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Rafe and Alison hid from Joshua after finding out that Joshua wanted to marry Alison. Ian rushed Lucy to the hospital after she passed out. Caleb, Livvie, Rafe, and Alison faked Alison's death in order to get to Joshua.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on PC
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Monday, May 5, 2003

Livvie and Caleb return to Caleb's apartment and Caleb assures Livvie that everything will be fine, while Livvie worries that her poisoned fangs will render her forever deadly to the man she loves. As Caleb begins to kiss her, Livvie pushes him away, again voicing her fear that her poisoned fangs would kill Caleb. But Caleb informs Livvie that he can teach her how to have sex without biting. When Caleb and Livvie hit the sheets, Livvie is amazed that it is possible to have sex without biting. Afterward, Caleb confides to Livvie that he is positive that Joshua would have had an antidote available for any poison that Joshua was using. Caleb vows that he WILL have that antidote, no matter what the antidote costs!

When Kevin arrives at the newly redecorated "Club Elixir," Joshua hands Kevin a couple of vials and a syringe and Kevin thanks Joshua for his 'gift,' admitting that Kevin's daily dose of Joshua's 'medication' is now the high spot of every day. Elizabeth suddenly arrives and blasts Joshua for demanding that she appear. Elizabeth is shocked when Joshua finally announces that Joshua wants to turn Alison into his latest disciple ~ and that Joshua also expects Elizabeth to 'ease' Alison into her new lifestyle ~ as Joshua's wife! Joshua points out that it is inevitable that Joshua WILL have Alison for his bride ~ and it can either be pleasant, with Elizabeth's help ~ or VERY unpleasant! As Elizabeth and Joshua argue, Kevin takes out his sketch pad and draws a picture of Elizabeth. When Elizabeth asks Joshua WHY he wants Alison, Joshua replies that it is because Alison is a Barrington and Joshua craves the respectability the Barrington family could give to Joshua. Elizabeth insists that ELIZABETH could give Joshua that same respectability, if only Joshua would leave Elizabeth's daughter alone. But Joshua growls that he is NOT interested in Elizabeth's offer! Elizabeth finally agrees that she has no other choice except to go along with Joshua's plan.

At the airport, a disguised Rafe and Alison make plans to fly out of Port Charles, but Frank also enters the airport and keeps an eye on them. While Rafe and Alison wait for their flight to be called, Rafe dozes off and dreams of watching a mesmerized Alison marry Joshua, while Rafe is powerless to rescue the woman he loves! When Rafe wakes up, he senses Frank closing in on them and hurries Alison toward the ticket counter. When Frank spots a couple at the ticket counter who look like Rafe and Alison, Frank roughly grabs "Alison," but realizes too late that he has captured LUCY instead! When Ian orders Frank to run back to his boss with the news that his plan did NOT work, Frank snaps that he will eventually get even with Lucy and Ian for interfering with his plans! Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison arrive at the Catacombs, prepared with sleeping bags to hide out there for the duration. When Alison wonders if Caleb might have left behind any booby traps, Rafe assures Alison that he is confident that Joshua would NEVER think of looking for them in Caleb's old hang out!

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

As Lucy and Ian return to Lucy's Place, Lucy is elated by the success of their effort to help Rafe and Alison escape Joshua's smarmy clutches. But Lucy's elation soon turns to disgust when she realizes that some of her own hair has fallen out when she removes her 'Alison" wig! As Lucy angrily blames the wig, Ian hesitantly explains that Ian has noticed Lucy's hair falling out before. Ian urges Lucy to go to the Hospital to let him check things out, but Lucy refuses to go and asks Ian to kiss her instead. After Lucy and Ian hit the sheets, a pensive Lucy returns to the living room and agonizes over a brush now filled with her falling hair.

Outside Club Elixir, Caleb phones a mysterious associate with the message: "Well, everything should work out then. As long as I get what I need. And soon!" Inside Club Elixir, Jack reports for his first day of duty as the Club's new manager. Even though Joshua nods in approval, he ALSO warns Jack that Joshua does NOT handle disappointment very well. Later, Joshua checks on Kevin and Kevin reports that he is STILL taking the 'medication' that Joshua gave him and also reports that he has finished the painting of The Future of Port Charles which Joshua commissioned. Joshua is pleased when Kevin reports that the painting is already waiting at Caleb's Villa! Joshua next takes time to harass Elizabeth, as Joshua gloats that he will soon be marrying Elizabeth's daughter. However, Frank arrives with the bad news that Rafe and Alison got away from him. But, Elizabeth is thrilled with Frank's news and, giving Joshua the gate, Elizabeth sits down with a delighted Kevin and begins to flirt. Meanwhile, Joshua angrily blasts Frank for his inept handling of the Rafe and Alison situation. But, when Joshua throws a bottle at Frank, Frank ducks and Joshua is stunned when he realizes that it is Caleb who catches the bottle! Joshua is unhappy to see Caleb but Caleb announces that he has arrived to make Joshua a deal. When Joshua and Caleb step outside to discuss the deal, Caleb offers to bring Alison to Joshua, in exchange for the antidote to Livvie's poisoned fangs. When Joshua suggests there might NOT be an antidote, Caleb points out that, since there was ALWAYS a possibility that Livvie would bite JOSHUA with her poisoned fangs, Joshua would never have given Livvie a poison that did NOT have an antidote. Meanwhile, Frank catches up to Karen as she leaves work and begs Karen for a chance to talk to her. When Frank admits to Karen that he may have made a mistake, Karen leaps to the conclusion that Frank is regretting his choice to join Joshua's Wild Side and an elated Karen urges Frank to go with her to visit Ian to learn what Ian's progress has been in discovering a 'cure' for vampirism! But Karen is appalled when Frank declares that he has no regrets about having become Joshua's Disciple but, rather, wants to speak to Karen about the problems Frank is having in adjusting to his new 'lifestyle!' When Karen realizes that Frank is upset because Joshua is angry with him, Karen orders Frank to leave her alone! Although Frank begs Karen to listen to him, Karen orders Frank to find one of his own and take a bite out of her! After Karen storms away, Frank meets a girl who is headed to Club Elixir and assures the young woman that she is headed in the right direction! At the same time, in the Club Elixir, Elizabeth is delighted when she realizes that Kevin has sketched her portrait, and even more impressed when Kevin observes that Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen! As they chat, Kevin invites Elizabeth to visit his studio at the Light House, and Elizabeth accepts Kevin's invitation. Reese spots Jack and lets him know how much she approves of Jack's new interest in making buckets of money from Joshua's Club. However, when Jamal realizes that Jack is managing Club Elixir ~ Jamal accuses Jack of losing his mind. When Jamal reminds Jack how much they all went through while Jack was a member of Caleb's Legion of the Undead, Jack argues that it is a whole new Port Charles now and advises his friend that Jamal needs to wise up and make a pact with the winning side himself. But Jamal refuses and storms away. After Jamal leaves, Reese returns and Jack assures Reese that there is no danger of Jack coming down with the bad case of 'morals' that seems to be bothering Jamal. At the same time, Joshua accepts Caleb offer to produce Alison, and the two men shake on their deal.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Lucy informs Ian that she is finally planning to go to the Hospital for those tests, but that she needs to go do it alone. Lucy also told Ian that, after visiting the Hospital, she plans to take in a sale at a department store downtown. Ian reluctantly allows Lucy to leave the house alone. However, instead of going to the Hospital, Lucy went to the historic church that was the first church erected by the founders of Port Charles. Lucy confesses that she has no idea what she should do to rescue Port Charles from Joshua's deadly invasion. As Lucy prays for guidance to deal with Joshua's invasion and courage to face her own health crisis, she is suddenly joined by Ian, who assures Lucy that he will NOT let her die. Lucy breaks down in tears and cries on Ian's shoulder.

In the Catacombs, Rafe tries to get Alison to stop her restless pacing. Rafe promises that it will all be over soon, Joshua will be defeated and they will be able to return to enjoy their own home once again. Meanwhile, Caleb meets in the Park with Livvie and explains that he agreed to produce Alison for Joshua in exchange for the antidote that would reverse the poison in Livvie's fangs. Livvie admits to being frightened by the prospect of dealing with Joshua yet again, but agrees it will be worth the risk and they should go ahead and take the chance. At the same time, in the Catacombs, as Alison complains that the Catacombs are dark and dreary, Rafe urges Alison to look on the 'bright side' and produces a magical glow that illuminates the cave. Rafe then encourages Alison to think of the most beautiful place in the world. Rafe and Alison imagine what it would be like to picnic in the most beautiful place in the world, then hit the sheets. While Alison sleeps, Rafe went outside, to the entrance to the Catacombs, and meets with Caleb. While Rafe is gone, Livvie slips into the inner chamber and wakes Alison, informing Alison that: "It is time to say good-bye!"

A jovial Victor meets Mary at the Hospital with her lunch and announces that Joshua has many progressive plans already in the works for Port Charles. As Victor excitedly talks about Joshua's plans and Victor's future as the Building Commissioner for the City of Port Charles, Mary reminds Victor that she had hoped they would have a chance to travel and enjoy their retirement years. But Victor assures Mary that he is far too excited about the possibilities in his new job to want to travel. Victor and Mary are interrupted by a nurse, who reminds Victor that Frank just called to remind Victor of the important presentation Victor is scheduled to make later in the afternoon. As Victor rushes off for his meeting, Mary reminds Victor to take his vitamins and Victor checks his briefcase and makes sure his packet of blood, stolen from the Hospital blood bank, is there. Later, at the church, as Lucy explains to Ian how worried she has been about her health, Victor suddenly arrives and announces that Joshua has just bought the Old Founders' Church. When Victor unveils Joshua's plans for the church, Lucy is so appalled, that she grabs the plans out of Victor's hands and begins to rip them up. Lucy determinedly declares that Joshua's plans will NEVER happen!

At Caleb's Villa, Joshua flashes back to his encounter with Caleb and the deal Caleb made to turn Alison over to Joshua in exchange for the antidote to the poison Joshua gave to Livvie. When some workmen enter, Joshua directs the placement of a portrait of Alison, in a bridal gown, standing beside Joshua, with bite marks on her neck! Joshua promises the portrait that he has a fabulous wedding night planned for his bride! However, while Joshua gloats over his portrait of Alison, Livvie suddenly arrives and thanks Joshua for giving her the poisoned fangs. Then Livvie hands Joshua a picture of Alison, lying dead, with bite marks on her neck!

Thursday, May 8, 2003

At Kevin's Light House, Elizabeth poses while Kevin sketches her. When Elizabeth asks about Kevin's break-up with Lucy, Kevin coldly declares that Lucy is no longer relevant ~ that Lucy has moved on and Kevin has moved on as well. Kevin is surprised when Elizabeth praises him for his calm, serene balance and suggests that, perhaps, in the future, she could model 'au natural' for Kevin!

At the Historic Founders' Church, Lucy and Ian are appalled when Victor reveals Joshua's plan for the Church to them, but Victor is equally shocked to learn that Lucy and Ian are opposed to Joshua's plan for taking musty old Port Charles into the Twenty-First Century! Victor warns Lucy and Ian that Joshua WILL eventually get whatever it is that Joshua wants. Councilman Hayden arrives with a police officer and Lucy is appalled to learn that even police officers have become Joshua's Disciples! As the police officer snaps a handcuff on Lucy, Ian interferes and Lucy rushes to the iron railing at the front of the church. Lucy snaps the other cuff to the railing, declaring that they will need to take the whole church if they want to get Lucy. Victor tries to talk Lucy out of her dramatic gesture, but Ian argues that Lucy is harmless and can NOT really do much damage while chained to a church railing ~ and the Councilman decides to give Lucy some time to calm down. Lucy is incensed by the very suggestion that it might be LUCY who would need to calm down and Lucy makes an emotional appeal to Victor to join her in fighting Joshua's evil. Lucy reminds Victor that she believes he is a good man and that Frank is a good man and that both of them just need to resist Joshua's evil influence over their lives. But Victor told Lucy that none of this is worth fighting about. As Lucy went up in smoke at Victor's suggestion, Ian tries to get Lucy to calm down. But Lucy refuses to give in. Then Lucy suddenly collapses and Ian rushes to assist her. When Councilman Hayden objects to Ian helping Lucy, Ian bares his fangs, breaks Lucy's chains and, picking Lucy up, Ian rushes through the open front door of the church.

At Caleb's Villa, Joshua rages at Livvie when Livvie informs Joshua that Livvie killed Alison ~ and produces photographic evidence of a lifeless Alison to back up her claim. Joshua insists it is just a trick, but Livvie reminds Joshua that she has been Alison's sworn enemy for a long time and, when Joshua gave Livvie poisoned fangs, getting rid of Alison for good was easy. Livvie announces that, with her poisoned fangs, Livvie will be able to do away with every Undead Underling Joshua sends after her, leaving Joshua as King of Absolutely Nothing! When Joshua grabs for Livvie, she disappears and reappears behind him. Joshua reminds Livvie that he had a deal with Caleb to hand over the antidote in exchange for Alison. But Livvie cynically declares that she is not so foolish as to actually believe for even a second that Joshua planned keep his end of the deal. When Joshua bares his fangs, Livvie tries to rush Joshua, but is immediately repelled by the ring. However, when Livvie backs up and falls over some pillows and Joshua charges toward her, Livvie suddenly sets off a red smoke bomb and slips out of Joshua's sight in the gathering smoke.

Meanwhile, at the Catacombs, Rafe and Alison get rid of the make-up they used to make it appear that Alison was dead when they snapped Alison's photo. While Caleb worries because Livvie has not returned yet, Caleb reminds Rafe that, when they have defeated Joshua, Rafe has promised to let Livvie turn Caleb again, without any interference from Rafe. Later, when Livvie returns to the Catacombs and reports that Joshua now actually believes that Alison is dead, Livvie and Caleb demand that Rafe explain the next part of Rafe's plan. Alison explains that now that Joshua is vulnerable, Rafe will be able to get inside Joshua's head. At the same time, back at the Villa, Joshua roars with rage as he looks at Alison's picture, then went out on the balcony and immediately disappears. In the meantime, at the Catacombs, Rafe explains that, when Joshua's grief at losing Alison has made Joshua vulnerable, Rafe will be able to enter Joshua's subconscious and give Joshua a nightmare about Livvie biting Joshua with her poisoned fangs. When Joshua wakens from the nightmare, he will rush right to the antidote, to make sure it is still where he hid it. Once they know where Joshua has stashed the antidote, they will be able to find the antidote and give it to Livvie. Rafe and Alison explain the way Rafe entered Alison's subconscious in times past to show Alison her greatest desire and reveal Alison's greatest fear. Caleb is surprised that Rafe would have been responsible for imposing a nightmare on the woman he loved but not surprised to learn that Alison's worst nightmare was Caleb! Caleb makes an attempt at apologizing for creating so much fear in Alison's heart!

At the Light House, as Elizabeth and Kevin engage in some flirtatious banter, Joshua suddenly appears and informs them both that Kevin's daughter just killed Elizabeth's daughter, and Joshua shows Elizabeth the photograph of Alison to back up his accusation. Elizabeth immediately becomes hysterical and insists that it is just another malicious trick that Joshua is playing on her to watch her suffer. When Joshua insists that the photograph is NO trick, Elizabeth runs out of the house, declaring that she WILL find her daughter! After Elizabeth leaves, Kevin continues to paint calmly. Joshua reminds Kevin that Kevin MUST take his 'medication' regularly in order to prevent himself from becoming 'sad.' Kevin assures Joshua that Kevin will take his medication soon. Joshua then instructs Kevin that Kevin MUST deal with Livvie HARSHLY because of Alison's death. Kevin woodenly repeats Joshua's orders and agrees that it WILL be necessary to punish Livvie!

Friday, May 9, 2003

Ian rushes Lucy to the Hospital, where he is met by Chris. Chris warns Ian that a blood transfusion will NOT cure Lucy and Ian wishes that he knew what WOULD help. Later, in Lucy's room, Lucy decides she is feeling well enough to challenge Joshua again, but Ian convinces Lucy that she needs to take care of herself BEFORE she takes care of everyone else. Ian convinces Lucy to rest and Lucy drifts off to sleep. While Lucy sleeps, Ian promises Lucy that Ian WILL find a way to fix things. Later, Ian finds Chris and thanks Chris for his help in keeping the exact nature of Lucy's health a secret. Chris is shocked, but again warns Ian that the current treatment is only a stop-gap measure to buy them more time to come up with a REAL solution! When Lucy wakes up later, she is again ready to renew her fight against Joshua, but Ian persuades Lucy to stay in bed.

At Club Elixir, Jack tries to convince Jamal and Casey that Club Elixir is a vast improvement over the Recovery Room, but Casey and Jamal stress that they do NOT agree! Jamal and Casey try to warn Jack that Joshua is probably up to no good with all of his plans for Port Charles, but Jack pooh-pooh's the notion. As they argue, a distraught Elizabeth wanders in, searching for Alison. Later, Elizabeth tearfully explains that Alison is dead. Casey tries to encourage Elizabeth to wait until she has more facts, but Elizabeth insists that Alison is dead and that Livvie killed Alison by biting her, and Elizabeth shows the picture of Alison to Jamal, Casey and Jack. Jamal is numb with shock as Elizabeth's words begin to sink in. As Elizabeth hits the bar, Jamal angrily accuses Jack of selling out to the same people who were responsible for Alison's death! Casey tries to get Jamal to leave, but Jamal points out to Jack that Jack's boss is a ruthless, heartless animal and Jack is condoning everything Joshua does wrong by working for him! As Jamal storms away, Casey follows him. Later, Jack and Elizabeth are left at the bar alone and both begin hitting the sauce. Outside, Casey tries to convince Jamal that Alison's 'death' is all part of a higher plan. But Jamal blasts Casey for being a powerless angel, unable to help ANY of the people of Port Charles, while Joshua and Joshua's groupies turn the town of Port Charles into their own private cesspool! After Jamal storms away, Casey told her boss that it is going to be hard to keep mum about what Casey knows!

In the Catacombs, Alison and Livvie begin to talk about their former friendship and the reasons why they became enemies. Outside, Caleb tries to impress upon Rafe how important it is for ALL of them that Rafe NOT underestimate Joshua. Caleb paints a graphically painful picture of the kind of torture Joshua would put Alison through before biting Alison and turning the slayer's true love into Joshua's unwilling bride. Rafe assures Caleb that Rafe KNOWS the extent of Joshua's depravity! Meanwhile, inside the Catacombs, Livvie makes an effort to apologize to Alison for the awful things Livvie had done to Alison. When Alison points out that, as long as Livvie is among the Undead, Livvie will NEVER be able to be normal again, Livvie counters by pointing out that Alison can never be 'normal' again either. Later, Alison spends some time with Rafe before he leaves, while Caleb fills Livvie in on Caleb's discussion with Rafe about Joshua. Livvie is encouraged when Caleb affirms his confidence that Rafe WILL be able to get the upper hand over Joshua! Outside, Alison told Rafe that she does NOT doubt that Rafe can successfully defeat Joshua. Then Rafe disappears. Alison returns to the Catacombs and reports that Rafe has left for the Villa. Caleb assures Alison that Rafe will be OK and offers Alison his hand. Alison reluctantly takes Caleb's hand, but Livvie eyes the gesture jealously. At the same time, at the Villa, Rafe watches from hiding as Joshua drinks himself into a stupor and bitterly bewails his loss of Alison.

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