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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bob called Meg and asked her to come to Memorial right away. Meg arrived a short time later and learned that someone on the hospital's board was pushing for her to be reinstated. Meg explained to Bob that she hadn't asked for anyone to argue on her behalf, but was pleased to hear the hospital was reconsidering hiring her back as a nurse. Bob offered Meg her old job back, but before Meg accepted she wanted to know who had spoken up for her. Bob refused to tell Meg who had lobbied on her behalf. Meg figured it must have been Barbara who had defended her, so she didn't press Bob any further, but happily decided to return to nursing at Memorial.

At Barbara's suite at the Lakeview, Paul tended to his mother after her latest treatment. Barbara and Paul discussed Paul's relationship with Meg, and Barbara encouraged her son to keep trying to win Meg back. A phone call from Sofie interrupted their conversation. Barbara had lied to Sofie and told her she was in New York on business, and Sofie was feeling overwhelmed by her new jewelry line and had called Barbara to find out when she would be returning. Barbara told Sofie she was busy and hung-up, but was worried about Sofie's progress, and asked Paul to check in on Sofie. Barbara warned her son to be careful of Sofie's feelings for him. She worried that any encouragement from Paul could make Sofie's affection grow. Paul reassured his mom that he could handle Sofie and asked Barbara to focus on taking care of herself.

Aaron found Alison sitting at Java and noticed she looked depressed. He asked Alison what was wrong and she told him that Chris thought she was crazy. Alison said she wanted to be in a relationship with Chris, but with all the pressure of the nursing program, she was feeling overwhelmed. Alison explained how she had jumped away from Chris when he tried to touch her while they studied and how she felt uncomfortable whenever he got too close. Alison worried that without Chris tutoring her, she wouldn't be able to pass her exams. Aaron saw Meg walk into Java and asked his aunt if she would be willing to tutor Alison. Meg told them she just got her job back at the hospital, but could help in her spare time. Alison was happy to hear that Meg would lend a hand and agreed to meet her at the farm.

At Memorial, Chris searched the halls looking for Alison and learned from one of the nurses that Alison was in class all week. Bob noticed Chris looking frustrated and asked his son what was wrong. Chris told his dad that he had not been able to reach Alison since he had told her to get therapy. Bob laughed at Chris's latest relationship mistake and suggested that his connection with Alison might just be suffering from bad timing. Chris said he really wanted to help Alison, so Bob encouraged his son to apologize again.

Alison went to the hospital to pick up her books and ran into Chris. He tried to ask for her forgiveness, but Alison was reluctant to listen. Alison finally gave Chris the chance to say sorry and listened as he agreed to be patient with her. Alison was happy to hear everything Chris had to say and said she would give their relationship another chance. She told him she had a new tutor and was glad they would be able to keep their work and personal lives separate.

Meg went to Barbara's room and shared her good news about getting her job back. Meg knew Barbara was behind her rehiring and thanked her. As Barbara got up to get them coffee, she had to grab the couch for support and Meg realized that Barbara was not feeling well. Meg demanded that Barbara lie down and let Meg care for her. Meg warned Barbara that she needed to take better care of herself and that she was in desperate need of some rest. Meg decided to wait around to make sure Barbara took a nap.

Paul arrived at Sofie's studio to check in on her. He looked over the pieces in the jewelry line and the two discussed a special necklace she named "Midnight Secret." Paul thought naming each item would be great for marketing and asked Sofie to tell him the story behind the necklace. Paul helped Sofie put the necklace on and then, in an obvious attempt to flirt with him, she quickly grabbed his hand and put it over the pendant as she told him the tale she had created. Paul advised Sofie that if she came up with a story for each piece she would easily sell her line out in no time. Sofie was excited by Paul's support and decided to take Paul's suggestion and create scrolls for every item in the collection. Paul explained he had to go take care of some other work, and Sofie was annoyed that Paul was not staying with her. Sofie kept working on all the stories and began to fantasize that Paul had returned to the office to seduce her. She was quickly jolted back to reality and realized she was alone.

Paul arrived at Barbara's suite to check on his mother and found Meg asleep on the couch. He woke her by gently brushing her hair away from her check and then told her he was happy to find her there. Meg filled Paul in on why she was there and the two shared an easy reunion. Paul saw Barbara was sound asleep and offered to drive Meg home.

Alison arrived at the farm to study with Meg and found that Aaron had set up the kitchen with her favorite treats to keep her motivated. Meg arrived a short time later with Paul and before he left he thanked her for taking care of Barbara. Meg said it was just her job, but Paul told her it was a reflection of the good person she really was. Meg couldn't help but smile at Paul's compliment and the two said good-bye.

Casey brought Emily some paperwork in her office and the two had an awkward encounter because Casey was unable to stop staring longingly at Emily. She tried to get Casey to focus on work, but he kept pursuing Emily. Casey told Emily that he couldn't get her and the night they spent together out of his head. Emily reminded Casey that they had agreed to be professional and handed him his paycheck in the hope of getting his mind back on his job. When Casey saw the check and the taxes that had been taken out, he remarked that it wasn't enough money. Casey told Emily he needed to pay money back he had taken from the Lakeview. He explained that he only stole the money to repay a debt from prison and that he wanted to make things right at the Lakeview and with the guy who had been fired for taking the money. Emily said she would give Casey a loan to pay Lisa back, but only if he agreed to tell Lisa the truth. Casey did not want to tell his grandmother everything, but Emily told him he needed to come clean to clear his conscience. Casey thought Emily was trying to get him sent back to jail, but she said she wanted to see him be a good man and didn't think Lisa would send her grandson back to jail. Casey agreed with everything Emily said, took the money, and left to see Lisa.

Casey found Lisa in the Lakeview's bar and handed her the envelope with the money in it. He told his grandmother about stealing the money, and Lisa wanted to know how he was able to pay it back. Casey explained that Emily had loaned him the money. Lisa told him that the money did not wipe the slate clean, and she was upset to learn what Casey had done. Lisa said that Casey needed to tell his mom and dad the truth, but Casey begged her to keep his thievery between them. Lisa said she didn't want to lie to Tom and Margo and she would have to think about it.

Casey returned to Emily's office and told her that he believed Lisa was planning to talk to his parents about his taking the money. Emily reassured Casey he had done the right thing by telling Lisa and he agreed that he needed to face the consequences. Emily saw Casey was worried about going back to jail and comforted him with a hug.

Alone in the bar, Lisa considered her options in dealing with Casey and decided she had to tell Tom and Margo. She phoned Tom and asked him to meet her right away to talk about Casey.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lisa went to Tom and Margo's house and told them Casey had told her he had stolen money from the lounge at the Lakeview. She said Casey had paid her back with money he borrowed from Emily. Casey arrived home, too late to tell his parents about the situation himself. Lisa left, after telling them all that she loved them. When Tom and Margo asked why Casey had stolen the money from Lisa, he told them he had needed it to pay the guard who had helped him and Matt get an early release from prison. Margo and Tom were shocked to hear that. Margo angrily told Casey that if this were anyone else, they would be in booking by now. Casey told Margo to go ahead and arrest him if that was what she needed to do.

Casey told them that nothing he could say would matter; only what he did mattered. Tom agreed. Margo told Casey she wouldn't arrest him, but he would have to enroll in college again so he could try to get his life back together, and if he had one more screw up, she would arrest him. Casey said he didn't understand how being forced into college would help him learn to take responsibility for his own life. Tom said it was a choice they were giving him, and it was the only one Casey would get for a long time.

Casey told his parents he didn't believe he needed school, and he said his job was the right thing for him at that point in time. He could see that Margo was angry in part because of his current connection to Emily, and Margo said that Emily had committed a crime by giving Casey money to help cover up his previous crime. That angered Casey even more, and he told his parents he would live his life the way he saw fit and not be blackmailed into living it the way they wanted him to. He stormed out of the house.

Tom and Margo tried to comfort one another about what had happened with Casey. Margo told Tom she had to follow through on her threat, or Casey would lose whatever respect he still had for her. Margo wondered how she could ever face her coworkers at the police station in light of what her sons had become. Tom told Margo they would get through it together.

Casey went to see Emily and told her what his parents had said. When he said he had turned down their offer of college instead of prison, Emily asked, "Casey, have you lost your mind?" She told him his parents were throwing him a lifeline, and he should take it. Casey said that would mean the end of his relationship with Emily, but Emily said there was no relationship to end and that she had meant it when she had told him it was over between them.

Casey returned to his parents' house and told them he would sign up for a full summer load of college courses. When Tom asked what had made Casey change his mind, Casey replied, "Emily."

Margo went to see Emily and thanked her for having gotten through to Casey. Emily said she thought Margo had been the one who had gotten through, that she herself had just given Casey a little extra shove. Margo thanked her for that and promised to try to not be so hard on Emily in the future, for Daniel's sake. Emily asked Margo if she really would have had Casey arrested, and Margo said yes. Emily said she thought Casey knew that, but she also thought it wasn't the reason Casey had agreed to go back to college; Emily thought Casey had made that decision because he loved his parents.

Tom asked Casey if he wanted to get therapy or counseling, but Casey said no, he was confident he would never make the same mistake again. Tom told Casey that he loved him and that nothing could ever change that, but he said he would not let Margo "sacrifice who she is as a person to protect you one more time," and that "if something like this happens again, you're out of here."

At Lily's house, the lights flickered and then went out completely. Lily tried to fix the problem but couldn't, so she called Holden. Holden couldn't find the problem either but managed to get the power back on with a backup generator. He then offered to take the girls out to Al's for dinner and bring something back for Lily. Lily agreed, and the girls left with their dad.

Lucinda came to visit Lily and told her she was out of her mind for having left the farm and Holden behind. Despite Lily's explanation that it was her way of trying to put her family back together, Lucinda didn't understand and kept telling Lily she was crazy for leaving Holden and potentially giving Holden the idea that she had given up on their marriage. Lily, upset, told Lucinda, "If I can live without Holden, I sure as hell can live without you!" Lily said Lucinda had no idea how bad things had gotten. She told her mother she was fighting hard to get back what she and Holden once had, and she was afraid it might be too late.

At Carly's house, Parker got ready for a movie date with a girl from school named Ashley. Carly was surprised to hear about the date and told Parker she would have to call the girl's mother to make sure it was okay with her (and to make sure Parker was telling the truth about where he was going). Carly and Sage took Parker to Old Town and dropped him off for his date.

Liberty put her foot out and tripped Parker and said that was payback for him having ratted her out to her parents. Parker said he was tired of Liberty getting him into trouble, but she said he didn't need to rat on her about kissing Dylan. Parker said he hadn't told anyone about what Liberty and Dylan had been doing, and Liberty thought that because Parker couldn't even bring himself to say "making out," it meant Parker had never even kissed a girl yet. Parker told Liberty that was none of her business.

Ashley arrived, and she and Parker went to the movie. Liberty sat several rows behind them and kept throwing popcorn at them. Ashley ignored her, but Parker had a harder time doing so. Parker started to put his arm behind Ashley, but Liberty slurped loudly through her straw, which made Parker jump and knock over his popcorn. He wanted to leave, but Ashley said they should stay.

After the movie, Parker and Ashley sat at a table outside in Old Town, sipping their sodas and discussing the movie. Ashley spotted her mom and said she had to leave. Parker said he had had a great time and asked if they could do it again sometime; Ashley said maybe. Liberty walked up after Ashley left and told Parker the least Ashley could have done was kiss Parker, considering he'd paid for her movie, but Parker said he hadn't bought Ashley's ticket. Liberty told Parker he was clueless and that his next date with Ashley, if there was one, would end the same way this one had. Parker told Liberty to mind her own business, and she left.

Holden, Faith, and Natalie ran into Carly and Sage at Al's Diner. The girls wanted to get a table of their own so they could talk about the Jonas Brothers, and Carly offered to sit with them so Holden wouldn't have to share a table with her. Holden insisted he and Carly sit together instead. As the girls talked, Carly could see that Sage was looking uneasy and correctly assumed the girls were talking about riding horses at the upcoming summer camp. She explained to Holden that Sage was actually afraid of horses, and Holden offered to help Sage get over that fear.

Sage came to the table, and Holden told her he would introduce her to a horse at the farm named Coltrane and would help her make friends with the horse and learn to not be afraid. Holden said they could get started the next day, and Sage was happy. Sage then asked if Faith and Natalie could come home with her and listen to her new CD. Carly and Holden agreed, and Sage went to tell her cousins the good news. Carly asked Holden about his horse named Coltrane, and Holden said, "Very smooth, very cool-like me!"

Carly and Holden drank a beer out on Carly's porch and talked. They agreed to forget about what had happened the day before, when Lily had moved out of the farm in part because of Carly's advice. Holden said they could drop that subject after he apologized to Carly for having been too hard on her. She made a witty remark about offering relationship advice, and Holden asked if one-liners were her defense mechanism. Carly said Holden had figured her out pretty quickly, but Holden said he didn't think anyone had ever figured Carly out. Carly said that was probably true, herself included.

Carly shivered, and Holden gave her his jacket. Carly then told Holden she could tell he was going through hell, and she asked him to talk to her, or talk to someone. He told Carly he was surprised at how far things had gone with him and Lily. He said he wasn't connecting with Lily anymore and didn't know how that could improve since she had moved back home. Carly said maybe things had to get really bad before they could start getting better, but Holden wasn't sure about that.

Holden decided it was time to leave, and he thanked Carly for listening. He took the girls back to Lily's. Lily invited Holden to stay for a cup of coffee, but Holden said he had an early day coming up and would have to decline the offer. Meanwhile, back at Carly's, Carly realized she was still wearing Holden's jacket. She pulled the jacket tighter around her and smiled.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Out at the stables, Holden readied the horses for Sage's riding lesson. Carly arrived alone a short time later and explained that Sage was still too nervous to ride. Holden needed to exercise the horses and invited Carly to take a ride with him. Carly accepted and the two left for an afternoon ride. Later, they stopped to rest the horses and take a break, but when they were ready to return home, Holden noticed his horse had hurt her leg and thought it would be best to walk her back. Carly insisted that Holden ride with her on the return. Holden saddled up behind Carly and the two rode back towards the stables, and as the ride became cozier, Holden and Carly seemed unsure of their feelings for one another. Were they just good friends or was something more beginning to develop between them. During the ride Carly offered Holden advice to get his relationship with Lily back on track. When they finally arrived back at the stables, Holden helped Carly off the horse. The two shared a quick romantic glance, but Holden suddenly walked away. After their awkward encounter, Holden backed out of Sage's next lesson and Carly left.

Meg arrived at the Lakeview to check on Barbara and ran into Paul in the lobby. He explained that Barbara was back at work, but he was happy to see her. Paul told Meg he was an investor in Barbara and Sofie's jewelry company and he invited Meg to attend the company's launch party. Meg was unenthusiastic about attending a party for Sofie, but Paul guaranteed her that he wanted her there. Paul continued to try to convince Meg that he had changed and regretted sleeping with Sofie, but Meg was sure that Sofie still had feelings for Paul. Paul said that once Sofie's jewelry line took off, she would be successful and wouldn't have time for him. Meg told Paul she couldn't give him an answer until she took care of something and she left.

Meg returned a short time later and got ready to tell Paul where she had been, when Mike arrived and started yelling at Paul to stay away from Meg. Meg interrupted Mike and told him and Paul that she had just come from having the restraining order rescinded. Meg pulled Mike off to the side and tried to explain why she had lifted the order, but Mike was not convinced it was a good idea. Paul thanked Meg for her faith in him and left to take care of the party planning with the hotel caterer.

Once alone, Mike told Meg he thought she had made a big mistake. Meg insisted her gut was telling her that Paul had changed, but Mike could not be swayed by Meg. Paul returned briefly and told Mike he wanted to prove to him that he had changed. Paul invited Mike to Sofie's party and said it would be a good business opportunity to meet buyers for the farm properties. After Paul left, Meg asked Mike to go with her to the party and promised him it would be fun. Mike was not sure he wanted to go and continued to explain to Meg that he did not trust Paul. Meg said she understood and explained to Mike that even though she had dropped the restraining order, it didn't mean she would be going back to Paul. Mike asked Meg if she was using him to get back with Paul, but Meg convinced Mike she was going to the party with him and not Paul and that he could consider it a date. With that news, Mike happily accepted.

Barbara came into the studio and found Sofie hard at work on her line. Sofie wanted to know if Paul would be attending the party and Barbara reassured her that Paul would be there, but said Sofie would be too busy supporting her jewelry line to even talk to Paul. Sofie seemed disappointed that she would not have time for Paul, but looked forward to impressing him with her jewelry. Sofie insisted that her relationship with Paul was strictly professional, but her smile said she hoped to mix business and pleasure.

Barbara and Sofie arrived at the Lakeview and found Paul in the lobby. Barbara and Paul discussed the party plans as Sofie gazed longingly at Paul. To everyone's surprise, Paul told Barbara and Sofie that he had invited Meg and Mike to the party and Sofie's happy demeanor took a sudden turn. Sofie asked Paul why he had invited Meg and she wondered if it bothered him that Mike and Meg were attending together. Paul said he didn't have a problem with Mike and Meg going together and Sofie was happy to hear Paul's claim.

Mike went to Al's to have dinner and talk with Henry. Mike told Henry he was planning on dating Meg. Henry was not happy with the news and tried to convince Mike that he shouldn't mess with Paul's girl. Henry warned his friend to be careful.

Chris met Brenda, the head of the nursing school, at Java and asked how Alison was doing in the nursing program. Brenda assured Chris that Alison had passed her latest exams, but Brenda was not confident that Alison had the aptitude to finish the nursing program. Chris was certain that Alison could complete the program and would be an excellent nurse, but Brenda was not convinced. He rushed out of Java to find Alison.

Alison arrived at the hospital and learned from her friend Amy that she passed her latest nursing exam. She was overjoyed with the news and left Aaron a message to thank him for his help. Chris arrived a short time later and invited Alison out to Yo's for a celebratory diet soda and she accepted.

Chris and Alison went to Yo's and Alison remarked that she was proud she had passed her test on her own. When the two started playing blindfolded darts, it didn't take more than a few throws before Alison managed to hit Chris in the arm. Alison took Chris back to his room to tend to his dart wound.

At the Lakeview, Alison helped Chris off with his shirt and then started to bandage up his arm. Chris complimented Alison on her nursing skills and she jokingly asked if he wanted her to "kiss his boo-boo." Chris happily accepted and Alison and Chris began to kiss passionately. The two fell into bed and when Chris started to take off Alison's clothes she freaked out and jumped out of bed. Alison apologized for letting things get out of hand, but this time Chris was annoyed with Alison. Chris was convinced that Alison was trying to punish him for sleeping with Emily and lashed out at Alison's ability to have sex on camera, but not with someone who cared about her. Alison was devastated by Chris's accusation and ran from the room.

After her fight with Chris, Alison went to the farm to talk to Aaron. He knew right away that Alison was crying because of Chris. Alison told Aaron everything and explained that even she did not understand why she could not sleep with Chris. Aaron was outraged at Chris's angry outburst and told Alison that she may not be interested in sleeping with Chris, simply because she really does not care enough for him. Alison agreed that her feelings for Chris might have changed. With that problem solved, Alison remarked that she was exhausted and Aaron invited her to stay the night at the farm. Aaron tucked Alison into bed and watched her sleep.

In the meantime, Chris went to Memorial to get a tetanus shot and ran into Susan who wanted to know what was going on. Chris vented to Susan that things with Alison were always so confusing, but Susan was not convinced that everything was Alison's fault. Susan wanted to talk with Alison, but Chris told her he had no idea where she was and no longer cared to know.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Luke and Noah arrived at the designated spot in New York City, but they could find no sign of either Agent Coyle or Noah's father. The boys wondered again why Colonel Mayer had taken Ameera with him. A street musician approached Noah and told him to ditch Luke and then he would give Noah a message. Noah was suspicious, but the street player told him he was to go downtown alone or the whole deal was off. Luke saw Noah talking to the musician, but when queried, Noah gave his friend an excuse and tried to get the two of them to search separately. Luke vowed he would not let Noah out of his sight but Noah assured him that he would be careful and keep in touch by texting. He argued that they had to do things the way they had been instructed.

In his hideout, Colonel Mayer awakened a sleepy Ameera and gave her more tea laced with a sleeping medicine. Ameera quickly poured the tea out while the Colonel was not looking and feigned sleep again as the Colonel left after making a phone call.

At Memorial, Meg finished her first shift since being back at work and got into a discussion with Chris Hughes about his troubles with Alison. She told Chris that Alison had spent the night at the Snyder Farm with Aaron. Chris left for the farm and surprised Alison and Aaron having a late breakfast. Chris asked to speak to Alison alone, but Aaron would not allow that. Alison berated Chris for his attitude towards her the last time they were together and Chris stormed out, very angry.

Meg discovered that the dress she was going to wear to Sofie's jewelry party was missing from her hospital locker. Mike showed up and volunteered to take her shopping and even offered to pay for a new dress. Meg was reluctant to accept the offer, but did agree to go look for a suitable dress. She found a lovely black one, and Mike overcame her objections and paid for it.

Barbara unveiled a special placard announcing Sofie's jewelry collection and took her upstairs to her suite where a hairdresser began working on the girl. In her fantasy, Sofie put on her dress in front of Paul. Meanwhile Paul found his mother in the bar at the Lakeview and Barbara warned him about making any sort of a scene at the party, especially one involving Meg.

Sofie was putting on her dress when Paul walked in unexpectedly. She asked him to zip her dress as she had in her fantasy. Paul found the price list he had come to get and escorted Sofie down to the party. Paul welcomed the guests and introduced Sofie and her collection. Mike and Meg arrived, and Paul greeted them and complimented Meg on her dress.

At the place where the street musician had sent Noah, Colonel Mayer grabbed his son and kept him moving. Mayer told Noah that he was taking Ameera away and that Noah and his "friend" would be free of them and could live their own lives. Noah tried to stop his father, who said that Noah was not man enough to accomplish that. He yelled at Noah to take his "fairy friend" and go back to Oakdale because Ameera was coming with him.

Meg and Barbara chatted at the party about Meg's relationship with Mike, who had to leave suddenly to handle a crisis at the construction site. Paul offered to show Meg the rest of the jewelry when Meg noticed that Barbara was looking exhausted. She decided to take Barbara upstairs to her suite for a rest and Barbara agreed. Meg sent Barbara off to the bedroom to recoup and was surprised to see Paul come in. Paul told Meg he would like very much to kiss her, and Meg acquiesced by her silence. They shared a kiss and Paul acted like a gentleman. The two of them went back to the party where Paul urged Sofie to speak to the guests about her jewelry designs. Sofie enjoyed the attention but was disappointed when Paul refused to stay and celebrate her success with her.

Back at the farm, Aaron and Alison thrashed out Alison's problems with Chris. She was hurt by how he had treated her the last time they had been together and finally told Aaron that she was finished with Chris for good.

In New York, Luke spotted Ameera on the street. She told him how the Colonel had drugged her tea and explained about the phone call she had overheard in which Mayer had mentioned travel plans that included her. Luke sent a text message to Noah who did not respond.

Colonel Mayer and Noah argued, and Mayer hit his son and knocked him to the pavement. Noah's phone broke when it hit the cement, and Mayer ran off. While Ameera and Luke were discussing their options, a police patrolman walked by and Luke grabbed him and told him his friend, Ameera, needed help, and the officer took her away. Luke then spied Noah on the street and quickly filled him in on his finding Ameera. Luke told Noah his wife was safe in police custody, and Noah reluctantly told his friend that his father had physically hurt him.

At the hospital, the director of the nursing program found Chris and told him that even though Alison had barely passed the written exam, she was decidedly sub-par in her clinical lab skills. Chris intimated that perhaps Alison was over her head in the nursing program, and the director pressed him about what he was really saying. Was he suggesting that Alison should be dropped from the program? Chris told her to do what she thought best.

Colonel Mayer called Noah, whose phone was working again, and demanded to know where Ameera was. Noah told him she was in police custody, and his father threatened that if Noah did not have Ameera at Pier 17 the next day at noon, both Noah and Luke would die.

Mike found Meg at the farm and asked her to dinner, but Meg told him she had to decline because she had come to the realization that she was still in love with Paul. Meanwhile, Paul returned to Fairwinds where he was surprised by Sofie, who promptly expressed her gratitude for the party and peeled off her dress.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Paul explained to a barely dressed Sofie that he wasn't attracted to her the way she wanted him to be. Sofie refused to accept that and kissed Paul, who pushed her away and told her she needed to get dressed and leave. Sofie ranted that she loved Paul and he loved her. Paul was shocked to hear her say so and assured her she was badly mistaken. Sofie then tried to blame Meg for Paul's attitude, saying Paul was holding out false hope that Meg would come back to him.

Paul told Sofie that she was an amazing young woman, but he was interested in her only from a business perspective. Sofie began crying, telling him everything she'd done had been to get Paul to notice her, to see her in a different light. Sofie said all the success in the world didn't matter if Paul wasn't there to share it with her. Paul told her he couldn't be that person for her because he was in love with Meg. Sofie said she would leave Paul alone on one condition: that he make love to her one more time.

Paul couldn't believe Sofie would even suggest such a thing and asked, "Don't you have any pride?" Sofie replied, "Not where you're concerned." Paul told Sofie she needed to get dressed and get out of his house; when she stood there doing nothing, he said, "Fine, if you won't leave, I will. Don't be here when I get back!" Paul left, and Sofie went berserk, tearing up the living room and knocking things over. She found a picture of Paul and Meg and hit the glass repeatedly with her hand, shattering the glass and cutting herself in the process.

When Meg told Mike she still loved Paul, Mike warned her that by her own admission, nothing good had ever come of her involvement with Paul Ryan. Mike then reminded Meg that Sofie was in love with Paul and was still in the picture. Meg said Paul had made it quite clear that he wasn't interested in Sofie; Mike asked if Paul had figured that out before or after he'd slept with Sofie. Meg said Paul felt bad about that and that Sofie knew Paul had been using her to get over Meg. Mike asked if that was what Meg was doing by going out with him: trying to get over Paul. Meg said she hadn't been using Mike, she just hadn't realized how she still felt about Paul. Mike said he didn't want to become involved with someone who was in love with someone else, and he asked if they could be friends. Meg said, "I hope so," and they hugged.

Mike asked Meg if she had told Paul how she felt, and she said she had been about to do that when Mike arrived. Mike told her to go ahead and not let him stop her. Meg thanked him and left. Paul arrived at the farm after Meg left and found Mike there. Mike told Paul that Meg was probably halfway to Paul's house. Meanwhile, Meg walked into Fairwinds and found the room destroyed and Sofie huddled on the floor, her hands bleeding. Sofie tried to tell Meg that she and Paul were a couple, but Meg said she didn't believe her. Sofie said if Paul loved Meg, he wouldn't have made love to Sofie "the way he did tonight, over and over and over again." Meg told Sofie she was lying, but Sofie said Meg was lying to herself, because Paul loved Sofie and wanted to be with her. Meg walked out of Fairwinds, leaving Sofie shouting after her.

Mike asked Paul to answer one question for him before going after Meg: had Paul really changed into someone Meg could count on? Paul told Mike he didn't have to answer, and Mike left. Meg arrived and told Paul she had found Sofie and that Sofie had claimed she and Paul had made love that evening. Paul said Sofie was lying and was delusional. Meg wasn't sure if she should believe Paul or not. Paul assured her he was telling her the truth, and he explained what had happened and why he had left Sofie there alone. Meg then told Paul that Sofie had been very dramatic, and she described the scene when she had found Sofie lying on the floor at Fairwinds. She told Paul she had offered to look at Sofie's cuts, but Sofie had said all she needed was Paul. Paul said he had made it perfectly clear that he was not an option for Sofie.

Paul returned to Fairwinds, where he found Sofie on the floor. Sofie was happy to see Paul, telling him she'd known he would come back. Meg walked in, and Sofie asked what she was doing there. Paul said Meg had been concerned about Sofie's wounds, and they thought she should get medical attention. Sofie said she wasn't going anywhere with Meg, and she asked Paul how he could do this to her. Sofie grabbed her things and ran from the room. Paul tried to follow her but returned and told Meg that Sofie had run across the field.

Meg told Paul she thought there was more going on with Sofie than they had realized, and Paul said that Sofie seeing him and Meg together probably hadn't helped. Meg said that was particularly true since Sofie had thought Meg and Paul had been "over" a long time ago. Paul asked if Meg was saying that they weren't over, but Meg said it wasn't the best time to discuss that. Paul said Mike had told him that Meg wanted to talk to him, and Paul asked if there was something Meg wanted to tell him. Meg said, "I wanted to say, I love you." Paul said that was more than he could ever have hoped for, and he kissed Meg. Paul told Meg no one would ever come between them again.

Mike found Sofie in the lobby of the Lakeview. Seeing her disheveled appearance and her bloody hands, he stopped and said, "You're hurt!" Sofie broke down into tears. Mike told Sofie she had to tell him what had happened and who had hurt her. Sofie looked at Mike and lied, "I was raped."

Brad and Katie got ready to go out to dinner, alone, but overheard Liberty lying to her mother because Liberty didn't want to have dinner with Janet. Brad told Liberty not to be so hard on her mother, because Janet was trying to come to terms with sharing her with Brad and Katie instead of being a single mom. Katie asked if Janet had done something to make Liberty mad, and Liberty remembered Janet slapping her at Oldtown after finding out Liberty had been kissing a boy. Liberty said yes, Janet had made her mad, but she didn't tell Brad and Katie what Janet had done. Brad said Janet was obviously reaching out to Liberty, and he thought Liberty should meet her halfway. At Al's Diner, Janet flirted with a customer named Bud, who asked her to join him for a drink after she got off work. Janet declined, saying she was taking a break from the dating game. Liberty showed up at the diner and overheard the customer flirting with Janet. Liberty walked out of the diner, unseen by her mom. Outside, she saw Parker talking to his former movie date, Ashley. A friend of Ashley's walked up and told Ashley they needed to go look at the new summer dresses that were out, so Ashley said goodbye to Parker and left.

Liberty approached Parker and told him that was lame and that he obviously needed her help. Janet walked out and was pleased to see Liberty. Janet asked if Liberty wanted to go have dinner with her. She said hello to Parker and then asked if something was going on between Parker and Liberty; Parker replied that they were cousins, but Janet said Liberty had said they were only technically cousins. Liberty became embarrassed and said she and Parker had a school project to work on, so she couldn't have dinner with her mom. Janet left, and Liberty took Parker's cell phone and sent a text message to Ashley, telling her to meet Parker in front of Al's "for a big surprise."

Ashley sent a text response saying she was on her way, and Parker became upset with Liberty, asking what he was supposed to do for the "big surprise." Liberty told Parker he should kiss Ashley, but he said he couldn't do that. Liberty asked, "Are you physically incapable, or are you just chicken?" Parker told Liberty to leave, but she said she wanted to stick around to watch the kiss. Before Parker could object further, Ashley walked up and asked what the surprise was. Seeing Parker's stricken face, she said, "Maybe this was a bad idea," and she turned to walk away. Parker grabbed her hand and spun her back towards him, intending to kiss her, but instead, he smacked right into her nose, hurting her. Upset, Ashley rushed off. Liberty came out from her hiding spot and laughed at Parker, saying she'd never seen anything like that before.

Liberty told Parker maybe he needed a "visual aid," and she offered to show Parker how it was done. Liberty told Parker to put his hands on her waist, and when he refused, she did it for him. Then she told him she didn't have all night, so Parker kissed her. Liberty told him it wasn't bad, but Parker said maybe they should try it again. Liberty said she thought Parker did fine, and she told him, "Nice work, tough guy," and walked away.

Brad and Katie were having dinner at the Lakeview when Janet walked in and sat at the bar next to her customer from the diner. Brad went to the bar and took Janet aside, accusing her of dumping Liberty so she could hook up with a stranger. Janet explained that Liberty had blown her off when she invited her to dinner and that Bud was not a stranger. Brad asked what Bud's last name was, and when Janet didn't know, he said that made Bud a stranger. Brad said Janet was setting a bad example for Liberty, and Janet became angry. Katie walked up and apologized for Brad's behavior and pulled him away.

Katie and Brad returned home, where Katie asked Brad if the only reason he was upset to see Janet with another man was because of Liberty. Brad said no, that wasn't the only reason. He told Katie he was worried about Janet, because she was tough on the outside but na´ve on the inside and had always made bad decisions about guys. Katie said Brad was the one who was being na´ve, always giving Janet the benefit of the doubt. Brad decided Katie was right and that Janet could take care of herself.

Bud walked Janet up to her suite at the Lakeview, where she thanked him for the drink. He then tried to kiss her, but Janet turned her head so that he only kissed her cheek. Janet dropped her room key, and Bud picked it up and opened the door, then walked into the suite, asking Janet if he could have "one for the road." Janet told Bud that she was tired, but Bud said surely Janet hadn't let him walk her up to her room just to say goodnight. Janet said actually, she had, and she thought he should go. Bud said he would leave after one kiss. He tried to kiss Janet, and she shoved him away, accidentally cutting his cheek in the process. Janet apologized, but Bud became angry and shoved her to the floor, saying, "No wonder you're alone."



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