One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 25, 2011 on OLTL
Rex arrived at the red carpet premiere of David's movie, Vicker Man: The David Vickers Buchanan Story with a gun. The guests were stunned when the porn film with Nate and Deanna, Hold the Diploma, aired instead. John slipped into Todd's office to collect DNA as he investigated the claims of the man with the scar. It was revealed that the man was the real Todd Manning.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 25, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Nate was busy working at the park when Dani stopped by to have lunch with him. She explained that she had wanted to make things up to Nate, and she had a bagful of Rodi's burgers and fries. Nate advised her that nothing was wrong, and he asked her to stop apologizing. He was sorry that he'd made Dani feel like she couldn't trust him, but all would be okay. Nate also informed Dani that Deanna had left for California in search of her mother. The couple shared a loving moment until Rick arrived and interrupted them.

Rick announced that he'd been looking for Nate. Dani advised the man that she'd heard all about what Nate and Deanna had done at the motel, and Rick was astonished. Nate jumped in and explained that he'd told Dani that Rick was a lawyer who had been very helpful in the search for Deanna's mother. "Right. Yeah," Rick stammered. Rick proceeded to talk about Nate's great performance, and he made other comments that had a double entendre. He had Nate scowling behind Dani's back.

When Dani received a phone call and stepped away, Nate gave the slimeball hell. Rick whipped a DVD out of his bag and handed it to Nate. He had only wanted Nate to view a rough cut of the film they'd made. Rick had been thrilled with the results. Dani returned and asked about the disc. Hurriedly, Nate grabbed it out of Rick's hand and explained that it was about Deanna's mother. Rick ad-libbed that it contained material from Deanna's childhood.

Nate announced that he had Deanna's address, and he would send her the disc. Rick left, and Dani asked Nate whether he was certain that Rick was a lawyer. She thought that Deanna shouldn't have been forced to pay for information on her mother, and Dani admitted that Rick just seemed creepy. Nate advised her that all business with the sleazeball was finished. The couple sat to share lunch on a park bench. "Things are looking up," Dani remarked, and the couple shared a kiss.

Dani announced that she had a couple of tickets to the premiere of Vicker Man, and she asked Nate to attend the gala as her date. Instead, Nate talked about how he'd let Dani down, and he would do anything to make it up to her. Nate had to get back to work, and he assured Dani he'd send the DVD to Deanna. As soon as Dani was gone, Nate broke the DVD into lots of little pieces.

Elsewhere in the park, Starr and Baz walked around as they chatted. Starr revealed that her father had been acting oddly, as though he were afraid of losing his family. Baz confessed that his dad had been acting strangely, also, and he was certain that something was about to happen. Starr was scared. Baz told Starr about hearing his father threaten to harm someone, and Baz was certain the man hadn't been the cable salesman that Tomas had claimed.

Starr believed that their fathers' behavior was somehow connected to Sam's kidnapping. She agreed that her father had still seemed stressed out, ever after Sam had been saved. Baz mentioned the encrypted files, and Starr admitted that things seemed to be getting scarier as they went along. Baz just thought it was all weird. Starr explained that Sam had loved his kidnapper, and the boy had thought that the kidnapping was all an adventure.

Starr spoke to her mother on the phone and learned that Sam and Hope were going to the zoo. Starr indicated that she'd always loved reptiles, and Baz was surprised. He pointed out that he'd learned two unusual things about Starr. She was a mother, and she loved snakes. Starr clarified that he was surprised that she was such a young mother, and she considered herself to be advanced.

Baz thought it was remarkable that they both loved snakes, and they both had weird fathers. The couple talked about the snakes they'd enjoyed in the past, and Starr related how she'd ended up in a closed-down reptile shop by herself and had found a man chained to a wheel. No one had believed her story, because she had always told lies. Starr compared the story to Sam's insistence that a man who looked like the original Todd Manning had kidnapped him.

A short time later, Baz and Starr settled themselves down on the ground to observe a praying mantis. When they stood up, Baz grabbed Starr and began to kiss her.

Téa demanded that Tomas tell her the truth about himself, or he would have to move out of the house. Téa noted that she had defended her brother to everyone. Tomas declared that he had only been protecting his family, but Téa argued that she was an attorney, and she didn't need any protection. Finally, Tomas thought that he'd better give in. Téa's first question revolved around the encrypted CIA file that the police had on Tomas.

Tomas revealed that he had previously worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, and he'd been recruited out of Juilliard. The agency had liked him because of his ability to speak several languages, and he'd had the cover of traveling the world, performing concerts. He'd been naïve, and he hadn't known what he had gotten himself involved with. He had pictured himself with a James Bond type of life, but things hadn't worked out that way.

Tomas continued that he'd had to stay away in order to protect his family. He'd incorrectly thought that he'd been serving his country, but things had gotten complicated and political. Tomas had found himself trusting the wrong people at times, so he'd made the decision to quit. Téa wondered what any of it had to do with Todd. Tomas inquired whether she was sure she wanted to know.

Téa assured him that she wanted the information. She asked if Tomas had something on Todd, and whether Tomas had really been the one to shoot Todd. Tomas proclaimed that he hadn't been the shooter, but he'd been there and had tried to stop the actual suspect. That had been when Todd had seen Tomas in the window. Tomas hadn't recognized the shooter, and he'd fought with the man.

Unfortunately, McBain had fired his own gun that had grazed Tomas, and the suspect had gotten away. Tomas assured his sister that he'd only received a flesh wound. He had done his best to try to save Todd. Tomas didn't want to say anything else, other than the fact that Todd was mixed up in something dangerous. Tomas wanted Téa and Dani to pack their things, and he would take them somewhere safe. He was afraid for Téa's life.

Téa grew angry and began to yell at her brother. She stormed out of the house, and a fearful Tomas tried his best to stop her. He yelled that it was dangerous. Téa wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Todd spoke to Agent Baker at La Boulaie, and the agent assured Todd that the man with the scar was dead. Baker had shot him and pushed the man into the river. The agent had watched the man sink. Before they could discuss it any further, Dorian arrived home and demanded to know why the men were outside of her house. Baker charmingly introduced himself, but Dorian wondered why the men had seemed to look so serious.

Baker quickly reassured Dorian that he had been there regarding Sam's abduction and the murder, because he was in the security business. Todd chimed in that they had been discussing Sam and all that had happened of late. Baker promised that the person responsible for all of it would pay. Dorian was grateful for the men's interest. Baker excused himself to answer his phone. Dorian thanked Todd for hiring extra security, and she thought that Baker's attitude inspired confidence.

Baker was incredulous. He couldn't believe the man with the scar was still alive. He ordered the caller to get rid of the man, or the caller would be next. Baker returned to the others and apologized for having to take the call. He revealed that he had a lead on the kidnapper. He handed Dorian a business card, and he turned to go.

Todd wanted to continue his discussion with Baker, but Dorian berated Todd for stopping the man from conducting his investigation. Baker thought it was a good idea for Todd to "listen to the mayor," and Baker left. Dorian decided that she liked the man, and she thanked Todd again for "stepping up" and hiring Baker.

Dorian reminded Todd that Sam had saved her, and she added that she hoped to see Todd at the Vicker Man premiere. "Whatever," Todd replied. Dorian muttered that she really didn't care about seeing Todd anyway. She looked at Baker's card and read his name, Malcolm Baker, out loud.

Standing at the docks and looking around, John waited patiently for the man who had called him on the phone to show himself. Suddenly, the man with the scar stepped out from behind some boxes, and he thanked John for meeting him. John asked the man who he was. "I'm Todd Manning," the man replied. The man added that the other man walking around as Todd was a fake, and he'd stolen the man's family and life.

The man also stated that someone had been trying to kill him, after he'd escaped from the place where he'd been held for the last eight years. John urged the man to step forward, and the men shook hands. The man wanted John's help. As the men grasped hands, John quickly grabbed the man's arm and twisted it behind his back. He pushed the man against a wall.

The man quickly admitted that he'd been the one to kill the agent at La Boulaie, but the agent had pointed a gun at Sam. He also admitted that he'd borrowed Sam to get Sam's father's attention. He wouldn't have called it a kidnapping. "I would never hurt a child," the man stated firmly. He advised John that Baker had been the one who'd been trying to kill him, and the agent had believed he'd succeeded.

John had lots of questions, but the man was unable to answer them. He had been held against his will in a windowless and soundproof room for eight years. He'd been tortured. He had no ideas about the identity of the organization that had held him prisoner, and he hadn't been aware of where they were located. John was skeptical. "Look at my face. I'm Todd Manning, right?" the man said. He wondered how everyone could believe that the other guy was Todd.

John admitted that he had no other explanations, and he'd seen old photos of Todd. The man revealed that Louie had advised him to call John, because John was an honest man who would help. John wanted to take the man to the police station, but the man assured John that if they went to the station, someone would kill him. John agreed that he had always trusted Louie, and the man added that Louie could vouch that he'd seen someone shoot the man.

The man pleaded that he'd be as "good as dead" if John were to take him to the police station. Just then, John spotted a laser beam on the man's chest, and he pushed him to safety. John began to shoot his gun multiple times in different directions. "How about now? Do you believe me now?" the man asked.

Vivian ran into Destiny at the Buenos Dias Café as Destiny placed an order at the counter. Destiny hastily made her way to the door, advising Vivian that she'd suddenly changed her mind about eating. "Destiny, are you avoiding me?" Vivian called out. Destiny stopped and chuckled. She'd been too busy to help out with Vivian's teenage pregnancy group. Vivian wasn't fooled, and she asked Destiny if she were pregnant.

Destiny was appalled to hear that Vivian thought such a thing, and Destiny indignantly advised the doctor that she was way off-base. Vivian ticked off the indicators, pointing out that first Destiny had been queasy with no appetite, and suddenly her appetite had grown. Destiny had also appeared to have vast mood swings. Vivian reminded Destiny that Shaun had heard Destiny's conversation with Matthew regarding a couple having sex.

Vivian could see that Destiny appeared to be stressed out, but Destiny insisted she was merely concerned with Matthew's condition. She advised the doctor that her conversation with Matthew had been about another couple. Vivian assured Destiny that she could be trusted, because Vivian was both a doctor and a friend. Destiny retorted that she didn't know Vivian, but the doctor reminded her that she had been dating Shaun for some time.

Vivian offered to help Destiny, and she suggested that Destiny think about her options as soon as she could, before it was too late. Vivian advised Destiny that she wouldn't be able to pretend that she wasn't pregnant for long. Destiny appreciated Vivian's concern, but she wanted the doctor to leave her alone. She ordered Vivian not to say anything to Shaun.

John took the man back to his own place and told the man that they would have to figure things out. The man was thankful, and he joked that while John was attractive, the man usually didn't go home with guys until at least the third date, unless they spent lots of money on him. John assured the man that the man wasn't his type, but he wanted to hear the man's story.

The man with the scar on his cheek explained that the organization had wanted some information that he hadn't had. He had escaped, and he had obtained a uniform from another agent that he'd taken down. He had been on the plane that Marty had later escaped on. He knew that John had been at the landing strip. John recalled the bagged uniform jacket that had been marked as evidence. It had been found at the landing strip.

The man nodded. That had been the uniform that he'd ditched. John showed the man the logo that had appeared on the jacket, and the man recognized it. He said it had been all over the place where he'd been imprisoned. He didn't know what it stood for. The man was certain that the guy claiming to be Todd was "one of them." The man stated that Todd had denied having any knowledge of anything, and John was shocked to hear that the man had actually spoken to Todd.

The man explained that had been the reason that he'd taken Sam. He'd wanted to get Todd's attention. John wondered why Todd had never mentioned meeting the man, and the man emphasized that Todd was "in on it." The man was sure that Todd couldn't be the only one who was aware of what was happening.

John gave the man a bite to eat, and the man continued to talk. He concluded that he had returned to town and hadn't known what to expect. It certainly wasn't another guy living the man's life with the man's family. John wondered if the man knew Tomas. The man was aware that Tomas was Téa's brother. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was Téa, and she called out that she needed to speak to John.

Todd arrived home and ran into Tomas. "I just told Téa," Tomas informed him.

Baker looked around the docks. He was puzzled that the man was still alive, because he'd shot the man and dumped him into the river. Someone had helped the man, and he would find out who it was. He planned on getting rid of both of them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As they walked through the park, Baz suddenly grabbed Starr and began to kiss her. Just as suddenly, Starr shoved him away. "Why would you kiss me?" she questioned him angrily. She reminded him that she had a boyfriend. Baz retorted that her lips hadn't said anything about a boyfriend when they'd kissed him back. He insisted he was right, and he leaned over again for another kiss.

Baz was astonished when Starr slapped him instead. He thought her action was "extreme," and he still thought that she had enjoyed the kiss. Starr was livid, and she shouted that she had a boyfriend. She thought that Baz was arrogant, and he would do better to forget about being friends with her if he were unable to accept that she was with James.

Baz apologized, and he argued that he had just been fooling around. He hadn't meant to disrespect Starr, and she'd taken it the wrong way. He'd been a jerk, and he wanted Starr's forgiveness. Starr declared that she didn't need drama, but Baz whined that he didn't have any friends besides Starr and Dani. Starr suggested that maybe that was because of Baz's attitude.

Ford stopped to visit with James as James worked in the park. James turned down Ford's request to hang out together due to the job. Ford blissfully shared the news that he'd spent the afternoon at the zoo with Jessica, Ryder, and Bree. James wasn't thrilled to hear that Jessica was in the mix, but Ford explained that he'd invited her because she'd been stressed out. They'd had a fun day with the kids, and Bree had loved running through the sprinklers. Ford admitted that he loved the sprinklers too.

James indicated that he was shocked to hear that Jessica had gone along, and Ford admitted that she'd been "decent" to him. James confessed that it was his "worst nightmare" to hear that his brother had been out and about with Jessica. James thought it was a good idea for Ford to just be polite with Jessica, because he didn't want Ford hurt while he waited around expecting Tess to show up.

James emphasized that Tess would not be returning. Ford confessed that he still saw Tess in Jessica, and he'd seen her at the zoo. Jessica had been angry at a woman who had cut in front of Bree, and when Jessica had yelled at the woman, Ford had caught a glimpse of Tess. Again, James stated that Tess was not there, and Ford would have to remember that. He told Ford it was time to move on.

Ford turned to leave, but James went after him. He accused Ford of being troubled because he didn't get the girl, and Ford was actually showing how upset he was. Ford pointed out that the same thing had happened with James and Deanna. James noted that he'd eventually left his home and Deanna, and he'd ended up with Starr. Ford reminded James that Deanna had shown up and was getting between James and Starr, but James announced that Deanna had departed for California.

Ford was happy to hear that there was no longer anything that would get between his brother and his girlfriend. James grumbled that he wasn't too sure that was true. Ford asked why Starr was hanging out with the "clown," and James explained that he had been working extra shifts to cover the bills at home, and hadn't been able to see Starr. Baz and Starr were working on their music together.

Ford ordered James to go take care of his girlfriend, because working extra wasn't necessary. James apologized for being harsh to his brother, but he didn't want Ford to be hurt. "Sometimes you can't help it," Ford replied.

Baz inquired whether Starr would tell James what had happened, and just then James walked over to them. Starr kissed her boyfriend hello, and she explained that she and Baz had been talking about their weird fathers. James invited Starr to dinner. "We're done here right?" she asked Baz. The musician replied that they were, but he wanted to do more work on their music. Starr and James walked off, and a dejected Baz watched them go.

Jessica and Bree found Viki in the study when they arrived home after their trip to the zoo. Viki listened as Bree chatted about her afternoon and the gifts she'd received from Uncle Bobby. He had gone to the zoo with them, the little girl informed her grandmother. Viki's eyes widened in surprise. Jessica sent her daughter to her room to draw a thank you picture for Uncle Bobby, and she explained to Viki that she'd needed something for Bree to call the man.

Jessica asked Viki about her day, and Viki replied that it obviously hadn't been as good as Bree's and Ford's day. Jessica admitted that she'd had a great day, too, and she couldn't help but notice that Ford was a wonderful father. Jessica denied that there was anything between them. Ford had just taken pity on Jessica after viewing her gigantic argument with Natalie, Jessica added.

Regretfully, Jessica informed her mother that she could no longer live in the same house with her sister, and someone would have to move out. Jessica had suggested the idea to Natalie, because Natalie and Brody were always in her face with their son. Jessica chuckled that she'd love to see John's face if he saw Natalie living with Brody down the hall from him.

Annoyed, Viki told Jessica that Jessica had no right to ask Natalie to leave the house. Viki added that it was Viki's house, and she would be the one to decide who lived there. Viki wanted both of her daughters and her grandchildren to continue to live at Llanfair. Viki was afraid that her daughters would drift apart and would never be close again. They needed each other, especially when their parents were no longer around, Viki clarified.

Parents wouldn't be around forever, Viki added. Jessica pointed out that her mother was getting along fine without her own sister, Tina, but Viki disagreed. Viki regretted much that had happened with Tina, and Viki was afraid that she and Tina had been stupid and had lost their chance with each other.

Jessica proclaimed that it was too hard to see Natalie and Brody together with their son, and she couldn't forgive them. Viki suggested that Jessica start small, and try to understand them. Jessica agreed. She wondered whether Viki was doing the same thing where Todd was concerned. Viki pronounced that she totally understood almost anything that Todd did, given their shared history.

Jessica questioned why Viki had both photos of Todd around, both old and new faces. She wondered if he'd done something. Viki shook her head. "I'm afraid something's been done to him," Viki said sadly. The women talked about Sam's imaginary friend that apparently resembled Todd's old face. Jessica compared the situation to Todd's new face and Walker Laurence who had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth.

Viki felt that Todd had seemed different lately. He had appeared distant, and he wasn't the same as he always was. Viki acknowledged that she had changed, too, and that everyone did. Jessica didn't think that Natalie ever changed and was still the same "lying opportunist."

Brody left a message on Vimal's voicemail. He wanted to know whether Vimal had made a decision regarding telling Natalie that John was really Liam's father. Brody hoped that Vimal would advise him if he had decided to reveal the news, because Brody wanted to tell her himself. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and it was Natalie with Liam. She asked what it was that Brody wanted to tell her.

Natalie explained that the doors and walls in the Angel Square Hotel were thin. Brody asserted that he had merely wanted to tell her that he might have to work a double shift. Natalie thought that he looked stressed, and Brody admitted that it had been a strange day. He was happy that Natalie had decided to visit with Liam. Natalie confessed that she had needed to get away from Jessica.

Natalie could no longer tolerate Jessica playing the victim. Everyone had made mistakes, but Jessica refused to accept the consequences for her actions, Natalie rationalized. She and Jessica had been arguing, and Ford had arrived and defended Jessica. Brody announced that he'd meant what he'd said to Natalie when he'd seen her last. "Move in with me," he said.

Natalie didn't think that avoiding Jessica was a good enough reason to move in with Brody, but he added that another reason was to be with him and their son. Natalie thought it would be problematic with John living down the hall, and it wouldn't be fair to John. Brody didn't agree, but Natalie maintained that John hadn't wanted to get attached to another man's child. She understood that he couldn't help his reaction, but she'd seen the way John had still looked at Liam as though the baby were his.

Brody and Natalie chatted about John and whether he would ever find his way back to Natalie, but Natalie firmly believed there was "no going back." Brody thought it was a good idea to move forward, and they could even look for another place to live. Natalie thought they were moving too fast, but Brody didn't think there was a reason to slow things down. They already had a kid, he pointed out.

Their lives would be better if they lived together, Brody insisted. "At least mine would," he clarified. He wanted his family, Liam and Natalie, to be together. "We're yours for life," Natalie advised him. The couple began to kiss as they began to remove their clothing.

After making love, the couple remained in bed to chat. "Okay, let's do it," Natalie decided. She wanted to move in with Brody, because she thought it would be good for the little family. She was certain that there would be nothing and no one to get in their way.

Téa banged on John's door and demanded that he answer her. She knew he was in there, she shouted. John waited until the man with the scar on his face ran to hide, and then finally opened the door. He claimed to have been busy baking a pie, and the voices that she said she'd heard were only him. He had been talking to himself. Téa wanted to talk to John about Tomas and Todd.

Téa wanted protection for her family members, because she believed that all that had happened around the family lately had some connection to her husband and her brother. Téa firmly believed that someone could get killed. She didn't want John to mention her visit to anyone in case someone was really after them. John wanted more information first; he wanted to hear what Téa knew.

Téa deemed it possible that the CIA was responsible for trying to kill her husband. In hiding, the man with the scar on his face was taken aback. Téa related her conversation with Tomas, and the fact that he'd mentioned possible corrupt workers with the CIA. She admitted that Tomas had not been "forthcoming" with his answers to her questions. John wondered why Todd would be a target, and why Tomas was attached to Todd. Téa suggested that it was John's job to find out.

Téa talked about Sam's imaginary friend with the line on his face. She watched John as she spoke, and she determined that John had more information than what he was letting on. John denied it, and Téa headed out the door. She was determined to get some answers from Todd. John thought it was a good idea if Téa convinced Todd that she'd believed everything that Tomas had told her. John noted that he'd watched Téa in court, and he was aware that she could act.

Téa was not amused. John invited her back inside. He didn't want Téa to arouse Todd's and Tomas' suspicions. Téa agreed that was a good idea, and John promised to be in touch with her when he had any information. He was glad that Téa had visited him and trusted him. "You did the right thing coming here," John stated.

The man stepped out once Téa had gone. He noted that he and Téa had loved each other at one time, and it had been difficult to listen to her. John was adamant that no one be allowed to see the man yet. The man believed that Téa was being "played," and the bit about the CIA was fantasy. John thought that the story could be true.

The men shared a couple of beers, and the man imagined that the other Todd and Tomas were "feeding Téa a line." He wondered how John could really believe someone named Tomas. John clarified that he hadn't said exactly that, and he thought that Tomas and the other Todd could be partners in all that had happened to the man. John just had to prove it.

Todd arrived home and found Tomas sitting in the study. Tomas revealed that he'd told Téa about his career with the CIA, and how he'd tried to save Todd from the shooter. Todd called Tomas an idiot for talking, but Tomas insisted that Téa had wanted some answers. She had threatened to force Tomas to move out if he wouldn't tell her anything. Todd couldn't believe that Tomas hadn't been able to figure out how to avoid talking.

Tomas declared that Téa had deserved to hear the truth, and he'd kept her focused on the "why" rather than the "who." Todd reminded Tomas that if anyone were to learn the whole truth, they would "both go down." Todd was certain that Téa would be asking more questions, and they might get killed. Tomas made it clear that he had given Téa little information, and he was sure she wouldn't get any further.

Tomas insisted that he'd had to tell Téa something, because she'd wanted him to leave. He had to stay to protect his family members, though, especially after a visit from Baker, an old boss. Baker had ordered Tomas to go back to Paris. Todd knew Baker, and he agreed that the family needed protection. Tomas stated that he had too much to lose due to stupid decisions. Todd declared that he had more to lose than Tomas.

Téa returned home and smirked as Tomas and Todd stumbled over the facts that they had each doled out to Téa previously. They swore that everything they'd said was the truth. Téa wondered if she were in danger. "I hope not," Tomas responded. He wanted her trust. Todd thought that was a good idea, and Téa couldn't help but notice that suddenly the guys were best friends. Todd pointed out that Tomas had saved his life, and he trusted Tomas to help protect them.

"Who is trying to kill you?" Téa asked Todd suddenly. Todd thought that was a good question. "Yeah, I thought so," Téa replied. Again, Todd and Tomas stammered over their words. Todd confessed that he had no idea, but one had lots of enemies when one was named Todd Manning.

Ford found himself at Llanfair again, and he handed Jessica a blanket that Ryder had dropped in the car. Jessica pointed out that their son had many blankets, but Ford was insistent that the boy wouldn't nap without that particular one. Jessica agreed that was probably true, and she would need a crash course in taking care of Ryder. Their hands touched as Ford handed her the blanket, and it was electric. Ford vowed to check his schedule, and he asked that Jessica kiss the baby for him.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Todd thought back to his confrontation with the man who had Todd's original face. Téa entered and asked if Todd was all right. Todd needed to tell Téa something about himself. He admitted that he'd gotten involved in business with very dangerous people. He told her that the most dangerous one had been the one who'd kidnapped Sam, but he was dead. Téa asked if Todd or Tomas had killed the man, but Todd assured her that neither had. He swore that it had been taken care of.

Todd continued that, as a father and husband, he was bound to protect his family. He didn't want to lose his loved ones. Téa wondered why he talked that way. Todd admitted that it felt like he'd already lost them in some ways. She countered that "keeping a secret is not a turn-on." He related that she'd kept Dani a secret from him, but they'd gotten past it.

Todd thought that he and Téa would always hurt each other, but they would always love each other. He wished he could promise that he would never hurt, or lie to her again, but he couldn't. Even though he knew he didn't deserve it, he asked her to trust him. Téa ripped his shirt open, and kissed him. The two started to undress each other. A short while later, Téa told Todd that she was willing to trust him.

Dorian looked through racks of possible dresses to wear for the movie premiere, but rejected every one. Dorian wondered what Ionia would be wearing, or if she would even dare to show up. David assured Dorian that at least Echo would be in Statesville. Dorian reminded David that Rex was trying to blackmail her into dropping the charges, but she refused to agree to Rex's terms. Dorian related that she had more important things to think about for that night. David left to take care of errands before the premiere.

Roxy decorated Foxy Roxy's as Cristian touched up the portrait mural on the wall. She explained to Cristian that she was very busy getting ready for the business that the premiere would cause, so she had to hire someone else to help. On cue, Rama entered. Roxy had to take care of some errands, so she handed Rama a nail file, and left. Rama saw Cristian, and insisted that she would leave. Cristian assured her that he'd been mad at her, but he'd cooled off. He missed their friendship. He related that Vimal was really the one who'd gotten hurt.

Rama remembered that Vimal's parents were in town, and wondered how they'd taken the news that she wasn't pregnant, or with Vimal. Just then, a customer, who happened to be Mrs. Patel, entered the salon. Rama couldn't face the woman, and begged Cristian to do something. Cristian offered help to Mrs. Patel, who wanted her nails done for the premiere. As Cristian sat to do Mrs. Patel's nails, she babbled on about how she'd hoped to treat Rama to a manicure, but Rama was nursing her sick friend Aubrey back to health.

The man with Todd's original face awoke with a start, and John assumed that the man had experienced a bad dream. The man related that he'd had a dream about someone stealing his name and life. "Oh wait, that's real," he added. John told the man that he was going to do a DNA test to make sure that the man was who he claimed to be. The man didn't want to, because he was afraid that he really was crazy. John instructed the man to "open wide." John wrapped up the DNA sample, and directed the man to stay at John's. John promised to find out who the real Todd was.

A short while later, the man dried his hair with a towel, as Roxy entered. The man covered his head and face. Thinking the man was John, Roxy told the man that she needed to talk to him. Roxy wasn't happy with the way John had treated Natalie, so the man grunted in response. Roxy wanted to look him in the eye, and know that they could still be friends. She tried to pull the towel off his head, but he pulled it tighter. She suddenly realized that she had to get back to the salon for appointments, and left.

Mrs. Patel admired her newly done nails. David entered the salon, and called out to Roxy to make him "handsomer." Mrs. Patel was ecstatic to see David, and exclaimed that she was his biggest fan. She hugged him, and took a picture with him. Roxy returned and admired Mrs. Patel's nails, as the woman left.

Cristian returned to Rama, who couldn't believe that Vimal had lied to his parents. She wondered how Vimal would explain why Rama wouldn't be at the premiere. She wanted to show up at the premiere to help Vimal out, but realized that she wouldn't look pregnant. "What if I could get you pregnant?" Cristian suggested. At Rama's confusion, he picked up an empty balloon, and offered to blow it up for her.

At the hospital, Viki wanted to talk about Natalie's relationship with Brody. She assured Natalie that Jessica hadn't meant it when she suggested that Natalie move out of Llanfair. Viki wanted Natalie to understand that Jessica was hurting. Viki asked how strong Natalie's feelings were for Brody. She wondered if the relationship was out of convenience, or if the two really loved each other.

Natalie told Viki that she finally had a chance at the family she'd always wanted. Natalie added that she and Brody had decided to find a place away from Angel Square. Viki wondered if Natalie still had feelings for John. Natalie related that she'd always have feelings for John, but she'd moved on. She hoped to be close with Jessica again one day, but she didn't want to feel guilty for being happy. Viki wanted her daughter happy, as long as it was with the right guy.

Brody arrived at the Sun and found Vimal. Brody wanted to know whether or not Vimal was going to tell John about Liam. As Vimal was about to answer, John entered. He wondered why Brody was there, to which Brody replied that he was working on the Jack Manning attack. John said that he'd meet Brody at the station to go over the lead he'd gotten in the case, and Brody left.

John was looking for Todd, but Vimal informed John that Todd hadn't been in yet. John wanted to wait, and sat down on the couch in Todd's office. Vimal left, and John got up to look around Todd's desk. He kicked open a drawer, and found a case inside. He unzipped the case, took out a toothbrush, and bagged it.

Brody stopped Vimal in the hallway, and asked for Vimal's decision. Vimal revealed that he believed that Brody and Natalie would care for Liam and raise him well, so he agreed not to tell John the truth. Satisfied, Brody walked away.

Todd arrived in front of his office, but Vimal stopped him. He wondered if the envelope in Todd's hand contained tickets for David's movie premiere. He told Todd how big a fan of David's that Mrs. Patel was, and how she'd love to go to the premiere. Todd wondered why he would give tickets to Vimal. Vimal replied that he'd been keeping the paternity secret. Todd countered that he'd given Vimal a job. Todd had a large block of tickets and agreed to give three to Vimal, as per his request. Todd went into his office, and demanded to know why John was there.

A short while later, Mrs. Patel arrived at the Sun. She excitedly told Vimal that she'd met David. He showed his mother the movie tickets. Mrs. Patel was excited for "the four of us" to have fun at the premiere. When she walked away, Vimal realized he'd need another ticket for Rama.

"Why are you here?" Clint demanded, as Rex entered Clint's hospital room. Rex wanted Clint to threaten Dorian with an attempted murder lawsuit if Dorian didn't drop the charges against Echo. Rex urged Clint to do it for Shane, who Clint claimed to care about. Rex didn't want Shane to lose anyone else. He dialed Dorian's number on his phone, and handed it to Clint.

When Dorian answered, Clint told her that he would charge her with attempted murder if she didn't drop the charges against Echo. She knew Rex had gotten to Clint, but Clint only told her how much she would have to lose. She reluctantly agreed, and told him that he made a good bully. Clint said that he expected immediate action, and hung up the phone.

Clint warned Rex that messing with Todd was a dangerous game. Rex wasn't afraid, but Clint told him to be wary of his obsession for revenge. Natalie and Viki entered, and sensed the tension in the room. Rex had nothing left to say, so he left, followed by Natalie. Clint told Viki that he would soon be allowed to leave the hospital. Viki reminded him that he would be going straight to Statesville, and wondered why he was letting it happen. Clint refused to discuss the matter, and related that he'd just have to make his last days of freedom count.

Natalie wondered how Rex was doing. She wanted to spend the rest of the day with him, Shane, and Liam, but Rex told her they could spend time together another time. As Rex left, Brody entered. She told him that Viki knew they were moving in together, and hugged him.

The doorbell rang at La Boulaie, and Blair answered it to Tomas. Tomas wanted to see Blair so he could "come clean" with her, starting with the CIA file. A short while later, Blair was shocked to find out that Tomas had been a CIA agent. He also explained how he'd tried to stop Todd's shooting. He hadn't told her because it hadn't been safe, but he had decided to tell her because he cared about her.

Blair was relieved that Tomas seemed to be one of the good guys. He wondered if she was scared, but she kissed him, and let him know that she wasn't. Dorian entered, and asked if Tomas was going to escort Blair to the premiere that night. Tomas said that he'd love to take Blair. Dorian reminded Blair of her appointment with Roxy, so Blair left. Before Tomas could leave, Dorian wanted to talk to him about Todd.

Dorian explained that Todd had been the love of Blair's life. Dorian believed that every man Blair had been with after Todd had been a purposely bad choice in order to leave Blair stuck on Todd. Dorian wanted Blair to meet someone to break the cycle. Tomas took Dorian's hands, and said, "I hope I'm the one."

When Tomas was gone, David returned. He assured her that everything was set for later that night. Noticing that something was wrong with Dorian, David wondered what it was. She explained her conversation with Clint, and revealed that she had to drop the charges against Echo. Both agreed not to think about it, and to concentrate on having fun at the premiere. They vowed to let nothing ruin "the biggest night of our lives."

As the man with Todd's original face picked up the paper, John's phone rang. The answering machine picked up for Tomas, who needed to talk to John about Todd. As he told John to call back when he could, the man scrambled to pick up the phone. He put on a gruff voice, and pretended to be John.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

As Téa was about to walk in her house, Dani ran up to the door with her arms full of shopping bags. Dani needed her mother to help her pick out something to wear for the premiere. Téa was glad to learn that things between Dani and Nate were all right. Dani asked how Téa and Todd were. Téa told Dani that she and Todd had agreed to disagree, which was progress.

The man with Todd's original face answered the phone, pretending to be John. He wanted Tomas' information about Todd, but Tomas didn't want to discuss it on the phone. As Baz eavesdropped, Tomas told the man that he had "privileged information" about Todd. Téa and Dani entered the house, so Tomas told the man to meet him at the premiere. Téa demanded to know if Baz was eavesdropping, which he defiantly confirmed. Téa urged Tomas to tell Baz and Dani the truth.

Tomas admitted that he'd been a CIA agent, but related that the less he said, the less dangerous it would be for his loved ones. He also disclosed that he'd been trying to stop Todd's shooter, and had gotten wounded in the process. He demanded that they keep things quiet, and declared the conversation over. He pushed Baz toward the stairs to go get ready for the premiere.

Blair entered La Boulaie. Starr urged her to get ready, because they would be late for the premiere. As Blair went upstairs, the doorbell rang. Starr was ecstatic to open the door to Markko. Starr wished that Langston could have been there too, but Markko said that Langston was already working on another project. Starr asked about the collaboration, and Markko replied that he and Langston had been learning to trust each other again. Starr reminded him that "the Ford thing" had had nothing to do with Markko.

Markko was glad to hear that things were going well with Starr and James, but wondered who Baz was. Starr insisted that they were only working on music together. She told Markko to get going, because he would miss his own movie premiere. He left, and Blair returned downstairs. Starr complimented Blair on her earrings, to which Blair replied that they had been a gift from Todd long before. Blair informed Starr that Tomas and Baz would be escorting them. Starr was happy to learn that things were going better between Blair and Tomas. Blair said that, since Tomas was being honest about his past, the two might have a future.

A short while later, Blair and Tomas complimented each other as they left the house. Behind them, Baz told Starr that Tomas had given a little information about his past, but had only left Baz with more questions. Baz offered his arm to Starr, but she refused it. He promised to be a gentleman, and not try to kiss her again. She walked away, leaving Baz to follow.

Todd demanded to know why John was in his office. As Jack entered, John claimed to be following up on Jack's attack. He continued that he'd gotten what he'd needed, and left. When Jack wondered what John had wanted, Todd yelled that Jack had told John about Jack's attack. He assured Jack that "the Gigi Morasco thing" was over, thanks to Brad. Jack was convinced that John knew Jack had been the cause of Gigi's death.

Todd assured Jack that John couldn't get to Jack, and urged his son to move on. Jack informed his father that he couldn't just decide to feel better when he didn't. Todd reminded Jack that Todd had made many mistakes, but he'd had to live with them. Todd pushed Jack along so they could get to the premiere. Jack worried that John would be there, but Todd assured him that they would just make fun of John's hair.

John returned to his apartment. He told the man that he had gotten Todd's DNA, so he would put a rush on the results to figure out who was the real Todd. The man wondered if John was on his way to "the party." He explained to a confused John about how he'd answered the phone, and that John was supposed to meet with Tomas at the movie premiere. John wondered what was wrong with the man, and yelled that he could get himself, and possibly everyone in the building, killed.

The man told John to change clothes, because the event was black tie. John refused to wear a tuxedo, so the man urged John to care about his appearance. John promised to place a trusted cop outside the door, and instructed the man not to leave the apartment. When the man wondered what to do, John told him to channel surf, and left.

Nate found Ford at the premiere. Ford had hoped to have his own movie premiere instead of working at someone else's. Nate told Ford that Deanna had gone to California to look for her mother. Ford praised Nate for getting the information from the lawyer. Nate suddenly caught sight of Rick, and ran after him.

The Patels were proud that Vimal had made it big enough in America to take them to a movie premiere. Mrs. Patel wished that Rama could've gone, and hoped that she wouldn't catch a cold from Aubrey. Vimal told his parents how difficult it had been to get tickets. He slipped that even Cutter and Aubrey had gotten turned away. His parents caught on to the slip, and he admitted that he had a confession. As he was about to tell them the truth, Rama appeared, pregnant-looking, and happy to be there.

The Patels were ecstatic to feel the fake baby bump. They left to get everyone drinks, and Vimal demanded to know what was going on. Rama explained Cristian's idea, and that she'd overheard Mrs. Patel talking about Rama and the baby. Rama was there to buy Vimal time. A short while later, Mrs. Patel returned with Harrison Ford's autograph. She declared the day the happiest day of her life.

Blanca reported for the show from the premiere. She found Dorian and David, and asked about the rumors about David and Ionia. "I did not have sex with that woman," David declared, looking into the camera. As Blanca asked Dorian about her dress, Ionia entered, wearing the same dress as Dorian. Dorian angrily vowed to "rip it off, and kick her ass to the curb!" Blanca followed as Dorian confronted Ionia. Dorian told Blanca about Ionia and Echo's conspiracy to break up Dorian and David.

Dorian and Ionia argued on-camera. Dorian demanded that Ionia leave, but Ionia refused. David spotted Markko, and called him over. Markko got Ionia out of the room, and Dorian walked away. Blanca ended her segment as Rick approached her. He told her that she would be familiar with his work "very soon." Téa and Dani appeared, and Blanca described them as the lucky "Todd Manning's girls."

The man turned on the TV just in time to see Blanca interviewing Todd, Téa, Dani, and Jack. He urged Téa to use her "big brain," and figure out that the Todd she had married was a fake. Blanca asked about Dani's conception on the island, but Dani didn't want to think about it. Blanca moved on to ask Jack about the charges against him, but Todd answered that all charges against Jack had been dropped.

Blanca then found Blair, Tomas, Starr, and Baz. She asked about the music collaboration between Baz and Starr. Tomas insisted that he was proud of both. Watching the interview on TV, the man told Tomas to wait, because John was on his way. Blanca complimented Blair on her earrings, which she replied had been a gift from her ex-husband. Blanca asked Blair how she felt about an Asian-American actress portraying her character, to which Blair answered that it was the magic of Hollywood. The man saw Blair's earrings, and recognized them as a gift he'd given to Blair. "I think maybe I'm going to a party," he said.

Rex entered his house, and poured himself a drink. He turned on the television, and was disgusted with the interviews on Blanca's show. "No justice," he muttered, and turned off the TV. Shane entered, holding his notebook. Rex wondered if Shane had made a new comic, and if he could see it. Shane refused, and said that it was stupid. However, he handed it to Rex anyway.

Rex saw that it was a comic mimicking the way Gigi died. The differences were that the boy saved his mother in the end, and the "bad guys" paid for their crimes. Shane related that the bad guys never paid in real life. Rex swore that they would "this time." Rex promised to bankrupt Todd so he was no longer rich and powerful. Shane didn't see how Todd being poor would help them, since Gigi would still be dead. He stormed out of the room.

Rex knew that Shane was right -- "It's not enough to take their money." He threw the television remote in anger, accidentally breaking Gigi's picture frame. He picked up the picture, and said that he had to "do it now." He wondered how else Shane would move on. A short while later, Rex walked down the stairs, dressed up. He opened the safe in the living room, and removed a gun.

Dorian asked Markko if Ionia was gone, and he assured her that he'd put Ionia in a cab. Starr and Baz entered, and Dorian wished that Langston were there. Starr reminded Dorian that Dorian had been the one to turn Langston into a "hot commodity." Dorian told Markko that she'd made a few changes in the movie. Markko, feeling sick, had thought he'd had the final cut. Dorian only smiled and walked away.

Starr introduced Markko and Baz. Baz offered to get drinks, and walked away. Starr insisted that she and Baz were only working on music together. Markko thought they weren't, especially with the way Baz looked at her. Dani entered, looking for Nate.

Nate cornered Rick, and reminded him that Nate had held up his end of the deal. Rick wondered what Nate had thought of the rough cut of the movie, which a confused Ford overheard. Rick walked away, and Ford asked if Nate had worked with Rick. Ford warned his brother that he wouldn't be taken seriously as an actor if he'd done porn.

Dani entered, and sensed that something was wrong. Dorian entered, and demanded that Ford circle the room with the hors d'oeuvres, like she'd paid him to do. Ford told Nate that they'd talk later, and walked away. Dani wondered if the brothers had gotten into a fight. Nate explained that Ford was just down because he wanted to make his own movies. Dani told him that she'd seen "that skeevy lawyer." Nate wondered how the "lawyer" had gotten in.

Ford and Markko bumped into each other. Ford shook Markko's hand, and congratulated him. Markko owed his success to Ford, for being Markko's teacher. Ford asked about Langston. Markko told him that she was already working on another project, and revealed that they were back together. Ford was happy for the couple. Markko had heard from Starr that Ford had gotten his heart broken. Ford said that it was rough. "I've been there," Markko said, and walked away.

Dani and Jack left to find seats for their family. Téa told Todd that he'd survived the red carpet, and might actually enjoy the movie. He just enjoyed Téa's company, "now that you're talking to me." She told him to keep behaving, and she wouldn't give him the cold shoulder again. He kissed her neck as Blair, Tomas, Starr, and Baz entered. Blair thought that they would all have fun at the premiere. "Like a root canal!" Todd added.

Blair wondered if Tomas remembered her earrings. He did, since he'd spent hours painting them. He was happy to have "the real thing" instead of a painting. The movie was about to start, so everyone started to head toward the theatre. John entered, and eventually found Tomas. Blair offered to get seats, and left. John wondered what information Tomas had about Todd.

Dorian got up in front of the room with a microphone, and thanked everyone for attending the premiere. She explained the movie, and was happy to present Vicker Man: The David Vickers Buchanan Story. As the movie started, Dani told Nate that she knew he would one day be up on the screen.

The beginning credits rolled, but the screen suddenly went blue. Dorian announced technical difficulties, but promised that it would be fixed soon. The movie returned, but it wasn't David's movie. Hold the Diploma appeared on the screen. As Nate engaged in nudity and suggestive dialogue on the screen, everyone in attendance, including Dani, gasped in horror. Rick smiled from the back of the theatre.

Friday, July 29, 2011

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cristian made a banana split for a customer and then greeted Shaun, who sat up at the bar. As they both gazed at a huge poster of David as Vicker Man, Shaun noted, "It looks like he follows you with his eyes." Cristian informed Shaun that he and Rama had made up, and that he had made her pregnant.

Cristian delivered two hot dogs with relish to the waitress and announced that Rama was not really pregnant. Cristian explained that Vimal had not yet told his parents about the false pregnancy, so Cristian had used a water balloon to make it appear that Rama was pregnant. While Shaun appeared to be skeptical about Cristian's plan, Cristian believed that Rama would be very careful. Shaun only hoped that it did not blow up in Vimal's face.

Shaun wondered what would happen when Vimal's parents expected the water balloon to turn into a baby, but Cristian was certain that he had given Vimal more time to get his courage up, so that Vimal could tell his parents the truth. Shaun declared that he was glad that Cristian and Rama were friends again, and Cristian announced that he had to leave to check on Capricorn. Shaun pleaded with Cristian to take the poster of Vicker Man with him to Capricorn.

At John's apartment, the man with Todd's original face, scar and all, dressed for the premiere, when Baker burst through the door with a gun. As the man continued to get ready, Baker held a gun on him. Baker indicated that he had a long to-do list, and that he had to take care of the man and a few other loose ends.

Baker then ordered the man to drag the cop inside of the apartment and announced that he had figured out from the information received at the docks, where to look for the man. When the man with a scar revealed that he had told John McBain that Todd was a fake, Baker declared that he would have to add John to the list of those that Baker had to kill.

The man with a scar exclaimed that he was the only Todd Manning, and Baker told him to move. Baker wanted the man at a nondescript location, where nobody could intervene, and where his body would not be found. The man distracted Baker, pulled out a squirt gun, and sprayed Baker in the eye. The two of them wrestled for Baker's gun.

At the premiere of Vicker Man, the film suddenly stopped, and the porn movie, Hold the Diploma, starring Nate Salinger, also known as Buster Ridge, began. Vimal's mother fainted in her seat, and the audience screamed in outrage. Vimal's father yelled out that the filth was not suited for family members, as Blair covered Jack's eyes. David demanded to know what had happened to his movie, as Rick gloated behind him.

Dani hyperventilated in her seat, as Téa comforted her. Nate tried to pull down the screen and demanded that someone shut the porn movie off. Nate then tried to apologize to Dani, who slapped him. Markko feared that his chance to be a future executive producer, or even a producer, was over. After Dorian asked Markko who had her film, Markko wondered who owned the porn flick. Rick believed that Markko's comment was his cue.

As Mr. Patel tried to calm Mrs. Patel, Rick walked up to the front of the room and introduced himself. Rick exclaimed that he had just given the audience a sneak preview of Hold the Diploma, which starred the brand new discovery up-and-comer, Buster Ridge. Rick pointed to Nate and applauded. When Dani, Starr, and Baz ran out of the room, Nate attempted to follow them, but Todd stopped him.

Ford, who worked as a waiter, ran into Rama, which resulted in three pigs in a blanket being stuck in her belly. When Ford cried out that toothpicks were in Rama's stomach, Rama stated, "Listen, Mister, I have more important things on my mind that your little wiener." Rama then yanked the pigs in a blanket out of her stomach and threw them at Ford.

In another area, Mrs. Patel felt blessed to have such a kind and wonderful daughter-in-law, and Vimal agreed that Rama had a way of always being there for him. As Vimal thanked Rama, he observed the water leaking out of the hole in Rama's stomach and covered it up. The water began to squirt out of the other holes in Rama's belly, and then the water completely exploded onto the floor.

Rama declared that her water had broken sooner than expected. When Vimal's mother picked up the remains of the balloon and asked what it was, Rama explained that she had needed extra support. However, Vimal told Rama to stop and explained to his parents that Rama was not pregnant. When Vimal's parents could not understand why Vimal had lied to them, Rama admitted that she had never been pregnant.

Rama stressed that Vimal had believed that she had been pregnant, when Vimal had been sent to Statesville. Then Rama had to explain why their son had been in Statesville, and she said that she had convinced Vimal to take the rap for a crime that he had not committed. Rama maintained that Vimal had always believed that Rama was pregnant.

Mrs. Patel surprised everyone, when she observed that Rama had done that, because Rama truly loved their son. Rama claimed that she was ashamed of what she had done. Rama then admitted that she had lost her way but stressed that she had never lost her heart. When Rama told Vimal that she still loved him, Vimal declared that he still loved Rama. Vimal's mother happily declared that she still wanted to be a grandmother, so that they needed to get back to business. Mrs. Patel added, "And if you need any pointers, you can ask that...that boy from the film. He seemed to know the work he was doing." Vimal and Rama laughed.

As Rick passed out cards to future porn film-goers, David took the cards and flung them in the air. Rick shouted that he was David's number one fan and indicated that he would have his people contact David's people. When Rick told David to keep up the good work, David said, "Thanks." Dorian stopped Rick from leaving, and Markko demanded that Rick disclose what he had done with Vicker Man.

As two guards grabbed Rick's arms to escort him out, Markko announced that he was the director of Vicker Man, Dorian stated that she was the executive producer of the movie and also the mayor of Llanview, and David revealed that his pa was the police commissioner. When David demanded to know what had happened to Vicker Man, Rick mentioned that it had probably been uploaded online by the bootlegger who had stolen it.

Rick claimed that a totally shady character had taken off running with Vicker Man, so Rick had decided to show the people his movie. David feared that he and Dorian would lose DVD sales and residuals, if Vicker Man hit the websites, but Dorian refused to hear of it and indicated that she and David would stop that from happening. When David wondered if they could leave their own premiere, Dorian reminded him that there had been no premiere.

In the hall outside of the premier of Vicker Man, Tomas indicated to John that Todd had another job, and John asked what that was. Tomas voiced that it could no longer be hidden due to Baker's involvement. Todd announced that Baker worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, and that Todd had worked for Baker. Tomas also declared that Baker had been behind Todd's shooting.

Tomas exclaimed that Baker was in town to finish the job, and that people that both Todd and Tomas cared about were potential targets. When John asked what Baker wanted with Todd, Tomas claimed that he did not know. When Tomas announced that he had worked for Baker too, John stated that he would need to verify the information with the CIA.

Tomas explained that the CIA would not acknowledge him or Todd, because the mission had not been sanctioned by the CIA. However, Tomas claimed that a lot of people had paid a huge price for the mission. John reflected that there was a rogue CIA agent, who would kill everyone if he was not stopped. John demanded that Tomas "come clean."

Dani, Starr, Téa, and Baz ran into the hall and interrupted the discussion between Tomas and John. Téa explained about the substitute movie, and Dani cried that her boyfriend had done a porno movie, and that everyone had seen it. Dani cried in Téa's arms that Nate had gotten tired of waiting to have sex with her, so he had done it with the first available girl. Dani remembered that Nate had claimed to be just friends with Deanna, and Dani just wanted to get the picture of them together out of her head. Baz announced to Téa and Starr that he would take Dani home.

When Todd still refused to allow Nate to follow Dani, Nate howled that it was between him and Dani. After Ford threatened to beat Todd up, Jack cheered on Todd from the sidelines, while Blair told Jack not to move from his spot. Once Blair left, Jack noted, "The slime ball still deserves to go down," as Rex walked up behind him. As Rex held a gun behind his back, he told Jack to be careful, or someone would shoot Jack's mouth off for him.

Rex informed Jack that he was there to see the movie, but since there would be no premiere, Rex would find another way to entertain himself. Rex put his arm around Jack's shoulders and led him away. When Jack whined that he was sorry about the "Shane stuff," Rex pondered if Jack was also sorry about the "Gigi stuff." Jack maintained that he had not done anything to Gigi, and Rex remarked that if Jack had, he needed to get it off of his chest.

Tomas stopped the fighting between Ford and Todd and demanded that Nate leave. As Bobby and Nate walked off, Ford reminded Nate that he had warned Nate. Nate announced that he needed to find Dani and ran out. Todd indicated to John that he had only been protecting his kids and then reminded him that John did not have any kids. John wondered why Todd kept pointing that out to him. John then insincerely stated that the next time Todd tried to stop someone who had hurt his daughter, John would just stand back and watch. Tomas informed Téa that he would keep an eye on Todd, so that he would not do something stupid.

At the Manning estate, as Dani held a program, she told Baz that it was from her high school musical, when she had first met Nate. Dani could not believe that Nate would ever cheat on her in the most disgusting way ever and cried that everyone had seen it. When Dani asked to be alone, Baz stated that he would be upstairs packing to return to Paris with his mother. Dani wished that she could escape to Paris also. When Nate arrived, Dani yelled for him to get out. Nate said that Rick had forced him to do the porn movie by blackmailing him. Dani wondered what Rick had blackmailed Nate with.

Meanwhile, back at the non-premiere, Jack revealed to Todd that Rex had arrived, and that Rex seemed to be stalking Jack, as Rex peered out at them from behind a curtain. Todd told Jack not to worry about Rex, while Rex took a breath behind the curtain and quietly said to himself that he needed to do it for Gigi. John's phone rang, and a cop informed John that he was needed right away. When John told Tomas that they would finish their conversation at another time, Todd stared at them.

Back at his apartment, John opened the door and found Baker gagged and tied to a chair.

After John left what was supposed to have been the Vicker Man premiere, Todd exclaimed, "I am not afraid of John McBain," and Tomas replied, "He knows about me. He knows about Baker. It's only a matter of time, before he knows about you too." Tea questioned, "Knows what?" Confused, Blair asked, "What are you guys talking about? What's...what's happening, Tomas? What...?" After Todd pleaded, "Don't do it," Tomas sadly declared, "I'm sorry about the havoc that this will wreak on all of you, but it's time. This man is not Todd Manning."

The man with a scar and with Todd's original face walked out of the shadows and simply stated, "I am." Blair was visibly astonished, and Starr cried, "Oh, my God!" The two Todds glared at each other from across the room.

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