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Jamal swore his allegiance to Joshua. Ian worried about controlling his urge to bite Lucy, so he left Lucy. Out of jealousy, Livvie caused Joshua to kidnap Alison. Caleb and Livvie enlisted Chris's help in order to formulate Livvie's antidote.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on PC
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Monday, May 26, 2003

At Club Elixir, as Ricky assures Joshua that Ricky plans to make the angel fall in order to secure Ricky's spot in the band, Casey suddenly shows up and confides to Ricky that she is bummed out and just needs someone to talk to. As Joshua watches Ricky and Casey approvingly, Jack arrives. Joshua blasts Jack for holding the impromptu memorial service for Alison, but Jack reminds Joshua that Jack never promised to be a "Yes, Man!" for Joshua. As Joshua agrees that Jack WAS right about the VH1 TV interview with the band, Reese arrives and happily announces that her VH1 interview was highly successful. But Reese is surprised when Jack appears to be less than thrilled about Reese's success and later reminds the songstress that VH1 is STILL mainly interested in 'Stephen Clay', rather than the band WITHOUT 'Stephen!' Reese angrily accuses Jack of throwing cold water on her moment of triumph and storms out of the club. Jack runs after Reese. Meanwhile, when Casey sadly reports to Ricky that she feels like a failure as a Guardian Angel because the forces of evil appear to have gained the upper hand in Port Charles while Casey stands helplessly by, Ricky consoles Casey by assuring the angel that she has been a great help to many of the people in town who have experienced trouble in their lives. Ricky urges Casey to realize that she can NOT save the entire world all by herself, overnight. Ricky suggests that Casey take one day off to enjoy some of the things that regular people enjoy, so that the angel can recharge her heavenly batteries. Casey reluctantly agrees. Ricky went to Joshua for permission to take the rest of the day off. But, as Joshua agrees to the time off, Joshua congratulates Ricky for his impending success in bringing Casey down. Ricky bitterly warns Joshua that it might take longer than Joshua expects to get the angel yanked back upstairs, and Joshua agrees that Ricky can have all the time it takes to be successful. At the same time, Jack catches up with Reese outside the Club and Reese blasts Jack for failing to understand how much the VH1 interview meant for her and then dousing her enthusiasm. However, Jack cautions Reese that, with Joshua involved, they need to be suspicious about ANYTHING that seems too easy! However, Reese angrily declares that she plans to look forward to the TV gig, in spite of Jack's warnings. Announcing that Jack is ruining a good thing for everyone, Reese storms away again. Meanwhile, inside the Club, after Ricky and Casey leave, Joshua takes out a picture of Alison and again bemoans the fact that Alison will NOT be there to enjoy Joshua's final victory over Caleb. Later, Jamal arrives at the Club Elixir and informs Frank that, since Frank was the one who turned Jamal into one of the Undead, Frank owes Jamal some help. But Frank just orders Jamal to leave Frank alone until Frank calls for him. When a disconsolate Jamal orders a drink, Jack brought the drink to Jamal and urges Jamal to remember that they were once very good friends. Then Jack observes that Jamal does NOT look very good and encourages Jamal to confide in Jack.

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy tries to get passionate, Ian pulls away. Lucy finally convinces Ian to let go of his fears, and they hit the sheets. After Lucy falls asleep, Ian dreams that he suggests to Lucy that, since Lucy's slayer powers are NOT returning, Lucy should allow Ian to bite her so they can both be together among the Undead. However, while Lucy is still contemplating Ian's suggestion, Ian bites Lucy! As Ian dreams that he bites Lucy, Ian wakes up with a start and stumbles out of bed. While Ian contemplates himself in the mirror, Lucy wakes up and asks Ian if he has a problem. But Ian assures Lucy that everything is fine and urges Lucy to go back to sleep.

In the Catacombs, Alison suddenly announces that she is through standing around the cave, waiting for something to happen. Alison proposes that she go outside and let Joshua know that she is alive and force a showdown with Joshua. As Rafe tries to convince Alison that showing herself to Joshua and endangering her life would NOT be a good idea, Livvie chimes in and accuses Alison of just being a self-centered drama queen. Alison retorts that Livvie is acting like a dizzy little schoolgirl when Livvie gets all worked up about who kissed whom. Alison points out that it is crazy for Livvie to think that Alison could ever have any kind of interest in Caleb ~ and then adds that, of course, Livvie's entire family is crazy! Caleb orders Alison to quit picking on Livvie. Rafe tries to convince Alison that there is no need for Alison to put her own life in danger just because Alison is upset with Caleb and Livvie. However, Alison next turns her anger on Rafe, pointing out that Alison has a problem with Rafe as well! Alison accuses Rafe of being in such a habit of fighting with Caleb that Rafe can NOT focus on the REAL problem ~ which is Joshua! Alison argues that it will be better for them all to throw in the town now than it would be to destroy each other while continuing to hide out in the Catacombs! When Caleb agrees that Alison might be right, Caleb also observes that destroying Joshua might be too big a job for Rafe. Rafe retorts that NO ONE would be in the situation they are in right now if not for Caleb! When Rafe suggests that maybe he should just rub out BOTH Caleb AND Livvie right now to eliminate a LOT of the town's problems, Caleb warns Rafe NOT to make any attempts to get rid of Livvie! Then Caleb slugs Rafe and invites Rafe to try his best to get rid of Caleb. Rafe hits Caleb back and the two of them end up in a fist fight. Livvie wants to stop the fight, but Alison urges Livvie to let Rafe and Caleb get all of the animosity out of their systems. When Rafe and Caleb have come close to knocking each other out, Alison asks if they should all head back to town now and let Joshua win. Caleb holds his hand out to Rafe. Rafe reluctantly accepts and the two of them agree to a truce.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

In the woods, beside a roaring fire, as Casey and Ricky enjoy a midnight picnic, Ricky flashes back to Joshua's assertion that, IF Ricky can succeed in getting Casey yanked back upstairs, Ricky's place in the band will finally be secure. When Ricky kisses Casey, the angel reminds Ricky that, IF they mess around, Casey will get yanked back and Ricky will be left all alone in Port Charles to deal with Joshua's gang of cutthroats. As Casey and Ricky begin to talk over old times, Ricky wistfully admits that he wishes the world could be like that again. Later, Ricky tries to teach Casey how to play the guitar and ends up singing "Hey, Sister!" to her. Later, Ricky told Casey how meeting Casey changed his life. When Ricky kisses Casey again, Ricky suddenly pulls away and reminds Casey that they can't take any more chances if they do NOT want Casey to get yanked back to Headquarters! Casey admits that it is going to be hard for her to keep her hands off of Ricky, but Ricky promises that Ricky will NOT become the reason for Casey being called back to the Here After.

At Club Elixir, Jack told Jamal point blank that Jack realizes that Jamal has been inducted into Joshua's Legion of the Damned. Jack surprises Jamal when Jack advises his friend NOT to fight his recent transformation into a creature of the night. Jamal objects to Jack's logic, but Jack points out that there are NOT enough good guys left in Port Charles to put up any kind of fight against Joshua and, that, since Joshua DOES have the upper hand, it will do Jamal no good to try to shut Joshua down by himself. When Jack offers to help Jamal steal blood from the Hospital blood bank to keep Jamal's cravings in check, Jamal turns Jack down on his offer. Then Jamal went to Frank and announces that Jamal has decided to accept his fate and that Jamal now wants to be a part of the action in Joshua's kingdom.

In the Catacombs, Alison tries to get both Caleb and Rafe to come right out and admit that they WILL be able to work together, at least until Joshua is vanquished. At the same time, Rafe flashes back to the day that Rafe found the antidote that would save Livvie, but told Livvie that there was NO antidote! Livvie excuses herself and went outside for some air. Caleb follows Livvie and Livvie whispers a reminder that Caleb said just the other day that he did NOT trust Rafe. But Caleb counsels that it will take all four of them to take Joshua down and that Caleb and Livvie NEED to cooperate with Rafe and Alison until Joshua is gone for good. Later, Rafe and Caleb try to figure out a way to infiltrate Joshua's circle of power, but Livvie continues to complain that Livvie will end up with nothing again and Caleb admits that Livvie is worried about what will happen to her with no known antidote for the poison Joshua gave to her. Caleb also 'shares' with the group that Livvie is also worried that, the longer Caleb remains a mortal, the more he will come to like it! Livvie explodes that Caleb would share her deepest fears with Rafe and Alison, and storms out of the cave. Caleb follows Livvie and tries to convince Livvie that their fight is NOT with Rafe and Alison ~ at least ~ not now! Caleb promises that he will make everything work out ~ eventually! Livvie announces that she is going for a walk but turns down Caleb's offer to join her! Later, Alison decides to go to the entrance of the cave to look for more firewood for the fire. However, as Alison gathers firewood, a flying animal attacks her and Alison calls out for Rafe to help her. But Caleb reaches Alison's side first and throws a rock at the winged creature. Caleb runs after the fleeing animal as Rafe reaches Alison's side. Rafe asks Alison if her attacker could have been a bat, but Alison admits that she can't be sure. When Caleb rounds a corner, he finds Livvie, crouching down in the bushes and hissing at him. Livvie shows Caleb a cut on her arm and blasts her lover for stopping her from getting rid of Alison for good! Caleb reminds Livvie that Alison being alive is the ONLY bargaining chip they have, so Caleb had to stop Livvie's attack on Alison. Back inside the Catacombs, Rafe confesses to Alison that he is afraid that Alison might have been attacked by one of Joshua's creatures of the night ~ who might even now be carrying word back to Joshua that Alison had been spotted! Meanwhile, in the clearing, Livvie told Caleb she STILL does not understand WHY Caleb wants to continue to handle Alison with kid gloves. Then Livvie storms away, ordering Caleb NOT to follow her. However, once she is alone, Livvie admits to herself that it is bad enough that Alison has turned the entire town of Port Charles against Livvie but, now, it appears that Alison has turned Caleb against Livvie as well. Livvie calls Joshua on her cell phone and announces that she has something to tell Joshua about Alison Barrington!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Ian continues to worry that he might give in to the temptation to bite Lucy, When Lucy arrives, she announces to Ian that she feels 100% better and believes her slayer powers might be returning. However, when Lucy tries to get Ian interested in a little passion, Ian pulls away and suddenly announces that they have company. When Ian went to the door, Rafe is there. Rafe surprises Lucy and Ian that he needs the antidote back so that Livvie can bite Caleb and restore Caleb's powers ~ soon! But Ian reminds Rafe that he should NEVER trust a vampire. Even though Rafe argues that Caleb just saved Alison's life when he didn't need to do so, Lucy and Ian remain unconvinced that Caleb has changed enough to risk allowing Caleb to regain his powers. Rafe reminds Lucy and Ian that Caleb knows Joshua better than anyone and that Caleb promised Rafe that Caleb would work with Rafe until Joshua was defeated. But Ian reminds Rafe that Caleb has NEVER kept any promise that Caleb has ever made to anyone! Ian finally admits that Ian does not even trust Ian! Rafe promises Ian and Lucy that Rafe will be able to handle Caleb once Joshua has been eradicated and Ian turns over the antidote to Rafe. After Rafe leaves, Lucy again tries to console Ian with a kiss, but Ian pulls away again. When Ian has a vision again of biting Lucy, Ian suddenly bares his fangs.

At the Catacombs, as Alison and Caleb talk, Alison suddenly wonders where Livvie has gone. As Alison recounts the many times that Livvie has tried to kill Alison, Alison suddenly guesses that the winged creature who attacked Alison was Livvie! Caleb tries to evade Alison's questions, but reluctantly admits that Alison is right. As Alison prepares to leave the cave before Livvie returns and makes another attempt to kill Alison, Caleb assures Alison that Caleb WILL be able to protect Alison, but only so long as Alison stays in the Catacombs!

Livvie arrives at Caleb's Villa and announces to Joshua that Alison is still alive and agrees to turn Alison over to Joshua in exchange for the antidote to Joshua's poison. Joshua at first pretends that there was NO antidote and that Joshua does NOT need Livvie's help, although Joshua is mildly pleased to learn that Alison is alive after all. However, when Livvie prepares to leave, Joshua changes his mind and went to retrieve the antidote from its hiding place above the fireplace. But, when Joshua threatens to pour out the antidote if Livvie double-crosses him, Joshua realizes that the vial is already empty! When Livvie exclaims that Rafe must have the antidote, Joshua learns that Livvie is jealous of Caleb's recent attention to Alison and Joshua tries to convince Livvie to lead Joshua to Alison so Livvie can get even with Alison for good. But Joshua went on to tell Livvie that he believes Livvie's jealousy makes her vile and contemptible ~ even to Joshua! Livvie begs Joshua to make more of the antidote for her, but Joshua merely threatens to stake Livvie instead, since all Joshua needed to know is that Alison is alive. Reminding Livvie that his ring will protect Joshua from Livvie's poisoned bite, Joshua informs Livvie that she will leave with nothing except a front row seat to Joshua's wedding to Alison! As Livvie runs away, she worries about how she will explain her actions to Caleb! Meanwhile, Joshua orders Frank to pick Alison up and bring Alison to the Villa. Then Joshua toasts his life-sized portrait of Alison as Joshua's bride.

Meanwhile, at the Catacombs, Caleb convinces Alison to stay at the cave until Rafe returns. Caleb tries to convince Alison to keep mum about the fact that it was Livvie who attacked Alison, but Alison reminds Caleb that they ALL promised that there would be no more secrets! As Caleb tries to explain the reasons for Livvie's actions to Alison, they hear a noise from the entrance of the cave. But, when Caleb went outside to investigate, he finds no one at the entrance. However, when Caleb returns to the interior of the cave, he discovers that Alison has vanished! Rafe returns shortly afterward and confesses that he has had the antidote all along, but withheld it! Livvie arrives while Rafe is explaining that he has the antidote. Then Rafe notices that Alison is missing and Caleb explains that Alison disappeared while Caleb was checking out a strange noise at the entrance of the cave. Rafe accuses Livvie of being the one who took Alison, but Livvie protests that she knows nothing about Alison's disappearance. In the meantime, Frank delivers Alison to Joshua at the Villa. When Alison protests being in Joshua's clutches again, Joshua brought in his newest recruit to persuade Alison to cooperate ~ Jamal! Jamal is shocked to learn that Alison is alive. And Alison is devastated when she learns that Jamal has joined Joshua's dark side!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy kisses Ian passionately, Ian's fangs suddenly come out and Lucy draws back in horror as she realizes that Ian was about to bite her. Ian explains to a devastated Lucy that he has been fighting the overwhelming urge to bite Lucy for quite a long time now. As Lucy pleads with Ian to believe that they WILL be able to overcome Ian's current problems, Ian insists that he MUST move away from Lucy to keep her safe. Ian suddenly begins gathering up his things and told Lucy that this must be the end. Ian informs Lucy that he has brought Chris and and Karen up to speed on Lucy's case and that Lucy needs to confer with them from now on about her health. As Ian prepares to leave, Lucy tries to hide Ian's jacket so Ian would have an excuse to come back, but Ian spots Lucy's maneuver and again told Lucy that saying good-bye is the only choice they have left! Before Ian leaves, Lucy and Ian assure each other of their love.

At Caleb's Villa, Alison is shocked when she realizes that Jamal has joined Joshua's misbegotten camp. Joshua explains that he felt his intended bride would find her transition into her new life easier to handle if she had a familiar face ~ such as Jamal's ~ to help Alison adjust to her new life. When Joshua and Frank leave, Alison assures Jamal that Rafe will soon find them and rescue them, but Alison is shocked when Jamal declares that he has NO interest in being rescued by Rafe! Jamal assures Alison that Jamal is with Joshua's Legions because Jamal WANTS to be there! Jamal blasts Rafe as an worthless slayer, who was so interested ONLY in rescuing Alison that Rafe left everyone else in town vulnerable to becoming Joshua's victims! Jamal announces that the Jamal that Alison knew is dead, but Alison insists that Jamal deserves a better future than to be doomed to spend eternity doing Joshua's dirty work for him. Declaring that Alison had no consideration for the grief of her friends when she pretended to be dead, Jamal suddenly bares his fangs and attacks Alison! As Alison screams, Joshua and Frank return to the main hall. When Joshua orders Jamal to back off, Jamal obediently turns Alison loose. As Frank and Jamal get ready to leave, Joshua assures Alison that he only wants her happiness and Frank assures Alison that being a member of Joshua's legion is a privilege. Alison declares that she refuses to ever be a happy camper in Joshua's twisted kingdom. Joshua summons a couple of bat girls and orders them to prepare Joshua's fiancé for paradise, and the two women drag Alison out of the main hall. When Alison calls to Jamal to help her, Jamal replies that Alison is asking the WRONG person for help!

In the Catacombs, Rafe demands that Livvie and Caleb tell him what happened to Alison, but Livvie is only interested in getting her hands on the antidote that Rafe is holding. Rafe announces that he has changed his mind about handing the antidote over to Livvie until Rafe learns what happened to Alison. Caleb again explains that Alison just disappeared into thin air when Caleb went outside to check on a suspicious noise at the entrance. Rafe finds Caleb's story hard to believe, but Caleb points out that, since Rafe is the one holding the antidote, it would NOT be in Caleb's best interests to have Rafe angry with Caleb. As Rafe and Caleb argue, Livvie flashes back to her meeting with Joshua. When Livvie declares that she KNOWS that Caleb had NOTHING to do with Alison being gone, Rafe suddenly suspects Livvie and angrily demands that Livvie tell Rafe whether or not Livvie turned Alison over to Joshua. As Rafe demands answers, Livvie finally admits that she went to Joshua to try to get the antidote and alibis that Joshua tricked Livvie into admitting that Alison was really alive. Livvie angrily points out that she would have NEVER gone to Joshua to plead for the antidote if Rafe had given her the antidote in the beginning, the way Rafe had promised that he would! Rafe suddenly decides that he MUST get to Alison right away, but Caleb argues that if Rafe would only give the antidote to Livvie so Livvie could restore Caleb's powers, Caleb would be able to go with Rafe and, between the two of them, they could make short work of Joshua AND Joshua's entire Army of Undead Underlings! But Rafe refuses to have anything more to do with any kind of help from Caleb! Caleb warns Rafe that Rafe is setting himself up for certain defeat by trying to take Joshua on alone. But, when Caleb promises that IF Rafe will help Caleb and Livvie, then Caleb and Livvie will help Rafe in return, Rafe again declares that he believes NOTHING Caleb has to say! Livvie begins to circle Rafe menacingly and demands the antidote. Rafe told Livvie that he will think about it ~ once he has Alison back! As Rafe begins to leave to search for Alison, Caleb blocks Rafe's way and informs Rafe that it is not likely that Joshua would have turned Alison yet. As Caleb tries to convince Rafe again to let Caleb help him, Rafe pushes past Caleb but Livvie suddenly grabs at the vial of antidote in Rafe's hand! As the three of them struggle for the antidote, Rafe drops the vial, then steps on the vial. As Livvie scrambles to gather up the crushed pieces of the vial, Rafe runs out of the cave! Caleb sadly informs Livvie that it is too late to save any of the antidote and accuses Livvie of ruining everything by going to Joshua behind Caleb's back. Caleb told Livvie that she just threw away their only chance to be together, just because Livvie still hates Alison! Livvie accuses Caleb of being foolish to always make excuses for Alison. But Caleb told Livvie that he believes that she does not have a clue about the damage she has done with her little jealous fit. At the same time, Rafe arrives at Caleb's Villa, searching frantically for Alison. But Rafe realizes with a sinking heart that the Villa has the eerie air of a building that has been abandoned! Meanwhile, Joshua, Alison and the two bat girls arrive at a Victorian mansion which is destined to become Joshua's new headquarters. When Joshua assures Alison that the love they will eventually share will last for eternity, Alison protests that the love she has is for Rafe and Rafe alone. Alison declares that Joshua will have to drag Alison down the aisle, kicking and screaming, but Joshua remains confident that Alison will soon change her tune.

Friday, May 30, 2003

In the Catacombs, Livvie is shocked when she realizes that Caleb is angry with her because she tried to make a deal with Joshua on her own. Caleb accuses Livvie of trying to make a solo deal with Joshua for no other reason than to get rid of Alison. Livvie accuses Caleb of becoming too much like a mortal. Livvie reminds Caleb that there was a time when Caleb would have believed that ANY ONE, even Alison, was expendable, if they stood in the way of Caleb and Livvie being together. Caleb begins to kiss Livvie and they hit the sheets. Afterward, Livvie is thrilled when Caleb admits that Livvie was right and they should never have tried to cooperate with Rafe. Caleb picks up the pieces of the broken vial and told Livvie that, if there is ANY trace of the antidote left on the vial, it could all be analyzed and duplicated! When Livvie asks who in their right minds would help Caleb and Livvie, Caleb suggests that Caleb might know someone. Later, at the Hospital, CHRIS is nervous when the lights suddenly go out. As Chris calls for someone to fix the lights, he is surprised when Caleb and Livvie suddenly show up. Caleb announces that it is Chris's lucky night, because Chris is going to get the chance to do Livvie and Caleb a favor!

At Club Elixir, Rafe bursts in and demands that the band members tell him where he can find Joshua. Jack, Reese, Ricky, Casey and Caz all try to convince Rafe that Joshua does NOT check in with any of them! Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Kevin meet outside and Kevin announces that he is going inside to get more of his medication. Casey tries to convince Rafe that none of the people he is attacking would know where to find Joshua! After Kevin and Elizabeth enter, Kevin is stunned when Rafe suddenly blurts out that Alison was NOT dead, that it was a ruse to keep Alison out of Joshua's clutches, but the fiend has managed to capture Alison in spite of the ruse. Kevin is even more stunned when he realizes that Elizabeth already knew the truth! Pulling out a stake, Rafe threatens to kill the nearest vampire unless Rafe learns right away where Joshua has taken Alison! When Frank suddenly arrives, Rafe went after Frank, demanding answers. But, when Jack tries to get Rafe to leave Frank alone, Frank suddenly pulls a knife and holds the knife to Rafe's throat. However, Jack saves Rafe's life when he points out to Frank that Frank COULD end up in trouble with Joshua if Frank kills Rafe BEFORE Joshua gives the word! Ricky and Casey take advantage of the distraction to hustle Rafe outside, while Frank blasts Jack for interfering. When Frank went outside, he spots Rafe's stake, tossed by the curb, with blood on it. Inside, Kevin blasts Elizabeth for allowing Kevin to believe that Livvie had murdered Alison, especially when everyone in town wanted to string Livvie up for Alison's death! Elizabeth protests that she only just learned that Alison was alive and asks Kevin to go with Elizabeth to rescue Alison from Joshua. But Kevin refuses and Elizabeth storms out. When Frank returns to the Club, Frank blasts Jack for saving Rafe and warns Jack that Jack's days are numbered! Meanwhile, Casey and Ricky try to convince Rafe that there IS another way to handle Joshua and Rafe suddenly begs Casey to tell the former angel what insight Casey has about Alison's situation. But Casey admits that she has no special insight into Alison's predicament. As Rafe walks away, he collapses and Casey and Ricky rush to assist him. At the same time, Frank went to Joshua to complain about Jack, but discovers that Jack has already made a report to Joshua. Joshua told Frank that BOTH Frank AND Jack are a part of Joshua's plan for the time being, and Frank should learn to accept it.

In Joshua's new headquarters, Joshua becomes angry when Alison suddenly seems to believe that Joshua is Rafe! Joshua orders Alison's guards to get out and angrily accuses Alison of putting on an act. But Alison blissfully keeps talking to Joshua as if he were Rafe. Alison acts as if she believes a red rose is pink and ends up in Joshua's arms, remembering past highlights of her life with Rafe. Joshua orders Alison to drop the act, but Alison tries to entice 'Rafe' to make love to her right away. But Joshua pushes Alison away and storms out of the room. Joshua summons Jamal and confides to Jamal that Alison must WANT to marry Joshua before Joshua can go through with the wedding ceremony! Joshua orders Jamal to talk Alison into admitting that Alison is merely pretending that she has gone off her rocker. When Jamal arrives, he told Alison she can drop the act, but Alison begins to call Jamal by Rafe's name as well! Jamal told Alison that he wants to help her escape, but Alison smilingly assures Jamal that she has nothing to escape from! As Jamal turns to leave, Alison suddenly calls Jamal by his name and asks him NOT to go yet!!

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