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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 2, 2008 on GL
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May 26, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

In Jeffrey's hospital room, Reva read the police blotter to a sleeping Jeffrey. Josh arrived to check on Jeffrey and questioned Reva about her pending nuptials. Josh wondered if Reva had ever proposed to him. Reva replied that her proposal to Jeffrey had been her first one and the marriage to him would be her last. Josh wished her luck and then asked her if she had told their children. Reva hadn't, but she said Josh and Cassie had already softened Marah and Shayne up to "this type of thing." Just then Jeffrey awakened. He was groggy but making jokes. As Josh left, he said he'd tell the doctor that Jeffrey had awakened.

Reva explained to Jeffrey that he had been shot and had undergone two surgeries, one to remove the bullet and one to repair his lung. Jeffrey and Reva discussed that Rafe had shot him, but Jeffrey didn't understand why. He said he had planned to help Gus and not hurt him. Reva didn't know the answers. She told Jeffrey how much she loved him and then left to get a full report from the doctor.

Meanwhile, at the farm, Cassie pulled out a box of Tammy's things. She looked through it and paused upon seeing a picture of Jeffrey and Tammy. When Josh arrived at the farm, he found Cassie in the kitchen sorting out Tammy's things. Cassie said she was ready to make a fresh start. Josh said she didn't have to get rid of Tammy's things if she wasn't ready. Cassie said she wanted the memories but the house shouldn't be a museum. She showed Josh a music box that Jeffrey had given Tammy and then Josh revealed that Jeffrey was awake. Cassie excitedly decided to cook Jeffrey a meal to take to the hospital. Josh seemed puzzled by her rapid mood change and said he wasn't sure that Jeffrey would eat the food. Cassie made the food anyway and as she hurried out the door, Josh said he'd meet her there. She said he could if he wanted. Josh continued to look perplexed after Cassie exited.

Meanwhile, Ashlee and Daisy went jogging. Daisy told Ashlee that Harley had taken a sudden trip out of town, but Cyrus didn't go with her. As they talked, a stranger watched them from the bushes. Daisy left and Ashlee continued her run. She tripped and "G" jumped from the bushes to assist her. Ashlee didn't recognize G. Ashlee turned and saw Josh on the trail. She explained to Josh how the stranger had helped her when she tripped. She gestured to G, but G had disappeared. After Josh left, Ashlee looked for the stranger. In the grass, she discovered a silver dog tag on a ball chain. Ashlee decided to have it fixed as a gift for her stranger.

Daisy entered Jeffrey's hospital room to plead with Jeffrey to save Rafe. She wanted Jeffrey to tell everyone that the shooting was an accident. Before Jeffrey could reply, a police officer entered. Daisy hurriedly left the room. When the cop questioned Jeffrey, Jeffrey told him that the shooting had been an accident. Jeffrey wasn't sure why Rafe had had the gun, but Jeffrey said that he had reacted when he saw Rafe with it. Rafe had been just as surprised as Jeffrey when the gun accidentally went off. Jeffrey claimed that he had the gun in his own hand when it went off. He said he wasn't pressing any charges against Rafe.

Just then Cassie entered the hospital room and stopped the interrogation. After the officer left, Cassie told Jeffrey, "After you got shot, I just started thinking about...never mind." She said she snuck some food past the nurse and even brought Jeffrey hot sauce. Meanwhile, outside in the parking lot, Josh discovered Reva unloading her car. After Reva ignored a call from the movie people, she told Josh that they were filming a scene about when Josh found out Reva had married HB and then Josh had gotten so upset about it that he had driven his car into a tree. Josh said Reva shouldn't be dealing with the movie people while caring for Jeffrey. He offered to stop by the set for her.

Reva and Josh spotted Daisy in the parking lot, and when Daisy avoided them, Reva rushed to catch up to her. Reva and Daisy sat in the grass and talked about how Daisy felt her life lacked direction. Reva told her that she could be anything that she wanted to be including a bridesmaid. With a giggle, Reva announced her wedding to Jeffrey and asked Daisy to be in the bridal party. After talking with Reva, Daisy went home. While she was outside in the yard, G watched her from inside her house.

Meanwhile Josh went to Cross Creek to talk to Mark about his role as Josh Lewis. Mark wanted to give fictional Josh an edge, but Josh reminded him that he was a minister. Mark replied that Josh hadn't always been a minister. Mark asked Josh what it had felt like to see Reva again after he had returned from college. As Josh recounted memories of the past, his eyes sparked fondly. He asked Mark if he could see the script. Josh said he was very interested in it.

When Josh returned to Jeffrey's room, he listened outside as Cassie and Jeffrey talked about Jeffrey's impending marriage. Jeffrey hadn't known he could be the marrying kind, but Cassie assured him that he was. Jeffrey skeptically murmured, "Who knows?"

Josh and Cassie went home. Once inside, Cassie discovered that Josh had done all the cleaning for her. She thanked him and then he showed her the boxes he planned to take to the barn. Cassie said it all could go out except for the music box Jeffrey had given Tammy. Cassie said it was pretty and she'd ask Jeffrey were he got it. After Cassie went upstairs, Josh opened the music box. He stared at it as it played and then slammed it shut.

Meanwhile Reva returned to Jeffrey's room and Jeffrey told her that he had lied to the police because Daisy had asked him to help Rafe. He said he really had no memory of what had happened in the courtroom that day. Reva asked him if he remembered their glittery heart and she held it up for him. He didn't think he could ever forget it. Reva asked him if he had gotten shot in order to avoid marriage. Jeffrey said he wanted to marry her, but he wanted to talk about it more once he was stronger.

Meanwhile down at the police station, the officer who had questioned Jeffrey spoke on the phone with someone. He told the person that they needed to look further into Jeffrey's story. Jeffrey had said he'd handled the gun when it went off; however, Jeffrey's prints were not found on the gun.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

At the hospital, Reva confiscated Jeffrey's files and ordered him not to work while he recovered. After Reva left, Jeffrey reopened the case file pertaining to his shooting. Frank stopped by Jeffrey's room to discuss his recollection of the shooting. Jeffrey repeated that he had grabbed the gun and startled Rafe. That had been when the gun went off. Frank told Jeffrey that the evidence didn't support his version of events. Jeffrey sighed, saying that Rafe was just a kid and they needed to shield him from the fallout. Frank agreed, but he said Rafe wouldn't be the only one in need of protection.

After Frank left the hospital, he encountered Dinah. He told her that Mallet needed her because Mallet had resigned as chief. When Dinah said Mallet wanted her out of his life, Frank seemed awed that Mallet really intended to let go of everything. Frank continued onto the station where he bumped into Reva. Reva asked Frank not to go to the hospital because she wanted Jeffrey to rest. Frank said he'd already been there and Reva decided Frank's visit might have kept Jeffrey from dragging himself down to the station. Reva wondered where Harley was and Frank said Harley had gone out of town to pursue job leads.

Down at the police station, Frank asked Mallet to file the appropriate forms for his voluntary job demotion. When Frank showed Mallet his new salary as a returning detective, Mallet decided that he needed a cheaper place to live. Mallet traveled to the Beacon to tell Olivia that he'd be moving out. He said it was time to make a fresh start. As Mallet packed up his place, he found mementos of his relationship with Dinah, such as photos and forgotten shoes.

After packing, Mallet wandered onto the Spaulding grounds. He found Dinah outside and told her that he was moving. He gave her a bag of her things and said he wanted to change his life. She said she had heard that he had resigned his position at the station. Mallet said changing his job or getting a new girlfriend wasn't the kind of change he needed. He needed to change himself on the inside. After learning how he had gotten his job as police chief, he had tricked himself into thinking he hadn't done anything wrong. He said that needed to change and he wanted to find himself again. Dinah didn't want him to blame himself for her mistakes. She tearfully apologized for her choices. Mallet held her and said he didn't know what would happen, but, "This is something I have to do and I have to do it alone." He asked Dinah if she were okay. She nodded and he left.

Afterward Dinah visited Jeffrey at the hospital and brought him flowers. When she said she just wanted to cheer him up, Jeffrey asked her, "What else?" Dinah admitted that she was a little out of sorts. She mentioned the dinner that she had been planning. Jeffrey recalled hearing something about that before he had been shot. Dinah said that before, she'd had ulterior motives for the dinner plans, but this time, she sincerely only wanted to have a dinner party. Dinah asked him to get back to her on whether or not he would attend. Jeffrey groaned and Dinah promised him that she'd turned over a new leaf. "Not again..." Jeffrey said as Dinah left.

Meanwhile Ava lay in bed after her doctor confined her to bed rest. Olivia checked on her and then Remy stopped by with books and other things to occupy her time. He gave her a two-way radio in case she needed him for anything. If not, he said she could use it for phone sex. They played around with the radios for a while. Remy left and encountered Mallet. Mallet told Remy that he had resigned from the police force. Remy held out his hand and welcomed Mallet over to the "other side."

Later Mallet sat outside Company with Frank and had a beer. He admitted to Frank that he had always felt as if he were failing in his job as chief. Frank said he had felt that same way when he had been chief. The two men toasted to new beginnings.

Once Dinah left the hospital, she took flowers to Ava and said she was spreading sisterly love. She told Ava that she was feeling good about the future and about Bill's new position with Spaulding. Ava thanked her and Dinah said she was glad Bill had someone to share his achievements with.

Meanwhile Lizzie dreamed of ways to destroy Bill Lewis. She asked Reva for help, but Reva declined because she was busy caring for Jeffrey. At Company, Lizzie told Olivia that Ava was no longer on her radar since she had begun to concentrate on demolishing Bill. In the meantime, Bill dressed for his first day at Spaulding's helm. Bill then visited Jeffrey at the hospital. Jeffrey asked about Lizzie, and Bill replied that it was over with Lizzie. Bill said he was devoted to caring for Ava. Later Bill found Lizzie outside at the river-walk and asked her how she was holding up. He told her that taking over Spaulding was something he had to do. Lizzie retorted that she was going to destroy him and then she walked away.

Lizzie brought Jeffrey flowers at the hospital. She congratulated him on his pending nuptials and then asked him to join her legal team. As DA, Jeffrey said he couldn't help her in her fight against Bill because he could not represent individuals, only the district. Jeffrey reminded Lizzie that Bill was living with Ava, Jeffrey's daughter. Besides that, Jeffrey said he was recovering from a gunshot wound. Lizzie asked him if he could recommend someone else.

Meanwhile Bill got off the elevator at the Beacon with a picnic basket and saw Olivia sitting in the hallway reading. He told Olivia not to worry because he was taking care of Ava. He said he finally had everyone under his control. Olivia scoffed at his overconfidence, and Bill rephrased himself, saying he had all his ducks in a row. Olivia mentioned Lizzie, and Bill said that Lizzie was gone from his life.

Dinah was still with Ava when Bill came in with pizza, the picnic basket, and other takeout bags. As they cracked open pints of ice cream, Bill said he was glad to spend time with his two favorite ladies. The three talked about how the Spauldings were "so yesterday." Meanwhile Remy met up with Lizzie and asked her how her plan to topple Bill's empire had gone that day. When Remy smirked at her, Lizzie quipped, "Fabulously."

Meanwhile, Reva returned to Jeffrey's hospital room, and she found him surrounded by a virtual flower garden. Jeffrey told her that he wanted to resolve the situation with Rafe before they got married. When Reva wondered if Jeffrey were getting cold feet, he showed her some slippers that Olivia had brought him. "Olivia, huh?" Reva said, and then threw them across the room. They kissed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Buzz helped Mallet move into the hotel where Alan had previously stayed. Once they finished, Mallet donned a police uniform and stopped by Company, where he ran into Dinah. She asked him why he had given up his chief position to become a beat cop. Mallet called himself a patrolman, and Dinah rolled her eyes, replying, "Whatever." Mallet said he couldn't give up something that wasn't his to begin with. He told her that he needed a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. When she asked him if his decision had anything to do with their relationship, he responded that his choice was only about him and his needs.

Meanwhile, Cyrus picked the lock on Harley's front door and entered the house. He discovered a pile of bills on the floor. He then went to Spaulding to see Dinah. He said Harley needed money. Dinah suggested he go find Harley some because he couldn't have any of her money. Cyrus wondered what was wrong with helping an old friend. Dinah said that was a good question and she left.

Dinah went to the police station and confessed to Frank that she had been the reason he had lost his job as chief. She said she had put the lady up to accusing him of harassment. Frank asked her if Mallet had known. She said Mallet knew after it had been too late. Frank grew angry and wondered if that had been why Mallet resigned. Dinah said yes and Frank replied, "I'm going to kill him!" Dinah pleaded with Frank not to blame Mallet because Mallet hadn't schemed for the job. It had been all Dinah's idea. She said she wanted to help Frank fix it.

Meanwhile, after being turned down by Dinah, Cyrus drove a white van to a nice neighborhood. He called Adrianna, the woman he'd met at the gym, and told her that he had a painting for her. He asked her to meet him after she had gone by the bank. Some time later, Mallet was patrolling his beat when he discovered Cyrus in the neighborhood with a van. He thought Cyrus was casing the houses. Cyrus replied that he was a history buff and was studying the architecture. Mallet didn't buy that and asked to look inside the van. Mallet only found tools in Cyrus' van. Cyrus told him that he wasn't a criminal anymore. Mallet asked Cyrus to leave the neighborhood.

Cyrus left and met Adrianna at Towers. He told her, "It's done and waiting for you to pick up." Adrianna gave him an envelope and offered him more from where that came. Cyrus took the envelope and said it was a one-time deal. He asked her to lose his number and then left.

After shopping with Ashlee, Daisy discovered that her car had been filled with daisies. While Daisy wondered who could have done it, Ashlee guessed that Harley had left them as an apology for abruptly leaving. Ashlee said Harley could be home and urged Daisy to check.

Daisy left and Ashlee bumped into Mallet in the park. She asked him if he could help her find the owner of the dog tag she had found. He suggested she take it to the station to have a check run on it to locate the owner. Ashlee took his advice and talked to Frank at the police station. She explained how she had gotten the dog tag and then gave Frank a description of the owner. Frank said they had the guy she was looking for in lockup. When Frank showed Ashlee the man in the cell, she discovered that he wasn't the guy who'd lost the dog tag.

Daisy also visited Frank, and she learned that he hadn't sent the flowers. At CO2, Daisy asked Buzz and he also denied filling her car with daisies. Neither Frank nor Buzz had any information about Harley's whereabouts. Daisy returned home, and later she heard Cyrus enter the house. She told him that he wasn't supposed to be there. While putting her flowers in water, Daisy asked Cyrus if Harley could have sent them to her. Cyrus didn't know but he was sure Harley would return soon. He said he planned to do some work around Harley's house. Daisy told Cyrus to lock up when he was done. After Daisy left, Cyrus discovered that his envelope full of money was empty.

At CO2, Buzz overheard Olivia say that she couldn't get a ride to Emma's play and so she was walking to it. Buzz asked Olivia how she had been doing and said he was keeping an eye on her for Natalia. Olivia said the money she had given Natalia to find Rafe had been meant to get Natalia out of her hair. Olivia continued her walk to the school. Along the way, she became short-winded. Mallet saw her and offered her water. When he learned she was walking to the school, he gave her his cell phone number and told her to call him if she needed anything.

Mallet walked with Olivia to the schoolyard. Olivia asked him to leave and let her enter the school under her own power. Mallet joked about wanting credit for helping her. Olivia said "the old her" would have fallen in love with Mallet by morning but she had changed. Mallet thought that was good because she had arrived at her destination and could stand on her own.

Mallet returned to the police station where Frank suddenly socked him in the face. Mallet then strolled onto Main Street with a bruised lip. Dinah saw him and asked him what had happened. He wouldn't tell her. She announced that she had come clean with Frank, and Mallet said he was glad that she had. He said he was leaving to check on Olivia. Dinah grew upset and accused him of picking up with Olivia where Gus had left off. She wondered how much penitence Mallet planned to make. Dinah went home and dined alone.

Mallet went to the Beacon and gave Olivia an uncut hoagie that had been named after Gus. They talked briefly about Emma's play and Olivia thanked him for coming over. Mallet offered to tell her a Gus story. Olivia laughed when she tried to lift the uncut hoagie. Mallet lifted the other end in unison with her and each of them took a bite from their side of the sandwich.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

With Coop on his way home from his book tour, Ashlee was anxious for Daisy's opinion on a dress she'd chosen to wear when she saw him that day. She called Daisy several times, but Daisy wouldn't answer the phone because she was moping around Reva's hotel room. Reva urged Daisy to call Ashlee back and then go out to enjoy the day. When Daisy wouldn't leave, Reva threatened to play loud country music to drive Daisy out. Daisy finally left.

After Daisy left Reva's, Olivia banged on Reva's door. Olivia was livid because the actors who were playing Josh and Reva had checked into the Beacon. While making love, the actors were screaming Josh and Reva's names for the whole hotel to hear. Reva followed Olivia to their hotel room door, and they listened outside it as Mark and Jolene called each other Josh and Reva. Olivia said she'd have nightmares. Reva banged on the door. After a few moments, Jolene opened it wearing a robe. Mark stood behind Jolene, kissing her neck. Reva told them that she didn't care what they did, but they had better use their own names while doing it.

Later Reva went by Cross Creek because the movie crew was filming that day. Jolene and Mark showed up to reenact the scene in which Josh returned from college and confronted Reva about marrying Billy in Josh's absence. As Reva watched the scene, she became tearful and visibly affected. Once the director wrapped the scene, Reva called Jolene aside and told her that she wanted to rewrite the ending of the movie. Jolene thought the ending, which was Josh and Reva being together always, was perfect. Reva retorted that it wasn't the truth because Reva's future was with Jeffrey. Jolene replied that it felt true. Reva snapped at Jolene, saying that Jolene didn't know her, how she felt, or what she wanted. Jolene said she didn't have the power to change the script and Reva needed to talk with Carson. Reva said she intended to.

After watching the filming, Reva encountered Olivia sitting on a park bench. Olivia told Reva that a carrier had dropped off a valuable package for her at the Beacon. Reva assumed it contained wedding rings for her and Jeffrey. While peeking at Reva's script, Olivia said Jeffrey had been good to her and warned Reva against involving Jeffrey in the Reva and Josh saga. Reva got upset because she was tired of people thinking she'd return to Josh. Olivia gestured to the script again and Reva swore that it was just words on a page. Then Reva joked with Olivia that Olivia was just jealous because she wanted a part in the movie. Olivia giggled and said she did want a part. Reva hit her with the script and they laughed as Olivia said, "I need a job!"

Meanwhile over at Harley's, Cyrus was searching for the missing money when Daisy entered. He seemed anxious and said he was working on the house for Harley. Daisy asked Cyrus to hurry up with what he was doing and leave. When Daisy tried to have a beer, Cyrus threatened to call Buzz or Frank. Daisy poured the beer out and told him that he'd better not be staying at the house while everyone was away.

Daisy then met up with Ashlee. They sat outside discussing clothes and Ashlee's crush on her mystery man. When Daisy returned to her car, she threw the flowers that remained inside it on the ground. G came up to her and he guessed she didn't like his gift. Daisy looked astonished to see G. He explained that he had been deported to Australia, where he had served time in jail. Since his release, he had thought a lot about how he'd killed Tammy. G wished he could change what he had done, and he said he knew there was no way that he could make up for it. Handing Daisy some discarded flowers, he said he wanted to try to make it up to Daisy. He asked her if she were seeing anyone. Daisy said there had been someone. G leaned in to kiss her, but a car pulled up. Daisy said it was Frank. She told G to leave before Frank saw him.

When Reva later returned to her hotel room, Daisy was inside and in brighter spirits. She had filled the room with daisies. Reva seemed taken aback by all the flowers and asked Daisy if Josh had sent them. Daisy reminded Reva that someone had placed flowers in her car. Reva suddenly recalled discussing that with Daisy. Daisy asked Reva why she had thought Josh had sent them. Reva tearfully recalled how she had carried daisies in her bouquet the first time that she had married Josh. Reva said she was just reading about it in the script. Reva dismissed her emotions and asked Daisy what she had done all day. Daisy said she had been with Ashlee. Reva was glad Daisy had gotten out because the sun had brought color to her cheeks.

Meanwhile Coop and Blake returned from Coop's book tour. In Coop's hotel room, Coop hugged Blake and thanked her for helping him. He was taken by surprise when Blake kissed him. Coop pulled away and they stared at each other. Since Coop seemed distant, Blake said they could talk about the kiss. Coop decided that it was a "Thank you and goodbye" kiss. Blake agreed, but she added that they had a connection brewing between them. Coop replied that he had a girlfriend. Blake said she'd had the love of her life already and didn't want to be Coop's girlfriend. Coop apologized for leading her on. He said he just liked talking to her so much because they were fellow writers. He felt the kiss shouldn't have happened. Blake played it off as if it weren't a big deal, joking with Coop that it wasn't his fault that he was so attractive. Blake said she'd talk to him later and left.

Ashlee wore a nice sundress as she approached Coop's room. Blake was in the hall and seemed to gloat to Ashlee about her trip with Coop. Ashlee didn't pick up on Blake's tone and said she was glad that Coop had had Blake with him. Blake said she hoped Ashlee appreciated Coop. "Excuse me?" Ashlee said. Blake elaborated, noting that Ashlee had scheduled her surgery during the same time that Coop had the tour. Ashlee replied that she'd catch the next tour. Blake nodded and left.

Ashlee knocked on Coop's door and he met her with a big hug. After they made love, Coop noted how good she looked and how energized she was. Ashlee told him about the man who had flirted with her after helping her when she had tripped. Coop wanted to know the guy's name so he could beat him up, but Ashlee said she didn't know his name. Coop said it was just as well because he was too worn out from the traveling to beat up anybody.

Meanwhile after Daisy had left Harley's, Cyrus went out to his van to look for the money. He still couldn't find it. He called Adrianna to tell her that he had changed his mind. He wanted one more job from her. Afterward Cyrus went to Company to talk to Buzz. Buzz asked him if he planned to stick around until Harley returned. Cyrus said he'd never stayed around in a relationship for that long before. He thought perhaps it was what he needed. He showed Buzz Harley's bills and Buzz said that he had given Harley a lot of money before she left. Cyrus said he'd get the money and Buzz replied that he didn't want to know how.

Cyrus returned to Harley's house and was in the kitchen sorting bills when he heard someone on the steps. When G came around the corner, Cyrus asked him what he was doing there. G grinned and he asked Cyrus if he were happy to see his little brother.

Friday, June 6, 2008

At the farm, Josh found a note on the refrigerator from Cassie stating that she was at the hospital visiting Jeffrey. On the kitchen table, Josh found several photographs, including one of Jeffrey, which upset Josh.

At Cedars, Cassie kept Jeffrey company by showing him pictures. When Cassie mentioned that she knew how he liked to look at old photos, Jeffrey noted that he really did not. Jeffrey told her that he did not like to dwell on the past and relive old mistakes. He said that he liked to look forward. Jeffrey complained that he needed to get back to work. Jeffrey told Cassie that he was worried about Rafe's case since he believed that Doris would go after the kid and ruin his life. Because Jeffrey couldn't leave the hospital, Cassie offered to talk to Frank on his behalf.

Reva went to Cross Creek and found the place almost empty. Hawk told her that the film crew wrapped up early since Reva threw her "hissy fit" about wanting to rewrite the script. Reva defended herself by saying that she only wanted to change the ending. She argued that she was with Jeffrey. Hawk pointed out that the movie was not a documentary. They wanted a larger-than-life love story, and that was her and Josh. Reva asked what would happen if she refused to give her go-ahead on the script. Hawk replied that the movie people would decide to leave them all out of it and change the names in the movie. Reva did not like that idea. She told her father that it was their story, no one else's. Reva agreed to go ahead with the movie as it was written and Hawk told her that the movie people wanted a copy of her wedding video to Josh. Later, Hawk lamented to Reva that he thought he was doing a good thing; she lived such a big life that he thought she would have fun sharing it with the world. Reva stated that she was having fun-sharing the present with Jeffrey. Reva told Hawk that she was tired of the drama in her life and was happy with who she was. Hawk said then it was her job to make sure that the movie people did not take over her life.

Reva visited Josh at the church. They discussed the movie a little bit and she asked if it was weird for him. Josh admitted that he never gave it much thought. Talk turned to Jeffrey, and Josh asked if she was still getting married. Josh told Reva that he never saw Jeffrey as the settling down type and reminded her that Jeffrey had a reputation. Reva replied that she was not worried. Reva then got to the point of her visit-she needed to borrow the key to their storage unit since the movie crew wanted a copy of their wedding video.

Reva, with Daisy, went to the storage garage looking for the video. During their search, Daisy's phone rang. Daisy was surprised to learn that it was G on the other line, since she thought he had left town. G stated that he was sticking around for a little while and needed a place to stay. Daisy asked G if the cops saw him and he replied that they had not yet. Reva overheard the conversation and assumed that Daisy was talking to Rafe. Reva dragged Daisy to the Beacon so they could talk in private. Reva lectured Daisy that Rafe was wanted by the police. She went on to say that the police could be tapping Daisy's phone and her being in contact with Rafe was illegal. Daisy lied to Reva that she was helping Rafe and pointed out that if Jeffrey were in trouble, Reva would do the same thing.

Josh visited Jeffrey while he was on the phone. Jeffrey complained to Josh that he was trying to get some work done regarding Rafe's case and his office was being uncooperative. When Jeffrey told Josh that Cassie refused to sneak him out of the hospital and take him to his office, Josh volunteered to do it. However, Josh made a stop first at the farm, telling Jeffrey that he had to look for something. At the farm, Josh made a show of looking for something and starting talking about the movie and being tempted to revisit the past. Josh then showed Jeffrey the photo of himself and asked Jeffrey if seeing the picture bothered him. Jeffrey was confused by the question and then both men realized that Jeffrey was bleeding. When Josh returned Jeffrey to Cedars, Cassie blasted Josh for letting Jeffrey leave and Josh asked why she was acting like she was in charge of Jeffrey's care. Reva quickly arrived and the group learned that Jeffrey would need a blood transfusion. Cassie knew that she and Jeffrey had the same blood type and volunteered to donate. Suddenly, she remembered that she was supposed to pick up RJ so Josh and Reva volunteered to do it.

Cyrus was flabbergasted to find his brother, Grady, in Harley's house. When Grady did not elaborate on how he found Cyrus, Cyrus mentioned that it had been a long time, which led Grady to state that that was Cyrus' choice. Cyrus explained that he left because he did not want Grady to think that the way Cyrus got their money was acceptable. Cyrus explained that he left to protect Grady. Grady told his brother that Cyrus made him exactly who he was. He also told Cyrus that he no longer went by the name Grady; his friends called him G, and he noted that when he was in trouble he was called Gillespie. G shocked Cyrus again by revealing that he had a jailhouse revelation. Cyrus tried to get G to tell him what he went to prison for, but G only responded that he served his time. Cyrus told G that he wanted something better for him. Cyrus explained to G that he made a lot of enemies and so he had to leave to protect G. G responded that he believed Cyrus just did not want to be bothered. Cyrus denied it and stated that he sent G money all the time. Cyrus asked his brother if he still had the dog tags and G responded that he knew where they were. After some roughhousing, the pair discussed Cyrus' life in Springfield. G told Cyrus that he would think Springfield would seem small to a big time thief like Cyrus, and he also found it hard to believe that Cyrus would want to be saddled to a woman with three kids. Cyrus made it clear that he liked his life there. Soon, there was a knock on the door and G made a hasty retreat. After Cassie, who was looking for Frank, left, Cyrus gave G the all clear and asked why he hid. G stated that he wanted to keep a low profile and Cyrus correctly guessed that G was wanted by the police in the states. G lied that he was simply in trouble for bouncing a few bad checks. When G mentioned that he was broke, Cyrus knew that he was lying and accused him of stealing Cyrus's money.

Later, G met with Daisy at the storage garage. Daisy told G that he could lay low there for a while. Daisy did seem a tad reluctant to help him. Daisy pointed out that she was messed up when she was with him and she could not help thinking about what happened to Tammy. G apologized again for what happened. When Daisy said that she did not think she should be around him, G asked if it was about another guy. Daisy said that there was but he was away. Daisy stated that he was in trouble, also, and since she couldn't help him, she would help G. G kissed Daisy just as an incredulous Cyrus saw the pair.

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