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Passions Recaps: The week of May 19, 2008 on PS
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Luis pledged his love for Fancy and assured her that they would get married without any obstacles. Fancy drifted into a fantasy about her and Luis's wedding after Luis suggested that she focus on the wedding. Fancy and Luis made love.

Eve visited Alistair in the hospital and pulled a knife on him. Alistair laughed in Eve's face and boasted that no one had ever succeeded in killing him. Eve blamed Alistair for Vincent's behavior, and Alistair taunted Eve about Vincent being different. Eve lunged at Alistair with the knife, but she missed him. Alistair made fun of her aim. Eve managed to slightly cut Alistair's arm and accidentally lost control of the knife. Alistair grabbed the knife and held it at Eve's neck. Eve grabbed onto of a needle that was sitting on the bed and stabbed Alistair with it. Alistair fell to the ground. In addition, Eve grabbed the knife and then went to her medical bag and pulled out a gun that had a silencer attached. She pointed the gun at Alistair. Alistair tried to talk Eve into seeing things his way. He mentioned setting Eve and Vincent up with money so that Vincent could get all the help that he needed. Eve didn't care about the money. All she wanted was to see Alistair dead. Eve raised the gun and shot at Alistair, but she missed.

Gwen was all set for Little Ethan to go to boarding school. She mentioned to Ethan that they had to work together since the driver was outside waiting to take Little Ethan away.

Theresa complained to Pilar that she refused to be Gertrude because she was tired of wearing padded clothing, a wig, and false teeth. Her wish was to live openly with Ethan and her children. Suddenly, Little Ethan burst into the room. He was crying about Gwen wanting to send him away to boarding school even though Ethan promised that he would not send him away. Little Ethan begged Theresa to help prevent Gwen from sending him away to school. He pleaded with Theresa to take off her disguise and tell the truth, but Theresa said that someone would get killed if she took off her disguise.

Ethan walked in the room, so Theresa pretended to be Gertrude. Gertrude commented that it was not a wise decision to send Little Ethan to boarding school, but Gwen told her that it was none of her concern. Pilar intervened and pleaded her case. Ethan made it very clear that he and Gwen had made the decision together. Gertrude pleaded with Ethan once more, but Gwen sent her out of the room.

Pilar pulled Gwen to the side and called her out on her vengeful behavior. Gwen was convinced that she had seen Theresa, so she used Little Ethan as bait to force Theresa out of hiding. Gwen knew that Theresa would do everything in her powers to prevent Little Ethan from going away to school.

Shortly afterwards, Gertrude walked in the room holding a piece of paper. Gwen warned her about staying out of their family affairs, but Gertrude insisted on telling Ethan something regarding Theresa. Pilar was worried because she thought that Gertrude was about to tell Ethan the truth, and that would result in Juanita killing the family. Gertrude showed Ethan and Gwen a letter she claimed Theresa had left among her belongings. Ethan read the letter, and it stated that Theresa did not want Little Ethan or Jane to be sent away to school like the Cranes. The letter was dated the day before Theresa left for Mexico, so Ethan thought that Theresa had planned it out just in case she never returned. Gwen got suspicious of Gertrude and mentioned it to Ethan, but Ethan insisted on respecting Theresa's wishes. Gwen called Gertrude's bluff and asked her to write something so that she could compare the handwriting. Pilar saw disaster and wanted to save Theresa, so she pulled out a letter that had Theresa's handwriting. She handed it to Ethan, but Gwen took it from Ethan in order to compare the letters. The writing was similar, and Little Ethan jumped for joy. Gwen wondered how Theresa managed to pull it off and remarked to herself that Theresa ruined her life even from the grave.

Pilar pulled Gwen to the side again and asked her if she was convinced that Theresa was dead, and Gwen agreed that Theresa was indeed dead. Gwen was sure that she saw Theresa, but Pilar tried to convince her that it was her guilty conscience. Gwen said that Theresa was dead and yet she was not free of her. Gertrude, otherwise known as Theresa, overheard what Gwen said to Pilar and mentioned to herself that Gwen would never be free of Theresa because she would be there every step of the way.

Sheridan tried to talk Vincent out of killing her. Since Marty was Sheridan's only son, she tried to explain to Vincent her reason for saving Spike instead of him. Vincent did not care about Sheridan's choices. All he cared about was staying alive, but Sheridan let go of his arm. Sheridan tried explaining it from a mother's perspective, and Vincent was able to relate since he had just given birth, but the conversation quickly shifted back to Vincent and what he wanted. He lashed out at Sheridan and remarked that she had everything she needed, such as being rich-and also being a blond didn't hurt. Sheridan tried to take the gun away from Vincent. The two fought over the gun. Vincent regained control of the gun, and he angrily stated that he was also a Crane, but he did not have the privileges Sheridan had.

Vincent said that he didn't mind being a blond, so he dressed up as a blond directly in front of Sheridan. He held the gun at Sheridan and made it very clear to her that he was going to be Marty's mother after he killed her and assumed her identity. Vincent made it appear as if he were going to shoot Sheridan, so he urged her to turn around. As soon as Vincent had a chance, he chloroformed Sheridan and placed her in a barrel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Juanita was impatient since Pilar did not call the FBI agent in a timely manner. Pilar eventually called the FBI agent. Juanita instructed him to take the call and warned him not to tip Pilar off, or else Juanita would kill him and his entire family. After Pilar got off the phone, she mentioned to Theresa that there was something odd about the FBI agent's behavior, and it sent shivers down her spine.

Juanita's henchman thought that he was able to trace the call, but something went wrong with the wireless connection. Juanita blamed the agent and turned her gun on him. The henchman talked her out of shooting the agent, hoping that Pilar would call again. Juanita had a better idea. She told the agent to call Pilar, mention Juanita's whereabouts, and then hang up. The agent did as he was told. Theresa encouraged Pilar to call the agent back, but Pilar was very suspicious. Theresa was so desperate for Juanita's capture that she talked Pilar into calling the agent back. Pilar returned the agent's call, and the henchman was able to trace the call. The agent mentioned to Pilar that Juanita was located in Mexico. He was then instructed to hang up. After Pilar got off the phone, Theresa was excited, but Pilar had her doubts since it did not make any sense for Juanita to escape Mexico and travel to Hawaii.

The natural disaster Tabitha predicted started to take shape in the form of an earthquake. Both Pilar and Theresa held onto the nearest furniture. Theresa tried to go after Little Ethan and Jane, but Pilar stopped her and stated that Ethan would protect them.

Tabitha took to drinking after learning from the book of disaster that Harmony was on the brink of destruction. Kay saw the book of disaster and questioned why the sparks were flying from the book. Tabitha explained to Kay that the book was seeing to it that destiny was fulfilled. Kay mentioned that they were witches with powers, so they were immortal. Tabitha corrected her and informed her that she and Endora were witches and that they were both immortal. On the other hand, Kay was merely human with supernatural powers, and at some point, she would die. In addition, Tabitha explained to Kay that there was a legend that claimed that humans robbed nature, and in return, nature was going to retaliate and take back what was stolen. Kay asked how that was going to be accomplished, and Tabitha explained to Kay that the water was going to rise up and engulf everyone in sight-starting with Harmony.

Kay came up with a plan to try to stop the disaster. She wanted to join forces with Tabitha and direct the powers towards the book of disaster. They were able to subdue the book long enough to see if there were any clues to help prevent the impending disaster. Nothing could be done from Tabitha's end because the book indicated that it was a killing based on revenge that was going to set off the disaster. Someone was about to kill the most hated person in Harmony, who was none other than Alistair Crane. Tabitha stated that the killing had to be prevented in order to ward off the disaster. Tabitha and Kay were able to see Julian holding a gun at Alistair. They heard a shot. The book shut itself, so neither Kay nor Tabitha was able to see anything. Tabitha went to pick up the phone to call the hospital for help, but the phone line went dead. Both Kay and Tabitha decided to go to the hospital in person.

Alistair begged Eve to spare his life, but Eve refused to listen. Julian ran into the room, stood in front of Alistair, and demanded that Eve put the gun down. Alistair started to praise Julian for having a backbone and trying to save him. Julian made it very clear that he was there to prevent Eve from going to jail. Moreover, Julian managed to talk Eve into giving him the gun and succeeded. Alistair started to get cocky and stated that if Julian were to kill him, Alistair would die laughing. Julian said that he did not want Eve to kill Alistair. He wanted to have the pleasure of killing his own father. Julian pointed the gun at Alistair and shot him. Eve said that Alistair was still standing. Alistair was laughing at Julian and taunting him until he realized that he was shot in the heart. Alistair collapsed to the bed and then fell to the floor.

Kay and Tabitha arrived at the hospital, but an earthquake started to erupt. Tabitha realized that she and Kay were too late and concluded that Alistair must be dead.

Vincent tied up Sheridan after he chloroformed her and placed her in a barrel. Sheridan woke up and realized her location. She screamed to Vincent to let her out. Meanwhile, Vincent, decked out in a blonde wing, was transporting Sheridan in a van. He was gloating that Alistair prevented him from living a fulfilling life, so he was going to do so by pretending to be Sheridan Crane.

Sheridan felt the roll from the barrel and screamed out to Vincent. Vincent ignored Sheridan's pleas, and rolled the barrel over the cliff into a river. He hoped that Sheridan would die after going over the waterfalls. Vincent was overjoyed to be Sheridan Crane; he relished in his new-found appearance.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ethan and Gwen were in their bedroom when the earthquake hit. Gwen worried about the children, but he reassured her that Gertrude was probably with them. Gwen said after the earthquake she wanted Gertrude fired. Ethan said they would discuss Gertrude's future after they made sure everyone was okay.

Gertrude and Pilar were in the Crane library during the earthquake when Little Ethan, who was standing in the doorway, tried to make his way over to them near the desk. Just as he got close to the desk, the bookcase fell on him and Gertrude as she tried to shield him. Pilar was hysterical, trying to lift the bookcase off of both of them. Ethan came in and lifted the bookcase off Little Ethan and Gertrude. Gwen fantasized that Ethan lifted the bookcase off Little Ethan and left Gertrude to die, but Pilar fantasized that both Gertrude and Little Ethan were alive and revealed Gertrude's true identity and that Little Ethan was really Ethan's son. She also imagined that when Little Ethan told Ethan how Theresa had to disguise herself because Gwen threatened her and Pilar, Ethan threw the bookcase on top of Gwen.

Pilar wondered if Ethan would be able to save Theresa without him noticing that it was really Theresa disguised as Gertrude. At the same time, Gwen wondered if Ethan would notice the scar Little Ethan had from when he donated part of his liver to Jonathan. Ethan couldn't believe Gertrude sacrificed herself for someone who wasn't even her son. While tending to Gertrude, Ethan had a flashback to when Theresa drugged and seduced him after he thought she was dead. Gwen thought to herself that Ethan would never get rid of Gertrude after she risked her life to save Little Ethan's. Little Ethan woke up and told Ethan not to let "Mommy" die. Ethan and Gwen were surprised by Little Ethan's outburst.

Meanwhile, Juanita and her henchman were on their way to Harmony. Juanita contemplated how she would torture and kill Pilar and her family.

Kay and Tabitha went to the hospital to see if Alistair was still alive, but inside Alistair's room, Eve confirmed to Julian that his father was indeed dead. Outside the room, Kay suggested to Tabitha that they turn back time, like Endora did when Luis was about to be executed, to avert disaster from hitting Harmony, but Tabitha nixed the idea. She said their powers weren't as strong as Endora's power. Kay couldn't believe that Alistair was dead, and Tabitha was about to go home and pack to leave Harmony when they ran into Sam and Ivy in the hallway. Kay asked if they were there to investigate Alistair's murder. Sam and Ivy found Eve and Julian in Alistair's room standing over Alistair's body. Outside the room, Kay convinced Tabitha to cast a spell to postpone the disaster to give them time to warn their loved ones to get out of town. Tabitha cast the spell, and the earthquake stopped, but Tabitha warned Kay that the spell was only a short-term solution-Harmony would still be destroyed.

After the earthquake stopped, Sam picked up the gun that was used to shoot Alistair, and asked Eve and Julian what happened. Neither of them would admit to their role in Alistair's shooting at first, then Sam got word that the gun used to kill Alistair was registered to TC, so Eve must have been the one who shot Alistair. Sam was ready to arrest Eve for Alistair's murder, but Julian tried to convince Sam to let her go. He said there was no evidence linking Eve to the firing of the gun. When that didn't work, Julian admitted that he actually shot Alistair, and Ivy told Julian she was proud of him for finally killing his father.

Kay tried to convince Tabitha that the earthquake might not have been the beginning of the end for Harmony after all, but Tabitha said her optimism was useless. Kay called Miguel to check on him and Maria and learned that there were reports of people seeing fish with legs walking out of the ocean onto the beach. Tabitha said that was a sign that all hell would soon break loose in Harmony. Kay looked online to find out if what Miguel said was true, and found out that there were reports that people saw statues come alive in the park, and they were walking around talking to people. Kay tried to think of a way to get everyone out of Harmony before disaster destroyed the town. She decided she would insist on a destination wedding. While they were talking, a dead body, which had been wheeled into the hallway, suddenly began to talk, demanding something to eat.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, May 23, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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