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Simone, Carlos, and Tad were arrested. Kendall tried to convince Bianca that Lena was working for Michael. Jack awoke from his coma and learned that Erica really did want to marry him. Maria accepted Aidan's proposal. Flanders killed Chris and later tried to kill Maddie, who had witnessed the crime.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, May 5, 2003

At Fusion, Liza and Simone make phone calls to promote the company. Tad and Boyd enter and report to Liza that they were able to get the bogus lawsuit dropped. They toast and drink champagne while Tad and Boyd explain how they got the lawsuit dropped. Simone tells Boyd she will give him a sneak peak at their product and gives him a kiss. Liza asks Tad for the truth. He said it's too weird. Tad and Boyd tell Liza it was almost to easy to track the transfer of funds by the guy that Lena fired. Simone interrupts with her new idea to get Fusion noticed again. Liza tells Simone that her publicity stunt could propel Fusion into bankruptcy and to leave her name out of it. Tad promises Liza he'll keep an eye on things. She finally gives Simone final approval and Simone and Boyd rush off.

Meanwhile at Greenlee's apartment she is hurt and asks Carlos, "You didn't write the emails?" Carlos says Sydney wrote the poetry. Painfully she tells Carlos that it was hurtful lies. She asks him why he did it and he replies, "The office handy man trying to be a poet? You would laugh at me." She tells him how his words gave her courage and hope. He tries to convince her that everything he wrote was what he felt but Greenlee just calls him a liar and walks away. Carlos explains that she is like sugar candy, hard and sweet. He thought she was melting in his arms this evening, so they could start something new. Greenlee asks him if she should I be grateful he told her all this before he got her in the sack. She kicks him out the door and swears at herself for being such an idiot.

Greenlee stomps into the office of Fusion and wonders to Liza when she will be able to trust any one again. They talk the situation over. She admits to Liza that she's tired of being lonely.

Over at WRCW, Simone and Tad go over the workings of the television station while they wait for Carlos. When he comes in she tells him this is part of her publicity plan, he tells her things are not going well with Greenlee. Simone tells him where there is a will there is a way. She calls Liza and tells her to turn on WRCW. The cameras roll and Carlos speaks to Greenlee through the television while promoting Fusion at the same time! Tad is shocked that they were on the air!

Kendall begs Bianca to come with her when Dr. Martin comes in smiling and happy to report that Jack is awake and asking to see her. In Jacks room, Erica is smiling and gently touching Jackson's face. As she cries Jack tells her he always comes back to her. She tells him how scared she was to lose him. He tells Erica to bring Bianca in because he needs to take care of his girls. She told Jack he is her everything, and he professes that he will be her everything but is then interrupted by Bianca entering. Bianca tells Jack she loves him and lets him know Lily will be by soon. She asks him if he has any idea who shot him. He said it was too dark. Bianca tells him she thinks she has found the woman she has been looking for. They talk about the risks they take with love.

Dr. Martin reports to Kendall that Jack is stable but has a long recovery. Kendall questions Joe about brain damage. Joe tells Kendall that Erica won't forget her kindness in driving her to the hospital and that he won't either. Joe leaves and Kendall turns to see Lena. Myrtle shows up and furiously warns Kendall not to cause trouble for Erica. Erica sees Myrtle and warmly greets her. Kendall looks on quietly while Erica tells Myrtle her and Jack will never be apart again. They discuss priorities in the face of tragedy. When Jack opened his eyes Erica said she only felt love and forgiveness. She swears to Myrtle that she won't waste one moment of her life worrying about love. Myrtle asks Bianca if Lena and her have come to an understanding, Erica doesn't wait for Bianca to answer and asks Myrtle to go see Jack. Erica states to Bianca that no matter what they will stand together, but she thinks that Lena is going to hurt her. Bianca yells at Erica, "Why is it that the moment you see me happy, you try to take it away from me?" She turns away leaving Erica at her wits end. Kendall sees Bianca quickly leaving, Erica very sweetly suggest to Kendall maybe Bianca would listen to her and asks her if she could find it in her heart to help her sister. Erica wants her to use whatever she has to too open her eyes. Erica realizes that Bianca is probably in love with Lena.

Lena and Bianca show up at the Valley Inn and Lena asks her if she wants to come in. Bianca chooses to stay, telling her she wants to know what it feels like to be with somebody and never want to leave.

Erica is back in Jack's room and he tells her he heard her say she should have said yes. Erica says you mean do I still love you. He asks her again, "Will you marry me Erica?" She very softly answers, "Yes, oh yes Jack I will marry you."

Tuesday, May 6, 2003


Erica came to Jack's hospital room and he was frantic because he'd tried to call her last night and she didn't answer. Jack told her his fear that since Chris couldn't get to him, he'll go after Erica. Erica assured him she was safe and had only gone to bed early. Jack expressed his concern about Chris, but Erica told him that Aidan told her that Chris did not shoot him. She believed in Chris's innocence, she told him. Jack made her promise to stay safe and be careful. Jack reminded her that he is motivated to get well, looking forward to their wedding. Erica urged caution and not to rush things, which made Jack run through the list of excuses she probably already had to postpone things, like her hairdresser's poodle having a hernia and the dress not fitting right. Just then, Derek Frye came in to interview Jack about what happened. The police had not found any witnesses of any kind. Jack offered that the only person who would want him dead is Chris Stamp. Erica tried to stop that line of conversation, but Derek said he'd have to talk to Chris and Erica reluctantly agreed to have a police watch at her home to appease Jack.

Opal came in to talk to Jack and Derek and Erica left. Opal told him about her premonition that someone got shot and died, and then she saw Jack's face in her vision. She continued to feel that Jack was in danger of dying. Jack told her maybe her psychic skills just need a tuneup.


At the stables, Mia arrived to tell Edmund they should slow things down. She was worried about Maddie and Edmund told her that Maddie would have to learn to accept her. They kissed and Mia told him she was also growing tired of being looked down upon by everyone in town who is rooting for an Edmund and Maria reunion. Edmund insisted they just move forward with the relationship. Mia suggested they have a picnic in the park with Maddie while Sam was at music lessons. Edmund was impressed that Mia remembered his kids' schedules. Mia had a surprise planned for Maddie and Edmund told her he felt good about her plan.


The phones were ringing off the hook with orders at the Fusion office when Tad walked in. Carlos also got phone calls from new fans of his as The Man of Fusion. Carlos insisted he was not interested in being The Man of Fusion or in anything but Greenlee.

Liza was not happy, knowing that as the owner of WRCW, she could face FCC fines for the live broadcast by Carlos, which went nation-wide and not just to Pine Valley. She felt tricked and Tad insisted he did not know about Simone's plan to go live. He reminded her that it seemed to work, in a business sense for Fusion and accused Liza of losing her edge. Tad told her the publicity would be good for both Fusion and WRCW. Simone was gleeful about all the orders, especially from the three biggest department stores in New York City. Tad asked Liza for a thank you. She remained worried and refused to thank him, saying as her best friend, he should have known better. Simone thought Greenlee would melt if Carlos just told her he was only speaking to her; Carlos insisted that wouldn't work because he didn't write the words. Simone said she would feed him grapes in a French maid's uniform if she was the object of his attention and offered to buy the uniform. Just then, two of Pine Valley Police Department's finest showed up to tell Simone that a day without arresting her is like a day without sunshine. Liza called Kenny and she and Tad continued to bicker about the situation. Tad still insisted that no one will be upset about Simone's arrest, once they see all the orders. He also accused Liza of being jealous that she wasn't part of the caper. She only chastised Tad for not thinking what this would mean to the divorce and how Adam's attorneys would be able to portray her as irresponsible in their pending proceedings and the station could lose its license to broadcast. Tad appeared crestfallen as she asked him if his walk on the wild side with Simone was worth what it was going to cost his best friend.

Carlos and Simone were both sent to the hoosegow and the police teased Simone about her favorite cell being ready and the fancy phrases she's learned from all her recent court appearances. She wanted her phone call and they laughed about Kenny always coming running. Carlos interrupted and tried to take full blame. As they bickered, Liza and Tad showed up. Tad tried to take responsibility and was put in the same cell with Carlos. Liza tried to drop all charges since she is the owner of the station. Kenny arrived to pass along the bad news that they could all be facing felony charges and he left to try to take care of things. Simone apologized to Liza for her latest screw-up. Liza was not sympathetic, because Simone jeopardized the ownership of the TV station, her legacy for Colby. Tad tried to interject support, but Liza abruptly told him she was even more upset with him, because he knew what he did was wrong. She left, after telling them all to have fun in jail. They all looked dejected and Tad asked Simone "come here often?" and the police responded "oh yeah."


Aidan went to Chris's hotel room to offer his help, telling him he knew he didn't shoot Jack. He wanted Chris to tell him what he knows about who shot Jack. Flanders called Chris at that point, asking for the passport and ticket Chris promised him if he took care of Jack. They agreed to meet in the park and Flanders threatened Chris and Erica if Chris didn't show up as promised. Aidan pressed Chris and figured out that Flanders shot Jack, thinking Chris wanted him to. Aidan offered to help Chris, but Chris told him to just take care of himself because Flanders knows he taped their conversations.

Chris went to the hospital and was outside Jack's door when Erica came out. They awkwardly began to talk and he told Erica he came to say goodbye. He also told her he did not shoot Jack. Erica assured him she believed he had nothing to do with shooting Jack. He told Erica he was leaving Pine Valley. He said he couldn't stay and told her again that he did not shoot Jack, but that he would make the person responsible pay. She wondered if he knew who had shot Jack, but he only asked for her trust. She tried to get him to believe they could still be friends, but he didn't buy it. He told her how much he'd loved her, said goodbye and walked out.

At the park, Edmund, Mia, and Maddie settled down for their picnic as Flanders lurked in the background, hid his gun under some leaves and waited for Chris to arrive.

At the hospital, Opal suddenly had another of her visions and sensed imminent death, which she feared was Jack. He questioned if Erica was the one in danger. Opal said no, but couldn't tell who it was.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Outside Jack's room at the hospital Kendall and Erica met. Erica asked if she'd talked to Bianca yet but Kendall said she wasn't sure it was a good idea. Erica told her to hurry but Kendall said she couldn't do it. She asked if Myrtle should be the one to tell Bianca about Lena and Erica said no, that Kendall had to do this. Kendall said it was too risky, if Bianca didn't believe her she'd go straight to Lena, who would then go to Michael. Erica said it was more important to save Bianca than to get revenge on Michael. Kendall said if Bianca did believe her she'd hate her forever. Erica reminded Kendall that Bianca already hated her and that this might make her see that Kendall was trying to help her. Kendall still wasn't sure and Erica told her that she was sure Bianca would forgive her. Erica also said that when this was over maybe Kendall and Bianca could reach "a new understanding." Kendall asked if she would have a new understanding with her as well. Erica answered "We may come to an understanding with whatever it is you want from me." Kendall said "You know exactly what I want from you" and stormed off. Erica went into Jack's room and told him she asked Kendall to help her with Bianca. She explained that Lena was using Bianca and Jack was worried. He asked what she was up to and Erica said it was nothing illegal. He told her to be careful, especially with Chris. Erica told him Chris had stopped by the hospital and told her goodbye.

In Lena's hotel room Bianca was still asleep. When she woke up she found Lena getting breakfast out. Bianca told her that "last night was spectacular" and Lena leaned over to kiss her. Just then her phone rang and Lena answered it. Michael was demanding that she come over immediately. She told him this wasn't a good time but Michael told her he had information that she'd want to hear. Lena hung up on him and went back to Bianca. Bianca said she looked rattled and Lena told her not to worry. Bianca said it was nice to have someone to worry about. Lena kissed Bianca's hand. Bianca asked if she'd mind if she took a shower and Lena said "Why would I mind? You're welcome here, always!" Bianca went into the bathroom and Lena answered a knock on the door. It was Michael and she told him to leave. Michael told her not to shut him out unless she wanted her mother to die in jail. He pushed past Lena into her room. She demanded to know where her mother was and he said that probably right now she was in her garden but that when the authorities find out she was a spy for the Polish police they would find her. Lena was frantic and asked Michael what he wanted from her. He said he wanted Boyd's formula and that a patent had been filed. He ordered her to look in Erica's safe at Enchantment. Michael grabbed Lena by the hair and forced her onto the sofa and threatened to have her mother thrown in jail forever. "Get it today!" he ordered. Lena said she needed more time and he said "Now!" and left. Lena looked around the room and found Bianca's purse. She quickly looked through it and found a small notebook. Lena took it to the desk and wrote down something. She rushed across the room to put the item back in Bianca's purse just as Bianca came out of the bathroom. Lena looked quite nervous and Bianca said she must be having cold feet about the "morning after." Lena said no, she just had alot to do at work. Bianca smiled happily and said "Of course! You must think I'm an insecure wimp!" Lena said she was charming and that she deserved happiness. She told Bianca "I would do anything to protect you from me." Bianca told her to let her worry about that and they hugged. Bianca's cell phone rang and she was irritated to find it was Kendall. Kendall said she needed to see Bianca right away at the hospital. Bianca said she was busy but Kendall insisted so Bianca finally agreed and hung up. Bianca asked Lena if she could call her later and Lena said of course. Bianca asked if everything was alright and Lena said "It will be!"

Later Lena arrived at Enchantment and quickly went into Erica's empty office. She pulled out the paper she'd copied from Bianca's notebook and opened Erica's safe.

At the hospital Bianca met with Kendall. She demanded to know what was so urgent and Kendall said there was no easy way to tell her that Lena was working with Michael. Bianca said she didn't believe her and Kendall told her Lena and Michael were sleeping together. Bianca slapped Kendall across the face.

At the Pine Cone Aidan was packing when Maureen came in with a load of groceries. She chatted on and on about the food and then finally noticed what he was doing. Angrily she asked "Were you going to sneak out on me?" He told her no and convinced her to eat the food she brought first before he explained things to her. Finally Aidan told her that they had to leave the Pine Cone. Maureen thought he meant to go on a trip but he told her they were moving in to the Valley Inn. She protested saying they couldn't afford it but Aidan told her when he could afford it he was going to get her a house. She began to help pack and then started crying. Aidan asked why and Maureen said because she'd always taken care of herself. Aidan said it was time to let someone else do it now and hugged her. They finished packing and Aidan told her moving out was just the beginning. Maureen said she was happy with him where ever they were. Aidan said he wanted to be the person she could count on and Maureen said she felt safe with him. They began kissing and ended up on the bed making love. Afterwards Maureen looked around the room and said "Goodbye no tell motel, hello future with the man I love!." Aidan said he found himself the day he found her in the park. He got on his knee in front of Maureen and pulled out a ring. Aidan asked Maureen to marry him. All she could do was smile with tears in her eyes.

Mia, Edmund and Maddie were in the park. Mia tried to connect with Maddie by pulling out dessert first but Maddie was not cooperating. Then Mia brought out some very silly sunglasses and she and Edmund put them on. Maddie giggled at her father but still wouldn't talk to Mia. Finally Mia brought out boxing gloves and a robe that said "Mad Dog Maddie" and Maddie began to get interested. Mia and Maddie got up and Mia showed her some boxing moves. Edmund watched and laughed as the two girls chased each other around. A friend of Maddie's named Jessica showed up and asked what they were doing. Maddie told her she was boxing and Jessica asked if she'd teach her. Maddie said yes and then thanked Mia. The friends ran off together and Edmund told Mia she scored a knock out punch. Edmund told Mia that Jake was the biggest jerk in the world. Mia smiled at him and said Maureen was right up there with him. Meanwhile Chris Stamp showed up in the park looking for Flanders. He called him on his cell phone and left a message. Flanders watched from behind a large tree. Maddie and Jessica ran back to Edmund and Mia, where Maddie asked if she could share the cupcakes with her friend. Mia said of course and Maddie gave her a kiss on the cheek and then the two girls ran off. Mia looked at Edmund and asked "What just happened?" Edmund replied "I think you just made a friend!." They kissed and smiled at each other. Near the large tree Chris turned and found Flanders standing there. Chris frisked him while Flanders told him to fork over his "goodies." Chris said not before he got some answers "You popped the DA, do you think you're going to get away with that?." Flanders said yes if Chris gave him his passport and tickets. Chris said he never told him to kill anyone. The two men began fighting and Chris pushed Flanders up against the tree. He pulled his gun out and held it to Flanders' head, saying "Jackson made it but you won't!" Back at the picnic Mia told Edmund she wished this day would never end. Edmund said it felt like the first day of the rest of his life. He said he and Maria weren't meant to be, like he and Brooke and Mia and Jake. Mia asked if the two of them were meant to be but Maddie ran over to them before Edmund could answer. Maddie wanted Mia to play hide and seek with her so Mia started counting as Maddie took off running to find a hiding place. She ran near the big tree and was laughing and calling out to Edmund and Mia. The sound of her voice distracted Chris for a moment and Flanders knocked the gun from his hand. He grabbed it and pointed it at Chris. Edmund and Mia finished counting and began to look for Maddie. Maddie ran into the scene between Chris and Flanders and saw Chris get shot. She screamed and Flanders turned and pointed the gun at her. In the background Mia and Edmund were calling out for her. Chris stumbled over to Maddie and picked her up. Flanders shot Chris again, who fell down and didn't move. Maddie stared at Flanders as he pointed the gun at her.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Erica agreed to marry Jack today but after she received a phone call from Jack he decided that they could wait. Just knowing she wanted to marry him was enough.

Lena snuck into Erica's office to get the formula. When she returned to the hotel Michael was waiting for her. She told him the formula wasn't there. He had Lena call Erica and tell her that he was buying up the stock in Enchantment. After the call he told Lena to have Bianca get her into Erica's penthouse and look for a safe there.

Maureen agreed to marry Aidan. He was about to put the ring on her finger when Edmund called to tell her about Maddie.

Edmund found Maddie hiding beside a tree. He asked if she was okay and she said she saw a man with a gun. They took her to the hospital where Joe gave her a mild sedative and said he wanted to keep her over night. Maddie wanted her mommy so Edmund left the room to call her.

Maureen arrived as he was going out and he told her she was all right. She said thank god! and hugged him. Aidan went off to see if he could get some answers.

Maureen went in to see Maddie where she learned that the man with the gun did see Maddie. She said he heard her dad coming so he picked up the dead man and left. She told Maddie to rest and went to tell Edmund what Maddie had said. As they were talking Flanders slipped into Maddie's room.

Kendall tried explaining to Bianca that Lena was spying for Michael and that they were lovers. Bianca refused to believe her. Bianca accused Kendall of being jealous of her and Erica stepped out and told Bianca, Kendall was trying to help. Erica said that Lena probably isn't gay Bianca replied that Lena was gay because they had spent the night together and she left them standing there. Kendall apologized to Erica for Bianca not believing her and Erica told her it wasn't her fault.

Bianca arrived at Lena's room as Michael was leaving.

Maggie was called to see the professor who wanted to know why she copied of Henry's mid term exam.

Friday, May 9, 2003

Professor Stevens accused Maggie of cheating off of Henry's exam. Maggie swore that she didn't copy and several times implied that it was Henry who had copied. Maggie never actually came out and said that Henry had been the one to cheat. When the professor start to get the gist of what Maggie was implying, she warned Maggie that accusing Henry would only make her situation worse. Professor Stevens put Maggie on academic suspension and said that her expulsion would more than likely follow. Henry later learned what had happened and refused to come clean. Henry told Maggie that his 4.0 grade-point-average prevented him for revealing what he had done. Maggie was furious and stormed away.

Donned in hospital scrubs, Flanders snuck into the emergency room cubicle where Maddie had just been given a sedative. He poised to smother the young girl with a pillow, but she called out to Maria before he could do any damage. Flanders fled and Maria and Edmund raced into the room. At first, Maddie's parents didn't believe that she saw anyone, thinking that the sedative had made her hallucinate. Later, they were convinced by her story and asked that the hospital be sealed off. When Maddie saw the shooter again, Edmund pummeled the man - who turned out to be a real doctor at the hospital.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Joni told Reggie that she planned to tell Jack that she knew what had happened to him. Reggie warned her that coming clean would mean her family could be killed. Once inside the hospital room, Joni had a change of heart and told Jack that she would have her youth group pray for him and the man who shot him. Later, Reggie mocked Joni's prayer. Joni explained that she had nearly died as a result of her punch being laced unknowingly with Ecstasy. She had fallen into a coma and was not expected to live. Her parents' prayers, she said, saved her life. Reggie was turned off by Joni's happy tale, asking why only some folks have their prayers answered. Reggie said that he and his mother and sisters prayed for his bother's life - but it did no good. Reggie said he found little solace in knowing that God must have had some higher plan for his brother.

A tearful Bianca confronted Lena about what she knew. Lena backpedaled from the real situation, saying that she hadn't always worked for Michael. Instead, she said, she'd been forced to help Michael unwillingly after he threatened her. Lena swore that her feelings for Bianca were true. Lena wiped away her tears and smiled back, saying that she forgave Lena and still cared for her.

Kendall went to Myrtle's boarding house to see Boyd. There, she was met with resistance from Mrs. Fargate, who refused to allow Kendall inside. Eventually, Boyd convinced Myrtle to relent and he listened to what Kendall had to say about Lena, Bianca and Michael Cambias. Boyd believed Kendall's story and agreed to help her. As Kendall left the boarding house, Michael skulked around outside in the bushes.

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