Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on PC

Rafe got his hands on the antidote to cure Livvie's poisonous fangs but lied that there was no antidote. Elizabeth stabbed Kevin. Alison learned that a devastated Joshua had turned Amanda into a vampire and that he had forced her to sign her wealth over to him.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on PC
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Monday, May 12, 2003

In the Catacombs, Livvie announces to Caleb and Alison that she needs to feed. Caleb tries to persuade Livvie NOT to go outside the cave alone, but Livvie convinces Caleb that she can take care of herself now that she is a vampire. After Livvie leaves, Caleb has a meltdown, which annoys Alison no end. Alison frigidly assures Caleb that he will be free to pursue Joshua again soon enough. At the same time, Kevin quizzes the bartender at Club Elixir to see if anyone has seen Livvie. Jamal arrives and angrily demands to know where Kevin's psychopath daughter is hiding out. Kevin pleads ignorance and shocks Jamal when Kevin agrees with the angry young man that Livvie needs to be punished for doing away with Alison. Jamal refuses to believe that Kevin would agree that Livvie deserved to be punished unless Kevin had some hidden agenda up his sleeve. Kevin warns Jamal that looking for payback for Alison's death could prove to be dangerous to Jamal. Jamal hotly declares that he does NOT care! After Kevin leaves, the bartender returns and informs Jamal that he just spotted a girl fitting Livvie's description in the alley behind the bar. Jamal rushes out to see if the visitor is Livvie and is rewarded by finding Livvie. Jamal immediately blasts Livvie for Alison's death but Livvie protests that Jamal is leaping to conclusions without knowing all the facts. When Livvie tries to push past Jamal, Jamal declares that he is there to stop Livvie's reign of terror ~ permanently! As Jamal grabs Livvie by the throat and begins choking her, Livvie hisses a warning, but Kevin suddenly arrives on the scene and hits Jamal from behind ~ knocking Jamal unconscious. Livvie is amazed to see Kevin and reminds her father that, the last time Livvie saw Kevin, Kevin was painting a picture for Joshua at the Villa. When Livvie reminds her father that he stole Caleb's ring from Livvie and turned it over to Joshua, Kevin appears to be calmly unaware of the significance of the ring. Livvie wonders if her father is OK, but Kevin assures his daughter that he has never felt better. Kevin then informs Livvie that he has heard of Alison's death and convinces Livvie to return to the Light House with him to stay out of reach of the rest of Alison's vengeful friends! Livvie hesitantly agrees to go home with her father.

Meanwhile, back at the Catacombs, as Caleb complains about Rafe being the one making all the plans, Alison finally orders Caleb to keep his complaints to himself. But Alison is disappointed when she decides to listen to the radio. When Alison switches on the radio, one of Caleb's songs wafts through the airwaves and Alison angrily snaps the radio back off again. When Caleb observes that Alison just can't get away from him, Alison suddenly rails at Caleb for 'pretending' to be a song writer and hood-winking a lot of people into believing that Caleb was a rock star. But Caleb retorts that he is a REAL songwriter and can prove it to Alison. Caleb brags that he can turn ANY three words into a song! Alison gives Caleb: "Angel," "cooks" and "lion" as the three words and challenges Caleb to write a song for her. Caleb quickly comes up with the following lyrics:

"Mystify me again, my angel.

A character in a storybook.

A bed of roses when my heart is breaking.

It is in the magic that you cook.

He will only say what is on his mind

betting not his fortune or fame.

He is a lion in disguise,

The one you will never tame!"

Alison admits to being impressed and Caleb admits that it felt good to be 'working' again!

At Caleb's Villa, Rafe watches from hiding as Joshua downs glass after glass of wine and bitterly told Alison's life-sized wedding portrait what might have been. Finally Joshua falls asleep and Rafe slips into the main hall. Flashing back to Caleb's warning NOT to underestimate Joshua's powers, Rafe is surprised when it seems at first that Joshua has somehow blocked Rafe from entering Joshua's dreams. However, Rafe finally makes it inside Joshua's dream and causes Joshua to dream of Livvie coming to Joshua and telling Joshua that, now that Joshua is the one with all the power, Livvie wants to dump Caleb and hop in bed with Joshua. Although Joshua resists Livvie's ploy at first, Joshua finally relents and kisses Livvie. But, just as Joshua kisses Livvie, Livvie bites Joshua with her poisoned fangs. As Joshua gasps for air, Livvie gloats over Joshua's approaching demise and leaves. But, after Livvie leaves, Joshua rushes to a vase on the mantel piece above the fireplace and grabs the vial of antidote, as a triumphant Rafe looks on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Casey discovers an unconscious Jamal outside Club Elixir. However, when Casey revives Jamal, Jamal blasts the angel for being unable to help protect anyone from the evil taking over Port Charles. Jamal storms away, declaring that he plans to find a way to save the city from Joshua's Legion of Undead Underlings! Later, however, Jamal returns to Club Elixir and, after dousing the place with kerosene, Jamal pulls out a lighter and prepares to burn the place down. But Frank arrives and stops Jamal. Frank orders Jamal to go home but, when Jamal declares that, one way or another, Jamal IS going to destroy Joshua's crowd in Port Charles, Frank grabs Jamal by the throat!

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Ian discovers Lucy looking for her clothes and admits that he hid Lucy's clothes to prevent Lucy from leaving the Hospital too soon. Ian admits that he would like to put Lucy on the first plane to Morocco and Lucy is surprised that Ian would remember something that Lucy told him a very long time ago. As Ian convinces Lucy to take a walk with him, Casey passes by Lucy's room. By the time Ian and Lucy arrive on the rooftop, they discover a Moroccan tent set up and filled with exotic delicacies. When Lucy accuses Ian of having prepared the treat in advance, Ian admits that he is just as surprised as Lucy by the delightful sight. As Lucy marvels at the sight of the impromptu Moroccan get-away, Casey slips away into the Hospital stairwell. As Lucy and Ian talk about what they consider to be a perfect day, Ian told Lucy a story about some baboons he saw during one of his travels who saved themselves from danger by daring to take a leap of faith and trust that everything would turn out OK. Ian and Lucy agree that the most important thing to remember in any relationship is to have the courage it takes to make that leap of faith. Before Frank can hurt Jamal, Casey suddenly arrives back at Club Elixir and stops Frank. Although Jamal insists he needs NO help from the angel, Casey still warns Frank to leave Jamal alone. Jamal warns Frank that, sooner or later, Jamal will destroy ALL of Frank's Undead buddies! Then Jamal angrily storms away into the night!

In the Catacombs, Caleb becomes annoyed by Alison's incessant, nervous pacing and reminds Alison that the Undead of Joshua's persuasion tend to prowl around after dark, so Rafe's delay might be because Joshua has not yet decided to hit the hay. When Caleb asks if Alison is afraid that Rafe would NOT be able to handle Joshua alone, Alison affirms her faith that her lover can handle ANYTHING! However, as time passes without Rafe or Livvie returning, Alison's pacing becomes even more annoying to Caleb. Alison angrily declares that she is going to the Villa to look for Rafe and dashes toward the entrance of the cave. But Caleb stops Alison and angrily reminds her that the whole point of hiding out in the Catacombs is to convince Joshua that Alison is dead and, therefore, can NOT become Joshua's bride and Queen of the Undead! When Alison angrily heads toward the entrance of the cave in spite of Caleb's warnings, Caleb runs after her and hauls Alison back to the interior of the cave. Alison meekly apologizes for her attempt to leave. But, as soon as Caleb lets go of her and turns his back, Alison bolts again and Caleb follows Alison out of the cave.

At the Villa, after Rafe learns where Joshua has stashed the antidote that will cure Livvie, Joshua begins to wake up and Rafe finds himself trapped inside Joshua's dream by dark forces. As Rafe frantically looks for a way out, Joshua discovers that he has a splitting headache, and calls in a doctor who is a fellow creature of the night. The doctor orders Joshua to lay off the sauce and then the doctor brought back a couple of young bat-girls and suggests that Joshua just needs to feed. However, after the doctor leaves and Joshua begins to get cozy with the girls, Joshua finds himself suddenly repulsed by the girls and angrily orders them to leave. Later, when Joshua looks in the mirror, Joshua believes he sees Caleb standing behind him with an ax. But, when Joshua jumps out of the way, Joshua discovers that Caleb is NOT there! The next time Joshua looks in the mirror, Joshua believes he sees himself covered in blood! As Joshua collapses, crying out in agony, Rafe lands on the floor of the terrace outside, but is unconscious!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Stunned after his ordeal of wrestling with the dark forces inside Joshua's dream, Rafe finally regains consciousness on the terrace of Caleb's Villa, without Joshua noticing him. Inside, Joshua continues to puzzle over his sudden splitting headache and Rafe slips, unnoticed, into the Main Hall and grabs the vase that contains Livvie's antidote. When Frank knocks at the door, Rafe slips out of sight while Joshua meets with Frank. As Rafe listens in, Frank reports to Joshua that Jamal tried to burn down the Club Elixir and that Casey prevented Frank from taking care of Jamal. Before Frank and Joshua return to the main hall, Rafe pockets the vial of antidote and heads out to the terrace. Joshua promises Frank that Joshua has plans for dealing with Casey. Frank announces that Joshua's latest disciple will arrive soon. Later, when Rafe returns to the Catacombs, he is angry when he discovers that Caleb, Livvie AND Alison are ALL nowhere to be found!

At the Light House, Livvie finishes a packet of blood stolen from the Hospital's blood bank, while Kevin injects himself with some more of the 'medication' Kevin received from Joshua. When Livvie announces that she needs to leave right away to return to Caleb, Kevin tries to create reasons why Livvie should stay. Livvie warmly thanks her father for always being there for her and Kevin flashes back to Jamal and Joshua, as both of them insisted that it was Kevin's job to punish Livvie for Alison's death. Finally, Kevin comes right out and informs Livvie that she can NOT leave the Light House! Livvie asks if something is wrong with Kevin when her father begins morosely talking about his regret that he was not able to be with Livvie when she was growing up. As Livvie tries to reassure her father that all that matters is that they are together now, Kevin suddenly changes and angrily informs a startled Livvie that it is his duty to punish Livvie for killing Alison! Livvie warns Kevin to stay away from her, as she hisses and bares her fangs. But Kevin reminds his daughter that she can NOT bite a relative! Livvie pushes Kevin away, knocking him across the floor. As he falls, Kevin suddenly calls out to Livvie to run away as fast as she can, and Livvie dashes out of the door. After Livvie leaves, Kevin flashes back again to Joshua's orders to punish Livvie, then doses himself again with some of Joshua's 'medication.'

Meanwhile, back at the Catacombs, Rafe desperately searches the cave for signs of Alison, Caleb or Livvie and, when Rafe finds no trace to indicate what happened to them, Rafe leaps to the conclusion that Caleb somehow double-crossed him and took Alison away with him. Rafe rushes out of the Catacombs to search for Alison. As Rafe searches, he runs in to Livvie, who is also looking for Rafe and Alison. When Rafe accuses Caleb of taking Alison to get the upper hand over Rafe, Livvie suggests that it might just be a case of someone about to discover their hiding place and the pair decided they needed to move somewhere else to stay out of sight. Livvie then reports to Rafe about her strange encounter with Kevin, including the fear that Kevin intended to kill her. Rafe sadly warns Livvie that, ever since Kevin took Caleb's ring from Livvie and turned it over to Joshua, Livvie probably needs to realize that she may never again be able to trust her father! Rafe and Livvie speculate that Joshua probably would not trust Kevin with fangs, but is more likely keeping Kevin under control through some kind of exotic drug. Rafe is astonished when Livvie went on to report that Kevin suddenly stopped his attack and, instead, warned his daughter to run! Livvie sadly reports that everyone now believes that Livvie is responsible for Alison's death and lets Rafe know about Jamal's attempt to kill Livvie. When Livvie suddenly demands to have the antidote, Rafe informs Livvie that, although Rafe DID get inside Joshua's dream, there was NO antidote!

On Route 28, as Alison walks North from the city, she makes a cell phone call for a cab but fearfully realizes that someone is following her. Caleb frightens Alison when he finally catches up with her. Caleb angrily accuses Alison of having a death wish. But Alison stubbornly insists that Rafe IS in trouble and declares that Alison will NOT take Caleb's word that everything is OK with Rafe. When Caleb reminds Alison that everything they are all doing now is to keep Alison safe from Joshua, Alison accuses Caleb of being the reason why everyone in town is in trouble, reminding Caleb that Joshua would probably not have even HEARD of vampires if it had not been for Caleb ~ much less, be planning to make Port Charles the Queen City of Joshua's Empire of the Undead! Caleb finally announces that he will go with Alison to the Villa to look for Rafe. Later, when Caleb and Alison arrive at the Villa, they find the Villa empty, but Caleb warns Alison that Joshua could return at any moment. Caleb points out that IF Caleb could NOT get rid of Rafe, there is not much change that an amateur like Joshua could do it! As Caleb and Alison search but find no sign of Rafe, Caleb insists that Rafe is probably back at the Catacombs, going wild with worry because he can NOT find Alison! Alison finally agrees to leave with Caleb but, before they can leave, Joshua and Frank return, and Alison and Caleb scramble into a hiding place. After Joshua orders Frank to go keep an eye out for the arrival of their honored guest, Joshua suddenly suspects that someone has been in the main hall and begins searching for the unwelcome intruder. But Joshua stops before he discovers Caleb and Alison's hiding place. Joshua's search is interrupted by Frank's announcement that their guest has arrived. Joshua leaves the main hall to greet his arriving guest ~ Amanda Barrington! Meanwhile, Caleb warns Alison again to keep quiet!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

At the Light House, Kevin flashes back to conversations he had with Livvie back when he first discovered that she was his daughter, and is shocked that he came so close to carrying out Joshua's sentence where Livvie was concerned. As Kevin went to get some more of Joshua's 'medication,' he is interrupted by a loud, persistent banging at the door and opens the door for an angry and drunken Elizabeth. Elizabeth rages at Kevin because Livvie killed Alison. Kevin tries to apologize and get Elizabeth to calm down. When Elizabeth demands to know where Livvie is hiding out and Kevin insists that he does NOT know ~ and Elizabeth slaps Kevin! As Kevin continues to try to calm Elizabeth, Elizabeth assumes that Kevin has NOT seen Livvie. As Kevin tries to explain that there is a side to Livvie that Elizabeth knows nothing about, Frank arrives and demands to know if Kevin got rid of Livvie as instructed. Kevin frankly admits that, although he DID see Livvie, his daughter is gone now and Kevin has no idea where she would be. Kevin orders Frank to tell Joshua that Kevin has no intention of harming his own daughter on Joshua's orders! Frank leaves in a huff, promising to carry the tale right to Joshua's ears! But Elizabeth is shocked when she realizes that Kevin HAS seen Livvie and Elizabeth accuses Kevin of lying to her ~ and then throws her drink in Kevin's face! As Kevin tries to explain that it was his duty as her father to protect Livvie, Kevin checks his 'medication' from Joshua and realizes that he is running out. As Kevin orders Elizabeth to leave, Elizabeth angrily calls Livvie a bunch of insulting names, grabs a letter opener ~ and stabs Kevin!

On the road, Rafe prevents Livvie from seeing the antidote that he is concealing. Then, Rafe announces that there is NO antidote ~ that Joshua must have given Livvie the poison BEFORE Joshua had a cure worked out! A devastated Livvie dissolves in tears and cries on Rafe's shoulder. Livvie begs Rafe to tell her how to fix it, but Rafe sadly 'admits' that he does not know of a way to 'fix' things now. As Livvie bemoans the prospect of an eternity without biting Caleb, Rafe proves to be less than sympathetic, counseling Livvie to believe that passion WITHOUT biting CAN be JUST as satisfying! But Livvie refuses to be consoled! Rafe tries to get Livvie to focus on the fact that BOTH Alison AND Caleb are missing from the Catacombs. Rafe and Livvie return to the Catacombs for another search, and discover that neither Caleb nor Alison has returned there. Livvie theorizes that Caleb and Alison might be looking for Livvie and Rafe and suggests that they just wait for Alison and Caleb to return. But Rafe suggests that, with Caleb involved, they should BOTH worry about more than the fact that Caleb and Alison are missing ~ together! Livvie retorts that Alison is safer with Caleb than Livvie is safe with Rafe! Rafe scoffs when Livvie insists that Caleb is merely following the rules of his people with nobility. Rafe argues that Caleb has hurt a LOT of innocent people over the centuries and there is NOTHING noble about that! Livvie protests that she sees nothing 'noble' about someone whose sworn duty is to hunt people down in order to 'slay' them!

Meanwhile, at Caleb's Villa, Alison is devastated when she realizes that Joshua's honored guest is none other than her own grandmother ~ Amanda Barrington! However, as Alison tries to rush out to rescue her grandmother, Caleb grabs Alison. As Alison struggles to cry out, Caleb kisses her to shut her up. Caleb then tries to hustle Alison quietly out of the Villa, but they overhear Amanda talking to Joshua and realize that Amanda is signing all of her assets over to Joshua. Alison tries to go back to rescue Amanda, but Caleb insists that Joshua has ALREADY turned Alison's grandmother into Caleb's most willing disciple! When Alison insists that she is NOT about to take Caleb's word on news that important, Caleb helps Alison slip back to the Main Hall, where they hear Joshua promise Amanda a lovely memorial service for Alison ~ and Alison sees for herself that Joshua's mark is on her grandmother's hand! Alison reluctantly agrees to leave the Villa with Caleb, just as Frank returns and reports to Joshua that Kevin failed to take care of Livvie and that Kevin also has NOT been taking the 'medication' that Joshua provided for Kevin. Joshua orders Frank to make sure Kevin keeps up his medication. Then Joshua orders Frank to put the word out that Joshua's Undead Underlings are to find Caleb ~ and kill him on sight! Later, Alison and Caleb return to the Catacombs and Alison reports to Rafe that Joshua has turned Amanda into Joshua's latest Disciple and that her grandmother signed all of her assets over to Joshua. When Caleb demands to know where the antidote is, Livvie tearfully informs an incredulous Caleb that there was NO antidote! Caleb accuses Rafe of lying about the antidote!

Friday, May 16, 2003

In the Park, Casey finds a grief-stricken Jamal punishing the trees because of Alison's death and the angel urges her good friend to get a grip. When Jamal insists that Casey should have let him burn down the Club Elixir, Casey advises Jamal that charging head first into the dragon's head will NOT bring Alison back. But Jamal complains that he can't even find Alison's mother OR grandmother and believes that Jamal is the only one who cares that Alison is gone! While trying to console Jamal, Casey lets slip that Alison is NOT really dead. But, when Casey is reminded of her mission by a clap of thunder, Casey covers by telling Jamal that she meant that no on ever really dies because they live on in the hearts of their loved ones. Jamal accuses Casey of talking in cliches and orders the angel to get lost. But, as Casey tries to console Jamal, Jamal breaks down and the angel suddenly kisses her good friend!

At the Catacombs, Rafe insists that Joshua did NOT create an antidote for Livvie, but Caleb insists that he knows Joshua too well to believe Rafe's report. Rafe sarcastically invites Caleb to go ask Joshua himself! When Alison wonders WHY Joshua would take a chance like that, Rafe theorizes that maybe Joshua felt he was safe because he has Caleb's ring! Rafe suggests that Caleb and Livvie will have to find a way to live happily ever after without chomping on each other! When Caleb insists that he and Livvie can NOT live happily after if they stay the way they are, Livvie is surprised by Caleb's opinion! Caleb covers by reminding Livvie of the dangers they will continue to face if they must keep on straddling the mortal and immortal worlds! When Livvie reminds Rafe that she KNOWS how much Rafe hates BOTH her AND Caleb, Alison defends Rafe and insists that Rafe would NOT go back on his word, especially since they ALL realize that all four of them MUST work together if they are to succeed in bringing Joshua down. Livvie admits that she believes that Rafe would NOT lie to Alison and Rafe repeats his assertion that Joshua had NO antidote for the poison Joshua gave to Livvie. Rafe told Alison that, in order to convince everyone that Alison is really dead, Rafe will need to go play the grieving fiancé and will get some more blood to keep Livvie going. Alison begs Rafe to return soon. Rafe told Livvie it will take him a few hours and orders Caleb to make sure Alison is safe. However, when Rafe leaves, Caleb catches up to Rafe at the entrance and warns Rafe that IF Olivia suffers because Rafe lied about the antidote, Caleb WILL make sure that Rafe suffers some consequences! When Caleb returns to the interior of the cave, Alison mentions that she had dared Caleb to prove he really COULD write songs on his own without MOJO ~ but Livvie is immediately jealous at the thought of Caleb writing a song for Alison! As Caleb insists that he didn't REALLY write a song FOR Alison, Livvie begins to kiss Caleb and then suggests that what they really need is to hit the sheets!

At the Light House, after an enraged Elizabeth stabs Kevin with a letter opener and watches in stunned silence as Kevin collapses, Elizabeth puts an emergency call through to Ian for help. Elizabeth catches Ian at the Hospital, where he is helping Lucy check out. Elizabeth explains that, since SHE was the one who stabbed Kevin, she hasn't called for an Emergency Team because she would prefer that NO questions be asked. Elizabeth implores Ian to come to the Light House to check on Kevin's wound. Ian reluctantly agrees and leaves Lucy with Colleen, after ordering the nurse to keep an eye on Lucy. Meanwhile, at the Light House, as Kevin begins to revive, Elizabeth apologizes for her outburst and works to stop the bleeding. Kevin is less than impressed when Ian shows up and Kevin learns that Elizabeth called Ian for help. As the ambulance crew prepares to transfer Kevin to the ambulance, Kevin makes sure they bring his jacket with him to the Hospital. Later, when they all arrive at the hospital, Lucy is still in the midst of checking out. When Lucy learns that Elizabeth was the one who stabbed Kevin, Lucy blasts Elizabeth for her irresponsible action. But Elizabeth dissolves in tears and explains that she was grief-stricken at the news of her daughter's death. When Lucy and Ian refuse to believe that Alison might actually be dead, Elizabeth shows Ian and Lucy the photograph of Alison that Joshua gave to her. Lucy and Ian are stunned by Elizabeth's news. Meanwhile, Karen gets Kevin settled in his room and notices Kevin's undue concern for making sure his coat makes it into the room with him. When Karen begins to hang the coat up, Kevin suddenly grabs the coat and Joshua's 'medication' falls out of the pocket. Although Karen spots Joshua's 'medication' when it falls out of the jacket pocket, she says nothing to Kevin. At the same time, back at the Nurses' Station, Lucy and Ian speculate that, IF Alison really WAS dead, Rafe would come to tell them about it ~ and Rafe arrives at just that moment. When Rafe confirms Elizabeth's story that Alison is dead, Lucy and Ian guess that it is a ruse to throw Joshua off the trail, and Rafe quietly acknowledges that Lucy and Ian have guessed the truth. Then, Rafe adds his observation that they ALL are in a LOT of trouble!

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