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by Dawn
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Time flies!
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As hard as it is to believe, we are halfway through April. The good news is Ron Carlivati's writing starts airing again in May, so maybe time moving quickly isn't such a bad thing in some ways!

As hard as it is to believe, we are halfway through April. I don't know where this year is going; it seems like the year will be gone before we know it! The good news is Ron Carlivati's writing starts airing again in May, so maybe time moving quickly isn't such a bad thing in some ways! Since we are looking at the business end of May, it is a great time to discuss the current stories that are in motion and where they may be headed for May Sweeps.

Starr's Pregnancy: I am torn about this story. While I absolutely disliked the way it began with Todd going crazy and beating up teenagers, I now find myself wondering if the current part of the story is actually a good idea. It's hard to even believe that Starr is pregnant; she grew up on the show, and to me, she's still the little girl who pulled pranks on Max and worshipped her dad. However, there are people who believe that One Life to Live should go back to its roots of addressing issues. Teenage pregnancy is an important issue that affects many families every year. If people want One Life to Live to address important issues, then this story is appropriate for the show. Are certain parts of it difficult to watch? In my opinion, yes, there are. Does that make it a bad story? In my opinion, no it does not. Starr is already beginning to realize the consequences of her actions, and now she has a big decision to make. She is already considering abortion, but she isn't sure what she should do. As Langston pointed out, Starr needs to talk to someone who has been pregnant, or at least to a responsible adult. Once Todd and Blair find out, it will be interesting to see how the Manning family deals with Starr's pregnancy. There will be even more depth to the story once Viki and Dorian learn the truth, as they will surely have their own opinions. This is an opportunity for Starr might grow up and become more mature. Character development is an important aspect of soap operas, and this story certainly has the potential for that, even if it makes some of us uncomfortable. I know there are many critics of this story, but I think, depending on how it's written, it has the potential to be an emotional, powerful story.

Clint becomes Asa II: It's obvious that Clint is slowly turning into a newer version of Asa. He doesn't care what people think, and he will do whatever he needs to do to save Buchanan Enterprises. He has already upset Bo and Viki, and he has made it clear he won't stop. As we enter May, I want the truth to be revealed about his dealings with Lindsay and just how far he is willing to go. The good thing about this story is it involves so many characters. Clint's relationship with Nora will certainly be in jeopardy once she learns what he's been doing and his new attitude about business. Bo will be appalled that Lindsay has been involved and has even encouraged Clint to use dirty tactics. Viki already feels alienated from Clint, and she thought she knew him well. As I've said before, it's important to keep this story focused on characters and their relationships instead of the details of business. While we have been watching Clint change for months now, I think May Sweeps will be the catalyst to change everything. We already saw Bo and Nora become closer when they were stuck in the storm, and now that Bo is suspicious of Lindsay's conversations with Clint, things have the potentially to get very interesting. I am not saying Clint and Nora will break up or that Nora and Bo will reunite, but I can see some battle lines being drawn with the teams being rearranged. Bo and Nora could find themselves on the same side, with Clint and Lindsay defending their actions on the other. The great thing is, these four characters have so much history with each other that things will get complicated very fast. Now that Dorian is in on Lindsay's secret, we know it's only a matter of time before she uses it against Clint! I can't wait!

Rex, Gigi, Shane (and Adriana): Gigi needs to tell Rex the truth about Shane before May Sweeps! Honestly, she gets worse at lying with every passing day. She doesn't even have a valid reason to keep Shane's paternity a secret anymore. Rex and Shane already have a great relationship. Rex wants to spend more and more time with Shane, he is a good influence on Shane, and Shane seems to be happier. What is the problem?! I realize Gigi likes to be independent and is used to taking care of Shane by herself, but she has the opportunity to let Shane get to know his biological father, a person that she knows will be a good father. Gigi is obviously racked with guilt, yet she keeps covering up her lie. I can't believe that Adriana's lame attempt at threatening Gigi would deter her from telling Rex. Who cares what Adriana thinks? Rex is the one the keeps pursuing opportunities to spend time with Shane. If Adriana has a problem with Rex being Shane's father, then she needs to discuss that with Rex. The previews for next week show Gigi on the verge of telling Rex something, and I hope it is the TRUTH. I don't want to see Adriana and Rex's wedding take place during May Sweeps. I want to see Rex deal with the news that he is a father take place in May. We can only watch Gigi think and feel guilty for so long, and we can only hear Rex say that he would love to be a father so often. It's time to put this story on the fast track and shake up Rex's relationship with Adriana!

Rex and Charlie: While I like Rex and Charlie's relationship, Rex needs to find out for sure whether Charlie is his biological father. We know that Roxy asked Charlie to pretend to be Rex's father because she didn't want to answer Rex's question honestly. I have read speculation that Charlie might turn out to be Rex's biological father after all. I would love to see that happen because Rex is so happy to have a father in his life, and it would give Roxy more of a story. She would have a history with Charlie, and she, Charlie, and Rex would be a family! It's a great idea, but even if that isn't where this story is headed, the truth needs to be told. We saw Rex take Charlie's silverware to have it tested for DNA several weeks ago, but the results were never revealed. In the soap opera world, DNA tests can be done within the hour, so it's odd that this was dropped, unless the writers hadn't decided what to do about Rex and Charlie. Either way, this needs to be dealt with definitively (which is a loose term on soaps) during May Sweeps. It would be interesting to see Rex gain a son and lose a father or have a son and a father at the same time. Either way, there needs to be a resolution to Rex's current story involving his long lost family!

Viki and Charlie: I was thrilled to see Charlie move back to Llanfair last week. Viki and Charlie's relationship had been stalled for a long time, and it was a great to see some actual progress! The main thing, however, that I want to see happen in May between these two characters is revealing secrets and being honest. Charlie has been keeping secrets from Viki, which has placed a cloud over their relationship. Viki won't like the fact that Jared has been scamming the Buchanans for months, but it's better she hear it from Charlie than find out in some other way. It has been so long since Viki has had a relationship, and I don't want to see her relationship with Charlie obliterated over this. I wish he had told her the truth at the diner, but Roxy, Rex, and Shane jumped to other conclusions, which made it awkward. Jared doesn't want Charlie to tell her the truth either, but Jared needs to pay the consequences for his actions too. Since Natalie knows that Jared isn't a Buchanan and people have seen Jared and Charlie meeting in public places, it's only a matter of time before someone figures it out. If Charlie wants to save his relationship with Viki, he needs to be honest. Viki is a pillar of truth, and while she is extremely compassionate to many people who have wronged her, I can't see her being the same way with Charlie if HE doesn't tell her the truth himself. Ron Carlivati started Viki and Charlie's relationship in a wonderful, unique way, and now it's time Charlie to face reality and own up to his lies. They'll always have Paris, but it's time to face reality in Llanview!

John, Talia, and Antonio: It's obvious these three characters have engaged in a farce to trick Ramsey. However, it needs to move forward, or they need to end it. First of all, I think Ramsey knows that their "arguments" in the workplace are fake, and I think he knows they are trying to trick him. So far, I don't see the benefit of this ruse. Ramsey doesn't strike me as the type that would care about his employees' relationships. On the surface level, he's all about business. He wants to get John off the force for personal reasons, but he doesn't seem to be getting too involved in anyone's personal life at the LPD besides Antonio. We know he's up to something and is hiding someone (possibly Marty), but I don't think he really cares about the melodrama that is taking place between John, Talia, and Antonio. He asked them questions about their outbursts in the workplace, but I suspect he is just continuing their charade for his own entertainment. In order for this story to work, we need an explanation of why they are doing this and what the intended outcome may be. Otherwise, it seems a little silly. If I were a citizen of Llanview, I'd be concerned that John, Talia, and Antonio were in charge of my safety. They've been parading around town arguing about their "love triangle," which wouldn't exactly cultivate anyone's faith in their ability to keep Llanview safe. It's bad enough we've seen the same two cops hanging out at Carlotta's diner for a week. If the mayor wanted the LPD's image to improve by hiring Ramsey, the charade John, Talia, and Antonio are perpetuating certainly isn't accomplishing that!

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