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David returned to Llanview with a vengeance. A drunken Rex sought advice from Bo and then turned up late to his wedding. Dorian paid Brody to disappear and urged Gigi to tell Rex the truth. Blair, John, and Todd found Starr and Cole. Todd tried to get Starr to leave with him, and a struggle caused Starr to fall down a long flight of stairs.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, May 12, 2008

The One In The Middle

At Lucky's arcade in Virginia Beach, Cole was determined to win Starr the stuffed animal she desired. After Winter joked that Cole would never win the souvenir, a smug Cole promised to treat Winter to a hotdog at the nearby vendor with his winnings. Starr and Cole enjoyed themselves as Cole continued to win tickets. Meanwhile, John and Blair continued to search the boardwalk for Starr and Cole. They were unaware that the kids were just a few feet away. Blair believed Starr was doomed to make the same mistakes that she had made. Although John tried to convince her that Starr would be fine, Blair felt Starr was headed for a life of pain. Because it was getting late, John decided that they should call it a night and continue looking for the kids in the morning. As they prepared to leave the boardwalk, the hotdog vendor approached John and Blair. After apologizing for being unable to assist them in finding the kids, the hotdog vendor suggested that John and Blair question the teens on the boardwalk. He believed they would be more aware of other teens in the area. John and Blair watched as the vendor pointed to Winter and suggested that they start with him. John and Blair approached Winter; they showed him a picture of Starr and Cole and asked had he seen them. As he watched Starr and Cole walk by, unnoticed by John and Blair, Winter looked stunned but said nothing.

At the abortion clinic, Dorian demanded answers from Langston. When Langston refused to give Dorian any information, Dorian continued to question her. Dorian soon realized that Langston was covering for Starr, and that Starr was the one who was pregnant. Relieved that Langston was still a virgin, Dorian soon turned her attention back to Starr. When Dorian learned that Todd had found the prepaid cell phone and contacted Starr, she was convinced that Todd would locate Starr and attempted to phone Blair. Langston begged Dorian not to contact Blair, but Dorian was adamant that she needed to warn Blair so that Blair could protect Starr from Todd. Unable to contact Blair, Dorian had a heart-to-heart talk with Langston. Giving Langston a gentle hug, Dorian stated that she wanted to keep Langston a little girl for a while longer. Langston replied sadly, "I haven't been a little girl for a very long time" and turned away.

Bo escorted a drunken Rex to the loft. Rex appeared to be in no shape to talk, but Bo wanted to know why Rex would crash Adriana's bachelorette party. Unaware of what he was actually saying, Rex admitted to going to the party in hopes of seeing Gigi. Rex also confessed to attempting to kiss Gigi at Buchanan Enterprises. Rex assured Bo that he loved Adriana, and denied having any feelings for Gigi. Bo urged Rex not to enter into a marriage with any regrets and left Rex to his own devices.

At the carriage house, Brody peered through an open window, and watched as Gigi lovingly caressed one of Rex's old high school jerseys. Excited, Shane ran downstairs and informed his mother that he found his father. Shocked, Gigi wondered what Shane was talking about. Shane presented Gigi with a book and photo he had found. As Brody watched from the window, Shane asked Gigi if the man in the picture was his father. Gigi admitted that Brody Lovett was the man in the picture. Brody had given Gigi the book right before he shipped off and she had forgotten that she had placed his photo inside. Brody appeared emotional as he listened to Shane ask Gigi questions about him. When Shane mentioned that he wanted to become a soldier like his dad, Gigi told her son that there were other ways to see the world besides getting yourself killed. Sadly, Gigi stated that she wished Brody had listened to her warnings about joining the service. Touched, Brody continued to listen to Gigi and Shane's conversation. Before sending Shane up to bed, she promised to frame the photo for him and reminded him to grab his inhaler. As Brody stood outside the door, he said to himself, "Just do it," and attempted to knock. At that moment, a look of shock crossed Gigi's face as she looked in the direction of the window.

A sullen Adriana entered La Boulaie and was greeted by Addie. Adriana told Addie that she planned to spend the night before her wedding at La Boulaie. Noticing that Adriana was in low spirits, Addie inquired about what was bothering her. Near tears, Adriana explained how great her bachelorette party was, until Rex decided to crash the party in search of Gigi. Unable to believe that Rex would do such a thing, Addie attempted to convince Adriana that she was mistaken, but Adriana assured Addie that she was positive of Rex's motives. Adriana reminisced about the great times she had shared with Rex, but believed their relationship was headed for trouble-thanks to Gigi. Confessing her feelings to Addie, Adriana admitted to acting very much like Dorian lately. Adriana believed that Gigi's presence had brought out the worst in her. Addie attempted to convince Adriana that her nerves were on edge because of the wedding, but all Adriana could thing about was why Rex would look for Gigi the night before his wedding. Adriana couldn't understand why Rex would not be looking for her. Before turning in for the night, Addie reminded Adriana that Rex loved her and that her wedding day would be beautiful.

Unnoticed, David watched as Natalie and Jared shared a passionate kiss at the Bonjour Café. Realizing that kissing the man who she claimed to be her uncle in a public place was a bad idea, Natalie pulled away from Jared and reminded him of the consequences. David convinced Noelle not to expose him to Natalie, and hid behind the counter and listened to Natalie and Jared's private conversation. Natalie and Jared discussed the fact that they would need to find someplace to be alone in Llanview because they could not risk the family learning about their relationship. When David heard Jared state that he wasn't the real Buchanan heir, David's curiosity was piqued. The conversation became more interesting, once David overheard Natalie mention that the family would want revenge once they learned the truth about Jared's scam. As Natalie and Jared said their goodbyes to Noelle and Moe, David continued to hide. After Natalie and Jared left the diner, David informed Moe that he quit. When Noelle questioned why David would quit all of a sudden, David handed her a lottery ticket and stated, "You take it. Who needs a lucky ticket, when you've got a meal ticket?" With a grin on his face, David headed off to Llanview.

Nash, Jessica, and Bree spent a relaxing evening at the vineyard. When Nash showed Jessica an impressive review of his vineyard in a popular magazine, Jessica was elated. The couple discussed how successful Nash's business had become. Jessica apologized about being jealous of Nash's relationship with Sarah. Jessica told Nash that she had always considered Sarah to be a spoiled child, but was very impressed with the way she handled booking Snoop Dogg at Capricorn. Nash was pleased with Jessica's new opinion of Sarah, but reminded his wife that he and Sarah only shared a "business relationship." After putting Bree to bed, Nash and Jessica made love.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Lyin' In Winter

Before Gigi could glimpse Brody outside her front door, a drunken Rex staggered up to the cottage and barged in. Brody quickly darted out of sight before he could be spotted by either party. Gigi demanded to know why Rex was there and what he wanted. Rex struggled to articulate his feelings, and insisted that he had to see Gigi and tell her "something." Sensing catastrophe, Gigi bristled at Rex's overly affectionate manner and warned him to keep it to himself, nervously reminding him that he was getting married in the morning and urging him to go home.

Outside the cottage, Brody watched the tableau through the windows while being urgently text messaged by Adriana. Lonely at La Boulaie, Adriana texted back and forth with Brody, angry to learn that he wasn't with Gigi. When Adriana asked Brody what he was waiting for, Brody texted back: "[Gigi's] busy." "Who's over there?" Adriana wondered aloud. Seized with fear, she called Rex's loft, but got no answer.

At Ultra Violet, Talia watched the maintenance crew leave the abandoned club and then snuck into the back to fall into a passionate tryst behind the curtains with Antonio. The lovers were interrupted by an irate Cristian, who reminded them that he'd spent a night in jail for going along with their scheme against Ramsey, and told them not to take further risks in public to jeopardize their "mission." It was apparent that Cristian's fistfight with John over Talia and Antonio had all been part of the con to fool the commissioner. Antonio assured Cris that Ramsey was busy on business in Chicago and wouldn't find out about Antonio and Talia's secret rendezvous. Cris said he didn't like looking over his shoulder, but understood the couple's need to be together, and told them he'd lock the club up behind them for Rex. "Try to leave before daybreak," he cracked, and hit the lights and music on his way out. Antonio and Talia held each other and danced to the music, and Talia said that their love had to be for real if it could withstand the pressures of their months-long ruse. Gathering blankets for the furniture, champagne, and strawberries, Antonio and Talia sank onto a couch and made passionate love.

At Virginia Beach, on the boardwalk, John and Blair asked Winter whether he had seen Starr and Cole, but were interrupted when Todd swooped in, threatening Winter with bodily harm if he didn't come clean. This only agitated Winter further, and he insisted he'd never seen the kids before in his life. As Todd continued to interrogate the teen, Blair ordered Todd to cool it, then asked Todd how he'd found his way to Virginia. Todd explained that he'd talked to Starr on Markko's disposable phone and deduced her location. He continued to hound Winter down the boardwalk, with John and Blair hot on his heels. As Blair and Todd began to bicker, Winter broke off from the adults and made his escape. John warned Todd that he couldn't pressure Winter and that finesse was necessary; he then took off after the teen himself. Todd and Blair fought on as they stalked across the boardwalk in the night, with each of them blaming Starr's flight from home on the other. Blair told Todd that he was out of control, and that Cole was not the problem in this situation-Todd was. Todd insisted he meant his promise to Starr to let her see Cole if she returned home, but Blair was sure he'd been lying. She said he'd broken every promise he'd ever made to their daughter, and told him it was time to grow up, but she was sure it was too late for that.

Further down the boardwalk, John cornered Winter back at the hot dog vendor he and Blair had visited earlier. John took a calmer approach with Winter, saying he knew Winter was lying. John said that he wasn't going to arrest Winter and that he just wanted to find the kids. Winter chose a very careful answer when looking at Blair's picture of the lovers, saying simply that he had never met anyone by the names of "Starr and Cole." John asked how he'd come to be called Winter, and Winter confessed that it was a street nickname, and his real name was in fact 'Eugene Silverstein.' After Winter took off, John made a call to a friend in law enforcement, asking for a credit check on one 'Eugene Silverstein.'

At their apartment, Sarah and Layla laughed about the events of Adriana's bachelorette party, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Cristian, as well as Adriana calling for Layla. Adriana was furious about being unable to reach Rex and told Layla that she was sure he was with Gigi. Layla tried to calm Adriana and assuage her fears, and told her Rex had probably passed out after Bo took him home. Adriana told Layla that Brody had proven useless despite his hefty paycheck, and declared that she was going to Rex's herself to see what had become of him. After Adriana had hung up, Layla asked Cristian and Sarah to "remind me: Why do people get married?" She bid the lovebirds goodnight and headed to bed, while Sarah and Cristian cuddled.

At La Boulaie, Langston received a text message to open the front door to find Markko waiting for her. Langston warned Markko that he wasn't Dorian's favorite person at that moment, and hustled him into the drawing room. She explained that she'd been busted by Dorian during the abortion clinic fiasco and had had to confess the truth about Starr's pregnancy. Markko made a joke about Langston's "abortion"-"And no one talked to me about this? I fathered the kid!" Langston wasn't amused, and said that since Dorian knew, everyone would soon. Langston and Markko wished they had some way to warn Starr and Cole about their secret being compromised. Langston admitted to Markko that she'd romanticized Starr's pregnancy in her mind, finding it mature and exciting, but said that at the abortion clinic, she'd found the reality frightening. Markko added that at their young age, he saw an unwanted pregnancy as a "trap." The sweethearts vowed that they'd never repeat Starr and Cole's mistake, and Markko apologized to Langston for his foolish lie to Dorian. They kissed, and Markko assured Langston that everything would be okay.

At Rex's loft, Adriana arrived and let herself in, only to find the apartment empty. Fearful, she decided to call Gigi.

Back at the cottage, Rex tipsily rambled about having "something to say" to Gigi, while Gigi wrestled with her mixed emotions. "Rex, please don't make me your cold feet," she pleaded. She said she didn't want him to blame her should anything go wrong with his wedding to Adriana. Rex assured Gigi he wouldn't, and grew increasingly emotional and touchy-feely as he moved closer to her. As the exes' mutual passion rose, they were interrupted by Shane coming down the stairs, saying hello to Rex. Shane showed Rex his picture of his "dad," and Rex recognized Brody from bumping into him at UV earlier in the evening. While lurking outside, Brody was relieved when Gigi dismissed Rex's sighting as a drunken misunderstanding and shooed Shane to bed. As Rex again tried to tell Gigi why he'd come, the phone rang. Rex ordered her to let the machine get it, and Gigi recognized the number as Adriana's. She insisted Rex go, and he finally relented, stumbling out of the cottage and into the night.

On the boardwalk, John rejoined Todd and Blair and told them they could fight later but had to find shelter for the night. Blair said she wasn't staying with Todd. The trio found a decrepit motel, leading Todd to comment, "We've slept in worse, haven't we?" "Don't remind me," Blair replied.

Rex returned home to the loft to find an uneasy Adriana waiting for him. Adriana said she'd been worried, and Rex lied that he'd just been out for a walk-alone. The two betrothed made awkward small talk, and Rex tried to get Adriana to leave, citing the old wives' tale of it being bad luck to see the groom the night before the wedding. Adriana kissed Rex and said she wanted to make love, then dragged him into bed with her.

A tender musical montage played as Antonio and Talia made love at Ultra Violet, Sarah modeled lingerie and then tempted Cristian into her bedroom, Langston told Markko goodnight, and Gigi wept into Rex's jersey (as Brody watched from afar). But back at the loft, Rex and Adriana lay in bed together, chaste, unfulfilled, and miles apart. Adriana told Rex that it was okay that he couldn't perform, blaming it on wedding nerves. Rex hollowly agreed, saying, "We've got the rest of our lives...when we're married."

In Virginia Beach, an infuriated Blair told John and Todd she would take the motel room furthest from her husband, and as Todd left to handle payment, John assured Blair that they'd find Starr and Cole. Blair thanked John and headed off towards the motel, as John pondered where the kids could be.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding Bell Blues

Rex woke up on his wedding day with a hangover and the radio blaring in his ear. Adriana asked him if he remembered anything from the night before. Rex was saved from having to answer Adriana when the announcer on the radio read a dedication from 'Roxanne' to Adriana and Rex and then began playing Billy Idol's White Wedding. They listened to the song as they started their day. Rex took a moment to apologize to Adriana for not being able to make love to her the night before. Adriana pretended that it wasn't a big deal but the concern on her face, when Rex wasn't looking, told a different story. A few minutes later, Roxy arrived to see her son before the wedding. She was a little surprised to find Adriana at the loft since it was bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other on the wedding morning. Adriana brushed off Roxy's concerns, insisting that she and Rex were not superstitious. After Adriana left, Roxy had a mother-son talk with Rex. She told him that she was incredibly proud of him and that she loved him deeply.

David Vickers surprised Viki with a visit. Charlie appeared a bit uncomfortable as David and Viki chatted away. David told Viki that the lottery ticket that she had given him proved to be a good luck charm. He had made his way onto television before he had lost the ticket. He decided to replace it with another lottery ticket from the same place the original had come from. Viki was shocked when David revealed that he had returned to Paris, Texas, and the Bon Jour Café. Her jaw dropped when David went on to tell her that he had ended up working at the diner. The conversation took a turn when Viki asked David if he had run into Natalie he was working there recently. David lied, claiming that he had not seen Natalie but he carefully pumped Viki for information about Jared. She also unwittingly provided David with a perfect excuse for being in town: Adriana's wedding.

Jared and Natalie returned to the Buchanan mansion. Nigel found them outside kissing and assumed that they had decided to tell the family the truth about Jared's deception. Inside, Bo and Matthew prepared to leave for Rex's wedding. Matthew seemed down. He asked his father why people bothered to get married when most ended up divorcing. Bo seemed a little taken aback by Matthew's attitude. He told Matthew that even though couples did split up, there were many who fell in love and stayed married for the rest of their lives. Bo told his son that he hoped Matthew would find that kind of love one day. They walked outside and ran into Nigel, Jared, and Natalie. Bo found Nigel's behavior odd and asked the butler if anything was bothering him. Nigel insisted that he was fine. After Bo and Matthew walked away, the three conspirators made their way inside. Natalie worried that Nigel's behavior would eventually be their undoing. Nigel was more concerned about Natalie and Jared's inability to keep their hands off of each other. Natalie was confident that she and Jared could control themselves until they could figure out a way to break the news about Jared to the family. Shortly after Nigel walked away, the doorbell rang. Natalie was surprised when she opened to the door to David Vickers. David let Jared and Natalie know that he was fully aware of their dirty little secret and intended to use their deception to his advantage.

Bo and Matthew stopped by to see Rex on their way to the church. While Matthew went to the computer to check his email, Bo sat down to have a few words with Rex. He told Rex about the conversation that he had with Matthew, earlier that morning, about marriage. Rex bristled as he listened to Bo talk about his views on marriage and commitment. He felt that Bo was trying to advise Rex not to marry Adriana. Bo quickly explained that he was just trying to make the point that a successful marriage required work. Bo sensed that Rex was troubled, but Rex insisted that he was fine. Before Bo and Matthew left, Bo offered to hold Rex's wedding vows that he had written for safekeeping. Rex declined the offer and pretended that he had everything under control. Once he closed the door, Rex frantically tried to write down his wedding vows but couldn't seem to find the words. Later, before Rex left his apartment, he gave his appearance a final inspection in the mirror and proceeded to have an argument with his reflection. He insisted that he didn't have conflicted feelings over marrying Adriana because of Gigi.

Jessica woke Nash up to breakfast in bed. They decided to skip Rex and Adriana's wedding so that they could spend a romantic day together.

Adriana stopped by Brody's room. She wanted an update on the previous night's events, when Brody had gone to see Gigi. He told her that he couldn't talk to Gigi because Rex had been there, and afterwards she had broken down and cried. Adriana was furious to have her suspicions confirmed. She reminded Brody of the hefty sum of money that she had given him and demanded that he hold up his end of the bargain. She wanted to make sure that Gigi was too busy with Brody to put a kink in her wedding plans.

Shane framed the picture he had found of Brody and proudly showed it to his mother. Shane suggested that they have copies made of the picture and offered to frame another one for Gigi that she could keep in her bedroom. Gigi seemed uncomfortable with the gesture and changed the subject when Shane began coughing. She worried that his asthma had started acting up and reconsidered attending Rex and Adriana's wedding. Shane insisted on going to the wedding and promised that he would take his medicine. After Gigi dressed for the wedding, Marcie stopped by for a quick visit. While they talked, Marcie spotted the picture of Brody and Gigi that Shane had left behind. While she looked at the picture, Marcie admitted that she didn't think Shane looked like his father. Gigi began fidgeting and talking nervously. Marcie realized that Gigi was hiding something and pushed for answers until Gigi finally admitted that Rex was Shane's father. Marcie was stunned. When she asked Gigi if Rex knew, Gigi poured out her story. She told Marcie that after Rex had left, she didn't think he would want anything to do with a baby. Then Gigi had met Brody. Brody knew that he wasn't the baby's father but offered to raise him as own anyway. Unfortunately, Brody had been killed in action before Shane had been born. Gigi decided to give Shane the father who had wanted him. Marcie felt that Gigi was making a grave error by not telling Rex and Shane the truth. She pointed out that Shane might not be grateful for his mother's lies when he realized that they had kept him from his real father. Gigi was still troubled by what Marcie had said when she and Shane prepared to leave for the wedding. Gigi seemed to reach a decision and told Shane that she needed to talk to him about something important. Unfortunately, Shane began coughing and before long the cough developed into a full-blown asthma attack. Gigi found Shane's inhaler in his pocket but was horrified when she realized that it was empty.

Rex went to Llanfair to pick Charlie up for the wedding. He walked into an empty kitchen and called out but didn't get a response so he decided to look for Charlie instead. Moments later, Gigi and Shane burst through the kitchen door. Gigi began to frantically look for an inhaler. She had hoped that Shane had left his full inhaler behind when he'd been at the house earlier that day. When she didn't find it, she called out for help. Rex ran into the kitchen and froze when he saw that Shane was in distress.

Brody let himself into Gigi's home. As Adriana tried to reach him on the cell phone, Brody looked around Gigi's place and found the framed picture of him and Gigi.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


"That's right. I'm smart. I know everything," David informed Natalie and Jared. He proceeded to tell them that he knew that Jared was not a Buchanan and therefore not really Nat's uncle. He added that he was ready to collect and to have a cut of the money that Jared was obviously amassing. He admitted that he was a poster boy for long-lost sons and could easily have committed the scam himself. Nat suggested that there wouldn't be anyone who would believe his story. David planned on recommending a new DNA test. The couple admitted that they had planned on telling everyone the truth in their own time so that they could avoid hurting a lot of people and that it wasn't about the money as David thought. David didn't believe that but confessed that they didn't have to tell anyone at all. He was blackmailing them and merely wanted some of the money. Nat thought it a good time to point out just how disgusting David really was, filling Jared in on David's blackmail attempt when Jess needed a new liver. Having to get to Rex's wedding, Nat left Jared to deal with the situation. They obliged with a passionate kiss when David taunted them into it. Jared appealed to David to hold off, as he didn't have the cash available right away. David mentioned that it was only the first installment and asked about the real heir, wondering if Jared knew who it was.

At the church, Bo and Charlie worried and wondered where Rex could be, while in the women's room, Adriana kept checking her phone. She finally reached Brody and learned that there was no sign of either Gigi or Rex at the carriage house, though he had spotted them together earlier. "Looks like they left fast," he told her. He also suspected they were up to something. She asked him to stay put. When Dorian told her daughter to stop obsessing, Adriana asked her for a favor instead. She requested that her mother fetch Brody and bring him to the church, in case Gigi wanted to divulge the news that Rex was really Shane's father. The bridal party presented the bride with the traditional "something old, something new...." which included a necklace that belonged to Langston's mother. Langston felt that they were almost like sisters, she told Adriana. Adriana hugged the girl and told her that they WERE sisters if they both had to deal with Dorian. Roxy gave the bride a blue, lucky rabbit's foot. In the meantime, Antonio and Talia both managed to get away and share some private time together. Getting caught kissing by the priest, Talia promised to refrain from further inappropriate behavior, though Antonio started again, once the priest walked away. He pointed out that he wasn't the one who promised. The church was very hot for some reason and all of the men had to remove their jackets, in order not to melt.

At Llanfair, Rex and Gigi searched for Shane's inhaler to no avail. Rex was able to temporarily get the boy calmed down and breathing, as he held him and quietly gave him some suggestions. He promised not to let anything happen to Shane. When the breathing quickly deteriorated again with the boy collapsing, Rex picked Shane up and the trio headed to the ER.

Brody tenderly looked at an old, framed picture of himself and Gigi as he waited at the carriage house. When Dorian arrived, she announced that there had been a change in plans. She was about to pay him double what Adriana had paid him and wanted him to do the opposite of what he had been told. She wanted him to go back to where they had found him because she knew what was best for her daughter. Brody realized that Dorian wanted Gigi to stop the wedding. Dorian explained that Rex was not right for Adriana because he had caused her to suffer and to become insecure. She planned on just "letting nature take its course." Smiling sweetly, Dorian headed out the door. Brody removed the old picture from the frame and took it with him.

As Cole unpacked some groceries, describing the food as he did, Starr became ill. She grumbled when Cole attempted to help her out, and asked to be left alone. She cried and told him she wanted her mother. Outside, Blair posted flyers of the missing couple as John told her he did not have any information yet. Todd showed up and accused the pair of sleeping together. A sarcastic Blair responded that yes, they were together all night long. She then snarled that they had been out since dawn, searching for Starr and Cole. As he followed behind Blair, he asked why she had lied about her and John spending the night. Blair was annoyed that he had spoken about that first, instead of inquiring about Starr. She felt that Todd only wanted to blame everyone else for their problems. John headed to the beach and spotted Winter, who still denied knowing the couple. When John revealed that he had learned of a previous record from Winter's youth, Winter admitting to knowing them. He had really counted on them making it, he told John. Blair told Todd that she thought that something else was wrong, that Starr ran away for some other reason and that she needed her mom.

At the hospital, as they waited for word on Shane, Gigi ordered Rex to leave, reminding him of his wedding. Rex refused, citing the fact that he was exactly where he belonged. She asked how he knew about the breathing techniques and he reminded her that he too had had asthma when he was a child, due to Roxy smoking. Michael had good news; Shane would be okay. He suggested that Gigi take him to an allergist because the weather was different from Texas and the air not as dry. He said that only family would be admitted to seeing the boy. Gigi adamantly told him that Shane loved Rex so Michael agreed to make an exception. Shane apologized for losing his inhaler. Out in the hallway again after making sure that Shane was fine, Gigi emotionally told Rex that Shane was all she had. Rex told her that wasn't true.

Starr felt better later and apologized to Cole for her outburst. She explained that she was sick and emotional and missed her mom. Cole understood perfectly, as he placed a cold cloth on her forehead. Starr realized that her boyfriend really wanted to have the baby. They talked about all of the good traits it would have. Todd spotted John and Winter on the beach and made a beeline for them. John urged the young man not to say anything. Approaching them, Todd held out some money and Winter spilled his guts. He explained that Starr and Cole had new jobs and were about to start the next day. As Todd stalked off towards the business, Blair could hardly believe it. John confessed that they had sent Todd on the wrong trail. As Todd quizzed a man from the restaurant where he had been sent, the man insisted that he had not hired the couple. "McBain," Todd muttered under his breath. Winter told Blair and John the truth as they headed towards the boarding house where Winter, Cole, and Starr were residing.

Talia returned to the bridal party with disheveled hair and at her friends' quizzical expressions, explained that the church had been windy. Dorian returned and told her daughter that she had done what Adriana wanted her to do. Furthermore, everything would be fine, that she loved her, and that she did whatever she did for that love. She exclaimed how beautiful her daughter was, fully dressed in her wedding gown. Bo knocked on the door and announced that they had a problem. There was no sign of Rex. Nat arrived at the church.

Friday, May 16, 2008


At the church, Adriana nearly panicked when Bo announced that Rex hadn't arrived yet. Adriana surprised everyone when she exclaimed, "Rex isn't here because he's with her." While Layla, Natalie, Sarah, and Talia all attempted to calm the bride's nerves, Dorian did very little to comfort her daughter and even suggested that Rex had "cold feet." Before leaving the room, Bo assured Adriana that Rex was simply running a little late. Alone with her mother, Adriana asked Dorian if she had convinced Brody to come to the church and reunite with Gigi. With a smug look, Dorian stated that she had done everything in her power to "induce Brody into doing the right thing." After Dorian left the room, a nervous Adriana asked Layla if Brody and Gigi were present at the church. Layla advised Adriana that she should focus on Rex showing up and forget about Gigi and Brody. Adriana insisted that it was necessary for Brody to be there in case Gigi came.

In the church chapel, Roxy expressed to Viki her nervousness over witnessing Rex and Adriana together right before the wedding. After convincing Roxy to put her superstitious beliefs aside for the day, Viki spoke with Charlie. Charlie told Viki that Rex was missing and felt his earlier conversation with Rex might have placed doubt in Rex's mind. Marcie overheard Viki and Charlie's conversation, and placed a call to Gigi. On Gigi's voicemail, Marcie asked if she had told Rex that Shane was his son.

Holding the picture of him and Gigi, Brody sat at a bus station. Consumed with thoughts of Gigi, Brody had flashbacks about years ago when a pregnant Gigi saw him off on his deployment day. Brody had told Gigi that he loved her and would come back eventually to take care of her and her baby. He claimed to love her, although he knew she didn't love him.

At the hospital, Rex and Gigi nearly kissed, but were interrupted by Michael. Showing no reaction to what he almost witnessed, Michael informed Gigi that Shane was fine and would be released soon. When Gigi stepped away, Rex began accusing Michael of suspecting that he had had feelings for Gigi. Rex attempted to convince Michael that he was only concerned about Shane's health and professed his love for Adriana. He adamantly denied having any feelings for Gigi. When Michael stated that he didn't have any thoughts about Rex's relationship with Gigi, Rex told Michael that he felt Michael should know the truth. Michael informed Rex that perhaps he should face the truth himself. Their conversation was interrupted when Gigi appeared and told Rex that Shane wanted to see him. Shane wondered why Rex wasn't at the church. When Rex told the child that he wanted to make sure that Shane was all right, Shane asked Rex if he still intended to marry Adriana.

Outside in the hall, Gigi apologized for Shane's questioning about the wedding and reminded a confused Rex that Adriana was waiting for him at the church. Rex, who appeared torn over his true feelings for Gigi, took Gigi's advice and headed to the church. As she watched Rex walk away, Gigi was heartbroken. Once Shane was released, he begged Gigi to take him to the wedding. While Shane dressed, Michael told Gigi that she didn't appear to really want to attend Rex's wedding. Gigi admitted that she had tried desperately to get out of it, but realized that maybe it was a wedding she was meant to attend. Under her breath, Gigi murmured, "Maybe seeing Rex marry another woman is the only way to forget about him once and for all."

In another part of the church, the groomsmen gathered and waited for Rex's arrival. Antonio and Cris vented to Bo about Rex's failure to appear. The brothers threatened to physically harm Rex if he stood Adriana up at the altar, but Bo argued that Rex would never do anything to hurt Adriana. While Bo defended Rex, Dorian entered the room and demanded that Bo make an announcement to the guests informing them that the wedding would not take place. Bo refused to make such an announcement without the approval of either Rex or Adriana. As Dorian persisted, Bo reminded her that Rex wasn't "Ditch 'em at the altar" David Vickers. Before a heated Dorian could respond, Rex appeared. Antonio and Cris both punched Rex in the arm, and Dorian glared at him. Antonio and Cris headed to the chapel and Dorian went to inform Adriana of Rex's arrival. As Dorian closed the door behind her, she looked distressed. Alone with Rex, Bo told him that everyone was worried that he wasn't going to show up. Realizing that Rex was out of sorts, Bo asked if everyone had a right to be concerned. Rex assured Bo that there was nothing to worry about, but looked distraught as she stared at himself in the mirror.

Dorian informed Adriana and the bridesmaids that Rex had arrived. After the bridesmaids had left, Adriana asked Dorian if Rex had been with Gigi during his absence. When Dorian was unable to provide her with an answer, Adriana nervously exclaimed that all that mattered was that Rex was at the church and she would soon be Mrs. Rex Bolsom. As Dorian helped Adriana with the finishing touches, Adriana apologized for the way she had recently treated her mother and told her that she loved her. Dorian appeared touched and accepted her daughter's apology. Dorian headed off to the chapel. Gigi had arrived and was speaking with Marcie. Just as Marcie began questioning Gigi about her conversation with Rex, Dorian interrupted and asked to speak with Gigi alone. Dorian told Gigi that she was aware that Gigi still loved Rex and that Rex was Shane's father. Dorian insisted that Gigi do the right thing and tell Rex the truth. Realizing that Dorian wanted her to stop the wedding, Gigi refused to use Shane to come between Rex and Adriana. Dorian stated that Rex deserved to know the truth and that Gigi would have to make the right decision.

The wedding began. As Rex walked down the aisle, he paused when he reached Gigi and Shane's pew. Shane smiled at Rex, but a nervous look crossed Gigi's face. Rex stared at Gigi and Shane then proceeded down the aisle. Adriana walked proudly down the aisle. When she reached the altar, she smiled happily at Rex, but nervously looked back and glared at Gigi. The priest asked if anyone present had any reason why the couple should not be wed. Dorian looked back at Gigi and silently willed her to interrupt the wedding. Gigi eyed Dorian and attempted to say something. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

While Brody held the photo, the announcement was made that the last bus was leaving for Norfolk, Virginia. Leaving the photo behind, Brody stood up and appeared to have gotten on the bus.

In Virginia Beach, an angry Todd left Blair a voicemail and faulted her and John for leading him on a wild goose chase. At that very moment, Starr and Cole sat in bed at the boarding house and discussed Starr's pregnancy. As they looked through a pregnancy book, Cole and Starr became emotional when they learned that on Starr's next doctor's visit, they would be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Meanwhile, John and Blair stood outside a room a few feet away from Starr and Cole's room and prepared to enter. When John barged into the room, he and Blair were surprised to discover two teens in bed-who weren't Starr and Cole. The startled female teen let out a loud scream, which was heard by Starr and Cole. Cole quietly opened the door and was shocked to witness John and Blair questioning their neighbors. Cole immediately closed the door and reported his observations to Starr; he told her they needed to leave right away.

After questioning the teens, John learned that they had arrived in town only hours earlier and had never met Starr and Cole. Blair questioned why Winter would lie about Starr and Cole's location, but John believed Winter didn't lie but had a terrible sense of direction. John approached the room occupied by Starr and Cole and opened the unlocked door. Upon entering the kid's room, Blair discovered Starr's clothing and John surmised that they had recently left. As Blair looked around the disheveled room and wondered why Starr would leave her home and live there, John picked up a pregnancy pamphlet. He read the pamphlet, but said nothing to Blair.

Starr and Cole ran off but were unable to get very far because Starr's breathing was labored. Cole was certain that John and Blair hadn't seen them. Realizing Starr was frightened, he held her and said that this was not the life he had planned for her. Cole reminded Starr of her earlier request to be with her mother, and asked if she wanted to go back home with Blair. Starr assured Cole that she wanted to be with him. After noticing the "missing" flyers baring their faces, Cole told Starr of his plan to leave Virginia Beach immediately. While the teens attempted to hide their appearances by placing their hoods over their heads, Todd walked past-unaware that Starr and Cole were right under his nose. As Starr and Cole walked along the boardwalk, Todd turned around and called out Starr's name. After turning around and spotting Todd, Starr and Cole fled with Todd following close behind. Believing they had evaded Todd, Starr and Cole hid behind a building and Starr attempted to catch her breath. Cole tried to convince Starr that they had escaped Todd. Suddenly, Todd appeared and tried to coax Starr into leaving with him. Meanwhile, John and Blair prepared to leave the room and continue their search for the kids. John looked out the window and observed Starr and Cole interacting with Todd. John alerted Blair and the two ran off to help the kids. On the boardwalk, Starr screamed for Todd to leave her alone. Todd punched Cole and pushed Starr out of the way. When Starr tried to prevent Todd from assaulting Cole further, Todd pushed Starr again. Starr lost her balance and fell. Blair and John approached, and watched in horror as Starr tumbled down a flight of stairs. Todd stood in shock.

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