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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, May 26, 2003

At the hospital, Alison runs up to Katie looking for Mr. Goff, Dr. John Dixon's patient who disappeared from the hall outside his room while Alison was helping Katie make up his bed. Doctors Susan, Bob, and Rick Decker, arrive and hear about the aides' plight. Myrtle Scott, another patient, overhears, and tells them all that she saw "Scott" Goff walking away. Rick sweet talks Mrs. Scott into telling him what direction Mr. Goff went. Elsewhere in the hospital, while Dusty is confiding to Dr. John Dixon that he feels responsible for Paul's plane crash, intern Chris Hughes interrupts to tell John about his missing patient, and John rushes off in alarm. John irately rushes up to Bob ranting about malpractice suits, so Rick emerges from Mrs. Scott's room and misdirects John, enabling Bob to save the day by finding Mr. Goff. John returns to find Mr. Goff safely in his room, and Bob, Rick, Chris, and Alison all beaming at one another. A little later, Rick tells John that Bob and Chris went home after Bob signed Mrs. Scott's release papers. John goes into Mrs. Scott's room and finds her dead, after taking a muscle relaxant that Bob had prescribed. John declares, "This has got to stop!"

At Rose's Roller Palace, Rose is on the phone making arrangements for a memorial service for Paul while Spangler's two thugs spy on her through the glass door. The thugs decide to find out more about Rose before they return to Chicago. The thug with a beard pretends to need a haircut "for his daughter's graduation," and Rose begins telling him all her troubles, including the juicy tidbit that she is close to Lucinda Walsh. Rose insists on giving the thug a facial, and she covers his face with a warm cloth, telling him to relax and enjoy himself. Just then, Dusty arrives, and when Rose and Dusty go into another room where they vow to support each other, the thug sits up and gloats, "Oh, I'll enjoy myself, Rosie. Especially now that I know who some of your friends are." When Rose and Dusty return, they find that her "customer" has vanished, leaving a $50 bill.

In the Snyder kitchen, Jack questions Rosanna about Carly's disappearance, and Craig walks in, hearing for the first time that Carly is missing. Jack tells Rosanna that she was seen watching Carly immediately before her disappearance. Rosanna pretends to confess to Craig that she had advised Carly to leave town, and that she is afraid that Carly took her advice. She tells Craig that Carly was vindictive toward her. Craig assures Rosanna that she is the only thing that matters to him and asks her to return to Fairwinds. Rosanna asks for more time, but gives Craig a tender kiss "to tide him over." While Craig and Rosanna talk, Jack searches Rosanna's car and finds Carly's black glittery scarf in the back seat. Jack rushes into the police station to ask Margo to help him get a search warrant for Rosanna's car, then hurries back to the Snyder farm to watch the car so that Rosanna cannot destroy the evidence. Craig leaves the farm, but Rosanna has second thoughts and rushes outside after him, to find him gone. While she is outside, she glances into her car and finds Carly's scarf. The program ends with Rosanna, holding the scarf, sighing, "Thank God! Now Jack will never find it."

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

A furious Rosanna can't stop Jack from searching her car for evidence. He finds nothing, but warns Rosanna that he'll make her pay if she hurt Carly. Meanwhile, Craig assures Sierra he will stick to the deal and tolerate Aaron in Lucy's life. She urges Craig to keep working on bringing Rosanna home and leaves. Rosanna arrives, distraught that Jack is framing her. Craig promises that he will handle Jack. At the police station, Hal talks to Parker about the last time he saw Carly. Parker mentions "mushy bells." Later, Jack challenges Craig to observe the police search of Emma's house. If Jack finds the evidence he is looking for, Craig will know his wife has taken desperate measures against Carly. Meanwhile, Lucy says that Rosanna is her angel and Rosanna insists she has made mistakes no angel would ever make. When she is alone, she knows that forgiveness from Carly is out of the question. As Chris takes satisfaction in Bob finding the lost patient, Mr. Goff, John gives Bob a letter of resignation to sign. Chris flares at John, then finds Rick and learns Bob's diagnosis involves very small strokes, no permanent damage and no dementia. Bob almost signs the resignation letter but Rick and Chris stop him. Rick vows to prove that Bob did not harm his patients. John still insists that something is wrong at Memorial. Later, Chris shares his fear and frustration about Bob to Alison. Her easy appreciation of the father/son bond almost brings them to a kiss, but Chris' beeper goes off. Emily tells Susan, then Alison about Paul's death. When Alison asks Emily about having been in love with Paul long ago, she doesn't mention Chris, but he is on her mind. Later, Chris reverts to brotherly behavior towards Alison. Bob decides to continue his Chief of Staff duties without treating patients. He is determined to find out who or what caused these deaths.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Jessica tells Ben that he doesn't have to sleep on the couch or be her bodyguard anymore. She tells him that it is time to start "transitioning out of Jessica the rape victim and Jessica the gun shot victim to just Jessica." Ben says he enjoys being with her and wants her to just relax. However, she says that she wants to get back to work. Ben suggests that they take a beach vacation and Jessica agrees. After Ben leaves to go to work, Jessica calls Evelyn and says she wants to talk to her about coming back to the district attorney's office.

Dusty goes to the hospital to see John and is approached by one of Spangler's thugs who asks why Dusty hasn't left town yet. Dusty says he is still in town to see John and it has nothing to do with Rose. The thug makes a mention about a $50 tip and Dusty remembers seeing a $50 bill at the beauty palace.

Rose is going through all of Paul's things that were left at her place when Lily arrives. Lily tries to convince her to come stay with her and Holden. Rose says that Dusty will be staying in town because she asked him to. Lily is surprised but says that Rose has the right to make her own decisions. Dusty shows up and Lily says, "I guess I'll be seeing a lot of you" and walks away. Dusty asks Rose about her one client and he realizes that it was Spangler. Dusty tells Rose that he wants to protect her and gives her a hug. Just then Barbara walks in and says that she couldn't find Paul in Europe so she came to see if Rose had heard from him. Barbara becomes nasty and says to Rose, "You are disgusting." She says she can't wait to tell Paul about this affair with Dusty. Dusty says, "You're not going to tell Paul anything." Barbara continues belittling Rose and Rose, who is getting very upset, says she doesn't want to fight with her. Dusty tries to get Barbara to sit down so he can tell her about Paul but Barbara refuses. Finally, Rose says you can't find Paul. Barbara asks, "And why is that?" Rose cries out, "because Paul is dead."

Rosanna calls Craig, who is at the police station, and asks him if he was able to make Jack understand. Craig says, "I'm working on it." Jack tells Craig he has a warrant, he is going to the farm and Craig can come along. Craig tells him that when Carly comes home, he'll see that Rosanna is innocent. Meanwhile, Rosanna is very nervous and Mike comes looking for Carly. Rosanna says she doesn't know where she is because they don't get along and that Mike is "the reason we despise each other." Mike says they seemed cozy at the wedding but Rosanna says that didn't last. She says, "We will never have peace until she's gone, and she's gone." She then tells Mike that Jack thinks she killed Carly. She is convinced that Jack sent Mike there to soften her up. Mike says she isn't capable of murder but Rosanna says he is only there because he is worried about Carly. They argue and he leaves. Rosanna calls Craig again and overhears Emma talking about a scarf in the background. She leaves and Mike follows her.

Jack arrives at the farm with the search warrant, looking for the scarf that will link Carly's disappearance to Rosanna. Rosanna shows up at the farm and starts yelling at Craig, hitting him and telling him that he ruined everything. Craig tells her to stop throwing a tantrum. Then, Mike arrives and goes to ask Jack what is going on. Rosanna is still very upset and Craig says he is trying to help. He says the police won't find anything because she has nothing to hide. Rosanna just looks at him and Craig demands the truth. Just then, the police find Carly's scarf buried in the soil outside.

Bonnie goes to the shelter but she is not well liked. Isaac brings her a cup of coffee and she pretends that everything is going well. Her boss approaches her and says there has been complaints that she is "kinda pushy" and to think about doing her community service somewhere else. Isaac overhears and asks her to tell him the truth. Later, as she is putting on lipstick, she notices that Sara the young girl, who was reading a book, is watching her. She calls her over and puts lipstick on her. Sara is very shy and runs out of the room when Bonnie tells her that she looks pretty. When the director of the program asks Bonnie if she made a decision regarding her community service, Bonnie says she has decided to stay.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Spangler meets Molly at Java Underground and tells her that they have a friend in common. She asks who that would be and Spangler says, "Dusty Donovan." Molly loses her smile and says that she has never heard of him and walks away. Spangler gets a drink and follows her. He tells her that he had seen Molly with Dusty. She tells him that she was under the impression that Dusty had left town. She walks away again. Spangler smiles to himself.

Dusty and Rose break the news to Barbara that Paul is dead. At first, she won't believe it and then she breaks down. Dusty and Rose walk outside to give Barbara some time to herself. When Rose and Dusty are outside, Rose tells Dusty that after all the things that Barbara had done to her, it tore her apart to tell her the news about her son. Rose decides to call Lily and have Lily bring some close friends and family over to be with Barbara. Dusty tells Rose that he has to make a call also. Rose says, "Life goes on. Right?" She goes back into the house and Dusty takes out his cell phone and calls Spangler. Spangler tells him that it is a small world because he was just talking to his friend Molly Mc...whatever her name is. Dusty tells Spangler to stay away from his friends. Spangler orders Dusty to meet him at Java Underground.

Back inside Rose's house, she tries to console Barbara. Barbara tells Rose that she only wanted her son to love her again, but instead he died hating her. Rose tells her that her family and friends are on their way to be with her. Barbara breaks down and starts to cry again. Rose and Barbara have a heart to heart talk about Paul. Barbara can't get over the fact that Paul may have died hating her. Rose tries to console her. There is a knock at the door and Rose opens the door and Lucinda is there. Rose whispers to Lucinda that Barbara knows about Paul. Lucinda starts to leave and Rose grabs her and asks her to say something to Barbara. Lucinda walks over to Barbara and tells her how special Paul was. There is another knock at the door and Rose opens the door. Kim and Lisa are there to console Barbara. As the women are hugging, Rose says that she is going to give them some time and she is going to go for a walk. Barbara stops her. Barbara asks Rose if she thinks that Paul would have forgiven her. Rose tells Barbara that Paul had said that kids owe their parents a lot of chances, because the parents gave their kids a lot of chances in their life. Barbara asks, "He said that?" Rose says that he did when they had talked about having kids. Barbara says, "That was my boy. He was kind and generous." Then Barbara adds, "Thank you." Barbara wipes her tears away.

When Dusty gets to Java Underground, he finds Spangler. Spangler tells him that he knows that Dusty is staying in Oakdale because he has a new scam going on and Spangler demands to be in on it. Dusty tells him that he doesn't have a scam going. Spangler then tells him that he has a plan to use Rose to get to Lucinda Walsh. Dusty refuses and gets up to leave. Spangler grabs Dusty and asks him if he has seen a man with broken kneecaps. Dusty gives in and says that he will go along with the scam.

Jessica has Evelyn come over to talk about giving her a job at the D.A.'s office. Evelyn tells her that it just won't work. She explains that Jessica is too much of a public figure since the rape trial. Jessica can't believe that she is now being punished for standing up for her rights. Evelyn apologizes and leaves. After Evelyn is gone, Jessica says, "Damn it, Marshall. Is this ever going to end?"

Jack shows Rosanna the scarf that they found buried in the flower garden. Jack tells Rosanna that it belongs to Carly and he asks her what she did with her sister. Rosanna can't believe that Jack is accusing her of doing something to her sister. When Jack can't get Rosanna to answer his questions, he takes her to the police station for questioning. Jack also takes Emma's gardening tools in for testing.

At the police station, Jack questions Rosanna. He asks Rosanna when was the last time she saw Carly. Rosanna says that it was outside the police station and they did argue. She informs Jack that it is a family tradition. Jack asks if she had anymore contact after that. Rosanna says that she didn't, but she did see Carly through the window at Hal and Emily's house. She adds that she didn't go in because Carly was talking to Parker and she didn't want to fight in front of him. Jack asks if she went home. Rosanna says that she had car trouble and had to walk back to the farm. Jack asks how the scarf got buried and Rosanna tells him that it was a mistake. Margo rolls her eyes. Rosanna explains that Carly was missing and everyone was starting to blame her and she did not want to be seen as a suspect. Rosanna asks Jack if he is going to arrest her. Jack tells her that he doesn't know yet. Jack says that the only thing that is missing is what happened to Carly and he is not going to let her go until she tells him what she did to Carly. Margo takes Jack to one side and tells him that all the evidence he has so far is circumstantial and he has to let Rosanna go. Jack walks over to Rosanna and says that she is free to go. Before Rosanna can leave, Jack says that if she hurt Carly, he will make her pay. Rosanna stiffens and walks out. Jack tells an officer to put a rush on the garden tools that he brought in. Shortly after Rosanna leaves, Jack gets the results back from the lab and there is blood on the gardening tools and the blood matches Carly's blood. Jack grabs an officer and starts to the door. Margo asks where is he going and Jack says, "To arrest Rosanna Cabot."

Rosanna walks into the farmhouse and Craig is standing there with Emma. Rosanna asks why is he still there. Emma gets Rosanna a cup of coffee and leaves Craig and Rosanna alone to talk. Craig asks what happened at the police station. Rosanna says that they just kept asking her the same questions over and over. Craig asks what did she tell them and she says that she doesn't have anything to tell. She asks him if he thinks that she killed Carly. Craig asks her how can she think that. She says that Jack and Mike Kasnoff thinks she did it. Craig says that he never listens to anything that Jack says and he never listened to Mike Kasnoff. Craig tells her that he just wants his life back and she is his life. She tells him that Carly has gone away on a whim and she will return on a whim. She turns to him and says that the thing that she sees is that Carly has made a fool out of him again and she is wondering if it will ever end. As the two are talking, Jack walks in and says that Rosanna is under arrest. Craig says that he is arresting her on bogus kidnapping charges. Jack says that it is not kidnapping anymore, it is now murder. Rosanna and Craig say, "Murder?" Jack informs them that the gardening tools came back with blood on them that match Carly's blood. Rosanna is handcuffed and dragged out of the farmhouse. Craig runs out after her. He yells, "Don't be scared! I will get you some help!"

Friday, May 30, 2003

by Andy

At Emma's house, Craig gives two private investigators info to help find Carly. Molly and Mike stop by to offer their help. Molly decides to find Rose to comfort her. Mike reminds Craig of some recent events and asks him if he's sure Rosanna isn't involved. They start to argue, but Emma breaks the two boys up and refocuses them on finding Carly. Katie stops by with flyers with Carly's picture and a stated reward. She gives half the stack to Craig then she and Mike leave to go post the rest around town.

At the station, Margo tries to get Jack to think about Carly's absence in a different way. She suggests that she might be taking a break from all of the recent stress in her life, including Jack's own lack of faith in his wife's innocence. Jack explodes, "Stop treating me like a Rookie!" He knows this case is personal. Margo tries to get him to keep his perspective so he won't miss anything obvious. He says he's looked at the case ten different ways, "and everything points to Rosanna!"

At the Lakeview Lounge, Marshall and his lawyer toast his latest success while Jessica and Ben observe them in disgust from the bar. Marshall's lawyer advises him of Jessica and Ben's presence, and also warns him to stay away from them per his restraining order. Marshall straightens his jacket and tie and says that he wants to call a truce with the couple since they'll be working in the same town together. He winks at his attorney, walks over to Ben and Jess and introduces himself. He asks Jessica, "I don't want to make a scene. Jessica. Would you like me to leave?" Ben immediately reminds Marshall of the existing restraining order. He compliments Jessica on how well she's looking, which sets Ben off. They trade veiled barbs and Marshall finally leaves. Jessica tells Ben that they have to let Marshall's taunts roll off their backs. She leans in and gives Ben a kiss. Marshall spies the kiss and seethes with jealousy. Craig arrives and asks Marshall to represent his wife. He asks why, and Craig tells him he thinks she's going to be charged with murder soon. Craig says there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. Marshall accepts the case. Jessica sees that Marshall just secured another client, and her stomach turns. She decides she wants to leave. As Ben and Jessica walk out, they flaunt their happiness. Marshall wants the love Jessica is giving Ben, and Jessica wants the success that Marshall is having. Both aren't appreciating what each has.

Kim comforts Rose at her cabin. She thanks her for comforting Barbara even after all she put Rose through. "It's really a lesson to all of us." After they hug, Dusty walks in the open door. Kim leaves the two alone. Dusty plays his con record for a second time, "I'm gonna leave" Rose says she needs him to stick around, but Dusty squirms and worms his way deeper into Rose's heart. She pieces together that he's not leaving...he's running away. Dusty comes clean and tells her that the guy who gave her a $50 tip is Charlie Spangler, the guy he used to work with in Chicago. He says, "It turns out I owed him a little more than I thought I did." Rose wonders if he threatened him, but Dusty says, Charlie threatened her instead, and that's why he has to leave town. He tells the truth and says Charlie is after Lucinda's money and he wants to go through Rose to get it. Molly is outside listening to the conversation. When Rose says that she can dip into a line of credit Lucinda has established for her, Molly bursts in, stares Dusty down, and says, "Don't you dare Rose. Don't you give that lying con man a dime!" Molly tells Rose how she already bailed him out once before. Dusty sighs to himself.

Katie and Mike are out posting flyers in the middle of the night and in the middle of the woods, when Mike spies a lump in the ground. He brushes away the leaves, and asks Katie for her flashlight. She asks, "What is it?" Mike says, "A body." Later, when the police arrive, Jack is paralyzed with fear it may be his wife. Margo has the body hauled away to the coroner. Later, Margo calls Jessica and asks her if she's interested in representing Rosanna. Jessica is ecstatic about the opportunity for a new client.

Craig returns to Emma's. Lucy and Aaron stop by. Craig tells his daughter that he hired Marshall to defend Rosanna. Aaron reminds Lucy that Marshall was accused of assaulting Jessica, then Lucy scolds her father's choice of legal council. After Lucy and Aaron leave, Emma brings Craig a cup of tea and asks, "One lump Craig, or two?" He smirks.

The coroner describes the body, "Postmortem: Unknown John or Jane Doe. Body appears to be shrouded in blue plastic garbage bags and bound with duct tape. I will now remove the shroud." He cuts away at the duct tape and blue bags as Mike, Katie, Margo, Jack and the Evelyn anxiously watch.


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