One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on OLTL

Starr decided to have an abortion. Ramsey warned Cole. Sarah and Nash returned to Llanview. Nora was upset after hearing about Clint's business practices. Adriana was not happy to hear that Rex had invited Shane and Gigi to the wedding. Cole raced to the clinic to see Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, April 14, 2008

At La Boulaie, Cole demanded to speak with Todd. As Todd glared at him, Cole questioned whether Todd actually loved Starr. Recalling the night he found Cole and Starr in bed together, Todd expressed his extreme hatred for Cole. Cole told Todd that the scene he witnessed was two people who loved each other. Cole suggested that if Todd hadn't decided to move without giving Starr a say, the entire night wouldn't have happened. When Todd accused Cole of raping Starr, Cole said that he was nothing like Todd and would never hurt Starr. Todd became enraged when Cole reminded him of Marty, and threatened to kill Cole if he ever came near Starr again.

Up in Starr's bedroom, Langston attempted to convince Starr to reconsider having an abortion. Starr was adamant that her father would kill Cole if he ever learned of the pregnancy. Believing an abortion was her only option, Starr told Langston that she would risk everything to prevent Todd from harming Cole. When Langston reminded Starr that she couldn't get an abortion without the consent of an adult, Starr revealed that parental consent wasn't required in New Jersey. Starr begged Langston to help her devise a plan to travel to New Jersey and obtain an abortion. Consumed with guilt, Starr continued to blame herself for having unprotected sex with Cole. Starr made Langston promise to never make the same mistake she did. Langston promised to stand by Starr. When Starr began having cravings, the girls headed downstairs to get Starr some food. Once downstairs, the girls could hear Cole and Todd arguing in the library. As they stood on the other side of the door, Starr worried as she listened to Todd threaten Cole. Grabbing Cole, Todd pulled him close and ordered him to stay away from his entire family. Todd threatened him with prison time or possible death if he didn't. Langston prevented Starr from breaking up the heated argument and the girls ran upstairs when they heard the door to the library opening. Cole showed no fear when Todd demanded that he leave immediately. Enraged, Todd ordered Shaun to throw him out of the house. Back upstairs, Starr and Langston watched as Cole got into his car and left. Starr told Langston that she realized that abortion was the only answer. Starr pleaded with Langston to understand that an abortion was the only way to prevent Todd from killing Cole. Langston agreed to help Starr figure out a way to go to New Jersey.

At Rex and Adriana's loft, Layla overheard Dorian requesting information regarding Brody Lovett, Shane's father. When Layla accused Dorian of attempting to uncover damaging information against Rex and Gigi, Dorian stated that her only concern was learning the truth about the man that Gigi claimed to be Shane's father. Dorian explained that her research revealed that Brody Lovett was indeed a Navy Seal and had died at some point. Feeling this was enough information to back up Gigi's claim, Layla suggested that Dorian end her investigation. Convinced that there was more to learn, Dorian vowed to learn everything she could about Brody Lovett and ensure that Adriana's wedding actually took place.

In a boardroom at Buchanan Enterprises, Gigi admitted to Rex that she still missed Shane's father. When Rex suggested that she put the past behind her and attempt to rebuild her life without Shane's dad, Gigi told Rex that perhaps she didn't have to. Confused, Rex asked Gigi to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Adriana approached the door to the boardroom. Before she could enter, Adriana received a call from Dorian. Dorian told Adriana that many of the facts Gigi gave about Brody Lovett were true. Brody Lovett wasn't a figment of Gigi's imagination; the deceased Navy Seal was Shane's father. When Adriana demanded to know how Brody actually died and what type of mission he was involved in at the time of his death, Dorian stated that she didn't know yet but intended to learn every piece of information that existed about the former Navy Seal. As Gigi prepared to tell Rex the "truth" concerning Shane, Adriana interrupted. Gigi watched nervously as Adriana and Rex shared a kiss. When Adriana made a snide comment about Rex and Gigi always being together, both Rex and Gigi called her on it. Feeling cornered, Adriana made light of the situation and presented Rex with the cell phone he had left behind. Fed up with Adriana's tactics, Gigi asked the couple to allow her to finish her work. Rex and Adriana obliged. As they headed towards the elevator, Rex realized he had missed an important call and told Adriana he would meet her at home. After Rex walked down the hall, Adriana stepped off the elevator and headed back to the boardroom to see Gigi.

As Gigi attempted to complete her work, Adriana confronted Gigi and informed her that Rex wasn't available to be a "daddy" for her baby. Frustrated, Gigi tried to convince Adriana that she had no desire to interfere in Adriana's relationship with Rex. Adriana suggested that the conversation she walked in on earlier appeared to be an intense one. When Adriana demanded to know why Gigi and Rex were discussing Shane, Gigi reminded Adriana that she was a single mother and talked about her son all the time. Seizing the opportunity to discuss Shane's father, Adriana began questioning Gigi about Brody. Realizing that Gigi intended to offer no information, Adriana mentioned that she spoke to Shane about his dad at the diner earlier. Upon learning that Adriana had questioned Shane about his father, Gigi lashed out at Adriana. Gigi begged Adriana to stay away from her and Shane, but Adriana stated that she couldn't grant that wish because Rex was so concerned about them both. Adriana attempted to explain how her conversation with Shane began, but unnerved Gigi when she commented that Shane might learn his father was not really a hero.

Marcie enjoyed spending time with Shane at the diner, but became somewhat withdrawn when thoughts of Tommy surfaced. When Michael took time from his busy schedule at the hospital to join Marcie, her spirits lifted. However, when he mentioned an abandoned baby being admitted to the hospital, Marcie began thinking about Tommy. Marcie was surprised to learn that Michael gave Shane a baseball card that he had intended to give Tommy when he grew up. When Marcie inquired about the card, Michael told her that he felt Shane needed the card because he didn't have a dad to hand him down a memento. Marcie understood. Later, Gigi arrived at the diner to pick up Shane. When Gigi expressed her displeasure with Adriana, Marcie defended Adriana's actions by stating she was a nervous bride. Gigi asked Marcie if Adriana had asked her to be in the wedding. Sadly, Marcie stated that Rex told her Adriana intended to ask her, but Adriana neglected to mention it when she saw her earlier.

Adrian rushed into the loft and ordered Dorian and Layla to leave before Rex came home. Before they could leave, Rex entered and wondered why Adriana was returning home just before him. He expected her to have arrived home earlier since she left B.E. long before he did. After Dorian and Layla left, Adriana made up an excuse for arriving home late. Later, Adriana and Rex made love. Afterwards, Rex asked Adriana if she had asked Marcie to be a bridesmaid. Rex was surprised when Adriana stated that she didn't want Marcie to be in the bridal party. When asked for an explanation, Adriana said that she felt Marcie might be uncomfortable after the publicity of her ordeal with Tommy. Accepting Adriana's explanation, Rex told her that she was a thoughtful person.

Upon finding Talia and John together at the Cambridge Motel, an infuriated Antonio punched John. As the two men violently fought, an undressed Talia begged Antonio to listen to her. Outside of the motel, Eddie watched the altercation and reported to Ramsey. When Eddie asked Ramsey if he should break up the fight, a delighted Ramsey ordered him to let the two men battle it out for themselves. Appalled by Talia's actions, Antonio refused to listen to her explanation. Enraged, Antonio stated that Ramsey had been right about John all along. Antonio felt he should have listened when Ramsey told him that John did the exact same thing to Ramsey. John denied all claims, but offered no explanation. Before leaving, Antonio warned Talia that John had destroyed the life of every woman he was ever involved with-they were either severely damaged or dead. In a fit of anger, Antonio headed for the police station. Alone in the motel room, John told Talia that he realized the situation was hard on her. Talia replied that the situation was difficult for everyone involved.

At the police station, Ramsey sat in his office and told someone on the phone that he would meet them with the money. As Ramsey ended his conversation, Antonio stormed into the office and demanded to know why Ramsey set him up. Antonio accused Ramsey of making it possible for him to find Talia and John in bed together. Ramsey admitted to orchestrating the chain of events. Ramsey said he felt Antonio needed to realize just what type of man John actually was. After hearing Ramsey's explanation, Antonio apologized to Ramsey and thanked him for opening his eyes to the real John McBain. Afterwards, Talia entered the station and attempted to make peace with Antonio. Antonio ordered Talia to remove all her belongings from his loft immediately. As Talia tried to apologize, John entered the station and approached Talia. In disgust, Antonio glared at Talia and John. As John and Talia walked away, Ramsey, unnoticed, observed everyone's actions.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gigi was touched when she saw Shane's closeness with Charlie, as she believed Charlie was the boy's grandfather. Meanwhile, Adriana icily assumed that Gigi asked Rex to come to Buchanan Enterprises. However, Rex explained that Clint wanted to meet with him. Later, Dorian told Adriana that Shane's supposed father, Brody, was from Joplin, Missouri. Afterward, Adriana refused to rest until she uncovered whatever Gigi was hiding about Shane's father.

Lindsay's file on Calvin Jenkins, the man behind the latest threat to Buchanan Enterprises, proved useless to Clint. Soon, Clint hired Rex to dig up some dirt on Calvin. Later, Nora angrily confronted Clint about the article in The Sun, which practically accuseed him of resorting to blackmail to save the company. Meanwhile, Charlie felt guilty when Viki said she knew he could never be as unscrupulous as Clint. After speaking with Lindsay, Dorian contacted Calvin Jenkins.

When Jessica called early in the morning, Nash and Sarah caught each other wearing practically nothing. Later, Jessica and Cristian struggled to convince themselves that nothing was going on between Nash and Sarah. Meanwhile, Nash thought that he and Sarah made a great team.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nora went to Clint's office to talk to him about the damaging article that appeared in The Sun. She was upset over the allegations made against Clint and had hoped that he would deny them. Clint surprised Nora when he quietly admitted that the facts of the article were true. Clint tried explaining to Nora why he felt driven to take such desperate measures to save Buchanan Enterprises but Nora had a difficult time understanding. She was convinced that he could have saved B.E. in an honorable way rather than using tactics that Asa would have used. Clint defended his actions, which led Nora to admit that her feelings for Clint were growing stronger and she was concerned over the possibility of Clint following in his father's footsteps. Clint assured Nora that his actions, while underhanded, were legal. Nora was relieved to hear that since it would have been her job to prosecute Clint if he had broken any laws. Unfortunately, things remained a bit unsettled between them. Nora was saddened to hear Clint admit that if he had to do it over, he'd do the same thing again to save his family's business. Clint was worried about where they stood because as Nora walked out, he asked her if things were ok between them. Rather than answer the question directly, Nora softly smiled and told him that she would see him at home later that evening.

Jessica went to B.E. to talk to Natalie about the article that Todd printed in his paper about their father. Natalie tried to calm her sister down, but Jess insisted on speaking with Clint herself. Before she could march out to do that, Jared walked into Natalie's office. Natalie was quick to point out to Jessica that Jared had supported Clint's actions completely. Jared readily admitted that he felt that Clint had done the right thing under the circumstances. He understood Clint's desire to save his family from financial ruin and admired the lengths that Clint was willing to go to in order to prevent disaster from happening. Just then Natalie was interrupted by a phone call. As Jared and Jess listened in, it became clear that Natalie was learning about Talia and John's rendezvous at the motel the night before and Antonio's untimely arrival. After Natalie ended the call with her friend at the police station, she started to share the details of the conversation with Jess. Jared wasn't interested in listening to Natalie gossip about her ex so he quickly changed the subject. A few minutes later, Jess dashed off, wanting to be there to welcome Nash home. Once Jared was alone with Natalie, he didn't waste any time revisiting the subject of John. He was curious what Natalie intended to do next. Natalie realized that Jared was jealous.

At the police station, things did not go well for Talia. She approached Antonio as he stepped out of Ramsey's office, desperate to talk to him. Ramsey had primed Antonio well just moments before with another one of his manipulative friendly chats so that everything Talia said only infuriated Antonio more. Antonio tried to walk away but Talia was determined to find a way to work things out. Finally, Antonio had enough and turned on Talia. Things took an ugly turn when Antonio accused Talia of trying to sleep her way through the police station. By this time, both Antonio and Talia's raised voices had attracted quite a few onlookers, including a very self satisfied Ramsey. A short while afterwards, Jessica arrived at the police station. She was looking for Antonio. Talia thought it was the height of hypocrisy that Jessica would show up to check on Antonio, given her own history of cheating on Antonio. Talia told her that she felt Jessica was the reason that Antonio was never able to fully trust Talia. Just then Antonio walked up. The irony didn't escape him. He found it ludicrous that two women who didn't want him were standing around arguing over him. Talia walked away, fed up with everything, while Jessica remained behind to talk to Antonio. He appreciated her concern, but he declined her offer of a sympathetic ear.

John found a chilly reception at the diner after Cris heard the details of John's encounter with Antonio the night before. Bo's timely arrival kept things from escalating into a physical altercation. It didn't stop Cris from throwing John out of the diner and making it clear that he was not welcomed back. Bo tried to talk to John, but John wasn't in the mood to share. After he left the diner, John headed over to B.E. to see Natalie. Natalie's concern for John was evident from the moment he stepped into her office. As Natalie and John talked, their deep friendship and affection evident in every softly spoken word and touch, neither realized that Jared was standing just outside the door taking everything in and looking none too pleased about any of it.

Before classes, Markko and Cole talked about Cole having gone to see Todd the night before. Markko tried to caution his friend not to push Todd too far and urged him to give Starr's father some space. Cole made it clear that he wasn't afraid of Todd but he didn't want to make things worse for Starr. He also took Todd's threats about sending him to jail seriously. Cole seemed resolved to abide by Todd's stipulations concerning his daughter. Elsewhere at school, Starr stood by her locker looking through the abortion pamphlets she had recently picked up. Langston soon joined her. As the two friends discussed Starr's situation, Starr revealed that she had made the decision to have an abortion. Langston seemed disappointed. Starr sensed her friend's hesitation and asked for reassurance that she wasn't going to tell anyone about Starr's pregnancy. Langston asked Starr when she intended to tell Cole. Starr told her that she didn't have any intention of telling Cole about the baby because it would just make things worse. The reason she decided to have the abortion, Starr revealed, was to keep Todd from getting the ammunition he needed to have Cole thrown in jail or worse. Langston saw the truth in Starr's words and offered the reassurance her friend needed. Later, Starr ran into Cole in the hallway. He told her that he loved her and would wait for her until they could be together. Starr was overwhelmed by emotion and quickly walked away, fighting back tears.

Nora decided to indulge in some comfort food at the diner after her encounter with Clint. Cole soon joined her and they chatted a bit about his situation with Starr and Todd. A short time later, Ramsey strolled into the diner. He made his rounds. His first stop was at Nora's table to question her ethics and whether or not she would be able to do her job effectively in regards to Clint and any possible criminal wrongdoing. Nora dismissed Ramsey without dignifying his insulting questions with answers. Ramsey then found Cole who was trying to stay out of the corrupt commissioner's sight. Cole was rattled by the realization that Ramsey had been watching him very closely and knew some of his secrets. Before Ramsey walked away, he warned Cole that he should watch his step.

At home, Starr revealed her plans to Langston. Starr asked Langston to be her decoy that very night so that Starr could sneak out to an abortion clinic.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Natalie was disbelieving when she learned that John was found in bed with Talia. He didn't want to discuss details with her, but instead, leaned in for a kiss. A very tense and spying Jared interrupted and attempted to hasten John out, citing business that he and Nat had to discuss. "Uncle Jared is real protective," John voiced sarcastically. Nat insisted that she and John be left alone so that she could ask him about the almost kiss. John merely called it a mistake, though she quickly told him, "You suck at lying." He answered that it wasn't about her and that he would explain someday. Upon John's departure, Jared demanded to know what was going on. Nat quite adamantly, and more than once, told him that none of it was his business. When she referred to him as Uncle Jared, he quickly ordered her to stop calling him that.

Jess headed to the police station to extend her sympathy to Antonio after hearing about John and Talia. Antonio told her that he and Talia were over and that he obviously had no luck with women. Comparing Sarah and Nash to John and Talia, he asked Jess if she really trusted her husband and cousin on their business trip. She assured him that they were not having an affair and that she and Nash were very happy together. "So were we," Antonio replied. Later, Talia apologized to Antonio for being physical with him, though he quickly assured her he had it coming. Talia agreed to Antonio's request that they no longer talk to each other unless it involved work. Upset, she told John that she was not okay. They agreed to go out for drinks at Capricorn. "It's hard on you. Wish you never started?" John asked her. She wished it were easier while John told her that they had to do the right thing, even if people were going to get hurt in their small town.

Sarah and Nash headed home. She reminded him that she was not able to work for him as she already had a full time job that she enjoyed, and a boyfriend who was her boss and someone she liked working with. Nash suggested she start her own business as an events planner. They checked their phone messages when their plane landed and Sarah learned that she had quite a few from Natalie. She expressed her interest in working with Nash in the future.

Blair ran into Cris at the diner and mentioned that she was trying to get hold of Sarah for work scheduling. She asked if Sarah had run off with Nash; Cris found this less than amusing, even though she assured him she was joking. She pointed out that Cris actually looked worried. Nearby, Markko and Cole talked about extra practice that Cole was thinking about skipping. He felt that something was wrong with Starr as he could read it on her face. Jess arrived to wait for Nash and she confessed to Cris that she had seen Antonio. She felt bad and had really wanted him to be happy. Cris guessed correctly that she wanted that so that she wouldn't feel guilty any longer. He told her to focus on her own family. Blair stopped to have a chat with Cole and, while she understood his and Starr's feelings, she also wanted him to heed her husband's warnings or he'd end up in prison and still not get to see Starr. While she didn't agree with Todd's methods, they would have to wait it out and only hoped that they could all get past "that night." She acknowledged that Starr was feeling as miserable as Cole.

Todd pumped Shaun for information on Starr's day though Shaun advised him that he had to wait outside while Starr attended school. Todd only wanted reassurance that she hadn't spoken to Cole. Upstairs, Starr asked Langston to switch places with her so that she could travel to New Jersey for an abortion. She was already prepared and had a wig, a favorite outfit and hat in a bag for Langston. Langston was leery of the plan and didn't think that Starr could go through with it herself. Starr strongly told her that she had to. She also had a secret weapon-Jack! Langson didn't think that would work but Starr pointed out that "he's a Manning and he knows how to lie." She also had something on her little brother-he dented his dad's car with his skateboard. She asked Jack to distract Shaun so that she and Langston could leave. He told his sister he understood and assured her that she owed him. She promised to be Jack's slave for life. Starr told Langston that she would never forget her best friend's help, as she also provided the address of the clinic where she was headed. Jack did his part with his baseball bat and ball and Starr and Langston finally managed to get out of the house, though with some difficulty. Lee Ramsey, summoned by Todd, rang the doorbell just as Langston/Starr was leaving but once he headed to the study, the coast was clear. Blair arrived home just as Starr/Langston was about to head out but she, too, headed for the study and the coast was clear once again.

Jared wanted to know if Natalie wanted to get back together with John. She had some snide comments for him, wondering if he wanted her with him, because it was too late, what with his going after Buchanan money. He hastily denied being in it for the money. She angrily informed him that he knew nothing of her relationship with John. He thought that maybe there would be someone else in her future. Sarah arrived just as Nat was about to be kissed for the second time, as Jared backed off abruptly. Nat reprimanded Sarah for missing company business since she was a board member. Sarah attempted to convey that she was out of town working, for only two days, but Nat hardly let her speak. She practically bit Jared's head off also, when he tried to interject. Finally, Sarah signed the proxy. "Why does this town have to be so incestuous?" Sarah wanted to know. She swore she did nothing wrong. After she was gone, Jared asked Nat if they could go back to where they were. They were "nowhere," she told him. He disagreed. They had never been "nowhere."

At the diner, Antonio told Cris to watch his back, because of Sarah hanging around with Nash. Cris could hardly believe that his brother was seriously warning him, and assured him that he trusted Sarah completely. Nash arrived to meet Jess and, watching them, Antonio pointed out that the town was just too small for him. Sarah arrived, thrilled to see Cris. She and Nash had some leftover business to take care of.

Todd handed Ramsey copies of statements that he and Gigi made regarding his "misdeeds." He explained that should anything happen to either of them, those statements would turn up and have him put in jail. Ramsey assured Todd that he had "bigger fish to fry" and that Todd was hardly a blip on his radar scale. Blair was not happy to find the police commissioner in her house. Todd assured her that there was nothing to worry about. They confirmed that Starr had headed to school for drama club and since they had some time alone, they headed upstairs.

Langston made it to school where Markko mistook her for Starr. Stunned when he realized it was Langston, he demanded to know what was going on. He mentioned Cole seeing Starr's car in the parking lot. Speechless, Langston froze when Cole appeared. He decided to risk it to see what Starr was hiding. He, too, was startled when Starr turned out to be Langston. He waited for answers. Langston stuttered that she and Starr were just playing around.

Starr waited, crying at the bus station and alone. As her bus was called for boarding, she headed towards it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

At the loft, Dorian presented Adriana with a travel itinerary, and wished her luck in her pursuit to uncover Gigi's secret regarding Brody Lovett. While Layla and Dorian both attempted to persuade her to let the issue of Shane's father rest, Adriana was determined to prove Gigi a liar. Claiming that Gigi was trying to sabotage her wedding, Adriana insisted on traveling to Michigan and speaking with Brody's parents. Adriana revealed that she and Layla would pretend to be good friends of Gigi's and learn the truth about Shane's paternity. When Layla continued to question how Adriana would extract such intimate information from Brody's parents, a defiant Adriana stated that she was just like her mother and could get the truth out of anybody. As Dorian appeared frustrated by Adriana's persistence, Layla seemed shocked by the change in her friend's behavior. Layla worried Adriana's plans would backfire.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Jared asked Gigi to take some important paperwork to Rex at his loft. Gigi attempted to avoid interacting with Rex by making up excuses, but Jared requested that she assist Rex in obtaining information vital to B.E. After claiming that she needed to hurry home to Shane, Gigi's plans were thwarted when Viki and Charlie arrived with Shane and requested to take the child to a baseball game. Excited, Shane showed Gigi the excellent grade he received on his school project about his father, the war hero. When Jared congratulated Shane on having such a great dad, the little boy exclaimed that his father would always be his hero. Affected by Shane's words, sullen expressions crossed the faces of Gigi, Charlie, and Jared. Forced to meet with Rex, a reluctant Gigi headed to the loft. Charlie stole a moment alone with Jared, and questioned him about his relationship with Natalie. Charlie wondered how Jared could consider pursuing Natalie after revealing his misdeeds to her. As Jared insisted on winning Natalie over, Charlie worried about the possible outcome.

Before heading to the game, Charlie, Viki, and Shane arrived at the diner. Charlie had promised Roxy that he would meet with her and Dorian to make last-minute wedding changes. When Viki questioned whether or not she should be present, Charlie insisted that she join them. While waiting for the group to arrive, Charlie and Viki discussed the love they shared for one another. When Viki mentioned the conversation she observed Charlie having with Jared earlier at B.E., Charlie told her that he was telling Jared how special Viki was to him. Viki admitted to Charlie that she didn't care for Jared in the beginning, but felt he was proving himself to be a true Buchanan. A look of guilt crossed Charlie's face.

Rex and Natalie met at the diner to discuss wedding details. As a nervous Rex pondered over the upcoming nuptials, Natalie continued to think of her last (near intimate) encounter with Jared. After observing Rex's uneasy demeanor, Natalie questioned what was bothering him. Rex explained that he was worried by Adriana's recent behavior. Rex was bothered by Adriana's decision to exclude Marcie form the bridal party, and worried what her reaction would be to the news that he had invited Gigi and Shane to attend the ceremony. Rex revealed his concern that Adriana was beginning to act like Dorian. When Natalie chastised Rex for continuing his friendship with an ex lover, Rex questioned her behavior with past lovers as well. Frustrated, Natalie left for B.E. in a hurry.

Natalie was upset to find Jared in her office. As Jared flirted with Natalie, she warned him to keep his distance. Jared questioned why Natalie was actually keeping his secret. Jared was convinced that Natalie still had feelings for him. Natalie reminded Jared of his scam and stated that she detested him.

When Rex arrived home, Adriana informed him that she and Layla were going on a business trip. Rex was upset to learn that Adriana planned to leave that night. Dorian and Layla watched as Adriana convinced Rex that the trip was necessary to secure their future. After Dorian left to meet Roxy at the diner, Rex expressed his fear about the wedding plans getting out of hand.

After kicking Jared out of her office, Natalie continued to think about him. Upset that she couldn't keep her mind off of Jared, Natalie was frustrated when she heard a knock at her door. Believing it was Jared, Natalie yelled for him to go away. When the door opened and Miles stood there, an elated Natalie hugged him. Miles told Natalie that he hadn't seen her in awhile and suggested that they go out for a drink. As Miles helped Natalie with her coat, Jared peered through the door and looked upset.

As Adriana and Layla made plans, Adriana was disgusted when Gigi arrived and announced she needed to discuss B.E. business with Rex. Eager to get to work, Rex suggested Gigi prepare for the long evening ahead. As Rex sat close to Gigi, Adriana scowled at them. Upon learning that Rex had invited Gigi and Shane to the wedding, an infuriated Adriana told Layla she couldn't risk going to Michigan and leaving Rex alone with Gigi. Adriana asked Layla to keep an eye on Rex and Gigi while she attended to an important matter. After Adriana left, Layla sat nearby and kept a close eye on them. Feeling uncomfortable because of Layla's presence, Gigi tried to focus on her work. As Layla looked disapprovingly at Gigi, Rex whispered and told Gigi to ignore Layla. Sadly, Gigi told Rex that Layla didn't like her. Rex leaned close to Gigi and replied, "But I do." Layla was appalled.

Upon arriving at the diner, Dorian and Viki immediately exchanged cunning remarks. When Viki introduced Shane to Dorian, Dorian gave the child an annoyed glance. As Dorian discussed where the wedding would take place, she was surprised when Shane announced that he and his mother would be in attendance. Adriana interrupted the conversation and asked to speak privately with Dorian. Adriana informed her mother that Dorian would be going to Michigan with Layla; Adriana had already booked Dorian a ticket. As Adriana gave Shane a disgusted look from across the room, she told Dorian about Gigi's visit and explained why it was necessary for her to remain in town. When Dorian refused to go, Adriana reminded her mother of their deal-Adriana would forgive her for her past deeds if Dorian ensured Adriana's wedding took place. Adriana suggested that her wedding would fall apart if Dorian refused to take the trip. Feeling guilty, Dorian agreed to go to Michigan with Layla. Afterwards, both Dorian and Adriana left the diner. As discussion of the wedding continued, Roxy commented how lucky Rex was to have Adriana in his life. Viki, Charlie, and Roxy were stunned when Shane remarked that he didn't like Adriana. When Viki asked Shane why he would say such a thing, he told them that Adriana asked questions about his father all the time and that made his mother sad.

After finding Langston dressed as Starr, Cole and Markko demanded answers from Langston. Although Langston continued to make up excuses for the ruse, the boys remained unconvinced. Realizing Starr was in trouble, Cole told Langston he would find out the truth for himself if Langston didn't come clean. Cornered, Langston handed Cole the contact information that Starr had given her. The paper only contained the address of the abortion clinic. When Cole inquired why Starr would travel to Atlantic City, Langston's only words to him were to hurry. Confused, Cole headed off to locate Starr. By distracting Shaun, Markko helped Langston leave the high school unnoticed and head for the diner to await word from Starr.

A terrified Starr arrived at the abortion clinic. Trembling, Starr announced to the receptionist that she was there to receive an abortion. As Starr sat in the waiting area, she struggled with her decision to end her pregnancy. Starr became emotional as she looked around the room and observed the other patients. Meanwhile, Cole drove towards Atlantic City. As he exited the expressway, Cole made a wrong turn and had no idea where he was. Frustrated, Cole conceded that he was lost. As Starr was prepped for the procedure, she caressed a photo of Cole. Before the doctor began the procedure, she asked if Starr was ready. In tears, Star shook her head.

Back at the loft, Layla was upset when Adriana informed her that she would be taking the trip with Dorian. When Layla questioned what Adriana was doing, Adriana said she couldn't leave Rex alone with Gigi and pleaded with Layla to join Dorian in Michigan. Reluctantly, Layla agreed. Moments later, Adriana interrupted Rex and Gigi and announced how happy she was that she didn't need to leave town. As Gigi watched, Adriana hugged Rex and glared at Gigi. Rex received a call from Roxy, requesting to meet with him immediately. Once Rex left, Adriana told Gigi, "Stay the hell away from my man." Meanwhile, Dorian and Layla boarded the plane to Michigan. Dorian told Layla that they weren't leaving until they learned everything there was to know about Brody Lovett.

Langston and Markko arrived at the diner. Believing Langston was Starr, Shaun entered and sat at a nearby table. As Langston kept her face covered, she told Markko that she hoped Cole found Starr in time.

Cole arrived at the clinic and asked for Starr. After realizing that he was in an abortion clinic, Cole began screaming Starr's name and banging on the door to her room.

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