One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on OLTL

Cole and Starr settled into their new life, but Blair and John were hot on their heels. Todd also figured out where his daughter was hiding. Charlie urged Rex not to marry Adriana if there were any doubts. Antonio and Talia revealed their love for each other.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, May 5, 2008

At the docks, John watched as Antonio and Talia shared a passionate kiss. Antonio told Talia that it had been difficult pretending to hate her when he actually loved her. Talia proclaimed her love to Antonio. John, Antonio, and Talia discussed the fact that they had done everything possible to trick Ramsey into believing John and Talia were involved and that Antonio had stolen money that was supposed to be inventoried in connection to a drug bust. John and Antonio were confident that they would uncover Ramsey's wrongdoings and help Bo get reinstated as police commissioner.

When Antonio asked John what they should do next, John informed Antonio and Talia that they would have to handle Ramsey on their own for a while because he had to search for Starr and Cole. John stated that he had booked Antonio and Talia a room at a local motel and encouraged them to enjoy their long-overdue night together. John said that he had booked the room under his name in case Eddie was on their trail.

After Antonio and Talia headed off, John placed a call to Nora. He thanked her for the information on Cole's car and asked her to keep an eye on Todd while he was away. John said that if Todd stayed out of the way, everyone would return safely, but if Todd interfered as expected -- all bets were off. John took off in the boat in search of Starr and Cole.

Outside of Antonio and Talia's motel room, Eddie stood by the door. When Talia placed a "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob, Eddie called Ramsey and informed the commissioner that Talia was inside the room with John. Eddie then left the motel. Meanwhile, Antonio and Talia expressed their love for each other and enjoyed their time together. After they made love, Talia told Antonio that he needed to get the goods on Ramsey quickly because she didn't know how long she could stay away from Antonio. Antonio responded by telling Talia that she didn't have to wait any longer, and he smothered her with kisses.

At La Boulaie, an angry Blair slapped Todd and expressed her displeasure with his recent actions. Todd felt he had done everything right concerning his treatment of Starr and Cole, but Blair believed otherwise. Blair reminded Todd of how he had kept Starr isolated from her friends and caused her to run away to escape his rule over her. Blair told Todd that he believed he could treat people any way he pleased because he had been hurt but stated that he was not alone -- everyone had experienced hurt in their lives.

Blair stated that she and Todd had been similar when they had first met, but she had changed after having the children. Blair had believed that Todd had changed after finding Sam, but she had since realized that he was still the same old Todd. Blair tried to convince Todd that his bullying tactics would only force Starr to stay away forever. Todd continued to defend his actions, and criticized Blair for running to John for help. Blair told Todd that she was going to call John and ask him to continue his search for Starr -- and planned to tell John that he had Todd's full support. A speechless Todd watched as Blair stormed out of the room.

Meanwhile upstairs, Markko told Dorian that Langston was pregnant. Shocked, Dorian asked Langston if it were true. Surprised by Markko's sudden "revelation," Langston hesitated and then in a faint voice told Dorian that she was pregnant. Upon hearing that Langston was pregnant, Dorian warned Markko to run and then threw a book at him. Dorian attempted to attack Markko several times and accused him of ruining Langston's life.

Dorian told Langston that she was surprised that Langston would get herself in such a situation; she didn't expect that behavior from a Cramer woman. Frustrated by Dorian's attack on her and Markko, Langston informed Dorian that she didn't care to be a Cramer woman. Langston mentioned how she had been told that the Cramer women always supported each other. Langston reminded Dorian that Dorian and Blair had allowed Todd to lock Starr away in Dorian's own home, and Dorian hadn't tried to intervene.

Realizing that Dorian was feeling guilty, Langston revealed that she had attempted to contact Dorian several times in the few weeks prior and had never been able to reach her. Langston stated that perhaps she and Starr were the only true Cramer women left, since they did everything possible to support each other. Consumed with guilt, Dorian apologized for not being there for Langston and Starr during their time of need. Dorian hugged Langston and assured her that they would handle the situation together.

Cole asked Starr if she blamed him for the pregnancy. Cole became alarmed when Starr confided that she did blame him to some extent, but Starr also accepted guilt. She told Cole that she hated to use the word blame because she didn't feel that they had done anything wrong by making love. Starr admitted that she wished she weren't pregnant, but she had meant every word that she had said to Cole the night they had shared together. Starr said that she didn't regret having sex with Cole but wished they had discussed using a condom. Cole appeared somewhat bothered by her statement but agreed to support her.

Cole told Starr that if she decided to have an abortion, he would drive her to the clinic. Starr thanked Cole for being a great support system for her. Cole said that he had never thought he would be happy after losing his mother, but that night with Starr had made him realize that he would do anything for her. Touched by Cole's words, Starr asked Cole if she could fall asleep in his arms. As Cole ran his fingers through her hair, Starr tried to fall asleep but looked troubled. Later, Cole asked Starr if she were asleep, but she said nothing although her eyes were wide open.

After responding to Natalie's kiss, a surprised Jared questioned whether it was a kiss goodbye. Natalie shocked Jared by telling him that she was in love with him. An elated Jared expressed his love for Natalie and stated that he had wanted to be a Buchanan for a long time, but he realized that all he really needed was her. When Natalie informed Jared that they could never be together, Jared was dumbfounded.

Natalie reminded Jared that he could never reveal his true identity or else he and possibly Nigel would go to prison. While Jared continued to protest, Natalie mentioned how they could never take the relationship anywhere because the family could never learn the truth about Jared's scam. Frustrated, Jared begged Natalie to forget all their problems and relive the night they had fallen in love at the ranch. Natalie agreed to put their problems aside for the night, and the two made love.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nips & Tux

At Llanfair, Viki, Charlie, and the Morascos greeted the morning and then Rex, as the men headed off to the menswear boutique to pick up their tuxedos for the wedding. Left alone to their own devices, Viki and Gigi shared coffee and confidences. Gigi expressed apprehension about Rex's easy friendship with Shane. She told Viki she knew Rex's priorities would change after his wedding to Adrian, and said she didn't want Shane to feel abandoned.

Viki didn't see the harm in Rex's friendship with Gigi and her son but picked up on Gigi's growing unease with the topic. Viki asked Gigi if she still loved Rex. Gigi hedged, saying that she and Rex had been "kids" back in Michigan. Viki asked if that meant things had been over when Rex had left town. "For him it was," Gigi answered softly. She tried to dismiss her feelings as residual emotions, saying it was "wishful thinking" because Rex was a good man and a good friend to Shane.

Gigi hesitantly added, "He watches me. I can feel it. I keep catching him." She admitted that she suspected Rex still had feelings for her, too, and mentioned his almost kissing her at Buchanan Enterprises. Viki probed Gigi for the details and wondered if Rex was having second thoughts about marrying Adriana, but Gigi refused to consider it, saying that she couldn't get hopeful for more. Gigi mused that back in Paris, she'd been the one who'd had it together, but in Llanview, Viki was the one with the happy ending with Charlie.

At the Buchanan ranch in Texas, Natalie and Jared were blissful in each other's arms. Jared thanked Natalie for being there with him, and Natalie said she wished she could turn the clock back to 2007. Jared wanted them to just enjoy being together, but Natalie feared what the rest of the world would say when they learned "I slept with my uncle." As they dressed, Natalie said they had to tell the family the truth, while Jared explained the finer points of his Buchanan scam to Natalie, running through his heist of David Vickers' hair sample and the role that Pamela had played.

Natalie raised the question of whether or not they should tell the Buchanans that David was Asa's heir. She said yes; Jared said no, that it would be better for everyone and for the business. He swore he would protect Nigel from the fallout of his lies and agonized over what his deception had done to Renee and the rest of the family. Natalie said she hated deceiving her mother, to which Jared replied, "Oh, boy."

As Jared revealed Charlie's identity and explained the evolution of his involvement in Jared's scheme, Natalie was horrified and incredulous. She was pained for Rex and Viki, who had both grown to love Charlie. Jared said they didn't need to know, but Natalie warned Jared that everyone would find out the whole truth once his initial lie was revealed, and Charlie would be discovered. She insisted that they had to tell Viki, even if it broke her heart.

At their hotel suite, Talia awoke with Antonio by her side once more, but Ramsey pounded on their hotel door, demanding "John" and Talia open up. John intercepted him in the hallway, saying he was just returning. Antonio hid in the bathroom, and Talia followed after a brief confrontation with Ramsey, who turned his attentions back to John. Ramsey demanded that John find Cole Thornhart and Starr, reminding John that he'd promised Marty he'd look after her son.

"You don't wanna go there," John warned, but he agreed that he'd find Cole one way or the other. Ramsey departed, and Antonio and Talia crept out from the bathroom to discuss their situation with John. Antonio ached to be with Talia, but the trio agreed they had to pick up the pace in their scheme to shut Ramsey down. Antonio and John decided that they'd given Ramsey enough cause to believe that Antonio was teetering on the edge of corruption, with his claims of Jamie's illness as well as his theft of the drug buy money. "It's time to reel him in," Antonio said.

After Antonio left, Talia sympathized with John about the Cole situation, and John said he'd mishandled the teens' conflict with Todd. Talia admitted that though Ramsey was a pig, sometimes he seemed almost kind and sweet, as he was with Jamie. John warned Talia that Ramsey had only been playing her and that there was no good in him.

At the boutique, Michael and Cristian met up to be fitted for the tuxedos they would wear as Rex's groomsmen and traded notes about Marcie. Michael was anxious about his wedding anniversary and said they were just trying to put their lives back together. Rex, Charlie, and Shane arrived, and Rex introduced Shane to Cristian. The boutique's clerk ushered Shane off with Cristian and Michael to be fitted.

Afterwards, Shane squirmed in his new tuxedo as he, Michael, and Cristian checked themselves out in the mirror. "When I get married, I'm wearing jeans," Shane proclaimed, and he complained that he looked like a penguin. Cristian told Michael he had nothing to worry about where he and Marcie were concerned, but Michael wasn't so sure they could make it. He told Cristian that unless a person married someone he really loved, there would be no lasting chance, a comment that ruffled Rex's feathers when he overheard.

During the fitting, Rex and Charlie chatted privately about the wedding. Charlie apologized for not going to Rex's alcohol-ready bachelor party but noted Rex's nerves about the impending nuptials. When the subject of Gigi and Shane arose, Rex seemed to protest too much that Gigi was just a friend and that there was nothing more to it, then added, "but if there were..."

Rex asked Charlie if marriage changed people, and he said that Adriana had become different somehow. He confessed that he'd almost kissed Gigi. Charlie asked if Rex wanted to lose Adriana, but the agitated Rex didn't answer and insisted it was all just typical "cold feet," desperate for Charlie to agree with him. Charlie said he'd been a terrible husband to Valerie but warned Rex not to go into a marriage with any doubts.

Back at the Llanview Police Station, Eddie entered Ramsey's office and complained that Antonio was late again. He suggested Ramsey fire him, drawing a sharp rebuke from the new commissioner for being unsympathetic to a single parent. Eddie was banished as Antonio entered and gave Ramsey back the money he'd stolen from the bust. Ramsey's reaction was reserved, and Antonio claimed that he would've kept it if he'd thought he could get away with it. "Next time, take it all," Ramsey replied, referencing Jamie. Antonio insisted he had to find another way, and Ramsey wondered if perhaps he could help.

At the Palace, Brody awoke and found himself tied down, with Adriana looming over him. Adriana explained that he'd passed out in an alley after another drunken bender. Brody freed himself from his binds and asked Adriana why she was really involved in Gigi and Shane's lives. Adriana tried to play innocent, but Brody saw through her act. Adriana said all he had to do was keep Gigi away from Rex -- and start a family with her and Shane out of town.

Brody said he didn't want a wife and kid, and he finally revealed that Shane wasn't his son but Rex Balsom's. Adriana flew into a rage as Brody retold the whole story; he said Gigi had been pregnant when she'd met him and that they'd lived together for a time before he had shipped out to Iraq. Brody said he wasn't "Daddy material." Adriana wrote him a big check and told him he'd learn. She said Brody didn't have to settle down with Gigi forever, just long enough for Adriana and Rex to be married. With that, she flounced out of the hotel room.

Back at Llanfair, Charlie and Shane returned from the boutique, and Viki and Charlie swapped notes about their revealing conversations with Gigi and Rex. Before they could discuss it further, Natalie called from Texas with something to tell her mother.

In the boutique, Rex struggled with his feelings when Gigi suddenly entered, and their eyes locked.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Layla was stunned when Adriana told her that Rex, not Brody, was Shane's father. Adriana went on to reveal that she had decided to keep the truth from Rex. Layla thought Adriana was making a huge mistake. She warned Adriana that Brody could pose a problem. Adriana was confident that Brody was under control; she had paid him off.

Layla insisted that Rex deserved to know that Shane was his son. She was worried that Adriana was dooming her marriage to Rex by keeping the secret. Adriana admitted that a part of her didn't want to start out her marriage to Rex by being Shane's stepmother. Layla implored Adriana to reconsider. She warned her friend that Rex was bound to learn the truth; when he did, Adriana would lose him. Adriana felt that she was in too deep and couldn't risk telling Rex the truth.

Gigi walked into the men's store to pick Shane up after the fitting. Rex told her that Charlie had taken Shane home. When Gigi started to leave, Rex stopped her. He told her that he had talked to Charlie about nearly kissing her. Gigi was shocked. She asked Rex why he would do such a thing.

Rex didn't really have an answer for her but he did admit that he cared for Gigi. Just then, Adriana walked in. If Adriana had heard Rex, she did not let on. She appeared to be in a good mood and invited Gigi to the bachelorette party later that evening. Gigi was reluctant to accept the invitation, but Adriana insisted.

Natalie called Viki with the intention of telling her that Charlie was Jared's father. In the end, Natalie couldn't do it. She didn't want to break her mother's heart. To explain the call, Natalie lied. She told Viki that she had called to let her know that she was in Texas.

After Natalie ended the call, she and Jared realized that there would be a high cost if they were honest about Jared's lies. David Vickers would be revealed to be the true Buchanan heir, Viki could lose the love of her life, and Charlie could lose Viki. If that happened, Jared was worried that his father would start drinking again. They decided to keep the charade going for the sake of their parents.

To make certain that they could successfully hide their true feelings for each other when they were in public, Natalie decided to test the waters at the Bon Jour Café. Viki had asked Natalie to stop by and check in on her friends.

Charlie and Viki spent some time together in the kitchen after Charlie returned home from the fitting. As they talked, Charlie admitted that he didn't know what he would do without Viki in his life. He felt haunted by his past mistakes and the people that he had hurt. Viki reminded Charlie that he had not hurt her and reassured him that he would not lose her.

Markko and Langston discussed their decision to claim that Langston was pregnant. Langston was worried that Dorian would soon figure things out because she was a doctor. Markko felt that they didn't have a choice. If Dorian learned that Langston wasn't pregnant then she would soon realize that the pregnancy pamphlets that she had found belonged to Starr, not Langston.

As Markko and Langston were talking, Todd stormed in. Before Markko could defend himself, he was hanging from a meat hook. Todd threatened to kill Markko if he didn't tell Todd where Starr was. To back up his threat, Todd found a knife and waved in front of Markko's face. Langston and Markko insisted that they had no idea where Starr and Cole were.

Eventually, Langston managed to convince Todd to release Markko. After Markko was safely back on the ground, Langston tried to reason with Todd, but it was an exercise in futility. He remained convinced that Markko had information and began searching Markko's things. When Todd found two cell phones, he realized that one was used to contact Cole.

John stopped by Blair's home to update her on the search for Starr and Cole. Blair was happy to see John and appreciated the news. She told him about her argument with Todd the night before. John offered a friendly ear and listened while Blair vented a bit. They were interrupted when John's cell phone rang. It was a lead on the kids. Cole's car had turned up in Virginia. They also learned that Cole had asked for directions to a bus station.

Blair was thrilled. She went to call Todd but then stopped herself. She was worried that giving Todd a lead on the kids would be disastrous. John agreed. They tried to figure out where Starr and Cole were headed, based on the new information that they had. John suggested that they might head to a city, but Blair dismissed the idea. She reminded him of what had happened the last time that Starr had ended up in the city.

When Blair mentioned that Starr loved the beach, John seemed to perk up. He made another quick call. As they waited for someone from the bus company to call back, John asked Blair if she would be able to leave for a few days.

Starr woke up alone but wasn't alone for long. Cole walked into their room, bearing gifts. Starr couldn't believe her eyes when he presented her with an infant's onesie T-shirt that had "Oh Great One" printed on it. She was touched that Cole knew the significance of the expression. He then surprised her with the announcement that he had made a doctor's appointment for her. They also had job interviews.

When Starr seemed to stall getting dressed, Cole realized that she might be embarrassed to change in front of him. He was kind and understanding, which put Starr at ease. Later, Starr and Cole spent some time on the beach. When Cole's cell phone rang, he answered it, expecting Markko on the other end. It was Todd, demanding to speak to Starr. Cole reluctantly gave Starr the phone when she insisted on taking the call.

As Jared and Natalie walked into the Bon Jour Café, David Vickers, wearing a hairnet, was cleaning tables.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


When Starr and Cole unexpectedly received a phone call from Todd, Starr reluctantly took the phone from Cole so that she could speak to her dad. Todd told her that he had thought that things were better between them, and he couldn't understand why she had run away. Starr tried to make him comprehend that she couldn't take things the way they had been, and she knew he would never accept Cole. She explained that he, not Cole, was the one who had made her run away.

Starr told Todd to tell the other family members that she loved them and was about to end the call, but Todd pleaded with her to stay on the phone. He told her how sorry he was and wanted the chance to prove it. He admitted he had been wrong and asked her to return home. He told her that he would even let her see Cole. He asked for the chance to make it up to her and said that he only wanted her to live like a normal teenager.

"Even if I'm..." Starr stopped herself from going any further and began to cry. She told Todd that she could not return home. She ended the call. A distraught Todd ordered a lingering Langston and Markko to leave. Starr told Cole about her father's request but knew he'd renege on it when he learned of her pregnancy.

The Llanview men began to gather for Rex's bachelor party, admiring a painting of naked baby Rex hanging on the wall. Bo managed to pull Antonio aside and asked about Talia and John and their new relationship. Without divulging any information, Antonio merely told his former boss to enjoy his vacation because he'd eventually be back at the station. Bo realized that there was a plan underway to take Ramsey down.

Rex arrived and immediately began to drink heavily. Bo asked him if he had something bottled inside, as Bo recalled the last time he himself had drunk too much. It had been shortly after his father's death. He advised Rex to let it out before it was too late. Rex headed toward the bachelorette party at Ultraviolet.

Adriana phoned Brody and ordered him to show up at her party in order to meet up with Gigi, especially since he had already cashed the check she had given him. Dorian suggested that perhaps her daughter should cancel her wedding if she was so scared of Gigi. A snippy Adriana accused her mother of being out to get her and reminded Dorian that she would only remain in her daughter's life if the wedding went off as planned. Dorian mentioned that her own family life had fallen apart while she had been helping Adriana, but she hastily added that she wouldn't burden Adriana when Adriana merely looked annoyed.

Dorian also expressed the thought that it was unnecessary for Adriana to be adding Brody as insurance, but Adriana felt that she had to because she was desperate. She wanted Brody to be a distraction for Gigi. Advice from Dorian that consisted of "batting away" the competition resulted in a "like you?" response from Adriana that quickly silenced her mother. Dorian insisted that Adriana was attributing too much power to Gigi by thinking that she could take Rex away. Adriana was forced to tell her that Gigi would be able to, since Rex was really Shane's father.

A shocked Dorian felt that Gigi could be lying, but Adriana advised her that Brody had given her the real story. Before further discussion could continue, Langston walked in, and Dorian had to excuse herself, citing the need to take care of Langston's problem. Adriana was angry. Dorian thought that perhaps Adriana was blowing things out of proportion.

Shane and Gigi moved into the carriage house at Llanfair. Marcie arrived under orders from Adriana to take Gigi to the party. Gigi informed her that she had no intentions of attending, since she hadn't received an invitation. She also noticed that suddenly, Adriana was acting like her best friend, especially when Rex was around. She felt that Adriana was punishing Marcie for being friends with Gigi, but Marcie insisted that Gigi was her true friend.

Gigi expressed the desire to return to Texas. She mentioned that she and Rex had been talking about the past and that he had said how sorry he was that he had left her years before. Marcie asked Gigi to express her true feelings about Rex, and after Marcie urged her on, Gigi finally admitted that she loved him. She also felt that Adriana was aware of it, which was why she probably wanted Gigi at the party. Adriana probably wanted to torture her, while making sure that Gigi knew that Rex was getting married to her. Marcie was reluctant to attend, but Gigi felt that she should.

As Mel and Noelle continued to argue about their pies, David Vickers, who was an employee, tried to get them to knock it off because he was tired of hearing it. Jared and Natalie arrived, still deliberating whether to tell everyone their news. Natalie recalled how Viki had met Charlie at the café. She told Jared that she really wanted to be dancing with him at Rex's wedding.

Mel asked David to wait tables, but he refused. Noelle learned that Mel really wanted to spend more time with her. She encountered the visitors and asked about Viki and Charlie. She wondered if Charlie had ever located his son, and she surmised that Jared was Natalie's boyfriend.

Snoop Dogg headed to Llanview, informing his driver that he and the town went way back.

While on the phone with Starr, Todd heard passersby talking in the background. He recalled someone mentioning Lucky's Arcade. He began to call for information in various cities near beaches. He hit paydirt and learned of such a business in Virginia Beach. He called to have a jet readied for takeoff.

At Ultraviolet, Marcie informed an obviously irked Adriana that Gigi would not be attending the party. Catching Brody as he arrived, Adriana handed him Gigi's new address. Rex stumbled in and appeared to be looking for someone. He thought that they might need a stripper. The trashed groom-to-be began to dance and remove his clothes. The screaming women were thrilled and enjoyed the performance, until the real entertainment arrived. Snoop Dogg performed.

Dorian advised Langston that she had been taken advantage of but encouraged her not to worry. She had spoken with several of her colleagues, and Langston would be able to have a professional abortion.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Uncle-cest is Best

Cole chased an upset Starr along the boardwalk. Starr rehashed the conversation she'd had with her father. Todd had asked Starr to return home and be his "little" girl again and had promised to allow her to continue seeing Cole. Realizing that Todd would never accept Cole because of her pregnancy, Starr was devastated. Starr admitted that what hurt her more than anything was that she could never go back to being Todd's little girl again.

Feeling Starr's pain, Cole said that she could be a little girl for the rest of the night and led her to a huge amusement park. Forgetting her problems, Starr relaxed and enjoyed her night with Cole. Meanwhile, John and Blair searched the boardwalk for any sign of Starr and Cole. When they approached a hot dog vendor and presented him with photos of the kids, Blair became emotional after the vendor stated he had never seen them.

After John calmed Blair down and promised her that they would find the kids, he convinced her to join him for a bite to eat. As they sat near the hot dog vendor's station, Blair was beside herself when she noticed a homeless teen rooting through the trash for food. After giving the teen food, Blair broke down. John told her that the kids would never end up in that situation, but Blair thought about the terrible situations she had gotten herself into when she had run away as a teen.

Nearby, Starr and Cole ran into Winter, one of the guys at the boarding house. Cole asked Winter where they could grab a hot dog, and Winter suggested the hot dog vendor around the corner -- the same one Blair and John were at. On the way there, Starr noticed a stuffed animal that reminded her of the one that Todd had given her as a child. Cole suggested that they eat later and promised to win the stuffed animal for Starr.

At La Boulaie a frightened Langston told Dorian that she felt it was too early to discuss having an abortion. Dorian attempted to convince Langston that the pregnancy could ruin the rest of her life and vowed to help her through the ordeal. Fed up with Dorian's persistence, Langston asked Dorian if she were trying to correct a mistake she had made as a teen. Dorian admitted that she had gotten pregnant at a young age but reminded Langston that she hadn't had the options that Langston did. Dorian informed Langston that she had made an appointment for Langston to terminate the pregnancy -- Langston was expected in the doctor's office in the next half hour.

Stunned by Dorian's announcement, Langston headed off to the abortion clinic with Dorian. Once there, Langston was terrified when the doctor and Dorian left her alone in the examination room. As she looked around the room at the stirrups and other medical instruments, Langston began to panic. When the doctor entered the room to examine her, Langston begged her to tell Dorian that there was a mistake and that Langston wasn't pregnant. As the doctor tried to calm Langston down, Dorian entered the room and demanded to know what was going on. Langston leaped from the table and screamed, "I'm not the one who is pregnant!"

At the Bonjour Café, Noelle was surprised when Natalie introduced Jared as her uncle. Noelle had assumed that they were a couple. When Noelle suggested that Jared resembled Charlie, Natalie and Jared grew nervous. As Natalie attempted to convince Noelle that Jared and Charlie weren't related, Noelle continued to point out similarities that both men possessed. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Moe reminded David that he had better shape up, or he risked getting fired. While frantically scratching a lottery ticket, David argued with Moe.

Later, David had flashbacks about what had led him back to the Bonjour Café. Thanks to the lottery ticket Viki had given him, David's life had taken a turn for the better. Although the ticket had only been worth one dollar, it had provided him with a string of good luck. He had received a starring role in a television show and a hefty paycheck, but one night at the Playboy Mansion had cost him everything. Ever since receiving the ticket, David had never let it out of his sight -- until the night he had decided to go skinny-dipping with some playmates.

When David had returned to the spot where he had left his lucky ticket, it had been gone. Afterward, David's life had taken a downward turn, and he had lost everything. He had decided to return to Paris, Texas, in search of another winning ticket and had stolen a motorcycle from a group of bikers. The bikers had followed him to Paris and beaten him senseless in the Bonjour Café.

An angry Moe had demanded that David work at the diner as a dishwasher in order to pay off the damages. Moe interrupted David's daydreaming session and ordered him to get back to work. Noelle entered the kitchen and announced that Natalie and her uncle were in the diner. As David peeked into dining area, he was shocked to see Natalie and Jared at a table, sharing a passionate kiss.

At Ultraviolet, Snoop Dogg performed at Adriana's bachelorette party. Adriana, Layla, Jessica, and Sarah all had a ball as they danced on stage with Snoop. After Snoop's performance, a humiliated Rex expressed his regret at entertaining everyone with his striptease act right before Snoop performed. Rex apologized to Snoop, who appeared amused by Rex's performance. Snoop told Rex that there were no hard feelings.

As Snoop congratulated the happy couple, Bo entered the club and glared at Snoop. In a stern voice, Bo said, "Calvin Cordozar Broadus! I thought we had an arrangement?" Snoop slowly turned around and faced Bo. In a grim voice he said, "Bo Buchanan, we meet again!" Bo reminded Snoop, "You're in my town?" Snoop replied, "I know where I am!" Suddenly, the two men smiled and embraced.

Rex, Layla, Adriana, Sarah, Antonio, Cris, Talia, and Roxy were all surprised to learn that Bo had given Snoop his big break in show business years earlier. Snoop had promised to keep in touch and had assured Bo that if he ever returned to Llanview, he would contact Bo. As the two men reminisced about old times, Snoop gave Bo his condolences over the loss of Asa.

After performing again, Snoop enjoyed a good time with the Llanview residents. Roxy was especially charmed by Snoop, and even performed a rap for him. After a long night, Snoop said goodbye. As he exited Ultraviolet, Snoop affectionately rubbed a stoop outside of the club, looked up towards the sky, and stated, "Llanview, what it do."

Realizing Rex was still intoxicated, Bo drove him home. Afterward, Layla expressed her disbelief that Rex had actually stripped at the party. Sadly, Adriana told Layla that she believed Rex had actually shown up in hopes of finding Gigi. Layla believed Adriana was being paranoid.

Layla observed Antonio and Talia bickering at the bar. Layla approached them and suggested that they stay away from one another. Antonio made a negative comment toward Talia and left the bar. As he walked away, he left a napkin on the bar. Pretending to be upset, Talia picked up the napkin, which read, "Backstage in 15 minutes." As she walked away smiling, she dropped the napkin, and it fell to the floor. An unknown person recovered the napkin.

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