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Passions Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on PS
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Monday, April 28, 2003

Fox is the one to find Eve and Julian in each other's arms. He questions the pair about what is going on between them. He manages to break up the couple's tender scene before Liz can get TC to see them together. TC only sees Eve and Fox. Fox covers for Eve while Liz looks around suspiciously for Julian.

Antonio, Hank and Sheridan head for the Book Cafe while Luis promises to escort Beth and her mother home. He plans on meeting with Sheridan and Antonio later at the cafe so Antonio can finally be told the truth. Beth falls and begins to mumble, "My baby, my baby." Luis gets Beth to "confess" that she is pregnant. At first Luis seems genuinely happy until Beth tells him the baby is his. She says she planned on never telling him so she would not add to his burden. Luis admits she was acting funny and seemed to be hiding something from him but he did not expect for it to be a pregnancy.

Hank has a heart to heart with Sheridan. He urges her to stop worrying about everyone else and worry about herself for a change. He tells Sheridan she has to tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan says it must be the most painful thing in the world to know that the woman you love is carrying another man's child or that the man you love fathered another woman's baby.

Luis promises never to abandon Beth. He swears that he will be there for her. He leaves Beth alone on the wharf with her mother so he can get the car to take her home. He does not want to risk Beth falling again. Beth enjoys playing the martyr. Mrs. Wallace corners Beth and gets Beth to admit that she is not pregnant. Mrs. Wallace can't believe that Beth would lie about such a thing. Beth brags to her mother that she nailed Luis and he will never leave her now. The old lady knows that eventually Luis will find out the truth. She asks her daughter how she will be able to fake an entire pregnancy. She assures Beth that her lies will catch up with her. Beth says she has a new plan for Sheridan. Beth is sure that she can get Charlie to help her.

Eve and TC take Whitney out of the club. Eve just wants to get their lives back on track. Chad tells them that it would not be as easy as it seems because Whitney is a grown woman. Julian sees how Fox is drooling over Whitney and warns him off. Fox questions his father's interest in both Eve and her daughter.

Beth plays on Luis' sympathies and protective feelings. She announces that it would be best if she got an abortion. Beth cries that she can't bring herself to make things more complicated for him and Sheridan. Beth tells Luis she does not want to end the pregnancy but she does not know what else to do. She can't bare to be a single mom with all of her other responsibilities and hold down a job. Beth then bursts into tears. She tells Luis how much she loves their baby. It is at this moment that Hank, Antonio and Sheridan show up. They hear Beth's news. Hank looks shocked, Antonio is smiling and Sheridan looks heartbroken.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Alistair puts in a call to Julian demanding that he stay away from Eve Russell. Julian for once stands up to Alistair. He tells his father that Eve is a wonderful woman and he should not have interfered in their lives all those years ago. He then demands to know what really happened to their son. Julian hounds Alistair to try to get the old man to admit that Eve is right and their son is still alive. While Julian is demanding his answers Fox walks in. Julian speaks sharply to his son. He asks why it is Fox never knocks. Fox is glad to hear that it is Alistair on the phone. He asks his grandfather to let him run both the recording studio and the Blue Note. Fox is confused when Alistair orders him to sell the Blue Note jazz club. Fox protests and asks his grandfather what will happen if he does not comply. He reminds Alistair that he is the only heir now. Alistair says off the cuff not to be too sure. He then covers his tracks and makes it an order to sell the Blue Note. Fox agrees and leaves the study. Julian then jumps on Alistair's slip of the tongue. He tries to get Alistair on the ropes about his "dead son." Alistair makes a cryptic comment that Julian may be astounded by the answers he is seeking. Julian asks what that means but Alistair only replies, "All in good time."

Theresa sees Fox thinking about Whitney and calls him a man in love. She asks who the lucky lady is but Fox pretends Theresa is wrong. He does tells her a little of what passed between Whitney, Chad and the rest of the Russells. Theresa realizes her best friend needs her and goes to be with Whitney. The pair have a heart to heart. Whitney realizes how much she loves Chad. Theresa then goes with Whitney to the recording studio. Theresa knows that in her heart, Whitney chose Chad and love.

Eve and Liz face off over Whitney. Liz puts in her unwanted two cents. She tells Eve she should not put her prejudices about singing onto Whitney. Liz is sure that Whitney is too level headed to follow the same path as Eve. Eve goes on about how TC was right about Chad. She is sure that Whitney will end up pregnant and alone. She then tells Liz she does not want Whitney to lose that child and wonder each day of her life what happened to the baby. Eve then confesses she believes her son with Julian to be alive. Eve starts to cry and Liz seems genuinely sorry for her sister's suffering.

Antonio seems to be the only one overjoyed at Beth's big announcement. He rambles on and on about how he and Luis will be fathers at the same time. He keeps asying that their children will be cousins. Every word seems to make Sheridan looks sicker. Sheridan and the others question why Beth kept it a secret. Beth wanted to play the matyr and says she wasn't going to say anything. When Antonio gets suspicious, she says she was afraid it was too soon.

Antonio pushes Sheridan to hug Beth in congratulations.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Beth pats herself on the back for the fallout that her little announcement created. Mrs. Wallace calls her daughter wicked for lying to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. Luis wants to go to Sheridan and comfort her but Hank tells him that he can't because it is not his place. Luis reminds Hank that Sheridan could be carrying his baby. Hank responds that the baby could also be Antonio's but the baby Beth is carrying is no doubt his. Antonio happily gushes on and on about how great it is that both brothers will be fathers by the women of their dreams. Sheridan, unable to endure the happy comments collapses. When she comes to, she thinks that Beth's pregnancy was just a horrible dream. Antonio tells his wife that she was not dreaming. The wonderful news is true.

Eve runs into Julian. Julian begs her forgiveness for ruining her life. He keeps saying over and over how sorry he was for listening to his father. He explains that he was scared of being disinherited. He tells Eve he is sorry that he did not follow his heart back then. He is sure that if he did, they would know what happened to their son.

Eve looks at Julian. She can't believe that he actually is starting to question whether or not their baby is alive. Julian then confesses to Eve that Alistair made a comment earlier that got his suspicions up. Julian tells Eve he is sure that their baby may still be alive. Julian vows to do all he can to find out the truth about their baby.

Theresa runs into Fox. She lets it slip that Whitney is with Chad at the recording studio. He makes an excuse to go there to come between the couple. He tells Theresa he needs to get his keys that he left at the studio. Theresa says she will go with him. She then questions Fox as to why he is holding a picture of Whitney.

Whitney and Chad make love at the recording studio.

Beth hears Luis tell Hank he can't believe his bad luck. He wanted to tell Antonio the truth tonight and now the announcement has to be postponed indefinitely.

Mrs. Wallace is glad to hear Luis tell Hank this. She rubs it into Beth that she will never get away with this lie. Beth says she has a plan to get rid of Sheridan and to keep Luis' baby. Mrs. Wallace asks Questions but Beth won't reveal any more news.

Luis asks Beth for a talk. Beth tells Luis she is so sorry for her pregnancy. She begs him to forgive her. He tells Beth that she is truly unselfish unaware of Beth's lie.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

by NBC

Kay complains to Tabitha about Miguel and Charity being back together. Tabitha tries to convince herself and Kay that the happy couple will fall apart all on their own. Miguel and Charity share their good news with an elated Grace. Grace assures them that Kay and the baby will be taken care of. Kay is infuriated by her mother's words.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace are shocked by all the stuff Precious has ordered when it's delivered to their home. Beth shows her mother the sugar sack she designed to help her look pregnant. An angry Charlie bursts into Beth's house and demands to know why Beth left her knocked out on the wharf.

Luis goes to his mother for advice. Pilar encourages Luis not to run from his responsibilities. She believes evil is looming over their family and prays for Martin's return. Meanwhile, Sheridan shocks Gwen with the news that Beth is pregnant. Gwen voices her suspicions about Beth. Sheridan makes a decision about what she's going to tell Luis.

Friday, May 2, 2003

Sam orders Ethan to come and get Ivy out of his house today. Grace corners David and begs him to sign the annulment papers so she can get on with her life and work on her marriage to Sam. Both Sam and Grace vow to each other that their marriage is the most important thing to them. They kiss as Kay bursts in. She calls Grace "a lying hypocritical bitch." He accuses her mother of making David lie on the annulment papers. Kay insists that David is in love with Grace and risking his soul to lie for her mother. Kay then accuses her mother of loving two men. She insists that Grace tell the truth and confess that she has feelings for David. Tabitha skulks outside the Bennett home watching the fun. David and Ivy watch Kay's tirade. Kay asks them why she is doing all the work of breaking up her parents when it is Ivy and David who really want to see the break up. The couple starts to protest but Kay does not listen.

Luis goes to Sheridan and tries to make amends for Beth's announcement. Sheridan wants to send Luis away but she can't. She confesses her love for him once again. Luis is thrilled. He says he did not know what he would do if Sheridan would have sent him away. He tells her that he does not know what to do about Beth's pregnancy. Neither Luis or Sheridan blame Beth. Luis tells Sheridan that Beth has two drastic options. He tells her that Beth unselfishly told him she would have an abortion. Sheridan agrees with Luis, that Beth should not have it done. She must keep the baby. Sheridan then asks what is more drastic than an abortion. Luis says marrying her.

Charlie attacks Beth when she overhears that Beth is pregnant. Mrs. Wallace watches and smiles, not lifting a finger to help her daughter. Beth then stops Charlie form killing her or calling the police and blowing the whistle on her murder plot. She shows Charlie that her pregnancy is fake. She strings the demented Charlie along by telling her it is all part of her master plan to be rid of Blonde Sheridan for good!

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