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Monday, June 2, 2008

Guests began arriving at Kendall and Zach's house for Spike's birthday party. Kendall greeted Annie and Ryan with hugs, but was not pleased to see Greenlee at her front door. Greenlee dropped her gift on a table and went to see Zach, Ryan, and Josh. Annie asked Ryan what was bothering him, but Ryan ignored her question by playing with Spike. Annie asked Greenlee if Aidan was coming to the party. Greenlee said she dumped Aidan. Zach checked on Annie, who watched Greenlee interact with Ryan and Spike. Annie said she felt like an outsider at the party because so much had changed in the year since Spike's last birthday. Annie said Greenlee could try to repair her relationship with Aidan, but Greenlee insisted she would not get past Aidan and Kendall sleeping together. Annie said if Ryan slept with another woman, she would fight to keep him in her life. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Spike while Greenlee watched from across the room.

Jackson visited Erica and told her that Tad was in stable condition, but the few hours right after surgery were critical for his recovery. Jackson said that he told Greenlee that Aidan and Kendall slept together. Erica said she was worried Kendall and Greenlee would not be able to get past that bump in the road like they had with so many other problems. Erica said she did not know her family would need her so much while she served her time in prison. Jackson said Erica was needed at the prison too. Already, she had changed many other inmates' lives, he added.

JR worked on a contact list to keep people updated on Tad's condition. JR said that he understood why Krystal did not want to tell Kathy about Julia's death immediately. Babe asked where Adam was. JR said he only saw his father rush out of the house without any explanation. Colby entertained Kathy and Little Adam by marching with them around the house. Babe said she was concerned about how Kathy would adjust to living with Maria's family. It made her feel lucky that Little Adam had two parents in his life, she added.

Adam tried to get into Tad's room, but Jake and Aidan would not let him inside. They ushered Adam away and Krystal slipped into Tad's room. Adam asked Krystal if he could see Tad because he wanted to tell Tad something important. Krystal said Adam hated Tad and would never want to help him. Adam said what he wanted to tell Tad could save Tad's life. Krystal told Adam she would not forgive him if he bothered Tad. As soon as Krystal was gone, Adam called out for Dixie's help, but she did not respond. Adam called JR and told him to bring Kathy to the hospital. Thinking Dixie was listening, Adam said he would take Kathy to Tad's bedside, but nothing more. Adam said Tad would get the final piece of his family, and he would not lose his family. Adam pulled out Kathy's adoption papers from his pocket. When Krystal saw Kathy, she told JR to take the child home. JR and Babe took Kathy to get a snack. Krystal scolded Adam for bringing Kathy to the hospital where Julia died. Adam showed Krystal the adoption papers to prove Kathy was really Kate.

In Tad's mind, he was preparing to go to heaven with Dixie. But Dixie told him he could not go with her. Tad said he did not want to lose Dixie all over again. She promised to be in his heart forever, but Tad said that was not enough for him. Tad gave Dixie a kiss to prove that she wanted to be with him too. Dixie told Tad that he had a life in Pine Valley, but Tad insisted that Dixie was his life. Dixie said Tad needed to be with his children. Tad said JR and Jamie were adults, but Dixie reminded Tad that he needed to be with his daughters. Tad remembered Jenny had just celebrated her first birthday. Dixie reminded him that Kate needed her father too. Dixie said Kate was alive and had been cared for by wonderful people. Tad asked Dixie where Kate was, but Dixie said she was not allowed to tell him. Tad heard Adam saying that Kathy was Kate as Dixie disappeared into the light.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tad awoke and immediately asked for Kate. Adam told Tad that Kathy was really Kate and she was waiting for him in the hall. Krystal immediately called the rest of Tad's family into the room. Kathy ran into the room and sat by Tad's bedside. Kathy asked Tad to do a magic trick for him, but Krystal said Tad needed his rest. Everyone left, but Tad asked Adam to stay behind. Tad asked Adam how he knew Kathy was Kate. Krystal walked in and showed Tad the adoption papers to prove Adam was telling the truth. Tad saw the document was signed by Dixie and asked Adam how he got the paper. Adam said he found the papers in the mansion, but Tad did not believe him.

The family came back to see Tad, who demanded that Adam tell everyone what he knew. Adam said he found Kate, who was really Kathy. JR asked Adam how long he had known the truth, but Adam said only for a little while. Krystal said that Adam knew Kate was alive when he tried to get Krystal to divorce Tad. If she had divorced Tad, Adam would have given Tad his daughter back. Adam admitted that he had known the truth for months, and left. Tad said he needed to talk to Julia, but Joe informed Tad that Julia was shot at the casino and had died. JR told Tad that Kathy would be saddened over Julia's death, but was lucky to have a father in her life.

Tad's family followed Adam outside of the hospital room. Jesse, Angie, and Babe were shocked when they found out Adam had kept Kathy's real identity a secret. Adam said he should be credited for saving Tad's life. Once alone with Krystal, Adam said he told Tad the truth because it was the right thing to do. JR said he was finished with his father forever.

Greenlee and Annie watched with jealously as Kendall, Spike, Zach, and Ryan took pictures together at Spike's birthday party. After getting word from Ruth, Josh told everyone that Tad was awake and doing well. Greenlee called Aidan to let him know Tad was awake, but Aidan said he was already at the hospital. Aidan said he wanted to talk to Greenlee so they decided to meet at her apartment. Greenlee said Aidan could get his bags and leave. Aidan wanted to talk about their relationship, but Greenlee said it was over. Aidan said he made love to Kendall because he thought Greenlee had died. Greenlee said Aidan gave up on her by assuming she was dead. Aidan said Greenlee and Kendall would work out their differences. He hoped Greenlee would eventually forgive him too, but thought Greenlee was pushing him away because she did not want to be happy. Greenlee said it was too late for her to be happy with Aidan. Aidan said Greenlee was only using him until Ryan became available. Greenlee said her decision had nothing to do with Ryan. Greenlee returned the engagement ring to Aidan and walked out.

Ryan checked on Annie, who said she wasn't in the party spirit because Emma was sick. Ryan said he understood that Annie was upset over losing Julia. Kendall asked Ryan if he wanted to read Spike a story, and after Annie told Ryan she was fine, Ryan decided to be with Spike. Josh walked Annie out, giving Ryan, Zach, and Kendall a chance to toast to Spike's birthday. Ryan went out to the beach to clear his head, but found Greenlee instead.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tad told Krystal that he wanted to see Adam. She explained that Adam left the hospital. Tad pleaded with her to find Adam. Krystal was hesitant, but Tad was persistent. She called Adam and got his voicemail. She asked Adam to come to the hospital.

Joe and Opal visited Tad. Tad asked where Kate was. Opal stated that Ruth took the little girl home because she was tired. Joe informed Tad that Kate was wondering where Julia was. Joe and Opal offered to tell Kate about Julia. Tad said that he needed to do it because he was her father. Opal was overjoyed that Tad and Kate were finally reunited.

Jake saw Aidan at the hospital. Jake assured Aidan that Tad was on the road to recovery. Aidan was relieved, but Jake could tell that he was upset over something. Aidan said that it was "personal." Jake laughed and offered to buy Aidan a coffee so they could discuss how much of a "pain in the ass" Greenlee was.

JR announced to Babe that he was no longer Adam's son. Babe tried to calm JR down, but he was livid over Adam's lies about Kate. Jake then walked by. JR told Jake to explain why Adam was a "snake." Jake did not say anything, so JR divulged that Jake was supposed to be Colby's father. Babe looked shocked. JR said that Liza wanted Jake to be her donor, but Adam switched the samples, so he could father her child. JR further stated that Adam let Jake raise Colby for a while before he declared that he was the father. Jake reminded JR that Colby did not know about the incident, so he did not want JR to talk about it anymore. Jake started to leave and JR stopped him. JR wondered why Jake did not want revenge on Adam. Jake said that life was too short and walked away.

JR turned to Babe and asked if she had talked to Richie recently. She asked why he cared about Richie all of a sudden. JR affirmed that he did not forget that Richie set him up. JR planned on getting revenge and warned Babe to stay out of it.

Babe called Amanda. Babe explained that JR was determined to get Richie back for what he had done. Babe was worried that JR would go too far, so she wanted to get back at Richie herself. She asked for Amanda's help with getting information out of Trina, the hooker that Richie hired.

JR found Jake and tried to bait him into getting mad at Adam. Jake refused to give in and remained composed. Jake stated that coming back to Pine Valley was like listening to a record skip because no one changed. He noted that the Martins and the Chandlers were still at war and that JR and Babe were still not over each other. After Jake walked away, JR went to Babe and remarked that Jake was arrogant.

Annie went to a fertility clinic. She met with a doctor to discuss her chances of having a baby. The doctor said that she was no longer producing eggs. She looked horrified and demanded that he find a way for her to have a child. Annie was relieved to hear that she still could conceive, but would need some help. The doctor explained that she needed to inject herself with hormones, so she would start producing eggs again. She agreed, despite her dislike of needles. She commented that she would do anything for a baby, so that she and her husband could start creating new memories. The doctor warned that there could be side effects, like mood swings, but Annie did not mind.

Greenlee and Ryan both went to the beach. They were surprised to see each other, but welcomed the company. First, Ryan divulged that he recovered memories of Annie, but could not remember loving her. He wondered if he could not recall his love for Annie because he never loved her in the first place. Then, Greenlee vented about her breakup with Aidan. She explained that Aidan accused her of never getting over Ryan. She stated that Aidan might be right. They both affirmed that it was comforting that they always came back to each other. Then, they leaned in for a kiss. Ryan pulled away and said that it would be a mistake to kiss. Greenlee disagreed and urged Ryan to give in to his feelings. He felt that he could not hurt Annie any more than he already had. Greenlee claimed that she understood. He promised her that she would find the man that would always be there for her and regretted that Ryan could not be that man.

Adam visited Erica in prison. Erica was stunned to see him. She coldly inquired why he was there. He declared that he needed her help. She reminded him that he did not help her when she was charged with insider trading. Still, she admitted that going to jail was productive because it allowed her to do the right thing. He stated that he could relate. She laughed and said that Adam never did the right thing. He explained that he found Kate. Erica realized that he knew for a long time, but did not tell Tad until shortly before his visit to Erica. She chastised him for manipulating the life of an innocent child due to his hatred for Tad. Adam admitted that Dixie was haunting him. He went on that Dixie threatened that he would lose his soul and that the people he loved would be hurt if he did not tell Tad the truth. Erica saw that Adam was being sincere. She gave him advice that she learned in prison. She stated, "Behavior gets you in and behavior gets you out." She urged him to apply the slogan to his situation. He smiled and commented that Erica never looked more beautiful. She reciprocated a smile and told him to go get his family back.

Krystal admitted to Tad that Adam came to her with a deal around Christmas. She explained that Adam offered her the location of Kate, if she would divorce Tad. She further stated that she asked JR to investigate Adam's claims by moving back into the mansion. Tad was annoyed that Krystal did not tell him sooner, but he understood that she was trying to protect him from getting hurt. Krystal told Tad that she loved him. Just then, Adam entered the hospital room.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Greenlee and Kendall had a phone interview scheduled with Finance, a woman's magazine about business. The two Fusion founders were being featured as the magazine's businesswomen of the year. Both women were honored by the award, but were not looking forward to a dual interview. Kendall tried to give Greenlee suggestions on what to say, but Greenlee snapped and declared that she knew what to do.

The interviewer from Finance called Greenlee and Kendall. She asked about their relationship at work. The women pretended that they were getting along perfectly. Kendall stated that they were like "sisters." The interviewer asked how they handled hard times. Greenlee affirmed that they turned to each other. She snidely added that she could always "trust" Kendall. The reporter wanted to discuss their personal relationship with each other, but Kendall avoided the questions. Kendall felt that it was best to stick with business questions.

After the interview, Kendall reminded Greenlee that they had to work as a team at Fusion, despite their personal differences. Kendall wished that Greenlee would get over Kendall's affair with Aidan. Greenlee said that Kendall and Aidan's betrayal was no small mistake that she could easily get over. Kendall urged her partner to stop plotting revenge, especially by trying to bed Zach. Greenlee commented that she and Zach shared an intimacy beyond a sexual relationship. Greenlee noted that they exchanged secrets in the bomb shelter that Kendall did not even know. Greenlee affirmed that she and Zach were "best friends." Kendall looked worried.

Kendall went home and told Zach that she wanted to "kill" Greenlee. He inquired why his wife was so upset, but she did not want to discuss it. Kendall proceeded to act overly nice to Zach. She poured him a drink and offered to get him dinner. He asked why she was "playing him" and demanded to know what was going on.

Adam announced that he wanted to speak with Tad. JR told Adam that he would not allow it, but Krystal felt that the two men needed to talk alone. So, JR and Krystal left the room. Adam said, "Hit me with everything you got." Tad calmly asked why Adam did not tell him about Kate sooner. Adam listed all of the wrongs Tad did to him, like impregnating his wife, hiding Colby from him, and stealing Little Adam from JR. Tad admitted guilt to all of his crimes, but stated that it did not justify what Adam did. Adam found it "baffling" that he was the devil when he made a mistake, but Tad was a hero when he made one. Tad affirmed that Adam did more than make a "mistake." Adam told Tad to stop "poaching" his family. Tad explained that everyone in Adam's family ran away from him voluntarily. Adam seemed visibly upset by the comment. So, Tad shifted gears and thanked Adam for saving his life by telling him who Kate was. Tad put out his hand and Adam shook it. Adam announced that he still hated Tad and stormed out.

JR told Krystal that he hated Adam. She said that he could not stop loving Adam because he was his father. JR was very hurt that Adam hid his sister from him. Krystal commented that no matter how many times Adam broke JR's heart, he would still love his father. JR wondered if she was talking about herself too.

Babe met Amanda on her yacht. Amanda gave Babe very sexy clothes. Babe tried on the clothes and asked if she looked cheap and trashy enough. Amanda warned Babe not to try to find Trina, the hooker that Richie hired. Babe was determined to befriend Trina, so she could get dirt on Richie. Amanda inquired why Babe needed to do that. Babe felt guilty that she did not believe JR when he claimed that he was being set up. Babe wanted to get revenge on Richie for JR.

Babe and Amanda went to the park. Babe had a black wig on and an extremely revealing outfit. Amanda hid in the bushes as Babe stood in the middle of the park. A man approached Babe and asked if she could be his "date." She yelled at the man to leave her alone. Then, Trina saw Babe and asked why she was there.

Joe and Jake went to ConFusion to have a drink. Joe said that it was "touch and go" with Tad for a while. Joe felt that Tad survived because of Jake. Joe was happy to have both of his sons back. Jake informed his father that he planned on returning to Africa. Just then, Zach approached the two men and declared that Jake could not go back. Jake protested that there were women and children dying in Africa that needed his help. Zach explained that there was a bounty on Jake and Aidan's heads because they killed the leader of the terrorist group when they escaped. Joe was very concerned and adamantly against Jake going back to the war zone. Jake asked to speak with Zach privately.

Jake scolded Zach for worrying Joe. Jake proclaimed that he needed to go back because innocent people were dying. Zach said the he understood, but could not let Jake return. Jake asked what Zach knew about innocent people dying. Zach assured Jake that he knew more than he wanted to know about the subject and refused to let Jake die on a Cambias project. Jake was frustrated. Zach assumed that Jake did not tell his family about his wife, Carolyn. Jake looked shocked that Zach knew about Carolyn and warned him to stay out of his personal life.

Jake and Joe reconvened at a table. Joe encouraged Jake to stay in Pine Valley. Joe asked what Carolyn thought about Jake's time in Africa. Jake stated that he and his wife were no longer together.

JR got a call from Barry, the lawyer for Chandler Enterprises. After JR got off the phone, he looked nervous and asked Adam if he had seen the newspaper yet. Adam said no, so JR looked it up on the computer. They were shocked to see that the newspaper ran a picture of Adam in the mental institution.

Friday, June 6, 2008

After he saw an article in the paper about his supposed mental breakdown, Adam swore revenge on whoever was responsible. JR threw it back in his father's face and said that if he hadn't talked to dead people or wandered around eating paper, he wouldn't have been committed. JR started to place a call to public relations but Adam demanded that he be allowed to handle his own spin. JR refused to give him the phone and said that after reading the article, no one would believe a word the senior Chandler had to say.

When he wrapped up the call, JR told his father that a media coach would be coming over to help deal with the publicity. Adam fired back that as the man who built the company alone, from the ground up, he needed no help. He then turned the blame for the media blitz onto his son, and they continued to have it out as they had many times before. Then JR, who said he had better things to do with his time, noted that they needed to have a board meeting to get his father back in good standing. Adam suggested that perhaps the story had been leaked from the inside and asked his son if they could team up to take the board down, one by one. Completely uninterested, JR abandoned his father in an abyss of revenge. Once alone, Adam called his long-time lawyer and instructed him to find the source of the article and bring the name directly to him.

Babe introduced herself as Candy, and after a few moments, convinced Trina to call her manager so he could check out the new blood. After Trina finished, she was treated to a barrage of questions from Candy on the ins and outs of street life. Trina gave her a brief rundown before Tony, Trina's manager, showed up. He gave Candy the once-over and approved of the goods. He then told the ladies that he had two men headed to a hotel that they needed to meet. He handed over a key and sent them on their way.

Trina and Candy met up with Tony's customers and the men immediately staked their claim. Trina apologized for Candy's nerves and blamed it on her newness to the scene. The man who owned Candy for the night wanted her to rock his world but she escaped immediate action under the guise of freshening up. She slinked into the bathroom and after she closed the door, tried to think of what to do next. She called Amanda and although her friend insisted on a rescue, Babe thwarted her and said that she still needed to get information from Trina on Richie. After an interruption from her waiting john, Babe swore that she had everything under control and ended the call.

In the park, Amanda was approached by a guy who was as shady as Babe's pimp had been but, fueled by the fire of helplessness, she scared him off easily. She attempted to call Babe back but when her call went unanswered, she vented her frustrations to no one in particular. She was then approached by two men who asked why she was there, and when all they got was attitude, she was arrested, as they suspected her of being a prostitute.

Back in the hotel room, Candy tried to worm her way out of the good time the men had paid for when she said that she needed to pick up her sick kid. The men were not as understanding as Trina and said that she wouldn't be allowed to leave until she delivered some fun.

At Confusion, Greenlee bluntly asked for nothing more than sex from Jake, who was a little more than taken aback. Leaving her request unfulfilled, he asked her to sit and found that all she really wanted to do was forget. Jake told her that he knew of a great drink to help, so they called the bartender over. After they got their drinks and had a brief stroll down memory lane, Jake balked at Greenlee's proclamation that her life sucked. He told her that she wasn't the only person who had problems, and she replied that in a contest of woes, she would win hands down. They lined up shots and started to regale each other with heinous things that had happened in the past year. In the end, both were drunk and Greenlee secured her spot as the person with the worst life. Jake said that her one consolation was that she had nowhere to go but up. He excused himself briefly, just as Josh arrived on the scene. After Josh established that she hadn't imbibed all of the drinks on the table, she told him a synopsis of the conversation that she and Jake had been having.

Jake eventually returned and Greenlee wallowed in the sorrow of her life for a few more minutes. She said that although she wanted to feel betrayed and angry, the most overwhelming emotion she had when she thought of Kendall was jealousy. Josh and Jake took a moment to remind her of everything she had in her life and this helped to reenergize her. She drunkenly decided that she would start to simply take everything that she wanted, no questions asked.

Although Kendall insisted that she was simply trying to be nice to her husband, Zach called her on the behavior and said it was forced. She walked away from him in a huff and promised to be mean "from here on in," but Zach stopped her and said that he didn't mind the special attention-what he minded was when she lied to him. She finally told him that she felt Greenlee almost messed up their interview, but after he passed through several layers of her rant, he found that she was most upset that she seemed to be the only one to pay for her affair with Aidan. She noted that she wasn't the only one that kept the secret, but Zach reminded her, simply, that she was the one who slept with Greenlee's fiancé in the first place. He then asked her what she wanted and when she said support, he guaranteed her that. She told him she didn't feel as though it was exclusive, since it seemed that he gave the same things to Greenlee. Zach told her that it didn't matter because Kendall was the only woman he loved, but Kendall proposed that Greenlee saw things differently. Zach said it only mattered to her because she let it matter, and that it was time to stop letting everyone but them define their relationship.

Kendall asked why her admissions were making him so angry and Zach told her that for as much as he tried to let go of everything that happened, she held on to it that much tighter. She tried to make it into a personal slam and, frustrated, he told her that she was wrong and that he simply wanted her to let things go. She swore that she couldn't because working with Greenlee meant her mistake was in her face all the time. Zach suggested that she tune it out, but she said it was impossible because they were all connected. Zach told her that their relationship was separate from the one between Greenlee and Aidan and that she simply needed to believe in their marriage. She said that she did, and at that moment, Zach realized that her belief was not enough. She told him that belief in them wasn't an issue-what continued to bother her were the signals Greenlee continued to send out. She said that because she and Greenlee had been so close for so long, she couldn't just ignore the negative feelings between them. She then stopped short, but Zach knew that the words within ached to spill out of her mouth so he encouraged her to speak. Kendall revealed that when she loved Ryan, Greenlee stole him from her, and she feared that history would repeat itself. She vowed that Greenlee would not steal her husband, but Zach pointed out that Kendall seemed committed to pushing him away before that could happen. He stormed out and after a short time, she realized that she had unwittingly fallen back into her old habits. She called him and, when she got his voice mail, apologized for her behavior and asked him to come home so that they could finish the conversation that they had started.

At the hospital, Krystal was mystified when she found that Tad would not hold a grudge against Adam for keeping Kate hidden. Tad told her that as much as he would like to, the bottom line was that without Adam, he wouldn't have found his daughter. He proclaimed the nightmare over but in the face of his wife's anger, he realized that she would not be able to let go as easily as he could. Krystal maintained that she had every right to be angry, but Tad told her that the only thing that mattered was that in the end, Adam did the right thing. He then pointed out that before the most recent revelation, it was easy for her to choose which man to be with because Adam could be trusted to continually foul up, and thereby let her hold him at arm's length. However, with the commission of an act that was nothing less than decent, there were precious few other options for her.

Krystal bordered on irate at the suggestion that she might be too weak to resist Adam, and Tad told her that she misunderstood. He acknowledged that she ranked as one of the strongest women he knew, with full understanding that she was still human. He reminded her of the fierce love she'd had for Adam once upon a time, and said if she gave in to the pull, that love would catch her. She retorted that she had taken Tad's advice and had added up all of the horrible things that Adam had done to her and the people she loved in the time that she knew him, and said that when confronted with those facts, she had no choice but to stay away. Tad speculated that she needed to believe that Adam was incapable of change so that she could keep her distance from him. They revisited some of Adam's misdeeds, but Tad confirmed that paled when compared to the fact that Adam had done the right thing. They both agreed that although their relationship with each other was possibly one of the greatest things that had happened to either of them, it couldn't compare to what Krystal had with Adam-or what Tad had with Dixie. Krystal then said that she was floored by the idea that Adam could have really changed. After a moment, she realized how selfish she had been and suggested a few things that she could bring to her husband to make him feel better. She realized that she missed the mark completely when he asked her to bring Kathy to him so he could tell her the truth. He didn't have any idea what he would say to the little girl; only that he owed her some truth.

Kendall repeatedly tried her husband's cell phone and recalled that the last time he walked out on her, he went away with Greenlee. At that moment, Greenlee led a mystery man to her bed as she drunkenly undid her blouse.



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