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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on GL
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Monday, May 12, 2003

Mr. O'Neill (Richard's look-a-like) was looking for Cassie but Edmund intercepted him and told him Cassie was out for the day. O'Neill left a message with the desk clerk for Cassie but when his shift was over, he took the message to Edmund to see that he got it to her. Edmund ripped up the message. He then enlisted Col. Dax's help in looking into Jeffrey O'Neill's background and told him to check out a picture of him and he'll know why he's asking this of him.

Cassie went to lunch with Reva and told her she needed space away from Edmund. She told Reva she was feeling drawn toward Edmund. Reva was shocked and for once, at a loss for words when Cassie told her they kissed! As Cassie and Reva where talking, she accidentally called Edmund "Richard" and came to the conclusion that she was confusing her feelings for Richard with having feelings for Edmund. She decided that she misses Richard so much she's clinging to the person that was closest to him and isn't really falling for Edmund. She went back to the Beacon and told Edmund that the Gala had stirred up emotions in her and she had not been herself but that she's ok now. Edmund asked her if she would go to San Cristobel with him to pick out a building site and although Cassie seemed uncomfortable with it, she agreed.

Alex went to Phillips to try to keep him away from the mansion but it was too late. When Alexandra told Olivia that Alan was back and had a strange idea that Alex had drugged him, Olivia could tell by the look on her face that she really did do it. Alex blamed Olivia for all of the Spaulding family problems because she was sleeping with both father and son. Olivia didn't put up with her attitude and threw her out of the house slamming the door in her face. At the mansion, Phillip was in total shock at the allegations Alan was making that Phillip was collaborating with Alexandra to take over the company by drugging him. Alan handed Phillip a resignation (for Phillip) and told him to sign it. He told Phillip to step aside and make way for his first -- and biological -- son, Gus Aitoro, who understood the meaning of the word "loyalty." He accused Phillip of already knowing and trying to keep the information from him about Gus being his son. Phillip said he doesn't know if Alexandra drugged him or not but he definitely has lost his mind and that it would take a TEAM of lawyers to get him out of the company and refused to sign the paper.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Alan is surprised to learn Gus and Harley are angry with him. They accuse Alan of betraying them by protecting Alexandra when she could have been carted off to jail. Gus feels that it is the same old MO for the Spauldings and is ashamed that he helped Alan. Alan tries to make Gus see that he wants him as his designated heir, but Gus declares that he's not interested. Later, Frank learns that Gus and Harley hid Alan in Harley's house. Furious, he tells Gus he's not inclined to reinstate him on the force. Gus blames Alan and kicks him out, but Alan has his own agenda. Pulling strings with the mayor, Alan orders that Gus be reinstated, without his knowing that Alan had any part in the favor. Reva is stunned to see that Alan's return has made the news, but that Alexandra's subsequent arrest has not. She goes to question Alan, but gets an earful from Alexandra instead. Alexandra admits to making the stalking of Reva appear to be Alan's doing, but isn't apologetic about it. Reva is in disbelief, but Alexandra is focused on her own problems, namely, that she's being booted from the Spaulding house. Meanwhile, Josh suggests to Shayne they not tell Reva that there will be an agent at Shayne's game the next day. Shayne is hesitant about keeping secrets from his mom. Marina and Ben are joking about what to do for her birthday when Frank comes upon them and gives Ben unholy grief for giving his daughter a car. Frank orders Ben to steer clear of Marina. Marina is outraged and plans to retaliate by sleeping with Ben on her 18th birthday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Harley told Gus she gives him a lot of credit for standing up to Alan the way he did and for not letting Alan's promises of money or power influence him, but Gus maintained that he's his own person and that all he and Alan share is biology. Gus also stressed that he doesn't want any help from Alan. Frank was summoned to the mayor's office, where the mayor pressured Frank to reinstate Gus to the force. Although the mayor said he was voicing sentiments on behalf of a concerned citizen, Frank saw through the smokescreen and realized it was Alan Spaulding who was putting on the pressure. Frank was caught off guard when the mayor introduced him to Jeffrey O'Neal, the new D.A., who the mayor explained just recently transferred from the Manhattan D.A.'s office. Still puzzled by Jeffrey's resemblance to Richard Winslow, Frank begrudgingly agreed to reinstate Gus back to the force. After Frank left, the mayor asked Jeffrey to join him and a few others out on the golf course, but Jeffrey turned him down, saying there are a stack of cases to take care of, then he asked the mayor some questions about Edmund Winslow, saying he smells a rat where Edmund's concerned. Frank later arrived at Harley and Gus' place, where he stoically informed Gus that he's been reinstated to the force. When Gus questioned how this all occurred so fast, Frank simply said that "higher-ups" decided it. As Gus and Harley were ecstatic at the news, Frank informed Gus that there's one condition on his return to the police force: that Gus and Harley can no longer be partners. They were astounded and angry at Frank, who told them that he can't have two of his police officers letting their hearts steer them instead of their heads. Harley stunned both Frank and Gus by announcing she's quitting! Later, after they were alone, Gus asked Harley if she made the decision in spite of Frank, but Harley told him that after her recent brush with death and seeing Nadine again, she realized what's important in life and wants to spend more quality time with her kids and Gus. Gus again asked her if she's making the right decision, and she told him her decision "feels right."

At "Company", Marina told Tammy that she's planning to make love with Ben for the very first time on her upcoming 18th birthday. Shayne arrived, pumped-up in anticipation over the baseball game later in the day where the pro-baseball scout will be in attendance. As Tammy and Shayne sat and talked, Buzz tried to get Marina to think of Shayne in romantic terms, but she saw through his ploy. Marina was irritated to see Frank arrive. Frank spoke to Buzz and asked if he thought Frank was becoming too mean-spirited, and Buzz told him to open his heart and not close it off to the two most important women in his life (Marina and Harley).

Just before she and Edmund were to depart for St.Cristobel, Cassie told Edmund she couldn't go, explaining that St. Cristobel held a special place in her heart along with all her memories of Richard and that it would be too painful to return there. Edmund accepted this, but told Cassie that he has to return there for his own sake, in order to put some demons to rest so that he could move forward with his life. After hearing Edmund's words, Cassie suddenly agreed to go after all. Cassie called Tammy to let her know that she's going to St. Cristobel---with Edmund---and Tammy was less than enthused, warning Cassie that although Edmund's made great strides lately, he's STILL Edmund and that she should be careful. Meanwhile, Jeffrey walked into the Beacon and ran into Edmund, who kept looking over Jeffrey's shoulder for any sign of Cassie. Edmund mentioned he wanted to schedule a meeting with Jeffrey to discuss extradition laws between St. Cristobel and the U.S., and Jeffrey let it be known that he's aware that extradition was a fate that Edmund faced not too long ago. Suddenly aware that Jeffrey's done his research, Edmund told him not to believe everything he's heard about him, whereas Jeffrey told Edmund TO believe everything he's heard about HIM. Later, Edmund and Cassie departed for St. Cristobel. When Cassie let herself into her room and looked about the place, she opened a door and was shocked to discover that she and Edmund have adjoining suites!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

As Marina and Tammy were talking outside of "Company", Lizzie arrived. Marina told her off for ratting to Frank about the new car Ben gave her, but Lizzie insisted she didn't rat-out Marina on purpose, that she'd made a "slip." Offering to rectify the matter, Lizzie suggested they all go out to the impound lot and drive the car away. Against Tammy's better judgment, she tagged along with them. At the impound lot, Lizzie suggested Tammy boost Marina over the fence into the lot, and also directed Marina to drive her car away and stash it behind a garage on Spaulding property. As Lizzie kept watch, a cop came around and asked why she was there, but Lizzie lied, saying her name was Marah Lewis and that her car had broken down. As this was happening, the cop noticed Marina driving off with the car and he radioed for back-up, not allowing Lizzie to take off, either. Meanwhile, at "Company", Harley attempted to break the ice with Frank, but he blasted her for her decision to quit the force and remain with Gus, whereas Harley needled Frank for letting his new promotion alter his judgment and his attitude. When Harley asked Frank why he reinstated Gus, Frank told her he didn't---that he was pressured into it. At that time, Frank received a call from a cop at the police station, who told him about Marina and 2 of her friends being taken down to lock-up. While the girls cooled their heels in jail, Marina was tense about Frank finding out, and Tammy was worried what her mother would think, but Lizzie wasn't worrying at all. She told the two that the situation would easily be "fixed" and that it was a plus that Marina's dad was the chief. Frank and Harley arrived and an angry and disappointed Frank pretended not to know who Marina or the girls were and walked away. Later, he directed a cop to give the girls a few more minutes to sweat things out and let them go.

Josh, Reva and Shayne all went to "Company", buoyed by the successful ballgame Shayne just played. As they were enjoying themselves, an agent approached them and began to spout off ideas on how he could manage Shayne's baseball career and bring him great success. Reva, annoyed by the man, said that the family was going home, but she was irritated when Josh invited the man back to their house. Later, the agent told Reva and Josh how Shayne would do best to go to a baseball camp in Florida immediately, and Reva was angered to learn that it would mean Shayne wouldn't be able to finish high-school. After hearing more ideas from the pushy agent, Reva threw him out of the house, but Josh followed him outside. Josh was surprised when the agent showed him a contract that he'd already drawn-up with Shayne's name on it. The contract needed both parents' signatures on it, and Josh, floored by the agent's suggestion that Josh forge Reva's signature on the document, ripped up the contract and told the man to leave. When Josh saw Reva, he recounted what happened and told her she was right about the agent.

In St. Cristobel, after getting off the phone with Alonzo, Edmund told Cassie that Alonzo had a sudden council meeting to attend and couldn't meet with them to discuss a site for Richard's memorial library. Edmund suggested he and Cassie rent a motorcycle and travel the beautiful countryside to choose a site for the library, and Cassie wholeheartedly agreed. Later, after they returned to the hotel and settled back into their rooms for the night, there was a power outage and their phones weren't working either. Through their adjoining door, Edmund offered to give Cassie a lighted candle, but Cassie turned him down and started to settle into bed, but when she threw the covers aside, she was startled to see an Iguana there! Responding to her cries, Edmund entered her room and got rid of the reptile for her. Telling him she didn't think she'd be able to sleep, Edmund offered to sit up and talk with her for a while. After much talk, Cassie told him how much she loved Richard, yet she didn't want to spend the rest of her life alone, either. Looking at her, Edmund softly told Cassie that she was a young, vibrant beautiful woman and that she'd known great love, and that she has every right to know it again---if that's what she wants. Staring over at Edmund, Cassie quietly told him that she DOES.

Friday, May 16, 2003

The Mayor told Jeffrey O'Neill that he didn't like his looks. He needed to clean up his appearance and told him he would prefer him to wear a suit and be clean-shaven. Jeffrey was not happy about it but agreed and shaved his beard off.

Frank wouldn't let the girls (Tammy, Marina, Lizzie) out of jail because he wanted to teach Marina a lesson. Harley was frustrated with him and tried to make him see that he was being too harsh but he wouldn't budge. As they were arguing about Frank's close-mindedness, Frank professed that Alan pulled strings with the Mayor and that's why he reinstated Gus. Frank then got a call from Jeffrey who said he knew what the girls had done and was pressing charges. Since Frank was so head strong in making Marina pay for her deeds, the girls were stuck in jail for the night and Frank had to go to Company to get bail money.

Edmund had his body pressed on top of Cassie's and they were passionately kissing when Frank called! Cassie jumped up and started packing. Edmund refused to let her go alone and went with her. When they got back to Springfield, Cassie was furious that Frank had let it go this far and that Tammy had to spend the night in jail. Edmund went to see the Mayor and told him his new D.A. screwed up and he needed to send him back to Chicago.

Tammy, Lizzie, and Marina were bitter. They felt that they were getting back something that belonged to Marina. When Cassie asked Tammy what her father would think, she asked her what he would think about her running off with Edmund! Lizzie was upset that Olivia came to bail her out and had a bad attitude toward her. Olivia was told by the arresting officer that Lizzie was the instigator in the whole situation and that she needed to get control over Lizzie quick and he could tell a troubled child and Lizzie IS one. Olivia told Lizzie to straighten up her attitude and quit trying to come between her and Phillip or she was going to tell Phillip what the officer said. She also warned her that she makes a better FRIEND than ENEMY! Marina was so mad at Frank she refused to look at him or talk to him.

Harley went home to Gus and told him that the reason Frank gave him his badge back was because the Mayor pressured him but she stopped short of telling him it was Alan that pulled strings with the Mayor to get it done.

Cassie went to the Beacon and while running up the stairs ran into Jeffrey knocking all his papers out of his hand. He flails around yelling and comes face to face with Cassie whose mouth flew open.

Phillip went to see Regina and asked if it was true that Gus was Alan's son. She confirmed it for him but also corrected him on how he thought it happened. Phillip thought it was an affair and Alan got rid of her when she got pregnant but Regina told him that they were in love and told him how different Alan was when Phillip was a child. She said Alan wanted to be a singer but Brandon told him if he pursued that idea that he would cut him off completely. She told him that Alan never knew about Gus. She wanted Gus to grow up to be whatever he wanted to be. Phillip was stunned that Alan had any other ambition but to run the world. Phillip left and went to see Gus with a six-pack of beer.

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