One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on OLTL
Michelle caused friction between Matthew and his roommates. Viki refused to take Clint back. Todd received a note warning him that Victor had been captured and instructing Todd to disappear. Jeffrey kissed Destiny.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Episode 45

Clint called Viki and suggested he visit because he wanted to talk to her. Viki refused and informed him that she was working on the gala. She also noticed that he appeared to be drunk, and she hung up the phone. Clint poured himself another glass of scotch and downed it quickly.

Clint showed up at Llanfair, anyway, and began to shout and bang on the door until Viki opened it. He told Viki that he loved her, and she was his woman. Viki refused to let him inside, and she told him to leave or she'd call the police. Clint reminded her how well he'd always treated her. Viki closed the door. Clint vowed that things weren't over.

"I love you," he shouted. "You're my Viki and I love you," he continued. Viki stood quietly against the other side of the door, and Clint finally left.

Matthew and Michelle arrived at Shelter and met up with Jeffrey. They all spotted Dani with an older man, and Michelle realized it was Arturo Bandini. Matthew handed Rama some money for information, and she revealed that Dani had had drinks with the man previously, and he had followed her out. Michelle noted that Briana had been Arturo's "sugar baby."

Dani joined her friends and learned that Michele had provided the group with some information. Dani was annoyed and advised the maid that she should have been more discreet. Dani stood up for Arturo, mentioning that he had been lonely and had needed someone to talk to.

Destiny arrived, and Jeffrey asked her to dance. Dani wandered back to Arturo. Michelle was not happy that Jeffrey still appeared to be giving her the cold shoulder, and she felt that Matthew's friends didn't trust her or like her. Matthew disagreed with her assessment.

Destiny saw Dani and wanted to say hello. Destiny confirmed that she'd worked the day shift that day. Arturo walked over, and introductions were made all around. He suggested that Destiny and Jeffrey join him and Dani for drinks, and he went off to buy a bottle of champagne.

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" Destiny asked Dani. She wondered if Dani might be Arturo's dessert. Michelle and Matthew rejoined the group, and Michelle immediately noticed Dani's sparkling diamond earrings, a switch from the cheap earrings Dani had worn earlier.

Matthew pulled Dani from the group. He asked if she were Briana's replacement. He began to say that Michelle had told him something, but Dani quickly interrupted. She thought that Michelle should be minding her own business. She was aghast at Matthew's suggestion that Arturo was her "sugar daddy," and she stated that he was merely a friend who had given her a gift.

Matthew and Dani began to argue, and Dani noted that at least she hadn't found her friend online. Dani told Arturo that she wanted to leave the club, because her friends weren't acting like friends.

Matthew, Jeffrey, Michelle, and Destiny sat at the bar and downed some shots. Matthew thought that Arturo had a "skeevy vibe" about him, and Michelle mentioned all of the clothes and jewelry that Briana had had in her room. Jeffrey and Michelle began to argue about Briana's privacy, and Michelle headed to the ladies room.

Matthew informed Jeffrey that he wasn't happy with Jeffrey's treatment of Michelle, and the guys began to argue. Just then, Destiny received a phone call. There was a problem at work, regarding some ads, and she had to leave. Jeffrey offered to accompany her.

A drunken Clint showed up at the club as the bouncer, Diego, checked IDs. He noted that Clint was drunk, and refused allow Clint into the club. "I'm going inside to get a drink," Clint insisted. Diego denied him entry and told him to go home.

Clint was infuriated at the way the younger man was talking to him. "Do you know who I am?" Clint challenged the younger man. Diego stated that he couldn't allow drunks inside. Clint informed him that he'd be known as the Man of the Year in a few days. He proceeded to slug the bouncer.

Inside, Rama asked Cutter about his relationship with Natalie. The club manager admitted that they were merely friends and that he was alone but not lonely. Rama confessed that Vimal was at home, sleeping as usual. Michelle suggested that she and Matthew leave, and as his roommates were busy, they could go to Matthew's place.

"I can't do this," Kate told Jack over the phone. She wanted him to stop calling her, since she was aware that Jack was always followed. Jack felt pretty certain that Todd had called off the bodyguard, but it wasn't good enough for Kate. She refused Jack's request that he stop by to see her.

Jack was near the coffee shop, and David saw him as Jack's call ended. Jack admitted that he had "girl troubles," and David offered to listen. Jack disclosed his secret of dating an older woman, and David was impressed. David revealed that he had moved out of La Boulaie because Dorian had thrown him out due to his involvement with the reality show.

Jack thought that David and Dorian would work things out. He disclosed that his girlfriend wouldn't see him, claiming to be busy. "Women can be fickle," David noted. Jack was lovesick, and he told David how much he wanted to see the woman. David offered to drive Jack to Kate's house and wait for him in case she tossed him out.

Kate heard a noise and prepared herself to hit someone over the head. She was shocked when Jack climbed through her bedroom window. He assured her it was safe, and the man she spotted outside in the car was his uncle. He wanted Kate, he told her. Kate agreed that she felt the same, but she thought they had to be more practical. She ordered Jack to leave.

David and Jack returned to the coffee shop. David felt sorry for Jack, who probably only wanted to have sex, he thought. Jack assured David it was more than that, though David didn't believe it.

David told Jack the new name of his show was The Anatomy of a Divorce, though it would be from his own point of view. The network executive he had been dealing with had given him inspiration, David added. Jack was still clearly upset, and David promised that Kate would "come around."

Todd assured Blair that a body would wash ashore, his man would make an anonymous call to the police, and Natalie would use Todd's DNA to identify the body, since Viki's name was on the hit list. He promised that everything would be over in 24 hours.

Todd received a text message, advising him that his man had already called the cops. Just then, an envelope with the imprint of the tattoo on front was slid under the door. Todd quickly opened the door, but no one was around. He opened the envelope and read the card. "Everything's changed," he said.

Destiny and Jeffrey got to the newspaper office, and they perused the advertisements until Destiny spotted the problem with them. Jeffrey admitted that he was worried about Viki, who hadn't appeared in the office in some time. He believed she had personal problems to work out, mostly regarding Clint. The couple drew close, and Jeffrey leaned over to kiss Destiny.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"This crazy drunk attacked me!" Diego cried referring to Clint. Matthew and Michelle appeared at the door, and Matthew tried to pull Clint away from Diego. When Cutter appeared outside, Diego explained what had happened, and Matthew took the opportunity to call Nora.

Diego wanted Clint arrested, but Cutter told him that the club couldn't afford any more bad publicity. Cutter took Diego into the club to get him cleaned up when Bo arrived. As Bo and Matthew pulled Clint to Bo's car, Clint yelled that he'd never gotten into the club and that he wanted to dance.

Cutter called Natalie and updated her on what had happened with Clint. He wanted to tell her in person, and she agreed. Nikki taunted Cutter about comforting his "damsel" and wondered when he had become so caring. He replied that he'd learned from his mistakes. He promised to be back before the club closed and left.

Later, Diego told Rama about the pain he was in. She suggested that he go to the emergency room to get an X-ray and possibly a prescription for the pain. Nikki offered to help Diego out right that minute: "How about some blow?"

Natalie let Cutter into her apartment, and he explained what had happened between Clint and Diego. Natalie picked up her purse to go see her father, but Cutter assured her that no charges were going to be filed and that Bo had taken Clint to Bo's place. Natalie was relieved, and she figured that the incident had something to do with the broken engagement between Clint and Viki. She thanked him for taking care of Clint. "I got your back," he replied and kissed her.

Later, Cutter and Natalie sat together on the couch. He told her that being with her was like a vacation from his life, but she wasn't sure how to take the comment. She continued that his life was filled with women, wine, and parties and that some people would kill for a life like that. He countered that he always had to act like he was having fun and that he had to deal with "uppity waitresses and belligerent guests." He called Natalie the peace and quiet in his life and kissed her.

Nora tried to hand Clint a cup of coffee, but he rudely refused it. Bo asked for a minute with Clint, and Nora happily agreed. Bo rattled off all the charges that Clint had racked up that night, but Clint was very unappreciative of Bo's help. Just then, Nora let Viki into the apartment. Viki took one bewildered look at Clint and thanked Nora for calling.

Viki sat down next to Clint and wondered what he'd been thinking. "About this," he replied. He'd only wanted to see Viki again, to be near her, and to hold her hand again. He closed his eyes. Nora knew Clint had "screwed up big time again" but observed that he loved Viki. Bo spat that he was the "same selfish Clint" for causing drama just to see Viki. Viki added that Clint was in for a rude awakening if he thought that she was going to take him back.

Viki continued that she'd known Clint had been drunk when he'd called her and then shown up at her house. She didn't think he'd gone to Shelter just to see the venue for the Veterans' Gala. Bo supposed that Clint had run out of liquor in his office. Bo, Nora, and Viki all thought it best to let Clint sleep it off, but Clint got up from the couch.

Clint wanted to get back to his office and demanded his keys. Bo tossed the keys to Clint, who completely missed them, and reminded him that his car was still at Shelter. He said he'd get a cab back to Shelter, but no one thought he was in any shape to drive. When Clint insisted that he was fine, Bo cuffed him and told Clint that he was going to spend the night in the "drunk tank."

Jack entered La Boulaie, and Dorian immediately summoned him into the living room. She informed him that she and David had broken up, but she was shocked to learn that he already knew. He told her that he loved her and that he would never forgive David if he'd hurt her. "How did you get so wise?" Dorian wondered. "Personal experience," he replied cryptically.

Dorian wondered about the girl Jack was alluding to. He told her that he'd met her in summer school, but the girl had ended it. Dorian assured him that Jack would one day look back on things and laugh. Jack told Dorian to have her sweatpants on first thing the next morning, because the two of them were going to get some exercise and fresh air. Smiling, she kissed Jack on the cheek and told him that she didn't own sweatpants.

Jeffrey pulled away from his kiss with Destiny and apologized for being out of line. She assured him that she'd enjoyed it, and the two leaned in for another kiss. "We can't do this," Destiny said. Jeffrey agreed, saying that Matthew was his best friend. "Not because of Matthew," Destiny said. She continued that they were in Viki's office and that someone could walk in. She had to go, and Jeffrey offered her a ride. Smiling, she accepted, and the two left.

Dani and Arturo arrived at Dani's apartment. He was surprised at how nice the apartment was. Dani told him that it was courtesy of Todd, her generous biological dad. She related that Todd was part of what had "screwed me up." Arturo gently reminded her that Todd was around and trying, but Dani saw it as Todd trying to buy her forgiveness. "Whose family isn't messed up?" Dani stated, and the two toasted to it.

Arturo was glad that Dani was being provided for, and he loved that she appreciated nice things. He thought she deserved beautiful things. "Like these earrings?" she asked. She related that she hadn't gotten to thank him properly. She leaned in close to Arturo, but he didn't move. He told her it wasn't the time. "But we're alone," she observed. Just then, Matthew and Michelle entered, shocked to see Arturo.

Matthew insincerely apologized for interrupting. Arturo thought it was time for him to go anyway. He told Dani he would pick her up for the gala and left. Michelle talked about how expensive the tickets to the gala were. Dani suggested that Michelle's "fairy godmother" could get her tickets. "Better than a sugar daddy," Michelle accused.

Dani defended Arturo as a decent man and told Matthew and Michelle to mind their own business. Michelle informed Dani that he paid girls for sex, but Dani defended him. Dani grabbed her things and yelled that she was going to sleep at Téa's. She bumped into Jeffrey as she stormed out the door. A confused Jeffrey entered the apartment and wondered what had happened. Matthew said that it hadn't been a big deal and that he'd tell Jeffrey the next day.

Jeffrey wanted to talk to Matthew and asked Michelle for a minute of privacy. Rolling her eyes, she walked towards Matthew's room. "It's about me and Destiny," Jeffrey prefaced. Michelle eavesdropped as Jeffrey updated Matthew on what had happened between him and Destiny. Matthew couldn't believe it, and Jeffrey insisted that it hadn't been planned.

Matthew wondered if Jeffrey liked Destiny. He admitted that he did. He asked if Destiny liked him. Jeffrey hoped so and made sure that Matthew was all right with it. A confused Michelle listened in as Matthew insisted that he and Destiny were just friends who had gotten carried away. He gave Jeffrey his blessing, and Jeffrey left to go to bed.

Todd handed the new note to Blair. She tearfully read it out loud: "We have Victor. You failed us. If you want everyone on the list to stay safe, disappear. No contact. You have 24 hours." She put her head on his shoulder and tried to think of something they could do about it. Todd didn't think there was anything he could do. He needed to leave so that he could keep everyone he loved safe.

Crying, Blair hugged Todd. "Don't go," she sobbed. He held her while she cried.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Friday, August 2, 2013

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