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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, May 5, 2003

Dr. Rick Decker arrives at Susan's house with champagne, interrupting Alison's homecoming from prison, her sentence commuted. When Susan explains to Alison that she has invited Rick to live with her, Alison rudely asks, "Dr. Champagne is going to live here?...He's, like, your boyfriend?" Susan responds that, if Alison doesn't lose her attitude, she will spend her first night at home grounded. Inexplicably, she next suggests that Alison, Susan, and Emily go to Al's diner for a welcome-home milkshake while Rick waits at home for them to return. At Al's diner, Susan kindly asks Alison to accept having Rick in her life because it would mean the world to Susan. Alison agrees to try to adjust. Rick interrupts them to tell them that he is going back to his hotel, and when Susan walks him outside, he tells her that he will still stay at her house because he wants to be close to her. While Rick and Susan are outside, Emily praises Alison for her mature attitude.

At his home, Mike, with his shirt open, is on the telephone leaving a message for Molly when she bursts in his door. Molly tells Mike that Del Brackett, the FBI agent, has asked her to help prove that Dusty is part of a Chicago crime syndicate. Molly promises Mike that she will check Brackett's credentials before she agrees to do anything, then Molly asks Mike if she can spend the night at his house. Mike, wanting Molly to feel safe, agrees. After Molly falls asleep on the couch, Mike stands shirtless in the moonlight, watching her tenderly.

At the police station Barbara confronts Jack, but Jack refuses to investigate the kidnapping further, telling her that he knows that her real goal is to destroy Paul and Rose. When Jack leaves the room, Barbara calls the district attorney, Evelyn Hart, to try to get her to act on the information from Henry Coleman. She makes an appointment for herself and Jack to meet with the district attorney the next morning.

Chris comes into Mr. Crumbley's empty hospital room to find Bob gazing into space. When Chris asks about the autopsy report, Bob becomes angry and demands that Chris keep quiet. Chris tries again to get Bob to agree to a physical checkup, but Bob rebuffs him.

Paul waits for Rose at Al's diner and runs into Mitzi. He tells Mitzi that he must tell Rose some bad news about Dusty, then Mitzi leaves for a movie date. Meanwhile, Rose is at home getting ready to meet Paul, when Dusty pounds on her door. Dusty explains to Rose that he was so worried that Rose might lose the lease on the building that he borrowed money from Barbara to help Rose out. When Dusty tells Rose that he feels that Paul is siding with Barbara over Rose, Rose hauls off and slugs Dusty. They kiss passionately, again and again. Dusty tells Rose that he is in love with her, and Rose begs him for time to think. As Dusty goes to the door, Paul comes in. The two men are on the verge of violence, but Dusty leaves. Rose will not let Paul tell her the whole truth about Dusty, begging that he give her some time alone. Outside Rose's door, Paul promises Dusty that he will destroy him.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

When Rose refuses to listen to the tape of Dusty leaving messages for Barbara, Paul accuses her of having feelings for Dusty. She tries to skirt the issue but Paul demands Rose choose him unconditionally this time and slams out. Meanwhile, Dusty wants his money from Barbara, declaring the deal will be done soon. Having worked all night on the Roller Palace, Dusty calls Rose and asks her to meet there. When she arrives, she is amazed to discover the shop is completed. At Fairwinds, Carly asks Rosanna to help her plan the fashion show. Rosanna accuses Carly of trying to save her own butt. Carly thinks Rosanna needs to prove to Craig that she will go on without him, but more importantly, she needs to prove it to herself. Carly announces that if Craig had pulled this on her, she'd have burned up his clothes. She urges Rosanna to stop moping and come back swinging. Rosanna is trying to burn Craig's clothes when Craig shows up with a lighter. Evelyn threatens to pull the investigation from Jack unless he gets Henry, takes his statement, and cuts a deal. Jack confers with Hal, decides that Henry has to "disappear," and enlists Katie's help. Alison's first day home is rough. Susan has to work and Rick Decker shows up with a breakfast invitation. To make matters worse, she runs into Lucy and Aaron. She seeks out Chris at the hospital and things are great until she insults Rick. When Chris chastises her, Alison leaves, accusing him of not being supportive. Kim learns from John that a patient of Bob's died. Later, John informs Bob that the overdose mix-up had nothing to do with the patient's death.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Rose is amazed to see how beautiful Dusty made her beauty shop and says, "It's exactly how I pictured it." He says he already planned a grand opening party for tonight. Rose says she can't accept any of it because she has to prove to Paul that she cares for him more than Dusty. Then, Dusty kisses her and she kisses him back. She tells him that when she is near him, "My brain just shuts off." She tells him to stop because Paul could walk in at any time. Dusty says he wants her to keep the shop and in turn he will agree to be her silent partner. After Dusty leaves, Paul comes to see her, with flowers, and tells her he still loves her. He says to get a breakdown of costs and he will cut Dusty a check. Rose says that Dusty already agreed to be a silent partner. Paul says he lied to her and can't be trusted and he will find proof that Dusty is "no good." Later, Dusty comes back and they agree that earlier, they shared a "warm moment between silent partners." After Rose leaves Dusty calls Barbara and tells her to get her money ready. He says, "Rose can barely keep her hands off me. Paul and Rose will be finished by tonight."

Carly brings Jack lunch at the police station where she mentions that without Craig, there will be no fashion show. Jack says, "I taste something strange, an ulterior motive." Carly just asks Jack to wait to arrest Craig when he comes back to town. Jack says that if Craig calls her, she should let him know and she agrees. As they are talking, Craig calls and Carly lets Jack know. Craig says he'll be back before the show. Carly also thanks Jack for believing that she wasn't involved in the kidnapping. Jack says a kidnapping would take a lot of phone calls and Emma would have known about them. Also, Emma said Carly was at the farm at the time of the abduction. Carly gets upset and tells Jack he doesn't trust her - he only trusts his spies. Jack tells her that trust takes time.

Craig shows up at the gazebo to see Rosanna. She says she won't listen to anything he says unless he apologizes. He does, by saying he is sorry that she deceived him. Not impressed with his backhanded comment, Rosanna asks him to leave. She says she never felt as alone as she did when he left her on their wedding night. Craig says their marriage is fixable and they can get past it but she doesn't agree. Later, Rosanna tells Lucy that Craig is home. Aaron wants to leave but Lucy says no. Craig walks in, hugs Lucy and asks why Aaron is there. Lucy says she invited them and they are together. Rosanna walks in and she and Craig argue. She wonders if he had seen any other women when he was away but Craig says he didn't. Just then, Sierra walks in and greets everyone, then she thanks Rosanna for helping Lucy. Rosanna asks how she knew about it and Sierra replies that Craig told her while he was visiting in Montega. Rosanna says that he lied about seeing another woman. Craig says, "That's not a woman, that's my ex."

Chris tells Alison to get a job and says he will help her get one at the hospital. He suggests being a nurse's aid, which is what Katie Frasier, is doing. Alison agrees but when she tells her mother, she is surprised that Susan is against it. Alison says her mother just doesn't want her around and it is all because of Rick. Later, Rick tells Susan it would be good for Alison to work at the hospital because she'll get to know him better. Alison is pleased when Susan tells her she can work at the hospital.

Bonnie is sentenced to a fine, probation for one year, and 100 hours of community service at a shelter for abused kids. She apologizes to Margo for lying about that night in Marshall's hotel room. She says she wants to confess and at first Margo tells her to find a priest, not a cop but then she realizes that Bonnie just wants a friend. Bonnie is still very upset about the shooting and doesn't feel that the punishment is harsh enough for her. Margo's advice to her is, "Don't just put time in, put in your backbone." No matter what the task is, she tells her to give it her all every time.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Paul stops by the police department to see if Jack has anything on Dusty. Paul tells Jack that he feels Rose pulling away from him and he thinks that Dusty has something to do with that. He makes Jack promise to let him know the minute that he gets some information on Dusty so he can make Rose see what kind of person he is. Before Paul leaves, Jack gives him some advice. He tells Paul to look past Dusty for any problems that he and Rose may have.

Dusty shows up at Barbara's hotel suite all dressed up for the opening of The Roller Palace. He tells Barbara that in a few hours her son will find out that Rose has the hots for him and it will be over between Paul and Rose. He tells Barbara to write him a check because he doesn't want to ever see her again. Barbara informs him that before he gets a check from her, it will have to be a done deal between Rose and Paul. Dusty turns dark and says that Barbara had better be there for her son to pick up the pieces because he is going to fall apart when he finds out what his best friend and his fiancÚ has been up to. Dusty turns to leave and Barbara says, "It will make him..." Dusty turns and says, "It will make him what? A cruel, bitter failure like you?" Dusty turns and leaves the hotel suite.

At the hospital, Bob sees Chris and asks him to come into his office. When they get inside, Bob closes the door and tells his son that he needs to apologize to him. He says that yesterday Chris had suggested that he get a checkup and he was so upset about losing his patient that he bit his head off. Chris says that all is forgotten. Bob says that he is going to take his "doctor son's" advice and have that checkup. Chris asks his father if there is anything else that is worrying him. Bob says that he has been tired and it would be good just to check things out. Chris gets a page and says that he has to go. Chris starts to leave and asks his father if he will see him later at the staff meeting. Bob says that he is the Chief of Staff so he probably will see him. They both chuckle and Chris leaves his father's office.

Later, Bob is standing in the hall writing out a patient's chart. Katie sees Bob and walks up to him. She reminds him that he has a staff meeting. Bob looks up at her and says, "What?" Katie says, "You have a staff meeting scheduled right now and you are the Chief of Staff." Bob keeps writing in the chart. Katie asks again, "Are you coming?" Bob, not looking up from his chart says, "Sure." Katie, looking very confused says, "Ok, see you there." She walks away looking bewildered. After she is gone, Bob looks up and he looks confused.

At Fairwinds, Sierra has figured out what Craig is up by bringing her back to Oakdale. She tells Lucy and Aaron that she will take them to the diner to get a milkshake and she asks them to wait for her in the car. After the kids have left, Sierra tells Craig that she sees right through him and he intentionally brought her back to Oakdale to cause Rosanna pain. Craig reminds his ex-wife that she did something behind his back. Sierra says that all Rosanna did was support their daughter who is now walking and is more beautiful than ever. Craig tells Sierra that he understands Rosanna and he will take care of her. Sierra says that he doesn't begin to understand Rosanna or any woman for that matter. She warns him that when Rosanna throws him out that he should not come running to her because he won't be welcomed. Sierra walks out. A short while later, Rosanna walks in with a bag packed. Craig grabs her arm and tells her not to do this. Rosanna says that she won't stand by and watch him run to his ex-wife whenever he feels like it. Craig tells her that when he was gone, she slept with Mike Kasnoff. She says that she did not sleep with Mike Kasnoff. He asks her if she wanted to and she says that she did want to and she wanted to rub his face in it. He asks, "Why didn't you sleep with him?" She says that she still loves him. Craig informs Rosanna that he brought Sierra back to Oakdale so she can take Lucy back to Montega. Rosanna gets upset and asks Craig how can he do this. He is making Lucy leave to serve his own purpose. Craig says that he feels that they need time to work on their marriage. Rosanna starts to cry and says that he is doing it for his own selfish needs. She tells him that Lucy will hate him for what he is doing. He says that he is doing it for his daughter's own good. He adds that Sierra agrees with him. Through her tears she asks, "What kind of monster are you?" Rosanna adds that if this is his idea of getting their marriage off to a good start then they should just get an annulment right now. Craig tells her that Sierra misses her daughter and this will give them time to get settled in their marriage. Rosanna says that she doesn't know why she married him because he does not respect her intelligence. She tells him that he only left town because he was going to get arrested for Barbara's kidnapping. Craig laughs at her and says that he is not afraid of being arrested. She asks him if he is aware of the police coming to the house and searching it. She tells him not to worry because she searched the house before they did and she found his evidence. He asks her what is she talking about. She says that he was sloppy. She found the information about the cottage in the woods in the false bottom of a drawer. He says that it could have been some land that he was thinking about investing in. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly had come to her for help with the fashion show. Craig questions her about Carly. Rosanna says that Carly depends on him and he wasn't around and she came to her for help. Rosanna has a new realization. She accuses Craig of coming back only for Carly. Rosanna gets even more upset with Craig and tells him that the only way she will stay with him is if he gives up Monte Carlo. Craig's response, "WHAT!?"

At the diner, Lucy asks her mother why she came to Oakdale, now. Sierra says that she wanted to see her daughter walking and laughing and be so beautiful. Lucy complains to her mother about Craig and the fact that he won't let her see Aaron. Sierra says that fathers have difficulties watching their daughters grow up. Sierra says that there is another reason she came to Oakdale. Lucy shakes her head yes and says, "You are going to take me back to Montega, aren't you?" Sierra tells her that she and Craig feels that maybe she should finish her high school year in Montega. Aaron tells Sierra that he will promise to stay away from Lucy. Lucy says, "No, it isn't fair that my father is going to keep us apart." Sierra is so moved to see that Aaron would sacrifice not seeing Lucy for a year that she tells the two that she will take care of Craig and she doesn't want to take them away from each other. She adds that Aaron is good for Lucy. She tells Lucy not to worry and to leave her father to her.

Lily stops over to help Rose get ready for her big opening of her beauty salon. Rose is acting like a scatterbrain. Lily bugs her until Rose tells her about the feelings that she is having for Dusty. Lily tries to talk some sense into her sister. She reminds her that Paul is a great guy and she could be messing up her life. She tells her that she should not leave Paul hanging while she explores something with Dusty. Rose is crying now and she says that Lily is right. Lily hugs her sister and says that whatever she decides to do, she will stand by her. Lily leaves and Rose gives Paul a call. She tells him that she needs to see him before the opening tonight. Paul tells her that he will be there. Paul hangs up the phone and tells Jack that Rose wants to see him. As Paul walks out, Jack yells out for him to concentrate on Rose and leave Dusty to him.

Later, Rose is walking around her house in her slip and trying to decide which lipstick to wear. There is a knock at the door and she yells out, "Paul you are early and I am still putting on my face." The door opens and Dusty walks in. He says, "How could you improve on that face?" Rose twirls around and says that he has to leave. She says that Paul is on his way over and she is not even dressed. Dusty tells her that he thought tonight was their night. Rose says that it can't be their night because she is engaged to Paul. Dusty says that he knows that she is confused, but there is something going on between them. Rose says that she is not confused. She says that she has an attraction for him, but she is marrying Paul and she can't be kissing his best friend. Dusty tells her that there is an attraction between them and he can't help it, he wants her. Dusty moves in to kiss her. Rose tries to hold him off. She says that they can't do this because Paul is going to be there any minute. Dusty won't give up and he kisses Rose. Rose can't help herself and she kisses him back. As the two are wrapped in each other's arms, Paul walks in the door. When he sees what is going on, he yells, "Hey, get your filthy hands off her or I'll kill you.!!"

Friday, May 9, 2003

by Andy

Molly sits down at Al's and orders up some take-out, when the FBI investigator interrupts her to talk. He threatens to air her dirty laundry in the press if she doesn't help out, but she snickers and tells him to bark up another tree. He apologizes, and then leaves. Molly wonders why "a spook, spooks so easily." She calls the FBI to confirm Agent Bracket really works for them. As she confirms he has been active in the Illinois field for the last five years, Kim arrives to chat. Molly tells her what's going on and how she has a plan to go after both Dusty AND the Agent Bracket. Kim warns her that she could be in a lot of danger. Molly wants to keep her in the loop just in case anything goes wrong. Kim demands that Molly call her every day and she reserves the right to have her followed if necessary. Molly says that Dusty and Agent Bracket won't know what hit them.

After Rosanna badgers Craig again about why he returned to Oakdale, he gives up, gives her the keys to Monte Carlo, and vows that he is done with the company. Craig admits he was wrong to leave Rosanna on their wedding night, and that he wants to get back to the way things were before he left. Rosanna asks, "Did Barbara buy this apology? When you were married to her, you did the exact same thing to her as you did to me. You married us. You used us. And you left us." Craig says, "Hey! I never loved Barbara....Ever! I have never loved any woman the way I have loved you. Not Carly. Not Sierra. Not anyone." She melts and hits him because that's the one thing he could have said that would penetrate her defenses. They collapse into an embrace and kiss. Rosanna backs up a bit and tells him she will take over Monte-Carlo, and if Craig screws up one more time he won't be getting another get-out-of-jail-free card. Sierra knocks on the door, and tells Rosanna that she didn't come down to meddle in her life. Rosanna says if she means it, she'll get on a plane tomorrow and return to Montega. Sierra says that she's in town for Lucy, not Craig, "and certainly not to meddle in the disaster that he's created." She says that she wants to give Aaron and Lucy a chance that's why she's going to take the couple back to Montega on Lucinda's plane. Craig jumps in, "I thought you were going to help me with this!" Sierra says this is the fairest solution, and starts to walk away. Craig says, "I will give him a chance. Please don't make her choose between him and me." Rosanna stops everything, "I can't believe this. You just compromised on the same issue that made you leave me on our wedding night." Craig says she's right, but they have made nice progress about that and have moved on. Rosanna doesn't like what she hears, picks up her overnight bag, and says, "Tonight I am the one leaving you."

Carly and her assistant return to Jack's place with some groceries. Carly plans to have an intimate dinner alone with her estranged husband, but an intruder may have other plans. Carly sets the table, but she hears a thump as the intruder tiptoes downstairs. She calls out asking for Jack, but no one responds. The person dressed in black returns up the stairs before Carly sees what made the noise. Carly's cell phone rings. Jack is calling to see if Carly would be free for dinner at Al's, and Carly seems surprised because she thinks he's upstairs. She mentions the thump she heard, and Jack asks her to come to the station and wait until he gets off work so they can go home together. She grabs her coat and heads out the door. A masked man slowly comes downstairs, finds the meal Carly set up and takes a bite from a sandwich.

Paul walks in on Rose and Dusty having a passionately forced kiss. Paul demands that Dusty get his hands off his girl. Rose tells Paul that if he has to be angry with anyone, he should be angry with her. Then she tells Dusty to scram. Dusty doesn't want to leave her alone when Paul is that angry, but Rose convinces him that she will be all right. Rose takes a moment, then whimpers, "I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you." Paul is fixed with anger, "What did you expect when you called me over to see THAT!" Rose tells him she is so confused with her feelings. Paul helps her figure it out, "You're hot for a second-rate con-man and you're too dumb to know it. Do you love me?" She pauses, and says, "I loved you more than I thought I could possibly..." Paul interrupts her and deadpans, "Loved. Dusty is going to break your heart and this time I'm not going to be there to pick up the pieces." Rose sobs as Paul walks out.

Later, Rose arrives at the beauty salon, she grabs Lily and they rush into a side room where Rose confesses everything. Dusty comes in and Lily leaves them alone. Rose tells him it's over between her and Paul. They embrace. Lucinda catches them kissing. She reminds Rose she should get back to the party and mingle. They both return. Lucinda sidles up to Dusty and says, "Man you're fast. You don't even give a girl a chance to change the sheets." Dusty grins and moves away. Rose raises her glass and toasts Dusty as "the man with the plan."

At the station, Paul storms in and demands from Jack everything he has collected on Dusty and Barbara. "I wanna show the world who Dusty Donovan really is, and I wanna see Rose's face when it happens." Jack walks around his desk and pulls out a file for Paul. "With this you'll be able to nail both Dusty, and your mother." He explains the he found out when Barbara went to Chicago a few months ago she actually stayed in the same hotel as Dusty, and paid his bill. He also found out that she's been taking care of his expenses in Oakdale. Paul is shocked, "Damn her! Her and Dusty both! I'm taking them down, then I'm taking Rose back!" Carly stops by and picks up Jack. They return home, and find Carly's prepared dinner disturbed. Jack warns her to wait outside. Jack shouts out that he's armed and is searching the house, when Henry saunters out of the kitchen. Jack says he was supposed to get out of town, but Henry has run out of money and needs a place to stay. Carly returns and says the cops are on the way.

Later, Barbara walks in on Rose's party and says, "Rose, Rose, Rose. It looks like you and Dusty have done a bang up job." Rose asks her very nicely to leave. Babs lets it slip that she thinks Rose and Paul are finished, and Lucinda bites back, "Enough Barbara. Get the Hell out of here before we gang up on ya and turn ya into a blond." Rose's patience has run out. She sets her glass down and steps forward to throw Barbar out. Paul bursts in and says, "You've been set up Rose. It's been going on for months. They've been working together. She's been paying his bills, Rose. She owns him!" He turns to Dusty and asks him, "Just this once, be half the man you used to be. Tell her the truth. I dare ya."

On the Next Episode:

Molly sifts through a briefcase in Dusty's room when someone grabs her from behind. She screams through his hands.

Dusty admits, "Barbara hired me to break off your engagement." Rose slaps him.


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