One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on OLTL

Asa fired Nigel for having a go at Renee. Mitch fell into the river and was presumed dead, but an unknown person carried his body to safety. Riley presented a record contract to Flash. Everyone was shocked to hear that Mitch had left everything to Jessica.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, May 12, 2003

No Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Mitch Laurence takes the ultimate plunge as he lunges towards Dorian when he realizes he had been duped into confessing to his misdeeds. As a horrified Jessica watches, the river washes him away. Dorian, Blair and Jessica make a pact to keep silent.

Since Dorian is the "widow" of Mitch Laurence she surmises that she will be receiving the Lord fortune.

Roxy knows a secret about love and Asa and it has her mind reeling with glee.

After finding Mitch's taped confession, Viki and Joey think that Mitch must have committed suicide.

Down but not Out

An unknown person carries Mitch's (who has more lives than a cat) limp body away. Could there be more disaster to come?

Realizing the extent of Natalie's feelings for Rex, Cristian feels guilty for trying to expose Rex's misdeeds. Cole warns Rex that nothing better go wrong with the robbery.

Max and Gabrielle bond over secrets that they are keeping.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A pink daisy patterned tapestry covers the screen. From its center, a batten burg lace trimmed mother's day card sets the tone for the tableau of busy hands making cards, arranging flowers, and wrapping gifts. Some of the hands are little and some not so little. The child-sized hands of Matthew Rappaport glue gold painted macaroni into the word, "MOM." Nora is pleased by her son's efforts, which also include her favorite breakfast of Fruit Loops, Pop Tarts, and Oreo Cookies. She proudly observes that Matthew covered "all the food groups." The Vega brothers treat Carlotta to a homemade breakfast and a huge colorful arrangement of flowers. Rex pilfers part of the bouquet and lavishes it on Roxy, who could "dig a champagne brunch---hold the brunch!" Rex explains he can only afford the diner, but he's got a big boon on the horizon. In her apartment in Toronto, Keri calls R.J. to thank him for the elaborate array of gifts and flowers he sent for her first mother's day. Lindsay reads her card in her pajamas at St. Ann's in front of Jen, who tempestuously paces back and forth, and Will, who has traveled very far to see his mom again. Jen offers her mother a forced salutation and takes off abruptly. Will stays longer with Lindsay and promises her he'll keep tabs on Jen. Dorian is pensive in Blair's hallway as Addie squeals in delight at her gift of a teddy bear. Cassie surprises her fellow Cramer women with Blair's children in tow. "Starr said it. It's a day to be with your mother," Cassie announces as she sternly stares at Dorian.

Many have gathered in the posh dining room of the Palace Hotel for mother's day brunch. Al gallantly hands Gabrielle a long-stemmed rose as he, his parents, and Marcie are seated. Bo is on police duty and Gabby is visibly sad about his absence. Al cheers her up with a personalized mixed CD. Max and Gabrielle both beam when Al takes Marci's hand to console her about her mother's death when she was a child. Jessica is getting her alibi straight with Natalie when Viki and Joey enter bearing the news of Mitch's apparent suicide. Jess shifts her eyes nervously. At their table, a gift of a silver charm bracelet is presented along with speculations about Mitch's demise. Natalie suspiciously observes Jessica's awkward reactions to the conversation. She covers for her sister's whereabouts the night before: Jess was with Nat at the salon opening. Blair arrives with Addie, Jack, and Starr. Her kids share a brief reunion with their daddy's side of the family. Kissing her precocious niece, Viki bubbles, "I am so glad that you are back. As naughty as you are, I have missed you!" Blair acts cool and disinterested when Viki tells her about Mitch. Over coffee, a corsage is delivered to Blair with no note. Starr is sure that it's from Todd, but Blair gently cautions her daughter not to keep that hope.

Flash goes to the garage hang out carrying a board of health sign decreeing her squat is a health risk. She no longer has any kind of roof over her head. But Riley has good news: a contract from a record producer who has a "specialist" to work out the kinks in her voice. Joey stops by and is very happy for her. She ducks a hug from him, but he keeps trying. He takes Flash to Nora's for a lawyer's opinion of the contract and, when Matthew takes a fancy to her, Nora invites Flash to stay over as a second nanny. Jen comes to the front door and sees Flash invading another part of her life. Her little brother is rocking-out to a pop song with his new pal. Jen leaves without even knocking.

Natalie hooks up with Cristian at the diner and delivers the scuttlebutt about Mitch. Hearing of his death, Roxy purrs, "That's the best news I've heard since Cher went blond." Natalie's friendly overtures to Carlotta are again rebuffed. Roxy fishes around for a mother's day gift. Nat can't believe she'd expect anything, especially considering Roxy used to use her homemade cards for "cocktail coasters." Roxy begins to sing the verse from Natalie's fourth grade Hallmark entry: "M is for the macaroni and cheese you gave me. O is for the olive in my drink. T is for the taxi you put me in and sent me to school when you won big..." Natalie doesn't remember the verse, but Roxanne does. Rex attributes his mother's new sentimentality to an "alien abduction." Motioning for Cristian to come over, Rex chats with "the big boss" on his cell phone. He asks R.J. if he wants to talk to "the driver," but R.J. delegates the message to Rex.

Evidence in Mitch's disappearance is stacking up slowly: the taped confession, his cane that multitasks as a weapon, an empty chloroform bottle, and a button. A fruitless interview with Dorian astonishes only Cassie. Bo cracks, "I'm sorry for your loss. I can tell you're really broken up." Antonio and Bo backtrack to the theater and find two young male witnesses who saw a man's body fall into the river and who can identify more cars previously parked in front of the theater than Mitch's lone remaining vehicle. Meanwhile, Dorian summons Blair and Jessica back to the house for a confab. They synchronize alibis and renew their pact.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Bo shows Nora the alleged crime scene at the abandoned theater. He believes other people were there with Mitch and though a possible staged death is discussed, they decide that he either fell accidentally or was murdered. When Hank arrives, he confirms that the cars seen parked at the theater the same evening match descriptions of cars belonging to Dorian and Blair.

Jess replays the scene in her head of Mitch falling. Nat questions her about the previous night's activities while Viki happens upon them and asks for answers as well. Jess seems tense to her and she didn't seem upset when she learned of Mitch's death. Her daughter declares that she was in shock. Nat asks Viki to back off which causes Mrs. Davidson to think her daughters are in cahoots. Jess retorts that she's upset about her father being dead, especially since her family wanted it. They agree that they did but Viki wants to soothe her pain nonetheless.

While bidding Addie goodbye at St. Ann's with Blair, Dorian visits with Lindsay. She orders her to lie or deny knowing anything about the night in question, so that Mitch's confession will stand alone and not sound as though it were forced from him. She assures her that Mitch will no longer bother her.

Once alone, Jess places a call to Blair but is intercepted by Dorian. She gives Jess the same speech that she's given to Lindsay when the young woman relates that she won't be able to lie. Her family members will be vindicated by Mitch's confession, she purrs. Don't let it be taken away. Viki pumps Nat for information but she insists that Jess was with her at the hair salon.

An unknown man drags an unconscious Mitch inside and lays him on a bed.

Seating herself with Asa at the Palace, Roxy wants to celebrate the grand opening of her successful hair salon. Asa has an ulterior motive though; he wants her help in breaking up Nigel and Renee. He denies having any feelings for his ex but is confused as to why Roxy doesn't seem upset about her man going after another woman. She doesn't care, she says, and accuses Asa of carrying a torch for Renee. Angered, he fires Nigel on the spot though it seems to backfire. Roxy can only laugh as Renee offers to share her suite with her new man. Roxy finally breaks down and confesses that the two are hypnotized, courtesy of Mysterio who demonstrated it to her. She and Nigel were under an earlier spell as well. When Asa breaks the news to the lovebirds and snaps his fingers, they look on perplexed. The spell breaker doesn't work and his anger at Roxy returns. There's apparently a different trigger for Nigel and Renee, she explains, and she'll divulge it for one million dollars. Asa stalks off, advising her that he won't pay her anything.

Bo pays Dorian and Blair a visit but of course, they deny knowing any of what he is questioning them about. They were at a symphony in the park, they claim, showing him a pamphlet. Finding it difficult to believe, he moves on to questions about removing Lindsay from St. Ann's. Again, all is denied. At the same time, Nora goes to see Lindsay. Claiming not to remember anything, Addie is more than willing to help out, mentioning that Dorian was around during the times in question. Lindsay expresses absolute shock when she learns that Mitch is dead, confusing Nora who was sure that she was involved. Suddenly, she snaps and completely seems to lose her mind, while denying killing Mitch or being there. Troy shows up in time to see and hear Lindsay losing it. Nora divulges that the behavior is over Mitch's death, not Sam's. When Lindsay cries that Nora is there to punish her, Troy asks her to leave. He seeks out medication to calm Lindsay down and reassures her that Nora won't hurt her. Lindsay has a startling confession though; she knows what happened to Mitch and Jess was kidnapped. This seemingly traumatic event seems to crisscross with Sam's murder as she mutters bits and pieces of each. As she falls into a sleep following receiving a tranquilizer, she speaks of making Mitch pay for making her kill Sam, because she thought it was Troy. She's glad it wasn't Troy though, she says as she drifts off.

Back at the police station, Nora and Bo compare notes. He knows that Blair and Dorian are lying. He's sorry that Nora had to run into Troy. Nora feels that she's dealing with her feelings about Troy and is actually ok with it. Mostly, she feels pity for Lindsay. Mitch is declared legally dead, according to the report that Hank has his hands on.

Dorian picks out her mourning clothes and receives her first visitor -Viki. They discuss Mitch's assets and who might really be entitled to them. Dorian just wants Viki to leave as she's in mourning, she pleads. A cynical Viki can only chuckle and tell Dorian how good she is. But she'll win.

Bo next visits Viki and Natalie and informs them that both Dorian and Blair were probably at the scene. The river has been dragged but there's no sign of Mitch. Coincidentally, Dorian has already requested that he be declared dead. Later, Nat demands that Jess give her more information if she wants her to provide an alibi. Nat stresses that she doesn't care what happened.

Mitch opens his eyes.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

When Troy questions Blair about Lindsay's ramblings, she tries to convince him that Lindsay is jealous of their relationship. After he leaves, Blair goes to St. Ann's and finds Bo asking Lindsay about the night Mitch died. When Lindsay spots Blair, she changes her mind about confessing and tells Bo that she killed Sam. When Bo leaves, Blair tells Lindsay that she can't tell anyone about what happened at the theater. Lindsay agrees, but fears that Bo will find something that will link her to the killing and begs Blair to go back to the theater. At the theater, Blair is shocked when an officer comes carrying Mitch's jacket. Pretending to weep, she slips her hand in the pocket and swipes the diamond.

Elsewhere, Mitch awakes with his vision restored and asking for Jessica.

Rex shows up at Natalie's with plans to hack into Jessica's computer. When Natalie finds him there, he tells her he just came to see her. When she tries to tell him to stay out of trouble he becomes defensive and leaves. Later, Natalie begs Cristian not to go through with his plans to drive the get away car.

At Llanfair, Viki tries to console Jessica as she tells her mother of Mitch's childhood. Viki acknowledges that Mitch had a horrible life, but reminds Jessica that he made his own choices. When Dorian shows up, she tries to convince Jessica to keep quiet about what happened at the theater. When Jess hesitates in agreeing, Dorian blames her, stating that Mitch wouldn't have fallen if he hadn't been blind. Enraged at what she overheard, Viki defends her daughter.

At the will reading, everyone is stunned to find that Mitch left everything he owned to Jessica.

Friday, May 16, 2003

As Antonio continues to try to crack the case against R.J., he realizes that the driver is the key. Natalie tries to warn Cristian about getting involved with Rex's scheme. She is stunned when he admits that Antonio doesn't know that he is involved. When Natalie and Cristian disagree, Carlotta stops him from going after her. At the police station, Natalie tells Antonio about Cristian's involvement with R.J. When Natalie returns with Antonio, Cristian is livid. Determined to keep Rex out of trouble, Cris and Antonio make it look like Rex stole Cris' wallet and have him arrested. Cole shows up at the Diner looking for Antonio. At the police station Antonio confesses to Bo about setting up Rex to keep him out of trouble. Ant refuses to let Cristian be involved.

R.J. worries about the robbery when he is informed that Cristian is the driver. Certain that Cristian is informing Antonio of everything; R.J. cancels the job and orders Cole out of town. When Evangeline shows up, the two share the events of their day and Evangeline offers to help R.J. close on his club.

Bo taunts Dorian when they realize that Jessica owns everything that Dorian wanted. Enraged Dorian verbally attacks Jessica. When Jess tells Viki and Joey that she is responsible for Mitch's death, they try to convince her otherwise.

Troy tries to tell Blair to stay away from her aunt when Dorian threatens to burn down Llanfair. Troy leaves warning Blair not to let Dorian get her into trouble. When Viki, Joey, and Jessica show up, Dorian insists that she isn't leaving.

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