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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on GL
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Coop took Ashlee to Cedars for surgery. When Coop asked Ashlee if her mother knew about the procedure, Ashlee said that Doris would have been critical of her and she didn't need that. Doris rushed into the lobby just in time to see Ashlee wave as an orderly wheeled her back to OR. Doris seemed devastated that she had to learn about the surgery by going through Ashlee's day planner. Coop reprimanded Doris for snooping, and Doris pitifully shook her head, saying that she only wanted to keep Ashlee from being hurt. Buzz entered the waiting room looking for Coop, but Doris rushed at him and threw her arms around him.

Without seeing his father, Coop went around the corner to accept a phone call from Blake. Since Coop didn't go to New York to see his publisher, Blake said she brought his publisher to him. She urged Coop to get over there before he blew the book deal. Coop said he would meet with Blake and the publisher briefly. After the meeting at Company, Coop thanked Blake for all she had done. Blake poured champagne but Coop left in a hurry, saying that he needed to focus on Ashlee.

Meanwhile at the hospital Doris asked Buzz to tell her the truth as no one else could. She asked if she had pushed Ashlee into the surgery. She wondered if she hadn't told Ashlee that she was pretty enough or loved enough. Buzz said that Ashlee made her own choices. The best Doris could do was support her. He told Doris to repeat to Ashlee what she had just said to him.

After the surgery, Ashlee woke up to find Coop and Doris at her bedside. She apologized to Doris for hiding the surgery and asked about the big press conference that Doris had scheduled for that afternoon. Smiling through her tears, Doris replied that she didn't know anything about a press conference.

Meanwhile Harley sneaked out of bed to watch the video of her wedding to Gus. Cyrus watched her from the stairs. Later Harley received a visit from Mel who explained that she was handling Gus's will. Mel told Harley that Gus had owned property that he had intended to convert into a home for children without fathers. His project was uncompleted and Mel said Gus wanted Harley to finish the project. While Harley immediately took to the task, Cyrus wondered if it were possible to complete in light of their financial troubles. Harley said that she would find the money because the project was Gus's wish.

Cyrus became upset and told Harley that she wasn't the only one who lost Gus. Gus had had a wife and a son as well. Harley replied that she had been the only one to let him go. She couldn't stop wondering if she could have done something. Cyrus said that she couldn't have stopped him from getting on the bike and she couldn't have saved him. Dismissively, Harley said that Cyrus didn't understand. Cyrus said he understood. He had seen her watching the wedding video. Cyrus said that every day he had to hear how Gus had been the love of Harley's life and Cyrus knew that he was no Gus. Harley readily agreed. Dumbfounded, Cyrus suggested that he should go then. Harley said that maybe he should. Cyrus grabbed his coat and left.

Some time later, Harley shared a beer with Mel at Company. Harley tried to explain her feelings about Cyrus after their first fight over Gus. Harley admitted that she felt broken. Even though she loved Cyrus, Harley had always believed that Gus would come back to her. Harley couldn't accept that Gus would never return.

Meanwhile Olivia was released from the hospital. Ava arrived to pick her up but had forgotten to get Emma from school. When Olivia called the school, she learned that Rafe had picked up Emma. Olivia and Ava saw Rafe later, and Olivia told him that he couldn't do things like that. Rafe replied that Olivia could have at least said thanks since she had Gus's heart.

After Olivia settled back into her hotel room, she ventured into the hallway to get ice and collapsed to the floor. Natalia found Olivia and helped her to bed. Just then Mel came to the door, looking for Natalia. Mel advised Olivia to call Rick and talk about the heart transplant, but Olivia said she didn't need to call Rick. Mel told Natalia that the house Gus had bought her was hers to use as she saw fit. Natalia said she couldn't make the mortgage payments. Olivia volunteered to buy it as a thanks to Gus for saving her life.

After Mel left, Natalia thanked Olivia for doing something so wonderful for Rafe and her. Olivia said she wasn't doing it for them. Olivia needed a place to recuperate and that house was the last place Gus had bought. Olivia wanted it. Natalia grew angry and assumed that Olivia would just throw Rafe and her out. Olivia shrugged, saying the house was never really Natalia's anyway. Natalia retorted that she wished she had left Olivia on the floor.

Natalia met Rafe at Company and Rafe talked about how wicked Olivia was. Natalia said Olivia was just hurting. Harley saw them and joined them at their table. Harley told them about Gus's project but said that she had no money to complete it. Natalia didn't think that Gus would want Harley to ruin herself for it. Harley replied that Cyrus had said the same thing.

Meanwhile Cassie got dressed and kissed Josh goodbye. After leaving the farm, she pulled over to the side of the road and took off her suit jacket and wedding ring. Cassie changed into a sexy red shirt and high heels. She drove to Towers and asked the bartender for her usual. Cassie flirted with a guy at the bar who offered to take her to his room. Cassie agreed. Later, Cassie got back into her car, changed back into her suit, and put back on her wedding ring.

When Cassie returned home, she found some letters from Will that had been dated a week prior. She confronted Josh about why he had hidden them from her. Josh said that Will had gotten into a fight with some other child and had been put into solitary confinement. Josh didn't want to tell Cassie because he knew she'd be upset that she couldn't help Will. Nodding, Cassie agreed that it made sense not to tell her about it. She decided to go to the store to get dinner.

Cassie left the house again and pulled onto the side of the road to change. Cyrus pulled up, stared into her car, and said that Superman used a "phone box." Cassie laughed and said there were no "phone boxes" around there. Cassie asked Cyrus to go for drinks. At Towers the bartender told Cassie that she had left her wallet there earlier. He said he had given it to her friend, Blake. Cyrus seemed shocked that Cassie had been there earlier. Without acknowledging his statement, Cassie asked Cyrus to take her for a drive. When Cyrus asked where, she said, "I don't care. Sydney?" She giggled and Cyrus asked the bartender for a bottle of liquor to go.

Cassie and Cyrus took off in his robin's egg blue convertible. Once Cyrus brought the car to a stop, Cassie laughed and told him how much fun she'd had sitting up on the headrest as he whipped around the curves. Cyrus wondered if she had been afraid. Cassie uttered that she wasn't afraid. She leaned and kissed him.

Meanwhile, Blake took Cassie's wallet to the farm. She gave it to Josh and explained that the bartender at Towers said that Cassie had left it there earlier in the morning.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

While Lizzie and Bill looked at land and discussed Bill's latest green project, Ava called Bill. She was desperate to have someone to talk to about her pregnancy. He told her that he was busy, but Lizzie whispered to him to agree to meet Ava. Later, Lizzie showed up to meet Ava in Bill's place. Because she had been through the same situation with Jonathan and Tammy, Lizzie offered to support Ava. Ava balked at Lizzie comparing herself to Tammy. Lizzie said that she had been pregnant and could at least help Ava through it. When Lizzie asked a bunch of questions about the pregnancy, Ava became sarcastic and difficult. Lizzie told her that no matter what happened between Bill, Ava, and her, the baby was innocent and deserved the best of everything. Lizzie linked arms with Ava, determined to spend time with her.

Lizzie took Ava vitamin shopping. Afterward, Lizzie explained all the vitamins and parenting magazines to her and Ava looked annoyed. When Ava went to her room at the Beacon, she encountered Billy, who asked if Ava needed anything. Ava said that she knew Billy was close to Lizzie, and Ava wanted Billy to know that she didn't plan her pregnancy. She said that she was excited to be connected to his family. Billy wished her well.

Billy picked Josh up for lunch at Towers. Josh asked Billy if it were strange that Cassie left her wallet in a bar. Billy asked how Cassie was handling the Will situation and Josh told him that she was fine. Billy thought Josh had nothing to worry about. Over at Towers, they joined Bill for lunch, where they discussed raising children. Billy seemed concerned that Bill would run out on Ava. After Billy left, Bill told Josh that even though he was terrified, he was trying to juggle business, Lizzie, and the baby. Bill asked how Josh was. He said fine, but after Bill left, Josh rubbed his chin as if he were troubled.

Meanwhile, as Cassie and Cyrus got it on in the barn, Marina called Cyrus and left him a message saying that standing her up for their dinner date wasn't a good idea. Around that time, Harley found a pack of Gus's cigarettes in a drawer. She smelled them and then continued clipping coupons. Marina came for a visit and helped Harley clip coupons until Harley asked her the real reason for her visit. Marina seemed anguished as she decided that she had something to tell Harley. Marina explained that Cyrus pretended to stalk Vanessa. Harley took the news silently. Marina felt awkward and left. After she did, Harley turned her head as if thinking that what Marina had said made sense.

Marina went to the nail salon where she ran into Lizzie. She asked Lizzie if she ever felt guilty about her actions when it came to getting the man she wanted. Lizzie said she was taught that the Spauldings did whatever it took to get what they wanted. However, for the first time in her life, Lizzie said she felt secure in her relationship. Lizzie wondered if Marina were troubled about Cyrus and Harley. Lizzie said that Marina had Cyrus first. She took a bottle of light pink nail polish from Marina, handed her red, and told her to try something more edgy.

After her manicure, Lizzie visited Billy, who told her that Ava had been over to his place calling him "grandpa." Lizzie complained about Ava's tactics and then reminded herself that she used to be the same way. Billy assured Lizzie that she, not Ava, was best for his son Bill. Later, Lizzie met Bill at the park. He wondered if Sarah had made Lizzie's life complicated. Lizzie replied that all the adults had made things complicated. Bill wasn't sure he was ready to become a father. Lizzie said that he should start practicing. They went to play on the slides.

Meanwhile Ava went to a sperm bank to be inseminated. She said that the man in her life couldn't impregnate her, but the dirty blond donor they had chosen was perfect. She read his donor number as: 379Z38.

After Cyrus and Cassie had sex, Cassie admitted that since Will was sent away, she'd been hanging out with some man who'd checked into the Beacon. Spending time with him made her feel like she wasn't the preacher's wife with a dead daughter and messed up son. She said she hadn't been sleeping around but asked Cyrus if he ever felt like being someone else for a while.

After returning Cassie to her car, they both awkwardly stared at each other and parted ways. Cassie drove back to the Beacon where she took a shower before returning to the farm. Cassie entered the farmhouse with groceries in tow, and Josh looked up at her as he sat at the kitchen table. Meanwhile Cyrus crept into the kitchen at Harley's and saw her at the table still clipping coupons.

Cyrus took Harley by the hand and told her that he understood how important Gus was to her. If she wanted to make Gus's project a priority, it was fine with him. Harley said that Marina told her about the break-in at Vanessa's. He asked her if she were disappointed in him and Harley hugged him. Harley said that she understood why he did what he did even though she didn't agree with it. She apologized for driving him to have to do something like that and for pushing him away. She assured him that he wasn't Gus's substitute and she loved him. Harley said that they'd just had their first fight. She thought that it was stupid to fight and a waste of time. She wanted to pretend that the incident never happened. They hugged each other and Cyrus seemed distracted.

Meanwhile Cassie said she was cooking dinner, but Josh told her that they'd order in. He opened a bottle of wine, telling her that he had good news. He had found a way to get Will out of isolation. Cassie seemed impressed that he would do that for Will. Josh said that Will was his son and he loved him, too. Cassie didn't know how to thank him. Josh hugged her. Since RJ was at a sleepover, Josh poured some wine and planned a way that Cassie could thank him. Cassie said that there was something she had to tell him. She told him that she hadn't been herself since Tammy died. Cassie explained that she'd been spending so much time at the hotel because the farm reminded her too much of Tammy and Will. She confessed that she broke their wedding vows earlier that day.

Crying, Cassie said that she wasn't looking for revenge. She said it wasn't really about their marriage. She likened it to when Josh had slept with Reva at the jail. After her infidelity, she understood what kind of place he had been in when he had cheated on her with Reva. Cassie wanted her marriage and asked Josh if he believed in forgiveness. Josh wanted to know whom she had slept with. She said it didn't matter. Josh screamed at her that it did matter. He yelled, "Why did you have to go to someone else?"

Josh packed his bags, saying that he was going to a convention in Chicago. Cassie asked him if he would return and Josh murmured that he didn't know. When she tried to apologize again, he yelled at her, saying that she needed help and he couldn't give it to her. He told her, "Get help!" and then he left.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cyrus met with Cassie to explain to her that their afternoon together had been a fluke. Cassie completely agreed. She told him that she had confessed her infidelity to Josh but didn't mention Cyrus. She assured him that Josh would never know that Cyrus was the man she had slept with. She also felt that Harley never needed to know about it either.

Afterward Cyrus called Marina to set up a lunch date for that afternoon. Marina agreed to meet him. At Towers, Cyrus thanked Marina for telling Harley about the Vanessa scam. Marina apologized, but she said she couldn't let him continue to lie to Harley. Cyrus said that Harley understood why he had done it. Cyrus told Marina that he had gotten her message and he had one for her as well. He told her not to mess with Harley or try to interfere with their relationship.

Some time later, Cyrus encountered Daisy and offered to give her a ride home. While mincing words with Cyrus, Daisy received a phone call. Once the call ended, she told Cyrus that she was in trouble. She said that some guy was harassing her for more fake ID's but he wasn't paying. Cyrus offered to help Daisy get better at her business and make more money. If Daisy improved her scam, Cyrus figured she'd get into less trouble. He would help her for Harley's sake and make a little money as well. When Cyrus went home, he brought Harley takeout and a twenty-dollar advance from "work."

In the meantime Harley tried to settle back into her domestic routine, but a person calling her house looking for Gus sent her into another mournful tailspin. Harley met with Mallet at the station and told him about Gus's plans for the children's center. Afterward, Harley entered the gym and saw Cassie working out. Cassie tried to leave, but Harley urged her to stay. As they worked out, Harley discussed the problems that she and Cyrus were having about Gus. Harley wondered if Cyrus should talk to Josh and get some support about how to deal with the family since Gus's death. Cassie told her that Josh was at a convention and Cyrus didn't need Josh to tell him what to do. The family just needed to love each other and heal.

After talking to Harley, Cassie went to Towers and struck up a conversation about her marriage problems with a woman at the bar. She told the woman that she wanted Josh back because he was the perfect man. "But?" the woman asked. Cassie replied that she loved Josh and she wanted it to work out. But Cassie admitted that if Josh left her, it would be a relief.

Cassie took RJ for a bite to eat at Company. As she waited for him to use the bathroom, Cyrus entered and told Cassie he was picking up dessert. Cassie readily said that she had talked to Harley but only about Gus. After Cyrus walked to the counter, Cassie called Josh and left him a message. She begged him to come home and give her another chance.

Sometime later Harley wandered into the police station to pick up more of Gus's things. Mallet told her that she had gotten it all the last time she had come there. Awkwardly Harley explained how she loved Cyrus, but she said she couldn't stop thinking about Gus. She felt closer to Gus than she ever had before. Mallet hugged her.

As Mallet later handed Marina six cases that Gus hadn't solved before his death, Frank approached them to announce that Doris Wolfe had lifted his suspension. When Mallet congratulated Frank, Frank added that Mallet had been named the permanent police chief. Mallet didn't think that was right, but Frank seemed to concede the job to Mallet. Once Mallet left, Frank admitted to Marina that his police career seemed like a waste to him. He wasn't sure that he wanted to return to the force at all.

Meanwhile Dinah paid a man at a mini-golf course to call Mallet about a fight breaking out on the course. When Mallet showed up and found Dinah there, he told her that she couldn't prank call him for a play date while he was working. In conversation, he told her that he was the permanent police chief and he had lost his best friend, Frank, because of it. Dinah said that Mallet was the man for the job, but it wasn't supposed to be permanent. She asked for time to fix it. Mallet told her that there was nothing to fix. He said he was going back to work and warned her about how dangerous prank calling the police station could be.

Dinah made a plea for their relationship, but Mallet said that being in each other's lives caused too much commotion. He said that he needed to focus on his new job. Dinah kissed him and said that they could make it work. Mallet said he had to go, and left. Once at home, Dinah talked to Matt about the problem with Mallet for a moment and then asked Matt to go play mini-golf with her. He agreed to go if they could take Hilda and Jeremy along. Dinah called Hilda's name.

Later Frank talked to Harley about how he had been reinstated but lost his chief of police position to Mallet. Harley commiserated with him and invited him to dinner at her house. He said maybe another time. After a while Marina found Frank and asked him to reconsider returning to the force. Mallet walked up and after some thinking, Frank told Mallet that he would return to the force.

Meanwhile Rafe met Daisy at their new apartment. Daisy talked about how her fake ID business was going. She offered to take him shopping with her newfound money. Rafe was still too upset about Gus and he told her that he wanted out of the lease that they had signed. Rafe said Gus had told Rafe to take care of his mother, not upset her. Rafe's relationship with Daisy upset his mother, so he was going home. Daisy offered to keep the apartment since she had the money, but Rafe advised her to move back home as well. He kissed her and said goodbye.

Later Rafe entered Company to order some lunch. Frank took the order and then said Rafe was part of the Cooper family because Gus had been Frank's brother-in-law. Frank offered to be there for Rafe. Rafe thanked him but said that his mother and he would be fine.

Afterward Rafe wandered onto the Spaulding grounds and Dinah questioned him about why he was there. Rafe snickered and asked her why she was there. Dinah claimed to be visiting a friend but wouldn't tell Rafe the name of the new owners. Rafe ignored Dinah as she told him to leave. He headed toward the house, saying he wanted to see his granddad's old room.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attempting to iron his own clothes, Alan Spaulding shorted out the electricity in his room at the boardinghouse. Rick Bauer showed up and invited him to breakfast so that they could "catch up." Downstairs at Company, Rick proposed to back Alan on a new business venture. In exchange, Rick wanted Alan to sign away his rights to Peyton. Alan sensed Rick's insecurities about Beth. Even without power, Alan pointed out that Beth felt drawn to Alan. He refused to sell Peyton for money and then left Rick with the bill.

While Rick was working at the hospital, Beth and Peyton brought him Chinese food for lunch. Rick invited Beth to join him, but she declined, saying she had errands to run. Beth traveled to the boardinghouse and presented Alan with a new shirt she had gotten him while shopping. She also gave him two packages of gourmet cookies. Alan thanked her for the gifts and wondered if Rick knew that she was there. When she didn't answer, Alan made it clear that he wanted her, but he needed her to make up her mind and commit completely.

Beth said that she wasn't playing Rick and Alan. She cared about Alan and was sympathetic for his loss. Alan asked if she had chosen Rick. When Beth said yes, Alan informed her that Rick had tried to buy Peyton from him. Alan concluded that Rick was acting more and more like him. He said that Beth's choice seemed to have been between Alan and a man who was pretending to be like Alan.

Rattled, Beth abruptly strolled away with Peyton. She returned to the hospital. When Rick asked her where Peyton was, she said she sold her on the black market. She then admonished him for offering Alan money in exchange for Peyton. Rick asked what else she wanted him to do. Beth retorted that for starters he could stop behaving like Alan. She stormed out.

At the mansion, Dinah's new roommate, Remy, proved to be a complete slob. Dinah collected his discarded clothes and advised him to keep his mess contained to his own room. After the lecture from Dinah, Remy encountered Mallet out by some railroad tracks. Mallet asked Remy how things were and wondered where Remy was living. Remy wasn't too forthcoming. Before parting ways, Mallet told Remy that he believed in second chances and said Remy could return to the force if he wanted.

Some time that morning, Marina and Mallet went for a jog. Afterwards, they talked about the friendship Mallet had had with Gus. Mallet said that only cops understood the relationship between two partnering officers. Marina agreed and the two held hands. Dinah watched them from a distance.

Just then, Alan approached Dinah, perturbed with her about the declined credit card she had given him at Towers. Alan and Dinah exchanged barbs that left Dinah angry enough to tell Alan the truth about his downfall. Dinah returned to the mansion and started throwing things. When Remy entered, she told him that she was angry because she wanted to tell Alan that "Dopey Dinah" had tricked him. Remy advised Dinah to give up the secrecy. He said Mallet believed in second chances and suggested Dinah expend her energy on Mallet instead of Alan.

After talking to Remy, Dinah crouched down like a troll beneath a bridge. When Mallet walked across it, she said, "Who's that over my bridge?" Mallet hopped down under the bridge and asked her what she was doing there. Dinah showed him a bullet fragment and said that it was "the bullet." He asked if she carried it around with her. Dinah nodded, saying that she couldn't forget what it meant and what it had cost her. Mallet watched as she threw it out into the water. She kissed him and walked away.

Meanwhile Alan sat down to enjoy a cigar outside the police station. Marina noticed him and they conversed about life at the boardinghouse. Marina and Alan conversed about life at the boardinghouse. Marina was surprised to hear that Alan had been getting along fine while living there. He had made friends and developed a routine. He said he even had spent more time with Zach. Marina said she missed the boardinghouse and Alan told her that a room would open up there soon. He planned to get back to where he belonged. Marina wondered if he really wanted that, seeing as he was getting along so well away from the mansion. Puffing a cigar, he replied, "Marina, I'm Alan Spaulding."

When Alan returned to the boardinghouse, Remy approached and handed him a folded note. Alan noticed that the note had been written on his own stationery. He looked up and called out to Remy, but Remy was gone. Alan traveled to the mansion, expecting to see Phillip, the person who had signed the note. Instead he found Dinah there and he ordered her to get out. Instead Dinah poured Alan a drink and made a toast to the house, her house.

In the meantime, Mallet returned to the station to find Marina hanging around outside. She had planned to go out to a club with friends but told Mallet she'd rather stay there. Mallet joked that Marina would rather be with him than hang out. She said she knew that Mallet wasn't over Dinah and admitted that she wasn't over Cyrus. She said that hanging around Mallet made things easier. Mallet felt the same way. He called them both pathetic and they laughed again.

Meanwhile in Olivia's darkened hotel room, Olivia appeared seriously depressed as she stared at the ceiling. Natalia knocked on the door and entered when there was no answer. She found Olivia on the floor, half wrapped in bed sheets. Natalia asked if she were okay. Staring into nothingness, Olivia uttered, "Unfortunately, yes."

Natalia quickly gathered that Olivia still wanted to die. Olivia said that she had fired the nurse that Jeffrey and Ava had hired to care for her in their stead. As Natalia made up Olivia's bed, Olivia yelled at her to get out before she fired her. Natalia called her a brat and said Olivia wasn't dying on her watch.

Olivia believed that her prayers had caused God to take Gus's life so that she could have a heart. She wouldn't allow Natalia to convince her otherwise. When Olivia became impossible and insulting, Natalia was visibly shaken and turned to leave. Olivia seemed to wait impatiently for the door to close. Alone, she knocked all of her medications off the bedside table. Sobbing, she apologized to Gus.

In the parking garage, Natalia called her employer to take time off for personal reasons. Some time later, she used a key card to reenter Olivia's room. She crawled into bed with Olivia and said, "Yeah, I'm back and I'm staying. I'm here to keep you alive."

Friday, April 18, 2008


After Ava had the artificial insemination procedure, she ran into Bill at Cedars and told him that she had just had a prenatal exam. Bill apologized for not being on board with her pregnancy in the beginning and wanted to meet her doctor so he could get information such as a due date. Ava very adamantly said it was not a good time and rushed out to her car. Bill ran after her and again apologized. Ava told him that his concern for their baby was too late and noted that he would only be on board until the next time Lizzie called. She then drove off.

Natalia brought soup to Olivia for lunch and asked about her nurse. Olivia stated that she had fired her and made it clear that she did not want to eat. Natalia tried to tell Olivia that she needed to build up her strength, but a lackluster Olivia did not care if she died. Natalia argued that Gus loved life and blasted Olivia for wasting the gift of his heart. Olivia was unmoved and Natalia called her a horrible, ungrateful person before storming out. Olivia then got a visit from Ava who seemed to think that the nurse had just stepped out. When Olivia brought up Ava's "pregnancy," Ava confided that she had just had artificial insemination. Ava happily told her mother how excited she was about having the baby. As Ava kept talking, Olivia noticed that she could hear Gus's heart beat. Later, Natalia returned with more soup and some fruit juice. Olivia informed a persistent Natalia that Natalia could not make her eat. Natalia responded that she was not a quitter like Olivia, and Olivia finally agreed to eat.

At the mansion, Dinah informed Alan that she brought him down. Alan did not believe it and called her a pathetic liar. As Alan demanded to know where Phillip was, Dinah showed him the deed to the house, which clearly showed that she owned it. When Alan insisted that it was a fake Dinah yelled for him to get it through his head-she was Phillip. Alan realized what Dinah had done and threatened to go to the police, the D.A., and the mayor. Dinah told Alan that he had no proof. All the emails that he received from "Phillip" had been deleted as well as any record of him transferring money into the account. She then had Alan removed from the premises.

Dinah then went to the nail salon where she ran into Lizzie. They discussed Bill, and Lizzie stated that she would not let Ava come between her and Bill. Dinah told Lizzie that she was rooting for Lizzie and Bill, since she wanted her brother to be happy. Dinah then turned the conversation to Alan and asked Lizzie how he was handling his situation. Lizzie told Dinah that she was not worried. Lizzie believed that it was his turn to be humbled and believed that he would come back fighting. Lizzie told Dinah that she would hate to be the person standing in his way. Later, Dinah barged in on Remy and began freaking out about Alan eventually going after her. Remy told her not to worry about it and told her to just remain one step ahead of him.

Later, Alan confronted Remy about lying about Phillip. Alan asked Remy how much Dinah paid him and warned that he would bury him and Dinah. Remy asked if that was how Alan honored Gus's memory-by threatening to bury people. Remy then told Alan that he was not scared of him; Alan had nothing to back it up with.

At Towers, Dinah told Bill that Alan knew she was responsible for his downfall because she told him. Bill warned her to be careful where Alan was concerned. Suddenly, Vanessa arrived and sat both of her children down for a chat. Vanessa asked Bill why she had to hear from a perfect stranger that he was going to be a father. Dinah stated that it was because Bill would be happy if that entanglement went away. Vanessa then brought up Dinah buying the Spaulding mansion from right under Alan. Vanessa told the pair that she was worried about them and both Dinah and Bill insisted that everything would be fine. Vanessa told Dinah that when she was younger, Vanessa wanted the rule the world also and the closer she got to it, the emptier she felt. She then suggested to Bill that he contact Billy to discuss fatherhood. After their scolding, Bill and Dinah shared a few drinks. Dinah told Bill again that she was not scared of Alan and mentioned that he was easier to handle than Lizzie. Bill stated that he could handle Lizzie as long as she never found out that he was involved in Dinah's scam.

Vanessa saw Alan at Company and gave her condolences about Gus. Alan told her that losing a child was a terrible thing and said that he would hate for her to lose her daughter. Alan told Vanessa that Dinah took his house and warned her to do something about Dinah before someone else did. Alan warned her not to wait too long like he did with Phillip.

Ava saw Lizzie and lied that Bill went to the doctor with her. As Ava kept talking about her pregnancy, Lizzie tried to channel Tammy and told her how happy she was. Finally she'd had enough and made it clear to Ava that she was having Bill's baby-not Bill. Lizzie then said that while Bill might spend his days at the doctor with Ava, he spent the nights with Lizzie in bed.

Later, Ava was at home playing "make believe pregnancy" with a pillow when Bill barged it. Ava quickly told him that she was just pretending and he made a wise crack. Ava told Bill that her pregnancy was no joking matter and made a sarcastic comment about it being an inconvenience for him. Bill told Ava that the baby idea was growing on him and stated that he wanted to go with her to her next doctor's appointment, not because he had doubts but because he wanted to be there for their kid. Ava noted that it was the first time he called the child "theirs."

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