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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC opted to air an encore episode of All My Children. Today's repeat was a rebroadcast of February's "Go Red" fashion show.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27th, and pick up where Friday, May 23rd's episode ended. Forget what happened on Friday? Click here for a recap.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jesse jumped from the building onto the helicopter. He climbed up the side of the helicopter as Robert shot more bullets at Tad. Robert and Jesse fought for control of the gun as Angie tried to fly the helicopter. Jake and Frankie rushed to Tad's side. They said Tad was losing too much blood. Jake and Frankie managed to stop the bleeding, but worried Tad would not make it to the hospital alive. Jesse managed to toss Robert out of the helicopter onto the top of the building. Tad went into shock so Jake used a Swiss Army knife to stabilize him. Frankie pounced on Robert as he tried to attack them with the gun. Robert and Frankie battled it out as Jake fought to keep Tad alert. Dixie thanked God for keeping Tad safe before disappearing. Frankie pinned Robert to the building as Jesse landed the helicopter safely. Jesse and Angie emerged from the helicopter and embraced. Angie immediately went to Tad's side while Jesse dealt with Robert. Frankie looked alarmed when his father stuck a gun to Robert's chest. Robert pressured Jesse to shoot him as Frankie pleaded with his father not to shoot. The police showed up and dragged Robert away.

Aidan kept the party guests inside the building. He held Cassandra back from the doorway as she pleaded to be with her mother. Cassandra told Dre that she thought something was wrong with Robert. Dre said it was not her fault that Robert kidnapped her mother. Dre suddenly rushed off, leaving Cassandra behind.

Zach found Greenlee cutting Aidan's clothes up at her apartment. Greenlee said she was not going to forgive Aidan, Kendall, or Zach for lying to her. Greenlee tried to take Aidan's engagement ring off, but was not having any luck. Zach helped Greenlee get the ring off her finger. She sobbed in Zach's arms. Zach told Greenlee a joke and offered her a glass of water. Greenlee responded by kissing him.

Kendall went to Ryan's house to see if Greenlee had gone to see him. Ryan said Greenlee was not there. Kendall said that a man shot Julia at Angie and Jesse's wedding. Kendall said she found out about Julia being hurt through Aidan. Ryan said Greenlee was probably with Aidan, but Kendall said that was the last place she would find Greenlee. Kendall told Ryan that she and Aidan slept together while Zach and Greenlee were missing. Ryan said Zach found out a few months ago, but had forgiven her. Kendall said everyone wanted to protect Greenlee by keeping the truth from her. Kendall asked Ryan to find Greenlee to make sure she was fine. Kendall thought Ryan did not want to go after Greenlee because he still loved her. She said she was sorry for bothering Ryan and left.

Krystal stayed by Julia's side as she was taken to the hospital. Krystal told Julia she had been shot, but Kathy was safe. Julia was whisked away by paramedics as Krystal looked on through the glass doors. Krystal visited Julia, who immediately asked about Kathy again. Krystal said Kathy was in the bathroom with Colby when the shots were fired. Krystal told Julia she would be home soon. Julia told Joe that she did not want surgery. Julia said she had steady internal bleeding and a severely lacerated liver, but it would not keep her from dying. Julia said she did not want Kathy to see her at the hospital because it was the same place Kathy watched her mother die. Julia asked Krystal to contact Maria, who was Kathy's appointed guardian. Krystal promised to tell Kathy what a wonderful person Julia was. Dixie thanked Julia for taking care of Kathy, but promised Kathy would be fine. Julia said her little girl would be all right before dying.

Colby, Kathy, and Adam arrived at the Chandler mansion. Colby left to get some toys for Kathy. Adam asked Kathy if she would like a snack, but Kathy politely declined. When Adam went to pour his drink, Kathy's adoption papers suddenly appeared. Kathy kept asking for Julia, so Adam suggested they draw Julia a cat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jake and Frankie flew Tad to Pine Valley Hospital in the helicopter. When they reached the hospital, Jake began treating Tad. A doctor reminded Jake that he could not treat Tad because they were related. Jake insisted that he was the most experienced doctor in regards to gunshot wounds because of his work in Africa. So, the doctor allowed him to work on Tad. Then, Joe arrived. Jake explained that Tad lost a lot of blood. Jake needed to stabilize Tad before he could have surgery. Jake waited a while and, when he saw a drop in Tad's blood pressure, he prepped his brother for surgery.

Babe and JR arrived at the hospital. They found Krystal crying in the waiting room. Krystal said that Julia was in bad shape. Babe and JR inquired about Tad's condition. Krystal looked bewildered. Babe and JR explained that Tad was shot as well. Krystal was distraught.

Julia flatlined, so the doctors began performing CPR. One of the doctors stated that Julia did not want to be resuscitated, but Joe insisted that they keep trying to save her. Joe affirmed that he had seen many miracles in the hospital and wanted to give Julia a chance at one. Angie entered the room and begged Julia to fight for her life. Eventually, Joe affirmed that Julia was dead. As Joe and Angie went to tell everyone in the waiting room, Angie divulged that Tad was shot also. Joe looked very worried.

Krystal visited an unconscious Tad before his surgery. Krystal affirmed that she and Jenny needed him to survive. She begged him not to die. Finally, she professed her love to him.

Annie came home with new lingerie to wear for Ryan. Ryan looked sad and told Annie that he had bad news. He explained that there was a shooting at the casino and that Julia was hit. Annie was distraught because Julia was a "special" friend. Annie recalled how Julia opened her home to Annie. Ryan said that he called a babysitter to watch Emma. He told Annie that she should go to the hospital while he waited for the babysitter to arrive. Annie went to the hospital.

Greenlee kissed Zach. He pushed her away and stated that she was making a mistake. She disagreed. She affirmed that Kendall was a "poison" that Zach needed to get out of his system. Greenlee asked Zach how he was able to forgive Kendall. He replied that he did not have a choice because he loved his wife. Greenlee said that she could never forgive Aidan or Kendall. She wanted revenge, so she asked Zach to make love to her. Just then, Greenlee turned around and saw Kendall standing in the doorway. Kendall pleaded with Greenlee to talk to her. Greenlee refused to listen to Kendall and stormed out of the penthouse.

Kendall asked Zach why he went after Greenlee when he urged her not to. He explained that Greenlee accosted him, so he had no choice but to spend time with her. Kendall admitted that she went to see Ryan with hopes that he could help Greenlee. Zach thought that was foolish because Ryan could not help himself, let alone Greenlee. Kendall retorted that Zach could not help Greenlee either since she wanted to sleep with him. He noted that Greenlee did not really want to have sex with him. Kendall understood that Greenlee was acting out because she was hurt. Kendall then told Zach about the shooting at the casino. She said that Julia was shot. He immediately called the hospital and found out that Julia had died. They rushed to the hospital.

Greenlee was on the side of the road because her car had a flat tire. Ryan was traveling down the road and saw Greenlee kicking her tire in frustration. He pulled over to help her. He could tell that she was upset about more than the tire. He divulged that he knew about Kendall and Aidan's affair. She began to cry and they embraced. As he fixed the tire, she suggested that they get on their motorcycles and run away, like they did in the past. He agreed. He said that he would leave his children to flee town with her. She assumed that he was being sarcastic. He encouraged her to stay in town and face her problems. Then, she turned on her car and a radio announcer stated that there was a casualty from the casino shootings. They hurried to the hospital.

Jack saw Aidan at the casino. Jack chastised Aidan for telling Greenlee about his affair at a wedding. Aidan explained to Jack that Jack was the one that told Greenlee. Jack realized that he inadvertently told his daughter about her fiancÚ's affair. Aidan stated that he felt guilty about his adultery, but he did not want to discuss it in the midst of the shootings. Jack was confused, so Aidan explained that Robert Gardner shot two people, Julia and Tad. They both went to the hospital.

Kendall and Zach arrived at the hospital. Kendall saw Aidan staring at Julia's lifeless body. Soon after, Greenlee and Ryan entered. Greenlee saw Kendall put her arm around Aidan and glared at them. Ryan noticed that Greenlee looked sad, so he comforted her. Annie saw Ryan and Greenlee hugging and she looked disgusted. Greenlee asked Ryan to take her home and they left.

Frankie bandaged Greg's arm. Frankie said that Greg would be in pain, but that he would fully heal. Greg noted that he was luckier than Julia and Tad. Frankie wished that he had realized Robert was evil sooner. Frankie regretted that he had welcomed Robert Gardner into his home. Greg told Frankie that Robert Gardner's crimes were not his fault.

Kathy was at the Chandler Mansion with Adam and Colby. Adam tried to keep the little girl busy by drawing pictures with her. Colby received a call from JR. JR stated that Julia was dead and that Tad was going into surgery. Colby relayed the information to Adam and began to cry. Kathy wondered why Colby was crying. Colby wiped a tear from her eye and pretended that she had something caught in her eye. Then, just as Kathy asked where her Aunt Julia was, Dixie appeared to Adam. Dixie stared sternly at Adam. Adam looked sad and went to the hospital.

Jesse commented that the bullets that hit Julia and Tad were meant for him. Angie affirmed that Jesse was not to blame.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tad was taken to the operating room, leaving his friends and family to wait anxiously in the lobby. Frankie decided to see if the emergency room needed extra help. Jesse went to Tad's office to continue searching for Kate. Adam told Krystal that Colby was taking care of Kathy. Krystal said she was not sure how to tell Kathy about Julia's death, especially since Kathy had already lost so many people in her life. Krystal said Maria was already trying to find the requirements needed to become Kathy's guardian. JR told Adam that Adam was only waiting around for Tad to die so Adam could snatch Krystal. Adam admitted he was not Tad's biggest fan, but never wanted him to die. Dre came to the hospital to see how Cassie was holding up. Dre said he left the casino because it reminded him of his mother dying. Cassie said she understood, but once again, Dre rushed off. JR told Adam no one wanted him at the hospital and walked away. Adam realized that Dixie's warning about his family suffering was coming true. Krystal, JR, and Colby were sad and worried about Tad, Dixie said.

Frankie examined a patient, who was found in the street unconscious. The patient said she did not remember what happened to her after leaving work. Frankie discovered that the patient had a fracture in her wrist and a broken arm. He said the symptoms looked like she had been beaten. Frankie left when he got paged, but the girl was gone when he returned.

Jake insisted that he help with Tad's surgery. Surgeons worked to repair Tad's wounds before he became unstable. Something went wrong with the surgery and Tad's heart stopped beating. The doctors shocked Tad to revive his heart.

Jesse and Aidan called more adoption agencies, but did not locate Kate. They decided to take a break and played pool. Aidan said he should have been on the roof to help Tad, but Jesse told Aidan not to blame himself for what happened to Tad. Aidan showed Jesse letters Tad wrote to Kate every week. Tad planned to give Kate the letters to prove he had never forgotten her. They went back to the hospital to see Tad, who made it through surgery. Joe said the bullet caused major damage so the next 24 hours were critical for Tad's recovery. When Tad awoke, he saw Dixie at his side.

Jackson went to find Kendall, but Zach said she was not home. Jackson said Kendall and Aidan's mistake ruined Greenlee's life. Zach told Jackson he had forgiven Kendall for her mistakes, just like Jackson forgave Erica for cheating on him. Zach said Greenlee taught him about the importance of forgiveness. Jackson said someone needed to tell Kendall she could not keep taking what belonged to Greenlee. Zach said Kendall was trying to make amends with Greenlee at Greenlee's apartment.

Greenlee woke up and found Kendall in her apartment. Kendall said she was not leaving until her friendship with Greenlee was repaired. Greenlee said she was not interested in being Kendall's friend. Kendall said she and Greenlee had been through far worse situations, but always found their way back to each other. Greenlee said Kendall could make up for her mistake by handing over her Fusion shares. Kendall refused to give Fusion to Greenlee. Greenlee threatened to ruin the company if she had to work with Kendall. Greenlee agreed not to trash Fusion, but still hated Kendall. Greenlee told Kendall a part of her felt dead before Kendall left.

Friday, May 30, 2008

As they prepared for Spike's birthday party, Kendall questioned whether or not they should actually have it, given all that had happened. Zach told her that with their core family intact, they needed to celebrate the present. Kendall asked how he was able to maintain such a positive outlook and Zach told her that he felt as though he didn't have a choice. She thanked him for putting a smile back on her face just as the phone rang and interrupted them. Kendall climbed over a mountain of balloons, took the call from Rachael, and asked that she distract the boys for a few more hours. When she ended the call, Zach decided that there were better things to be done with that time, and started to put the moves on his wife. They took a few moments and told each other how much they appreciated the other, and how lucky they felt despite all they had been through. Zach then hoisted her over his shoulder and took her off the bedroom.

Later, back in the living room, Kendall asked if things would ever go back to normal, and Zach told her that he had learned long ago that nothing stayed the same. Kendall then said that the lesson she'd learned was to appreciate every moment-and they agreed the celebration was not be just for Spike's birthday, but also for the lives of Ian, Tad, and Julia.

At the hospital, Jesse attempted to comfort his wife in the wake of the tragedy but she quickly replied that there was no way things could be okay. Anguished, she wondered how they ended up in a place with so much loss in such a short period of time. Jesse assured Angie that Julia had a plan in place to take care of Kathy in case something happened, but Angie couldn't wrap her head around that. She admitted that she was stuck on the fact that they were all at a wedding and celebrating, which should have been the farthest thing from what happened in the end. Jesse knew that Angie hadn't had much sleep so he lay down with her on the bed in the staff room and hoped that his presence would help her relax. As they lay there, Angie pointed out that there were many times she'd wished for death twenty years back because she wanted so badly to be with him. Jesse cringed at the thought as she said that perhaps Tad was feeling the same way about Dixie.

Unable to rest, Angie started to go out to the main desk with the thought that her pager was broken. Jesse stopped her as he knew she was led only by fear and an inability to fix what had been torn asunder. He promised her that he would check on Tad a little later, after Krystal had spent sufficient time with him, but only if Angie slept. She dragged herself reluctantly back to the bed and lay down once again.

After they locked horns at the Chandler mansion over the reality of what lay ahead, JR told his father that he would check on the kids-especially Kathy who, having lost both of her parents, had the toughest lot to deal with of everyone. He returned a short while later and after he reported that the kids were fine for the moment, noted that Kathy would be devastated at finding out that she lost her mother. Adam quickly piped up and said that Julia never filled that role, which caused an explosion of emotions from JR. He wondered how his father could be so concerned about family and yet know so little about the dynamic effect these deaths would have. He spoke of the devastation that would visit Krystal, Babe, Jenny, Colby, and Jamie. Adam questioned how his son would react if Tad died, and JR said that he would lay down and never want to get back up, but would do so because he would need to help his loved ones as best as he could.

Little A and Kathy came down to the living room and, after JR sent them off to the kitchen for some blueberry muffins, JR mentioned that sometimes he wanted to hold his son and never let him go. Adam agreed that children needed protection, and JR segued to how Tad missed that opportunity with one of his kids. Adam insisted that the fault lay with Dixie because she gave the child away, but JR missed that point as he demanded that Adam never speak his mother's name again. Adam acquiesced, but briefly switched tacks and started to list the things that Tad had taken from the two of them: he made JR believe his son was dead, and also "stole" JR, Colby, and Charlotte from him. JR pointed out that Charlotte never existed but Adam told him that burning Charlotte's things and saying goodbye to her was one of the most painful things in his life. JR conceded the point, and said that if Adam could imagine life with that one night's pain for years, he would understand what Tad had been through. The kids made a return trip to the living room and, after JR visited with them a few moments more and sent them off in a different direction, he told his father that he'd forgotten how close Kathy was to Tad. He continued with the 'what ifs' until his father asked him what purpose it served. JR said that with nothing else to do, he needed to find a way to help. He then promised to find Kate, even though his father told him that the chances were slim.

Adam thought that JR needed to focus on his own family and his son hastily reminded him that Kate was a part of his family. He followed by telling Adam that even if she weren't, he would still search for her because it meant Tad's happiness. He asked if Adam understood that principle, which the mogul agreed to readily. JR then asked him to make a list of the people he cared for. When he did, JR noted that all of the people he named cared for Tad, and said that Adam shouldn't dance on the grave that Tad could end up in, and instead should think about how Tad's death would affect all of his loved ones. JR continued to lament over the loss of his sister until Adam couldn't handle it any more. He cursed the heavens and Dixie, and then stormed out of the house while JR was left behind, bewildered.

Krystal stood outside of Tad's room at PVH and willed him to hold on to life. She was then called away by a nurse and unknowingly left Dixie with her husband. Inside the room, Tad asked Dixie about the second chance she promised, and she told him that if he came with her, he would find out. She took his hand and led him to a cloudlike place, and then said that they could start again as if it were seven years ago, and they were about to have a baby. When she saw his confusion, Dixie explained that when she gave birth to his daughter seven years prior, she didn't have the faith in him or in them as a couple to let him in, and said that if he agreed now, they could make things right. He told her that he wanted nothing more and they sealed it with a kiss.

They assumed a power and recreated history, which allowed Tad to join Dixie as she went into labor and subsequently gave birth to their Kate. As Krystal wished for Tad to come back to life in Pine Valley, Tad sunk deeper into his subconscious and relished being with Kate from the very beginning. They flashed forward through time and watched as their baby girl grew under their watchful gaze. At one point, Tad said their lives would have been scary if they had made any other decisions, if they had ended up anywhere else other than in front of the fireplace with their daughter sleeping upstairs, and Dixie couldn't agree more. They continued on their speed of light journey through time, and saw their daughter as she borrowed the car and prepared to go to college.

Jesse approached Tad's bedside and told him of his promise to Angie that Tad would survive, and said that Tad needed to make sure Jesse didn't end up a liar. As he asked no one in particular what he could do to speed the process along, Tad continued his joyfully uneventful married life with Dixie, which included their daughter on her honeymoon, their grandson and 45 years of marriage. They then snapped back to a more current version of themselves and Tad told Dixie that he was ready to go with her into the light, so that they could relive all of the wonderful memories they had made. Although she seemed reluctant, she took his hand and they started to walk away together.

A short time later, Jesse returned to the staff room and found that Angie had awoken from a somewhat peaceful rest. She beckoned him to the bed and said that she wanted to take care of him for a while.

Adam showed up at the hospital and intended to tell Tad the truth, but Jake stopped him before he could go in. Adam asked if it was true that though Tad was unconscious, he could still hear someone speaking to him. Jake confirmed as much but refused to let him in, as there was nothing that Adam had to say that Tad would want to hear. Adam assured Jake that in this case, he was wrong.



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