One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on OLTL

Starr changed her mind about the abortion. Cole asked her to run away with him. Cristian was infuriated when he saw John and Talia together. Dorian and Layla located Brody Lovett. Marcie was upset that Adriana didn't ask her to be a bridesmaid. Clint had some disturbing news about Calvin's family. Antonio had bad news about Jamie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, April 21, 2008

At La Boulaie, Blair prepared to dress for her evening at Capricorn, but Todd was in the mood for romance. After making love, Blair asked Todd to reconsider his decision about having Starr under the watchful eye of a bodyguard. Blair believed Starr realized her mistake and could be trusted to do the right thing. Todd urged Blair to stay at home with him, but Blair reminded Todd that she was the new owner of the club and needed to be present. Aware that Todd was feeling lonely, Blair suggested that he spend some time with Starr.

Upon realizing he was in an abortion clinic, Cole began screaming Starr's name and banging on her examination room door. When the receptionist threatened to call the police, Starr appeared and asked for some time to speak with Cole. A worried Cole asked Starr if he were too late. Trembling, Starr told Cole that she hadn't begun the procedure yet. After apologizing to Cole, Starr explained the horror she had experienced the previous few weeks. As the nurse and doctor looked on, Cole asked Starr if she had thought her decision through. Cole was concerned that Starr might one day regret having the abortion. When Starr admitted that she decided to have the abortion because she feared Todd would kill Cole, Cole assured Starr that he could take care of himself and pleaded with Starr to do what was best for her. The nurse told Starr that she still had time to decide what she really wanted to do concerning her pregnancy. After listening to Cole's pleas, Starr announced that she wouldn't have the abortion at that time.

While enjoying a drink at Capricorn, Antonio was disgusted to see Talia and John enter the club. Antonio attempted to ignore the couple, but Cris wanted to toss them out. Antonio reminded Cris that Blair owned the club and Cris had no right to throw out paying customers. Cris granted Antonio's request, but complained to a surprised Sarah about Talia's new relationship with John. As Talia and John shared drinks, Antonio glared at the couple and told, his partner, Eddie, how glad he was to be rid of Talia. When John left Talia alone for a moment, Sarah approached her friend and suggested that she choose another location for her date with John. Talia informed Sarah that Antonio was the one who ended their relationship, and remarked that Sarah and Cris should not concern themselves with Talia's relationship with John. After Sarah left, John returned and asked Talia if she were okay with everything. Talia replied,"There's no going back now. Not that I want to." While Antonio exclaimed that he wanted nothing more to do with Talia, Cris stared angrily at Talia and John.

As Miles waited for Natalie in her office, Jared was aggravated to find him there. Claiming that Buchanan Enterprises had to be careful of any outside threats, Jared asked Miles to leave because vital information could be found in Nat's office. As Jared pleaded his case, an infuriated Natalie appeared and expressed her displeasure with Jared. After informing Jared that Miles was her friend, Natalie demanded that Jared leave her office at once.

After meeting Roxy at the diner, Rex was annoyed to discover she had called him there to discuss more wedding details. When Roxy learned that Rex had left Adriana alone with Gigi at the loft, she told him that the girls would probably become involved in a huge fight over him. Surprised by Roxy's remark, Rex was adamant that Gigi had no interest in him and that Adriana understood his friendship with Gigi. Unconvinced by Rex's claims, Roxy suggested that he be careful. At a nearby table, Langston (who was dressed as Starr) and Markko wondered how to give Shaun the slip. Markko pleaded with Langston to tell him why Starr would run off to Atlantic City, but Langston refused to reveal Starr's secret. Worried about Langston's safety, Markko reminded Langston about Todd's possible actions if he were to learn that Starr had fled. Meanwhile, Shaun kept his eyes on the teens. Believing Langston was actually Starr, Shaun contemplated taking her home as curfew approached. As Shaun approached Langston, Markko attempted to run interference. Before Shaun could come face-to-face with Langston, he received a call from Todd. When Shaun informed Todd that he was preparing to bring Starr home, Todd told him to keep Starr at the diner-he intended to spend some time with her. After overhearing that Todd was coming to the diner, Markko warned Langston.

As Starr and Cole drove home from the clinic, Starr worried about what to do next. Cole assured her that everything would be okay. When Starr asked Cole what she would tell her parents, Cole told her that they wouldn't tell her parents anything. After receiving a call from Markko warning him that Todd was due at the diner any moment, Cole appeared unconcerned and told Markko he would get there as soon as he could. When Starr asked what was wrong, Cole simply told her not to worry because he would take care of everything. Meanwhile, Todd entered the diner. Unnoticed, Langston ran into the restroom. When Todd demanded to know where Starr was, Markko told him that she was in the restroom. Sensing Markko was nervous, Todd pushed past him and entered the women's restroom. Upon barging into the restroom, Todd found Starr. Starr had switched clothing with Langston. As Langston and Cole hid in a bathroom stall, Starr chastised Todd for invading her privacy and escorted him back to the dining area. After Starr and Todd left the diner, Markko signaled to Langston and Cole that the coast was clear. When Markko asked Cole if everything was all right, Cole replied, "It will be."

At the loft, Adriana demanded that Gigi stay away from Rex. Aggravated, Gigi stated that she had no interest in Rex and wondered why Adriana was so insecure. Adriana announced that she realized Rex loved her, but didn't trust Gigi. As the two argued relentlessly, Rex returned home and wanted to know what was going on. Nervously, Adriana lied and told Rex that she had offered Gigi a dress to wear to the wedding, but Gigi was too proud to accept. Adriana implied Gigi couldn't afford a dress suitable for a formal wedding. Adriana suggested that Rex and Gigi finish their work. As Rex and Gigi completed their assignment, Adriana sat nearby with a look of disgust on her face. After Rex and Gigi wrapped up their business, Gigi was anxious to leave the apartment, but Rex wanted to discuss Shane. Upset by Rex's continuous questions about Shane, Adriana mentioned running into Shane at the diner and seeing the project he did on his father, the war hero. Realizing that she was upsetting Gigi, Adriana continued to make remarks about Shane's dad. Once Gigi left, Rex seemed bothered by Adriana's behavior and worried about Gigi. Adriana suggested that they not discuss Gigi and pulled Rex into an embrace.

When Gigi showed up at Buchanan Enterprises, Jared apologized for making her work overtime and asked her out. Stating that she didn't feel it was appropriate to date someone she worked with, Gigi turned Jared down. After much convincing, Jared talked Gigi into joining him for a "friendly" drink at Capricorn.

Back at Capricorn, Cris was beside himself as he watched Talia and John. When Blair arrived and asked about the situation between John and Talia, Cris seized the opportunity to inform her of Talia and John's betrayal of Antonio. Cris asked Blair for permission to throw John and Talia out of the club. When Blair refused, Cris lashed out at her and suggested she didn't want to interfere because John was her friend. Unmoved by Cristian's tantrum, Blair stated that she had a business to run and didn't want any trouble. Natalie and Miles entered the club and witnessed John and Talia's display of affection. Concerned for Natalie's feelings, Miles suggested they go elsewhere. When Natalie told Miles she wanted to stay, Miles commented on how soon John got over Marty. Sensing Miles was troubled, Natalie began reminding him of the new life he had started in Llanview. Appearing to have a lot on his mind, Miles told Natalie that he might be happy somewhere else. Before the discussion could go any further, Rex and Adriana entered the club and joined them. Moments later, Jared and Gigi arrived. As Natalie glared at Jared and Adriana "shot daggers" in Gigi's direction, tension filled the air. Annoyed at seeing Gigi with Jared, Rex complained to an aggravated Adriana. Adriana sighed when Rex stated that Gigi could do so much better than Jared. As Antonio listened, Sarah told Cris that she had to leave and conduct business with Nash. After Sarah left, Antonio looked disapprovingly at Cris. Natalie approached Jared and Gigi. After telling Gigi she had no problem with her, Natalie asked to speak with Jared alone. When Natalie suggested that Jared brought Gigi to the club hoping to make Natalie jealous, Jared teased Natalie about what a great catch Miles was. Meanwhile, Talia and John embraced and flirted with one another. As Jared teased Natalie about John's latest conquest, an angered Cris told Antonio he couldn't watch any longer and punched John. Talia screamed as John fell to the floor.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An all-out melee broke out at Capricorn between John and Cristian after Cristian swung the first punch. As the two men grappled with each other, Talia and Eddie pleaded with them to stop, while the rest of the evening's clubbers looked on, stunned. Antonio was strangely silent as Blair rushed over and begged him to break the fight up, but he stood by and did nothing. Watching the scuffle, Jared turned to Natalie and cracked, "They used to fight over you like that?" As Rex rushed over to try to intervene between the two gladiators, Adriana didn't miss a beat and called Dorian, who was en route to Michigan with Layla on a private jet. Dorian told her daughter that she and Layla would be staying at a hotel for the evening and meeting with Brody Lovett's family in the morning, but Adriana demanded that her mother see the Lovetts that very night, or else-time was of the essence. Cowed, Dorian obeyed, and ended their conversation.

The fight in the club raged on, with patrons being pushed back and forth as John and Cristian tumbled over tables and chairs. When a patron stumbled into Gigi, causing her to fall to the floor, Rex raced to her side, much to Adriana's chagrin. Meanwhile, Eddie scrambled over to a corner to call Commissioner Ramsey at the penthouse, explaining the out of control situation. Upon hearing that Cristian started it, Ramsey ordered Eddie to bring him in for assaulting an officer. Eddie hung up, ready to comply, but as he advanced on Cristian and John, Cris was shoved backwards, and his lunge at John spun around to clock Eddie in the face, sending him crashing to the ground! As Eddie began to pick himself up, wiping at his bloodied mouth, he told Cristian that he was under arrest.

As Miles, Natalie, and Jared watched the fallout of the brawl, Jessica rushed in to stand beside them, shocked at the scene that was unfolding. She explained that she had been dropping by with more winery revisions for Cristian, and was stunned to hear he was headed to jail. Jared gloated about John's loose ways with other men's women, and sneered that he could see what Natalie saw in McBain. Irritated, Natalie sent him back to Gigi.

At the penthouse, Ramsey finished a mysterious phone call, and said that he'd made "payment" and expected swift "delivery" as soon as possible. Hanging up, he prepared to head for work to meet Eddie, while Janet, his hired nurse, descended the staircase leading upstairs. He asked Janet to stay late while he attended to some police business. Janet asked about his phone call, hopeful that it was "good news?" "I'm optimistic," Ramsey replied.

Back at Capricorn, Antonio pleaded with Eddie to lay off his brother, claiming it was an accident, but Eddie pressed the issue, reminding Antonio that Cristian had assaulted two officers, and that he was even going to try to charge him with "attempted murder!" Eddie took Cris off to be booked at the LPD and Talia and Jessica followed, leaving John and Antonio to argue over who was responsible for the fiasco. Before tempers could overheat, Blair stepped in to mediate, whisking John off into a back room to tend to his cuts and bruises, while Antonio headed for the station.

At her table, Rex and Jared fretted over Gigi, who insisted she was fine, while Adriana watched and seethed over Rex's TLC for his ex. She told Rex to stop worrying about Gigi, and said she could tell the single mother was all right-life just had a way of "knocking you on your ass" sometimes. Adriana smirked and said she had a feeling Gigi was used to bar fights after all her years waitressing in Texas. She urged Rex to leave Gigi's care and protection to her date for the evening, Jared, and Gigi and Rex both convulsively reacted at once-"He's/she's not my/his date!" Rex's proprietary feelings for Gigi only raised Adriana's hackles higher, however, and she and Gigi bickered ceaselessly until Rex broke their tiff up. Gigi and Jared beat a hasty retreat towards the bar while Adriana called after them to continue having a wonderful evening, just as she and Rex would. Rex, perturbed, asked Adriana what was wrong, why she was so angry. "Nothing at all," Adriana simpered unconvincingly, insisting that "I want everyone to be as happy as you and me!" As she embraced her fiancé, Rex looked put out.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Dorian and Layla made their way through the night to the Lovett house, where Dorian fumbled with an antiquated doorbell before a miffed Layla tutored her in the fine art of simply knocking first. Nadine Lovett, the late Brody's sister, answered the door. Nadine was surly, taking Dorian and Layla for salespeople, and warned that "we don't want any," but Dorian insisted that they were "friends of Gigi Morasco," looking for Brody's family. Nadine remembered Gigi; she said Gigi had had a "thing" with her brother before he left for Iraq. She cracked that she'd always gotten on with her since Gigi hadn't liked her mother either. Dorian explained that Gigi was anxious to find out what had become of Brody's relatives, and had sent them in her stead with some important questions. She asked to see Brody's mother, but Nadine explained that the abusive Mrs. Lovett was long dead. Nadine reminisced, recalling that "Mama" couldn't stand Gigi either. Dorian claimed to be "horrified" by this news, and said she could only imagine the tension that erupted between the two families when Gigi gave birth to Brody Lovett's little boy. "What little boy?" Nadine asked, confused. Dorian and Layla learned that the Lovetts had had no idea Gigi was pregnant, and Nadine assured them that her mother would never have "done what she did" had she known the truth. When Dorian and Layla pushed for details, Nadine became emotional, recalling how demanding and cruel Mrs. Lovett had been, and how jealous she was towards any woman who threatened to take Brody, her favorite child, away from her. Dorian produced a wad of cash, hoping this would ease Nadine's "pain," and Nadine finally admitted that Mrs. Lovett had lied to Gigi: Brody was alive! Dorian and Layla were floored. Nadine was surprised to hear about Brody's son, and told the women that Brody had been "head over heels" for Gigi, but when he'd come home from a tour of duty in Iraq, Mrs. Lovett had told him that Gigi had run off with another guy. This, she said, had led Brody to disappear completely. Dorian asked if he was still in the service, and Nadine was sure he was-"Iraq, and Afghanistan." When asked about Brody's whereabouts, Nadine waited on more cash before revealing that an Army buddy of Brody's had said he was last seen near Norfolk, Virginia. Dorian and Layla thanked Nadine for her assistance and hustled off into the night. Nadine told them to say hello to Gigi, and said that she was sure Gigi would be happy to hear that "Shane's dad" was alive. "She won't be the only one!" Dorian replied gleefully, leaving the house and closing the door behind her.

Back in Llanview, Miles and Natalie were still at Capricorn sitting at a lonely table. Miles could tell that, despite her denials, Natalie's feathers were ruffled by the conflict between John and Cristian. Natalie insisted that it wasn't so much that she was upset as confused. She explained to Miles that John did not like "public displays of affection." She'd barely been able to get him to hold hands with her in public when they were together, let alone dance or make out as he'd done with Talia that evening-especially in front of Antonio. She said it was like this unfamiliar version of John who was some kind of "pod person," leading Miles to jokingly conclude that John had been "snatched and replaced." He asked if she still had a hard time seeing John with another woman, but Natalie reminded Miles that their break-up was some time ago, and that John had been with Marty since, and was still recovering from her loss. She changed the subject, asking Miles to elaborate about his possibly leaving town. Miles admitted he wasn't sure what he was going to do yet, but said he would be moving out of Viki's carriage house, insisting that he was tired of imposing on Natalie's mother's hospitality. Natalie begged him not to leave, saying she needed him to vent with, but Miles assured her that "we'll always be friends." Despite their bond, though, he knew he needed to get his own life.

From afar, Jared spied the closeness between Natalie and Miles with envy, which was misunderstood by Gigi as Jared's "protectiveness" towards his "niece" while she was on her date. Jared huffily insisted that Miles and Natalie were not dating, echoing Gigi and Rex's assurances about himself and Gigi to Adriana. Jared warned Gigi that "Rex is too interested in your love life" to be just a good friend who was about to get married.

At the LPD, Eddie hauled Cristian in to be booked and processed, with Talia, Jessica, and Antonio all trailing behind him, full of protests. The trio pleaded with Eddie for mercy on Cristian, but Talia and Jessica couldn't stop bickering amongst themselves about Antonio and who was responsible for the fight. The women continued to argue until Ramsey arrived and ordered them all to be quiet. He asked Jessica what she was doing there, and Jessica said she wanted to post bail for Cristian. Ramsey said that could wait and summoned Antonio and Talia into his office for a private chat. Alone, Cristian grumbled to Jessica that he could take care of himself and that she didn't need to do anything for him. Jessica said she wanted to. Cristian blamed the whole mess on John, disbelieving McBain's behavior and attitude. Jessica warned him that he should've stayed out of the rift between John and Antonio, but Cristian protested that he couldn't stand by and watch his brother be disrespected. Jessica worried about Cristian's fate, and suggested calling Sarah; Cristian reminded her that Nash and Sarah were working late on winery business. Jessica urged him to let her call them, but Cristian insisted that it wasn't important enough, and tried again to get her to leave. "I'm staying," Jessica declared, her mind made up. Touched by her support, Cristian was bashful as he thanked her.

In the Commissioner's office, Ramsey laid into Antonio and Talia, and said he'd been far too lax about the intra-office fraternization policy. "I failed to predict that Ms. Sahid was going to fraternize her way through the entire department." Talia was shocked and appalled as Ramsey continued to spout double entendres about her supposed "bed hopping" throughout the LPD, and was even more stunned when Antonio simply stood aside and didn't defend her honor. Talia bristled at Ramsey's accusations, and said he couldn't treat her in such a way. Ramsey blamed the entire incident on John and Talia's lack of discretion and respect for Antonio in a public environment, much less a club formerly owned by him, and ordered Talia to "get a hotel room" the next time. Ramsey sent her packing, leaving him and Antonio alone in the office. Antonio again asked for clemency on his brother's behalf, explaining that Cristian was just trying to defend his honor, and didn't mean to hit Eddie. Reviewing the facts aloud, repeating that Cristian's hitting Eddie was an accident, Ramsey finally told Antonio that Cristian would be held overnight but no charges would be filed. "This is between us," Ramsey cautioned Antonio, who gratefully agreed. Ramsey and Antonio stepped back into the main office, where Ramsey ordered Eddie to finish processing Cristian to be put in lock-up for the evening, then left for the night himself. Jessica objected, but told Cristian she would be there in the morning to spring him. After Eddie ushered Cristian away, Jessica remained angry and confused. She told Antonio that Bo would've let Cristian off, given the circumstances: "any decent person would do that!" Antonio was pensive and uncommunicative, and glanced back at Ramsey's office door, which read "Commissioner of Police." "Yes," Antonio said to himself. "Any decent person would..."

Back at Capricorn, Blair hustled the moody and monosyllabic John into the back room, and began cleaning and dressing his wounds. She chastised John for his behavior on her big night, and said she didn't understand where the trouble with Antonio and Talia had come from. Remembering his recent tussle with Todd, she reminded him that Cole looked up to him, and suggested that his recent actions were influencing the teenager's foolhardy behavior regarding Starr. "Stop acting like a jackass!" she demanded, and explained that kids learned from adults how to act. John insisted that he hadn't been around Cole enough to be such an example for the young man. Blair told John that Cole had probably heard around town about him and Talia. She reminded him of his promise to Marty to care for her son, and said she couldn't figure him out anymore. John wistfully said that there wasn't "much to figure."

As John and Blair went back into the club, Talia returned from the LPD with an update on Cristian's status. Blair was disappointed to hear that Cris was in lock-up, and headed off to take care of club business. Talia looked over John's bruises, but before they could get a moment alone, Natalie walked up, still wanting answers for what was causing John's strange behavior of late. Talia angrily told Natalie that it wasn't John's fault and they had a right to go where they pleased. Natalie retreated to Miles's side, and again prevailed upon him not to leave Llanview-"You're my only sane friend left!" With that, the two friends headed out for the night.

Jared watched Miles and Natalie go, while an oblivious Gigi continued to prattle on to herself about Shane's sports practice. Jared tuned back in and told Gigi that he'd seen Shane's great work on his comic book for school. He said it was obvious Shane was proud of his "late" father, and added that it was a shame Shane had never gotten to meet him. Gigi sadly agreed, staring directly at Rex and Adriana from across the club.

At their table, the manic Adriana pushed Rex to talk about locations for their honeymoon, but Rex chafed at Adriana's overbearing attitude and said they both needed to relax and focus on each other for the rest of the evening. Adriana agreed, but when Rex's ears perked up at the sound of Gigi's laughter, he couldn't resist complaining about Jared again. Rex groused about Jared's unprofessional interest in his employee, and said that he wouldn't let Jared hurt Gigi. "I hope he does hurt her," Adriana snapped, losing her patience. "...I hope he hurts her so bad she leaves town." When Rex asked to know where her anger was coming from, Adriana exploded that she couldn't take any more talk of "Gigi this and Gigi that," and was sick and tired of hearing about "poor Gigi." She said that deep down Gigi was a "cocky smartass," but Rex just couldn't see it somehow. Rex said she was misreading his old friend and being unfair. The couple struggled to change the subject, and Adriana apologized, blaming her edginess on wedding and work stress, and said she missed him terribly when she was going back and forth to Paris. They resolved to just try to enjoy their evening from then on, and Rex headed for the bar to grab some champagne. In his absence, Adriana took a call from Dorian, who revealed that "Brody Lovett is alive and well!" Adriana was overjoyed, and hung up just as Rex returned. Rex inquired as to her newfound good mood, and Adriana covered, saying she'd gotten positive business news from Layla. Bubbling with triumph, she smirked at Gigi from across the club.

John and Talia were still at the bar, fuming with Ramsey's behavior towards Talia and upset about the fracas with Cristian. Talia bemoaned the fact that Ramsey had taken Antonio's side and gotten him under his sway. John corrected her, and said that Ramsey wasn't on Antonio's side. "He doesn't care about anyone but himself."

At the penthouse, Ramsey sent Janet home for the evening, then ascended the stairs to see his mysterious roommate. From the bedroom, he again admired the moonlit view of Llanview's skyscrapers. "You're a lot more familiar with this skyline than I am," he reminded himself, speaking to his mystery guest and smiling at him or her. "It must feel good to be home..."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jessica woke Nash up with kisses. The romantic moment was interrupted by a phone call from Sarah. Sarah was looking for Cris. Jess was forced to tell Sarah about the altercation with John the night before that had ended with Cris's arrest. Sarah was upset that no one had called to tell her about it. Jess explained that Cris had forbidden it. Irritated, Sarah abruptly ended the call and headed to the police station to see Cris. Jess turned to Nash, ticked because Sarah had rudely disconnected their call. Jess was worried that Sarah would make things worse for Cris, so she decided to head to the police station. Nash wasn't thrilled with the announcement. He asked her why she felt compelled to run to her ex-husband's brother's defense. Jess was surprised by Nash's reaction. She returned to the bed and tried to explain. She told him that the Vega family was still important to her and she missed being a part of their lives. She enjoyed being able to reconnect with Cris recently, as friends. She wanted to be able to help him when he was in trouble. Nash was understanding and offered to go to the station with her.

Antonio paid his brother a visit in jail. Cris had spent the night behind bars awaiting his arraignment. Antonio was furious that Cris had gotten into a fight with John. He told Cris that it wasn't his battle to fight. Cris didn't express any remorse over the incident. After Antonio left Cris, he went up to the squad room where he saw John and Talia standing close together in a private conversation. John had just discovered some interesting information about Ramsey that he was eager to share with Talia. Antonio approached John with a determined step. He didn't mince words but simply asked John if he intended to press charges against Cris. Talia was surprised when John said no. She immediately spoke up. Talia felt that Cris had not learned a thing from his incarceration and was taking advantage of his brother's position on the police force.

Things were a bit tense between Sarah and Cris when she first arrived at the jail. Sarah was hurt that Cris had kept her in the dark about his arrest while Cris was irked to learn that Nash was the first person she called when she realized that Cris had not been home. They had a brief spat but made up easily. They were kissing when Nash and Jess walked up. Shortly afterwards, Cris was taken up through the squad room on his way to face a judge. Ramsey was waiting for Cris and his small army of supporters. Everyone was shocked when Ramsey announced that Cris would not be facing charges. Ramsey felt that the incident would reflect poorly on the police department. He didn't want to have to deal with the embarrassment. After Cris and his friends cleared out, Ramsey took a moment to speak to John. He made it clear that he intended to see John out of a job very soon.

Cole was taken aback when Markko asked him if Starr was pregnant. It took him a moment to recover but when he did, he decided to tell Markko the truth. Cole seemed almost relieved to have someone to confide to but he was curious about how Markko found out. Markko had figured it out on his own based on how everyone had been behaving recently. With the secret out, Cole opened up to Markko about what he was feeling. He told his friend that he intended to be there for Starr and the baby. Markko offered to help his friends in whatever way he could. Cole took Markko up on the offer immediately. He asked Markko to help him get two fake identification cards. Markko agreed to do what he could. After Markko left, Cole called John. He wanted to borrow $150.00, claiming it was for football camp.

Blair walked into the kitchen to find Todd eating breakfast at the table alone. They spent a couple of minutes talking about Blair's evening before Todd gave her an edited version of what happened at the diner with Starr the night before. He told her that he had spent quality time with Starr and that it appeared she was starting to accept things. Blair seemed unconvinced.

Starr and Langston huddled in Starr's bedroom before starting the day. Starr was having second thoughts about not following through with the abortion. Langston was encouraged by the fact that Cole knew about the pregnancy. Starr wasn't as optimistic about things. Langston was undeterred and suggested that Starr consider letting her parents know about the baby. Just then Blair knocked on the bedroom door. Langston quickly made herself scarce, leaving mother and daughter to talk. Blair fussed over Starr a bit until she realized that something was deeply troubling her daughter. She tried to get Starr to open up but Starr remained tightlipped. Blair reminded Starr that she loved her and could be trusted with Starr's secrets. It was clear that Starr wanted to talk to her mother but fear of her father learning her secrets held Starr back. Blair didn't give up. Eventually it seemed that Starr was on the verge of telling her mother about the baby but just then Todd walked into the bedroom, carrying a breakfast tray. Starr clammed up immediately. Blair was irritated by the interruption and tried to get Todd to leave. Todd refused to budge. He insisted on talking to Starr and didn't want to wait. While they bickered, Starr tried to hide the bout of morning sickness that hit her when the tray of food was brought into her room. When Blair decided to leave, Starr made sure she took the tray with her. Alone with his daughter, Todd took the opportunity to apologize for barging into the ladies room of the diner the night before. As they talked, Todd opened the door to the possibility of Starr seeing Cole again. He told Starr that if she kept her distance from Cole for six months, he would consider letting them date again.

Markko stopped by to see Langston. He told her that he had figured out that Starr was pregnant and suggested that if he was able to figure it out so easily, Starr's parents were bound to find out soon. Before he left, Markko gave Langston a note to give to Starr. It was from Cole. Langston went up to Starr's room after Todd left and gave her friend the note.

Antonio took a moment stop by Ramsey's office to thank him for keeping his word about Cris. As Antonio stepped out of the office, Michael McBain approached him. He told Antonio that he needed to speak to him immediately. Antonio was stunned when Michael went on to tell him that Jamie was very sick. Talia was sitting nearby, at her desk, and overheard the exchange.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rex received a phone call regarding Buchanan Enterprises, forcing him to leave Adriana in bed. She quickly called Dorian to learn that there was still no news on Brody Lovett's whereabouts. Dorian explained that she and Layla were hitting various eating spots in their search. Layla felt that something weird was definitely going on. Rex returned to Adriana and informed her that he had to leave. Doing her best to keep her man by her side, she tried to prevent him from departing. Adamant, he advised her that he had to get to B. E. to see Clint. "You mean Gigi," Adriana replied brusquely. Once he was gone, she called Dorian again and learned the women were headed to the Norfolk Bar and Grill.

As Gigi and Shane had a meal together, Gigi watched as her son worked on a new comic book. She learned that he had received some ideas from Rex. She also found out that Shane was being teased at school for telling stories that no one believed about his hero dad. She suggested he avoid those kids. Shane asked why Gigi no longer spoke about his dad like she did before they moved to Llanview but she came up with an abundance of excuses. Looking more closely at her son's drawings, Gigi was alarmed that the bad guy, who was actually a woman named Evelyn Evil, resembled Adriana. Suggesting he change the face a bit, Shane refused. On their way out of the coffee shop, to drop Shane off at school, they stopped to exchange greetings with Nora and Renee. Nora immediately recognized the character but Gigi cut her short. Renee and Nora chatted about B.E. and Clint's taking on Asa's less than moral characteristics in his defense of the family legacy. Nora felt that she wouldn't be able to support Clint if he continued to use illegal methods in the business. Renee felt that Nora would have to accept him or lose him, much like it happened with herself and Asa. Renee also admitted that she originally felt uneasy about the relationship between Nora and Clint due to each of their past histories, but she was wrong, as they appeared to be happy together. She shared her motto of having to "compromise, live and let live."

At B.E., Bo and Clint discussed the handling of Calvin Jenkins who was on his way over. Clint didn't agree but decided to let Bo play "good cop." When Jenkins arrived, Bo chatted about old times and mentioned how Asa had always believed in him. Suddenly, Calvin asked to be left alone to make a phone call. The Buchanan brothers pondered Jenkins' motives for the call. Rex arrived and stopped to see Gigi as he waited for Clint. He asked her about her non-date with Jared and the kiss that they shared. He persisted in details until Gigi finally stopped him cold. She was tired of Rex telling her what to do with her life and decided that she and Shane would not attend his wedding. Rex was stunned, mentioning how much he loved Shane, and what a great kid he was. Gigi suggested that it wasn't right for him to say that because she didn't want to see Shane hurt. Eventually, Rex would have his own family and Shane would be forgotten, she reasoned with him. Rex assured her that he would always be there for Shane, even as Gigi replied that he wouldn't have the time. Also, she knew that Adriana didn't like her, Gigi told Rex quickly. She added that Adriana hated her because of their past together. Rex thought she was wrong and when his phone rang because Adriana was checking up on him, he asked her as much. He told her to tell Gigi she didn't have a problem with them being friends, as Gigi cringed.

Antonio heard Michael tell him that Jamie was ill, and that he had conducted some additional tests after her last visit to him. She was suffering from a neurological disorder and if the illness ran its course, she wouldn't be the same kid. Antonio swore it was a mistake, even as Michael told him otherwise. He informed him that the disease was caught early and while there were lots of advances made, the treatments were considered experimental. This would mean that they weren't covered by insurance. Antonio promised that he would do whatever it took. The police station was silent as everyone within hearing distance was dismayed and overwhelmed. Talia looked at Antonio wordlessly and helplessly. He vowed that he would try to get the money together. Michael apologized that the hospital was already looking for an idea of when payments would be made. He also promised to deliver materials to Antonio on the illness. Antonio wanted it clear that this be kept quiet and ordered people nearby to keep it to themselves. Lee ordered Antonio to go home to be with Jamie. John tried to reassure Talia, telling her that it was not her fault that Antonio's life was a mess. Lee looked on and then made one of his puzzling phone calls. He told the party that he was handling things himself, that nothing would go wrong and that it would be him and Detective Vega.

Antonio picked up Jamie at school and took her out for an ice cream sundae.

Calvin called Dorian and told her that he wasn't able to do it and that it wasn't right. She coldly replied that she owned 35% of his company and would withdraw her support if he failed. The company would also look for a new CEO. He asked her why she was so hateful, to which she responded that he'd respect her if she were a man. Clint received the file from Rex and read some disturbing news on Jenkins' son. Rex wasn't very happy with the information that he shared though Clint called it the motherlode. He suggested that Rex wasn't in the right business if he wasn't happy with that. Bo returned to Calvin and learned that things weren't going too well and that Calvin wouldn't be able to back off. He left abruptly. Bo and Clint figured that someone was twisting Calvin's arm with Clint deciding it was time to break it off.

Dorian quickly spoke to Adriana, advising her that they had found Brody Lovett. Adriana told her to hurry home with him so that he and Gigi could reunite.

At the bar and grill, Layla and Dorian headed to the man dressed in uniform, as they presumed him to be Brody. The man agreed to sit and talk to them. The trio shared a table as Dorian went on and on about Gigi and her son and about Brody's dead mother who lied to him. As they talked, the place became noisy. The man was confused. He mentioned that he had just spoken to his mother that very morning and she wouldn't lie. He finally heard that the women thought that he was Brody. As a fight broke out behind them, he assured them that he was not Brody. He pointed to a man in the middle of the melee and enlightened them that he was their man.

Friday, April 25, 2008

At school, Cole approached Starr and told her that he was going to take care of everything. When Starr reminded Cole that they needed to discuss the pregnancy, Cole said that he had a few more details to work out, and asked Starr to meet him back at her locker in a few hours. A confused Starr agreed as Cole ran off to make plans. After emptying his bank account, Markko presented Cole with the contents as well as some fake IDs for Cole and Starr. Cole thanked his friend and hurried off to collect his first paycheck at Buchanan Enterprises. AT B.E., Cole was surprised to learn that his paycheck was smaller than he had expected. Sensing Cole was in desperate need of more money, Jared offered him a loan. After promising to pay Jared back, Cole headed back to the high school to meet Starr. Realizing Cole wanted to keep the baby, Starr asked him about his plans. Cole told Starr that he wanted to run away with her and never return to Llanview.

At the club, Todd and Blair decided to have a little fun in the steam room. As they dropped their towels and prepared to make love, they were shocked to find Cris there. Cris taunted Todd. When Todd threatened to harm Cris, Cris replied that Todd only fought kids. Cris told Todd that he needed to improve his relationship with Starr before it was too late, and Blair agreed. Blair told Todd that he was dreaming if he believed the deal he worked out with Starr would work. After their argument, Cris left, and Blair and Todd resumed their "activities."

At B.E., Clint, Bo, Natalie, and Jared held a powwow session in Clint's office. The Buchanans discussed possible ways to prevent Calvin Jenkins' hostile takeover of B.E. After reminding Bo that he had gone along with the plan to reason with Calvin, Clint told Bo that they were running out of time and needed to come up with a strategy immediately. While Bo and Natalie attempted to persuade Clint not to use underhanded tactics, Jared encouraged Clint to fight dirty. Jared even offered to help Clint dig up some dirt on Jenkins. Promising to find another way to handle Jenkins' takeover, Bo left to do some research. Alone with Clint, Natalie told her dad that the family would pull together and come up with a solution. After Natalie left the office, a sullen Clint starred at the file he had gotten from Rex; the file contained incriminating evidence concerning Jenkins' eldest son.

An angry Natalie approached Jared in her office. Disgusted by Jared's offer to help Clint dig up dirt on Jenkins, Natalie reminded Jared that she didn't intend to operate that way. Sensing Natalie was upset because he escorted Gigi to Capricorn the previous night, Jared asked Natalie if she were jealous. Infuriated, Natalie informed Jared that he was the jealous one. Jared moved closer to Natalie and attempted to pull her into an embrace. Before they gave into their emotions, a surprised Gigi interrupted and asked Natalie to sign some important documents. After Jared left, Gigi apologized to Natalie for going out with Jared. Natalie told Gigi that she had done nothing wrong and there was no need to apologize.

Lindsay ran into Marcie and Shane at the coffee house. After viewing a few pages of Shane's new comic book, Lindsay was pleasantly surprised to learn that the child was a gifted artist. Shane told Lindsay that his new comic was about super heroes and his dad was the star. Shane asked Marcie if they could visit Rex later. Shane wanted to give him a copy of his new comic. When Lindsay asked Marcie if she had received her bridesmaid dress for Rex and Adriana's wedding, Marcie sadly told Lindsay that Adriana hadn't mentioned Marcie being in the wedding party. Lindsay assured Marcie that Adriana would never exclude her, but Shane answered that Adriana would definitely do something that mean. Surprised by Shane's remark, both Marcie and Lindsay asked Shane his thoughts on Adriana. Shane stated that Adriana was evil just like the villainess in his new comic, Evelyn Evil. Shane said that Adriana pretended to be nice but really wasn't. Marcie and Lindsay were startled when Shane showed them his drawing of Evelyn Evil-the character looked exactly like Adriana. When Lindsay told Shane that Adriana was a nice person, Shane told her that Adriana was mean to his mother. Disturbed by the conversation, Marcie and Lindsay acknowledged how fortunate they both were to be free women. Lindsay told Marcie that she owed everything to Bo.

In a B.E. boardroom, Rex spoke with Adriana over the phone and asked her to tell Gigi that Adriana accepted their friendship. As Gigi looked on in horror, Rex handed her the phone. On the other end, Adriana was seething. Once on the phone, Adriana deviously told Gigi she must have misunderstood their previous conversation and suggested Gigi tell Rex that everything was fine between them. After agreeing to attend the wedding, Gigi handed the phone to an elated Rex. Dressed in revealing lingerie, Adriana asked Rex to come home soon. Rex said he had promised Clint to hang around B.E. for awhile, but promised to come home soon. Smiling devilishly to herself, Adriana stated, "Oh Gigi, you are in for the surprise of your life."

Believing Rex had returned home, Adriana answered the door in her lingerie and was horrified to find Marcie and Shane standing there. When Shane stated that he wanted to give Rex a copy of his second comic, Marcie, nervous that Adriana would realize that she was Evelyn Evil, told the child to give Rex the first comic that was all about his dad. Adriana promised to give the comic to Rex when he returned home, and asked Marcie to be part of her wedding. Smiling knowingly at Shane, Marcie said she would love to be a part of the wedding. When Adriana asked Marcie to handle the guest book, a look of disappointment crossed Marcie's face. Shane shook his head at Marcie and responded, "I told you so." Suspicious, Adriana asked the little boy what he had told Marcie. Before Shane could answer, Marcie interrupted him and made up an excuse to appease Adriana.

In a Michigan tavern, Dorian and Layla were horrified to witness Brody Lovett involved in a bar room brawl. As Brody violently assaulted a patron, Dorian and Layla couldn't believe that this was the man that Gigi had painted as a war hero. Dorian and Layla approached a bitter Brody and attempted to converse with him, but he refused.

After a failed attempt at communicating with Brody, Dorian phoned Adriana and suggested she fly to Michigan immediately and speak with Brody. Adriana's conversation with Marcie and Shane was interrupted by Dorian's call. Adriana refused initially, but Dorian told her that Brody turned out to be a wild card. Dorian suggested that Adriana see Brody for herself before she considered bringing him to Llanview. Giving Shane a disgusted glance, Adriana told Dorian that she was positive that she wanted Brody to come to Llanview, but agreed to come to Michigan immediately. Explaining that she had a business trip, Adriana told Marcie and Shane that she needed to leave. Once outside the apartment, Shane again reminded Marcie that he had warned her about Adriana. Meanwhile, Adriana held Shane's comic and said, "Oh daddy should definitely see this."

After hitting on Layla, the angry war veteran agreed to speak with them. Dorian convinced Brody that his mother had lied about Gigi running off with another man and had also told Gigi that he was killed overseas. Brody appeared shocked when Dorian mentioned that he had a son, but later admitted to knowing that Gigi was pregnant. Believing she had run off with another man, Brody had decided to let the new man in Gigi's life raise his son. When Dorian told Brody that he had a right to meet his son, Brody replied, "What's done is done."

Lindsay paid Clint a visit and offered him damaging information concerning Jenkins' son. When Clint told Lindsay that he already had information on Jenkins' eldest son, Lindsay informed Clint that she had startling information concerning the younger son. Lindsay was confident that Jenkins would do everything in his power to keep the information from becoming public. In another office, Bo and Rex discussed the upcoming wedding. When Rex mentioned that he thought Bo might be upset that Rex had dug up incriminating information for B.E., a surprised Bo demanded to know exactly what Rex was investigating. Cornered, Rex admitted to working for Clint. Meanwhile, Dorian received a call from Jenkins and complimented him on his decision to go along with the takeover. As Lindsay and Clint discussed strategy, Bo stormed into Clint's office and asked to speak with his brother. After Lindsay left, Bo lashed out at Clint for resorting to dirty tactics and using Rex to investigate Jenkins and his family. Clint reminded Bo that his good approach didn't work and stated that he needed to make sure the job was accomplished in the end. Disgusted by Clint's behavior, Bo suggested that Clint had resorted to blackmail all in an attempt to make money.

Rex encountered Jared at B.E. and warned him to stay away from Gigi. Rex believed Jared was playing games with Gigi and said his plan would never work. Jared told Rex that his jealousy towards Gigi was strange, considering Rex was marrying another woman in a few weeks. Outside the boardroom, Jared ran into Gigi and warned her that Rex was interfering in her life yet again. Gigi entered the room and demanded that Rex stay out of her personal life. Rex admitted to Gigi that he never forgot her and often thought about her. Rex said that he often felt as though nothing had changed between them. Gigi agreed. As they stood close, Rex and Gigi stared into each other's eyes. Meanwhile, Marcie and Shane arrived at B.E. looking for Gigi. After being told by Bo that Gigi could probably be found in the boardroom with Rex, Marcie and Shane approached the door. Shane couldn't wait to see Rex.

Back at the tavern in Michigan, Brody explained that he had believed his mother and allowed his child to be raised by another man. Dorian and Layla appeared relieved when Adriana entered the bar. When Adriana approached the table, a surprised Brody looked at her and exclaimed, "I knew you would come back to me." Brody began kissing Adriana.

Natalie told Jared that he was wrong in believing there was something between them and that she couldn't control her feelings for him. Unconvinced, Jared pulled Natalie close and asked her to prove it. Jared asked Natalie to kiss him and if she was no longer interested afterwards, he would stay away from her. Stating that it would be a simple task, Natalie agreed. The two embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

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