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Passions Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on PS
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Monday, May 26, 2003

Charlie continues to dig in the Wallace basement. Mrs. Wallace watches as Charlie digs and Precious sits and watches wearing one of the clown masks. Edna tells Charlie that even though Sheridan's last name is now Lopez-Fitzgerald she is still a Crane. They won't get away with kidnapping her. Charlie then has a vision that she and Beth share a cozy prison cell together. Charlie doesn't think that prison will be so bad.

Gwen and Ethan are surprised to hear that Beth is really pregnant. They are stunned to hear that Sheridan is supposed to plan their wedding. Gwen questions Sheridan as to whose idea it was. Gwen is sure that Beth was behind the wedding. Sheridan assures her friend that it was all Antonio. Ethan and Luis talk. Ethan asks Luis what he plans on doing. Luis says he has to tell Antonio the truth now. As he goes to tell his brother all, Sheridan gets dizzy and almost passes out. Luis is worried about the stress killing her.

Beth corners Antonio and they plot to keep after Luis until he agrees to the wedding.

Sheridan visions Luis and Beth's wedding and gets so upset she does pass out.

Kay worries that Charity's vision will let everyone know she is behind her parents' break up. Jessica questions Charity about what she saw. She explains she saw David, Grace, Sam and Ivy with Kay lurking in the background. Jessica goes to Tabitha's house to confront her sister.

TC and Miguel try to stop Sam and David from killing each other. Sam turns on Grace and tell her she ruined their marriage. He says they have nothing anymore. He tells her to go off with David. He orders her to make love to him. He says maybe it will be so great it will cure her amnesia. Grace can't believe Sam could be so hurtful.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Chad and Whitney arrive back at the recording studio. They discuss all the events that happened during the course of their day. Chad tells Whitney he is truly happy for Theresa since she is now allowed to leave the crane grounds with the baby. He and Whitney both want to see her and the baby start a new life. Chad is as baffled by Julian's unexplained change of heart as Whitney. Whitney is thankful that she and Chad are not brother and sister. She said she was just sure when she heard her mother's sad tale that they were related. Chad said he was scared for a few minutes as well. he reminds her that now they are lovers, he could not deal with finding out they were related in any way. They both are thankful it was just a silly scare. They kiss and then make love.

Eve and TC go to the Lobster Shack. Eve wants to talk to TC and tell him the whole truth about her lost baby. She is sure that the only way out is to tell TC the whole truth. TC orders them some drinks and the conversation then turns to Sam and Grace. TC tells his wife that Grace is way off base in her decision to go away with David. TC is sure that this decision is the end for the Bennett's. Eve agrees but tells her husband that Grace is sincere in wanting to save her marriage. Eve just worries about David and Ivy moving in for the kill.

Ivy is acting like a teenager getting ready for her first date. She begins to primp for Sam. Sam comes to Ivy's room on time. He tells her she looks beautiful enough to be on a magazine cover. Ivy smiles since Sam used tell her that when they were dating. Sam does honestly level with Ivy. He tells her that this is not a date. It is just two old friends having dinner together. Ivy pretends to understand but silently feels that she has won and Grace will soon be out of the picture forever.

Grace and David arrive at the former "Honeymoon" hotel. David seems surprised to hear that even though he reserved two rooms, there is only one reservation. Grace looks at David a little suspiciously. He assures Grace that it was a mix up. The hotel manager assures her it was and her honestly tries to find the couple another room. Since there are none to be had, Grace agrees to share a room with David. As the couple share a drink, David makes a serious mistake. He keeps up his pretend story of a first honeymoon. He tells Grace he wanted to buy her the beautiful painting hanging in the lounge. Grace is delighted to hear this until the waiter tells David's he must have been mistaken because this painting has only been hanging there for a few months. David covers his lie by telling Grace she was so lovely he really only had eyes for her.

Beth arrives at the cottage. Luis and Sheridan breathe a sigh of relief when Beth reluctantly goes along with their plan. She tells Antonio that she does not want to marry Luis now. Antonio is shocked and confused. He gets Beth alone and asks her what is going on. Beth sort of confesses. She says that it was all Luis' idea and she went along with it. She tells Antonio she wants nothing more than to marry his brother. Antonio tells her not to worry, he will work on Luis. Antonio does his best to get his reluctant brother to the altar. He comes right out and tells Luis that he can't have his baby born out of wedlock. Antonio then asks Beth if she loves Luis. Beth tells Antonio the truth...she does love his brother and wants to marry him. Charlie is skulking outside the cottage and hears Beth's confession of love for Luis. Charlie then realizes that Beth was stringing her along the whole time. Charlie falls to her knees and lets out a painful wail causing the occupants of the cottage stop dead in their tracks.

Julian is alone in the study listening to Eve's tape. Fox walks in and demands to know who is singing. Julian ignores him until Fox begins to fire questions about Eve Russell at him. Fox demands to know what Julian's connection is to Eve. Julian shrugs off Fox and tells him he is just imagining things. Fox asks his father if Eve's baby was born out of wedlock and if he is the father. Julian gets outraged and his voice gets deadly low. He warns Fox to keep his mouth shut and not to spread rumors about someone as upstanding as Eve Russell. He tells Fox to get the hell out of his sight. He also warns him that if he opens his mouth against Eve again, he will be disowned. Julian then tries to get in touch with Eve. He goes to the Lobster Shack to warn her that Fox is on to their secret.

Loretta, Alistair's newest sexpot assistant finds a file stuffed behind her desk. The file puzzles her. She says it is on someone named Chad Harris. It shows that his paternity test came up with two possible names. She does not understand why someone had the results faked. Alistair says the secret will never be discovered and burns the file. He then says no one will ever know that Chad Harris is his son's bastard born of a black woman. Loretta pours water over the burning file.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Everyone in the cottage hears the painful sound. Luis is not too sure that it is even human. Ethan and Gwen come to the cottage with Crane security. They say they saw an intruder. Luis is then sure it is the same woman who tried to kill Sheridan twice before. He offers to go out with security and track down the killer. Antonio volunteers to go along as well. Sheridan gets rattled when she hears that the crazy woman is right outside her home. Luis wants to go to Sheridan and comfort her. Ethan stops him and tells him it is not his place, it is his brother's.

Gwen and Beth stay to keep an eye on Sheridan. Gwen takes Sheridan into her bedroom to lie down. Beth stays in the living room to take a call from her mother.

Edna is taunting her daughter about Charlie's where-a-bouts. She tells Beth that Charlie took a knife to her wedding dress and that is the least of her worries since Charlie really wants to take a knife to her. Beth can't believe her mother sent Crazy Charlie to the cottage. She tells her mother that she just as good as killed everyone herself. Edna seems to have no remorse.

Charlie is doing her best to elude the police. She picks up a heavy branch and sees Luis alone. She almost bashes his head in, until he gets called away just in time.

Beth panics trying to think of a way out of the mess she is in.

Eve and TC are still talking at the Lobster Shack when Ivy and Sam come in. Eve gets angry and TC is in disbelief. Eve can't believe that Ivy moved in on Sam so quickly. TC gets Sam alone and asks what the hell he is doing with Ivy. Sam explains that they are just friends but it doesn't matter because his marriage is as good as over anyway.

Ivy calls David and asks him how things are progressing with Grace. David explains he is racked with guilt over what they are doing. Ivy tells David that he can get Grace is he tries. It is do or die time and orders him not to blow it.

Julian tries to leave the mansion and Fox stops him. He asks his father where he is going. Fox does not buy Julian's alibi of going to the office. He follows Julian in his car. Fox is truly confused when his father ends up at the Lobster Shack.

Fox plans on uncovering all his father's secrets.

Security corners Charlie at the South Gate and she tries to make a break for it.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Eve and Ivy face off over Ivy's manipulation of Sam. Eve tells Ivy that she is wrecking a marriage and seems to have no remorse over it. Ivy tells Eve to wake up. Grace had plenty of opportunities to get David to sign the annulment papers. Grace keeps holding things up because she has real feelings for David. Ivy says if Eve keeps her mouth shut, everyone will get what they want. Ivy can have Sam, David will get Grace and Eve will keep her secret form TC. Ivy once again threatens to expose Eve's sordid past.

Eve swallows this threat as she has done with all the others and has a little barb left for Ivy. She reminds Ivy that David is not as ruthless as she is. She explains that being forced into doing something that goes against your conscience is dangerous. Eve is sure that David will unwittingly sabotage his relationship with Grace. Eve is sure that his subconscious will take over and he will accidentally slip up.

Grace grabs David's cell phone and reads his caller ID and sees that Ivy just called. Grace demands to know why he would be talking to Ivy. David comes up with quick lie. He says that John got a hold of Ivy's phone by mistake. He then uses John to get to Grace. He says that the poor boy is pinning all his hopes on their second honeymoon. John wants to see his parents back together.

Grace accepts this explanation and the couple go off to dinner.

At dinner, David pulls out all the stops. He even pays the violinist to come to their table and tell Grace he remembers them from their first honeymoon. The violinist tells Grace that she and her husband shared and very special and very strong love. Grace smiles at David and they then begin to dance.

On the dance floor the couple gets carried away and share a very long, passionate kiss. Grace says she felt how special it was.

Whitney tells Chad that it isn't fair. She does not know how she will survive all the months that they will be apart. Chad reminds her that they do not have to be apart. He begs her to come to L.A. Whitney agrees and they seal the deal with a kiss.

Beth hears the alarm go off on the Crane grounds. She screams to her mother that Charlie will kill everyone. She also says that if she survives, Edna will pay dearly.

Beth slams down the phone. Gwen sees her and asks what has her so upset. Beth says that Precious has been drinking. Gwen thinks it is the most ridiculous thing she ever heard. Beth then says Gwen would not want to hear about Precious being a compulsive shopper. Gwen then baits Beth about being too good to be true as a friend to Sheridan and Luis. Beth tries to change the subject by asking Gwen how Sheridan is. Gwen says safe for the moment in her room.

Luis and the others find the gate has been open. Everyone is sure that the intruder has escaped. Ethan says that may not be true. The intruder could have made it look like she left only to backtrack and go after Sheridan again.

That assumption was correct. Charlie does not leave the grounds. She comes up upon Sheridan's cottage. She sees Sheridan in the bedroom window. She then blames all her problems on Sheridan. She feels Sheridan drove Beth to jealousy. Charlie thinks that Beth is being manipulated by Sheridan and calls Beth a poor victim just like she is. Charlie vows to get even.

She takes off her sock and fills it with sand from a small sandbox nearby. She swings it like a weapon. She then climbs into Sheridan's bedroom through the window. She knocks Sheridan unconscious with her homemade weapon.

Edna is sure that Beth is done for. She tells Precious that when Beth goes to jail or hell, she is out on her ear. She also tells the primate that she is keeping all the loot bought with her credit card.

Precious does not like this threat and attacks Edna.

Julian gets Eve alone on the patio of the Lobster Shack. Eve sees Julian and goes straight into his arms. She tells him she is so tired of being threatened. She calls Julian her rock and her strength. Julian then explains that Fox is hot on their trail and their secret. Julian feels that the secret is safe for now. Fox is watching and listening to the couple. He knows that they had a baby together. Fox then goes inside for a drink. He sees TC. TC asks Fox if he saw Eve. Fox can see Eve as they are speaking. She is kissing Julian passionately. TC just needs to turn around to discover them.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Ivy hits the roof when she finds Eve in Julian's arms on the patio of the Lobster Shack. She calls Eve a slut and a hypocrite. Ivy accuses the pair of carrying on an affair when Ivy was still married to Julian. Ivy even asks Eve if Whitney and Simone are TC's or Julian's.

Fox is hiding and overhears. He squints up his face saying if that is true, Whitney is his sister.

TC is closing in on Eve since Fox sent him on a wild goose chase so Eve would not be discovered with Julian.

Beth walks in Sheridan's bedroom and finds her unconscious with Charlie standing over her. Beth is relieved to find that Sheridan is not dead. Beth calms Charlie down and says that she wanting to marry Luis is all part of the plan. Beth then asks Charlie to help Sheridan up. Charlie says no. They are going to do things her way from now on.

Beth can see that there is no way to reason with Charlie. Charlie wants to kidnap her now not to wait. Beth keeps saying that it is too soon. Beth tries to talk Charlie out of taking Sheridan now. Beth begs Charlie to leave before she is discovered. Charlie says no way in hell. Beth hugs Charlie and assures her that she is not using Charlie. Beth recites her plan again and tells Charlie it is just too soon. Charlie orders Beth to kidnap Sheridan now or she will tell all to Luis. Charlie yells and Gwen comes to the door. She asks Beth if everything is alright.

Grace and David share a kiss. Grace admits that she feels something for David. She says his life is exotic and sexy and she would want to be part of it. Grace explains that she only came on the trip so she can go a head with her life with Sam and the girls. David begs Grace to come away with him. Grace even fantasizes about it.

TC finds Eve alone with Ivy. Julian hides and discovers Fox in his hiding place. TC inquires what is going on. Ivy baits Eve by saying that they were having a conversation about lost love. Ivy tells TC a story about a couple who lost a child and then were reunited. TC admits that the story sounds familiar. TC warns Ivy that she will probably get hurt He calls her Poison Ivy and tells her she will never get Sam because he loves Grace so much. TC tells Eve to stay away from Poison Ivy.

Ivy tells "Yellow Belly Julian" to come out of hiding. Ivy gets enraged when Fox pops out with Julian. She calls Fox "Yellow Belly Junior" and says he really is his father's son. Fox says he enjoys having information on his loving parents. Fox inquires to Ivy why she did not blow the whistle on Julian right now. Fox is sure his mother is hiding something too. Julian orders Fox to forget all he heard tonight. Julian says very calmly that Fox will be too busy to remember. Fox asks what he will be so busy doing. Julian turns vicious and grabs his son and says he will be too busy staying alive.

In the midst of the arguing between Beth and Charlie...Sheridan begins to come to.

Chad and Whitney make love again to celebrate her decision to go to L.A. with Chad.

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