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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on GL
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Monday, April 28, 2008

After Harley complained about being assigned to a desk job at the station, Mallet let her go home for the rest of the day. Marina thanked Mallet for listening to her about Harley. Mallet instructed Marina to go on cases with Frank, but Marina said that Frank was tracking down a lead on the woman had who had reported Frank for sexual harassment at a crime scene. Mallet became anxious and told Marina that everyone needed to let that case go.

At about the same time, Frank approached Sheila, the woman who had reported him, and asked her who had put her up to making the call. Marina approached and threatened to take Sheila to the station if she didn't reveal who had paid her to report Frank. Frank explained that Marina was his daughter and was being overly protective. Marina explained to Sheila how much Frank had lost over the incident and suddenly Sheila became willing to cooperate.

In the meantime, Dinah dressed in a conservative suit to appear more like a socialite and philanthropist. She met with an image consultant she had hired. As they conferred in the mansion parlor, Dinah received a call from Sheila. Sheila said that she couldn't keep quiet about what they had done to Frank. Dinah hurried to the station to talk to Mallet about it. Mallet, who had been toiling over his ill-gotten job, said he should have gone straight to the commissioner himself about what Dinah had done. Mallet didn't want Dinah "helping" him any more. Mallet spotted Frank downstairs with Sheila and told Dinah to leave immediately.

After Frank seated Sheila in an interrogation room, he overheard the commissioner ask Mallet why they had to dredge up the case again. Frank intervened and said it was to clear his name. Frank insisted he meant no offense to Mallet, but he wanted his job back. The commissioner reluctantly agreed to hear Sheila's story. Back in the interrogation room, Sheila changed her story. She said that Frank and Marina had threatened her and she didn't feel safe. Sheila reasserted that Frank had sexually harassed her. The commissioner put Sheila under police protection. Once alone with the commissioner, Frank swore that he hadn't threatened Sheila. The commissioner was livid that Frank could have cost the department millions in a lawsuit.

Mallet found Dinah and asked her what she had said to Sheila. Dinah said it didn't matter. Dinah felt that she had given Mallet a great job and said Frank would get over it. Mallet asked if Frank had been merely an obstacle for her. Dinah admitted that he had been. She told Mallet that he needed a woman that would do anything to get him what he wanted. She kissed him and asked him to come home with her. Mallet said that he was going back upstairs. After he walked away, Dinah said she'd tell Hilda to expect him.

Dinah went home, changed into a sexy dress, and gave Remy money to spend the night out gambling with his buddies. She said she was expecting Mallet. Unbeknownst to Dinah, Mallet went to Marina's hotel room and asked her to grab a bite to eat.

Meanwhile when Harley looked for her car in the police station parking lot, she found that it was missing. Cyrus appeared and Harley accused him of stealing the car so that he could drive her home. He said that she'd probably find her car at home. Once he dropped her off, she told him that he had to leave. Cyrus asked to borrow tools to fix some locks at the Beacon. He retrieved the tools and Harley asked him to leave again. Cyrus decided that he needed to fix the molding in her kitchen before it fell down and struck one of the boys. Harley agreed that he could do it but said he had to leave afterward. Cyrus agreed to leave once he was done. Suddenly Cyrus and Harley locked each other in an embrace. They kissed and sank to the kitchen floor, pulling the kitchen tablecloth and the food on top of it down with them.

After having sex, they laid on the kitchen floor, wrapped in the tablecloth. Harley told Cyrus that it was the last time. Cyrus replied that pushing him away would not bring back Gus. Harley told him that she needed to concentrate on reclaiming her life. She felt that she couldn't do it with Cyrus around. They redressed, and Cyrus kissed her and left.

Meanwhile when Josh stepped on the porch to retrieve the mail, he saw Cassie talking to a neighbor who was returning borrowed lawn equipment. Josh watched the man touch Cassie's arm and hip as they spoke. As Cassie and Josh ate a meal, Josh questioned Cassie about the man. Josh appeared suspicious when Cassie seemed to know a lot about him. Later at the church, Josh became distracted as he watched Cassie interact with a male church member. Talking to Josh, Cassie suggested that she should recruit male church members to help with an event. Josh gave Cassie a different task, deciding that the male members would respond better to him. Cassie wondered when Josh would get past her cheating. He said that he didn't know. She apologized for her actions and agreed to do the other task he had mentioned. Josh seemed uneasy, but he said that she could do the male recruiting.

Cassie went to the Beacon. As she struggled to move a large plant, Remy rushed up to help her. Cassie told Remy that he was looking pretty good. She coquettishly persuaded him into helping with the church event.

Meanwhile Josh visited Harley and they took a walk together. Josh seemed hesitant when he asked Harley to investigate whom Cassie's lover had been. Josh felt that he couldn't move past it as long as he wondered which friend or neighbor Cassie had been with. Harley replied that Cassie was her friend and she couldn't investigate her. Since Cassie had voluntarily told Josh the truth, Harley advised that Josh allow the man to remain unknown.

Contrary to what she had told Josh, some time after talking to him, Harley discreetly followed Cassie into the nail salon. After they got their nails done, Harley asked Cassie how her marriage was. Cassie said that perhaps she shouldn't have told Josh about her indiscretion. As she left, Cassie said that they should get together for manicures again sometime.

Meanwhile after leaving Harley's, Josh encountered Cyrus at the Beacon. Since Cyrus saw everything that happened at the hotel, Josh wondered if Cyrus had ever seen Cassie alone at the bar. Cyrus said he had. Josh asked Cyrus to keep an eye on Cassie because Josh worried that men could mistake Cassie's kindness for something else. Cyrus agreed and gulped after Josh left.

When Cassie returned home, she readily told Josh where she had been. He replied that she didn't have to track her time with him. He said that getting back to normal would take a while. She wondered if that meant they'd get through the issue. Josh replied that they had to. Just then Harley called Josh to say she was also concerned for Cassie. Harley decided that she'd follow Cassie for a few days. If Cassie were seeing anyone, she confidently said, "Oh, I'll find him." After the call, Josh stared at Cassie.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinah busily prepared for Mallet's arrival at the mansion, but Matt showed up instead. When she discussed the two of them picking up Maureen for dinner after school the next day, Matt wanted to check with Vanessa first. Dinah became upset that Matt felt he had to clear her spending time with her sister through Vanessa. Alone again, Dinah continued to wait for Mallet. After a while, she gave up and directed Hilda to throw the candles and flowers she'd set up for Mallet into the pool. She wandered down to the park and spotted Matt again. The two of them decided to stroll through the park.

Meanwhile Marina and Mallet picnicked near the lake. After a game of one-on-one football, Mallet and Dinah sat together on a bench. Marina dared him not to look over his shoulder. When he did, he spotted Dinah and Matt. Meanwhile, Dinah saw Marina and Mallet and began talking really loudly and laughing as if she were overly enjoying Matt's company. Mallet commented to Marina about Dinah's obnoxious laugh, and he decided to ignore Dinah. He asked Marina to dance with him by the lake. While watching them dance, Dinah groaned and asked Matt to tell her more about her house renovation plans.

After dancing with Marina, Mallet went to splash lake water on his face. Dinah approached and told him that he was acting "all high and mighty" since he had discovered what she had done. She asked him if he were dating Frank's daughter to compensate Frank for his job loss. Mallet sarcastically asked her if she thought him dating Marina would really help. Dinah stalked off. Mallet found Marina and they left. Dinah still seemed to want to play games but Matt told her that enough was enough.

Matt went to the boardinghouse and Dinah found him eating a sandwich. He expressed his discontent with Dinah for using him to upset Mallet. Dinah apologized. Matt wondered if his renovation job were even real. Dinah said it was and she was very excited about the project. She asked if they could start over. He offered her part of his sandwich.

In the meantime Mallet walked Marina home. He said that he couldn't be sure that Dinah wouldn't incidentally hurt Marina in her quest for Mallet's attention. Marina said she wasn't afraid of Dinah and she gave Mallet a long kiss.

Meanwhile Frank surprised Natalia with Cubs tickets and insisted that they and Rafe must go that day. Natalia was slow to agree; however, once she did, she couldn't locate Rafe. As Frank grew overly insistent, Natalia suspected that he had an agenda. Frank showed her the newspaper. The front page announced that the driver who had hit Gus was having a hearing that day. Frank said that the boy, Randy Linders, couldn't avoid Gus because Gus had been speeding and ran a stop sign. Natalia became determined to attend the hearing.

Billy stopped by Cross Creek and Jeffrey asked him to watch Olivia while he litigated Linders' case. Outside the courthouse, Natalia stopped Jeffrey to say that she wanted to speak in court on Gus's behalf. Jeffrey agreed to let her speak. Jeffrey went to his office and while he worked, Billy showed up. Jeffrey wondered if Olivia was still alive and Billy said Olivia was too mean to die. He asked Jeffrey if Reva knew about her houseguest. Jeffrey murmured that he didn't want to ruin Reva's vacation. Billy said that if Jeffrey were smart, he'd move Olivia out before Reva came home.

While still outside the courthouse, Natalia encountered Olivia. Natalia warned Olivia not to cause a scene in court because the Linders boy didn't do anything wrong. Olivia seemed upset that no one had told her about the hearing. Natalia replied that she was only there to figure out how Gus would want her to handle it. Olivia barged passed her, saying she knew how Gus would want to handle it. At the same time that the court proceedings began, Rafe discovered a newspaper with the headline about the Linders hearing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reva returned to Cross Creek in time to witness Olivia clinging to Jeffrey after a bad dream about Gus sent her heart beating uncontrollably. Reva tossed a robe at Olivia and told her that she'd better cover up or else she might "catch her death." Olivia watched them from a window as Jeffrey helped Reva remove her bags from the car. Jeffrey told Reva about the annulment and said that he hadn't mentioned the living arrangements because he didn't want Reva to shorten her trip. Reva replied that she had done just that when Billy called and told her that Olivia was rooming at Cross Creek. When they went back inside, Reva volunteered to help Olivia dress so that they could take a walk together.

On their walk in the woods, Reva asked Olivia if she were happy to be alive. Reva explained that she understood what it felt like experience a miracle while at death's door. After assessing from Olivia what had gone on in the house while she had been away, Reva decided that Olivia could remain at Cross Creek. Her only condition was that Olivia stay away from Jeffrey. Reva decided that she would care for Olivia herself. When the ladies returned to the house, Jeffrey seemed puzzled by their camaraderie.

Later Ava visited Olivia and announced her pregnancy. Ava explained that she had gotten artificially inseminated. Olivia told Ava that she was tired and had signed her fifth set of divorce papers that day. Ava took Olivia on a ride to get her medication.

Some time later Olivia waited by the lake for Ava to return with her medication. Natalia approached. Olivia asked Natalia a lot of questions about where she and Rafe were living and if she were getting enough shifts at the Beacon. Natalia thanked her for offering to pay Rafe's bail even though the police hadn't pressed charges against him. Olivia asked Natalia if looking at Rafe caused her to see Gus and feel his love. Natalia said that it did. Olivia said that she couldn't feel it. She couldn't feel anything. Natalia asked her what she wanted from her. Taking Natalia's left hand, she said, "I want your wedding rings."

Natalia walked away and Olivia followed her, telling her that it was a good offer since Natalia needed the money. Natalia snapped that Olivia already had his heart and his house. Olivia replied that she'd sell the house back to Natalia one day. Natalia wondered how she'd pay for it. Olivia said the money from the rings would help. Tearfully, Natalia decided that she didn't need the rings and Gus would want her to take the money for Rafe. Natalia said that she had his name and she had his son. Olivia had loved him for a few months, but Natalia had loved him half of her life. She said that she didn't need the rings to know that. After taking them off, Natalia handed them to Olivia and said, "You enjoy them."

At the gazebo that bore her memorial plaque, Olivia placed Natalia's two rings on her left hand. Later Olivia went to Company, placed the rings on the counter, and said that Natalia had left them with her on accident. She asked the worker to return them to Natalia Aitoro. Natalia walked into Company and discovered her two rings unattended on the counter.

Meanwhile Jeffrey took Reva to dinner at Towers. While Reva went to the restroom, Ava approached Jeffrey's table. Ava started eating Reva's salad and Jeffrey told her that she had better wait for Reva. Ava replied that Reva wouldn't say no to a hungry, pregnant woman. He looked shocked and Ava said it was for real this time. Jeffrey said that Ava must really have Bill hooked for real. Ava said, "Don't rain on my parade, Grandpa." Ava switched the topic to Reva, and Jeffrey realized that Reva had been in the bathroom over five minutes.

In the restroom, Reva sensed someone following her. She discovered Dinah exiting a stall. Reva mentioned the deal that they had had and Dinah told her that the deal was off the table. Reva said that she had been gone a while, but she was still interested. Dinah said she had the only Lewis she needed and she left. While having a drink at the bar, Dinah saw Blake. She told Blake that she was finally in control. Blake said comments like that from Dinah worried her. Dinah said that she planned to make her father proud.

Jeffrey and Reva returned to Cross Creek. Jeffrey asked Reva if she had found what she had been looking for on her trip. Reva replied that everything she wanted was in Jeffrey. Meanwhile a strange man was staring at photos he had taken of Reva and Jeffrey at Towers.

While working at the Beacon, Natalia encountered Daisy and learned that Rafe and Daisy had broken up. When Daisy said that she and Rafe had had plans together and they weren't all bad, Natalia smiled. Natalia recalled that Gus had said the same thing to her father when they had been young. Natalia traveled to Rafe's room at the boardinghouse and found him with a bandage on his hand on which he had written Gus's name. She told Rafe that he spent too much time in his room and suggested that he call Daisy and get out. Rafe was surprised his mother would suggest calling Daisy. Natalia said she realized that Rafe needed his friends and activities. She said she was ready to trust him, the man she had raised.

Meanwhile Ashlee discovered that her clothes were looser than before. Excitedly she pulled out a red dress and pressed it against her chest as she looked in the mirror. Later she worked out with Daisy at the gym. Daisy noted the weight loss but wondered if Ashlee should have been working out so soon after surgery. Starting up the treadmill, Ashlee said that the doctors had instructed her to wait a month. Daisy switched off the machine. Ashlee insisted she felt well enough to work out, but Daisy decided that she wouldn't work out with Ashlee until Ashlee had healed. After Daisy left the gym, Ashlee returned to the treadmill. Dinah entered and Ashlee mentioned that she still had stitches from her surgery. Dinah praised a perspiring Ashlee for doing all she could to get what she wanted.

Meanwhile Daisy returned home and was studying when Rafe came over. She asked him why he had come by. He kissed her and said that he just wanted to be there. Daisy and Rafe went to eat at Company and for a moment, Natalia watched them talking. Later Rafe seemed distant with Daisy, and Daisy realized that things wouldn't work out with them. She said that his mother wasn't comfortable with their relationship. He said that he was sorry and it would take more time to heal his emotions. Daisy said that was it then. He told her that he had loved her. She agreed that she had loved him, too. They kissed and went their separate ways.

Downstairs at Company, Blake prepared Coop for a meeting with a book club. She told him that mature women came to those events. Coop asked her if she meant old people. Blake raised her brows and repeated, "Mature women. Do you have a problem with that?" Blake highlighted a passage that Coop would read at the meeting. Coop seemed not to want to read that particular passage to a group of mature women, but Blake assured her that they would love it. One of Coop's friends approached as Blake walked off. She overheard the friend asking who she was. Coop replied that she was his agent, and his friend said, "Way to go, dude!"

Later Blake forced Coop to read aloud the passage she had highlighted. Coop became uncomfortable, but he read, "He knew he was too young and definitely too inexperienced for a woman like her. But he couldn't leave. Every time he tried to walk away, he took a step closer." After the book club meeting, Coop and Blake met Ashlee. Coop praised Blake for finding the perfect passage to read at the signing. The attendees had loved it.

When Coop and Ashlee went to her place, Coop discovered a "stash" of Ashlee's magazines. Coop wondered if Ashlee were trying to look like the women in the magazines. Ashlee murmured that those models might actually be naturally skinny. When Coop mentioned that Ashlee didn't eat her burgers or fries, Ashlee replied that she had told him that she wasn't hungry for that kind of food any more. She said she had looked through the magazines to find a bikini. Upset, she said the last time she had worn a bikini in public she was six. Even then she had felt embarrassed and fat. Coop hadn't realized it had been that way for Ashlee as a child. Ashlee dried her tears and proclaimed that it wouldn't be that way any more, so everything was fine.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Beth visited Alan at the boardinghouse to thank him for trying to get her back into the mansion. She said it wasn't necessary. Alan then took Beth and Peyton down to Company for a meal on him. Donning an apron, he went into the kitchen and made Beth eggs. When Beth liked the eggs, Alan told Peyton that her father was full of surprises.

Upon leaving Company, Beth encountered Rick. He offered to take her to breakfast, but she said she'd already eaten. When he asked her if she had eaten with Alan, Beth tensely asked him not to talk about it. Rick was confused as to why Beth was interested in Alan if he didn't have power. Beth retorted that she wasn't sure why Rick wanted to save their marriage if he had such a low opinion of her. Beth admitted having conflicted emotions and felt that Rick had pushed her toward Alan. Rick offered to take Peyton for a while to give Beth a chance to think.

Meanwhile Lizzie found Alan in the kitchen and was surprised to see him making French toast. They discussed how Bill and his "idiot sister" were trying to take over Alan's company. Alan said that some people were impatient and turned the bread too soon. Alan commented that he was patient. Lizzie said Bill would do well and Alan quickly reminded Lizzie that he had raised her to trust no man, including her grandfather. Lizzie asked Alan for his bank account numbers. She wanted to transfer him money from her trust fund as an investment into his recent endeavors. Alan smiled and told Lizzie that she would never learn.

Some time later, Alan came across Rick with Peyton in a stroller. Peyton was screaming and Alan wanted to know what Rick had done to the child. Rick realized that "Boo-Boo," her stuffed bunny, was missing. He said he'd be dead meat if he didn't find it. Alan watched Peyton while Rick looked for the bunny. Rick presented the bunny to Peyton and Alan decided that type of thing was the reason Rick should never be near the child.

Rick found Beth and took her to Towers for a drink. Beth wheeled Peyton into the restaurant, but Rick got called to the hospital before they could order. A server at Towers presented Beth with a gift box and left. She opened the included note and read, "When the strand is full, that's when I'll come for you. That's when we'll be a family." It was signed by Alan. Beth opened the box to find a necklace with just one pearl on it.

Meanwhile Reva confronted the man who had been following her. He dropped some files and she saw pictures of Jeffrey and her. Hawk appeared and told Reva that they had come to change her life. Hawk explained that he had been running a fishing and tour boat operation that ran by Cross Creek. On his tour, he'd talk about Reva. He said a man offered him money to do a movie about Reva Shayne. Reva didn't like Hawk agreeing to the movie without her approval. Carson, the backer of the project, discussed his vision of the movie. He envisioned a small town girl, who had clawed her way to love only to have it snatched away by cancer. In the end, she sacrifices the love of her life for her sister. The man offered Reva all kinds of billing on the project, but Reva seemed more interested in a check.

After meeting with Carson, Reva and Daisy met for manicures. Reva tried to cheer Daisy up about her situation with Rafe and then announced Hawk's movie project. Daisy thought it was fantastic and she wanted to work on it. Reva replied that she hadn't agreed to do it yet. She was concerned about revisiting her past, since she loved her present so much. Daisy said it might be that Reva was running from her past.

After a free manicure with Reva, Daisy went shopping with Billy. When he brought her home, no one was there. Billy seemed hesitant to leave her alone with her thoughts. Daisy replied that whether were people around or not, she would still think about Rafe. She said that she was sad their relationship had ended, but knowing that she and Rafe had tried somehow made the pain easier to bear.

After shopping with Daisy, Billy went to Cross Creek to ask Reva to see a movie with him. Reva asked him if someone wanted him to make a movie about his life, would he change anything or try to smooth out the rough edges. Billy laughed and said his whole life was rough edges. Reva declined going to see the movie with Billy. Later she met with Hawk and consented to the movie project. In the distance she saw someone she thought she knew from her cancer meetings. It was Joline Bowles, the biggest star in independent films according to Hawk. The woman alluded to following Reva around to get a sense of the role. Reva then learned from Hawk that Joline would play Reva in the movie.

Meanwhile Lizzie put her complete trust in Bill to handle the merger between Spaulding and Lewis. He presented her with a banner that bore the names of both companies. They took the banner to Spaulding. As they hung it on the wall in an office, Ava entered to ask how she could be on the team. Lizzie left and Ava pleaded her case to Bill. She knew Alan and she had been privy to important conversations. Bill said Ava shouldn't reveal her traitorous nature to someone she wanted a job from. He felt promoting his "baby-momma" the moment he took over Spaulding wasn't wise. Ava warned him that he'd be sorry for not having her aboard.

Later Billy visited Bill to say that Bill was in over his head with the merger. Billy felt that Spaulding would swallow Lewis Construction and the Lewis family would become invisible. Bill grew angry that Billy didn't have any confidence that he could do it. Billy warned Bill that Alan was not permanently out of the way. His return could cause them to lose Lewis. Bill grew adamant to prove his father wrong.

After Billy left, Bill asked Ava to join his team. While they went over papers in his office, Lizzie returned and became tense when she saw Ava. When Ava left, Bill told Lizzie that he had changed his mind and he decided that he needed to hire Ava. To take down Alan and put his father in his place, Bill said that he needed everyone on his side. Lizzie huffed and said she was on his side. She reluctantly agreed to Ava's hiring.

While Lizzie later met with Remy and pressured him to up the stakes to get Ava away from Bill, Ava returned to Bill's office. Bill had left for the day. On his computer, Ava discovered an email that Dinah had written to Bill. In the email, Dinah warned Bill away from Remy, who had been tempted to tell Lizzie the truth about how they had shafted Alan. Dinah wrote that she had talked Remy out of it and they had come too far to get sloppy.

When Bill made it home, Lizzie was there, ending a call with the banker. She told Bill that she had given money to Alan as an investment. She wanted Alan to be well even though he was no longer king of the world. Lizzie kissed Bill and said that her family was lucky that Bill had been the one to take over Spaulding. After Lizzie went to run their shower, Bill pulled out a memo that bore the new company logo. "Spaulding Lewis Enterprises," he said. He retrieved a maker and blacked out the Spaulding name. "Or maybe just Lewis Enterprises. Much better."

Friday, May 2, 2008


After Harley has boxed away some of Gus's things, she got a visit from Natalia. Harley told Natalia that she signed Rafe up for a six-week college prep course. Natalia tried to refuse since she was aware that Harley had money issues, but Harley insisted. Harley then gave a box of Gus's things to Natalia. Later, Harley went to work and found a bill collector at her desk. The man told Harley that it was just a courtesy call to strongly remind her to send in her checks. He warned her that, otherwise, the money would come out of her earnings.

Cassie banged on Cyrus's door and told him to wake up since he had to work. Finally, Cassie barged in, but by that point, Cyrus was awake and slowly getting dressed. It was obvious that he was hung over. He tried to beg off work but Cassie reminded him that he was on the schedule. Cassie commented on how much he drank the previous night and stated that she never pegged him as the kind of guy who would fall apart over a woman. Cyrus said that he never used to be. Cyrus suddenly remembered that Cassie was supposed to be off that day and asked why she was there. Cassie replied that it was easier than being at home. Later, Cyrus seemed to be beyond bored at work and took his break.

Olivia was taking a little walk outside Reva's when she became lightheaded. When she almost collapsed, Jeffrey caught her and led her back inside the cabin. Inside, Reva was sorting through old photographs and placing them in a bag. Later, Jeffrey saw the bag and asked about it. Reva started to say that there was something she needed to talk to him about, but Jeffrey asked if it could wait until after lunch since he had to take Olivia to her doctor's appointment. Later, at Cedars, the doctor informed Olivia that her white cell count was low. He told her that she needed to rest and not to push her limits. After the appointment, Olivia told Jeffrey to go to work because she just wanted to sit outside for a while. Jeffrey agreed but told her he would send someone to pick her up in 15 minutes. Later, when Olivia was at the cabin, Natalia visited her to thank her for returning her rings. She then gave Olivia a box of some of Gus's things that she had gotten from Harley. After making some tea, Natalia reminded Olivia that Jeffrey was with Reva and grabbing a man would not fix anything. Natalia told her that she should focus on her recovery.

Natalia was having a drink at Company when Frank came in and joined her. When Frank talked about how it might help her to have a friend to talk to, Natalia admitted that sometimes she felt guilty. Natalia stated that Frank should be angry with her because of what happened with Harley and Gus. Natalia went on to say that if they had stayed together then Harley would have never gotten involved with Cyrus, and Marina would have never gotten her heart broken. Frank assured her that life was too short and things were what they were. Frank then offered to make her one of his "Frank burgers." Natalia accepted and told him that she wanted to hear one of his favorite Gus stories over lunch.

Josh approached a young blonde woman at the church and asked if he could help her. She began telling him how being a minister suited him. Confused, Josh asked if they knew each other but she said not exactly. Before leaving, she said that it was nice talking to him and rattled him by using his full name: Joshua. Later, Josh saw the same woman at CO2 and mentioned that she knew his name but he did not know her. He then stated that it seemed like she was following him. The woman admitted that she was following him and said that she picked up a lot by observing. She added that she was anxious to pick his brain to see how he got to this arc. When it became clear that Josh had no clue was she was talking about, she hurried off and said, "So long, Bud." Later, Reva visited Josh and told him about the deal to make a movie about her life. She went on to say that she had a lot of photographs to give the writer for background but needed to fill in some blanks and wondered if she could borrow his old photos. Josh made it clear that he thought the movie was a horrible idea-the worst she had ever had. As he went on about how bad of an idea it was, Reva assured him that it would be tasteful and that they had already cast the lead, who was doing some research. Josh suddenly realized that that was the strange woman he had encountered. Josh refused to help and told Reva that if she gave away rights to her life story, she would have no control over what they would do with it. When Reva stated that she would be involved in the project, he pointed out that that only meant that she was covered. Suddenly, Jolene, the actress playing Reva, arrived to pick up the materials. Jolene asked Josh if she could ask him some questions but Reva suggested that all questions should go through her. When Jolene left, Reva argued that the movie could be fun. Fed up, Josh said that when she got like that, there was no stopping her.

Josh then went to Harley's. He reminded her that he had left her several messages and asked if she had done anything yet. Harley admitted that she had been waiting because Cassie was her best friend. Harley tried to convince Josh to drop it, but he insisted that he had to know the truth. Harley suggested that he could simply believe Cassie that the affair was over. Josh told Harley he could not stop thinking about it. He said that he had to put it behind him and gave her a check for her services. Afterwards, Josh went home and told Cassie about Reva's movie deal. After making a joke about it, Cassie told Josh that she missed him and asked him to move back into their bedroom. Cassie then left the room to take a call and Josh looked at her PDA. Afterwards she told Josh that she wanted them to go somewhere to be alone for the evening. Josh said that there was something that he had to do but he would call her later. Josh then gave Reva a bag full of old photos.

At Company, Reva told Jeffrey about the movie deal and was surprised when he simply said that it sounded like fun. Jeffrey stated that he did not think it was that big a deal. Reva then introduced him to Jolene. Discussing her new role, Jolene said that she could be brassy when needed. Reva was quick to say that she would not call herself brassy so Jolene revised it as "strong." Later at home, Jeffrey told Reva that the two of them should do something together. Reva declined since she knew that he would be thinking of Olivia the whole time and suggested that he look in on Olivia. When Jeffrey did, he began to tell Olivia that he wanted to call Ava to watch her so he and Reva could go out but changed his mind. At that point, Olivia stated that she was going to leave and said that "three's a crowd."

Cyrus went to Harley's. She tried to send him away and he said that he needed to remember why he stayed in town. They kissed and wound up making love. Harley immediately regretted it. She ranted about her life and mentioned that she had to spy on her best friend. When Cyrus asked which one, Harley admitted that it was Cassie. Harley told Cyrus that Cassie slept with another man and Josh wanted to find out who it was.

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