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Carlos rebuked Greenlee's attempt to start a relationship with him. Mia walked in on Edmund and Maria during a family moment with the children. Leora underwent surgery.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, May 26, 2003

At the art studio, Greenlee asks Carlos why he thinks they won't work. She gets all fired up and talks so fast telling Carlos who she thinks he is or isn't and Carlos tells her if she would stop running off at the mouth all the time she might find out who he really is. He then whisks her off to The Pit to show her what he's all about. He introduces her to the working people world all of his friends. He introduces her to his cousin and his cousin is not too happy about who she is. She offers Greenlee a shot of tequila, which she takes, then Carlos sings her a Spanish love song.

Aidan tells Kendall that Maureen is spending the night at Wildwind. He explains to her how Maureen's memory came back and she is now completely Maria. Kendall tells Aidan that she wants to let Erica off the hook. She tells him that the way Erica treated her like a daughter gave her the strength to do what she did to Michael. He thinks Kendall needs to tell Erica how she feels. She said she is going to walk away from Erica before she gets kicked to the curb like Erica always does after she gets what she wants. She tells Aidan he is going to have to let go Maria, because she won't let go of Edmund that he was and is the love of her life. Kendall tells him she'll be there for him if he needs her.

Maria and Edmund passionately kiss in the living room, Maria is crying and Edmund is in a state of disbelief. He tells Maria he never gave up on them and his heart just came back. Then he picks her up and carries her up to their bedroom. Maria tells him that Aidan asked her to marry him and then watched Maureen disappear while Maria appeared. She asks Edmund if he could ever forgive her for all the hurt she caused the family. He lets her know it's not her fault but she should let Aidan know it's all over. She told him that Aidan already said good-bye and that he said it to Maria knowing Maureen is truly gone. Maria takes off Aidan's engagement ring, pulls the hair clip out of her hair, and joins Edmund by the bed. She can't understand how he survived loving her, knowing she didn't remember their love. She asks him to close his eyes and forget everyone and everything but them and take her to a place that belongs only to them. After making love Edmund tells her he will fill her up with all the things she missed, with videos and stories and she won't know where her old life ended and her new life began. Edmund smiling, says, "Welcome home Maria."

Erica asks Michael who in the world let him out of jail. She tells him she can't think of any reason not to humiliate him in front of millions of people. He turns around and angrily slams her office door shut while telling her she had better find a way to stop! Michael lounges on her couch and tells her even though she thinks she has won, it's far from over. Erica tells him his late brother Alex was the golden boy and Michael is just a pretender, a wannabe. Michael threatens her by telling her she better take her win like a lady and shut up or he'll shut her up. She tells him she built her cosmetics company from the bottom, and he just cheats and steals for it. She tries to call security and yet Michael got rid of them so they are all alone. She then pitches a vase at him then tries to get past him as he grabs her arm. She gets away and runs to the other room but can't get the door closed in time. He takes his belt off and while he is trying to rape her, Kendall walks in and hits him over the head with a vase knocking him out. Erica composes herself and acts to Kendall as if nothing really happened telling her they should forget this and move on. While Kendall ties Michael up Erica asks her to call Jack. She pretends that Michael isn't even in the room. Kendall reached out to her and said "Mother it's all right you can let go, it's all right, I'm right here." Erica clings to her breaking down crying while Kendall repeats, "Mother, everything is going to be all right."

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

At a construction site, Joni and Reggie again collided over Joni's decision to tell Jack about Luis' possible involvement in Jackson's shooting. Luis showed up on the scene and threatened Joni's safety. Although Luis had been questioned by the police, he had ultimately been released without any charges being filed. Reggie managed to shoo away Joni with some angry and tough words, but she remained behind unbeknownst to either Luis or Reggie. Luis held a knife to Reggie and told him that he wanted to steal supplies from the construction site. This, said Luis, was a way for Reggie to make up for doing him wrong.

Maria and Edmund continued to bask in the afterglow of making love. As they lay in bed, Sammy and Maddie raced into the room to make sure that their mommy wasn't going anywhere. As the family laughed and enjoyed their reunion, Mia showed up. She instantly knew what had transpired, but she tried to remain strong. Maria and the kids left, allowing Edmund and Mia to talk things over. Edmund assured Mia that what he'd felt for her was genuine, but it came as little consolation to Mia. Mia blasted herself for having had a failed relationship with Jake and then again for racing into a relationship with Edmund.

Maria went to the Pine Cone Motel to let Aidan know that she planned to return to her life as Edmund's wife. Aidan remained strong as a tearful Maria told him that leaving him was a very difficult decision. As she was exiting, Maria left her engagement ring on the desk.

Later, back at Wildwind, Edmund and the children threw Maria a "Happy Birthday Times 5" party to make up for the five birthdays she's missed while she was away.

Erica and Kendall discussed what had transpired in Erica's office at Enchantment. While Kendall pressed for her mother -- whom she now referred to as "mother" -- to tell the police that Michael had tried to sexually assault her, Erica was unable to bring herself to say that she had almost been raped. Jackson showed up at the hospital and was stunned to hear Erica state that Kendall had saved her life. A furious Jackson stormed into Michael's cubicle and tried to rough up the still-unconscious businessman. Later, when Michael regained consciousness, he claimed that he hadn't harmed Erica in anyway. Instead, he asserted that both Erica and Kendall have some sort of bizarre sexual attraction to him, an attraction that turned violent when he rebuked Erica's advances. Outside in the waiting area, Kendall told her mother that she doesn't have to be strong for her benefit and assured her that she was there for her. As Derek continued to investigate exactly what was going on, another detective arrived on the scene to announce that Kendall was being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. A smug Michael exited the examination room and announced that he'd been the one who'd decided to have charges pressed against his former lover.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Maggie was packing up her dorm room when Bianca stopped by. She asked Maggie if what she'd heard was true, that the professor had accused her of cheating. Maggie said it was true and that she was being expelled. She told Bianca that she and Henry had studied for that exam and they knew everything the night before. But when the test was in front of them Henry froze. Bianca asked if Henry was the one who cheated and Maggie said he copied her answers but he really knew the material. Bianca sympathized with Maggie and said she'd have done the same thing for someone she loved. Maggie said "Goodbye school, goodbye Henry." Bianca asked if Henry was being expelled too and Maggie said no, he didn't tell the professor what really happened and she didn't think the professor would believe her. Bianca said Henry needed to suck it up and tell the truth. Bianca thought that if Professor Stevens knew the truth she'd go easier on them. Maggie said Henry won't tell the truth and hurt his mother. Bianca told her to forget the loser and tell the truth herself. Maggie said Henry wanted to do the right thing, he just was afraid of what it would do to his mother. Then she told Bianca that Henry asked her to marry him. Bianca was appalled and said Henry just wanted to buy her off. She told Maggie not to let Henry get away with it. Maggie said Professor Stevens would never believe her. Bianca wondered if someone else at the exam saw what happened and could tell. Maggie said Henry had been brainwashed since birth to be a doctor and he won't give that up. Bianca told her not to let him get away with this. Maggie said she was meeting the professor in 10 minutes and left. Bianca took out her cell phone and called Enchantment looking for her mother. Val told her she was at the hospital and Bianca rushed out.

At school Henry went into the classroom and Regina followed him. He said he wanted to come clean but Regina told him it was ok to let Maggie take the fall. Henry said she was going to get expelled . Regina said everyone cheats sometimes and they began to argue. Regina said if nobody gets hurt, what's the harm? "Do you want to throw everything away?" she asked. Regina said Maggie would never expose him and Henry said Maggie was sure no one would believe her. Regina said Henry had never had a panic attack before he met Maggie and that she wasn't good for him. She told him to stay true to himself and he agreed. Professor Stevens walked in and Regina quickly left. In the hallway Regina ran into Maggie. She started badgering Maggie about keeping quiet and Maggie asked "Why are you talking to me? We're not friends and I'm not dating Henry anymore." Regina asked if Maggie was going to let Henry off the hook, since there was no sense in both of them crashing. Maggie just looked at her and told her good luck with all of her plots. "Henry is about as interested in you as he is in telling the truth!" she said as she went into the classroom. She was startled to find both Professor Stevens and Henry inside. She said she thought the meeting was private and Professor Stevens said it was supposed to be but when she arrived she found Henry waiting for her. Then she apologized to Maggie and said that all her life people had made wrong assumptions about her and then she turned around and did the same thing to Maggie. "I'm deeply sorry," she said and then left Maggie alone with Henry. Henry told Maggie he had come forward with the truth and the professor wasn't even mad at Maggie for not telling her earlier. Maggie was almost speechless and said this wasn't at all what she expected. Henry said he couldn't live knowing what he did. He said she meant more to him than a medical degree did. Maggie said he surprised her. Henry asked, "Better late than never?" Maggie said definitely. But she said they couldn't go back to where they left off. Henry said they could try to that he loved her. Maggie said not enough to tell the truth. Henry tried to convince her but she wasn't sure. She asked what he was going to do now and he said get expelled then tell his mother. Maggie reached over and took his hand.

Liza, Mia and Simone discussed Fusions financial situation. Greenlee bounced in happily and said that phase 2 of the Sexy Man competition was in place. Liza told her Fusion's bottom line was bright red and that they've been suffering from a deficit since day one. She said she couldn't keep bleeding money into Fusion forever. Simone said the Sexy Man campaign would turn it around but Mia said they couldn't expect Liza to keep Fusion running indefinitely. Greenlee said "We need money, Carlos and I will get money!" and grabbed Carlos. He tried to protest but Greenlee insisted as she packed up some things. Liza asked if she had a plan and Greenlee said they'd be in the park if they wanted to see what was going on. She grabbed Carlos and left. Simone said she thought Fusion would be ok and went to her desk. Liza told Mia if she wanted to talk about Edmund she was there for her. Liza asked if Edmund was really back with Maria and Mia told her about walking in on the whole family in bed together. Mia said Edmund was a rebound from her relationship with Jake and now she would concentrate on Fusion. Simone came over and talked them into going to the park to see what was happening. Mia and Liza agreed and they all left.

At the park Greenlee stood on a platform selling samples of Fusion's unsmearable lipstick. Carlos handed out contest forms. A few women bought the samples then recognized Carlos from the tv commercial. They lined up to test the unsmearable lipstick by kissing Carlos. Carlos got into it and declared "If I can't smear your lip color, no one can!" Liza, Mia and Simone arrived and said he looked like he was having fun. Simone grinned and said she was getting in on this and went over to Carlos. Greenlee interrupted Simone's chance with Carlos. Carlos asked how he was doing and Greenlee said he was having too much fun. Simone and Greenlee jumped on the platform and yelled to the crowd "We know what women want and we're going to give it to you!." Simone went back to Liza and Mia and Liza said this was unlike any other cosmetic company she'd ever known. The girls watched in fascination as the crowd got bigger. Carlos got away from the kissing line and Greenlee joined him quickly. Her jealousy was starting to show through.

In the hospital lobby Michael said he had filed assault charges against Kendall. Erica said the charges were bogus. Michael said maybe he should change them to attempted murder. Kendall started yelling and said she wished she had hit him harder and got rid of him. Michael looked around and said "Sounds like a confession to me!" He said he was defenseless and told the cop to press charges. Dr. Joe came over and gave Michael his discharge papers and sent him to bookkeeping. Kendall said she wished she had killed him and Jack told her not to say that in front of anyone. He said Michael was definitely pressing charges and Erica was disgusted that he might get away with this. Jack asked about the surveillance camera in Erica's office but Erica said they couldn't use that. She said when she was in the office it was turned off. Kendall said so they only have their word against Michael's? Jack said it wouldn't work because both women had purgered themselves before. Kendall protested and said Michael had tried to rape her mother and it wasn't the first time he attacked someone. Jack asked who else and Kendall told him about Michael trying to force her. Erica said she came in and interrupted it. Derek Frye said he'd try to dig up some dirt on Michael and stepped away. Jack started to talk to Erica as Derek got a phone call. He called Jack over as Bianca came in. Michael returned and Kendall told Bianca she stopped him from forcing himself on their mother. Bianca tried to attack Michael but Kendall and Erica pulled her back. Michael said he was going to press charges and left. Jack returned and said he needed to talk to Erica alone. He told Kendall to fill Bianca in and took Erica towards an exam cubicle. Bianca stopped her and asked if she was all right. Erica said she was fine, "Thanks to your sister. I'll let her fill you in." and followed Jack into the cubicle. She arrived just in time to hear Derek tell Jack that Chris Stamp was the guy Flanders shot in the park. Erica argued that it couldn't be but Derek explained that they found Chris's body in the water where the Fidelity crashed. The DNA from the park matched Chris's. Jack asked Derek to find out anything he could and Derek left. Erica was in shock and Jack took her in his arms. She began to sob and say it was all her fault.

Outside Kendall told Bianca everything that had happened. Bianca wondered if Michael had forced himself on Lena too but Kendall told her not to waste time thinking about Lena. Bianca asked if her mother was really doing ok. Kendall said she thought so. Bianca said "Thank God you showed up when you did!." Kendall said they should leave, that Erica knew where to find them. Kendall and Bianca walked out together.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

An anxious Maria waits for her mom to arrive at Wildwind while Edmund tried calming her down. Maria told Edmund that she will tell her mom she remembers by talking about the happiest day in her life. Edmund asked her what day was that and she replied "our wedding."

When Isabella finally arrived she started asking Edmund how Maddie was doing and if she can see her. Edmund told her that she could see her but someone else needed to see her first. When they walked into the living room Isabella saw Maria wearing her wedding veil and started screaming at her telling her she wouldn't make a mockery out of Maria and Edmunds wedding by wearing that veil when she married Aidan. Edmund calmed her down and Maria told her mom that she remembered when Isabella gave her the veil, that it was passed down from her own mother and she remembered the prayer that she said before she got married. Isabella turned to look at Edmund and he said "I didn't tell her anything." She looked back at Maria and she said "I remembered on my own and I remember everything." Isabella apologized for yelling at her and said that they can forget the last months. Maria said if you are talking about Aidan I can't do that. Edmund said that no one would expect her to forget about Aidan and Isabella retorted "speak for yourself!" She said she wasn't made of stone. Maria said that she could never forget Aidan, if it weren't for him she would have left Pine Valley. Edmund also added if it weren't for Aidan they would have lost both Maria and Maddie. Isabella said "then we can be grateful from a distance." Maria didn't reply. After making phone calls to other family members about Maria gaining her memory, Maddie walked in with a picture of Maria and Edmund on their wedding day and asked if she remembered the picture. Maria said yes and Maddie placed it back on the table where it had been all the years she had been gone.

David told Leora that he'd be with her every step of the way no matter what anyone says. Anna had walked in and asked "does that include me"? Anna told David that she couldn't go through this alone and David reassured her that he wasn't going anywhere. They gathered a few of Leora's things and took her to the hospital. In the hospital room David told Leora a story as Anna watched and shortly after a nurse came in to get Leora. Anna asked if she could take Leora's blanket, the nurse was about to tell her no when Joe walked in and approved the blanket to go. The nurse wheeled Leora away as Joe told Anna that papers needed to be signed. Joe told David he would be in the OR through the whole surgery. David told Joe that if anything goes wrong he'd hold him personally responsible. When Anna returned a little later she asked if there had been any news on Leora. David said that Leora was doing well and so far everything was fine. Anna thanked David for being there, she was really scared when they came to get Leora. David told Anna he promised to call Maggie and he'd better find a phone. When he walked out of the room there was a phone but David walked passed it. David went to put on OR scrubs while Anna looked for him when he didn't return.

In the hospital chapel Erica told Jack how Chris helped her to love again and that she couldn't believe he was gone. She quickly apologized saying that she had to say this out loud. Derek arrived a few minutes later telling them that they found packed suitcases in Chris' room then handed Erica a letter saying they also found this. Derek left and Jack was going to excuse himself so that Erica could read the letter alone but she asked him to stay. She sat down and opened the letter. It started with "if you are reading this then I'm already dead." It went on to say how much he loved her and thanked her for her love. She read out loud to Jack that there was a file in the top drawer of his desk that would put Flanders away for good. Jack asked if it said anything else and she said that he loved her. Erica started blaming herself for what happened to Chris. Jack told her it wasn't her fault. He said that jealousy got the best of Chris and she told Jack it was because of what they did. She said it was her fault that he got shot and that Chris is dead. She told him that if he wanted to walk out no one would blame him. He said he knew she'd try to find some excuse not to marry him and that he wasn't going anywhere. Jack told her she had to quit blaming herself for what men do to her. Offended she said "I never said it that way" and asked why he would say it that way. Then she asked if he thought it was her fault that Michael tried raping her. Jack told her no that he didn't mean it that way. He told her that she was always blaming herself. He told her she wasn't responsible for what happened. She said that she loved him and he told her that he loved her and that he wasn't going anywhere. She said "you are too noble and I'm going to do the right thing, I'm going to leave." She walked out leaving him standing there shocked.

Kendall returned home to find Michael waiting for her inside. She told him to get out and he told her that she didn't mean that because she used to love him and that she would again. She told Michael to get out or she'd call the cops. He wouldn't move so she picked up the phone and he said "go ahead...yes officer I let myself in with the key she gave me...." Kendall told him he was trespassing. He said it would take awhile for them to get there and she may feel foolish by then for calling because she may want him to stay. He tried telling her that he wasn't attacking Erica that he was the victim. He told her that if she had arrived a few minutes earlier she would've seen that Erica was coming on to him and played the victim when she arrived. Kendall told him she knew what she saw and that he was trying to rape Erica. He said he had friends who believed him and she said yeah who. He said that Chandler got him out of jail. She asked "Adam Chandler"? He then apologized to her for saying hurtful things to her when he was in jail saying he was just mad at his dad. He told Kendall he loved her. Kendall said "oh now you love me" he continued saying that together they'd be unstoppable. Kendall leaned closer to Michael as if she was going to kiss him then asked " how desperate do you think I am"? She told him to leave again and he refused. She grabbed something heavy and told him to leave and he said please give me some time to heal from the last time. She walked to the door and opened it and told him to leave. He grabbed her arms and said "all this talk about rape Kendall, no one would believe it's rape" then tried closing the door but Aidan was there and blocked him! Aidan told him to let go of Kendall and then told him to leave. Michael said "I'm sure Kendall appreciates your gallantry but we were having a conversation." Kendall said "It's over!" Aidan told Michael that if he didn't leave then he would find out what happened to the last person who tried hurting someone he cared about. Before Michael left Kendall told him she wanted his key back. When he went to give it to her he told her that it wasn't over, she said it was then he left.

Aidan asked her what had happened. Kendall told him that Michael was there to finish what he was trying to do to Erica. Then she leaned in to Aidan while he held her. Aidan asked what she meant so Kendall told him about what happened when she went to talk to Erica. How she arrived and Michael was there and he was trying to assault Erica so she knocked him in the head with a vase so he couldn't hurt Erica. Aidan wanted to go teach Michael a lesson but Kendall told him no. She said she could take care of herself. Aidan told her that he was only a call away if she needed him. Kendall didn't want Aidan to leave and he said he wasn't going anywhere, he wanted to know if she wanted a pizza. Later after they ate Kendall told Aidan he could be Fusion's sexy man. Kendall said they should've stuck together that they had lots of fun before Maureen and Michael came along. Aidan agreed and they toasted to just having fun and no love.

Adam was sitting at the bar in the Valley Inn when he saw news coverage on Michael being in more legal hot water for attacking Erica. Adam started cursing under his breath when he saw Michael in the mirror. Michael ordered a drink and Adam said that he sees that Michael has been busy. Michael asked Adam if he still needed him. Adam said, "yes, we'll discuss it over dinner."

Friday, May 30, 2003

Opal joins Erica at a table in a bar where she toasts to the very first day of the rest of her life. Erica asks if Opal would like to join her in a glass of her father's real champagne, Opal says to Erica, "You haven't had so much as an aspirin in years and I don't think you should have a drink now." Erica admits she is just tired of the struggle. Just so tired and ready to give up. She feels she is to blame for Stamp dying and Jackson almost dying. When Opal tells her she is not to blame for any of that, including what Michael Cambias tried to do to her, well, Erica snaps right out of her pity party, cringes her face up then tries to rush off. That is when Opal tells her she must think about seeing a counselor.

Lena packs up her office at Enchantment and comes across pictures of her and Bianca. She apologizes to Boyd for all she has done and tells him that Bianca deserves better than her. Boyd tells Lena that Bianca still loves her and attempts to convince her to stay and fight. Erica enters the office and is shocked to see Lena in it. She tells Lena she can't go until she tells her exactly what she thinks of her. She excuses Boyd and tells Lena that she has no soul and that she is just as much to blame as Michael is. Lena then tells Erica that she loves Bianca and Erica hauls off and slaps her hard across the face. Erica says, "The thought of you with my daughter makes me sick." Lena asks, "Because I lied or because I am gay?" Just then Bianca enters and asks, "Yes Mom, I'd like to know the answer to that also."

Lena's mother visits Bianca to tell her that Lena is in love. She explains how she became an informant for her government in order for leniency for her husband who was in jail. "That's why Lena only knows how to survive by lying." she says. She tries to convince Bianca to forgive Lena. Bianca tells her that she hope's her and Lena has a nice life in Chicago.

David barges into the operating room and starts barking out orders. The doctors are having a difficult time getting the baby's heart to beat again, he gets extremely agitated and pushes Joe Martin aside, and tells Joe if he gets in the way of him saving his daughter than he'll kill him! Joe calls for security while David continues to struggle free to save Leora. Tad pulls him out of the OR and bumps into Anna. She asks Tad to take David out of the hospital room. David lets Tad know how he promised Leora that he would take care of her, and begs him to let him go back to Anna. Tad looks confused when David tells him he doesn't want Anna to find out alone. When David turns to find Anna with Joe Martin, just shaking and crying and even though Joe has not said a word, Anna stoops to the ground in disbelief and grief.

Kendall tells Aidan that there is nothing to stop them from ripping each other's clothes off, but that that is not enough. She is not Maureen and he is not Michael. Kendall answers the door to Maria. She enters and asks Kendall to help Aidan by loving him. Kendall says, "Like you can't?" She yells at Maria, "You make me sick! You take what you can get and then you just throw us out like garbage." Aidan enters and tells Kendall to shut up. Kendall has some strong words to Maria while Aidan defends her and tells Kendall he knew the risk of her memory coming back. She tries to get him to get angry, yell or something! He tells her that the love he has for Maureen will never be gone.



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