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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, May 12, 2003

Craig and Sierra continue to argue about what is best for Lucy. Craig is horrified that Aaron and Lucy will be together. Sierra tells him that Aaron loves Lucy, a fact Craig does not want to hear.

Carly and Jack are surprised by an unwelcome guest in Jack's Milltown house: Henry Coleman. Henry is 'on the lam,' and hiding out from the police. Carly lets it slip that Henry had blackmailed her for $50,000 to keep quiet the fact that Carly had slept with Mike Kasnoff the night before her wedding to Jack.. Jack agrees to let Henry stay there, but he and Carly leave.

Molly finds Dusty's hotel room door ajar and goes in. She searches through his briefcase and is suddenly grabbed from behind. FBI Special Agent Brackett is also on Dusty's case. Molly explains that she was spying on Dusty for the Bureau but she needs to know what she is looking for. Agent Brackett explains that he thinks Dusty is getting ready for a big score and they need the names of his business associates, how much money may be involved and what the timetable of the operation is. Molly says she will help, but with her own methods and the Bureau's assurance that she will be protected from the loan shark goons who are hassling Dusty. She also expects a media exclusive when the FBI makes the arrest.

At Rose's Roller Palace, Paul finishes telling Rose how Barbara set them up using Dusty. Dusty neither admits nor denies Paul's allegations. Paul puts his mother on the spot, but she responds by telling everyone that she "ran into Dusty by chance" in Chicago and since he was broke, she was "being kind" and agreed to "help him out." She continues to tell one lie after another. Rose confronts Dusty and asks him if Barbara paid him to break up her and Paul, and Dusty confesses. Rose slaps his face and she and Paul leave in a hurry. They have a lot to talk about.

Lily takes Dusty into a back room at the Roller Palace and tries to get some sort of explanation from her old friend. He tells her he did everything for the money. Lily is disgusted with him and tells him so. No one is left at the party when they come out.

Craig agrees to abide by Sierra's rules if only she will not take Lucy and Aaron to Montega. When Craig leaves and Lucy come in, Sierra tells he that they need to beat Craig at his own game and they need a strong ally.

Carly and Jack go to the Monte Carlo offices and she explains how Mike paid Henry the blackmail money. Jack is very impressed by Carly's designs and tells her he does not want anything to dampen her dreams. They hug, and the baby kicks hard! Carly is starving, so Jack leaves to find her some food. The minute he leaves the offices, Craig comes out from a back room.

Paul takes Rose home but refuses to come in. She offers to apologize, but Paul is having none of it. Rose tries to tell him she made a terrible mistake but Paul is furious and compares Rose to his scheming mother. He tells her he wants to feel absolutely nothing when he looks at either one of them. He wants to just forget. Rose pleads with him, but he walks away.

Dusty returns to his hotel room to find Molly on his bed, sipping champagne. Molly says she has come back because of "pure animal attraction" between them. Secretly she is trying to get information for the FBI. Dusty is sad that he made such poor choices, especially alienating his old friend, Lily. Molly hugs him.

Craig and Carly argue. Craig tells her that Rosanna has walked out on him and suggests that Carly find her since they both have the interests of the Monte Carlo fashion show in common. Craig tells her he will not be at the show himself since he needs to keep Barbara away. Craig promises not to do anything illegal this time. Jack walks in on the discussion.

Dusty confides in Molly that he won't be in Oakdale much longer. They begin kissing but Molly can't get him to discuss business. Molly slips into the bathroom and Dusty realizes she has been through his briefcase. He then searches her purse and finds Agent Brackett's card. When Molly returns, Dusty tells her it has been a stressful day and that they should call it a night. As Molly leaves the hotel room, she runs into Katie and they have words about Mike.

Rose sadly removes Paul's engagement ring and puts it away. She is struggling with all her feelings, but finally comes to some conclusion and grabs her purse and takes off.

Barbara goes to Paul's hotel room and begs him to hear her out. Rosanna arrives to see Sierra and Lucy, at their invitation. They tell her that they need her help with Craig.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Dusty gets an angry visit from Rose, who announces that she's selling the shop and she hates him. Meanwhile, Barbara tries to explain herself to Paul, but he isn't having any of it. He informs her that he is leaving town for good and wants nothing more to do with her. When Dusty shows up and tries to apologize, Paul exits coldly. Dusty wants Barbara to pay up, but she refuses to give him another penny. Rose arrives and Dusty tells her Paul is gone. Paul is in the pilot's seat when he sees imaginary James in the co-pilot's seat. They take off. Jack confronts Craig at Monte Carlo and Craig dares Jack to arrest him. Jack orders Craig not to leave town and Craig and Carly argue. Craig insists that she stick to the plan with Rosanna and all will be well. Craig goes to enlist Katie's help in way-laying Barbara. She refuses. Later, Jack returns and learns from Carly that Craig wants to keep Barbara away from the run-through. Jack's interest is piqued and he assures Carly nothing will happen as long as he's there. Sierra convinces Rosanna it's best for them both if they help out Lucy and Aaron. Rosanna claims Craig won't listen to her as long as Carly is around, and decides she has to keep Craig and Carly apart. Rosanna goes to Carly and says the fashion show is on and she will play along with Craig's wishes. Katie reveals Mike that she thinks Molly is using him and tells him about finding Molly with Dusty. Mike and Katie share warm moments until Molly shows up. Katie departs and Mike confronts Molly, asking her to leave. Molly tries to explain, but decides not to confide Mike.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Marshall meets his lawyer at The Lakeview Lounge and the lawyer tells him that all charges have been dropped and his license to practice law has been reinstated. Bonnie overhears the two talking. Marshall and Mr. Newman toast to his good fortune. Bonnie walks over to Marshall and starts throwing accusations at him. Marshall tells Bonnie that she is threatening him and he may have to get a restraining order against her if she doesn't stop following him around. He tells Bonnie to stay out of his business or she will wish that she had. Bonnie leaves The Lakeview Lounge and heads to her mother's house.

Ben brings Jessica home from the hospital. While Ben is trying to get Jessica settled in, Bonnie comes in and breaks the news about Marshall having his charges dropped and being reinstated to practice law. Jessica says that Stenbeck must have refused to testify at Marshall's trial. Bonnie starts going off and Jessica settles her down. She explains that she and Ben are going to be married and she is still healing from her wound. She adds that she is not going to have time to go after Marshall. Ben interrupts and says that he needs to check on something at the hospital. Jessica says that she thought he took the day off. Ben says that it won't take long. He picks up his coat and leaves. After he is gone, Bonnie asks if it was something that she said. Jessica tells her daughter that Ben is going to The Lakeview to see Marshall.

At The Lakeview, Marshall and his lawyer are still celebrating. Ben walks in and says that Bonnie was right; it is shark day at the pool. Marshall stands up and asks if he will be seeing Jessica next. Ben says that he won't be seeing Jessica. Ben informs Marshall that he is to have no contact with Jessica what so ever. He tells him that if he is walking down the same side of the street as Jessica, he had better cross to the other side. Ben adds that if he needs to get in touch with Jessica, he can do it through their lawyer, Tom Hughes. Ben hands Marshall a business card. He asks Marshall if he understands. Marshall takes the card and doesn't say anything. Ben says that he will take that as a yes and he turns and walks out.

Hal finds Barbara in Paul's hotel suite. He questions her about paying Dusty to break up Paul and Rose. As they are talking, Rose walks into the suite. Barbara asks her what is she doing there. Rose holds up an envelope and says that she has a note for Paul. Barbara informs her that Paul is gone and she doesn't know where he is. Hal has to leave and he warns the two women to be nice to each other. After Paul is gone, Barbara starts accusing Rose of all her wrongdoing and tells her that she is the reason her son has left. Rose reminds Barbara of the evil doing that she had taken part in. Rose tells Barbara that Paul could forgive her after a time, but he will blame his mother for the rest of his life. Rose walks out. Barbara yells at Rose as she leaves, "You are going to jail for my kidnapping! Mark my words!"

At Fairwinds, Craig is reading the paper and finds out that Rosanna has put some pictures in the paper of the new designs that will be shown at the fashion show later that day. Rosanna walks in and Craig starts yelling at her about the pictures. He tells her that he did not want any pictures in the paper. Rosanna informs him that he is not in charge anymore and it was her decision to run the pictures. He says that by tomorrow they will be making knock offs in Asia somewhere. He reminds Rosanna that Barbara had a big fit the last time Carly tried to have a showing of her designs and he asks Rosanna what is she going to do about that. Rosanna says that she will take care of Barbara. She starts to leave. Craig stops her and asks her to please keep Barbara away from the fashion show. Rosanna asks why is he so obsessed with Barbara. Craig says that she is a lunatic. He reminds her how Barbara acted at their wedding. Rosanna says that is because he had kidnapped her. Craig says that he did not kidnap Barbara. Rosanna tells him again that she will take care of Barbara if that is what he wants. He says that is not really what he wants. He reaches out to touch her face. He says that he wants his wife. He says, "I want you back." Craig walks away and leaves Rosanna standing alone.

At Monte Carlo, Carly and her assistant are getting the clothes ready for the fashion show. Carly's assistant can't find her scissors. Jack walks in and Carly asks him to get her scissors out of her desk drawer. While he searches for the scissors, Jack finds the information about the cabin in the woods. After everyone leaves, Jack holds the piece of paper in front of him and reminds Carly that she was supposed to be honest with him. Carly tells him that she couldn't tell him because she promised Rosanna. Jack tells her that is the one piece of evidence that could convict Craig of kidnapping Barbara. Carly says that Craig said it was investment property that he was looking into. Jack laughs at her. Carly asks Jack if they could talk about this later. She tells him that she is not trying to put him off, but she is so busy getting ready for the fashion show. Emily and Alison walk in and Emily tells Carly that she wanted to show Alison a real designer in action. Jack says that he has to go and he will see her later at The Lakeview. Jack walks out into the hall and calls Hal and tells him to meet him at The Lakeview. Back inside the office, Alison starts to look around and tells Carly that everything looks so neat. She asks if she can look in the back. Carly tells her to go and explore. Emily tells her not to try on any dresses. After Alison is gone, Carly tells Emily that if it hadn't been for she and Rose this day would have never happened. She adds that she could have gone to jail for what she did. Alison walks around the corner in time to hear the last part. Alison asks Emily if she broke the law. Emily says, "No." Carly tells Alison that she loves Emily so much that it is criminal. As they are talking, Rose walks in. She tells Carly that she stopped in to wish her luck. Carly asks if she is going to the fashion show. She says that she isn't. Emily tells her that this is what she needs, good friends and pretty clothes. Carly says that she will understand after what happened with Paul. Alison asks what happened with Paul. Rose looks at Alison and then at Carly and Emily and says, "Life happened." Emily tells Rose that she and Alison will save her a seat and Emily pushes Alison out of the office. Out in the hall, Alison asks Emily if she had something to do with Barbara Ryan's kidnapping. Emily says, "What? Heavens no! I am not as naughty as my kid sister." The two leave to go to the fashion show. Back inside the office, Rose and Carly are talking about what happened with Paul. Rose gets a call from Hal. He tells her that he has some information about Paul. He tells her that he is at The Lakeview and asks if she can meet him there. She says she will be right there and she hangs up the phone. She tells Carly that she will see her at the fashion show after all. Rose leaves the Monte Carlo office.

At The Lakeview, Jack finds Rosanna and tries to talk to her. She tells him that she is very busy and she can't talk now. Jack shows her the paper with the information about the cabin in the woods. She looks at the paper and then at him and says, "Yeah, right. Let's make it quick." They go to a back room and she explains that she found the paper in the desk drawer at Fairwinds. Jack asks how it got into Carly's desk. Rosanna says that Carly had taken it and they decided to hold on to it and she must have put it in her desk at her office. Rosanna says that Carly and Craig watch out for each other. She adds that they have a little club called Monte Carlo and no one else can join. Jack asks where is Craig now. She says that she doesn't know. Jack says that he is going to have to bring him in. Rosanna says that she doesn't care and he should do whatever he has to. Rosanna walks away.

Back in Paul's suite, there is a knock at the door. Barbara, thinking it is Hal, opens the door. Craig walks in. She asks him what is he doing. He tells her that he heard about Paul and he thinks that she should go after him. Barbara tells him that she doesn't know where her son is. Craig tells her that she has to go looking for him. He suggests that she go to Europe and look for him. Barbara says that she has no way of getting there. Craig suggests that she use the Cabot Company plane. Barbara says that Rosanna would never go for that. Craig gives her his phone and tells her to call Rosanna. Barbara calls Rosanna and tells her what Craig has proposed. Rosanna says, reluctantly, that she could use the plane, but wouldn't she rather come downstairs and watch the run through for Monte Carlo. Barbara says that she doesn't think that she can do that. Rosanna says that she could come and watch as a consultant and she would get paid. Rosanna hangs up the phone and goes to find Jack. She tells Jack that she thinks that Craig is upstairs with Barbara. Jack asks why does she think that and she tells him about the conversation that she just had with Barbara. Jack grabs Hal and the two leave the room.

When Barbara hangs up the phone, she informs Craig that Rosanna wants her to come downstairs and watch the run through for Monte Carlo. Craig stands in her way. He says that she wouldn't want to do that. Barbara says that Rosanna wants her to be a consultant and she is going to pay her. Craig won't let her go to the door. Barbara starts to yell that she is being restrained. Jack knocks down the door with his gun in hand. Craig jumps back. Barbara tells Jack to arrest him. She says that Craig wouldn't leave. Jack tells Craig that he is under arrest for assaulting Barbara Ryan. Craig says, "Based on what? Her ranting?" Barbara asks if she can go. Craig tells Jack not to let her leave. Jack tells Barbara to get out of there and Barbara leaves. Jack looks at Craig and says, "Tell it to the judge. You're under arrest." Craig says, "And you just destroyed your wife's career."

Downstairs, Hal tells Rose that he found out that Paul rented an airplane and headed for New York. Rose says that makes sense because he has friends in New York. Hal tells her that he didn't land in New York, he kept going. Hal asks Rose if she has any idea where he may be going. Rose suggests that maybe he landed at a small airfield and rented a bigger plane. Hal says that he will check up on that, but in the mean time, Paul is listed as missing. Hal asks Rose not to say anything to Barbara until they know for sure. Rose agrees.

When Barbara comes downstairs, she comes through the lounge and Alison is at the bar getting a soda. Barbara stops when she sees Alison and asks what is she doing there. Alison informs Barbara that she got out of jail for good behavior. Barbara says that her sister won't have that kind of luck. Barbara starts to go by her and Alison steps in her way. She asks Barbara what did she mean by what she just said about her sister. Barbara says that she is going to jail for the kidnapping of Barbara Ryan. Alison says, "Emily didn't kidnap you." Barbara says, "Oh yes, she did and she is going to pay." Barbara goes by Alison, but Alison doesn't let her go. Alison jumps on Barbara and takes her down to the floor.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Molly meets with Agent Brackett at the diner. She tells him that she has learned that Dusty came to Oakdale with an agenda. Barbara Ryan had hired him to break up her son and his fiancé. Molly goes on to say that Dusty won't be around long. Agent Brackett asks how much money did he get and where is he going. Molly says that she doesn't know. Brackett asks if she can find out. Molly says that she will do her best. Brackett looks at her and asks if this creep got to her. Molly says that Dusty was sleeping with her on the side while he was getting paid to seduce another women. Brackett tells her to stick with him and they will see that he pays for what he has done.

At Dusty's hotel suite, he is doing some fast-talking to the goon that works for the man that Dusty owes money too. While they are going around and around, Lily knocks at the door. Dusty tells the goon to wait in the other room while he talks to Lily. Dusty lets Lily in and tells her that he wants her to buy him out as investor in Rose's beauty salon. At first, Lily won't do it. Then after she thinks about and Dusty tries to convince her that he is trying to do the right thing, Lily gives in and writes Dusty a check. After Lily leaves, the goon comes out and Dusty signs over the check. The goon tells him that he is still short. Dusty says that in a few days he will have the rest. The goon says that he has had months so what is different now. Dusty has a flashback of finding the FBI Agent's business card in Molly's purse. Dusty tells the goon that everything is in place and all he has to do is pry it loose. The goon smacks his face and tells him that he only has forty-eight hours and he had better make them count. The goon leaves and Dusty goes to the phone and calls Molly. He tells her that he has been thinking about her and she says that she has been thinking about him. She asks him when are they going to get together and Dusty says, "As soon as you can get here." Molly says that she will be right there. After she hangs up the phone, she says, "I don't know what game you are playing, but I am going to find out." When Dusty hangs up the phone, he says, "I need a big score, Molly girl, and you are it."

When Molly gets to Dusty's hotel suite, there is a note on the door. It is from Dusty and says that he had to run an errand and she should go inside and make herself comfortable. Molly opens the door and says, "Dusty?" No one answers. Molly walks in and looks around. Dusty is not to be found. Molly sees some papers lying on the desk. She walks over and starts looking through the papers. She doesn't find anything. She opens the desk drawer and starts looking through the drawers. Finally, she finds a file and starts to read the contents. She finds something and gets her cell phone and dials Agent Brackett. As she starts to talk, Dusty walks up behind her and takes the phone from her hand. Dusty asks, "Why would a nice girl like you be working for the FBI?" Molly laughs, "The FBI? Dusty, is that some kind of joke?" Dusty tells her that he found Agent Dale Brackett's card in her purse. She tries to lie and says that Dale Brackett is someone that she went to high school with. Dusty tells her that is a nice try but he knows that she is lying. Molly gives in and says that she is trying to get information on him. She says that the FBI approached her for help and then he pulled a fast one on Paul and Rose and she said what the hell. Dusty tells her that the guy that he owes money to is going to kill him and he needs her help. She tells him that he has a lot of nerve and she grabs her purse and coat and starts to leave. Dusty stops her. He begs her for help. He says that he has looked at his life and he doesn't like what he sees. He tells her that he thought she would know something about that. Molly finally gives in and asks how she can help. Dusty asks her to keep the feds away and not give them any information on him. She agrees and Dusty starts to kiss her. She stops him. She says that the deal is she will keep the feds away and nothing more. She walks out and Dusty has a smirk on his face. Out in the hall, Molly calls Agent Brackett and tells him that she needs to see him right away.

At the hospital, one of the interns is making fun of Dr. Hughes and the mistakes that he has been making. Katie warns him to shut up, but he doesn't listen. He has an audience of young nurses. Chris Hughes walks in behind him and hears what he has to say about his father. The nurses stop laughing when they see Chris. The intern asks why are they not laughing. It is funny stuff. Chris says, "Maybe it's me." The nurses disappear and Katie tells Chris that she tried to get him to stop. Katie walks away and Chris walks up to the intern. Chris reminds the intern what his father has done for the hospital. He tells the intern that he will never accomplish the things that his father has accomplished. The intern apologizes but he can see that people are sticking their heads in sand about what is going on. The intern walks away. Dr. Decker had been listening and he approaches Chris. He tells Chris that he handled the intern well. He also tells Chris that if he needs to talk to someone, he is there. Chris reluctantly starts to tell Dr. Decker that he is worried about his father. He says that he is not as sharp as he used to be. Dr. Decker tells Chris that he has noticed that too. Chris questions him. Dr. Decker tells Chris that earlier he heard Bob get confused about a medication. Dr. Decker says that it was obvious that Bob tried to cover and he had lost focus. Chris says that his father has been putting in a lot of hours lately. He asks Dr. Decker if he thinks it could be fatigue. Dr. Decker says, "As opposed to Alzheimer's?" Chris says that he has been trying to avoid that word. Dr. Decker suggests that Bob get some test. He tells Chris that it could be something less serious, but it needs to be checked out. He tells Chris not to take it all on himself and to keep him informed.

Alison shows up at the hospital and runs into Katie. She tells Katie about getting into the fight with Barbara. Katie tells her that she should be more careful. Katie shows Alison around the hospital. The whole time Alison is looking for and asking about Chris Hughes. Finally, Katie has to take a break because her feet are killing her. One of the nurses catch her sitting down on the job and tells her that a patient needs to have her blood pressure checked. After the nurse leaves, Alison offers to take the blood pressure for Katie. Katie takes her up on he offer. Alison walks into the patient's room and tells her that she is there to take her blood pressure. The patient doesn't respond. Alison asks if the patient is ok and the patient clutches her chest. Alison signals for help. Two nurses run in and Katie drags Alison out into the hall. Alison tells Katie about how the patient looked and acted. Katie tells her that she saw a patient die last week and she is still not over it. In the patient's room, Chris questions his father about the patient. He tells his father that earlier when he consulted on this patient she was fine and then he left Bob alone with her and now she is dead. Chris asks, "What happened Dad?" Bob looks at his son with concern.

At The Lakeview, the fashion show gets underway. In the lounge, Alison and Barbara are on the floor rolling around. Hal rushes in and breaks up the fight. Hal tells Alison to get out of there and go to work at the hospital before he has to arrest her for assaulting Barbara. Alison leaves The Lakeview. Craig comes in just as the fight is broken up and suggests that Barbara needs to go to the hospital. Craig will do anything to get Barbara away from the fashion show. Jack tells him that he is not going anywhere. Barbara hears Carly describing her collection. Carly says, "Imagine a warm summer night. A thousand stars sprinkled all around it. Picture that, Ladies and Gentlemen, and you will be seeing the inspiration for my designs." Barbara squints her eyes as she glares at Craig and says, "Stars at night? That is my idea." Barbara starts to go into the room where the fashion show is going on and Hal stops her and reminds her that making a scene won't help. Barbara doesn't care. She breaks past Hal and Craig and rushes into the room. Kim sees her and tries to stop her. No one can stop Barbara. She rushes into the middle of the fashion show. She announces to everyone that this look is here idea and Carly Tenney stole it from her. Carly whirls around and glares at Barbara. She tells Barbara that the designs are hers. Barbara calls Carly a no talent slut. Barbara says that the concept is hers and the over all look is too coincidental. Craig pipes up and says that this is his company and he will protect it from slander. He walks over to Carly and tells her that Hal seems to be off duty and she should call someone to stop this fiasco. Barbara walks over to him and says that he and his little tramp have been working overtime and he had her locked up while Carly stole the best work of her life. Craig tells her that accusations are easy, but it is proof that she always falls short in. Barbara says that she does have proof. She asks Hal to go with her to her hotel suite so she has a witness. Hal says that he will do anything to end this. Barbara and Hal go up to her suite. While Barbara is gone, Rosanna asks Carly if there is any truth to Barbara's accusations. Carly reminds her sister what she had to go through to get the designs drawn. Rosanna suggests that Craig stole the designs and he could have shown them to her. Jack chimes in and says that Carly is a good designer and she doesn't have to steal from another designer. Carly touches Jack face and tells him thanks. Barbara returns with some papers in her hand. She hands them to Rosanna and tells her that she drew these from memory a few weeks ago so she could show her son the work that had been stolen from her. She tells Rosanna to decide for herself. Rosanna looks through the papers and turns to Craig. She says that Barbara is right. The concept is hers. Barbara asks Carly if she heard her sister who is the money behind her company. Barbara tells Carly that she has stolen men and she has stolen money. She adds that she has nothing of her own so she has to take from everyone else. Carly says that she doesn't have to take this and she walks out. Craig follows her. Jack starts to follow, but Hal stops him. In the back room, Carly asks Craig about feeding her Barbara's ideas for her designs. Craig answers, "The sky, the night. That doesn't belong to anybody." Carly begs him to tell her the truth. Craig tells her that the company was in trouble and he would do anything to help her design. Carly tells him that she is ruined and she has no hope of being anything now. Craig tells her that the designs are hers. The work is hers. He adds that any resemblance to Barbara's sketches is coincidental. Craig said that is the story and if they stick to that they will get out of this. Jack walks in and hears them talking. He says, "So Barbara was right. You two are in this together." Carly turns and looks at Jack.

Friday, May 16, 2003

by Andy

Chris confronts his father about Mrs. Palmer's death at the hospital. Bob gets extremely defensive at his son and tries to protect his career and reputation. Just then, John Dixon walks up and suggests an autopsy be arranged for Mrs. Palmer. John explodes, "Yeah, sure! Let's do that! Let's find out what went wrong!" Then he storms off. John asks Chris if anything is bothering him, but Chris deflects John's interest by explaining he's just concerned about Alison, then Chris walks away.

Susan abruptly tells her mother that she's quitting her job at the hospital because she saw Mrs. Palmer die in front of her eyes. Susan grabs her arm and says she just can't walk off the job because something frightened her. Alison scoffs, and says, "Of yeah? Just watch me." Susan tries to comfort her daughter, but Alison says she's not supposed to think about death for at least another eighty years. Chris arrives and offers to drive her home. Susan leaves, and Chris tries to explain that life balances out, but Alison rejects his solace and finds her own way home.

Dusty convinces Charlie to play Molly for some easy cash. Dusty's plan is to make Molly believe his life is at risk, and he wants Charlie to put a fake hit out on him. Charlie asks, "How smart can she be spending good money to keep you alive?" Dusty assures him they can have the money by "tomorrow night. Then we can get outta this town." Charlie warns Dusty not to cross him or the fake murder might turn into a real one. Dusty tells him to rough up his face to make it look like he was in a fight, and Charlie obliges.

At Al's diner, Molly tells Agent Bracket to buzz off and that she's through helping him with his investigation.

At the fashion show, Barbara explains why Carly stole her design themes. She turns to Rosanna and says, "I tried to warn you Rosanna. I did. I don't want to say I told you so. But you see, Craig and Carly will stop at nothing to get what they want."

Around the corner in the garment room, Craig tries to soothe Carly by telling her to stick to the story, "We stick to that, we get out of this, huh?" Just then Jack walks in and accuses them both of conspiring together from the beginning. Carly sees two choices before her, continue the lie, or tell the truth. She numbly grabs hold of the truth, steps forward, and tells Jack, "What Barbara said was true, Jack. Her designs were plagiarized." She is ready to continue explaining, but Jack interrupts her and says he could have helped her. She tries to explain further, but he dismisses her, telling her to just "save it Carly, save it!" He storms out leaving Carly paralyzed and her mouth hanging on the floor. Craig chimes in accusing Carly of creating a disaster. Carly snaps out of her stupor and tells Craig to look in the mirror if he needs to find someone to blame.

In the reception area, Barbara asks Hal, "Where's Jack?! He better be back there arresting his wife, or this department will be facing a lawsuit the likes of which they've never seen!" Hal grabs her and tells her to back off and give them time to sort the details out. Barbar presses further demanding a police van to haul all the criminals away. Just then, Jack returns to the room announcing the show is over and an investigation is underway. Jack says Carly just admitted the designs were stolen from Barbara. Babs waltzes to the center of the room saying, "What have I been saying all along?" Jack says everyone is excused except for Craig, Rose, and Emily. "You three, stay put." Craig clarifies Carly's story, "She never said she stole them. She had no idea until a few minutes ago that the theme of her show had their Genesis in Barbar's so called mind..." Craig admits he fed her the ideas, but the "drawings are all Carly's. The theme of the overall show was not hers." Rosanna steps up and tearfully slaps him, "It's unforgivable!" Hal painfully escorts his wife, and the others to the station as Jack looks for Carly.

Molly arrives at the Lakeview a little late for the show and finds Carly in the garment room tearing her clothes from the rack. She is sobbing because she had no idea her inspiration came directly from Barbara, and now she won't ever be taken seriously as a designer in the fashion world after this mess. "I've lost everything!!" Molly tries to stop her, but Carly is driven with disgust and anger. She sloth's all her clothes in a heap and starts to spray them with an aerosol. Jack finds her in a fit and tries to pull the toxic can out of her hands. She stops spraying, fixes her eyes on him, and says, "This isn't the only poison in the room, is it Jack?" All three of them walk out into the reception area where Carly explains the entire truth. Jack says that Craig already told him, and that bugs Carly that Jack will trust Craig before his own estranged wife.

Alison arrives at home and starts to sob. She prays to God. Dr. Decker shows up and tries to connect with Alison. She rebuffs him, until she unconsciously starts explaining what she saw at the hospital. Dr. Decker tells her about his first time seeing a patient die and this seems to break through Alison's tough exterior. She cracks a smile and begins to let her guard down. Susan returns home and finds Alison settled down. Susan offers to take Alison out for fries and a shake. Alison thanks Dr. Decker for reaching out to her. He tries to push further into Alison's heart. "I'd like us to be friends. You hate that your mom dropped her fat-head boyfriend in your lap and said deal with it. Am I close?" He asks her if she believes in happy endings. She asks, "Why should I? I've never had one."

At the hospital, Dr. John finds Dr. Bob and shows him a mistake on Mrs. Palmer's chart. Chris overhears the whole conversation as John tells Bob that this case won't be as easy to cover. Bob can't believe that he put his ego before concern for his patients. He says it may be time to think about stepping down as head of the hospital.

Katie heads to Al's after her shift and finds Chris there. She joins him and they start to reconnect. Chris confides that his father may have made another mistake and that he wants him to get a check-up.

Molly gets a call from Dusty. He says he's in so much trouble, he doesn't know what to do. Later in his room, Dusty is on the phone with Charlie when there is a knock at the door. He turns around and his face is bruised all over. He opens the door and Molly fawns all over him. Dusty pushes her away and says he's going to be dead by midnight.

At the station, Hal asks Barbara to step away from Emily and Rose and go wait for the DA in his office upstairs. On her way up, she has a parting shot for Rose, "I'm sure you'll be quite colorful when you go down in flames." Rose smirks as Babs bops her head back and forth as if someone tipped the head of a bobble doll. Carly walks in, and walks right up to Craig. Without saying a word, he opens the interrogation room door, and they both enter. He asks her if she wants an apology, but it's too late for that. He says all he ever wanted was for her to be successful. "Why? Why go to all those extremes?" Craig whimpers, "So you could have your dream." Carly seethes, "My dreams are none of your business. I have life! A married life! You are not my husband! It is not your responsibility to keep my dreams alive! I would really like it if from now on you and I would have no connection at all whatsoever! I don't want you! I don't want you're help. I don't want your business and I don't want your friendship! I hate you for what you've done to me!" She storms out barely able to compose herself. On her way out, Jack stops her and apologizes for not believing her from the start. Carly can't keep her thoughts straight. He offers to throw out the divorce suit, but she said if he wanted to do that, he would have done it already. She turns to everyone and says, "Do me a favor, all of you! The next time one of you gets the urge to help me. Don't!" The DA arrives and asks who is going to be arrested, and Barbara chimes in that everyone, including Jack should be taken into custody.



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