One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on OLTL
Antonio stole a key from Dorian's safe and managed to steal the contents from the bank safe deposit box. Paul tried to blackmail Jen into bed with him. R.J. gave Lindsay a gun. Bo started a relationship with Paige Miller. Blair called a truce with Asa. Marcie went to New York City to talk about publishing her book. Michael saved Evangeline. Another agent tipped off Tico to Sonia's undercover status.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Although Sonia doesn't believe a word of what he says, Tico tells her that his mother, Isabella, was El Tiburon.

Antonio breaks into Dorian's safe and steals a safety deposit box key and the bank account numbers of where more Santi money is hidden. Unaware that he's making contact with Tico, Antonio calls El Tiburon and arranges a place and time for them to meet.

Jen is blackmailed by Paul, who orders her to convince R.J. that he should forget about the money Paul owes him. Rex, meanwhile, thinks he's got what is needed to get to R.J. John warns Natalie that she could get busted if she attacks Paul again.

After Nora spends the night in Bo's guest room, they both are left feeling very comfortable with the other's company. Daniel faces off with Bo, whom he accuses of still being in love with Nora. Daniel promises Bo for the fight of his life for Nora's heart.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

John and Evangeline assure each other that their difference in race won't prevent them from pursuing a relationship.

Antonio has a tough time trying to convince Sonia that El Tiburon is alive. After explaining that he has a meeting with El Tiburon, he tells her to wait for him back at his place while he goes to New York to find the safety deposit box that goes to the key he found in Dorian's safe.

David lets Dorian know that he made a copy of the key before it was stolen. They put their heads together, trying to figure out who could have broken into her safe. Meanwhile, R.J. gives Lindsay a gun after she is denied a gun permit of her own.

Bo asks Asa's doctor, Paige, out on a date. Nora and Daniel make up but then have an awkward encounter with Bo and Paige at Capricorn. Riley knows something is up when he sees Jen and Paul together.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Arriving at Capricorn for dinner, Nora and Daniel spot Dr. Paige Miller and Bo at a nearby table. With Dr. Miller being Asa's doctor and thinking that there is a problem, Nora rushes over to the couple. Bo immediately clears things up by letting her know that they are on a dinner date. While perusing the menu a preoccupied Nora suggests that she and Daniel go elsewhere while Bo suggests the same to his date. Paige is impressed over Bo's feelings for the others and with his relationship with his ex-wife and immediately agrees. The couples both show up at the same place and end up at the only available table, a table for four. Paige continues to go on about how great Bo and Nora are together, much to Daniel's grief. He later tells Nora that he'll have to get used to it if Bo will always be around.

The Love Shack kids meet up with Viki who indicates that they will finish up the project on Nov. 19 so that the homeless may have their Thanksgiving dinner at the center. She professes how proud she is of all of them. Marcie is ready to leave for her trip to meet with the book editor but the others show little interest which is very disappointing to her.

As Dorian readies for a trip to NY, she advises a reluctant David that he has to stay home to protect Adriana and Kelly from any potential thugs. She also learns that Kelly has taken a job with Viki instead of with her and is not pleased at all. Kelly shouldn't be associating with Kevin's family, she believes. David promises Kelly that he will stick up for her when she admits that she wants to be her own person, one who is proud of herself. She'll work for Dorian if things don't work out with Viki.

Todd has a brief meeting with Kevin at the Palace, telling him that he has restarted the Sun; the two agree to attack each other via their newspapers. Todd indicates that he will call Kelly for a quote against Kevin. Kevin later meets with Viki to apologize for his previous behavior with the family. They discuss sleazy Paul and Kevin threatens to kill him. Viki thinks Kev will be good for the state but is also aware that he needs his family support to be evident to the voters.

Kevin visits Kelly with Ace in his arms. He's decided that Kelly should visit with her son for one full day a week, without any interference from the courts. He really needs a break and is under a lot of stress, he says. Kelly is ecstatic and declares that she will not give a quote to Todd. A very pleased with himself Kevin suggests that Kelly call the sitter to arrange a day to see the baby on his way out. Kelly calls Todd and tells him she has "no ill-will" towards Kevin.

At the hospital, Michael tells Asa that he's fine. A very nervous Marcie arrives to meet Michael for their trip and Jen shows up with a gift for the budding author- a "power suit" for her meetings. She's surprised that their Love Shack pals didn't acknowledge Marcie's leaving. Blair visits Asa and makes a deal with him, she thinks. They know what each other did, she acknowledges that he's not crazy and announces that she and Kevin have agreed that all charges should be dropped. A disbelieving Asa refuses to go along at first but after a little pleading on Blair's part, they shake hands. After she goes, Asa notes that they're not finished.

Rex lets Shannon know that there will be no further vandalism at the rec center site. She immediately thinks an annoyed Rex was responsible for the past destruction. He doesn't answer her directly and doesn't let on who may have been the mischief maker. He does say that he won't be around much anymore as he's gotten his club back.

Jen, Marcie and Michael arrive at the train station where they are greeted by the others from the Love Center who have a special going away message. David sees Dorian off at the train station and admits that he's on Kelly's side as far as the job goes. He warns her to be careful in her pursuits.

Todd stops to speak with Viki; he has had Dawes investigated and has learned that he's done lots of state work on roads with businesses that are merely fronts. She insists that she will back her son as she knows that he's still good. Kevin returns and overhears but before he can say anything, Blair arrives to gloat over her settlement with Asa. She admits that Asa wasn't crazy but Kevin has other problems like no family support and the real truth in Todd's newspaper. Kevin is quick to assure her that he now has both Viki and Kelly on his side.

Bo stops at the hospital to visit with Asa who insists that he get back with Nora after Bo relates the evening's story, telling him that none of it was just a coincidence as Bo thinks. Just then, Nora walks in with a dinner for Asa who smiles knowingly.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

After Antonio fails to get cleared to get into the safety deposit box, he breaks into the vault, opens the box on the sly and finds a block of wax.

A short time later, Dorian arrives and finds the box empty. Antonio, meanwhile, hides in the ceiling and injures his hand in the process.

Unaware that John is following her, Sonia goes to the warehouse to keep Antonio's appointment with El Tiburon. At the same time, Viki and Kevin have a family dinner with Tico and Jessica. Kevin offers his sister a promotion at the paper, but she's not sure if she should accept the position or not.

In New York City, a racist harasses Evangeline, but Michael and Marcie rush to her defense. Later, Marcie meets with a publisher at Hyperion, who wants to publish her book. Michael gets a better idea of what Marcie's brother, Eric, is all about.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Antonio escapes from the vault undetected by Dorian. After realizing that Antonio was the person who posed as Manuel Santi to get into the safety deposit box, Dorian confronts him. She then sneaks into his hotel room, where she is grabbed from behind as she breaks open the wax brick.

Jessica is all smiles when Natalie brings little Jamie for a visit to Lion's Heart. Tico puts on a fake smile but inwardly doesn't want her anywhere near Jamie. Jen makes Paul think she'll sleep with him when, in reality, she plans to get him drunk and steal the incriminating tape of Lindsay and Rex.

At the warehouse, Tomas is shot by an INL agent as a nearby a shocked John and Sonia watch. Tico later pays off the agent, who tells him that Sonia was also acting as an agent. Meanwhile, John is aghast when he learns the Evangeline was attacked but is grateful that Marcie and Michael were there to help her.

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