One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on OLTL

Walker announced that Mitch was alive and planned revenge. Viki regained possession of Llanfair. Dorian found 'Heed the Messenger' spray-painted on her front door. Marcie started a job at police headquarters. Natalie set out to prove that Keri was still alive.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, May 26, 2003

Lindsay Kills Again
The Star headline proclaims Lindsay Rappaport a murderer and fugitive. Addie Cramer was seriously harmed was also left in critical condition. As Viki and Gabrielle discuss the case, Viki defends Todd, saying even he would not go this far. Gabrielle wonders if Clint and Viki would reconcile, and Viki warns her that if her insecurities continue that Gabrielle would be cause of her downfall with Bo and not Nora.

Clint has a touching moment in the airport with both his daughters and Joey, assuring them all of his love.

Blair and Dorian are frantic at the hospital as they try to find out the condition of Addie. They both reach out to her and she responds. Dorian tells Blair to convince Dr. Troy to allow them to travel with Addie for her safety, fearing that Lindsay would come back to finish the job. As Dr. Troy comforts Blair, Dorian heads to the Cramer mansion.

Antonio explains the situation to a distraught Jen and inquires about the whereabouts of her mother. A non-responsive Jen heads for the diner.

Jen witnesses a warm embrace between Natalie and Cristian.

Back in Business
Rae with her newly acquired license tries to counsel Jen - to no avail.

Carlotta Plans a Party
Cristian holds down the fort at the Angel Square Diner, he is totally overwhelmed when Carlotta arrives. Although relieved to see her, he chides her for coming back to work to soon. She tells him that she has to get ready for her god child's birthday.

Joey confides in Jessica that Jen Rappaport reported that they had slept together. Jess immediately takes his side and calls Jen a liar. He does not want to discuss the situation. Jen shows up in Joey's dreams.

Dr. Troy informs Bo and Nora, that Addie (in her sleep) had repeatedly asked Lindsay for help. As Bo questions who else could have harmed Addie, a nun tells him that Lindsay had had a visitor the night Addie was attacked, a man named Walker Flynt.

Tell Me No Secrets
Jessica attempts to confess to Antonio her role in Mitch Laurence's "death." He warns her that anything she says he would have to follow up on officially. Jen concedes and they head off to the diner.

Dorian appeals to Viki to use the Banner to combat the vicious slander that they would use against her sister. Viki assures her that the Banner will write a compassionate piece on Addie. Dorian further challenges Viki to call off the hearing on Victor Lord's will. Viki orders her out; disgusted that Dorian would try to use Addie's condition for leverage.

Three's a Crowd
As Bo and Nora discuss Walker Flynt's possible quest for revenge, in walks Gabrielle. Nora leaves to give them privacy. Gabrielle invites Bo out, but he says he has to work late, but invites her to meet him later at the diner. She leaves grateful, Nora and Bo pick up on their conversation on Walker - and in he walks.

Jessica confronts a weary Jen about Joey.

Writing on the Wall
When Dorian arrives home, she sees spray-painted on the door the words - Heed the Messenger.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Angel Square is festively buzzing with joy. The celebration is for Adriana, Carlotta's goddaughter, in honor of her Quinceanera, an old world coming-of-age party that is unfamiliar to most of the Anglos attending. Cristian explains to Natalie that it once acknowledged the age of fifteen as an acceptable stage in life for marriage. Well over fifteen herself, Nat politely nudges her intended for a wedding date. But Cris wants to wait until they are more stable financially. Gabrielle recalls her own Quinceanera in Argentina fondly. Inside the diner, Jessica reads the riot act to Jennifer for false accusations against her brother. Leaving, Jess just misses Joey who recoils in a prudent quick spin to avoid Jen. But it's too late and Jen makes another plea for possible romance between them. She even offers to drop the charges, but Joe is still too stung by the experience. Helping Carlotta carry platters back to the kitchen, Rae takes Jen aside to counsel her and gets her to admit her she lied about her encounter with Joey. Rae points out that she'll suffer no legal ramifications if she comes clean because the church council is a private entity. Outside, Jess gets her own lesson on the rituals of Quinceanera from Antonio, who continues to draw closer to her. The gallant Vega boys alternate as fill ins for Adriana's absent father by waltzing with the young girl. Antonio takes an impromptu twirl with Jess, dreamily dipping her and nuzzling her alabaster neck in a torrid tango.

Much to the astonishment of Bo and Nora, Walker "Flynn" confidently saunters into police headquarters and introduces himself as Walker Laurence. He calmly answers their questions, refutes all evidence against Mitch, and alleges that Lindsay had something to do with his brother's death. Outside Bo's office, Marci's first day on the job as police receptionist is brightened by a visit from Al, who brings her a big red Gerber daisy. She spills the news of a new anti-drug campaign about to start at the university. Al is relieved that chapter in his coming-of-age is over. He runs into his old drug dealer at the garage and crushes a pill from the pusher under his boot. He concedes that he won't rat on the guy, but hopes someone eventually will. Returning to cop headquarters and too nervous to open his report card envelope himself, Al begs Marci to read his grades. They're moderate except for one shining victory: an "A" in history. Unwilling to accept all the credit himself, he dotes on his tutor, "We did it."

Bo and Nora arrive at Angel Square together. Gabrielle is overly amorous and smothering, but Bo doesn't seem to mind. Nora warns Jess about Walker, but Jess reveals to both Nora and Antonio that he'd already paid her a visit. Gabrielle's time with Bo is cut short as the commissioner and the ADA confer over Walker's introduction to a very select few of Llanview's citizens. Flash scoots Joey out of the party to the garage where she tells him she was unsuccessful in tracking down C.J. She admits her feelings for him and they kiss. Jennifer stands at the door watching but leaves without revealing her presence.

Dorian shows Blair the blood red spray-painted message on her front door: "Heed The Messenger." Blair takes quick inventory of her children, instructing Hattie to take Jack home with her and making note that Starr is at a sleepover. "Dorian, the paint is still sticky," Blair observes. "That means whoever did this is not far away." Dorian returns to Llanfair leaving Blair to paint over the graffiti. Blair's phone rings, but no one is on the other end of the line. It rings again and it's Dorian commending Viki's article in the Banner on Addie's attack. Dorian asserts that she only made one call. Blair returns to her touch up paint. A short while later, the two Cramer women are each greeted with eerie surprises in their living rooms. The Badhra Diamond's coffin box has been moved upstairs and is covered in bloody handprints. Inside it is filled with Dorian's clothes all bloodied red. Blair is greeted with a teddy-clad mannequin tied to a dolly in similar fashion to the last time she saw Mitch. The mannequin has a huge dagger projecting from its bosom. Turning away in terror, Blair runs right into the arms of Walker standing in her foyer. Dorian has backtracked to Blair's and accuses Walker of the horrific pranks. Aghast, Walker identifies the prankster: Mitch. "He's not dead," he informs the trembling women. "I pulled him out [of the river] and I've been taking care of him. He's getting better, and not just from the fall. He's starting to see again. I think he did this and I think he tried to kill your mother." Blair is so shocked she must sit down. Walker speculates that Lindsay was the intended victim at St. Ann's, not Addie. He warns, "None of you are safe right now. You two, Lindsay, even Jessica. Mitch has turned against his own daughter."

On a secluded park bench in Angel Square, Antonio takes Jessica's hand pulling her up to dance slowly with him again. Their sways evolve into a deep, long kiss. Maintaining her yearning with her eyes, Jess suggests to Antonio they return to the party. Concealed by shrubbery nearby, Mitch watches them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Viki, Nat and Jess plan for Cris' opening at the art gallery. Viki also has plans to meet with a lawyer now that Mitch is dead. Jess divulges that she will be attending a police charity function with Antonio who arrives shortly thereafter to pick her up. Nat tells Viki that she and Jess were only whispering about Antonio previously, nothing else.

Over at the Palace, Rae agrees to attend Cris' showing though she admits she won't be able to buy anything. She doesn't have much money now that she's no longer Asa's wife. Nearby, Asa croons song after song to Nigel hoping to break the hypnotic spell that he's under. Roxy can only laugh and make fun and again offer to leak the song title for a mere million dollars. Evangeline agrees to have a drink with R.J. and confirms that she's not only interested in his business endeavor but implies that there could be more. Viki arrives and sits with Natalie and Cris and they reveal that Antonio and Jess are out on a date. Cris is more than happy that his brother seems to be getting over Keri.

Troy tries unsuccessfully to reach Blair who is acting mighty suspicious according to Starr. Dorian is quite anxious for them all to get out of Llanview quickly before Mitch can get to them. When someone knocks at the door, Dorian quickly pulls a gun from her purse and aims it. Blair manages to get her to put it away and opens the door to Walker, who inquires if they have seen Mitch. The pair still can't believe he's alive but Walker is able to prove it. He's on their side now; he can't believe the horrible things Mitch has done. He mentions that Mitch has gone "over the edge." He promises not to relate their whereabouts to his brother after they've gone and after questioning from Blair, also states that he's never heard Mitch mention Todd's name. His brother has certainly changed over the years, Walker continues. He has become their father, who they hated the most as kids. He feels badly about what happened to Blair's mother among other things and promises that he won't let Mitch hurt anyone else. The Cramer-Mannings are set to go but Blair insists on staying behind to take care of something. After Dorian leaves with the children, she goes back to a hidden Walker, where he makes a phone call.

Jen arrives to what she thinks is the empty art gallery and is surprised to find Lindsay hiding there. She begs her daughter not to call the police and swears that she did not try to kill Addie. Jen realizes that she has a fever and promises to get her help. When Antonio and Jess arrive later, the gallery is empty. After spotting a portrait of Jess, Antonio decides that he wants to buy it. They kid around and kiss. When he receives a call from Bo, Antonio tells Jess to wait. He has to meet Bo somewhere but he'll return as quickly as he can.

Jen knocks on Troy's door and reveals that Lindsay is with her, hidden under a cloak. "No way," he says. He only wants to call the police but as Lindsay begins to sink to the floor, a persuasive Jen manages to convince him to help out. He'll let her stay for one night he agrees, and has Jen go off to get her mom some medicine. He'll call the police in the morning and sighs, "Why can't I get you out of my life?" When Lindsay awakens, she begs Troy not to call the police and tells him she'd never hurt Addie. Just then, Blair knocks at the door.

"Poor Asa" is lost without Renee and Nigel, Viki explains as he orders Cris to apologize to him to get his valet job back. Rae taunts him on losing all of his employees and Roxy continues to laugh. Asa offers her full ownership of Foxy Roxy's for her help. R.J. asks Evangeline if she'd be interested in "hooking up" but clarifies that to mean his new club. She decides to go for it and wonders what she gets in return. They'd be partners, R.J. announces. He's interrupted by a phone call and it turns out to be Keri. When he mentions how she and the baby are the lights of his life, Natalie happens to overhear. Nat tells Cris about the phone call of R.J.'s that she overheard but he doesn't believe that she heard right. She insists that he was speaking like a father to a daughter.

Jess waits for Antonio, fixated on a picture of him with Keri that she finds.

Antonio shows up at Blair's but is met by Walker who is waiting for Mitch. "God help anyone who gets in his way," he says.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

When Bo questions Walker about his brother, he shows him the mannequin and informs them that Mitch is out for revenge. Concerned for Jessica's safety, Antonio rushes off to find her and informs her that her father is still alive. Walker offers to help the police find his brother, then tells Jessica that it is his fault that Mitch is after her. When Antonio takes her home, they find a portrait of Jessica vandalized and Antonio vows to protect her.

Lindsay begs Troy not to turn her in when Blair knocks on his door. As Lindsay overhears Blair telling Troy that not only is Mitch still alive, but he is responsible for what happened to Addie, she makes a noise and Troy admits that she is hiding out there. When Lindsay blames Dorian and Blair for her involvement, Troy becomes suspicious. After Blair leaves, Lindsay convinces Troy to let her stay the night at his loft, and later sneaks into his bed as he sleeps.

After Marcie agrees to go on a date with Al, Brad plants drugs in Al's dorm room when he leaves. When the campus police perform a drug raid at the dorm, they find the pills in Al's desk and arrest him. He swears to Marcie that he is drug free and is relieved when she believes him.

Although Cristian won't believe her, Natalie still believes that Keri and the baby are alive and is determined to prove it.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Nora assists Flash and her band with contract negotiations. After Nora leaves, the producer offers to set up an appointment with a specialist for Flash's voice. When Flash is given a steroid for her vocal chords, the producer is warned about long term effects, but fails to tell Flash.

When Andrew informs Joe that Jen never showed for her appointment with the Bishop, Joey insists on seeing her.

Jen calls Troy to check on her mother and is relieved to find out the police know that Lindsay wasn't responsible for the attack on Addie. Promising to protect Lindsay, Troy calls Nora for help and convinces Lindsay to trust her. At the gallery, Lindsay finds a threat from Mitch. Frightened, she grabs a letter opener off the desk, certain that Nora is there to kill her. Impressed when Joey shows up and convinces Lindsay to put the weapon down, Jen admits to Andrew that she had lied about sleeping with Joey.

When Dorian and Blair return from Savannah, Bo stops by Llanfair to question the two about their involvement at the theater the night Mitch died. After agreeing that neither would admit that Jessica was there, Dorian and Blair confess. Meanwhile, Antonio informs Viki that Mitch is still alive and Jessica tells her mother what happened at the theater. Later, at the hearing, Dorian tries to use the information to blackmail Viki into dropping her case against Dorian. Viki refuses and later shows up at Llanfair, informs Dorian that the judge overturned Victor's last will and kicks Dorian out of the house.

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