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Passions Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on PS
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Monday, May 19, 2003

Charlie continued to dig in the Wallace basement. Mrs. Wallace watched as Charlie dug, and Precious sat and watched wearing one of the clown masks. Edna told Charlie that even though Sheridan's last name was Lopez-Fitzgerald, she was still a Crane. They wouldn't get away with kidnapping her. Charlie then had a vision that she and Beth shared a cozy prison cell together. Charlie didn't think that prison would be so bad.

Gwen and Ethan were surprised to hear that Beth was really pregnant. They were stunned to hear that Sheridan was supposed to plan their wedding. Gwen questioned Sheridan as to whose idea it had been. Gwen was sure that Beth was behind the wedding. Sheridan assured her friend that it was all Antonio.

Ethan and Luis talked. Ethan asked Luis what he planned on doing. Luis said he had to tell Antonio the truth. As he went to tell his brother all, Sheridan got dizzy and almost passed out. Luis was worried about the stress killing her.

Beth cornered Antonio, and they plotted to keep after Luis until he agreed to the wedding.

Sheridan envisioned Luis and Beth's wedding and got so upset that she did pass out.

Kay worried that Charity's vision would let everyone know she was behind her parents' breakup. Jessica questioned Charity about what she had seen. She explained she had seen David, Grace, Sam, and Ivy, with Kay lurking in the background. Jessica went to Tabitha's house to confront her sister.

T.C. and Miguel tried to stop Sam and David from killing each other. Sam turned on Grace and told her she had ruined their marriage. He said they had nothing anymore. He told her to go off with David. He ordered her to make love to him. He said maybe it would be so great, it would cure her amnesia. Grace couldn't believe Sam could be so hurtful.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Jessica accused Kay of ruining their parent's marriage. She kept asking Charity what part she had seen Kay playing in the vision she'd had. Kay panicked. Tabitha told her to stay cool and not to worry.

Miguel asked Charity exactly what she had seen. Charity said it was not Kay's fault that there were problems in the Bennett home. It was her fault. Charity blamed all the problems on herself. She stated that Sam and Grace had had a good marriage until she'd happened along. She said Kay was estranged from her mother, and she had also interfered in the friendship between Kay and Miguel.

Charity said she would leave Harmony forever. Miguel begged her to stay. Then he said it wouldn't matter; he would follow her wherever she went. Tabitha ordered Kay to do something, or she would lose Miguel forever. If the couple got together, Tabitha and the evil forces would also be destroyed.

Beth and Antonio kept plotting to get Luis to the altar. Everyone worried over Sheridan. Antonio called Eve and was ordered to keep her calm. She warned Luis to help stop Sheridan from becoming stressed.

Everyone started to leave the hospital room. Gwen lagged behind to talk to Beth. She was still convinced that Beth was hiding something. She tried to touch Beth's pregnant belly. Beth backed away, trying to protect her sack of sugar from being discovered. Gwen got even more suspicious. She asked Beth why no one could touch her belly.

Beth said she was just not used to it and abruptly left.

Grace heard from Eve that Sheridan was having problems with her pregnancy. She told everyone she remembered how worried Sam had been when she had been pregnant. She began to soften toward Sam. Ivy ordered David to stop it. David stood up and announced he had been worried when Grace had been carrying John. He wished she remembered. Sam could see that David was deliberately undermining him. He attacked David again.

Everyone was ordered to cool off. Grace went with Eve into the kitchen. Eve confessed that she had kissed Julian that day. Eve then got upset when Grace asked if she wanted the old Julian back. Eve turned on her friend and told her not to worry about her and Julian when she was trying to sneak off with David. She accused Grace of wanting to try something different from Sam. Grace was hurt.

T.C. begged Sam not to keep going after David and to concentrate on winning Grace back. Sam told T.C. that Grace wanted to go away with David. He didn't know what to do anymore. T.C. agreed how it had to hurt. He told Sam that for a little while that day, he had thought Eve had been with some other man before him. He said the thought made him want to kill.

John tended to his father's battle wounds. He kept urging his father to fight for Grace. He told David that Grace did love him. He also did not want to see Grace spend the rest of her life with a hothead like Sam Bennett. He wanted his father to fight for Grace and take her away.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Sheridan tearfully told Luis that they would never be together. She was sure they were destined to spend the rest of their lives apart. Luis said he would never accept that. Sheridan pointed out all the near misses and problems they'd have had in their relationship. Sheridan told Luis she might be pregnant with his child, but Beth was definitely pregnant with his baby.

Sheridan called it fate that she and Luis were not meant to be together. She asked him to accept their fate. She tried to stop crying when she saw Antonio approaching. Antonio asked Luis to take Sheridan back to the cottage while he waited around for Sheridan's medication.

Beth and Antonio plotted to get Luis to the altar. Mrs. Wallace called Beth on her cell phone and asked her what the heck "Charlie Horse" was doing. She threatened to call Luis and show him the pit Charlie had dug and the clown masks. That got Beth home.

Beth told Antonio to keep trying with Luis. Beth arrived home with the chains she planned on using when she kidnapped Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace couldn't believe that Antonio had asked Sheridan to plan the wedding. Edna called her daughter wicked.

Eve and Grace continued to hash out their differences in their relationships with their husbands and their "other men." Eve told Grace that she could have just had David sign the annulment papers, but she had chosen to go away with him instead. Eve also reminded Grace that the vision that she'd had about David had only involved sex. Eve asked Grace if she wanted to go away with David so they could make love. She called Grace's so-called trip a rationalization.

Eve told Grace she was looking for a moral loophole. Grace wanted to sleep with David, and it was all right because Grace thought she was married to David and that he was really her husband. Grace questioned why Eve kept saying Grace thought David was her husband. She asked Eve if she knew something. Eve denied knowing anything.

Kay had an attack of conscience. She couldn't stand to see her father in so much pain. She wanted her child to love and respect her and not to treat her as horribly as she was treating her own parents. Tabitha told Kay that Grace would work as hard as she could to get Charity and Miguel to stay together. Tabitha tried to work on Kay's anger toward Grace. Kay said she remembered when her mother and she had shared good times.

Sam told T.C. that his marriage was over. He looked at Grace's overgrown garden. He noticed that it was choked with weeds and looked very neglected. He said the same was true of his marriage.

Ivy did her best to get David to continue to aggressively pursue Grace.

Kay saw how sad her father looked and said she had to tell him the truth right away. Grace told Eve that she was pipe dreaming. She wished someone would walk through the kitchen door and solve all her problems with Ivy and David. Kay turned the doorknob.

Antonio got a guilt-stricken Sheridan to agree to plan Luis and Beth's wedding and to do her best to try to get Luis to marry Beth soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

David got ready to take off with Grace, and John wished him luck. Grace hoped someone would help her and Sam find a way to work things out. Kay showed up to expose the truth but bristled when Grace unintentionally insulted her. Kay told a shocked Ivy she wanted to inform her parents about the plot to break them up.

Julian continued to reflect on his past. Rebecca tried to make wedding plans, but Julian's mind remained elsewhere.

Fox tried to cause trouble for Whitney and Chad. Fox acted fast when Chad confided he was going to propose to Whitney right away. Theresa worried about losing Little Ethan.

Beth had to think fast when Luis found Charlie digging up the basement. Mrs. Wallace celebrated when she thought the jig was up. Beth was upset when Luis asked her to go to Antonio and tell him she wanted to call off the wedding.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Charlie heard Beth bragging to her mother that she would marry Luis. Charlie got furious and saw through Beth's plan. She told Beth that she was just playing her for a fool and making her do the dirty work in getting rid of Sheridan. Charlie tried to strangle Beth. Edna yelled to her daughter to run, but Charlie grabbed Beth and put her hands around her neck.

Beth talked her way out of it. She told Charlie that in order to get total revenge on Sheridan, she wanted Sheridan to know that someone else had gotten her man before they killed her. Beth said that marrying Luis was all part of the master plan.

Charlie bought it for the time being. Mrs. Wallace had to hand it to her daughter for being slick enough to fool Charlie. Beth told Charlie that their plans for a loving future together would work out. They would win, and the "blonde" would lose. Charlie was happy to hear Beth's story and went ahead with digging the pit for Sheridan's prison.

Edna told her daughter that she had only bought herself some time because Charlie would kill her when she did marry Luis. Beth told her mother that she would blame the whole thing on Mrs. Wallace, so Charlie would kill her instead. Beth said then all her problems would be solved.

Antonio went full steam ahead with Luis and Beth's wedding plans. Sheridan tried not to let on how much she was hurting. Luis assured Sheridan that he had talked with Beth, and she had promised to stall Antonio and put off the wedding until Sheridan and Luis could find a way to be together.

Luis was sure that Beth would help them out, since she had always been such a good friend.

Julian walked in on Whitney, Chad, Fox, Theresa, and Little Ethan swimming on the estate. Julian went up to Theresa and begged her to let him have some time with Little Ethan. Theresa got mean and defensive. She said she would never let Julian anywhere near the baby. She accused Julian of keeping her and the baby virtually prisoners on the Crane estate.

Julian thought back to Eve losing their baby. He took pity on Theresa and said she and the baby were free to go. Theresa and Fox both wondered what Julian was up to. Whitney told them that Julian was doing that kind deed because of her mother. She thought it was because her story of how she had lost her own son had touched him in some way. Theresa looked at Julian and said that if he was sincere, she was truly grateful.

Sam gave Grace an ultimatum. If she left with David, they were finished forever. Grace told Sam she wished that he would understand. With tears in her eyes, Grace left the house with David. Ivy sat in her wheelchair and smirked. Eve warned Ivy to leave Sam alone. Ivy looked at her and replied, "Fat chance."

Eve told Sam that she knew in Grace's heart she felt it was the best for their marriage. Jessica told John she had no hard feelings toward him. She did know that one of their fathers would end up hurt and disappointed.

Charlie walked up from the basement and saw Beth's wedding gown. His insecurities about Beth bubbled to the surface, and she ripped apart Beth's wedding gown. Edna walked in and asked Charlie what she was doing. Charlie asked Edna where Beth was. Edna was only too happy to tell Charlie that Beth was at Sheridan's cottage to be with Luis. Edna even offered to draw Charlie a map.

Charlie rushed off to Sheridan's with murder in her eyes.

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