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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on GL
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Monday, May 12, 2008

When Lizzie asked Alan why he didn't take the condo she had bought him, Alan told her that the boardinghouse was how he "rolls now." Lizzie once again assured him that she wasn't feeling any softer toward Bill even though Bill had saved Roxie from a near death by chocolate. While having muffins with Alan inside Company, Lizzie spotted a magazine that featured Bill on the cover, and she said she felt like throwing up.

Meanwhile Peyton and Beth strolled by the lake and bumped into Bill. Even though he tried to explain that he hadn't meant to hurt Lizzie, Beth wouldn't buy it. She accused him of trying to kill Roxie. Beth found Alan's reserved parking plaque being tossed out at Spaulding and brought it to Alan at Company. She thanked him for the Mother's Day flowers and gift.

After the encounter with Beth, Bill went to Spaulding where Ava entered his office to thank him for attending her doctor's appointment. She asked for her job back and Bill gave it to her. At Company, they discussed business. Bill asked Ava to get Olivia's Spaulding proxy. As Ava asked why he changed his mind about letting her back into his life, Bill received a business call. They touched hands as she left, and Lizzie saw them through the window. He saw Lizzie and told the caller that he needed to go. He went after Lizzie, but she had already left.

Meanwhile Jeffrey left Reva and Hawk to enjoy seaweed shakes for breakfast alone because he had a court appointment. At his office downtown, Doris informed him that she had assigned a special prosecutor to investigate Alan's finances. She wondered if Jeffrey were angry about it. On the contrary, he seemed happy. Doris asked about Reva's movie and wondered why the makers couldn't find someone more interesting to film than Reva. Jeffrey wondered if Doris were referring to herself. He joked that they could only remake Godzilla so many times.

Jeffrey went to Company and entered at the same time that Ava was leaving. He asked her about her appointment with the doctor. Jeffrey worried about a pregnant Ava working and taking care of her mother. Ava said Bill was taking care of her just like she had known he would.

Later Reva met with Jolene at Company and Jolene asked her for more details about Reva growing up as the maid's daughter in the Lewis household. Reva said that she had always wanted to hang with the Lewis Boys. When Jolene wanted to know what Josh was like back then, Reva called him devastating. Reva brought Jolene to Cross Creek to discuss more memories. Every question Jolene asked focused on Josh. When Jeffrey returned home, Reva left him with Jolene so that she could run errands. Ava came over with her first sonogram as Jeffrey was vaguely explaining to Jolene how people thought he looked like Richard. Before leaving, Jolene mentioned that Cross Creek was like a train station.

Meanwhile Reva met Lizzie to hang fliers for a charity auction. While they hung them, Reva handed Lizzie a Mother's Day card. She said Jonathan hadn't wanted to send it to the Spaulding mansion. Lizzie looked at the card and noted that Reva had written an address on it. Reva smiled, saying that Lizzie was a mother and old enough to handle it.

Reva left Lizzie and took Hawk to the doctor. She chided Hawk for lying about his age on his medical records. She became flustered by his Hollywood attitude and told him that she loved her life as it was. She wasn't certain she wanted to dredge up the past since she loved her present so much.

After meeting with Reva, Lizzie went shopping. Bill approached her and tried to help her carry her bags. She refused and stalked away from him. He caught up to her and figured out that she had bought children's clothes. Looking in her trunk, he saw her travel bags and asked her where she was going. He deduced that she must have been going to see Sarah. Lizzie wouldn't answer his questions and told him that she was late to meet Beth.

Lizzie went to the Bauer house and ate ice cream in bed with Beth. Beth asked Lizzie where she was going on her trip. Lizzie rendered her a knowing look and Beth understood. Beth wondered if Bill had tried to stop Lizzie. It seemed that Beth was concerned about Lizzie leaving. She started crying and wondered when she would see Lizzie again. Lizzie sadly said that she didn't know.

Meanwhile Reva waited for Hawk in her car and Bill approached with Mother's Day flowers that looked like weeds. She said he was two days late and asked him to just tell her what he was up to. Bill asked Reva if she had given Sarah's address to Lizzie. He wondered if that had been wise. Reva said Lizzie was a grown woman and Bill needed to talk to her himself.

Later Lizzie drove to Spaulding but couldn't bring herself to enter the building. Bill pulled up and looked around the parking lot expectantly. He went inside to start his meeting. Lizzie drove out of the parking lot.

Some time after Reva talked to Bill, Jeffrey found her waiting to pick up Hawk. He asked her when they would get back to just the two of them. Reva assumed that it would happen when Hawk left. Jeffrey sighed, concluding that it would be after the movie. He expressed that he was tired of something always coming between them in their relationship. Reva told him that not everything was her doing. Olivia living with them had been his idea. As she said she frankly wanted to cancel the movie, Ava called Jeffrey to say something was wrong with Olivia.

Reva and Jeffrey met Ava at Company. Ava was upset that Olivia had developed an infection. The doctors debated giving her antibiotics because they could negatively affect her heart, but without them, the infection would spread. Ava thought about the four o'clock Spaulding meeting, but Jeffrey said Bill would understand. Ava left for the hospital. Jeffrey turned to Reva and apologized for their earlier conversation. Reva refused to let him apologize for defending their relationship. In fact, she wished she had beaten him to it. They hugged.

Meanwhile Alan asked Buzz for another game of poker. Buzz wondered what was with Alan's new obsession with poker. Buzz figured out that Alan had played with one of Buzz's tenant's, Helen, who had been a professional card player. Alan hated losing. Buzz asked him where they'd get the other players they needed. Alan said they could get anyone just so long as it wasn't Helen.

Outside, Alan sat on the steps with his cards and Bill happened by. Alan asked Bill if he were going to the shareholders meeting and then he asked Bill to play poker some time. Bill declined, voluntarily saying that he wasn't going to wager the company. Alan offered to play a small stakes game. Bill handed Alan twenty dollars and told him to get himself a Buzz Burger. Grinning, Alan pocketed the money.

Meanwhile Beth opened a jewelry case with another pearl inside and read the accompanying note from Alan that said, "Many more to come." In Alan's room at the boardinghouse, he cleaned up his parking sign and set it beside him as he dealt out hands on the bed, appearing determined to learn to how to win at poker.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Even though Josh had learned the supposed name of Cassie's lover, his mind still wrestled with the affair. When RJ had a father-son baseball game, Josh informed Cassie that he didn't believe he could attend. He asked Frank, who was taking Gus's place for Zach, to also watch RJ while Josh took care of some things. Josh visited Harley and confided in her about his uneasiness in reconciling his marriage. He told her that he wanted to meet Chris Boyle. Harley advised against it, but Josh said that he could never put the affair to rest or be certain it would not happen again unless he took that step.

Josh went to Boyle's insurance office under the guise of becoming a client. Boyle seemed cordial, but when Josh mentioned family and children, Boyle made it arrogantly clear that he loved the bachelor life. While Boyle interviewed Josh, Josh mentioned that his wife owned the Beacon hotel. Boyle said he had stayed there and had possibly met Cassie. Boyle recalled Cassie's pretty smile. Josh grew upset and started tossing insurance files at Boyle, saying that they needed to talk insurance. Boyle nervously offered to refer Josh to another agent. Josh decided he had made a mistake coming there and he left.

Meanwhile Blake seemed at loose ends without Ross or the boys. After briefly talking with Frank at the baseball game about how the Carriage House had been demolished, she visited Harley. There she noted that Harley still suffered with money problems. In conversation, Blake revealed that she had signed up with an online dating service. Blake said she felt she needed to do something before she got herself into mischief. They decided to visit Cassie together.

Meanwhile Reva looked for a quiet place to read Carson's script. She shooed Jeffrey out of the house when he tried to read the manuscript to her. Next Carson called and asked to come over to photograph the house. She told him that she wouldn't be there when he arrived. She went to Company to read, but she was interrupted by Dinah, who seemed excited about the independent movie. Dinah even offered to invest money in it, but Reva said that she had to approve the manuscript first.

After Dinah left, Reva read for a while and Jolene showed up. Reva told her that the script was actually good. Jolene thought that she'd be playing the role of a lifetime. Reva briefly taught Jolene to dance on tables at Company and then went back to reading alone.

Over at the farmhouse, Jeffrey visited Cassie to deliver papers from Alonzo's estate. As he left, Blake and Harley arrived. The ladies picnicked at the park and talked about how Harley handled missing Gus, and about her relationship with Cyrus. Blake admitted that she had a crush on Coop. Harley froze in response and Blake said she wasn't going to act on it. Cassie told Blake she wasn't alone in making dumb choices. Cassie admitted that she'd had a one-night stand and was no longer sure that she had a marriage.

Dinah strolled up and joined them. They all smiled awkwardly when Dinah said that she was on cloud nine with a wonderful life. Blake pressed for information that might knock Dinah down a cloud or two, and Dinah revealed that everything would be better if she could get Mallet to understand and accept the choices she had made. The four talked about Reva's movie and Dinah mentioned how uncomfortable it would be to watch "Josh and Reva stuff." The four decided to find Reva and talk about the movie.

When Harley, Blake, Cassie, and Dinah arrived at Company, they announced to Reva that it was a girls' day out. Over drinks, they talked about the movie and how great it would be for the town. Blake offered to be Reva's agent. Reva closed the manuscript, saying that she hadn't decided to accept yet. Harley wondered what Jeffrey thought about the film. Reva said he'd been great, but she hoped she could do the movie without sacrificing their relationship. Blake said that Reva could have it all. The ladies toasted to Reva setting the trend for the women of Springfield who could have it all.

During all the movie talk, Cassie rolled her eyes. Later Reva wanted to speak to Cassie about a great part of the script she had just read. Cassie made a smart remark about the scene perhaps involving Reva saving Cuban refugees. Reva curtly said that it was the part where she had found her sister. Reva stalked off and gathered her things. She told the ladies that she had more reading to do. To Cassie, Reva said she'd consult Josh before her final movie decision.

After Reva left, Dinah told Blake that she had been by the Carriage House before it was torn down. She said it made her feel closer to Ross. Blake said she had visited it as well. They both agreed that Ross was still with them in spirit. Blake felt that Ross had believed in Dinah and she said she would believe in Dinah as well. They hugged. Cassie and Dinah went home. Zach rushed into Company with Frank. He told Harley that he'd hit a homerun for Gus. Zach noted the wine on Harley's breath and Frank concluded that he'd be driving everyone home.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva told Jeffrey that the script was nice. She decided that she'd had one hell of a life. As they cuddled on the sofa, she said she wanted to consult Josh before her final decision. Jeffrey reminded her that it was her story no matter what Josh said. Jeffrey said he was excited to work on the sequel and kissed her.

When Cassie returned home, Josh asked her how her day went. She said she hung out with the girls and learned how all their lives were all so different. "But the same," Josh added. Thoughtfully Cassie nodded and said that they just all wanted to be loved. Josh told Cassie that he had caught RJ's game after all. He then surprised her with a gift. He presented her with what appeared to be pearl earrings. Cassie tearfully thanked him and said she couldn't believe that he had done that. She wished him a good night, but Josh told her that he was thinking that it was time he moved back into their room. Cassie rushed to him and hugged him tightly.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jeffrey took Olivia to a routine appointment at the hospital. He tried to wait with her, but her bad attitude caused him to leave her there for someone else to pick her up. Meanwhile Rafe argued with Natalia about Olivia taking their house. Choosing not to be gracious like his mother, Rafe found Olivia at the hospital and he argued with her about "sitting on the house." Olivia defended herself, saying she needed to feel closer to Gus. Rafe told her that she didn't even live in the house. Rafe said he hardly had anything of his father's and Gus had wanted him to have that house. Olivia desperately said she had known Gus longer than Rafe.

Natalia showed up and made Rafe back off. As she led him away, Rafe said Olivia was crazy. In private, Natalia told Rafe to leave Olivia alone. Rafe believed Gus would have wanted him to recover their house. Rafe left and Jeffrey approached. Jeffrey told Natalia that he had left after Olivia had gotten on his nerves. Wanting to be an adult about things, he returned to take Olivia home. Natalia offered to do it for him, saying that she and Olivia needed to talk anyway.

After Olivia received a good report from the doctor, Natalia took her home. Even though Olivia had been mean to Rafe, Natalia decided not to bother yelling at her. She felt that Olivia's burdening anger was punishment enough for Olivia. Natalia dropped Olivia off at her room at the Beacon and asked her if she needed anything more. Olivia said Natalia couldn't guilt her into giving Rafe the house. She asked Natalia to leave because she had things to do. Later Olivia sat outside the house but didn't go inside.

While Jeffrey worked at his office, Rafe visited. He said he needed a lawyer. Jeffrey politely explained that he was busy, but Rafe insisted that he needed a minute of Jeffrey's time. Jeffrey conceded. Rafe asked Jeffrey how he could get his house back from Olivia. Jeffrey thought Rafe was a good son to defend his mother. Rafe replied that he wasn't doing it for his mother. Jeffrey pondered it a moment, sighed, and agreed to look into it.

Meanwhile as Harley studied Gus's cases at the police station, she discovered links in them that led her to suspect corruption within the police force. Harley told Mallet and Marina that Gus had been working drug cases, and it seemed that the drug dealers had always been one step ahead of him. She believed someone had been tipping the drug dealers off whenever Gus had planned a bust. Marina pointed out that Harley had just recently solved one of the cases. Harley theorized that she had made the bust before the corrupt officer had become aware that Harley had reopened Gus's cases. Marina wouldn't believe that there was a rat in the department, but Mallet offered to look into it because he didn't want dirty cops on the force.

Downstairs later, Harley wanted to explore her hunch, but Marina said that Mallet hadn't assigned them to do that. Marina worried that investigating fellow officers could turn the whole force against them. When Marina commented that solving Gus's cases wouldn't heal Harley's crumbling life, Harley dismissively walked away from her.

Mallet watched the ladies from his upstairs window and then he nervously shredded documents from the files Harley had given him. Harley returned to Mallet's office, eager to look through the files again and weed out the dirty cop. Since Harley wanted to do something for Gus, Mallet suggested she take care of her family and paint her house. Mallet said he would take care of things at the station. Harley thanked him and said that she knew he was the only one who could help her with her theory. Once Harley left, Mallet nervously arranged files on his desk.

Later Harley found Jeffrey outside Company and relayed her suspicions that a dirty cop was working on the force. Jeffrey wondered why Mallet hadn't mentioned it. Harley thought that as the new chief, Mallet might still be too close to the officers. She wanted Jeffrey to know her theory so that he could expose the crooked officer.

Meanwhile Dinah planned to attend a meeting at Spaulding. She decided to dress Remy in a suit and take him with her. If he liked what he saw at the meeting, she told him that she would like him to join her Spaulding team.

Marina showed up at the mansion to talk to Dinah and Remy about their noisy mini-golf course construction and their sprinkler systems flooding the streets. Dinah accused Marina of coming there because of Mallet. Marina retorted that police chief Mallet had better things to do than handle those kinds of calls. Dinah wondered if detective Marina, who also should have had better things to do, had a thing for Mallet and just wanted to keep him away from Dinah.

As Mallet and Marina picnicked by the lake later, Mallet received a call from Jeffrey about Harley's tip. Dismayed that Harley had gone over his head, Mallet claimed that if he had found something, he would have called Jeffrey. In Mallet's opinion, Gus had had a lot going on toward the end of his life. Jeffrey asked if Mallet thought Gus had been sloppy at the end. Mallet refused to bad-mouth Gus, but he thought Gus had been stretched thin. He further said Harley had had a bad year, she had frozen in the field, and she recently had become obsessed with Gus's cases. Mallet said his squad had also had a bad year and had lost a member. Even though he didn't want a corrupt cop on his force, he didn't want more trouble for them either. Jeffrey agreed, but he ended the call with a peculiar look on his face.

After the call, Mallet couldn't concentrate on lunch with Marina. She invited him to her place. She said Natalia had interrupted them the last time they had gotten close. Because they had been drinking a lot then, Marina was uncertain that she should ask him to come over at all. Mallet told her that she should definitely have asked. He promised that he would come over, but he said he couldn't right then because he need to take care of something.

Meanwhile after Dinah treated Remy to a sampling of corporate life at Spaulding, she received a phone call from Mallet's assistant. Mallet wanted an appointment with Dinah. Excited, Dinah agreed to see Mallet at her house that evening. Once home, Dinah donned a sexy dress and set up a romantic dinner for Mallet. He entered the parlor and upon surveying the scene, he asked her if she were on a date. Dinah replied, "You tell me."

Assessing the look on Mallet's face, Dinah wondered if she had done too much. Mallet glanced over the setting and said it was fine. When Mallet helped Dinah sit at the dinner table, he caressed her neck and shoulders. As he seated himself, he apologized for the touch, but Dinah said it felt nice. Dinah assumed Mallet wanted to tell her that he had decided to be intimate with Marina. Mallet said she was wrong. He told her that he needed her help with something.

Meanwhile Jeffrey visited Harley at her home. She seemed ecstatic that Jeffrey had found something out so soon. Jeffrey gravely agreed with Harley that something was going on. He asked her to stay out of it and let him handle it. Harley agreed, but she still asked him what he had found out. Jeffrey sighed grimly.

After talking to Jeffrey, Harley returned to the station and had another spat with Marina about uncovering corruption in the department. Harley proclaimed that Gus had been a good cop. She refused to allow corruption to tarnish his memory. When Harley did research in the file room later, officer Wolfe asked her who had died and put her in charge of internal affairs. Marina rounded the corner, saying, "Gus died." Wolfe appeared outraged that Marina would back Harley after what Harley had done to her. Marina lifted her chin and said she was backing Gus. After officer Wolfe left, Marina asked Harley if she were ready to get to work.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

As Mallet and Dinah strolled the Spaulding grounds, Mallet discussed Harley's suspicions about a crooked cop on the force. He had already known about it before Harley figured it out. He had seen emails and notes, but he hadn't acted on it. Mallet revealed that Gus had been the corrupt cop. Dinah said it made no sense that Gus would do such a thing and wondered if he had been blackmailed. Mallet said no. He suspected that Gus had been in debt. Mallet had shredded the evidence because he didn't want Gus's name tarnished. Also, he knew that Natalia and Rafe wouldn't receive Gus's pension if the information came to light. Since Harley had gone to Jeffrey, shredding the documents was no longer enough. Dinah had once told him that she was the line-crosser he needed in his life. He asked Dinah to cross the line to keep Gus's secret buried. When Dinah asked what she could do, Mallet suggested she influence Doris Wolfe to force Jeffrey off the case.

Meanwhile Ashlee went to the gym where Doris showed up and expressed her concern about Ashlee's diet and exercise. Since she was off her liquid diet, Ashlee could eat more foods. Doris asked her not to overexert herself. Meanwhile Blake draped herself over a bed at the Beacon and in a sultry voice told Coop that she had rented an RV for the book tour. Coop decided that was a fabulous way for him to spend time alone with Ashlee. He presented the idea to Ashlee while they dined at Company. Once he left, Daisy showed up and Ashlee fretted about whether she could continue her diet and exercise while on Coop's tour. Daisy suggested Ashlee find something to do to empower herself so she wouldn't obsess about Coop's book tour.

Later Ashlee bumped into Dinah and asked her if it were possible that she could be Dinah's assistant again. Dinah decided it was perfect timing and hired her on the spot. At WSPR, Dinah and Ashlee worked at the computer compiling video for a news piece about Ashlee's mother. In conversation, Dinah decided that Ashlee had a great personality and suggested she try an on-air TV career. Ashlee asked if Dinah meant that she should pursue that after she lost all the weight. Leaving, Dinah replied, "No, now-later-whenever. You look great. Think about it."

While Coop was with Blake, Ashlee called him to say that she couldn't attend his book tour because Dinah had rehired her at WSPR. Coop was thrilled about her job. When Ashlee mentioned that she'd be thinner when he returned from the tour, Coop told her that he didn't care about her weight either way. Once off the phone, he told Blake that Ashlee couldn't come. Blake didn't seem disappointed as she suggested he send Ashlee a post card from the road.

Meanwhile, after Alan learned from Beth that Lizzie had left town, he presented Rafe with an heirloom wristwatch, saying he wanted Rafe to have something of Gus's. It had been the same watch that he had given to Gus when he learned that Gus was his son. When Rafe asked if Alan needed help with anything, Alan asked Rafe if he would like to intern at Spaulding. He asked him to keep an eye on Bill Lewis and then report back to him. Natalia overheard the conversation and grew angry that Alan wanted Rafe to become his spy. She ordered Rafe to his room and took Alan outside to talk.

Rafe eavesdropped as Natalia and Alan talked at a table on Company's veranda. Natalia said she had stayed in town so that Rafe could get to know Gus's family. Alan agreed that Rafe needed to know the Spauldings and also the Spaulding business, since it was his legacy. Natalia said she would support Rafe if he wanted to study business, but she didn't want him to be Alan's pawn. Alan said that Gus wouldn't have micromanaged Rafe.

After seeing Rafe fingering the gold watch on his wrist, Natalia visited the police station to ask Mallet about the status of Alan's court case. Since it had become a federal case, Mallet said it was out of his hands. Natalia worried about Alan's influence over Rafe since they lived at the boardinghouse with him. Mallet wondered why they weren't in the house Gus had bought and Natalia said Gus had scraped together a down payment, but she couldn't afford the mortgage. Mallet asked her if Gus had ever shared any details of his cases. Natalia only knew that Gus always strived to be a good cop like Joe August, the man he had believed was his father.

Later Natalia found Olivia and joined her for tea to discuss Alan. Natalia discussed her fears that Rafe would get caught up in Alan's Spaulding web. She needed Alan to back off. Olivia said she didn't have a magic wand to fix Alan. She told Natalia that she was on her own.

After Natalia left, Olivia stayed on the veranda and Alan happened along. When Alan said he liked living at the boardinghouse, but he'd soon be back where he belonged, Olivia wondered if he'd take Rafe with him. Olivia said she had heard Alan was attempting to lure Rafe to the "dark side." She suggested he spend time with Rafe constructively but cautioned him to leave Rafe's soul alone. Alan wondered when Olivia had taken such an interest in Rafe. Since Olivia had no stake in his choice, she said he should take her words under advisement. She and Alan had both been through many things in life. She asked him to learn from those things.

Alan went inside Company to work on his laptop at the bar. Mallet entered, disheveled and sweaty from a basketball game. He asked Alan how he could get a beer and Alan suggested he shower before entering restaurants. Mallet sat down and asked Alan what he knew of Gus's finances. Alan said Gus had kept his money in a checking account and in a shoebox beneath his bed. Mallet took a beer from behind the counter and left cash for Buzz. Alan said Mallet was more ethical than his ex-wife Dinah. Mallet asked if Alan wanted a fight with Dinah. Alan said he wanted a truce and his house back. Mallet told him he'd pass the message.

As Mallet left, Natalia entered. Alan offered to buy her a soda and said that she had been right about Raphael not belonging in Alan's fight. Raphael reminded Alan a lot of Gus. With a humbled expression, Alan asked Natalia if he would be allowed to see Raphael from time to time. Natalia agreed that he could see Rafe, but she said no more assignments. She smiled and thanked Alan for respecting her wishes. Later Natalia found Olivia in her room at the Beacon and thanked her for talking to Alan. Olivia said that she had done it for Gus. Natalia shrugged and said, "Works for me."

Meanwhile after working with Ashlee, Dinah took her laptop to Doris at Towers and eagerly showed her a version of the mayoral news piece that she and Ashlee had put together. Doris became elated by the coverage. Dinah then showed her another version of the piece. With one look, Doris slammed Dinah's laptop shut. Doris got the message that Dinah wanted something from her and she asked Dinah what it was. Dinah asked her to bury Jeffrey's inquisition into the police department. If she did, video one would air and Ashlee would receive a fulltime job at the TV station. If she didn't, then video two would air everywhere. Doris agreed to help. As they shook on it, Rafe strolled through Towers and saw them.

Later Mallet joined Dinah at Towers. She assured him that no one would talk about Gus's scandal again. Mallet looked relieved and Dinah asked if he were proud of her. He said he wasn't proud of either one of them at that moment, but he was grateful. Dinah asked him to repay her by having dinner with her every once in a while. Mallet smiled and agreed.

Meanwhile Rafe found Alan at the boardinghouse and said he had information for him. With a mindful look, Alan said Rafe's mother might not approve. Rafe laughed and said, "I seen that Dinah chick with Doris at Towers." Rafe said he had gone to Towers to pick up a check for some shifts he had worked and he had heard Doris promise to do whatever Dinah had asked. Although that was exactly the kind of information Alan needed to get his company back, he still worried that Natalia wouldn't approve of Rafe getting it for him. Rafe said they'd keep it secret. Rafe felt he needed to make his own choices, and Alan said, "I couldn't agree with that more."

Friday, May 16, 2008

by Mary

At home, Harley suggested to Daisy that they go shopping to buy Daisy something to wear for her high school graduation. Daisy was not interested and said that she would just wear what she had. Daisy then asked how they could have money for clothes when Harley did not even have money for skim milk.

A woman hit on Cyrus at the gym. When he told her that he was unavailable, she asked if it was serious. Cyrus replied that he thought so. He then visited Harley at work and asked when she got off her shift so they could have dinner afterwards. Harley made it clear that she was too busy to see him and when she stopped their conversation to answer the phone, Cyrus slipped out.

Reva brought Jeffrey lunch and apologized for the film crew being at the cabin. Jeffrey told Reva that she had an amazing life and he wanted her to have the movie. Jeffrey found the script amongst Reva's papers and took it with him so he could read it some other time. Later, Harley visited Jeffrey in his office to ask about the corrupt cop investigation. Harley was not happy to learn that Jeffrey had not even gone to a judge yet to get a subpoena. After Harley complained that Jeffrey was not moving very quickly, Jeffrey told Harley that he was hoping to make it an independent investigation-that meant independent from her as well. Jeffrey told Harley that she was too close to it and that she needed to back off. Afterwards, Harley returned to work to find a note on her desk that told her to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Jeffrey left a message for Mallet telling him that he would like to work with the police department on the investigation, not against them.

Cyrus went to Company, which was closed since Alan wanted to arrange a poker game. Unfortunately for Buzz, Alan did not show up. Reva and Daisy walked into Company and Reva volunteered herself and Daisy to join in the game. Daisy was not happy about playing the game with Cyrus and made several snide remarks to him. Buzz declared the game over when Daisy told Cyrus that he would never be Gus. With the game broken up, Buzz delivered lunch to Harley at work. Buzz told Harley about the poker game and mentioned that Daisy was hard on Cyrus. Harley admitted to Buzz that she and Cyrus had an arrangement. She and Cyrus were just dating since she wanted to know if the relationship was real. Buzz commented that no one could ever really know, but Harley stated that she did before. Buzz told Harley that relationships were like poker games; you had to decide if you were in or out. He went on to say that she had won Cyrus. He likened it to winning a ham and stated that you could not just leave it sitting on the counter or it would spoil.

Daisy visited Buzz at Company and her grandfather asked where she got it from. Buzz explained that he was talking about wanderlust and mentioned that she could have gotten it from anyone because all of her grandparents and her father had it-that need to go out into the world. Daisy commented that they could not have had it too much since they all ended up back in Springfield. Daisy asked if her mother had it and Buzz responded that Harley always wanted roots. Buzz suggested that it might be best for Daisy to find a middle ground. She should go out into the world and then lay down roots.

Harley visited Cyrus at work and asked when his shift ended so they could have dinner. Cyrus took her up on her offer and they shared a meal and a dance at Towers. Afterwards, they returned to Harley's and Harley suggested that they go inside just to have a drink. As they talked, Daisy returned, and after seeing Cyrus with Harley, she stormed into the house. After Cyrus left, Harley called Daisy outside and told her that she and Cyrus were dating. They discussed Daisy's graduation and Daisy proclaimed that she was not going. Harley told Daisy that it was a once in a lifetime moment and stated that she would be attending her own graduation. Realizing that Harley was forcing her to attend, Daisy petulantly told Harley that she was going to have to drive her there. After the argument, Harley began to have a panic attack and started to call Cyrus but decided that she did not need him. At the same time, Cyrus was talking to Adriana, the woman who hit on him at the gym.

Reva returned to Cross Creek cabin and found the place in disarray following a production meeting. Jolene tried asking Reva about "Always" and what it meant for Reva and Josh. Reva stated that it was just a word. Jolene gushed about how every place she went to in Springfield just oozed with their history. Reva interrupted Jolene and stated that there had to be boundaries. Reva did not think shooting the movie at the cabin was a good idea since it interfered with her life with Jeffrey. Jolene assured Reva that they would work around her schedule. When Jolene started talking about moving some CD's to the basement, Reva pointed out that those were Jeffrey's things. When Jolene dismissed that, Reva insisted that Jeffrey was important.

Reva visited Jeffrey at work and told him that they needed to move out because of the production crew. Reva informed him that the movie was not just about her life. It was about her life with Josh. Reva stated that that would be weird for Jeffrey and he should not have to deal with it. Jeffrey told Reva that he already knew that since he already read the script. He assured Reva that it was a good story. He playfully suggested that she needed to reenact some things-especially the Slut of Springfield scene. Later, they got settled into their hotel room. Reva stated that staying in a hotel room for a while might be fun and sexy. After some talk, Reva told Jeffrey that they needed their own song, so Jeffrey took out his guitar and they created one. Afterwards, Reva presented Jeffrey with a handcrafted heart with their initials: R&J.

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