Cassie with Jeffrey and was moved to think that her father had returned from the dead. Edmund rushed in and informed Tammy that Jeffrey was the new D.A. She yelled at Jeffrey for keeping her and her friends in jail.

Later, Tammy surprised Edmund by asking if he and her mother had really been in San Cristobel for business. He assured her it had been business. After, Edmund asked Cassie out to dinner, and she agreed, as long as it wasn't a date.

Eden was cooking for her dinner party and invited Bill to be her date, but he refused. She had a close call when Bill almost stumbled onto her scrapbook. Later, Eden used a little sexual coercion to convince Bill to join the party.

Frank worked hard to apologize to Marina for arresting her, but she only lit up when Ben arrived. Ben was nervous around Frank, and things grew tenser when Mitch Hendon showed up. Ben called Mrs. Hendon to cancel their date. Marina and Ben decided to go through with their special evening. Much to his surprise, Ben learned that Mitch and Buzz were old friends from the service.

Frank felt inadequate about his birthday gift to Marina, and Buzz suggested that Frank call Mitch, who could help him get Marina an inexpensive car. Later, Marina was walking alone when she stumbled upon the body of a dead woman.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Gus questioned Marina about finding the body down by the docks. Rick was shocked by Jeffrey's appearance. As they processed the crime scene, Rick found a scrap of paper clenched in the girl's fist. Shayne saw through Marina's tough act and called her on it. Later, Buzz pointed out that whenever something bad happened to Marina, it was Shayne and not Ben who was always there for her. Ben feared for his life, but Eden blew him off.

Mrs. Hendon arrived as Ben tried to leave. She blackmailed him into meeting her at the Beacon. He said that if she dragged him down, he was taking Eden with him. Harley intended to tell Gus about Alan's pressuring the mayor into having him reinstated on the police force, but she was too late. Some guys at the station razzed Gus about daddy getting his job back for him, and Gus planned to quit. Later, he was upset with Harley for not telling him the truth about Alan. Harley admitted she feared Gus would leave her, since he was a Spaulding, and he reassured her that wouldn't happen.

During the preliminary autopsy, Rick deduced that Eden's call girl had drowned. Jeffrey and Gus realized both murder victims had been killed in one location and then moved to another. When Gus said he was quitting, Jeffrey advised him to reconsider. Jeffrey informed Gus that the number in the girl's hand was the number to the Garden of Eden.

Later, Buzz spoke with Shayne about his baseball/college plans. Shayne thought being on the road wouldn't be so bad, since he didn't have a girlfriend. Shayne was about to give Marina her birthday present when she jumped up to see if Ben had called.

Danny and Michelle thought Marah and Tony were crazy to go to Eden's dinner party, but all four of them planned to go. Marah let it slip about Danny and Tony beating up the drug dealers, and Michelle surprisingly justified it. In her mind, Danny had left the mob and was doing something for the good of the community.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Jeffrey told Gus that he was too close to the case and wanted Gus taken off the investigation. When Gus asked what he meant, Jeffrey explained that business cards for the Garden of Eden had been found on both the medical examiner's body and the body of the young woman found earlier. Jeffrey said that Gus's sister, Eden, ran an escort service by that name. Gus was surprised to hear about Eden's business and assured Jeffrey that if he found out Eden was involved in any way, he would lean on her hard. Jeffrey then agreed to let Gus remain on the case.

Meanwhile, as Harley was clearing out her desk, Alan arrived. Harley informed him that Gus knew of the stunt he had pulled to get Gus reinstated, and Alan assumed that Gus had quit over it. Harley set Alan straight and asserted that Gus would not be swayed. Later, after pulling Gus aside, Alan told him that he'd recently been in Chicago and had noticed a park that he wanted to renovate and rename in Joe Augustino's memory, telling Gus he was proud of the man who had raised such a fine son. Gus was silent, and Alan realized he'd touched a chord.

After Gus told Alan it was a fine idea, Alan thanked him for his time and left. Later, Alan made a phone call and told someone not to hand over Spaulding stock to Gus Aitoro just yet, but instead, to locate a park on the south side of Chicago, a park that would be suitable for renovation. Jeffrey approached Harley at her desk and tried to ask her out, but Harley let it be known that she was a mother of three and had a boyfriend, telling him it was Gus. Harley wasn't pleased when Jeffrey referred to Cassie as a neglectful mother.

Speaking with Olivia, Phillip relayed his confusion as to what relationship he really had with the Spaulding family, not knowing what he really wanted. After Olivia left, Rick arrived for a visit. Phillip told Rick about going behind Olivia's back to find out the paternity of the baby she was carrying, and Rick pointed out that Phillip obviously didn't trust Olivia. When Rick asked if Phillip loved Olivia, Phillip only said he was fond of her, which left Rick concerned.

At the Beacon, Lizzie and Alexandra met. Alex asked about the car theft, but Lizzie sidetracked the issue and started complaining about Olivia, blaming her for a lot of things instead. Alexandra commiserated with her about Olivia, assuring Lizzie that Olivia wouldn't be a problem for much longer. When Olivia arrived, Lizzie left, and Olivia needled Alex by inferring that Alan might soon be bequeathing Spaulding Enterprises to Gus. Alex warned Olivia there'd be a tug-of-war between Phillip and Alan over Olivia's baby once it was born and advised her to go far away, even offering to help Olivia with expenses, but Olivia irritated Alex by saying she was stuck with her.

Later, when Alex walked out of the Beacon, she noticed Lizzie, alone on a bench, sobbing. When Olivia returned to the loft, Rick left, and she was aware of tension in the room. She questioned Phillip, but he changed the subject. Phillip then got a call from the technician he'd hired to perform the DNA test on Olivia's baby. The technician informed Phillip that by the next day, the test results would be in.

A skeptical Danny joined Michelle, Tony, and Marah for dinner at Eden's place. Bill also attended. The food was terrific, but dinnertime conversation was stilted and awkward. Eventually, Eden mentioned that she'd known of Salerno while living in Chicago, and Danny hit the roof, accusing Eden of being in cahoots with Salerno. Eden tearfully denied it, saying it was a coincidence they happened to know the same slimeball, but Danny wasn't convinced.

After Michelle stumbled across proof that Eden had had the dinner catered, Eden became upset and left the table, saying she'd tried very hard to make everything perfect but that everything had gone wrong. Tony followed her out of the room. After being nice to her, empathizing and giving her a pep talk, he left to rejoin the others. Eden smiled slyly to herself. Later, they all continued having dinner, and things seemed to smooth out, when Gus arrived. He told Eden he was there on police business and that, somehow, she was involved in two murders.

Friday, May 23, 2003

There was a goodbye party for Harley at the station, and Frank told Harley how much he wanted her to stay. She let him know that it was he who had made it impossible to stay. Phillip showed up to wish her well. He warned her about Alan trying to get hold of Gus by getting his job back and told her he wanted to give her extra money, since she was quitting work.

Harley asked what the catch was. She wondered if he wanted to make sure they had money so Gus didn't try to get into the Spaulding pond. Phillip denied that, saying he was glad she was quitting to be a full-time mother to his son, and he wanted to support that and make sure Zach didn't do without, but if it kept Gus from having to take money from Alan at the same time, that was another plus. She refused to take the money, and Phillip told her that it might be a temporary offer, since he might be out of a job soon.

Gus made a comment about Harley being his "stay-at-home little lady," and she didn't like that too much. He couldn't resist and teased her about delivering him sandwiches during the day. Harley said a somber goodbye to her desk and office.

Gus took a picture of the dead girl over to Eden and asked if she knew her. Eden gasped at the sight of the dead girl, and Gus told her to tell him the truth about how the medical examiner and the girl had died with her business card in their hands. He told her it was important to tell the truth, or she could be next. She told him the girl's name was Renee and she worked for Eden, but she knew nothing else about her. She said that the medical examiner had been a client of hers. Gus vowed to let nothing happen to his kid sister.

When Eden informed her dinner party guests -- Bill, Danny, Tony, Marah, and Michelle -- about why Gus was there, Danny said he thought Selerno was behind it. They feared Selerno was trying to send a message to her, and Bill told her she couldn't stay there alone. Marah offered to let her move into the museum, and oddly enough, Tony agreed because he wanted to keep an eye on her. Eden, of course, was pleased. Danny was not happy with the arrangement.

Marina was checking in at the Beacon and informed Olivia it was her 18th birthday, and she was having a slumber party with two of her friends. Olivia caught on right away and asked her if she was ready for a "slumber party." Marina was professing her love for Ben as Mrs. Hinden walked up the steps behind her. She was telling Olivia how Ben had waited for her as Ben sneaked up the steps behind her. Olivia gave her a little warning about men and said she liked Marina and didn't want to see her make a mistake.

Ben met Ramona and told her to hurry up as he hurriedly got the pillows off the bed and turned the bed covers down. Ramona ordered him to slow down and call room service while she ran a bath for herself and told him to join her. Ben sneaked out and went to see Marina. For the first time, they told each other they loved each other and were starting to undress each other when Ben stopped himself.

Meanwhile, Frank was downstairs, trying to get Olivia to give him Marina's room number to give her a birthday surprise. Olivia tried her best to stall him. Frank had bought Marina a new car, so Olivia asked to see it. It ended up being a used fixer-upper. Desperately trying to keep Frank from getting the room number, she struck up a conversation about children and asked his advice about Lizzie.

As Frank was starting to get suspicious that Olivia was purposely trying to keep him from going upstairs, she told him that a girl's first slumber party as an adult was delicate. She offered to get him a drink, and when she left to get it, Frank went to the desk and got the room number himself. Upstairs, Ben told Marina it wasn't right; he had something to fix then he would be back. He told her how much he loved her. Olivia tried to call up and warn Marina her dad was on his way up, but she was on the phone, talking to Tammy.

Ben was talking to Ramona through the bathroom door, saying he quit, and he loved Marina and was not going to mess things up with her. After no response, he said it again, "Ramona, I quit!" When there was no answer, he opened the bathroom door, and Ramona was in the bathtub -- dead. There was a cord plugged into the wall, and the other end was in the tub.

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