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Passions Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on PS
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Monday, May 5, 2003

Kay tries to guilt her mother into not forcing David to sign the annulment papers. Kay calls Grace a hypocrite. She says that making David lie and risk his immortal soul is far worse than anything she ever did. Kay calls her mother the disgrace to the Bennett family. Grace leaves the room in tears. She goes to sulk into the kitchen. Tabitha follows her and fakes compassion. She tells Grace that Kay should be ashamed for talking to her like that. Tabitha purposely fuels the fire.

Sam can't believe how Kay turned on her mother. He tells Kay that he will deal with her after he stops being angry with her. Sam goes outside to cool off. Kay asks Ivy and David to start helping because she seems to be doing all the work in wrecking her parent's relationship.

Sheridan keeps telling Luis over and over that he must marry Beth. She gets so distraught that she faints (again.) Luis calls Eve and Eve examines Sheridan. Sheridan sleeps and Eve orders Luis not to disturb her. She tells Luis very plainly that if Sheridan does not get rest she could lose her baby. If she does not stop being so stressed out she could even die. Luis confesses to Eve that Beth just announced that she is pregnant with his baby.

Fox overhears Julian talking on the phone about his son. He is sure that Julian is talking about him. Julian in fact is trying to track down what happened to the son he had with Eve.

Fox goes to the recording studio. He runs into Whitney. She thanks him for being a friend to her. He tells Whitney he would like to be a good friend to her. Whitney does not see the apparent interest that he has in her. Fox covers for Whitney by intercepting a call from Eve.

Grace begins to relent her decision in making David lie on the annulment papers. Sam tells Grace that the end justifies the means. Nothing is more important than their love.

Rebecca puts Julian on the carpet about his actions at the Blue Note the night before. She asks him to be honest about their future. She tries to pin him down to a wedding date. Rebecca is not being put off by Julian's lame stalling. Rebecca threatens Julian with spilling all of his secrets if he does not marry her soon. She says she will start with the one about how he had Sheridan's boat explode and tried to have her killed.

Julian gets some information that he says changes everything.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Kay manages to guilt Grace into stopping David from signing the annulment papers. Sam gets angry with Grace and explodes. He keeps telling Grace that she will be destroying their lives and their marriage. Grace begs Sam to understand. She keeps saying that he just doesn't seem to understand how she feels. Sam cuts her off and orders her not to say that again. He is sick of hearing it. Sam accuses Grace of wanting to stay David's wife before she wants to be Sam's wife. Sam walks out as Kay and Tabitha watch. Tabitha is elated but Kay does feel guilty. Ivy tells David to take the opportunity to comfort Grace as she cries. TC tries to get Sam to reconsider. Sam tells his best friend that it is no use and he feels Grace made her choice.

Julian shows up at Eve's door with some information on their son. He tells Eve that an employee was hired the day Eve went into labor. It was that person's first and last day on the job. Julian thinks that the employee was hired by Alistair to kidnap their baby. Eve thinks that this sounds like the terrible vision she keeps having. Eve knows that it all makes sense. Eve is willing to handle the consequences of her family finding out about her son. She says she can handle it all if she could just find him.

Chad goes to find an engagement ring for Whitney. Whitney is at the studio with Fox. Fox is doing his best to drive a wedge between the couple. He gets Whitney to doubt Chad's love for her and his willingness to make a commitment.

Liz sees Julian in the house with Eve and decides not to let this golden opportunity pass by. She finds TC at the Bennett's. She asks him to come with her to fix the plumbing in her shower. She plans on making him walk in on Eve and Julian as they discuss their baby.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Beth is walking around the house with the five pound sack of sugar under her shirt. Mrs. Wallace keeps ranting and raving about how Beth will eventually have to come up with a real baby. She says that Beth can't pretend forever and must one day produce a baby. She then calls her daughter a loser. Beth turns on her mother and says she will get Luis and the perfect baby as well. She plans on kidnapping Sheridan and taking her baby then killing her. Mrs. Wallace begs the angels to stop her evil daughter. She then tells Beth that Sheridan will recognize her. What if she escapes and tells all? Beth then rethinks her plan and decides she will dress up like a clown so Sheridan will not recognize her.

Sheridan cries on Luis' shoulder. She tells him about the terrible nightmares that she is thrown into a pit. She tells him that a clown wants to kill her and take her baby. Luis promises to protect Sheridan. Sheridan tells him not to promise that because he must stand by Beth and their baby.

Eve manages to get Julian to hide before TC can find them together. Liz gets angry that her plan to sabotage Eve's marriage has once again failed.

TC goes to the kitchen and Julian slips out. He warns Liz to stop trying to ruin Eve's life. Liz calls out to TC so he will catch Julian but TC is too late. Liz warns Eve that if Julian finds their son it will be the end of her marriage. Liz then gets TC to admit he wishes that he and Eve could have had a son together.

Fox undermines Chad and Whitney's marriage plans. He gets both of them to get cold feet about bringing up the subject of marriage.

Julian runs into Whitney and Chad. He tells Whitney he is so glad that she followed her heart and stayed with her true love. He says he only wishes he had followed his heart all those years ago. Whitney asks Julian to do her a favor. He says he would do anything for her. She begs him not to take Little Ethan away from Theresa. She tells Julian that she knows he has a real heart. She saw it on more than one occasion. She begs him to follow it now.

Chad returns and gives both Whitney and Julian a hot dog from the street vendor. Julian is delighted. He says it has been ages since he had one. He can't believe that Chad put Tabasco on it. Chad replies that the one with Tabasco is his. They laugh that it is a coincidence that they both like their hot dogs that way.

Whitney then questions Julian if he has any more sons than Little Ethan and Fox.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Chad and Whitney have a talk with Julian about genetics. They discuss nature verses nurture. Julian beleives that a father and son coan have the same traits even if they are not around each other much. He cites Ethan as an example. He says that finding out Ethan was Chief Bennett's son explained a lot of things. He feels that Ethan even inherited some of Sam's mannerisms. Chad off-handedly remarks that his old man is probably somewhere eating a hot dog with Tabasco right now just like he is doing. Julian offers to buy another round of hot dogs. Chad goes to get them and Julian requests extra Tabasco on his. While he is gone, Whitney confesses to Julian that she wants to find Chad's parents. Julian tells Whitney that he is helping another couple find their long lost son. He gives Whitney a few pointers on where to look for information. Julian gets vulnerable for a second and almost tells Whitney that it is his son he is looking for but then changes his mind.

Liz keeps going on about how great it would be if Eve's son was here. TC is confused and tells Liz that Eve was never able to have another baby and they have no son. Eve gets teary when she hears how badly TC wanted a son of his own and the plans he had for that baby. Liz gets TC curious about the blue booties Eve had made. She hints that Eve had a son. TC looks at Eve and asks if it is true. Did she have a pregnancy she did not tell him about.

Ethan surprises Gwen with a baby shower of sorts. He arranges food and drinks for her and Sheridan. He tells Gwen he wants to show her how much she and the baby mean to him. Ethan asks Gwen to stop doubting him and his love for her and their baby.

Sheridan arrives and as she and Gwen begin talking, she tells Gwen about her fears and nightmares. She explains about the nightmare that the clowns are trying to take her baby. Gwen tells Sheridan that she feels Theresa is in their past and that she should never have any doubts about Ethan's love for her. She feels Theresa is finally out of the picture. Gwen smiles and tells Sheridan not to worry about anything. Just as she speaks those words a dark cloud comes over their little party. A strong wind blows. Sheridan fears it is an omen of things to come.

Theresa is telling Fox how she will never give up on the future with Ethan. She says Fox will never understand until he experiences love for himself. She is sure that one day he will realize what she is talking about. Theresa then questions Fox about his mystery love. He acts like she does not know what she is talking about. He won't confess to being in love much less with her best friend Whitney. Theresa then thanks Fox for being a good friend to her, Chad and Whitney. Theresa then gets Fox to admit she did meet someone since he came back to Harmony. Theresa asks if she will like his new love. Fox assures Theresa they will be best of friends.

Eve admits to TC she had a pregnancy he did not know about.

Friday, May 9, 2003

A cold wind blows over Gwen and Sheridan as the sky darkens. Sheridan takes it as a bad omen. Gwen sees Theresa lurking in the shadows ready to destroy her life with Ethan. Sheridan sees Antonio and Beth standing in the dark waiting to ruin her life with Luis. As the clouds pass and the sky lightens they see that they were just imagining the people they saw. After a few minutes Beth and Antonio both arrive to join the little party. Antonio asks Luis why he is with Sheridan. Luis tries to cover and tells his brother that he did not want Sheridan out walking alone since there is a crazy woman trying to kill her. Beth sidles up to Luis and tells him she made him some homemade bread. Luis asks her how she is feeling. She tells the "father" of her "baby" that she has just a little morning sickness but that is all. Beth explains that she needed to see him. She told Luis that Hank was looking for him. Hank tells Luis that the station has been trying to call him but his cell must have been turned off. Gwen looks suspiciously at Beth. She tells her friend Sheridan that Beth's pregnancy is just too convenient. Beth quietly goes to Sheridan and apologizes for complicating her relationship with Luis even further. Sheridan then tells Beth to see that Beth was even offering to have an abortion. Gwen pipes up that no woman in love would ever offer to do that unless she had her own agenda.

Gwen then questions Beth about her OBGYN. She asks why Beth is not using Dr. Russell. Beth covers by saying she does not have insurance and can't afford Eve. Gwen then asks Beth's due date. Beth tells Gwen she does not know. Gwen then becomes suspicious.

Theresa comes up to Julian as he is telling Whitney and Chad he will never lose another son. Theresa is sure that Julian is talking about Little Ethan. She goes up to him and tells him he better not be talking about her son because she will never let Julian have him. She warns him again that he does not love the baby and had better not try to take him from her.

Julian says he wasn't talking about Little Ethan. He covers for himself and Eve by claiming to have been talking about Ethan. Fox takes it personally that his father wants the son that is not his and doesn't care about him, the son who is his. Julian graciously offers to share custody of Little Ethan. He says he wants to be part of the baby's life. He wants to go to sporting events and to school functions. Theresa laughs in Julian's face. She calls him a horrible person and does not want him anywhere near the baby. Julian then gets angry. He keeps thinking that he can't lose another son. He warns Theresa that since she is the one being mean and unreasonable he will fight her to the finish.

TC questions Eve about the baby she keeps talking about. Eve says she had a son who was taken from her. She cries over and over that she can't bear it. Eve runs out of the house. Liz urges TC to follow her and find out what is going on. Eve runs into Julian and cries in his arms. She tells Julian that TC knows about their baby but does not give Julian details nor did she give TC any details.

Beth leaves the newspaper out so Sheridan can see a picture of some clowns. She cringes and screams in fright.

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