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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on GL
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Monday, May 26, 2003

At the Beacon, Cassie struck up a conversation with Jeffrey O'Neill to try to start their relationship over since they got off on the wrong foot. She offered to have a drink with him and he agreed. They talked about Tammy's situation again and Cassie said Tammy was wrong and she may have overreacted but there are always two sides to every story. Just as Cassie thought their conversation was going well, he abruptly gets up and leaves. She became infuriated with him over this and told Edmund the man was obnoxious.

Josh and Shane were at the Beacon meeting with an agent who preferred to meet with Reva too. Josh and Shane agreed that Reva would like this man because he was interested in the whole person not just the baseball aspect. When Josh told Shane it was nearing "crunch time" meaning he needed to make a decision soon about how to handle his baseball career, Shane told him he had nothing holding him back and he couldn't wait for things to come to him and he had to seize an opportunity while it's in front of him. He is ready NOW.

Eden was getting settled in at the museum. Danny, Tony, Marah, Michelle, Eden and Bill checked out the place to make sure all the windows were locked and everything was safe. Danny snuck a call in to Selerno and asked him if he was the one who was stirring up things in Springfield. Bill overheard part of the conversation and asked Danny if the past was really the past. Danny said it was time to "respect and not protect" Michelle and told him to concentrate on Eden because that would be a job in itself.

Olivia was downstairs trying to figure a way to keep Frank from catching Marina but he was already outside her door listening in to her conversation with Tammy. He heard her say she was ready to make love to Ben. In the room behind him, Ben had found Mrs. Hinden DEAD! Ben took the hairdryer out of the water and unplugged it from the wall, and checked for a pulse. He collapsed on the floor, panic stricken. He got up, still in shock and when he opened the door, Frank was RIGHT THERE! Frank took him and threw him up against the wall! He was stuttering "go inside" but Frank kept throwing him around. Marina walked out of her room and tried to stop Frank, and Ben kept mumbling, "go inside!" Marina walked inside and saw Mrs. Hinden in the bathtub and screamed! Frank came rushing in and questions started flying! Frank grilled Ben about how and why he was in Mrs. Hinden's room. At first he tried to say it was his boss and he was just saying "hi" but then Marina was asking WHY he would leave her to go talk to his boss. He tried to cover his butt but Mr. Hinden came up the steps and when he found out his wife was dead, he screamed at Ben saying he was going to kill him! He was yelling, "you've been sleeping with my wife for WEEKS!" Ben, in his shock, mentioned whoever killed her did it fast because he WAS ONLY GONE 10 MINUTES. This was when Frank started grilling him more and he finally confessed that his "job" was to sleep with Mrs. Hinden and that he worked for Eden as an escort. Marina was devastated and smacked Ben across the face.

Jeffrey was up at the scene in no time and questioned Ben who only made himself look like the killer. He said he was being blackmailed by Mrs. Hinden and if he didn't sleep with her, she would tell Marina. He wanted to shut her up and would do anything to keep her from telling. Frank said that sounded like a confession to him! Marina made sure she got a moment alone with Ben. Ben tried to tell Marina he did it to give her things (like the car) and that he loved her. She told him she hated him and never wanted to see him again and left Ben with tears streaming down his face. Shane was there to comfort Marina and the cops handcuffed Ben and took him off. Ben managed to get a phone out to Bill before the cops took the cell phone away from him. Bill only heard Ben say he needed help and he heard someone say something about the police station. Jeffrey turned to Frank and said that the idea was not to torture Ben to make the real killer feel comfortable so they would make a mistake. Frank was all too happy though to have Ben put away. Everybody at the hotel was in lockdown so no one can enter or leave until evidence the next day.

At the museum, Marina and Bill left to go to the police station, which left Tony and Eden alone.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

At the Beacon, Gus questions Mr. Hendon, suggesting that a man with a cheating wife might have a motive. Mitch is outraged of being accused of murder and Gus points out his record of assault. A maid reports that she heard Ben yelling through the bathroom door that he and Ramona were through. Reva meets Jeffrey as she attempts to get inside the Beacon. Reva doesn't lash out at Jeffrey for being a poor imitation of Richard, but challenges his ego and assumptions. Reva manages to make the new DA very interested in her. Inside, Reva meets the agent and to her surprise, she likes him and his approach to her son. She wonders if maybe Shayne can balance books and baseball. Josh is sure that there is nothing holding Shayne back in Springfield, but meanwhile, Shayne is comforting Marina. At the police station, Bill and Michelle try to buck up Ben's spirits and encourage him to fight the charges. Ben's hopes sink once again when Gus shows up with his newly acquired information. Elsewhere, Eden is deeply shaken by the news of the murder and all too eager to use her shock to score points with both Marah and Tony. At the same time, Danny gets a surprise visit from the New York capo, Salerno, who swears he had nothing to do with the murders. He claims he wants to help, but Danny wants him to get the hell out of Springfield. Just then, Michelle returns home. Salerno is cordial with Michelle and leaves. Michelle asks if Salerno is involved with the murders and Danny says he is going to find out. Later, Salerno calls Eden and orders her to meet him the following morning.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Holly visited Ben at the police station and told him he was unwise to make any statements to the police without a lawyer present. Ben recounted how he couldn't hack being broke and how he didn't have the patience to earn money the real way and that after a while, he got used to the "arrangement" with Ramona. Before she left, Holly promised she'd find Ben an attorney. Shayne and Marina spent the night sleeping in "Olivia's" bar while the Beacon was sealed off. Reva told Shayne he was a super friend for staying with Marina through the night. When Buzz checked in on Marina, she was down in the dumps and asked what was wrong with her, considering her boyfriend slept with a woman for money, but Buzz told her she was a fine person and that Ben wasn't good enough for her. After Buzz left, Shayne told Marina that she'd been too available to Ben and that Ben never had to work to deserve her. He told Marina to value herself more. After Marina's phone kept ringing incessantly, and Marina saw that it was Ben who was calling, she went to see Ben at the police station, where he tried to apologize to her and told her he didn't want to lose her. As Marina was about to walk out on him, Ben asked if she'd be his alibi for the time of Ramona's death, but Marina coldly said she wasn't watching the clock when she and Ben were together and that she'd have to lie about it---which she didn't want to do---telling Ben that lying was HIS specialty. She stormed out.

Cassie was up in arms over the loss of business since the murder, and Jeffrey, who was rude and abrupt with her, announced that the Beacon isn't sealed off anymore. Later, as Cassie and Reva checked out the suite where Ramona died, Reva had a vision of a woman being held underwater by a man until she drowned. She told Cassie about it, who said that Reva must be mistaken because Ramona's hair was dry when she was found and that it appeared she'd been electrocuted. Jeffrey, who happened by the room, stepped in and confirmed that Ramona had, indeed, drowned. Jeffrey told them that Dr. Bauer had found water in Ramona's lungs and that there'd been a wig on Ramona and wet hair underneath. In the lobby, Jeffrey told Reva he'd consulted psychics to work with him on cases in N.Y. and valued their opinions, and asked Reva if she'd meet with him to talk about the case. When she agreed, Jeffrey handed her his card. After he left, Cassie was shocked Reva agreed to meet with Jeffrey, telling her sister that Jeffrey was hitting on her. After Cassie argued against meeting with Jeffrey, Reva told her that Jeffrey seemed to put more stock into Reva's "gift" than Cassie had, and if she didn't know any better, she'd think Cassie was jealous! Holly arrived at the Beacon and ran into Buzz---literally---spilling his coffee all over him. As Holly told Buzz not to let the situation with Ben destroy their friendship, Holly spilled Buzz's coffee on him again. Holly found Reva and told her that she fears the cops are trying to link Ben to the other murders and said she'd like some WSPR reporters to follow the case closely. Reva agreed to keep a close eye on the case and keep Holly informed. After Holly left, Cassie asked Reva why she didn't tell Holly about her vision, and Reva informed her that she also saw a man in her vision, a man with Ben's build and height holding Ramona under water, adding that she couldn't be sure of who he actually was.

At the old museum, Tony found out that Eden was about to head off to meet with Salerno. Tony was surprised that Salerno was in town and asked Eden if she was working with him, but Eden said Salerno called to meet her, that 3 people who were connected to her escort service have died and she had nothing to lose by meeting with Salerno. With Marah in agreement, Tony insisted on taking Eden to her meeting. As they left, a car tried to mow Eden down, but Tony pushed her out of the way. Eden later told Tony and Marah that she recognized the car's driver and that it was a man who worked for Salerno. Not able to reach Danny, Tony left a voice message instead. After Tony and Marah went to get some ice for Eden's bruised knee, Eden slyly made a call from her cell phone, telling the party that the ruse with the car worked very well. "I owe you one", Eden said, just before she ended the call...

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Tony told Eden that, in the light of what's been happening lately, he'll be her very own personal bodyguard. Marah asked Eden if she's still affiliated with Salerno in any way, but Eden said she wasn't. Danny came by and Tony told him about Eden's brush with death. Danny, in turn, told Tony about the visit Salerno made the night before. When Tony told Danny that he wants to be Eden's bodyguard, Danny was against it, but Tony said he'd be able to keep an eye on Eden that way. Danny said the reason Salerno's man waited until Tony was with Eden (when he tried to run her down) was probably because Salerno wanted to drag the Santos' into whatever he's concocting. After overhearing, Eden told them that she's thankful, but Tony doesn't have to be her bodyguard after all. After turning down Marah's request to stay until her leg is healed, Eden got her things together and headed back to her own place.

Harley brought lunch to Gus at the police station, but she seemed more interested in looking over Gus' shoulder at the police reports regarding the latest murders. When Harley left, Alan arrived and told Gus that he finds the recent murder cases fascinating, and gave Gus a memo he'd had written up, saying it would help Gus by providing information on one of the victims. The two constantly kept getting interrupted by nosy colleagues of Gus', and finally, Gus stood up on his chair and told everyone present in the room that he knew they were curious as to why Alan Spaulding was talking with him. Gus went on to announce that Alan Spaulding's his father and that it's not a crime for a father to visit with his son! Alan was quietly impressed, then told Gus that there's no backing down now, but Gus stated that things were better out in the open. After Alan gave Gus the memo with information about the deceased Medical Examiner, Gus told him not to try to do his job for him. But after Alan left, Gus couldn't resist the urge and began to read what the memo contained.

At home, Harley settled the boys for a nap, then sat in the living room and took time to watch some t.v., but every channel she watched had shows about crime or policework. When she tried to do some neatening around the house, she was visited by her conscience, who was dressed as a cop! Harley kept telling her conscience how satisfied and happy she is being a stay-at-home mom, yet Cop-Harley (her conscience) pointed out all the satisfaction of crime-solving she's missing and the challenges it presented. Later, when Harley put together a spinning paint toy for the boys to play with, she was sprayed by a stream of blue paint! With paint splattered on her face and blouse, she answered the door when someone knocked and Eden was standing there.

At the loft, Olivia told Phillip she wanted them to spend some quality time together, but Phillip ducked out to meet with the Cedars lab technician, who'd informed him that the DNA results on Olivia's baby were in. After they met at the Beacon, the technician presented the results to Phillip: the baby's father is unmista.k.ably Alan's! Phillip thanked the technician and informed him that the job at Spaulding he promised him is now his, then warned him to keep his mouth shut about the test and its results. In the lobby, Alexandra approached Phillip and told him that Alan's consolidating his allegiances at Spaulding Enterprises, and warned Phillip that if he doesn't start making some moves right now, one day he'll be squeezed out of Spaulding. Alex also pointed out that if the baby Olivia's carrying turns out to be Alan's, that Alan won't stop until he has complete control of the child. And, Alex added, if the child is Phillip's, then it would cement Phillip and Olivia's relationship and destroy the love there is between Alan and Phillip. When Alexandra dared Phillip to deny he loved Alan, Phillip couldn't do it. After telling Alexandra to butt out of his business, Phillip walked out of the Beacon, running into Alan. Later, in "Olivia's" bar, the lab technician told someone that everything went as planned and that Phillip received the intended results. The person handed the technician an envelope stuffed with money and he looked up to thank the person: It was Alexandra!

Friday, May 30, 2003

Lizzie went to see Olivia and was happy and smiley and told her she had been unfair to her and apologized for her actions. She gave her a big hug before she left, leaving Olivia dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Beth was at the Beacon waiting for Lizzie because they had an appointment for Lizzie to see the therapist. Lizzie did make it to the appointment with Felicia and she told her that she had already made nice with Olivia and when Felicia asked her what she thought about the new baby coming, Lizzie just smiled and said she hoped it was a girl. Felicia told her it was normal to be resentful of a new baby coming into the picture but Lizzie defended her feelings saying she couldn't hate an innocent was not the baby's fault that....and didn't finish and Felicia tried to get out of her what she was about to say but all she said to finish the sentence was, "loveable." Felicia later talked to Beth and told her she was worried about Lizzie's level of repression and how she acts oblivious to all the turmoil the Spauldings are going through and she was smiling WAY too much. Beth worried she could develop alternate personalities. Alexandra who doesn't agree with Lizzie being sent to the therapist met them there and while Beth was in talking with Felicia told Lizzie that she was FINE and to not tell that therapist anything she didn't want to.

Alan ran into Phillip and told him he didn't care who the father of Olivia's baby was. He only cares about his first and biological son, Gus. He told Phillip he was GIVING him the baby, Olivia, and his blessing. He apologized for pushing Phillip into being like himself and said it was a big mistake holding him back from being a writer because he could have been a good one..."after all", he said, "You were NOT a Spaulding. We didn't fit. I made a big mistake." Phillip was holding the test results he had gotten saying the baby was Alan's and inside, Alexandra was slipping cash to the man who provided those results. When Phillip got home, he stopped himself before opening the door. His mind took him back to the time he walked in and found Olivia and Alan in their robes, the morning after she slept with Alan right after they had proclaimed their love for each other. Olivia broke into that flashback when she opened the front door. Olivia could tell he had something on his mind but Phillip only told her that he ran into Alan and told her what he said. Olivia was happy that Alan didn't want anything to do with the baby but when she tried to hug Phillip, he squirmed away and said he needed a drink.

Jeffrey and Gus discussed the Hinden murder. The autopsy showed she was drowned so the hairdryer in the water was staged. Jeffrey was suspecting Eden knowing she is Gus's sister and asked Gus to give him some evidence that she was NOT capable of committing the murders. Gus couldn't and said "She's MORE than capable." Gus defended her though saying it was not her style to premeditate a murder but Jeffrey was not happy with that. He sensed Gus knew more about Eden's capabilities. Gus told him he's going to find out who's committing these murders by putting somebody on the inside and posing as a client. He went to ALAN and told him he needed his help. Alan was all for it.

Eden went to Harley and asked for her help. She was scared and she thinks somebody is coming to get her too. Harley tried to dismiss her but Blake came in and joined in the conversation. Eden tried hard to talk Harley into being her bodyguard and helping finding the killer. Harley refused because she wants to be alive to play with her boys. Blake was ALL FOR IT and agreed to go on the "inside" and pose as one of her girls.

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