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Starr was dismayed to learn that she was pregnant. Natalie met with Pamela Stuart. Blair took over ownership of Capricorn. Viki was concerned to hear about Clint's unsavory business practices. Gigi told Rex that she still loved Shane's father. John and Talia were caught in a compromising position. Langston found a pamphlet discussing abortion among Starr's belongings. Clint and Lindsay looked for information on Calvin Jenkins.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 7, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, April 7, 2008

At the diner, Rex asked Shane when his birthday was. Shane agreed to tell, but made Rex promise never to mention it to Gigi. Before Shane could reveal the secret, Roxy phoned Rex with news of Charlie proposing to Viki. Shane overheard the news and observed Viki and Charlie at a nearby table. As Viki told Charlie that she owed him an answer to his wedding proposal, Shane interrupted the couple and congratulated them. Noticing Charlie's nervous demeanor, Viki asked Shane and Rex for a moment alone with Charlie. Shane and Rex obliged and took a seat at another table. Afterward, Viki told Charlie that she realized he never intended to propose. Charlie admitted the truth to Viki, and told her that he missed spending time with her. Viki stated that she wanted to simply enjoy her relationship with Charlie, and felt marriage was premature. When Viki suggested that Charlie move back to Llanfair, Charlie happily agreed. Viki left to prepare for Charlie's return.

As Rex and Shane ate sundaes, the little boy appeared sad. Shane told Rex that he wished his mother would get married because she had been alone for so long. Rex was stunned when Shane stated that it was too bad that Rex was getting married because he would love having Rex as his dad. Charlie stopped by their both to say goodbye and informed Rex that he and Viki weren't getting married. When Rex told Shane how happy he was to find his own dad after all these years, Charlie looked distressed as he observed Jared enter the diner. After Rex and Shane left, Charlie joined Jared. Charlie told Jared about the misunderstanding with Viki and that he was moving back into Llanfair. Charlie said that he intended to spend as much time with Viki as he possibly could before the truth came out. Jared believed the truth never had to be revealed. Jared explained the situation that unfolded up at the lodge. He confided in Charlie that he didn't want to lose Natalie. Jared also expressed his sorrow for involving Charlie in his lies; he hated the fact that Charlie could lose Viki because of him.

At Llanfair, Todd demanded to know why Gigi decided to remain in Llanview. Frustrated by Gigi's endless excuses, Todd asked Gigi if Ramsey blackmailed her into staying by threatening to hurt Shane. Gigi informed Todd that she had no intention of discussing Ramsey with him. Todd attempted to convince Gigi that he wasn't a terrible person. Gigi admitted that she realized Todd loved his children and that he wasn't a bad father. Todd told Gigi that Ramsey was a dangerous man and offered to help her deal with him. As Gigi reminded Todd that he would also go to prison if she ever revealed the truth about Ramsey, Viki entered the library and demanded to know what they were discussing. Viki was startled when Todd told her that he had held Gigi and Shane hostage in Texas. When Viki questioned Gigi, Gigi stated that Todd actually treated Shane well during the ordeal. Upon hearing Shane return home, Gigi quickly excused herself. Alone with Todd, Viki lashed out at her brother. She told him that she wouldn't allow him to intimidate her guests. Todd said he came by to see Viki and handed her some information concerning Clint's inappropriate handling of the recent attacks on Buchanan Enterprises. Immediately, Viki stated that she knew the charges were false because Clint would never resort to such tactics. When Todd agreed to give Viki twenty-four hours to provide him with evidence to contradict the claim, Viki was surprised and pleased by her brother's change of behavior. Viki told Todd that Starr looked deeply troubled when Viki saw her at the diner earlier. Viki warned Todd that he needed to give Starr some freedom. Todd was determined to never allow Cole to come near Starr again.

After Gigi sent Shane upstairs, she thanked Rex for taking Shane to baseball practice. Rex asked Gigi why she didn't want Shane to reveal when his birthday was. Gigi made up an excuse, but Rex refused to give up. Unable to avoid Rex's questioning any longer, Gigi blurted out that Shane's birthday was March 25th. Rex had a flashback of a romantic night he had shared with Gigi on the Fourth of July. Gigi told Rex that Shane was three months premature. Gigi said that Shane was conceived soon after she met Shane's dad. She revealed that Brody had shipped out soon afterward. Rex understood and told Gigi that he still wanted to spend time with Shane.

While in his hotel room in Napa, Nash received a phone call from Jessica. As Nash spoke with Jessica, Sarah interrupted him. Upon hearing a voice, Jessica asked Nash who was in his room. Sarah listened as Nash lied and told Jessica that the voice she heard was the television. Afterward, Sarah asked Nash why he didn't tell Jessica the truth-that Sarah and Nash were sharing a suite with separate rooms. Nash admitted that he didn't think Jessica would like the idea and asked Sarah if she had told Cris about their temporary living arrangements. After engaging in some innocent flirting, Sarah left to prepare for their evening out. When Sarah returned wearing a sexy dress, Nash couldn't help but notice and complimented her. As the two left the suite, Nash suggested that they both turn off their cell phones so their business meeting wouldn't be interrupted.

Jessica visited Natalie at Buchanan Enterprises. When Natalie learned that Sarah was working with Nash, Natalie asked Jessica why she didn't join Nash in Napa. Jessica told Natalie that she didn't want to be in the way, and changed the subject. Jessica asked her sister about her weekend up at the lodge. After having flashbacks of Jared's kiss and confession, Natalie told Jessica that the weekend was uneventful.

At Capricorn, Blair and Cris discussed the success of the club. Blair noticed Cris' mind was elsewhere, and asked why he didn't escort Sarah to Napa. Cris told Blair that he was needed at Capricorn, and hadn't been invited anyway. After attempting to phone Sarah, Cris appeared bothered. When Blair asked if he were jealous of the special treatment Nash was probably showering Sarah with, Cris stated that he wasn't and that Sarah deserved to be treated in that manner. Blair convinced Cris to join her in a toast. Realizing Blair was in a great mood, Cris asked if things were better between her and Todd. Blair stated that she had a wonderful family and they had experienced so many blessings.

Starr was horrified to discover that she was pregnant. Immediately, Starr refused to believe the test results, but then began to panic. Starr told Langston that her father would kill Cole if he ever learned the truth. As Langston attempted to console Starr and asked how she would tell Cole, Starr made Langston promise to never tell Cole about the pregnancy. Langston promised to stand by Starr. Alone in her bedroom, Starr had a vivid dream. Cole entered her bedroom and told Starr that he knew about the baby. Cole said that Todd would never keep them apart again. As Cole and Starr embraced, Blair knocked on Starr's bedroom door. Starr begged Cole to leave but he refused. When Starr awoke from her dream, she found her mother at her side. Blair begged her daughter to tell her what was wrong, but Starr cried and told her mother she couldn't tell her. Blair mentioned that Starr looked sick and pleaded with Starr to talk to her. Starr convinced her mother that her breakdown was a result of the emotional return to school. Before leaving her daughter's room, Blair told Starr that everything would be better in the morning. As Blair left, Starr reminded herself that things would be the same in the morning.

A sullen Cole entered the diner and spoke with Markko. Cole told Markko that seeing Starr in school and knowing that he couldn't be with her was difficult to deal with. Later, Langston ran into Cole at the diner. When Cole began asking about Starr, Langston told him that she didn't want Todd to find out that she was carrying messages back to Starr. Langston stated that she didn't want things to get any worse for them. When Cole asked how things could get any worse, Langston replied, "You have no idea."

When Jessica and Natalie arrived at Capricorn to have a drink, Cris mentioned that Sarah's phone was turned off and asked Jessica if she had heard form Nash. Jessica eased Cris fears when she told him that Nash and Sarah were probably wine tasting and didn't want to be disturbed. Afterwards, Jessica attempted to learn more about Natalie's weekend. Natalie continued to give very little information. Cris interrupted Jessica and Natalie's conversation, and asked for the name of the hotel where Sarah and Nash were staying. Back at the Napa suite, Nash and Sarah toasted their success. After several drinks, Nash and Sarah were drunk. As Nash continued to fill both their glasses, the telephone rang. Cris was surprised to hear the voice of a tipsy Nash and Sarah's hysterical laughter. In disbelief, Cris looked over at Jessica. Meanwhile, Jessica and Natalie were discussing Allison. After expressing their hope that Allison would never wake up, the sisters made a toast to "keeping secrets." As Jared entered the club, Natalie appeared disturbed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

At the Diner, Cole insisted Langston tell him whatever she was hiding about Starr, browbeating her for the truth. He threatened to go to La Boulaie and see her himself, but Langston and Markko stopped him, begging him not to go to her. Langston agreed that Starr was suffering, but warned that Cole going there and endangering himself would only make things worse. Cole was melancholy, admitting that losing Starr now felt like losing his mother all over again. He told Langston that if he'd known his being with Starr at the Wilde house was going to lead to this conflict, he would have reconsidered his actions, then he cursed Todd for attempting to move the Mannings to Hawaii in the first place. Hiding her knowledge that Starr and Cole made love, Langston chose her words carefully, asking Cole if he was sorry he and Starr had gone to the house that night. Cole said he loved Starr, but knew that because of what had happened, things would never be the same again, a statement which resonated with Langston. Cole left their table briefly, and in a private moment between the couple, Markko noted Langston's distracted affect. Markko pushed Langston to tell him what was on her mind, but Langston protected her best friend's secret. When Cole returned, Langston and Markko left him to take a walk together, but not before Langston gave Cole a gift: a new photo of Starr taken a few days prior. Left alone with Starr's picture, Cole flashed back to John's warning not to go near the Mannings, knowing it would cost him his freedom.

Over at Capricorn, Cristian continued his phone call to Napa, unnerved to realize Nash was in "Sarah's hotel room." In Napa, the tipsy Sarah got on the line, explaining the error that resulted in her and Nash sharing a large two-bedroom suite. She told Cristian that she'd had far too much wine at the tasting, plus champagne, "to celebrate all the very good hiccups we made today...did I just say hiccups?" She apologized for rambling and losing track of her conversation, and sheepishly bid Cristian goodnight. As Sarah stumbled around the suite, Nash kept refilling her champagne flute, drawing protests from his employee: "I've already exceediated my that even a word? It should be." Settling back on the couch, the sloshed colleagues fell into a philosophical conversation about wine-making. Nash told Sarah about his past in Napa with Tess, and said that even in Pennsylvania, running his own vineyard was his lifelong dream. Nash's intimate metaphor for tending to the vineyard and creating wine appealed to Sarah, and Nash asked Sarah what her own dreams were. Sarah said that she used to live for her singing, but Stephen Haver's attack ended all that. She said she didn't know what she'd do next. Nash told Sarah he thought she had found her niche as a talent booker and PR specialist, and asked her to consider staying on with the winery when they returned to Llanview. Sarah promised to think it over, and the two of them tottered off in opposite directions to their separate bedrooms.

Back in Llanview, Natalie and Jessica were chatting it up at Capricorn. Jessica perked up when she saw Jared arrive in the club, and Natalie begged her not to call him over, flashing back to Jared's kiss at the Buchanan lodge. To her dismay, Jared made a beeline straight for the sisters, and when Cristian called Jessica away, Natalie and Jared were alone yet again. Natalie made it clear she was disgusted with Jared, but nothing seemed to register. "God, you're hot when you're angry," Jared marveled. Natalie warned him not to push her, reminding Jared that she could still expose him to the entire world for the fraud that he was. "But I do want the rest of the world to know that, and you know exactly why," Jared answered.

Over in a corner of the club, Cristian told Jessica about Nash and Sarah sharing a suite in Napa. The two exes both told each other they had nothing to be insecure about, but it was clear the separation anxiety was getting to them. Jessica admitted that she was on edge, and wished she were in Napa, her and Nash's special place, instead of her cousin. Urging her not to worry so much, Cristian left to get them both drinks.

Back at Jared and Natalie's table, Natalie invoked the threat of another prison sentence, but Jared shrugged it off, saying it would be a small price to pay for her love. He kept flirting heavily, but Natalie insisted there was nothing between them anymore, and that all she felt for him was rage and hatred. Jared said that there was a fine line between those emotions and desire. He said she couldn't admit that she was angrier at his choosing the Buchanans over her than anything else, and challenged her to tell them once and for all. Natalie dismissed the idea, saying that David Vickers would be worse for the family and Buchanan Enterprises than Jared, and added that she didn't want to give Jared the satisfaction of knowing when and how she would lower the boom on him. Jared gave her another incentive to spill the beans when he said he simply didn't want to hurt the family more than he already had. Jessica returned to the table, and her comments about "knowing what [they] were up to" caused the tense Natalie to fly off the handle at her sister. Jared covered for Nat by claiming it was office stress causing friction between Natalie and her "uncle," and Natalie apologized to Jessica, then headed to the bar. Jared asked Jessica how things were with Nash and the vineyard, and Jessica told him about the Napa business trip. Jared was surprised she hadn't gone herself, and his vivid tales of Napa in the spring put Jessica off even more, leading to her ditching Jared as well.

Layla and Talia entered Capricorn to see Antonio at the bar, drinking with fellow LPD officer Eddie. Talia was obviously anxious to see her estranged lover. Layla tried to get answers out of her roommate about the trouble between Talia and Antonio, but before Talia could explain herself, John arrived, asking to speak to Talia privately. The two went off to a secluded spot and compared notes about Antonio's behavior. Talia urged John to speak to his former friend, but John didn't see what the point would be. He told Talia that Ramsey had tried to plant cocaine on him back at the office, and explained that he'd disposed of it before the drug bust. Talia concluded that Ramsey really wanted to nail John. "Obviously he'll do whatever it takes to make that happen," John agreed. Talia wondered if Ramsey and John's feud was really all about their past in the FBI, but John didn't think so. He felt confident that there was "something more" to Ramsey's activities in Llanview. At the bar, Eddie the cop needled Antonio about John and Talia being alone and "intimate" once again. Leaving John alone with Layla, Talia took the initiative and approached Antonio alone, while Layla confronted John about his "relationship" with her friend. She'd said that she'd thought John was a stand-up guy when he was with Evangeline...before he'd dumped her for Natalie. John blew Layla's concerns off and left her hanging. Back at the bar, Talia pleaded with Antonio to understand Ramsey's vendetta against John, and when John arrived on the scene, he attempted to explain the drug frame-up to Antonio himself. Antonio didn't buy their explanations, and stalked off.

During Antonio's blow-up, Layla and Natalie crossed paths and discussed Rex and Adriana's upcoming wedding. Despite designing the dress herself, Layla confessed she had doubts that any wedding would ever take place, thanks to Gigi Morasco's presence in Rex's life, with Rex constantly rushing to her rescue. Natalie asked if Gigi was making a play for Rex, but Layla admitted she couldn't be sure. She resolved to stop obsessing over her girlfriends' lives so much and made tracks. Natalie headed for the bar herself to speak to John and Talia, concerned about the visible drama between them and Antonio. She quizzed them about it, but before she could get an answer, Eddie returned to make snide comments about John and Talia, as well as the former Commissioner Buchanan, which offended Natalie. Natalie was sure there couldn't be any truth to Eddie's innuendos, but the body language between John and Talia seemed to tell her otherwise. She left them there, only to run into Jared at her table yet again. Alone with John once more, Talia agonized about Antonio's blind anger, and said she blamed Ramsey for all of the aggravation. She just couldn't figure out what was driving Ramsey's manipulations: "What is it?"

Lonely at a private table, Antonio kept on drinking with Cristian by his side, and was inflamed to hear that Nash was sharing a room with Sarah. "Son of a bitch is at it again," Antonio muttered. Cristian assured Antonio that he trusted Sarah, causing Antonio to retort, "I trusted Jessica." When Cristian left him alone, Antonio came face to face again with his ex-wife. Antonio told Jessica he'd heard about Nash and Sarah going to Napa together, and Jessica continued to play off any anxiety she might have. Antonio remained unconvinced.

At the penthouse, Ramsey returned home, but before he could retire for the evening, there was a knock at the door. Todd stormed in, warning Ramsey that John had screwed up and the penthouse would soon be Todd's again. He admitted they had a lot in common. "We both like to threaten people," Todd said. "That's why I'm here; I want to make a nice, friendly threat." Todd reminded Ramsey of another thing they had in common: Gigi. He asked Ramsey why she was still in Llanview, given how damaging she could to be the new Commissioner. Ramsey made a number of excuses, but Todd explained that he'd concluded that Ramsey had made her stay, to keep her and Shane reined in and unable to reveal his dirty deeds. Todd, Gigi, and Shane were all witnesses to Ramsey's crimes in Paris. "She's my insurance," Todd told Ramsey, "and I'm hers."

Ramsey tried to play innocent, but Todd warned him that if Ramsey made a move against either his family or Gigi's, the other witness would nail Ramsey for what he'd done to the Morascos in Texas. Having made his "friendly threat," Todd left Ramsey, who then sent his female housekeeper home for the evening. The housekeeper, apparently playing nursemaid to the mysterious woman upstairs, explained she'd left the bedroom windows open-"for the view." When Ramsey headed upstairs himself, he spoke to the unseen woman there, saying he'd chosen this place for them because of that same view of the sunset. He asked her what new book they would start that night-a thriller, a romance, or a mystery? Ramsey chose the mystery novel, acknowledging that "everyone likes a mystery..."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pamela Stuart met Natalie at the Palace Hotel. Pamela lied, claiming that she was Jared's mother. Natalie didn't immediately call her on the lie. She decided to let Pamela keep on talking so that she could dig herself a deeper hole. Eventually, Natalie had enough and stopped Pamela in her deceptions. She demanded to know what Pamela hoped to gain by helping Jared. Pamela wasn't intimidated. She reminded Natalie of her own humble beginnings and less-than-honorable entrance into the Buchanan family. Natalie pointed out that, unlike Jared, she was a real Buchanan. Eventually, Pamela admitted that her brother was Jared's stepfather. She went on to reveal that her brother was a brutal man who abused his wife and stepchildren. Jared had a very difficult time growing up. Things got worse for Jared after his little brother, Jimmy, was killed. Natalie was stunned to learn that Jared had a brother who had died. The hostility eased out of Natalie as she listened to Pamela talk about Jared and what drove him.

Clint had a meeting with Calvin Jenkins who made it very clear that he intended to wrest control of Buchanan Enterprises in a hostile takeover.

Rex stopped by B.E. on business. He glanced in as he passed by the conference room and noticed that Shane was sitting in a chair looking bored. Rex decided to visit with his young friend for a few minutes. As they chatted, Rex revealed that he knew Shane had recently celebrated a birthday. He then asked Shane what he had wished for on his birthday. Shane hesitated answering as he had a flashback of his birthday and wishing for a father. Gigi walked in before Shane could answer Rex. She was instantly on edge and blurted out that Rex couldn't give Shane what he wished for. Rex bragged about his resourcefulness and pushed for an answer. Gigi quickly shooed Shane out of the room in an effort to put an end to the birthday wish talk. After Shane left, the conversation switched to Jared. Rex asked Gigi if there was something going on between her and Jared. Gigi said that there wasn't but she was curious why Rex was suddenly so interested in her love life. Just then Shane returned to the conference room and announced that it was time for him to go to school. Rex offered to drop him off. Gigi reluctantly agreed and watched as Rex and Shane headed to the elevator.

A short time later, Gigi walked into Jared's office. She became uncomfortable and very defensive when the subject of Rex came up. She denied having any feelings for Rex but she protested just a tad too much. Jared realized that Gigi was far from indifferent to Rex.

Viki woke Charlie up from a disturbing nightmare. Sensing that he was still rattled by the troubling dream, Viki urged Charlie to talk about it. She listened quietly as Charlie slowly began talking about his past failures as an alcoholic husband and father and the pain his put his children through. As he spoke about the past, he opened up about the heartbreaking loss of his youngest son, Jimmy, in a tragic accident. Charlie also told Viki that his other son carried around a tremendous amount of guilt over his little brother's death. Charlie admitted that he continued to blame himself for what happened to his sons because he wasn't there for them when they needed him most. Viki tried to offer Charlie comfort and understanding. She praised Charlie for trying to build a relationship with Rex. At the mention of Rex's name, Charlie told her that he had plans to meet him later for breakfast.

The dream continued to nag Charlie when he met up with Rex at the Palace Hotel for breakfast. Rex sensed Charlie's melancholy mood and asked Charlie what was troubling him but Charlie remained tight-lipped. He insisted that he needed to work it out for himself. After Rex left, Charlie called Jared and asked him to meet him at the Palace Hotel. When Jared arrived, Charlie tried talking about Jimmy. Jared was reluctant to discuss it. Charlie was undeterred, though. Unfortunately, someone nearby had caught Jared's attention. It was Pamela. Jared was surprised to see her and momentarily excused himself from Charlie to say hello. Charlie and Jared were both surprised when Pamela introduced herself to Charlie as Jared's mother!

Lindsay and Dorian also met at the Palace Hotel restaurant. While the two ladies were chatting, Lindsay inadvertently let it slip that she had recently helped Clint prevent a takeover of B.E. She swore Dorian to secrecy and unwisely trusted her friend to keep her word. The moment Lindsay walked away, Dorian made arrangements to meet with Calvin Jenkins, her business partner.

Viki stopped by B.E. to talk to Clint. While she was there, she took the opportunity to see Gigi. Gigi had forgotten her wallet at home that morning and Viki wanted to make sure Gigi had it in the event that she needed it. Gigi was thankful but felt terrible for continuing to impose on Viki's generosity. She promised Viki that she intended to move out shortly. Viki was disappointed to hear that. She confessed that she enjoyed having a house full of people and wasn't eager to see Gigi and Shane move out. After leaving Gigi to return to her work, Viki sought out Clint. She wanted to show him an unsavory article that Todd intended to run in the next edition of The Sun. She was stunned when Clint admitted that the allegations made in the article were true. Viki couldn't believe that Clint would actually resort to using personal threats to deal with business problems. Clint explained that he had to do what was necessary to protect his family and the business from a takeover. Shortly after Viki left, Clint called Lindsay. The moment Lindsay stepped into Clint's office he asked her to dig up all the dirt that she could on Calvin Jenkins.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

At the police station, Talia tried to talk to Antonio about the misunderstanding at Capricorn the night before. She insisted that she had no idea that John would be at the nightclub but Antonio remained angry over the incident. He turned his back on Talia and walked into Ramsey's office. Talia was hurt and frustrated by Antonio's refusal to talk things out. When John approached her a few minutes later, Talia vented to him. She felt that Antonio was merely being paranoid but John didn't agree. Talia was stunned when John admitted that he felt a strong connection with her that went beyond friendship. Talia reluctantly confessed that she felt the same connection. Just then Antonio stepped out of Ramsey's office and saw the two of them standing close together. Both were uncomfortable when they noticed Antonio glaring at them from across the squad room.

Jared spotted Pamela Stuart in the restaurant of the Palace Hotel. He went to say hello to her and brought her back to the table to introduce her to Charlie. He and Charlie were surprised when she introduced herself to Charlie as Jared's mother. Jared was forced to tell her that Charlie was his biological father. Pamela was furious when she realized that she was facing the long-lost father who had abandoned his sons for alcohol. Pamela didn't hold anything back as she shared a few ugly facts about the abuse his sons suffered. Charlie took responsibility for his wrongs but stressed that he was a recovering alcoholic who wanted a relationship with his son. Pamela wasn't completely satisfied with that and warned Charlie not to hurt Jared again. Charlie promised that he wouldn't. He then dropped the bombshell that he intended to see that Pamela's brother paid for his crimes. Pamela understood Charlie's desire for justice but told him that it was too late. Her brother had been killed in a bar fight two years earlier. Jared and Charlie offered Pamela their condolences but neither man was able to hide that they weren't disappointed to learn of his death. Jared quickly changed the subject. He asked Pamela what she was doing in Llanview. She told Jared about her meeting with Natalie. Unfortunately, Pamela had a flight to catch so she was pressed for time. Before she left, she gave Jared some food for thought. Pamela suggested that Natalie might be keeping the truth from her family as an excuse to maintain some distance from Jared.

Viki stopped by Natalie's office to discuss the situation with Clint and his recent unsavory business practices. She was dismayed to learn that Natalie and Bo were well aware that Clint had used personal threats against takeover companies. Bo and Natalie tried to explain that it was an isolated incident and that the matter had been resolved. Bo insisted that Clint had promised them that he would change his ways. Viki thought Bo was delusional if he believed that. She told them that Clint had not been the least bit remorseful about his conduct when she spoke to him earlier that day. The three went back and forth about Clint until Viki realized that it really was not her place to judge Clint's business practices. After Bo left the office, Natalie and Viki talked. When Natalie mentioned Jared, Viki immediately sensed that things were still unsettled between her daughter and Jared. Natalie tried to deny it but Viki wasn't fully convinced.

Jared returned to Buchanan Enterprises after his meeting with Charlie. He made a beeline for Natalie's office to tell her that he had bumped into Pamela at the Palace Hotel. He demanded to know why Natalie went to Pamela for answers instead of believing him. Natalie was brutally honest. She told him that she didn't trust him and needed corroboration of his story. Natalie tried to leave the office, but Jared blocked her exit. He forced the door closed and trapped her between his arms. Natalie didn't appreciate being manhandled. She warned Jared that if he didn't back off she would start screaming. Jared could see that Natalie wasn't making an idle thread. He immediately dropped his arms and took a step back. As soon as she was free, Natalie stormed out of her office.

Viki joined Charlie at the Palace Hotel restaurant. She was still deeply troubled about Clint and tried to talk to Charlie about it without revealing too much. As she talked about honesty and knowing a person, Charlie grew increasingly uncomfortable.

Clint enlisted Lindsay's help to gather incriminating information on Calvin Jenkins. Clint made it clear that he had every intention of using the information against his business rival. Bo happened to walk in on the tail end of their conversation. Lindsay deftly fabricated a story to avoid uncomfortable questions and explain her visit with Clint. She then made a hasty exit. Once he was alone with his brother, Bo decided to broach the subject of the article that Todd planned to run in the next edition of The Sun. Bo was appalled when Clint suggested that it could work to their advantage and make people think twice before crossing them in business.

Dorian and Calvin Jenkins discussed business at the Palace Hotel restaurant. Calvin recalled that Dorian had once dated Clint. He realized that Dorian was being driven by revenge. Dorian cleverly switched the topic and asked Calvin if he had any nasty skeletons in his closet that Clint could find and use against him. Calvin was confident that he was squeaky clean.

Starr was upset when she learned that the school trip she had been anticipating had been rescheduled. It dawned on her that the trip would take place after she had her baby, which meant that she wouldn't be able to go on the trip. Cole walked up as she was grumbling to herself but fortunately he didn't overhear anything about the baby. Starr was nervous talking to Cole. She realized that they were taking a huge risk, but she couldn't bring herself to walk away from him. She tried to work up the courage to tell him about the baby, but fear kept her quiet each time she was presented with an opportunity. Cole could tell that Starr was keeping something from him. When he couldn't convince Starr to tell him what was troubling her, Cole turned Langston for answers, but Langston also refused to cooperate.

Friday, April 11, 2008

After witnessing Cole and Markko engage in childish horseplay in the school halls, Starr ran off in disgust. Before running after Starr, an angry Langston chastised the boys about being inconsiderate of Starr's feelings. Realizing Starr was in a desperate state, Cole vowed to prevent Todd from destroying his relationship with Starr any further. As Markko pleaded with Cole to reconsider, Cole ignored his friend and headed off to La Boulaie to confront Todd.

At the loft, Rex grew bored listening to Dorian and Layla discuss wedding plans. Fed up with Dorian's endless chatter, Rex excused himself to meet with Michael and Marcie at the diner. Moments later, Adriana returned home and was upset that Rex had left the loft. After Adriana's persistent drilling, Layla revealed that Rex had been spending a great deal of time looking after Shane. Adriana demanded to know why Rex felt the need to focus so much attention on Shane. As Adriana continued to brood, she grew concerned when she realized Rex left his cell phone in his haste to exit the loft. In hopes of locating Rex and getting some answers, Adriana headed to the diner. Later, as Layla listened, Dorian made a call to someone and demanded that they give her any information that existed concerning Brody Lovett.

At Rex's request, Michael and Marcie arrived at the diner. As the couple waited for Rex, they began discussing their recent communication problems. While Marcie admitted to feeling withdrawn, Michael claimed to be under intense pressure at work. Rex joined the couple and asked Michael to be a groomsman. Citing his responsibilities at the hospital as an excuse, Michael declined Rex's offer. Although Marcie attempted to persuade Michael to reconsider, he refused and left in a hurry. Marcie told Rex that she and Michael were having a difficult time trusting each other since her return to Llanview. Rex attempted to console Marcie and convince her that better times were ahead. After informing Rex that she would be spending the day with Shane, Marcie began to cheer up. Concerned about Shane's welfare, Rex mentioned that he had helped Gigi several times with Shane and questioned whether her long hours at Buchanan Enterprises were presenting a problem. Marcie defended Gigi's work ethic and desire to provide a better life for her son. Marcie complimented Rex on his ability to maintain a good relationship with Gigi despite their past involvement. Appearing uncomfortable with Marcie's remark, Rex wished her luck and left to conduct business at B.E.

Alone, Marcie sat deep in thought. Upon noticing Langston at a nearby booth, Marcie shyly approached the teen. Marcie asked Langston to relay a message to Starr. Marcie felt Starr owed her an apology for lying about Tommy's welfare. Langston attempted to explain that Starr was dealing with a tremendous amount of pressure. Marcie asked Langston to give the Mannings some of Tommy's baby pictures. When Langston asked if Marcie were sure she wanted to part with the mementoes, Marcie stated that she had to do what was best for Tommy. Marcie said she would have to learn to live without Tommy. After composing herself, Marcie invited Adriana to join her and began questioning Adriana about her wedding. As an anxious Adriana inquired about Rex, Shane entered the diner. While Marcie welcomed the child, Adriana gave him a disapproving look and asked how his mother was doing. When Shane showed Marcie his art project and stated that the superhero in the drawing was his father, Adriana made a sarcastic remark to the little boy. Marcie appeared disgusted by Adriana's attitude.

As Gigi performed her duties at B.E., she was startled when Todd walked into the office. After presenting Gigi with a document to sign, Todd suggested that Gigi join him in teaming up against Ramsey. Refusing to assist Todd in his vendetta, Gigi reminded him that Ramsey would hurt Shane if he ever found out she was in cahoots with Todd. Todd revealed that his document entailed every illegal act that Ramsey had committed. Convinced that they could beat Ramsey at his own game, Todd told Gigi that if Ramsey came after either of them, the other would agree to turn him in to the authorities. Realizing Todd had lied and told Ramsey that she had already joined forces with Todd, Gigi lashed out and accused Todd of placing Shane in danger. Fed up with Gigi's refusal to cooperate, Todd angrily informed her that she was involved in the mess because she chose to help Marcie kidnap his son. As Todd continued to shout at Gigi, Rex entered the office and demanded to know what was going on. Todd began to blame Rex for his part in Sam's ordeal. Todd remarked that it was a good thing Rex didn't have a child, but if he did hopefully the child would be kidnapped. After Todd left, Rex attempted to extract the truth from Gigi, but she begged him to leave her alone. When Rex referred to himself as her friend, Gigi stated that he wasn't and pondered why she ever remained in Llanview. Rex wondered if Todd had threatened Gigi. Gigi said her problem had nothing to do with Todd. She told Rex that her life was nothing like she dreamed it would be back in high school. Unaware that Gigi was disappointed in her life, Rex wanted to know what type of life Gigi had dreamt of. In tears, Gigi told Rex of her vision of sharing a life with Shane and his father. When Rex suggested that she envision her life without Shane's dad, Gigi remarked that maybe she didn't have to.

At the police station, Ramsey quietly observed John and Talia in a compromising position. As Ramsey listened, John and Talia appeared to be involved in a somewhat encrypted conversation. Talia told John that they couldn't do it and she worried what would happen if Antonio were to catch them. John suggested that they meet later at a distant motel. Talia thought the idea was crazy but agreed to meet him anyway. The two watched as Ramsey walked away. Moments later, Ramsey called Antonio into his office. Ramsey informed Antonio that his assignment for the night had been changed; he would be given the details later. Witnessing Antonio leave the commissioner's office, Talia questioned what Ramsey wanted with him. When Antonio refused to give Talia an answer, the two became embroiled in a heated argument. Unnoticed, Ramsey listened from behind his opened office door. Attempting to calm the situation, Talia told Antonio that she had seen Jamie earlier and that Jamie had asked Talia to visit her. Antonio advised Talia that her seeing Jamie would not be a good idea. After receiving the cold shoulder from Antonio, Talia walked away. As Antonio observed, John winked at Talia and asked if she were okay. A look of disgust crossed Antonio's face, as he watched John enter the commissioner's office. Inside, Ramsey warned that he would continue to keep an eye on John. When John remarked that he was off-duty and Ramsey didn't supervise his free time, Ramsey quietly responded, "We'll see about that." Before leaving the station, John asked Talia, "Do you still want to do this?" With guilt in her voice, Talia told John she would meet him in twenty minutes.

Moments later, Antonio approached Talia and thanked her for giving him a heads-up on the situation with Jamie. Antonio said he wouldn't want to confuse the child. Before walking away nearly in tears, Talia stated that she wouldn't want to hurt Jamie either. Afterwards, Ramsey told Antonio that it was difficult to bring someone into your child's life and later realize the person wasn't as they had seemed. Antonio appeared uncomfortable when Ramsey asked if his mother watched Jamie while he worked. Ramsey stated that it was important for a father to know who was taking care of his child. Ramsey handed Antonio a folder and informed him that it contained information regarding his "new" assignment for the evening.

In her bedroom, Starr read a pregnancy book and stared at photos of her holding Sam. Deep in thought, Starr removed a pamphlet from inside the book. Carrying a tray of food, Langston entered Starr's room. Langston told Starr that she needed to eat in order to keep up her strength. When Starr said she wasn't hungry, Langston wondered what the pregnancy books stated about the subject. As Langston reached for one of the pregnancy books in Starr's book bag, Starr attempted to stop her. When a pamphlet fell from Starr's book, Langston was horrified. The pamphlet was entitled, "Abortion Options." Shocked, Langston asked Starr, "Are you going to have an abortion?"

Together, John and Talia arrived at the Cambridge Motel. As John opened the door, Talia hesitated before entering the room. Meanwhile, Antonio and Eddie arrived at the site of their stakeout-outside of the Cambridge Motel. When Eddie observed John and Talia's cars outside the motel, he brought it to Antonio's attention. Antonio approached John and Talia's room and banged on the door. Meanwhile, Eddie phoned Ramsey and informed him of the situation. When Ramsey asked why Eddie was calling him, Eddie stated that he thought the commissioner would be concerned that Antonio might kill John McBain. As he held the phone, Ramsey had a devilish smirk on his face. John opened the door and Antonio observed an undressed Talia in the bed. In a fit of anger, Antonio punched John.

Cole argued with Shaun at the door of La Boulaie. As Shaun attempted to convince Cole to leave, Cole refused. Todd opened the door and asked Cole if he had a death wish or wanted to go to prison. Cole advised Todd that he came to see him and not Starr.

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