One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on OLTL
Jack had a sexual encounter with a woman he later discovered was his teacher. Matthew met Michelle, but Jeffrey questioned Michelle's story. Todd made a grisly discovery at Willow Lake. Victor reached out to Téa. Clint took care of Viki's money troubles.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, June 24, 2013

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapter 9, Part 1, Episode 30

Téa was surprised when she woke up and found Dani asleep on the couch. "Morning, sunshine," Téa said as Dani began to stir, "what are you doing here?" Dani admitted she'd been to the club with Matthew the night before and hadn't felt like going back to their place. She also confessed that she'd been feeling depressed.

Téa began to question her daughter and learned that Dani knew a girl who had died. Briana had been a classmate of Dani's who had probably died of an overdose. She'd also been the one who'd sold Dani drugs, Dani explained. Dani wondered if they had taken the same pills, and she voiced how lucky she'd been to have been taken to the hospital, unlike Briana.

Dani was saddened that the young woman who had only wanted to have some fun was lying in the morgue. Téa reminded her that drugs were dangerous, especially illegal drugs. Dani admitted that she felt stupid, but Téa insisted that Dani had learned a lesson, and it was okay.

Suddenly, Dani told her mother not to laugh. She wondered if Téa could make her a big stack of pancakes like the old days. Téa readily agreed. The women shared breakfast, though Dani warned her mother that she wasn't moving back home. She shared that she enjoyed her roommates, though the guys were typically messy.

In Bo's office at the police station, Natalie handed him Briana's autopsy report. The young woman had died of heart failure, and there had been a large quantity of oxycodone found in her system. Natalie added that the drugs that Dani had taken were being compared to those found in the dead girl.

Soon after, a man arrived to talk to Bo about Briana. He said his name was Arturo Bandini, and he had regularly paid all of Briana's bills, including the hotel where she had lived. They'd had a romantic relationship, the man continued. They'd had a strong connection, and the difference in their ages had never mattered. He couldn't believe Briana was gone.

Bo asked the man about Briana's taking drugs or selling them, and the man pleaded ignorance. Bo showed him the autopsy report, and the man seemed surprised. Bo wondered who might have wanted Briana dead, even though he wasn't saying she'd been murdered. Bo wanted to conduct a complete investigation.

Jeffrey advised Matthew that they should conduct a neighborhood search for Michelle after learning that she was not only in Llanview but close by. Matthew preferred to forget the whole Michelle incident and move on. He had learned a lesson. After Matthew left, Jeffrey placed a phone call to Michelle and left her a message to call back.

Soon after, Jeffrey received his call from Michelle. He advised her that he knew she was in Llanview thanks to the car alarm they'd heard, and he wanted her to stop lying to Matthew. He urged her to meet them at the coffee shop later in the morning.

Matthew returned to the apartment, having forgotten something that he had to give to Clint. Jeffrey informed him that he'd spoken to Michelle, and he wanted Matthew to accompany him to the coffee shop to wait for the girl. Matthew was reluctant and annoyed. He just wanted to be done with the entire Michelle part of his life.

As Jack got ready for school, Blair begged him to be careful. She told him that there were people who wanted to get the family, though it had to do with the club. Jack wondered why his mother had been so friendly with Todd lately, and he asked her not to get back together with Todd. Blair explained that her relationship with Todd was complicated, but they both had strong feelings about their children.

Jack informed Blair that he planned on stopping at the coffee shop before school. Blair continued to warn Jack to be observant. The young man reminded his mother that she'd been warning him of "stranger danger" since he'd been a toddler. "This time I mean it," Blair stressed.

Todd received a phone call from his investigator, advising that he'd located Victor at the Pines Inn at Willow Lake. Victor had gone into the room, and the man hadn't seen him emerge again. Todd replied that he would join the man right away. "Be sure he doesn't leave the room. Don't kill him until I get there," Todd added.

Blair received a phone call from Todd as he was on his way to Willow Lake. Though she wanted to go along, Todd advised her that it was too dangerous, and he hung up.

As Dani and Téa were eating, Téa received a phone call from Blair. Téa learned that Todd was on his way to see Victor. Dani asked about the call, and Téa reported that it was about a case. Dani knew that her mother was lying, as she'd heard Blair's voice, but Téa insisted that the call was about a case.

Téa told Dani about gunshots at the club and warned her daughter to be extra vigilant. The women hugged, and Téa advised Dani that she was welcome home at any time.

At the coffee shop, Jack placed his order. He sat down and looked around. There was an older, attractive woman sitting at a table nearby, looking at him. He looked away and looked back. She was gone. The next thing he knew, the woman was at his table. She touched his hand as she closed his laptop and picked it up. She walked out the door with it. Jack followed.

Destiny sat with her brother Shaun in front of the coffee shop. He admitted that he hated how hard she worked, and he wished that Matthew would help out more. Destiny thought that Matthew had been getting better, but Shaun insisted on handing Destiny some money.

Shaun worried that Destiny didn't even have time to date with all that she did. Destiny confessed that it was "too soon to tell," but she would keep him posted on her dating situation. Shaun looked impressed.

Jeffrey waited at the coffee shop with Matthew. It was obvious to them both that Michelle was a no-show. "Now we can close the book on the freak show," Matthew declared. He grabbed Jeffrey's phone and made sure that Michelle's number was deleted. Just then, an attractive young woman walked into the shop.

Blair arrived at the police station at Bo's request, and Bo questioned her about Briana. Blair hadn't known the girl, but she'd seen her hanging out at the club with an older man. Blair had talked about that with Rama, and the women had thought it rather creepy. Blair noted that the man had rented out the club for a memorial service for the dead girl.

Natalie walked in with an update for Bo, and Blair left. Natalie informed her uncle that the pills found in both girls' systems had been altered in the same way. Bo announced that they had a murder investigation on their hands.

Jack found himself with the woman in an unknown location. They began to kiss and remove their clothing.

Todd arrived at Victor's location at Willow Lake. Instead of finding Victor, he found his man dead on the floor. He picked up a jacket and left after calling Victor's name out the window.

Téa received a text message from Victor. It said, "I know u told him where 2 find me. Only u would know where. Call off the dogs. For my sake."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Wow," Jack sighed to the older, attractive woman. He apologized for not being able to "last longer." She hadn't been fazed by it and told him that it took a lot of practice. She informed him that, since he was still wearing his socks, it hadn't counted. He kissed her.

Later, Jack and the woman lounged under the covers. "You're beautiful," he told her. "You're not so bad yourself," she shot back. She introduced herself as Kate, and Jack introduced himself as well. "Do you do that a lot?" he asked her, referring to picking up strange guys in coffee shops. She admitted that it was the first time she had done that. He was glad she had, and she agreed.

Suddenly, Jack sprang out of bed and began to get dressed, saying that his mom would kill him. "Mom?" Kate asked. Jack told her that he had somewhere to be. He shyly asked for her number. She grabbed his phone and programmed her number into it.

A short while later, Jack rushed into the classroom and sat down in front of a friend. The friend wondered if Jack had just rolled out of bed. "Something like that," Jack said mysteriously. The teacher entered the classroom and announced that the class was "English Comp." "I'd do her," Jack's friend said. Jack looked at the teacher and was shocked to see that the teacher was Kate, who was stunned to see Jack sitting in the class.

Clint entered the living room of Llanfair and announced to Viki that he had important news. She didn't want any more important news, since she had just lost her fortune. "You didn't," Clint told her. He added that he'd "pulled some strings." Viki knew that the federal government had frozen the Pellegrino Fund's assets and demanded to know what he meant.

Clint told Viki that if she checked her brokerage account, she would see all five million dollars back in the account where it belonged. Calling his bluff, she checked the account. She was stunned to see that all of her money was there. He chalked it up to "perseverance and luck." She warned him that if the money had been taken out before the account had been frozen, she could be in a lot of trouble.

Clint assured Viki that he and Frank had gotten the money out in time. She reminded Clint that all of the investors who had gotten their money back from Bernie Madoff before the collapse had been investigated. Clint confessed that Viki's money hadn't gotten into the Pellegrino Fund in time. Frank had begged Clint not to tell Viki that he'd been too late.

Viki wasn't convinced. Clint asked her to trust him that her money had never gone anywhere, so she wasn't liable. She told him that the "big problem" was that she didn't trust him. Clint left.

Michelle entered the coffee shop but turned to leave when she caught sight of Matthew. Jeffrey chased after her, and the three sat down at a table. Jeffrey told her that she needed to start talking. She admitted that she'd seen Matthew and Jeffrey leaving a movie and had thought Matthew was cute. She'd seen him again leaving his building and had thought it was fate, so she had sent a friend request.

Matthew and Jeffrey shot question after question at Michelle about her lies, leading Matthew on, and about her Toronto-based phone number. Michelle swore that she was actually from Canada but lived in Llanview. She had her parents' phone and knew that they would kill her when they saw the bill. "It serves you right," Jeffrey stated.

Michelle continued that she was very shy, so she had thought that talking was easier online and through text. She hadn't thought that Matthew would like her in person. She really liked Matthew and was afraid that he would hate her. He assured her that he didn't hate her. She wondered if he could ever forgive her.

"Your turn," Jeffrey said, egging Matthew on to talk about his feelings. He didn't want to talk, but Jeffrey insisted that he tell Michelle "how much it sucked." Jeffrey insisted that he would give the details to Michelle, but Matthew protested. Jeffrey reminded Matthew that, if it hadn't been for Jeffrey, Matthew never would have met Michelle.

Michelle got up to leave, blaming herself for the arguing between Matthew and Jeffrey. Jeffrey got up and told them to work it out, because he had work to do. Michelle didn't blame Matthew if he never wanted to see her again and got her stuff together. Matthew stopped her and offered to start over. He needed to get to work but asked if she were free the next day. "I'm going back to Canada," she told him.

Michelle continued that it was her mother's birthday, but she would be back in two days. She sent Matthew a text message and told him that it was her real number. She hoped he would use it. "I might," he said. She promised to make it up to Matthew, and he left.

Michelle walked over to Jeffrey and thanked him for making her meet up. She thought that Matthew would forgive her and gave the credit to Jeffrey. "I hope I don't regret it," Jeffrey replied. He demanded that Michelle stop messing with Matthew's head. She promised and proposed a clean slate. She shook his hand. He informed her that it would take a lot more than that to convince him.

At Shelter, Nikki helped set up for Briana Marland's memorial service. Cutter instructed her to give the guests whatever they wanted, because the man paying for the service had "deep pockets." Dean and Diego entered. Cutter informed them that, since Bruce was at his "day job," he would be relying on them to make sure that no drugs were present.

Bo entered the club, and Cutter wondered who'd invited him. Nikki served Bo a drink, but he refused it because he was working. Observing the sudden nerves at his presence, Bo stated that no one ever wanted a cop around until they needed one. He continued that someone was selling tainted drugs. Bo needed to find and stop them.

Dani entered with friends, and Rama offered them some wine. Dani commented that it was a "weird time for a party." Rama reminded her that it was a celebration of Briana's life. One of Dani's friends suggested that Briana's "sugar daddy" had paid for the memorial service. She continued that the man had paid for Briana's tuition and for a hotel room at the Palace. Rama added that he had to have been the older man with Briana on the night she had died who had been "all over her." "Maybe he really loved her," Dani suggested.

Cutter tapped on his glass and announced that the host wanted to say a few words. Arturo stepped forward, and a surprised Rama whispered that he hadn't been the man with Briana at the club. Dani urged her to tell Bo. Arturo said that it was hard to celebrate a life taken so suddenly and that Briana was the one person who could make him smile at the ends of his worst days. He wondered if anyone else wanted to speak. After a moment of silence, Dani stepped forward.

Dani started by saying that she hadn't known Briana as well as others in the room, but she had known that Briana had worked hard and taken law school very seriously. "Cue the violins," Dean whispered to Cutter sarcastically as Dani continued. Cutter gave him a scolding look. Dean reminded Cutter that Dani had overdosed and wondered if that made her a saint. "Show some respect," Cutter commanded.

Dani wrapped it up by saying that she'd admired Briana. Arturo walked up to Dani and wondered if she knew that he'd been paying for Briana's room and tuition. She admitted that she hadn't known until earlier that day. He asked what she'd thought when she'd found out. "I thought she had a life I didn't know about," Dani responded.

Arturo wondered why Briana had felt the need to sell drugs when he had given her everything she'd ever needed. Dani was surprised that Arturo knew, and he admitted that he'd found out earlier that day. Dani confided that she'd only known Briana because she'd bought drugs off of the girl. She added that Briana had only sold once in a while. Dani suggested that Briana had wanted her own way of making money.

Arturo wondered how Briana had overdosed when she hadn't been a drug user. Dani suggested that Briana had lied to the ones she had loved just like Dani had. He didn't know how Briana could have hidden it from him. Bo observed the conversation from the bar.

Rama walked up to Bo and confessed that Briana had been with a different man on the night she had died. Bo asked Rama to pull the receipts from that night. Rama said she would but needed Blair's permission first. Bo wondered where Blair was, but Rama didn't know.

Téa stormed into Blair's house and said that she shouldn't have told Todd about Willow Lake. She read Victor's text out loud to Blair: "I know you told them where to find me. Only you would know where. Call off the dogs for my sake." Téa had tried to call Todd, but he hadn't been answering. Téa thought that Victor was in trouble and that it was her fault.

Just then, Blair's phone rang, and she answered it to Todd. He told her to meet him at his hotel room and hung up the phone. Blair and Téa left immediately. A short while later, Blair opened the door to the room. Téa suggested that Todd wasn't going to return. Blair told her to relax and assured her that nothing was Téa's fault.

Todd entered the room, clutching Victor's black sweatshirt. Téa grabbed the sweatshirt from Todd and demanded to know what he'd done to Victor. Todd informed the women that Victor had been gone when Todd had arrived, but he didn't know where Victor had gone. Blair asked about Robert, the private investigator. Todd divulged that Robert had been dead in Victor's room, holding the sweatshirt.

"You killed him!" Téa exclaimed, screaming at, and beating up, on Todd. Blair pulled Téa away from Todd, who suggested that whoever had been sending threats to Todd had killed Robert. Just then, Téa received a text message from Victor. "Oh, God," she said after reading the text.

Blair took the phone from Téa and read it out loud: "I love you. You won't be hearing from me again. This is the way it has to be." Téa yelled that they'd blown their only chance at catching Victor. Blair told them that they couldn't give up. Todd suggested that they make those sending the threats believe that Todd had killed Victor. Téa wondered how. "Fake his death," Todd uttered.

Friday, June 28, 2013

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