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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 19, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Alison, Casey, and Amy continued to talk and relax at Yo's, but when Alison wanted to leave to go study, Amy pulled her to the side and asked her to stay so Casey would not leave. Amy was interested in Casey romantically, and Alison agreed to stay even though she needed to study. When Amy walked away for a moment, Alison took the opportunity and told Casey that Amy was attracted to him, but he remarked that he was not interested in being set up. Unknown to Casey, Emily had come into Yo's and was watching him from the other side of the bar. Alison wondered why Casey was turning down a pretty girl like Amy and asked if he was seeing anyone else. Casey said he was not dating anyone and Alison told him to turn on the charm. When Alison went to find Amy, Emily marched over to Casey and asked him what was going on.

Emily thought Casey was there with Alison, but Casey told her that he was not after Alison. With that problem resolved, Emily asked Casey why he told his mother about them sleeping together, but Casey denied telling Margo anything. In an attempt to calm Emily down, Casey explained that he had bumped into Alison and she was trying to hook him up with her friend, Amy. Emily remarked that Casey wasted no time in moving on, and Alison returned and heard the two arguing. Alison asked Emily why she would care about Casey dating Amy, and Emily avoided the conversation and left. After Emily left, Alison began to complain to Casey about her sister, but Casey jumped to Emily's defense. Alison became suspicious and wanted to know why he was taking Emily's side. Casey didn't want to argue with Alison anymore and decided to leave as well. Amy had returned in time to see Casey walk out and commented that Casey obviously wasn't into her.

At home, Margo searched through the Oakdale University catalog and rushed to hide it when Tom walked through the door. Tom knew that Margo was up to something and got her to admit that she was searching for classes for Casey in the hopes he would return to school since he lost his job with Emily. Tom told Margo that she needed to let Casey go back to college in his own time, but Margo was reluctant to give up on the idea. Tom said he would try to find Casey a good job and Margo thought Chris might have something for Casey at Memorial. Tom said he would ask Chris, but said that Chris was already overwhelmed by his involvement with Alison. Margo couldn't understand why Chris would hop back and forth between Emily and Alison. Tom and Margo decided to stop worrying about everyone else's problems and the two went upstairs to enjoy their night together.

At Memorial, Susan caught up with Chris after a busy day and shared the good news that Alison had passed her nursing exam. When Chris commented that he already knew about Alison's test, Susan said she was aware that he knew and wanted to talk to him about not giving Alison any more special treatment. Susan was adamant that Alison complete the nursing program on her own. Chris followed Susan into a private room and asked her why she was so upset with his helping Alison. Susan explained that he should not have pressured anyone on Alison's behalf, but Chris denied strong-arming anyone and said he just asked for a simple favor. Susan insisted that Alison pass or fail on her own merit without any further influence from Chris.

After leaving Yo's, Emily went to the hospital to see Susan, but ran into Chris and told him that Alison wasn't studying like she had told him, but was down at Yo's with her friends. Susan overheard them talking and rushed Emily into a quiet room. Susan asked Emily why she was causing trouble for Alison, but Emily insisted that wasn't what she was trying to do. Susan asked Emily what had her acting so odd and Emily thought back on her encounter with Casey, and left the hospital more frustrated than when she arrived.

Chris immediately went down to Yo's to see for himself what Alison was doing. Alison had just commented to Amy that she needed to leave and go study, but as she turned to leave she ran into a disappointed Chris. Amy excused herself and Chris confronted Alison about why she was out in a bar the night before class. Alison insisted that she wasn't drinking and was just having some fun, but Chris was convinced she was being self-destructive. Alison told Chris he needed to back off, but he said he believed in her and wanted her to succeed in nursing school. Alison angrily told Chris to stop wasting his time with her, and left. After returning to the hospital and seeing patients, Chris found Alison sleeping with her books in her lap in the on-call room at the hospital. He gently rubbed her cheek and watched her sleep.

Emily went back to her office and thought back on the great day she spent with Casey in New York. Frustrated that they had no future together, she threw away the little Statue of Liberty Casey had bought her and started organizing her work. She looked up from her desk to see Casey enter the room and she asked him why he was there. The two argued about all the recent misunderstandings and Casey told Emily the only reason she would be so angry was because she was jealous. Emily said he was wrong and told him that she was poison and he should get out before she destroyed his life. Casey told her to stop and he kissed her.

Liberty found Janet knocking on Brad's door and asked her mother why she was bothering Katie and Brad. Janet said that she wanted to invite Brad to dinner, but when the hotel door opened, Janet and Liberty found an older couple was occupying Brad and Katie's room. Janet thought Brad and Katie had changed rooms without telling them and was annoyed because she believed Brad was avoiding her. Liberty insisted that it was probably just a big misunderstanding and took her mom to find out where Brad and Katie had moved to.

At the front desk, Janet and Liberty learned that Brad and Katie had checked out. Janet was angry that Brad left without telling her and told Liberty that Brad had abandoned them. Liberty said she was sure Brad hadn't deserted her and phoned him to find out what was going on. When Liberty got his voicemail, Janet insisted that they find out right away where Brad was. Liberty knew that Brad had been accepting since finding out she was his daughter and knew she could find him if she needed to.

Earlier at the television station, Katie slipped a blindfold over Brad's eyes and took him for a special surprise. Katie and Brad arrived at the house she had bought to surprise him. Brad was overjoyed with the home Katie had picked and wanted to share the good news with Liberty. Katie asked Brad if they could wait a few minutes to tell Liberty, and took him on a tour of the house. After they were finished, Katie told Brad to phone Liberty to bring her to the house, but Brad insisted they spend some time making love in their new home before picking up Liberty. As Brad and Katie undressed and began to kiss, Katie looked out the window and was stunned to see Janet and Liberty watching through the window.

Brad and Katie rushed to get dressed and Brad opened the door and let Janet and Liberty in. Katie was not happy being spied on, and Liberty remarked that she had seen much more growing up with her mother. Janet ranted that Brad shouldn't have disappeared like that, but Liberty explained she was fine and knew Brad hadn't left her. Katie told Janet and Liberty that she was trying to surprise Brad, and they planned on phoning Liberty after they spent a little time alone. Brad wondered how Liberty had found them and she explained that she found the school and learned Katie had given the school the new address. Katie and Brad insisted they were going to call Liberty, but Janet was still angry.

Brad asked Katie to show Liberty her new room while he talked to Janet about what had happened. Janet said that Liberty was vulnerable and Brad couldn't walk out on her, but Brad reassured Janet he would always be there for his daughter. When Liberty and Katie returned, Liberty raved about her new room, but saw her mother's disappointment and decided to go back to the hotel with Janet. Katie and Brad told Liberty the room was always there for her. Before leaving, Janet offered an apology to Brad and Katie for overreacting.

Alone in their new home, Katie and Brad discussed their new life with Liberty and Janet. Katie explained that she didn't trust Janet, but Brad reassured her that he could handle Janet. Katie wasn't sure and wanted Janet to leave them alone. Brad agreed that Janet was stressful, but insisted they should focus on the time they got to spend with one another in their new home.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At home, Noah looked through a drawer for his cell phone charger and instead found the letter his father had written to him months earlier asking for his forgiveness; it was the letter Noah had received a day before Ameera arrived in town but then had lost. Noah went to meet Luke at Java, taking the letter with him. Luke told Noah it was very strange that a letter that had gone missing when Ameera came to Oakdale had suddenly shown up again in a drawer in a house Noah wasn't even living in at the time he'd received the letter. Luke was positive Ameera must have something to do with it. Lucinda had given Luke a name and number of one of her contacts at the State Department, a man named Ben Coyle, and Luke thought they should call the man to find out more about Ameera.

Luke and Noah met with Mr. Coyle, who showed them a file on Ameera that backed up her story about the many kind things Noah's father had done for her family in Iraq. When Luke asked if Colonel Mayer had had any contact with Ameera after her mother died, Mr. Coyle said only the money transfers and the phone calls from prison, but no face-to-face contact in several years.

After the meeting, Luke and Noah walked through Old Town , and Luke pointed out that Mr. Coyle had said Ameera had been in town for several days before she approached Noah. Luke wondered whether Ameera had known Noah had gotten a letter from his father, and perhaps she had been following Noah around to find out if he'd be receptive to somebody who knew Colonel Mayer. Noah wasn't sure what was going on, but Luke thought they should find out. Noah thought they should ask Ameera directly.

Ameera returned to the cottage with a bag of groceries and found Colonel Mayer waiting for her inside. He told her not to be afraid, and he said he needed a favor from her. When Luke and Noah returned to the cottage, Ameera was gone. They found a note she had addressed to Noah, and Luke read the note to Noah as they lay down together on the bed. In the note, Ameera claimed to have found another way to stay in the United States and said she and Noah could seek an annulment when the time was right.

Luke pointed out that if Ameera was really gone, everything that had been keeping Noah and Luke apart was gone, too. Noah wasn't sure he could believe that, even though he wanted to. Luke said for the first time, it was just the two of them, and Noah asked if that was why his heart was beating so fast. Luke began to unbutton Noah's shirt and led him back into the bedroom. As they kissed on the bed, there was a loud knock on the door, and a man shouted, "State police-Open up!" Noah and Luke rushed to the door, where an Illinois state policeman told Noah that Colonel Mayer had escaped from custody earlier that morning.

Brad and Katie "christened" every room of their new house, which made Brad declare it the best home he'd ever had. Katie then left for work, while Brad said he would stay home and paint the living room. Katie went to the Lakeview to take Liberty to school, but Liberty was still in bed. Katie told Janet that she would be picking Liberty up from school, because Brad was home painting. Katie then left with Liberty, and Janet found her way into the kitchen at the Lakeview, so she could prepare a meal for Brad.

While driving Liberty to school, Katie told Liberty that she knew about Liberty's evening with Parker at the hotel the night Metro had its reopening. Katie told Liberty the room service bill had been enormous, and Katie said she would have to tell Brad about it. Liberty didn't think Brad would care. Katie said Brad would care because Liberty had broken the rules, specifically the one about not having visitors in her hotel room. Liberty said Parker was basically family, so he didn't count as a visitor.

Katie dropped Liberty off at school and then called Jack and asked him to meet her at WOAK. There, Katie told Jack that Parker had actually been with Liberty the night of the Metro party. Jack was disappointed to hear that news. Katie apologized, saying Liberty was basically just testing her and Brad.

Janet arrived at Brad and Katie's house bearing a dish of lasagna and pudding for dessert. A shirtless Brad was up on a ladder, painting, when Janet walked in. Janet asked why it was so hot in there, and Brad said he'd blown out the air conditioning when he was messing with some wiring. Janet took off her jacket, revealing the much sexier dress she was wearing under it, and asked Brad if he felt like having "a little Italian." Brad told Janet how beautiful she looked but said he had changed his ways and was happily married to Katie. Janet smacked Brad on the side of the head and told him she meant an Italian meal.

Janet then served Brad the lasagna and explained how she'd sweet-talked her way into the kitchen at the Lakeview. Katie walked in and saw Janet spooning pudding into Brad's mouth. Katie told Brad to put his shirt back on, and then she told him about Liberty and Parker's night at the hotel. When she mentioned that Liberty thought Brad would be okay with it because Parker was family, Brad said he could see Liberty's point about that, and Janet agreed with Brad. Janet then told Katie and Brad to pick their battles with Liberty carefully, saying that interfering with Liberty's friends was a battle they were sure to lose.

Janet told Katie she was sorry Katie hadn't gotten to try her lasagna. Janet told "Bradley" goodbye and said she would come back later to pick up the food trays. She left, and Katie said, "Oh, Bradley, we have a problem." Katie told Brad the next time he had guests, he'd better put his shirt on, and she said in the future, Janet would have to call first before coming over. Katie said she knew how to pick her battles, and Brad rushed to kiss her, then told her, "And you won."

Carly found a flyer in Parker's backpack and realized the school's spring dance was coming up soon. She asked Parker why he hadn't told her about the dance, and he said he wasn't even sure he was going to go to it. Carly said the school wanted to know whether she or Jack could chaperone. Jack arrived, and Carly showed him the flyer. Jack thought he and Carly should volunteer to chaperone together, but Carly said she wouldn't do anything that would give people the impression she and Jack were a "couple." Jack thought that was ridiculous, but Carly insisted she would chaperone on her own.

Holden and Lily found out about the spring dance when Faith asked if she could go. They said she could go provided there would be chaperones, and Lily asked if she and Holden should volunteer to serve in that capacity. Faith told them she didn't want them to do that, and Lily and Holden realized it was because Faith could see their relationship was rocky.

Carly dropped Parker off at school as Holden dropped off Faith. Carly then told Holden she was going to chaperone at the school dance. Holden said he and Lily had talked about doing that, too, but Lily had decided it was a bad idea under the circumstances. Carly talked Holden into being a chaperone with her, saying that way, she would know at least one friendly parent.

Liberty saw Parker at school and asked if he was going to the dance. He said he hadn't decided, and he walked away with a friend. Liberty caught up with them and asked again if Parker was going to go. Parker said yes, so Liberty said, "Cool deal. I'll see you there."

Lucinda visited Lily at the farm. After Lily told her mother how poorly things were going with Holden, Lucinda suggested that deciding not to serve as chaperones at the school dance had been a bad idea. Lucinda told Lily that a high school dance might be the perfect opportunity for Holden to fall in love with Lily all over again.

Lucinda left, and Holden returned to the farm. Lily told him she hadn't understood what he meant before when he'd said he wanted them to take things slowly. She said they both wanted things to be different, but they would have to do something to make that happen. Holden asked what Lily had in mind, and Lily said she thought they should chaperone the dance after all. She pointed out that it was Faith's first dance, which was a milestone for their daughter, and Lily thought they should both be there for it. Holden agreed.

Jack called Carly and told her he wasn't happy with the way things had gone that morning. He told Carly she couldn't tell him to keep his distance from Parker. Carly said that wasn't what their argument had been about, that it had been about her and Jack. Jack said he was going to chaperone the dance whether Carly liked the idea or not.

Carly called Holden to tell him that Jack had decided he was going to the dance after all. Holden said Lily had changed her mind, too. Carly thought that was great and made Holden promise to try to have a good time. Holden worried that Carly would be uncomfortable with Jack at the dance, but Carly assured him she was an adult and could take care of herself.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Lucinda's cottage, Noah and Luke were questioned by an Illinois State Trooper regarding Colonel Mayer's escape from jail. Noah described his last visit with his father at the prison and then listened as the trooper explained that the authorities believed the Colonel had help from outside. Upon hearing the policeman's theory, Noah wondered if Ameera might have been kidnapped by his father. Luke thought the idea was ridiculous and instead believed Ameera might have helped the Colonel break out. Noah was convinced Ameera might be his father's latest victim. Luke mentioned the letter Ameera had left for Noah that morning, and when the policeman asked to see it, Noah lied and said the letter Luke was talking about was from months earlier.

When the patrolman left, Luke asked Noah why he didn't hand over Ameera's letter. The two fought about Ameera's connection with Noah's father, and Noah insisted that Ameera was not involved in the Colonel's escape. Noah was certain Ameera would not aid the Colonel in anything illegal that might result in her being sent back to Iraq. Noah asked Luke to help him find Ameera. Noah located Ameera's cellular phone and saw that she had been making calls to New York. Luke looked the number up on-line and learned it was an address in Brooklyn. Noah wanted to go right away, but Luke said they needed to call the police. Noah said he could not risk Ameera being deported and sent Luke to check out the location while he stayed behind in case Ameera called. Luke kissed Noah goodbye and reassured him they would get through it together. Right after Luke left, Noah's phone rang and Ameera told him not to worry about her. When Noah started to ask Ameera questions, the line went dead. Noah immediately called the airlines for a flight to New York.

At Memorial, Alison was studying for class when Chris found her and offered to help her study again. Chris said he was available to be Alison's private tutor, and she accepted, but felt it was best if the two left the hospital separately to avoid any more gossip.

Alison arrived at Chris' room at the Lakeview, and the two got down to studying for Alison's next test. As Chris quizzed Alison about the skeletal system, he reached out and touched her rib cage, and Alison nervously jumped out of her seat. She said she had made a mistake in coming to Chris' room and started to leave, but Chris asked her to stay. Chris asked why Alison was so uncomfortable with him touching her and asked her if she had a "problem." Alison said her only problem was that Chris could not separate work and pleasure. Chris thought Alison's recent behavior indicated that she needed therapy. Chris told her that until she got professional help, they should not see one another, even as friends. Alison angrily agreed and left.

Casey and Emily continued having sex in Emily's office, but were interrupted when Tom knocked on Emily's door and demanded to see her. Emily hurriedly got dressed, as Casey hid under her desk wearing only his underwear. After hiding any evidence from their recent tryst, Emily opened the door and welcomed Tom in. Tom immediately commented that he wasn't there to talk about Casey, but needed to speak with her about their son, Daniel. Emily sat down at her desk and as Tom discussed Daniel's plans for his summer break, Casey kissed Emily's legs and did his best to distract her. Emily was unable to focus on what Tom was saying and asked him to leave the brochures for her to look over before deciding. Tom agreed to go, but as he left, turned and talked to Emily about Casey's tenure in her office. Emily admitted that she was wrong to fire Casey and would gladly welcome him back to his job. Under the desk, Casey was happy to hear Emily's declaration. Tom said he had to go, but before leaving, Tom remarked that Daniel worshipped Emily. Emily was happy and surprised to hear what Tom had to say.

Once Tom left, Casey popped up from under the desk and commented at how lucky they were that his father had not caught them. Emily looked flustered and told Casey that their affair needed to end. Emily said their relationship was self-destructive, but Casey kept trying to seduce her. Emily told him to get dressed and then told Casey she could not be involved with him anymore because it would jeopardize her relationship with her son. She insisted that if Tom found out she slept with Casey, he would take Daniel away from her for good.

Casey got dressed and asked Emily if she really meant he could have his job back. She said he could as long as he could be professional. Casey kept flirting with Emily and asked her what they would do if they "got that urge again." Emily refused to be tempted and Casey agreed to be a good employee and kissed Emily's hand.

Paul found Sofie in the BRO offices and said he was there to drop off the check to get her business started. Sofie was grateful for the start-up money and began to ask Paul for his advice. Paul said that Sofie should look to Barbara for any business guidance and he would only be a silent partner in her jewelry business. As the two continued to talk, Sofie became lightheaded and explained she had skipped lunch. Paul insisted that she take care of herself and invited her to dine with him. Sofie was overjoyed by Paul's invitation and eagerly accepted.

Paul took Sofie to lunch at the Lakeview and they discussed her future business ventures. Paul gave her a credit card and told her to pick out a dress for her next big party. Sofie commented that Paul made her feel like Cinderella, but she flirtatiously added that she only needed to find a prince. Once lunch was over, Paul bid Sofie goodbye, and she watched him leave, obviously disappointed that she couldn't entice him to spend more time with her.

In Old Town, Barbara was shopping, but, once outside the store, she became so tired that she needed to lean against a bench for support. Lisa was walking through town and saw Barbara looking exhausted. She stopped and asked Barbara if she was all right. Barbara reassured her she was fine, so Lisa went into her store, and Barbara defiantly carried on with her errands. Moments later, Barbara felt faint and had to steady herself against a wall. Meg saw Barbara looking wobbly and rushed to help her. Meg took Barbara to a bench and asked her if she was all right. Barbara insisted she was just lightheaded from missing a meal, but Meg wanted her to go to the hospital. Barbara convinced Meg to take her back to the Lakeview so she could rest and get a meal.

Back in Barbara's room, Meg helped Barbara get comfortable and Meg asked her again to get a nurse to look after her. Barbara said she would, but only if Meg was the one who took the job. Meg thought Barbara was offering her the position as a way to reunite her with Paul, but Barbara reassured her she only wanted to hire her as a nurse, and had no ulterior motives. Meg accepted the job, once Barbara guaranteed her that Paul wasn't behind the job offer. Meg told Barbara that she needed to rest for a few days to get her strength back and shouldn't work. Barbara agreed and phoned Sofie to tell her she was leaving town on business.

After leaving Sofie, Paul called his mother and questioned if she was really leaving town. When he couldn't get a straight answer out of Barbara on the phone, he went to her room, and when he saw Meg, asked Meg and Barbara to tell him what was going on. Meg said she had run into Barbara in Old Town and helped her home, and then quickly left the room.

Paul figured out Barbara was ill and wanted to know how sick she really was. Barbara admitted that she had hired Meg to help her through the rest of her treatments. Paul was shocked Barbara had hired Meg, but Barbara insisted she had done it for him. She explained that hiring Meg gave Barbara the nurse she needed and Paul the opportunity to win Meg back. Paul didn't want Barbara to manipulate Meg, but she insisted it was a win-win situation for everyone.

Paul phoned Meg at the farm and, to avoid the restraining order, he stood outside her door and told her about Barbara's plan to reunite them. He said he could not go along with Barbara's deception and wished Meg well. He reassured Meg he would get his mother another nurse and thanked Meg for her help. Meg looked out the window and saw Paul standing there. Meg was obviously conflicted about her feelings for Paul.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Liberty modeled her dress for the school dance for Katie and Brad, and then shooed them away for the newlyweds' "date night." Brad presented Katie with a romantic red rose as they left for their date. Janet shared her makeup with her daughter before walking her to Henry and Vienna's diner, the site of the dance.

At the farm, Lily found a bouquet of flowers from Holden and took it as a positive sign for their marriage. Unfortunately, when Holden returned, the two of them began arguing again. Faith told her mother that she did not want to go to the dance because she had a stomach ache, but Lily realized that the girl was upset with her parents' arguing. Lily assured her that she and Holden were trying to get their act together, and Faith agreed to go to the dance as planned.

JJ wanted to wear his dirty basketball shoes to the dance, but Carly and Jack nixed that. Parker appeared next, having doused himself with a great deal of cologne. Jack told Carly about Parker's episode at the Lakeview with Liberty and she confronted the boy about his chronic lying. Jack made Parker promise always to tell them where he was and with whom.

Henry mentioned to Vienna that he was going to see Gray Girard's lawyer in hopes of getting some remuneration from Girard's estate. Liberty arrived at the party and Henry introduced her to Vienna. One of Liberty's boy friends, Don, convinced the girl to leave the party with him. Henry left also and headed to the Lakeview to meet with Girard's attorney. Instead, however, he found Bonnie McKechnie standing in for that attorney. She told Henry he was not entitled to any of Girard's estate because the man had died without a will and Henry would have to sue and stand in line with the other creditors.

Katie and Brad went to the movies for their date, and who should end up sitting right next to them but Juicy Janet? That was too much for Katie who persuaded Brad to leave.

Jack and Carly arrived at the teen party to chaperone and met up with Lily and Holden. The two women compared notes about their men. At the dance, Parker missed Liberty and finally went outside to look for her. In his fantasy, he found her perched on a trashcan, waiting for him and giving him a kiss. In reality, he spied her in an alley making out with her friend, Don. Parker made a hasty exit.

Brad proposed a naked swim in the Snyder pond as an alternative date idea, and Katie agreed. As they headed out, they literally bumped into Parker who let it slip that something was up with Liberty. Brad guessed what his daughter was doing and threatened to find her and "kill the guy." Meanwhile, Don suggested to Liberty that they go somewhere more private for their kissing session.

Henry returned to the diner and told Vienna there would be no money forthcoming from Gray Girard's estate. Vienna was furious that it was her old nemesis, Bonnie, who delivered the news, and she left in a hurry to go confront the lawyer. Holden and Lily began another argument and Lily created quite a scene in front of all the teens. She yelled at Holden to "be her husband." Holden stomped out, and Carly ran after him. Jack tried to stop her, but Carly snapped back at him angrily.

Janet caught up with Katie and Brad, and the women attempted to calm Brad down. They decided to all go to Old Town to look for Liberty. They found her and saw she was all right, so the newlyweds left. As soon as they were alone, however, Janet slapped Liberty across the face. She berated her daughter for being stupid with a boy, before she broke down, sobbing.

Vienna accused Bonnie of representing scum like Gray Girard, but Bonnie told her that none of Girard's victims would receive a penny of his money. Vienna returned to the diner and realized that Henry was as much after revenge for Vienna's sleeping with Girard as he was after the money. Meanwhile, Bonnie went to bat with Girard's attorney of record to try to get some compensation for Henry, but she got fired for her efforts instead.

Carly finally caught up with Holden and offered to help. At the diner, Jack asked Lily to pull herself together for Faith's sake, but the girl was devastated at the show put on by her parents. She just wanted to go home. Jack found Parker outside on a bench, moping over Liberty, and took him home. He quizzed the boy about his disappearance during the dance, but the boy kept mum.

Brad discussed how he should handle the Liberty/boy situation with Katie. They were surprised when Liberty asked to go home with them and not Janet. The newlyweds agreed.

Lily asked Holden for forgiveness, and Jack promised Carly he would stop behaving badly around her.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lily made a big breakfast for her family, but Faith and Natalie told her they'd made plans to eat with a friend. They left, and Lily told Holden she'd just wanted to try to make up for the previous night. Holden told her not to try, saying Lily needed to give Faith time to forgive her, just as Lily should understand that Holden still needed time to work out his feelings. Lily told Holden he had to meet her halfway, but Holden told her not to push things. Lily asked how long it was going to take, and Holden said they needed to take things one day at a time.

Holden left the house, and Carly arrived to visit Lily. Carly could see things weren't going well for Lily, and Lily said she was on an emotional rollercoaster with Holden these days. Carly told Lily she could relate to that, having been through the same thing with Jack. Lily asked Carly how she had gotten past that, and Carly said by telling Jack to leave. Lily pointed out that Carly and Jack were permanently separated, and Carly agreed, but said at least she was in control of her own situation. Carly told Lily that Lily should make her own decisions and not let Holden dictate the terms of their relationship. Carly left as Holden came back into the house.

Holden asked Lily if she could stay at the farm to sign for a delivery later that day, but Lily told him she didn't plan to be at the farm. Lily told Holden she had decided to take the kids and move back home without him. Holden was taken aback by the announcement and asked what Lily meant by doing such a thing. Lily said it would give them the chance to deal with one another in small doses and perhaps find their way back to each other. Holden agreed but said he didn't want to force the decision on the kids.

Holden and Lily called the kids in for a family meeting, and Lily asked them if they'd like to move back to their own house. They all said yes, and then Holden told them he wouldn't be moving back with them. Faith asked if this meant Holden was never going to live with them again, and Holden replied that it was temporary, but if the kids didn't want them to do it, they wouldn't. Natalie asked her father if he would miss them, and he said of course, but he and Lily had decided it would be the best thing to do. The kids then agreed to the move and went upstairs with Lily to pack their things.

Holden left and went to see Carly. He asked Carly, "What the hell have you done to my family?" Carly told Holden she'd simply given Lily some advice. Holden said he and Lily were going to be living apart, and Carly pointed out that they really were living apart already. Holden said Carly hadn't done a very good job of keeping her own family together, and he said, "Don't help me with mine."

Noah called Luke from New York City and told him Ameera had called him, but they had been cut off. Luke and Noah then got cut off, but Noah called back and told Luke he was at the address they had gotten from Ameera's cell phone. He said the building appeared to be abandoned. Noah asked Luke to contact Agent Coyle to find out if there was anything else he could tell them about Ameera and Noah's dad. Luke wanted Noah to come home but agreed to talk to Agent Coyle.

Luke met with Agent Coyle and told him about Noah's suspicions that Colonel Mayer had perhaps kidnapped Ameera and taken her to New York. Agent Coyle said the colonel had no connections in New York that he was aware of, and he thought the whole idea of Mayer kidnapping someone while a prison escapee was ridiculous. Coyle left, and Luke called Noah and told him he thought Coyle might know more than he was telling him. Luke asked Noah to come back to Oakdale, but the call was dropped; Luke tried again to reach Noah, and when the call went unanswered, Luke decided to go to New York. Luke found Noah at the abandoned building they had talked about and told Noah he was there to help Noah find out what was going on.

Colonel Mayer was alone with Ameera in the abandoned building. When Ameera questioned him, asking why he needed her help, Colonel Mayer asked her to keep trusting him, the way she'd done in Iraq. He gave Ameera a cup of tea that he had prepared for her, and after a moment, Ameera collapsed on the bed, drugged by something in the tea. Colonel Mayer made a phone call to Agent Coyle and asked if Coyle had "the papers," saying he had "the girl." Agent Coyle asked if Colonel Mayer knew that Noah was in New York. Mayer was shocked to hear his son was in town but said Noah wouldn't be a problem. Ameera, pretending to be asleep, listened to the colonel's end of the conversation.

Brad and Katie were eating breakfast at home when Liberty came into the room and told them she had decided she wanted to live with them instead of with her mom. When Brad asked why, Liberty said her mother was not a good influence on her and wasn't capable of placing the kinds of restrictions on her that teenagers need. Katie saw through that spiel and asked Liberty if she and Janet had had a fight. Liberty admitted that she and her mother had fought but said that wasn't anything unusual. Brad agreed with Liberty that he could keep a better eye on her if she was living with him and Katie. Katie agreed that might be the case, and Liberty jumped at that opening and thanked Katie and Brad for agreeing to let her live with them.

Janet arrived and told Liberty she was there to take her home. Liberty said she wasn't going anywhere with her mom, and she told Janet she had decided to live with her dad and Katie. Janet said she hadn't meant she was taking Liberty home for good, and Brad suggested Liberty go get dressed so he and Katie could speak to Janet. When Liberty left the room, Janet accused Brad and Katie of trying to take her daughter away from her, but they assured her that wasn't true. Brad said Janet could see Liberty any time she wanted to, but Janet said that might be difficult, because she couldn't afford to stay in the Lakeview or to get a decent place near Brad's house. Brad then offered to continue paying for Janet's suite for as long as she needed it, which made Janet very happy.

Janet went to use the bathroom, and Katie told Brad he was being too generous with Janet and was letting himself be played. Janet overheard the last part of Katie's argument with Brad about letting other people find happiness on Brad's dime. Janet interrupted them and excused herself, saying she had to leave. When Liberty came back out, Katie and Brad told her Janet had left. Liberty started to leave the house, and Brad asked where she was going. After retorting that she was going to rob a store and steal a car, Liberty said she was planning to meet a friend for a hamburger. Brad told Liberty to make sure her cell phone was on, and after Liberty left, he told Katie he thought he was getting pretty good at the parenting thing. Katie said Brad was cute when he was being clueless.

Janet went to Al's Diner, where she saw a sign in the window advertising a waitressing position. She went inside and asked Vienna for the job, telling her she had waitressing experience in addition to having been a line cook at a diner. Vienna took a liking to Janet and hired her on the spot. Janet then made a formal introduction, giving her full name. Jack, who was eating breakfast, stood up and asked if Janet was Liberty's mom. Janet said she was and asked how Jack knew her daughter. Jack explained he was Brad's brother, which made him Liberty's uncle. When Vienna realized Janet was Brad's Janet, she withdrew the job offer. Janet was shocked and asked how Vienna knew Brad. Vienna said Brad was married to her best friend. Janet pointed out that her own relationship with Brad had been many years ago, but Vienna still refused to hire her. Janet became angry with Jack, because he was the one who told Vienna who she was and cost her the job.

Jack went to Brad and Katie's house and told Katie about his encounter with Janet. He apologized and offered to do whatever Katie thought he should do to help Janet get the job. Katie said she was glad Janet hadn't been hired, because that would have kept her in Oakdale longer. Meanwhile, Janet went to WOAK and told Brad about what happened at Al's. Brad told Janet he would take care of it. Brad went to see Henry and asked him to convince Vienna to hire Janet because it would help him and Katie. Henry spoke to Vienna and got her to agree to hire Janet after all. Katie went to WOAK, where Brad told her what he'd done to get Janet hired at Al's. Katie was upset, telling Brad he had just ensured that Janet would stay in Oakdale for the foreseeable future.


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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