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Gigi was surprised to see Brody at Rex's wedding. Blair was determined to keep Todd in the dark about Starr's pregnancy. Ramsey engaged Antonio to help him with a jewel heist, and he framed Talia for the crime. Bo learned that Lindsay had had a hand in helping Clint save the family business. Todd decided to take Sam from La Boulaie. Adriana and Todd were involved in a car accident.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 19, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bride Wore Boxing Gloves

As Todd attempted to strike Cole, he pushed Starr, who lost her balance and tumbled down a flight of stairs. While Blair and John aided an unconscious Starr, Todd attacked Cole and accused him of hurting Starr. John came to an injured Cole's defense, and called medical assistance for both Starr and Cole. After assaulting Cole, Todd attempted to check on Starr. An irate Blair told him to stay away from Starr.

Starr and Cole were brought to a Virginia Beach hospital by ambulance. Blair, Todd, and John were all present. Starr, who was in and out of consciousness, awoke and began inquiring about Cole. A frustrated Todd scoffed. As John looked on, Blair and Todd argued. While Todd refused to accept blame for Starr's condition, Blair faulted Todd. She told him that he was the reason Starr was hospitalized, and demanded that he disappear. Minutes later, Cole appeared in the waiting area and called out for Starr. The nurse informed Blair and John that both Starr and Cole appeared to have mild concussions. Upon learning Starr was fine, Blair entered Starr's room and Todd followed. After Todd began upsetting Starr, Blair threw him out of the room. Blair convinced a distraught Starr that Cole would be fine, and promised to keep Todd away from Starr and Cole. Starr told her mother that she couldn't "do this" without Cole. Blair asked her daughter what she couldn't do without Cole. Meanwhile, John paid Cole a visit in his hospital room. John encouraged Cole to be honest with him concerning Starr's condition. After Cole refused to offer John any information, John showed Cole the pregnancy pamphlet that he had found in the boarding room. Cole admitted that Starr was pregnant, and told John that they ran away because Todd would have killed them both had he ever found out.

As Todd stood outside the room, a nurse handed a folder to a hospital staff member and stated that it contained Starr Manning's test results. Observing the test results unattended, Todd opened the folder and began reading the file. As a nurse approached, Todd handed the file to her and asked her to explain Starr's condition to him. Meanwhile inside Starr's room, the doctor told Blair that Starr's test results were normal and that she would be released soon. Curious about the doctor's findings, Starr asked Blair for a moment alone with the doctor. Relieved that Starr would be fine, Blair agreed. As Blair prepared to exit the room, the doctor stated, "Starr and her baby are going to be fine." In shock, Blair stared at Starr.

At the Buchanan mansion, a half-dressed David threatened to expose Jared's scam to the Buchanans, unless Jared provided him with a large sum of money. Hoping to persuade David to leave the mansion before Clint arrived, Jared encouraged David to get dressed and attend Adriana and Rex's wedding ceremony. David declined, and stated that his only desire was to receive a substantial settlement for his silence. David promised to leave town after receiving the money. Jared agreed to pay off David, but asked for more time. Nigel interrupted the meeting, and was surprised to learn from David that Jared promised him a substantial amount of money. Alone with Nigel, Jared informed him of David's blackmail scheme. David knew Jared wasn't a Buchanan and was aware of Jared's romantic involvement with Natalie, but had no idea that he himself was actually the true Buchanan heir. Disgusted with Jared and Natalie's lack of discretion, Nigel blamed Jared for allowing the secret to be exposed and ruining Asa's legacy. Jared told Nigel that he planned to reveal the truth to the Buchanans, and ruin David's blackmailing attempts. Nigel was skeptical that David would back off, and believed David would eventually learn that he was the long-lost Buchanan heir.

As Jared and Nigel argued, they were interrupted by Clint and Nora's arrival. Upset and surprised to find David in the mansion, Nora and Clint demanded to know why he was there. As Jared tried nervously to explain David's presence, David made it difficult. David informed Nora and Clint that Jared had asked him to stay at the mansion. Nora and Clint informed Jared that David wasn't welcome and demanded that he leave immediately. David agreed to go, but insisted that he reveal why he had come to the mansion before he left. While Nora and Clint listened intently, Jared began to panic. Before David could divulge Jared's secret, Nigel entered the room with news concerning Starr and Cole. Concerned for the kids, Clint and Nora left to call John and find out why the kids were hospitalized, leaving Jared more time to deal with David's demands. Later, Jared informed David that he needed more time to get the money. As David advised Jared to discover a way to convince Nora and Clint to allow him to stay at the mansion, Jared agreed-then suddenly hit David over the head knocking him unconscious.

At the church, Gigi stood up to speak as the priest asked if anyone had any objections to Rex and Adriana being joined in marriage. Although a pained look crossed Adriana's face, Dorian appeared delighted. Gigi became embarrassed and stated that she really had nothing to say. After the priest urged her to speak up, Gigi made up an excuse. She said that she wanted everyone to know what a great guy Rex was, and informed the guests of Rex's heroic actions in helping Shane during his asthma attack. Upset with Gigi's lack of cooperation, Dorian stood up and demanded to know why Gigi interrupted the wedding with such nonsense. Realizing his mother had more to say, Shane encouraged Gigi to say what was really on her mind. Taking Shane's advice, Gigi revealed to Rex, in front of everyone, that she was in love with him.

A nervous Rex attempted to prevent Adriana from heading down the aisle and facing off with Gigi, but couldn't. As everyone watched, Adriana berated Gigi for waiting until her wedding day to reveal her feelings for Rex. Gigi tried to apologize, but Adriana balled up her fist and punched Gigi in the face. Shane threatened to kill Adriana if she ever touched his mother again. Marcie comforted Shane, while Adriana lashed out at Gigi. Adriana informed Gigi that her scheme didn't work because the day belonged to her and Rex. Gigi apologized and ran off with Marcie following close behind. Charlie and Viki tended to Shane. Rex and Adriana excused themselves and the wedding was temporarily put on hold.

As everyone awaited the continuation of the wedding, the guests became restless. Lindsay approached Dorian and accused her of enticing Gigi to interrupt the wedding. Dorian asked Lindsay how she felt when her daughter, Jen, married Rex years ago. Lindsay was left speechless. Later, Viki informed Dorian that David was in town to congratulate Adriana on her wedding, but received a hostile response from Dorian. Dorian accused Viki of being happy that her friend Gigi tried to ruin Adriana's wedding. As Charlie stood nearby, Dorian lashed out at Viki. Dorian stated, "There may be someone in your life who isn't quite who they say they are!" A look of guilt crossed Charlie's face as he listened to Dorian rant.

In another room in the church, Gigi expressed her humiliation over revealing her feelings for Rex in front of everyone. Marcie told Gigi that she did the right thing, and asked her when she intended to tell Rex the truth about Shane. Gigi believed that she had told too many lies concerning Shane's paternity, and that it was too late to reveal the truth. Marcie begged Gigi to tell Rex the truth before he married Adriana. In a nearby room, Adriana and Rex discussed Gigi's actions. When Adriana accused Gigi of ruining the wedding, Rex appeared to defend Gigi. A frustrated Adriana asked Rex if he were in love with Gigi. Rex sadly informed Adriana that he wasn't sure of his feelings for Gigi. Adriana told Rex that she always sensed the connection he shared with Gigi. Adriana asked Rex if he still loved her. Rex stated that he did, and Adriana claimed that was all that mattered. Rex wondered if she still wanted to get married.

As Gigi returned to the chapel to take Shane home, Rex and Adriana entered. When Rex stated that he had an announcement to make, Gigi appeared hopeful. Adriana smiled as Rex announced that the wedding was still going to take place. Dorian smirked to herself. Gigi apologized but said that she had something to tell Rex before she left. As Gigi prepared to tell Rex the truth, Shane looked across the room and screamed, "Dad!" Dressed in his military uniform, Brody stood in the doorway. Shane leaped into Brody's arms, and Brody embraced the child. Gigi nearly fainted.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alive and Kicking

Gigi was shocked to see Brody enter the church, as Shane ran to his "father" and hugged him. Shane told Brody that Rex had seen him the night before, while Rex simply stared at the "family reunion." Gigi managed to ask Brody how his "return from the dead" was possible. Brody began to explain his story to the crowd, and said they'd missed so much time. "It doesn't matter," Gigi said as she stared back at Rex at the altar. "Not anymore."

Shane was ecstatic about his "father's" miraculous return, and chatted up a storm with Brody as Dorian watched from afar, fuming. Shane was overjoyed that kids wouldn't call him "a bastard" anymore, and Brody added, "or get away with it." When Langston asked why Dorian was so angry, Dorian lied and said she wouldn't allow Brody and his "girlfriend" to make a mockery of her daughter's wedding. Back at the altar, Adriana explained who Brody was, and was irked when Rex stepped off the altar to go send the Morascos away himself. Rex hurriedly cornered Gigi, and in hushed tones asked what else she'd had to tell him. Gigi wouldn't answer, and Adriana stalked up to announce to all that the Lovett/Morasco family had a lot to catch up on. "Don't let us keep you," she said. As the trio turned to leave, Rex called after Gigi, but Gigi didn't respond. Finally, the dazed Rex took Adriana's arm and headed back up the aisle. He exchanged a single glance with Gigi before she walked out of the church once and for all. As the Morascos returned to the cottage as a family and Shane bonded with Brody, back at the church, Rex and Adriana began to exchange their vows. As they were pronounced man and wife and kissed, to the cheers of Roxy and the horror of Dorian, Gigi found herself alone in her living room at the very same time, clutching Rex's old football jersey and crying.

At the hospital in Virginia, Blair was stunned to learn that Starr was three months pregnant. Starr began to cry and told Blair she was sorry. As soon as the doctor exited, Blair struggled to comfort Starr. Starr recounted the whole story for her mother from the beginning. Blair blamed herself, and said she should've known. She asked why Starr hadn't come to her instead of running away, and Starr said she'd been "scared of Dad." She said she knew that when Todd found out, he would kill Cole.

In Cole's hospital room, John confronted Cole about the pregnancy, and stopped the teen from rushing out of bed to Starr's aid. John assured Cole that Todd didn't know, and promised he would go check on Starr. On his way to Starr's room, John ran into Todd rifling through Starr's medical documentation. He snatched the file away from Todd before Todd could learn the reason behind Starr's sonogram, and handed it off to a nurse. John warned Todd to stay out of Blair and the kids' way from that point on, then entered Starr's room alone.

Once John arrived in Starr's room, he and Blair realized that they both knew about the baby, and they each confirmed for each other that both Cole and the unborn child were fine. Starr asked John to tell Cole she loved him, and John left to return to Cole's side.

On his way back to Cole's room, John faced Todd again. Refusing to accept any responsibility for his actions, Todd placed all blame for Starr's accident and flight from home on Cole. John told Todd that Cole was already more of a man than Todd could ever be, and that nothing Todd could ever do would stop Cole from loving Starr.

Back in Llanview, at the Buchanan mansion, Jared struggled to figure out what to do about the unconscious and half-naked David Vickers lying in the middle of the drawing room. Nigel entered and was aghast at the scene, warning Jared that Clint and Nora would be home from Virginia at any moment. He urged Jared to move David as quickly as possible. In the foyer, Clint and Nora returned moments later, with Nora fretting about being unable to see Cole at the hospital. Clint reassured her that Cole would be fine, and as they moved to enter the drawing room they found the doors barricaded by Nigel, who feebly claimed he was "tidying up." Annoyed by Nigel's excuses, Clint and Nora burst in, only to find an empty room. Little did they know David was hidden just behind the couch! Jared assured the unsuspecting couple that Vickers was gone, but claimed he'd broken a decanter and that shattered glass had been spilled everywhere, necessitating the clean-up. Clint and Nora headed for the liquor themselves, thrilled to hear that David was once again gone, but as Nora sat down on the couch, Jared was mortified to see David's hand slowly creep up onto the cushion over her shoulder! He hustled Nora off the couch and David lapsed back into unconsciousness, his hand falling from the couch. As David groaned to himself, Jared and Nigel made a pathetic attempt to cover his groans with their own bodily noises, clearing their throats and coughing rapidly. Clint and Nora were curious about the strange noise, but Jared and Nigel insisted they go for a walk while the duo cleaned the rest of the drawing room. Before Nora could challenge them on it, her phone rang with a call from John, and Clint and Nora rushed off to answer it, leaving the conspirators alone as David began to wake up. Jared and Nigel gagged David and scrambled to drag him out of public view, when Natalie suddenly walked in, home early from the wedding, catching them in the act!

In Virginia Beach, John returned to Cole's hospital room, reassuring him that Starr and the baby were fine. John told Cole he wouldn't lecture him, but blamed himself for letting Marty down on his promise to watch over her son. Cole disagreed, saying he thought Marty would be happy for him. Cole felt that the baby was a chance to rebuild his family, with his son or daughter having parts of both of his parents. "You can't beat that," he said.

In Starr's room, Starr admitted to Blair that she'd considered abortion, and related the tale of her near-miss at the clinic, with Cole talking her out of it. Blair realized that Starr turned to her friends for aid because she'd thought Blair had chosen Todd's side over Starr's. Blair swore that she would never again leave her daughter's side, just in time for an inappropriately cheery and manic Todd to walk in, calling himself "Dr. Manning." Blair ordered him to get out and warned Todd that he'd hurt their daughter for the last time. Todd tried to explain away his behavior, blaming John and Cole, but Blair said he had taken away Starr's life and dignity all because of his hatred for Cole, because when he looked at the boy, he thought of his crimes against Marty. Blair told Todd that like Marty, Starr had become another of his victims. She concluded by saying that Starr knew more about love than either of her parents and again told him to get out. Todd sulked off, but stopped to ask Starr, "You forgive me, right?" As Todd left, Starr said, "No, and I never will." The nurse returned with Starr's sonogram picture of the baby, and Blair told her daughter that she'd be there for her from then on.

At the wedding reception for Rex and Adriana at Ultra Violet, the guests mingled. Antonio and Talia played a "scene" together, pretending to hate each other while secretly planning another rendezvous, only to be interrupted by an angry Carlotta. Bo and Lindsay reminisced about their own failed wedding, and Lindsay asked if Bo ever thought of "what might have been." Bo said there was no need to focus on the past, when they had so much to look forward to. Markko and Langston missed Starr and Cole. Layla gloated to the miserable Dorian about Rex and Adriana's happiness, while Dorian continued to seethe about Brody and Gigi. Finally, "Mr. and Mrs. Balsom" entered for the first time, only to be pelted with wet, cooked rice by Roxy.

Back in Llanview, at the Buchanan mansion, Jared, Natalie, and Nigel had found a temporary solution to the David Vickers problem: Hog-tying him in the barn. Jared and Nigel lashed David to a chair as Natalie, still in her formal gown, held a pitchfork on him. David threatened to expose their secret, but Natalie re-gagged him. After Nigel left, Jared called Natalie "one of the hottest bridesmaids ever to grace a barn." "You're not so bad yourself," Natalie quipped, and the forbidden lovers fell into a passionate kiss as David averted his scandalized eyes.

At the cottage, Brody and Shane looked through photos of Shane growing up; Brody didn't let on when Shane discovered that Gigi's photo of herself with Brody had gone missing. Before Gigi sent him off to bed, Shane managed to convince his mother to let Brody spend the night. Gigi was uncomfortable and awkward. After the boy had gone upstairs, Brody offered to leave, but Gigi said it wasn't necessary. Brody lied when Gigi asked how he'd known where to find them. He claimed that he'd made finding Gigi and Shane his "mission" in life. "I never forgot you," he said, and told Gigi he still cared for her. Brody said he knew she was still hung up on Rex, but reminded her that Rex had made his choice, "in front of God and everyone." Gigi helped Brody set up bedding on the couch, then wiped her tears as she retreated upstairs, beaten and confused.

Back at the wedding reception, Rex and Adriana had their "first dance" together. As other Llanview couples took the stage along with them, a haunted Rex looked off into nothingness, lost as Adriana held her close to him.

In Virginia Beach, Cole emerged from his hospital room only to be buttonholed by Todd, who ordered Cole to "make" Starr forgive Todd. The police pulled Todd off of the teen, and arrested him for assault. Todd blamed John, but Blair stepped out of Starr's room and admitted that she was the one who'd had him busted. Cole shoved past Todd and entered Starr's room, and as Todd was rushed away, John comforted Blair. Back in Starr's hospital room, the young lovers held each other on Starr's bed, and looked at the sonogram picture of their unborn child.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Romancing the Crown Jewels of Mendorra

At the Llanview police department, Antonio set his trap for Ramsey. He brought up the issue of money and then mentioned that Jamie needed more tests. Ramsey took the bait and offered Antonio a way out of his financial troubles. Ramsey said that he knew of a shipment of expensive jewels scheduled to be delivered to Lindsay Rappaport's studio. Ramsey wanted Antonio to make sure that the shipment never arrived. He asked if Ramsey intended for Antonio to steal the Crown Jewels of Mendorra. Ramsey explained that all Antonio had to do was to make certain that the theft took place. Antonio tried to get the details about the crime and names of his accomplices but Ramsey remained tight-lipped. The only information that Ramsey was willing to reveal was the name of the person he intended frame for the heist: Talia. After that stunning announcement, Ramsey put the wheels in motion. He called Talia to his office and told her that he had decided to put her on a security detail with Antonio. Antonio managed to whisper to Talia that he would fill her in about Ramsey's plans in the car but before they could leave the station, Ramsey had another surprise for them. He assigned Eddie to the security detail as well.

Sarah and Cris were cuddled in bed together as they read the morning edition of The Sun. It featured a front page story about Adriana's wedding. Talk of the wedding eventually led to talk of Antonio and Talia. When Sarah admitted that she had thought that Antonio and Talia were deeply in love, Cris fell silent. A bit later, when Sarah made advances, Cris pulled away and told her that he wasn't in the mood to make love. Sarah appeared hurt and asked him if she had somehow angered him. Cris admitted that he had a guilty conscience because he had been lying to her. Sarah listened quietly as Cris told her that Antonio and Talia hadn't really ended their relationship and that Jamie wasn't sick. Sarah wasn't angry. She understood why Cris had to lie to her. Although, she did admit that she felt horrible about the way that she had treated Talia. Cris reassured Sarah that Talia wouldn't hold that against her. The point had been to make the split believable.

At La Boulaie, Addie was in the living room, with Langston and Markko, reading the paper. As the three were chatting about Adriana's wedding, Blair and Starr, accompanied by John and Cole, arrived home. Langston was excited to see her friend and ran into the foyer to greet her. Blair was surprised to discover that Addie knew about the baby. Langston quickly filled Blair and Starr in on what had happened since they had left town. Eventually everyone moved to the living room where Blair discussed Todd's arrest. She made it clear that Todd did not know about Starr's pregnancy and she wanted him to remain in the dark about it. John supported Blair's decision. After Addie and the kids wandered off, John advised Blair to file for a restraining order against Todd to keep him from having contact with her and the children. He also told Blair that he felt Nora had a right to know about Starr's pregnancy since she was Cole's legal guardian. Once Blair gave John her consent, they went to tell Cole that it was time that he went home to Nora. Cole was reluctant to leave Starr's side until she convinced him that she would be fine. Blair also reassured Cole that he could see Starr whenever he wanted. After Cole and John left, Blair and Starr had a heart to heart talk. Blair apologized for her mistakes, told her daughter that she loved her and promised Starr that she would protect her from Todd. They also discussed Starr's plans for the baby. Starr admitted that she had not yet decided what she wanted to do about her pregnancy. They were startled when someone began loudly pounding on the front door. Starr was certain that Todd was on the other side.

John and Cole returned to the Buchanan mansion. Nora was relieved to see Cole but quickly realized that he was keeping something from her. John coaxed Cole into telling Nora about the baby. She was stunned but vowed to stand by Cole's side.

Bo arrived at Lindsay's studio and surprised her with a passionate kiss. She was overjoyed when Bo told her that seeing Gigi lose her second chance at love with Rex had opened his eyes to his second chance with Lindsay. Lindsay was almost giddy as she confessed to feeling the same way. R.J.'s untimely arrival had the same effect as cold water for the lovebirds. R.J. waited until Bo left before he began berating Lindsay. He was angry that Lindsay had picked Bo over him. Lindsay insisted that she felt nothing for R.J. but friendship. R.J. didn't believe Lindsay. Things took an ugly turn when Lindsay made the mistake of demanding that R.J. respect what she had with Bo. R.J. was quick to remind Lindsay that what she had with Bo was built on a very large lie; she had faked insanity to avoid being convicted of murder. Later, Bo returned to the studio and found Lindsay crying. When he asked her if R.J. had upset her, Lindsay tried to brush it off as nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, R.J. paid Nora a visit. He told Nora that he needed to talk to her about Lindsay.

David woke up in a barn next to Clint's horse, Whiskey. David was clad in a pair of underwear and nothing else. He was also tied to a chair with tape over his mouth. Inside the Buchanan mansion, Jared was on the phone with Natalie. He bragged to her about his method of dealing with David, the night before. Just before they ended their call, they each said "I love you." Unfortunately for them, they had been overheard. Jared managed to cover his slip and convinced Nora and Clint that it had merely been an expression of gratitude. He quickly made his excuses and started to leave when he heard Clint tell Nora that he intended to go for a morning ride. Jared scrambled to stop Clint from heading to the stables and discovering David, bound and gagged.

At Llanfair, Natalie ended her call with Jared and lied to her mother. She told her that she had been speaking to Jessica. She was forced to continue lying when Viki and Charlie asked her where she had disappeared to, after she had left Adriana's wedding. Later, Natalie managed to slip away and go to the stables where David was being held. She pulled off David's gag and offered him water and food. David demanded answers instead. He wanted to know who the real Buchanan heir was since it wasn't Jared. Natalie ignored David's request. They were soon joined by Jared, who tried to scare David into cooperating. David saw through Jared's game and turned the tables on him. He offered to keep Jared and Natalie's secret and leave town, for a price. Natalie and Jared realized that paying David off would only delay the inevitable. They decided that it was time to tell the Buchanans that Jared was not Asa's son. While Jared went to see Charlie, Natalie hid David under some horse blankets, with the intention of releasing him after they talked to their families. While Natalie was busy with David, Clint arrived at the stables, dressed for a ride.

Jared went to Llanfair to see his father and interrupted a tender moment between Viki and Charlie. After Viki excused herself, Jared told Charlie that it was time for him to tell Viki that he was Jared's father.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


When Todd arrived at La Boulaie, he discovered that the locks had been changed. No amount of banging and yelling would open the door. As he tried to get hold of a locksmith, his former henchman Shaun appeared. The bodyguard disclosed that he was newly employed by Blair, who had offered him double his previous salary. He added that she was nicer and easier on the eyes. Todd quickly offered Shaun triple the money but was turned down and Shaun threatened to call the police on his former employer. Blair finally agreed to let Todd into the house to have his say, however, she insisted that Shaun stay in the room with them. Todd voiced his love for Starr and emphasized that he had wanted to protect her. Blair then sent a wordless Starr upstairs to check on her baby brother. Advising Todd that he was on the clock, Blair demanded that he immediately say what he had to so that he could leave. "What happened to Starr was an accident," Todd began.

Blair proceeded to rattle off all of his physical attacks on Starr and her friends, reminding him that he had attacked kids. She told him that his actions almost killed three people on the boardwalk, a statement that Blair quickly regretted. Recovering quickly, she told a confused Todd that he would have lost Starr, Cole and Blair herself, if anything had happened to her little girl. She pointed out how, rather than helping Starr after she tumbled down the stairs, he then went after Cole. She confessed that she no longer loved Todd and that there would no longer be any forgiving. Todd thought otherwise, reminding Blair of the many times she had said such things in the past. Blair told him that they were in Dorian's home and that he would not be able to return, that she would not be his wife much longer, and that their kids did not care about him.

With Todd suggesting that they needed protection from Ramsey, Blair thought otherwise. She indicated that Ramsey was after him, not the family, and with him no longer there, that would not be an issue. Blair's final words were to order Todd out, so that she could save her child. She indicated that he had run out of his allotted time and requested that Shaun usher Todd out. Todd announced that he was taking Sam with him. Upstairs, Starr read to Sam and explained to the little boy that he'd be better off without his dad. She wished she still believed in happily ever after.

Jared was sure that Charlie had to tell Viki the truth right away, before she learned from someone else that Charlie was Jared's real father. Jared also told his dad that he and Natalie were together and that it wasn't right for her to keep his secret any longer. He indicated that they had no choice, as they were being blackmailed, though he refused to reveal the identity of the extortionist. Jared confessed that he was also worried about Renee's reaction, while Charlie realized that he would also have to confess the truth to Rex. Charlie recalled that Viki loved him for revealing his deepest secrets when they first met and he was unsure of how she would feel when she learned about this last one. Jared offered to take full responsibility for the deceit and felt that if Nat had forgiven him, then Viki would be sure to forgive Charlie. Charlie felt that people always forgave their children for doing wrong, but there were higher standards for others. He stressed that he would not start drinking again, no matter what, and that he was extremely proud of Jared. Once Jared was gone, Charlie made a phone call to Viki.

At the gallery, Bo and Lindsay were interrupted by the arrival of the police detail of Antonio, Talia, and Eddie. It was explained that they were waiting for the armored truck to transport the jewels from Mendorra along with the ambassador from that country. Once the jewels arrived, they would take over and move the jewels to their protected glass cases. Once they were situated, a security firm would replace the police. A nervous Lindsay reported that only invited guests would be able to view the jewels. Antonio demonstrated the detectors with Talia, who needed to remove all of her jewelry, belt, gun and holster, in order to get the detector to stop going off. He did something to her gun before handing it back to her. He tried to take her aside on more than one occasion so that he could fill her in on Ramsey's plan, but Eddie positioned himself right alongside them each time. Antonio received a phone call from Ramsey, reminding him to bring Talia down for taking the jewels. Bo and Lindsay left and soon after, the truck arrived. Antonio asked Eddie to wait behind alone but he complained, so they all went off to retrieve the jewels. Upon their return, and quite suddenly, two masked and armed men stormed into the gallery and demanded the jewels. A fracas ensued, and Eddie was pushed and knocked down. Talia pulled her gun and went to shoot but nothing happened. She discovered the clip was missing from her gun. The armed bandits got away and the jewels were gone. Antonio called Lee to report a situation. The police commissioner arrived on the scene and extended his apologies to the ambassador. He told Talia she was fired and to pack her things.

Nat held her breath as Clint made his way into the stable to saddle up for a quick ride. Surprised to see her, Nat "confessed" that she was cleaning out the stall, having picked up a new love of horses while on the ranch in Texas. She declined his offer to go riding as she planned on grooming the horse instead. He apologized for some of the moves he made during the takeover attempts at Buchanan Enterprises, though she told him that she completely understood. She declined his offer to help with the horse. Once he was gone, Nat removed David's gag. David expressed how impressed he was with Nat's lies, though she wasn't happy about having to lie to her dad. She confessed to having to protect Viki, which confused David. Thinking he knew why, David turned to Nat for blackmail money, pointing out that she would have no problems writing him a check. She informed him that Jared was fixing things as they spoke. Tiring of hearing David, she replaced the gag. Jared returned and advised Nat that Charlie would break the news of Jared's true parentage to Viki.

At the house, Nora wondered why R.J. was there to see her and hoped that he had news of Lindsay's false breakdown. Instead, R.J. disclosed that Lindsay had provided Clint with the dirt he used to prevent the takeover of B.E. and that she had retrieved the information from files that had belonged to her former husband, Sam. He just thought that Nora should know. An enraged Nora realized that taking information from a client's files was against the law. When Clint returned, she asked him where he had obtained his information but quickly added that she already knew. He kept it from her because of how she would have felt, he told her. As Nora mentioned Lindsay's name, Bo and Lindsay arrived to talk about the gallery. Clint tried to get Nora to be silent but there was no quieting the district attorney as she immediately inquired about Lindsay's obtaining the information. Clint pointed out that Lindsay had done them all a favor and that all companies had secrets. He saved B.E. and he was not ashamed, he added. He stalked off, followed by Nora. Bo asked Lindsay if it were true and she admitted that it was. She didn't give the information to him because she knew that he would never use it. Bo admitted to being "blown away" and asked for time to think. Lindsay ran into Nora outside as she prepared to leave. She asked Nora why she had said anything if she was into Clint and finished with Bo. Nora vehemently sputtered that she wanted Bo to know about the bitch who was coming into contact with their son. Lindsay warned that if things were over with Bo because of this, then Nora would pay.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Genetic Engineering

In bed, Adriana and Rex discussed the intense night of lovemaking they had on their wedding night. When Adriana stated that they were husband and wife forever, Rex appeared distracted. Later, Rex noticed that Adriana's mood had changed for the worse. She had discovered Todd's front-page story, in which he referred to her as "Bridezilla." Rex romanced Adriana and her temper subsided. Rex asked Adriana to prepare him some waffles and reminded her that they had received a waffle maker as a wedding gift. Adriana was upset to learn that the gift was from Gigi and Shane, but was determined not to let thoughts of Gigi ruin her mood.

While preparing breakfast, Adriana discovered a fork (in a plastic bag) tucked away in a drawer. Rex admitted that the fork contained Charlie's DNA and that Rex had considered having it tested to verify that Charlie was actually his father. Adriana encouraged Rex to have the item tested, but Rex argued that he had no reason to doubt Charlie. Rex believed that Charlie was a good man, especially since he was involved with Viki. As a result of Adriana's urging, Rex agreed to consider having the DNA tested. As Rex showered, Adriana noticed his toothbrush lying on the counter. Slyly, Adriana picked up the toothbrush and placed it in a plastic bag. After calling out to Rex and telling him that she needed to purchase an item from the store, Adriana bolted out the door with the plastic bag in hand. After showering, Rex stared intently at the plastic bag containing Charlie's DNA. Several minutes later, Rex threw the bag in the trash.

At Llanfair, Charlie tried to tell Viki the truth about Jared, but had a difficult time. Viki was shocked when Charlie told her that he had lied to her about his son. Viki asked Charlie which son he was referring to, Rex or the son he had been searching for. Upon learning that the lie involved Rex, Viki felt that perhaps the information was none of her business and reminded Charlie of how she had kept her identity a secret from him. Charlie assured Viki that the news affected her, and blurted out that Rex wasn't his son. Initially, Viki believed that there had been a mix-up with the DNA testing, but was angered to learn that Roxy and Charlie had told Rex a blatant lie about his paternity. Charlie told Viki that Roxy didn't want to reveal the true identity of Rex's father and asked Charlie to pretend to be his dad since his last name was "Bolsum." He said that he agreed because Roxy was desperate at the time. Viki demanded that Charlie tell Rex the truth immediately and expressed her displeasure with him. Realizing that he had hurt Viki tremendously, Charlie promised to go and tell Rex the truth at once. Charlie begged Viki to stay put and promised to return so he could reveal the rest of his confession. As Charlie headed off to confess the truth to Rex, Viki appeared shattered.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Shane witnessed Brody awaken from a nightmare as he slept on the couch. Shane told Brody that he understood that he might still have flashbacks from his days in Afghanistan. An excited Shane shared his knowledge of the military and begged Brody to reveal some military tactics to him. Appearing distracted, Brody went upstairs to shower. Alone with his mother, Shane expressed his joy over finding his father. Shane felt as though he was dreaming and stated that his dad was a great guy. As Shane continued to sing his "dad's" praises, Gigi discovered a liquor bottle hidden beneath a sofa pillow. Gigi kept the bottle out of Shane's sight.

After showering, Brody attempted to head downstairs, but stopped when he overheard Shane and Gigi discussing him. Sensing his mother still had thoughts of Rex on her mind, Shane asked his mother if she believed she would ever love Brody the same way she loved Rex. Gigi apologized to Shane about the wedding fiasco and told her son that she didn't have the answer to his question. Brody stood on the staircase and continued to listen unnoticed. Shane told Gigi that there was no reason for an apology, and reminded her that he had encouraged her to tell Rex what was on her mind. A knock on the door interrupted the mother and son discussion.

Gigi was hardly pleased to open the door and find Adriana standing there. Holding the plastic bag containing Rex's toothbrush, Adriana informed Gigi that she had a proposition for her and brushed past Gigi. Before Adriana could speak, she was attacked by little Shane. Flying down the stairs, Shane yelled, "Uglyana" and sprayed her with a can of soda. Gigi admonished the child and sent him upstairs. After composing herself and referring to the child as a brat, Adriana informed Gigi of her plan. Adriana stated that she knew Rex was Shane's father, and suggested that Gigi pass Rex's DNA off as Brody's to prevent the truth from ever coming out. When Gigi refused, Adriana told Gigi that Shane would be devastated to find out his mother had lied to him for so long. Believing Dorian had told Adriana about Shane's paternity, Gigi informed Adriana that Dorian had encouraged her to interrupt the wedding with her revelation. Adriana refused to believe Gigi's claims concerning her mother and continued to harass Gigi. As Adriana persisted, Brody appeared. He picked Adriana up and threw her out of the house. Humiliated, Adriana begged Gigi to reconsider and tossed the bag (containing the toothbrush) through the opened door. Gigi responded by throwing the bag at Adriana and slamming the door.

After kicking Adriana out of the house, Brody straightened the sofa he had slept on and appeared to be looking for something. Gigi presented the empty liquor bottle and asked Brody if he was looking for it. Brody stated that he sometimes drank to fall asleep. Gigi thanked Brody for his help with Adriana. She said that it reminded her of the guy she knew in Michigan-a guy who didn't drink. Brody stated sadly, "People change," and walked away.

In Angel Square Park, A curious Marcie wandered around wondering who had sent her a text message requesting to meet her there. To her surprise, Michael appeared with wine and flowers and wished his wife a happy second anniversary. Marcie apologized for the chain of events that had occurred in the past several months, but Michael was only concerned with giving their marriage another chance. Michael thanked Marcie for changing his life several years ago. As they sipped wine, Michael and Marcie reminisced about the first time they met and expressed the love that they still shared for each other.

At La Boulaie, Blair told Todd that she was kicking him out of the house. Todd refused to leave the house without Sam. Attempting to reason with Todd, Blair stated that it would be terrible for Todd to separate Sam from his brother and sister. A bitter Todd exclaimed that they would not be separated for long. As Blair and Todd argued, Dorian returned home with Jack and inquired about Starr. Jack was thrilled to find his dad at home. In an attempt to undermine Blair, Todd told Jack that he would take him out for the day. When Blair refused to allow Jack to go with Todd, Jack complained. While Blair and Dorian spoke in the foyer, Todd called Jack into the living room with him.

Dorian was delighted when Blair informed her that she was kicking Todd out of the house. Blair was upset that Todd refused to leave without Sam. Blair stated that she loved Sam and didn't want to separate him from Starr and Jack. Dorian reminded Blair that Starr and Jack were her children, and that she should concern herself with their needs. When Dorian mentioned that Starr was troubled, Blair told Dorian that she was aware of Starr's pregnancy. Blair related how Todd had pushed Starr down a flight of stairs and warned Dorian that Todd could not learn that Starr was pregnant. With Blair following close behind, Dorian headed off to evict Todd. Sensing the tension between his parents, Jack asked them why they were arguing. Todd told Jack that he wanted to be with him more than anything, but said he couldn't because Blair was throwing him out of the house. As Jack pleaded with his mother to reconsider, Starr entered the room and told Jack that Todd had to leave because he had hurt her. Starr said that no one in the family would be safe with Todd around. Refusing to believe his sister's claims about their father, Jack threw a tantrum. Todd asked Starr for a moment alone with her, but she declined his offer. Realizing that Blair and Starr couldn't be swayed, Todd demanded that he be allowed to take Sam with him. When Blair asked Starr to bring Sam downstairs, Starr begged her mother to reconsider. As Blair and Starr held Sam and said a tearful goodbye to him, Todd yanked the child from their arms and rushed out the door.

Heartbroken, Viki sat on the patio and thought about the man she thought she knew.

When Rex opened the door and saw Charlie, he happily said, "Hi, Dad!" Rex began to ramble and told Charlie, "It felt right to call you dad. But what does it matter what I call you? I know who you are." In a solemn voice, Charlie said, "No, Rex. You don't."

Dorian attempted to comfort Blair, who agonized over what Starr would do once Todd discovered that she was pregnant. Unnoticed, a saddened Starr listened.

Michael and Marcie continued to enjoy their romantic evening at Angel Square.

With Sam sitting in the front seat without a child safety seat, Todd drove and discussed his next move. He picked up the phone to call Viki and tell her what had happened.

An angered Adriana drove along the same road, muttering to herself. She said that Gigi, Shane, Brody, and Dorian could all go to hell. She expressed the desire to murder them all. As she continued to rant, her cell phone rang. Adriana looked away from the road and reached for her phone.

Meanwhile, Sam began to play with the door lock, and Todd took his eyes off the road to stop him. When Todd looked up, he swerved to avoid a car. At that very moment, Adriana looked up and froze when she saw headlights. As Michael and Marcie continued to enjoy their romantic evening at Angel Square, they heard a crash and ran to the scene.

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