One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on OLTL
David accidentally announced over a loudspeaker that Spencer was his brother. Carlo told Asa about his hostages. The Killing Club killer nabbed both Evangeline and Natalie. Viki wanted answers. Marcie was the recipient of an envelope and took the evidence to John and Bo. Todd promised to deliver a note to Antonio.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, June 27, 2005

After Marcie's speech at the Woman of the Year ceremony, Lindsay thanks Marcie for her kind words and for remembering Jenn, when she feels like it is so easy to forget her. Lindsay tells Marcie that she needs to find a way to forgive Daniel and go on with her life because it is what Jenn, would want her to do. She points out how Jenn forgave her for taking her father away from her and that if Jenn can do that then she should try to find a way to forgive Daniel, Marcie expresses her desire for Julie and Hudson's parents to feel the same way as Lindsay. Lindsay tells Marcie that it is not her fault that someone is killing people based on her book and asks that if she finds a way to forgive Daniel that Marcie try to find a way to forgive herself. Marcie agrees to try an forgive herself and after a hug she leaves to rejoin the party for Evangeline; however on her way she bumps in to Hayes who is less than cordial in pressuring Marcie to write a sequel to her novel. Marcie expresses her resentment for his capitalizing on her friends' death and using the tragedies to sell more books. Hayes excuses himself by pointing out that it's made good money and there was a time that Marcie trusted him. Disgusted, Marcie leaves and heads back to the ceremony.

When Lindsay returns she finds Rex by himself and tries to comfort him. They discuss how she, Rex and Marcie were the only ones who, "really got" Jenn. Lindsay continues to tell Rex that though it hurts now there will be a day when he finds someone else. Skeptical, Rex tells Lindsay that Jenn was, "the one" expressing his reluctance to move on. He then leaves Lindsay to make a call to Natalie who is not answering her phone, so he decides to leave a message regarding the plan to win John's attention.

John finds himself in a rather awkward spot when he shows up to the ceremony and met with a rather unwelcome from Evangeline's mother. He finds the torn out page with Natalie's picture and rushes off. Mrs. Williamson notes to Evangeline that it really was for the better since John would have distracted her anyway. Mrs. Williamson seems eager to accept Kevin as a suitor for Evangeline though. After getting to know him she hints to her daughter what a nice match the two are. Evangeline tells her mother though that they are only friends and that Kevin is still in love with his ex-wife.

After leaving the gala, John follows the clues to the docks where he believes Natalie is either being held or is hurt. While searching for a sign of Natalie John hears some cluttering around and finds Rex. Rex tries to play it off as if he was interested in helping but after realizing that there is no use in trying to cover for himself he admits that it was all a set up.

At the police station, Bo arrives with Asa and Renee and Carlo informs everyone that it was Asa who put him up to the hit on Blair's life. Asa adamantly denies any ties to Carlo as well as any connection to Blair's kidnapping. Blair insists that Asa was behind it pointing out that she saw him at the first hospital. After calling the doctor and nurse from the hospital to verify that it was Asa who passed himself off as Blair's father, the tables turn on Carlo when they both say that it was Carlo passing himself off as Asa and claiming to be Blair's father. Blair and Todd still do not believe a word of it; however as Nora points out there is not enough evidence to hold Asa, so he is free to leave. Carlo on the other hand is taken to a cell, not before he gets his one call and contacts his henchmen in Argentina and informs them he has been arrested and if they do not hear back from him in 24 hours to kill Adriana and Duke.

After the call and some very frightening threats the guards leave the two until further instruction from Carlo. Duke finds a shell from a gun that a guard shot to intimidate the two and comes up with a plan using a rattrap, the shell, and Adriana's bra to create a diversion to then overpower the guards and, run as fast and far away as they can. Asa meanwhile offers Blair a deal that she may not be able to turn down. In return for her dropping the kidnapping incident he would have Margaret found instead of allowing Todd to do the searching and exacting his own revenge on her. Blair realizes that Todd would most likely wind up in jail if he finds Margaret and does to her what he wants and when Todd returns, she recants her previous affirmations that it was Asa who put her in the hospital and inserts that she thinks now that it was Carlo.

Back at the ceremony, Dorian expresses her joy that Kelly is at the ceremony with Dr. Truman or in other words that she is not there with Kevin Buchanan. David on the other hand is much less than pleased with the coupling. He begs his brother to leave the party as a favor to him; however Spenser informs David that it is David who owes him more favors. During their argument the two get too close to a live microphone and David lets it slip over the speakers that the two are brothers. The slip up is beyond repair and the two have no way of talking themselves out of it, though Spenser does not seem the least bit interested in doing so anyway. Dorian takes David aside and points out that she thinks it would be nice if he and his brother reconnected and get to know each other again. Kelly is having a similar conversation with Spenser. He points out that he thinks David has always been a bit jealous of him so he did not want anyone to know about their family ties in an effort to keep from being over shadowed. Kelly understands this and points out that it seems that David has always had a void where family was concerned and that is probably why he was apt to take in Dorian's family.

Nora finally arrives at the ceremony shortly after David's slip up and after sorting out the mess at the police station. She and Evangeline share a brief greeting and she gets to meet Evangeline's mother when Marcie breaks in to inform the two that it is nearly time to get the ceremony back under way. While Nora delivers her introduction a nervous Evangeline goes over her notes for her acceptance speech when a gloved hand grabs her and it appears renders her unconscious with chloroform or a sedative of some sort.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Antonio stops by Viki's hospital room to pay a visit. She mentions Jessica's departure, not realizing that Antonio knows nothing of it. Reluctantly, Viki fills Antonio in, trying to spare him any hurt feelings. Antonio can't believe Viki allowed Jessica to simply say good-bye and disappear. Viki explains that she had no choice and tells Antonio that Jessica was scared of hurting them. Antonio can't understand why Jessica didn't tell anybody where she is going, but Viki reveals that one person does know her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Jess is locked away for the night in her room at St. Anne's. She has a horrible dream in which Tess tries to smother her with a pillow. In the dream, Jess frees herself, and gets in a quarrel with her alter ego. She demands to know what happened in her life to cause Tess to come out. Tess offers up a deal: if Jessica will let her come out whenever she wants to, then she will tell her what caused her existence in the first place. Jessica says there is no way she is giving Tess free reign to hurt the people in her life, so Tess takes the pillow and once again starts to smother Jessica! When Jessica wakes up, Tess is in control of her body. When one of the sisters comes to check on her, Tess manages to snag her cell phone and make a quick call to Ginger; she orders Ginger to come break her out of the hospital.

Todd and Blair arrive home from the police station and discover a message from Jessica on their answering machine. Blair wants to talk about Jess, but Todd insists that they have more urgent matters to discuss. Specifically, he wants to know why Blair is not pressing charges against Asa. Blair tries to say that she believes Carlo really was responsible for her kidnapping, but Todd sees through her lies. He becomes angry, reminding Blair that she always asks him to be honest, and telling her it's only fair that she show him the same respect. Blair admits that she made a deal with Asa, in order to use his resources to locate Margaret. Todd is upset, maintaining that he could take care of Margaret on his own. Blair tearfully tells him that she doesn't want him to end up in prison; she knows she couldn't bear to lose him again. The couple shares a tender embrace.

At the docks, Rex reveals to John that the letter was a setup to get Natalie and John together. McBain is livid, reminding Rex that he was supposed to be monitoring the Woman of the Year ceremony. He storms off, leaving Rex to wonder where his sister could be.

Back at the Palace, Nora introduces Evangeline, who fails to come on stage for her acceptance speech. Nora makes a couple of jokes, then leaves the stage to look for Van. Soon it becomes clear that she is missing. Mrs. Williamson runs up to John as soon as he arrives back at the Palace, demanding to know what he did to her daughter. John is surprised to learn that Evangeline is missing. Kevin asks around for his date, while Bo calls in more officers and has the place barricaded. Meanwhile, a drunken Roxy stumbles into the ballroom and accepts the trophy in her own honor! She also makes a crack at John about Evangeline leaving the Palace with another man, and John grills her for more information. It slowly becomes apparent that Roxy witnessed Evangeline being kidnapped. John calls to report a kidnapping and put out an APB; Evangeline's mother overhears him and is distraught to know that "Cookie" has been abducted.

Evangeline regains consciousness in a creepy, abandoned basement. She remembers being attacked at the Palace. As she starts to look for a way out of the dark room, she notices a body in the corner. Upon investigating, she realizes that it's an unconscious Natalie!

While everyone is searching for Evangeline at the Palace, Kevin and Kelly share a brief moment alone. She tells him she would be lying if she said he had no reason to be jealous of Spencer. Kevin is visibly wounded and tells Kelly that he must have been mistaken in his belief that something was rekindling between them over the past couple of months. Kelly tells him that he was not mistaken, but before they can discuss things further, David, Dorian, and Spencer interrupt them. Spencer reveals to Dorian that he's going to be staying in town, and she is thrilled; she invites him to be David's best man at the wedding, much to Vickers' chagrin.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A back at home Viki is pampered by both Kevin and Kelly until Dorian pays a visit and reacts in her usual way when she sees the couple. An amused Viki looks on as the pair realizes that if they're not fighting, everyone thinks they're a couple again. When Dorian goes too far as usual, they both leave, separately, but not before Kevin agrees that something is different between them and one of them should consider taking the next step. Viki wonders why she's the one with the heart condition when Dorian constantly stresses herself out interfering into everyone else's lives. Dorian figures that Kevin is probably on his way to see Kelly and also expresses worry over Adriana's whereabouts...and Duke's. Viki is pretty certain that Adriana is strong like her mother. Dorian is pleased but brings the conversation back to Kevin and Kelly. She figures that she and Viki could have some good conversations if it wasn't for them. Viki suggests that it's a personal attack on her son though Dorian denies it. Viki is surprised to learn that Spencer is David's brother.

Ginger visits Jess, who pretends to be Tess, until Ginger catches her. She refuses to go along and be friends with Jess and stands up for Tess instead, even after she hears the explanation of D.I.D. She even takes it one step further by telling Jess off which brings the young woman to tears. Tess tells her off as well in depth, when Ginger leaves.

Nora demands that more action be taken to locate Evangeline and angers Bo in the process. Evangeline's mother arrives to inquire the same and has a breakdown. In the meantime, Rex wants to know if anyone has heard from Natalie; he figures she's in the same trouble as Evangeline and it's John's fault. John pretty much wants nothing to do with Rex after learning about the fake letter. He meets with Hayes instead and expresses interest that something happened as soon as surveillance was taken off of him. He also mentions that the car spotted with Evangeline was the same make and model as the one belonging to Hayes. The suspect scoffs, wondering who would believe the word of a drunken Roxy. There's no bad publicity for an agent, John reminds him. Bo talks to Rex about a missing Natalie (and hears about the letter) and he in turn divulges the information to Nora.

Evangeline and Nat are prisoners and when Nat finally comes to, the women bond. It's determined that they're being used to get to John and while Natalie expresses her relief that her fake letter to John about her kidnapping wasn't mailed, it dawns on Evangeline that he did indeed see the letter. The killer apparently spotted it in her purse when he nabbed Nat first and planted it. Nat tries to apologize; they hope that John doesn't show up and fall into the killer's trap. They agree not to blame anyone for anything, including Evangeline and John's breakup and instead focus on getting themselves out.

Kevin bursts into the carriage house and makes a play for Kelly. Reluctant at first, she gives in when he begins to kiss her.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dorian walks in on Kevin and Kelly sharing a passionate moment and is not happy about it. She warns Kelly of the dangers of giving in to Kevin and Kevin explains that they are trying to work through their past issues and be more forgiving. Kelly gets tired of their bickering and tells them she is going to the country club and will decide what to do with her life on her own. Dorian is very happy with this decision because Spencer is at the country club and she is hoping for the two of them to meet there.

While Spencer is waiting for Dorian at the country club, he runs into David and Paige who are not too pleased with his plans to settle down in Llanview. Paige, however, gets tired of all of the drama and decides to leave the two of them there to argue with each other. While they talk Spencer informs David that he plans to make sure David "pays him back" for all of the times Spencer's helped him beginning with sponsoring him in order to join the country club. It's at this point that Dorian and Kelly walk in on the two. She finds out that Spencer whishes to join and heads off to talk to a friend in order to help him with the endeavor. David receives a call from Kevin and heads to meet him to discuss Spencer and Kelly.

Kevin is to say the least less than thrilled about the idea of Spencer moving in on Kelly and David feels the same way. Deciding that Kevin is the lesser of two evils the two come together in an effort to stop Spencer from taking advantage of or getting close to Kelly making for a very unlikely team. Another unlikely team of Natalie and Evangeline meanwhile are trying to figure out a way out of the basement in which their abductor has them. Natalie spots the window and after vowing that either both get out or neither do they come up with a plan to concoct a makeshift ladder that reaches it and using Evangeline's shoe they break the window. Just when it looks like they may have reached freedom the Killing Club Killer grabs Natalie's hand. She only gets free when Evangeline throws her other shoe at him jarring him just enough for Natalie to get free of his grip.

John is still working as diligently as ever to find and rescue the girls, but he finds an unwelcome assistant in Rex. After Bo realizes worn out John is becoming he offers to help him with the case, John accepts the help and they decide that the answer to the abductions lies in the Killing Club. Hearing this gives Rex an idea. He decides to go straight to the source and finds Marcie at the hotel. He tells Marcie that Natalie has been kidnapped and he believes it ties into the book. Marcie adamantly disagrees pointing out that the book never included a double kidnapping. After arguing for a while she is informed that a large envelope was left for her. To her horror she finds evidence that the kidnappings are related to the Killing Club but not to the book. She immediately takes the evidence to Bo and John at the station. She informs them that it is an excerpt from the original Killing Club journal. The page includes a paragraph stating that two girls thought they were "so hot just because they were captains of the cheerleading squad." She can't remember the rest though, which leaves John and Bo still at somewhat of a loss.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Marcie continues to be pressured by John and Bo into remembering what happened to the cheerleaders in the original Killing Club journals. She grows distressed as she is unable to remember anything substantial. John deduces that the killer could be using the house where Marcie grew up to hide Evangeline and Natalie, but Bo reminds him that the vehicle was not headed towards New Jersey. John asks Marcie for the address of her old home, and he and Bo realize that there is an identical address in Llanview. They race to the house, along with several officers, only to find that the killer has moved on. John is disturbed when he discovers Evangeline's dress in the abandoned basement, but Bo tries to steady his partner. John then notices a note attached to the window that Natalie tried to escape through; the note reads "Ask Marcie about B and B." John and Bo race back to the station, where they show Marcie the note. She struggles to remember, and when she does, the memory is horrifying.

Meanwhile, the killer has transported Natalie and Evangeline to a deserted gymnasium, where he has forced them into cheerleaders' costumes and tied them to basketball hoop poles. Around each pole is a significant bunch of kindling, ready to be lit on fire. The killer plans to burn the ladies to death!

At St. Anne's, Todd reminds Jessica that he will help her beat the DID. Jessica tells him she wants to call Antonio, but he doesn't let her. Todd thinks that Tess knew what she was talking about when she said that she was trying to protect Jessica from Antonio. Jessica feels that she must at least write a note to her boyfriend, since she went away to the hospital without saying good-bye. She makes Todd promise to deliver the note. After her uncle leaves, Jessica sees Tess in the mirror and tries once again to fight her off. Tess taunts her with the secret of the trauma that caused her to come out in the first place.

Viki and Kevin are interrupted by a visit from Rex, who accidentally reveals to Mrs. Davidson that Natalie has possibly been kidnapped. Kevin rips into Rex for revealing the truth to Viki in her fragile condition, and Balsom is immediately apologetic. But Viki wants to know the details and is very worried about her daughter. Rex confesses his role in the affair (forging the letter from the killer), and Viki has a gentle heart-to-heart with him. He shares his memories of being with Natalie as a little kid, and Viki says she is glad to know that they had one another. She is touched by Rex's genuine concern for his sister. Todd shows up and is rude to Rex, then covers when Viki asks him about Jessica. Viki shares her anger about being kept in the dark where her children are concerned.

Duke and Adriana try to overpower Hesser's goons, but they are subdued. Meanwhile, Asa visits Carlo in prison, demanding to know what "ace" Hesser has up his sleeve. When Carlo reveals that he has two hostages, Asa does not believe him. Carlo has him call a particular phone number, which allows Asa to speak with Duke and ascertain the truth of Carlo's threat. Asa cannot believe that he's been duped by his old nemesis. Carlo says that the only way Duke and Adriana will make it home alive is if Asa tells the truth about Blair's kidnapping and gets Carlo out of jail. Asa reluctantly goes to Bo and forces he and Kevin into a private meeting. Asa reveals that he messed up, and that Duke and Adriana are being held prisoner in Argentina. Bo and Kevin are shocked and disgusted.

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