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Dorian revealed at a shareholders' meeting at Buchanan Enterprises that Charlie was really Jared's father. Dorian announced that she would take over control of the company. Nash went after Jared after losing an investor in his vineyard. Nash and Jared engaged in a fight, and Nash fell through a skylight and died at the hospital. Adriana accused Dorian of ruining her wedding. Viki learned that Jessica was pregnant.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 2, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, June 2, 2008


At the police station, Eddie was all ears as an irate John approached Antonio and blamed him for Talia's firing. Continuing the charade, Antonio stated that Talia's downfall was the result of her own negligence. John announced that he had a few words for Ramsey and planned to wait for him in the commissioner's office; Antonio followed behind. Inside the office, Antonio told John that Ramsey orchestrated the robbery at the art gallery and gave him orders to set Talia up to take the fall. John was certain that Ramsey was testing Antonio. For Eddie's benefit, John and Antonio made certain to raise their voices and argue-but at the same time the two discussed that Ramsey stole the jewels for the purpose of protecting someone.

At Ramsey's penthouse, Ramsey placed the stolen jewels in the hands of his unknown "houseguest" and stated, "They're beautiful, just like you." Ramsey told the woman that the jewels would pay for the doctors who would make her better again. As Ramsey placed the jewels in a safe in the wall and covered it with a picture, the woman's caregiver entered the room with a plate of food. She informed Ramsey that the woman hadn't been eating lately. Lovingly, Ramsey looked down at his houseguest and asked her to eat for him.

As John and Antonio discussed strategy in Ramsey's office, the men began to argue once again when Ramsey entered. Ramsey warned John that he would be unemployed if he continued to harass Antonio and proceeded to kick him out of the office. Alone with Antonio, Ramsey questioned him about his confrontation with John. Before leaving the office, Antonio reminded Ramsey that Jamie needed to see a specialist. Ramsey assured Antonio that he would receive his money as soon as Ramsey received his.

Back at Ramsey's penthouse, the caregiver attempted to feed Ramsey's houseguest, but the woman became combative. Frightened, the caregiver took off to find Ramsey.

While John and Antonio kept their eyes on Ramsey, the frantic caregiver arrived at the police station. Ramsey demanded to know why the caregiver left "her" alone. As John and Antonio listened, the caregiver informed Ramsey that he was needed at home because the woman was out of control. Unconcerned by John and Antonio's presence, Ramsey headed home to take care of his houseguest. Ramsey and the caregiver entered the penthouse. As the houseguest shook uncontrollably, Ramsey showed her a picture and reminded her that the memory in the photograph always calmed her down. As the woman grasped the picture, she grew calm.

Later, John and Antonio discussed the fact that Ramsey was hiding someone in his penthouse-they were determined to find out who and why.

At Foxy Roxy's, Viki confronted Roxy about involving Charlie in her scheme. Roxy begged Viki to convince Charlie not to tell Rex the truth. After expressing her displeasure with Roxy's deception, Viki informed Roxy that she couldn't tell Charlie anything because he was missing. Viki demanded answers from Roxy, but Roxy refused to talk.

In her bedroom, Dorian held a bottle of vodka and stared down at an unconscious Charlie. She looked up at the heavens and proclaimed to Mel (Mel was her alcoholic ex-husband), "I know you are watching this and I'm really sorry, but I have to finish what I started." Dorian then poured the liquor down Charlie's throat. With a smile, she told Charlie that Viki and Jared would both think he returned to his old ways.

Meanwhile, downstairs, David attempted to prevent Jared from entering, but Jared forced his way inside. When Jared advised David to keep his secret, David informed him that for the right price he would keep quiet, but stated that Dorian would never remain silent. Because he had dirt on Dorian, Jared was unconcerned about her spilling the beans and promised to pay David off. When Dorian entered the room, she and David began taunting Jared about his pretense of being a Buchanan. Dorian assured Jared that she had no intention of telling anyone and reminded him that he would be late for the annual stockholder's meeting if he didn't hurry. Dorian told Jared that she couldn't care less if he and Charlie wanted to carry on their ridiculous charade. Although Jared was suspicious, he hurried off to attend the meeting.

Alone with Dorian, David asked her if the "Charlie" she mentioned to Jared was the same "Charlie" that Viki was looking for. In an attempt to get rid of David, Dorian convinced him that he was in desperate need of a facial. As David headed out the door, he ran into two suspicious characters who Dorian had summoned. After kicking David out, Dorian told the men to head upstairs and place Charlie in the limousine. She advised them that they would drop him off somewhere.

David arrived at Foxy Roxy's for a facial, but encountered Viki. Attempting to avoid any further questioning from Viki, Roxy exited the salon in a hurry. When David asked Viki if he could help her, Viki stated that the only way he could help her is if he had information concerning Charlie's whereabouts. Viki related to David that Charlie sent her a strange text message, and she was suspicious because Charlie had never communicated to her through text messaging. Sensing Viki was hurting, David had a flashback of Dorian sending a text message on a "second" cell phone that she claimed to be hers. David announced to Viki, "I think I might know where your boyfriend is!"

It was a full house at the annual meeting of the Shareholders of Buchanan Enterprises. Members of the press questioned Clint and Bo about their use of underhanded tactics regarding the hostile takeover attempts, but they denied any wrongdoing. The brothers were greeted by their significant others-Nora and Lindsay. The foursome attempted to get along and put aside their differences and enjoy the special day. However, Nora became agitated when Clint and Bo thanked Lindsay for the help she provided them in their time of need. Anxious to begin the meeting, Clint and Bo were bothered that Jared hadn't arrived. Natalie was also concerned that Jared wasn't present and feared the worst when she was unable to reach him.

Rex encountered Gigi at the meeting. Gigi apologized for interrupting Rex and Adriana's wedding. Gigi's hopes were high when Rex told her that he hated what happened. She believed Rex might have regrets over marrying Adriana, but her hopes were dashed when Rex related that he hated that Adriana had struck her. Rex remarked how wonderful it was that Brody came back into Shane's life. Gigi sadly agreed and walked away. Afterwards, Rex stood alone and appeared conflicted.

Jessica promised Natalie that she would tell Nash that she was pregnant right after the meeting. Nash nearly overheard Jessica and Natalie discussing the pregnancy. Malcolm, the investor, approached Nash and informed him that he was a shareholder and reminded Nash that he hadn't received an offer from BE to buy out the vineyard. After assuring Malcolm that the offer was on the way, Nash told Jessica, Natalie, and Sarah that Jared had helped save his vineyard by promising to bail him out with BE funds. Jessica and Sarah were surprised. As she listened to Nash refer to Jared as a member of the family, Natalie looked guilty. Later, Jessica mentioned how surprised she was to learn that Charlie had lied about being Rex's father. When Jessica stated that she thought Charlie was a good guy, Natalie quickly defended Charlie. Jessica was curious to know why Natalie would defend the man who had hurt their mother, but Jared arrived and Natalie broke away to question him. Jared assured Natalie that Dorian and David were taken care of, but Natalie was skeptical.

Dressed in black and sporting a huge hat, Dorian admired herself in the mirror and exclaimed, "It's showtime!"

In an alley, Dorian instructed her cohorts to dump Charlie's unconscious body over a pile of garbage. She placed his cell phone in his pocket and poured a bottle of vodka over his body. Dorian headed off to attend the shareholder's meeting. As Charlie slowly began to regain consciousness, he mumbled Viki's name.

Back at the stockholder's meeting, Nash approached Jared and informed him that Malcolm wanted to close the deal immediately. Jared stated that he hadn't spoken to Clint and Bo yet, but assured Nash that it was a done deal. As Natalie watched, Nash thanked Jared and welcomed him to the Buchanan family. With Jared present, the Buchanans prepared to start the meeting.

Clint proudly introduced the members of the Buchanan family. He informed the stockholders that BE had encountered several hostile takeover attempts since Asa's death, but persevered. As he assured everyone that BE was still on top, Dorian appeared and announced that she wanted to make a statement. Dorian shocked everyone when she remarked that the Buchanans were perpetrating a fraud. A panicked Natalie told Jared that they needed to stop Dorian. Jared replied, "It's too late." Clint and Bo attempted to prevent her from speaking, but the stockholders demanded that she be heard. A deafening silence filled the room, as Dorian announced that Jared was not a Buchanan.

With a look of disgust, Rex brushed past Dorian. Rex mumbled to himself that Dorian had gone too far this time. As he stood out in the hall, he opened his portfolio. Stunned, Rex read the words that were cut out and pasted on a sheet of paper. The words read, "YOUR WIFE HAS BEEN LYING TO YOU!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Long Live The Queen

As Dorian outed Jared as a fraud at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders' meeting, the auditorium at the Palace erupted into hubbub and chaos. Jared and Natalie sat in silence, looking ill. Dorian explained that Jared was an imposter who came to Llanview with one goal, to infiltrate BE, and he succeeded. As she questioned whether or not the other board members knew, Clint and Bo whispered amongst themselves about Dorian's bombshell, with Bo admitting he had never trusted Jared, though Clint said he'd started to. Dorian told the assembled guests that even if the BE board did not know about Jared's true identity, they were at least guilty of "gross mismanagement," and as such, the number one question for the shareholders was: "Are my shares safe?" In the audience, Lindsay and Nora were dumbstruck, leading Nora to mutter that Dorian was "pulling all of this out of her...hat." Natalie rose to defend Jared, calling him a "terrific executive," and Jessica followed suit, saying that Jared was as much a Buchanan as she. Dorian cracked that Jessica should hope not, otherwise "your sister is sleeping with her uncle." Jessica stared at Natalie in shock, begging her to deny it. The press swarmed towards the dazed Natalie with questions, and Jared shooed them away and took her into his arms, helping her back into her seat. "My God, it's true," Jessica realized. Dorian insisted to the crowd that she took no personal pleasure from revealing the secret, and excoriated Natalie for letting an imposter fleece her own family. Clint and Bo struggled to get Dorian escorted out by security, but Malcolm, Nash's investor, rose, and asked that she stay, insisting that the other shareholders had a right to hear the whole truth. The rest of the crowd agreed.

At the Llanview Police Department, John and Antonio met in secret in the men's room. Both were curious about the identity of Ramsey's female houseguest, why she was there, and of what importance she was to him. John was sure that the Mendorran jewels were why Ramsey had come to Llanview and taken Bo's job, and that the woman was secondary. Antonio wondered what the connection between the jewels and the mystery woman was, and why Ramsey was keeping it a secret. Later, in the LPD situation room, Antonio and Talia shared a passionate reunion, sneaking into Ramsey's office to make out. Talia feared their getting caught, but Antonio assured her that Ramsey was off-duty, and that he and John were finally "piecing things together" about their adversary. As Antonio explained the situation with Ramsey's houseguest to Talia, John covered for them in the situation room when Officer Eddie became curious about the commissioner's office being closed while he was gone. John entered the office and warned Antonio and Talia that Eddie was snooping around. He asked Antonio to stop by Ramsey's penthouse to try to shed some light on things. Talia was concerned about the danger of Antonio just "dropping by" Ramsey's home, but John was sure Antonio had gained Ramsey's confidence by getting his hands dirty. Antonio and John agreed that identifying the woman at the penthouse was a major priority. Antonio reassured Talia, told her not to worry, and swept her into a kiss before leaving for Ramsey's.

At the penthouse, Ramsey struggled to soothe his "mystery woman," who was in restraints. The woman stared at the framed picture he'd handed her as Ramsey urged her to "remember happier times" and keep fighting to "be that woman again." He assured her that, thanks to the jewels, he had the money to pay for her care. Ramsey promised her that she could get her old life back, but she had to trust him. He said he knew the woman missed her loved ones, and he was truly sorry for what had happened to her. "I hope someday you'll forgive me." He assured her he would take her home once she was "one hundred percent" again, and that she was making progress despite her "debilitating treatments." Ramsey urged the woman to eat, spoon-feeding her some fruit. He said he knew she didn't want people to see her in her condition, and warned that until she was well, no one could know she was there with him. As Ramsey turned out the lights in the bedroom and left, he asked the mystery woman to sleep and dream of the people who loved her, who she would see very soon.

In the alley behind Rodi's, a bartender arrived to take out the garbage and found Charlie lying in a drugged stupor amidst the trash. Thinking him a homeless drunk, the bartender quickly realized Charlie was genuinely ill. The incoherent Charlie mumbled "Viki" and insisted he was not homeless or drunk. He managed to say that he was sick and needed help, that he "[needed] Viki."

At Foxy Roxy's, Viki pressed David for answers regarding Charlie's whereabouts, but David hedged, claiming they were merely suspicions. Viki was a nervous wreck and said she feared something awful had happened to him. David was about to relent and tell Viki all about his experience at La Boulaie when Viki's phone suddenly rang with a call from the bartender at Rodi's. The bartender told Viki that Charlie had told him to call, and that her friend was in bad shape and needed help. Viki rushed off to Rodi's to get to Charlie, and David sighed that Dorian had gone too far.

Back at the Palace, Rex stood outside the auditorium, stunned by the anonymous letter he had received in his portfolio about Adriana's lies. He flashed back to his inconclusive conversation with Adriana after her accident, and how she had failed to explain what she'd been doing in Angel Square or why she'd had his toothbrush. Gigi drifted out of the auditorium and watched Rex in silence.

Inside the auditorium, Clint spoke up, telling the crowd that Dorian was a known liar and nothing was proven. Dorian replied that she could prove her allegations, and produced Pamela Stuart, who walked in and took the podium, sorrowfully explaining her part in the fraud. She apologized to the Buchanans, and said that she was very fond of Jared. Pamela claimed that Asa would be proud of a son like Jared, and said that she'd been close to Jared's mother, Valerie. When she mentioned Jared's real father, Charlie Banks, Dorian announced to the audience that they might know Charlie Banks as Charlie Balsom. The Buchanans were again shocked, and Jessica demanded Jared speak up and explain himself, but Natalie told him to stay quiet.

Having overheard Dorian's announcement from outside the auditorium, Rex rushed in and asked Dorian to clarify the facts. Dorian gleefully repeated that Charlie was Jared's father, not his. Rex raced off, followed closely by Gigi, who followed him back to the hotel lobby. Gigi tried to console Rex, who grimly said he liked Charlie but was used to not having a father; "I'll survive." Gigi realized Rex's mind was preoccupied with more than the truth about his father, and asked him what he was really thinking about. Rex showed her the anonymous letter about Adriana, and Gigi was shocked and asked him who had sent it. Rex replied that he was hoping she could tell him.

Back in the auditorium, a sad Pamela walked past Jared's seat and apologized to him as she left. Clint and Bo tried to take command of the situation, insisting that they had no knowledge of any fraud and that there would be a full investigation. Clint said that regardless of Jared's paternity he was a good executive, and any wrongdoing had nothing to do with Buchanan Enterprises' corporate bottom line. "Au contraire," Dorian shot back. She explained to the audience that BE's board had to be explicitly made up of only family members, and Jared's presence on the board was a violation of the charter, rendering all contracts or deals entered into during his tenure null and void. Dorian added that according to the Securities & Exchange Commission, that made BE liable, and that all the deals Clint and Bo had made with their various would-be takeover bidders, like Virgil Webster or Walter Honeycutt, were now void as well. Lindsay asked Dorian if that meant Webster and Honeycutt owned BE. "No," Dorian said, then coldly intoned, "I own BE." As she took Asa's portrait down from behind the dais, Bo countered that the family still owned a large number of shares, but Dorian replied that she had fifty-one percent, having quietly bought the shares up through a dummy corporation. She said she had also made an agreement to acquire Honeycutt and Webster's shares in the event that their deals with Clint were rendered void, and as they were, she now owned theirs too. The shareholders in the audience were outraged and angry, unwilling to listen to Clint and Bo's excuses. Dorian stepped down from the podium and handed Clint a compact disc detailing her takeover. "The king is dead," she told him. "Long live the queen."

As the press and the shareholders filed out, Clint confronted Jared and Natalie, who were sitting alone and miserable in their seats. Jared confessed that everything Dorian and Pamela had said was true, and said he had idolized Asa. He regretted costing the family what he had admired so greatly, the business. Jared said he was very ashamed and very sorry, and that it was all his fault. Trying to keep a modicum of dignity, he rose from his seat and quietly walked out of the room. Jessica turned on Natalie, furious at the realization that she knew the truth all along. Natalie said she hadn't at first, and then added, in a broken, lost voice, "Don't you understand? I love him." Natalie then ran off after Jared. The forbidden lovers met up at a balcony skylight high above the auditorium and embraced.

Jessica and Nash reeled from the revelations of the day, and Nash told his wife he hoped Clint never forgave Natalie. Jessica was about to brighten her husband's day by revealing her pregnancy, only to be stopped cold by Malcolm, who warned them that with Jared's deals null and void, the vineyard was his again. Jessica tried to pay him off, but Malcolm said he and his investors wanted the land too much and that it was a done deal. He ordered them to vacate the property. Furious, Nash swore to kill Jared.

Back at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy crept back inside and was relieved to find Viki gone. She agreed to give David a manicure, and said that with Charlie outed, she wished he would leave town, then reconsidered and wondered if she should leave instead to avoid having to reveal the truth about her deception and Rex's real father. Roxy said she didn't want to leave her salon behind, and groused that "the truth is completely overrated." David warned her that the truth could catch up to her, and Roxy feared that someone would "blab" her secrets.

At Rodi's, Viki arrived in the alley to find the bartender with Charlie. The bartender told Viki he'd never served Charlie and pointed to the bottle he'd found with him. After the bartender went back inside the restaurant, Viki tearfully asked Charlie why he'd drank again, and tried to give him some water. Viki wondered if it was her fault for pressuring him about Rex, and asked him what had happened after he'd gone to the hospital. Charlie groggily said he couldn't remember, but swore he hadn't gotten drunk. Given the overwhelming evidence, Viki couldn't believe him. She tried to help him up, but Charlie collapsed. Realizing the seriousness of Charlie's condition, Viki called 9-1-1, then frantically tried to perform CPR.

At the Palace, Clint confronted Dorian about her actions. He asked her if she'd done it all because of their break-up, and Dorian laughed in his face. Clint responded by grabbing her by the neck and choking her!

Up in the balcony, Jared and Natalie embraced. Natalie assured him that the Buchanans would come to understand and said she'd always be in his corner. They kissed, just in time for Nash to race in and punch Jared out, with Jessica hot on his heels. Nash said he'd always known Jared was a fraud and that he'd lost his vineyard because of Jared. Unwilling to listen to Jared's apologies, Nash turned his fury on Natalie. Nash raged at her, getting in her face and calling her a "dirty little tramp" who had taken away her sister's home. Jared shoved Nash away from Natalie, and Nash went sprawling against the railing by the skylight, then tripped and fell all the way over, shattering the glass and falling down into the auditorium as Jessica and Natalie screamed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

At the disbanded Buchanan Enterprises shareholders meeting, Dorian gloated about her victory. Clint was livid when he realized that Dorian had been motivated to takeover B.E. because he had ended their relationship. Overcome with fury, Clint began strangling Dorian. Luckily, there were people nearby who reacted immediately and pulled Clint off of Dorian. Seconds after Dorian was freed from Clint's grasp, a commotion above caught everyone's attention. Rex managed to push Gigi out of the way just as glass began raining down on them.

Nash threw a punch at Jared. When Jared pushed Nash off of him, Nash stumbled backwards and fell over a balcony. Nash crashed through a plate glass ceiling and landed in a bloody heap on the lower level. Jessica screamed and rushed to her unconscious husband's side. When the paramedics arrived, they found a weak pulse and determined that Nash was breathing. They decided to do a "scoop and run" because time was of the essence.

Charlie was taken to the hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning. Michael credited Viki with saving Charlie's life. As they discussed Charlie's condition, it became clear that each believed that Charlie had relapsed. Viki remained with Charlie, while he slept, and vowed to help him through his latest crisis.

Layla dropped by Adriana's loft bearing gifts for the new bride. They talked about Gigi's confession at the wedding and Dorian's role in it. Layla was surprised to learn that Dorian had tried to sabotage Adriana's wedding. They also discussed the situation with Shane. Layla felt certain that Gigi would have already told Rex that Shane was his son, if she wanted him to know the truth. As they were chatting, Rex walked in. Adriana realized immediately that he was quite agitated. As soon as Layla left, Adriana learned why. Rex told her that Charlie was not his father and then showed her the note that he had received just before the shareholders meeting for B.E. He asked Adriana if she knew about Charlie and then warned her not to lie to him. Adriana told Rex that she had no idea that Charlie wasn't Rex's father but she did admit that she had lied to Rex.

Antonio went to Ramsey's penthouse to gather information. To explain his sudden appearance on Ramsey's doorstep, Antonio told Ramsey that he had been concerned when Ramsey had suddenly left the police station. Antonio pretended to be anxious about being paid his share of the heist so that he could cover Jamie's medical expenses. Ramsey assured Antonio that he would get his money but cautioned him against paying off all of Jamie's medical expenses. Ramsey pointed out that a sudden influx of money would raise questions with the wrong people. Before Antonio left, Ramsey made it clear that all of their future meetings had to be conducted at the police station, not at his penthouse.

John and Talia searched Ramsey's office while Antonio paid the police commissioner a surprise visit. John discovered a series of chest and head X-rays of a woman and copies of articles about seizures from what appeared to be medical journals. When Talia spotted Eddie in the squad room, they scrambled to cover their tracks. John hid while Talia remained out in the open, behind Ramsey's desk. Eddie walked in and immediately demanded to know what Talia was doing in Ramsey's office with the door closed. Talia explained that she had wanted privacy while she turned in her badge and gun. Eddie believed her and walked her out of the office. Later, John and Antonio managed to meet secretly and discuss their findings. Both men were determined to find out what and whom Ramsey was hiding.

Jessica and her family arrived at the hospital with Nash, who remained in critical condition. When Jared learned that Charlie had been admitted to the hospital earlier, he rushed to check on his father. Jared didn't realize that Viki was in the room, with Charlie, as he approached his father's bed calling out "Dad! Dad!" Viki wanted to know why Jared was calling Charlie "Dad," but before Jared could answer her, Natalie, visibly distraught, burst into the room to fetch her mother. After Viki and Natalie stepped out, Jared looked at Charlie's chart and read that he had been admitted for alcohol poisoning. Jared blamed himself for his father's relapse.

In the hospital hallway, Clint, Natalie, and Sarah filled Viki in on what had happened during and after the shareholders meeting. Viki was stunned when Natalie confessed that she was in love with Jared.

Sean was annoyed when his television program was interrupted with late breaking news about B.E.'s shareholders meeting. David soon joined Sean in front of the television, and a few minutes later, Dorian walked in. She had tried calling the hospital earlier to get an update on Nash but to no avail. When Dorian learned that there had been a report on television, she asked if they had mentioned how Nash was doing. She was disappointed to learn that Nash was in critical condition. Sean soon made his excuses and left the room while David remained behind and asked Dorian about their big payoff. Dorian's victory seemed hollow as she began to pour champagne and toast herself on the successful execution of her plans. While they sipped champagne, David casually asked what Dorian had done with Charlie earlier that morning.

Michael stepped out of Nash's room to give Jessica and her family an update about Nash's condition. He had the grim task of telling them that Nash's injuries were too grave for him to survive surgery. He advised everyone to say their goodbyes to Nash. Jessica began sobbing hysterically.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


As Shane was spending the night at Matthew's, Brody offered Gigi a swig from his bottle when she returned home. She filled him in on the events of the day; the note that Rex found in his program about his lying wife and Nash falling through the skylight. Brody realized that Gigi was in shock as she shivered and recounted the blood and broken glass. He covered her with a blanket and offered her another drink. As he wrapped his arms around her, she disclosed that she would never be able to forget what she saw. Suggesting she close her eyes and meditate, Brody divulged that it was a trick that he learned while serving in Afghanistan. He admitted that he would think about things that he might be happy doing someday and that it didn't work all of the time. Gigi acknowledged that Adriana would probably tell Rex that he was Shane's dad that very evening. Brody felt that if Rex hadn't figured it out yet, then he wouldn't, and that Adriana would be too afraid of losing him to tell him herself.

Rex demanded the truth from Adriana and accused her of trying to squirm out of it as she stalled and stuttered. He told her about Nash's falling and that it was Dorian's fault. When she learned that he and Gigi were standing near when Nash fell, Adriana was more concerned about that. A perturbed Rex called her on it, and Adriana complained about Gigi being involved in their lives from the moment they became engaged. She reminded him of the ring purchase that he made from Gigi and how he never told Adriana that he had seen Gigi. As Adriana accused Rex of changing, he continued to demand the truth from her. Finally, after being pressured, Adriana admitted to finding Brody and bringing him to Llanview, as she was so afraid of losing Rex. She claimed it was a favor to Gigi and Shane, and now the woman would stop "lusting" after Rex. She apologized for lying and truly hoped that Rex would remember that he loved her.

Nora returned home and learned, thankfully, that Shane and Matthew were watching a movie. She proceeded to tell Nigel of Dorian's announcement about Jared and proclaimed that God should help whoever else was involved, as she was certain that Jared could not have perpetrated the scam on his own.

As David and Dorian toasted her success, David accused Dorian of keeping Charlie "stashed and trashed" in the house. Dorian denied it and even swore on Adriana's life. David was ecstatic over Dorian's moneymaking scheme but wondered about his own share. Drinking expensive champagne, Dorian pointed out that his share was right there, with maybe a bit more. She admitted to lying earlier in the discussion about Charlie. David became enraged as he pointed out how he gave up the "cash cow" so that she could make her announcement. She advised him that they never wrote anything down and never established a definite amount. David decided that he'd settle for a job with a title, but Dorian only came up with one that included gigolo. When he suggested that perhaps Dorian should comfort Viki, she became angry that Viki had made fun of her previously. She did not concur with David's assessment that it was just a joke and ordered him out. "United we stand, divided you fall," he told her on his way out.

Jessica became hysterical when Michael indicated that they had done everything possible for Nash but that he had too many injuries. She refused to say good-bye to her husband and ran for the hospital chapel, where she cried and prayed. She cried for Bree, who would certainly never remember her father, and for her new baby. She cried that she was the one who was supposed to have died. Viki and Clint arrived and kindly told her that she couldn't pray for something that couldn't happen. They urged her to go to her husband's bedside. She asked that Bree be brought to the hospital.

Natalie cried, too, as she told Jared that Nash was dying. They agreed that they both wanted to see him. Sarah stopped by Nash's bedside with Bo, unable to go inside the room alone. Nash removed his oxygen mask long enough to ask Bo if he was dying. "I'm sorry," was Bo's only response. He indicated that they would be there for Nash, who could only keep repeating Jessica's name.

"Who are you?" Rex asked Adriana. He proceeded to tell her that she wasn't herself, but her mother. Adriana insisted she wasn't like her mother at all and besides, she thought that everything had turned out okay after all. "Hello?" Rex responded. She told Rex that her actions were all his fault and that he drove her to it. He told her that the things he always loved about her were her innocence and honesty. She insisted she was still those things and suggested they leave for their honeymoon so that they would be able to work things out. She told Rex that she loved him and didn't want him to leave, as he took steps towards the door. He said that he used to think she knew what love meant but accused her of wrecking everything. He shoved her and stalked out the door, knocking over and breaking their framed picture in the process.

As Nat and Jared approached Nash's room, they were stopped by Bo, who thought that Nat should see him alone. She abruptly told him that if she thought that was a good idea she would have done so. Bo stepped aside and let them through. Nat apologized to Nash and told him he had proven her wrong. She promised to always take care of Jess and Bree. Jared indicated that he would spend the rest of his life making it up and that Nash was a "real gentleman," a true compliment by his father's standards. He added that he wished he could have been more like Nash. "Out," Nash murmured.

Jess arrived and glared at Nat and Jared as they emerged from Nash's room. Nat offered to get Bree but her offer was turned down. Sarah was asked to pick up the little girl. Clint asked Jared to leave, indicating that the family wanted privacy. Everyone ignored Nat as she explained that she had to take Jared into the room with her to apologize. She reiterated that it had been an accident as an incensed Clint pointed out that their lying had put the entire thing into motion.

Jess entered Nash's room and grabbed his hand. "I have the most wonderful news," she told him. Jared returned to Charlie's room and cried about his responsibility in all that had happened, for Charlie and for Nash. He told his dad that it was "like Jimmy all over again." It was Charlie's turn to comfort his son as his hand brushed Jared's head.

Jess told Nash of the new baby, and said that maybe it would be a son. She thought maybe it might make him fight harder. She was alive because of him, she told him, and she wished that she could return the favor. Viki walked in with Bree in her arms and handed her to Jess. Nash reached up for the little girl as Jess promised that her kids would know how much he loved them. Clint thanked him for loving Jess and told him he was a good man. Viki told him they'd never forget him. Nash cried, too, as Jess repeated that she couldn't say good-bye.

Out in the hallway, Viki cried as she told Clint she'd heard that Jess was pregnant and that Nash would never see the new baby. Jared learned that Charlie was finally improving. "What have I done?" Jared cried. Nat lit candles in the hospital chapel as she sobbed. Jess told Nash how much she loved him and promised to say and think it everyday for the rest of her life. "You are my heart, my whole heart," she whispered. Nash attempted to draw a heart in his palm, as Jess recalled him doing the same thing on the hospital window when she had been ill. They kissed for the last time as Nash drew his final breath.

Friday, June 6, 2008


While Jessica slept, she dreamt that Nash comforted her after she awoke from a terrible nightmare. Nash told her to go back to sleep and promised to be by her side when she woke up. However, reality struck-Jess awoke and discovered herself alone in one of the bedrooms at Llanfair. She looked around the room and longed for Nash. Meanwhile, downstairs, Todd joined Viki in the kitchen. As Viki fed Bree breakfast, Todd expressed sympathy for Jessica's loss. After insulting Blair, Todd suggested that Viki check on Jess and offered to feed Bree. Viki chastised Todd for his vulgar language and headed up to see her daughter. Alone with Bree, Todd fed the child Oreo cookies and complained about losing his children. Todd was determined to win back his kids. As Todd continued to rant about Blair, there was a knock at the door. When he answered the door, a messenger handed him a letter and informed him that he had been served.

Viki attempted to console a distraught Jess. When Jess expressed concern over the vineyard and finding a place to live, Viki told her daughter that she and Bree would live at Llanfair. Viki begged her daughter to take care of herself so that she could care for her children. Jess broke down and expressed her fears of life without Nash. She had no idea how to explain the loss of Nash to Bree or how she would raise her children without their father.

At La Boulaie, Blair, Addie, Starr, and Langston waited for Dorian to make an announcement. Dorian informed them that they would all be board members of her new company-Cramer Enterprises. She presented the Cramer girls with a poster board that included all their faces. Blair and Addie immediately refused to have any part in Dorian's corporate takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. When Blair accused Dorian of playing a small part in Nash's demise, Dorian quickly blamed Nash's death on his business dealings with Jared and refused to accept any blame. As Dorian begged her family to join forces with her, Adriana entered the room and demanded to speak with her mother. Alone with Dorian, Adriana lashed out at her mother. Adriana informed Dorian that Rex had left her and blamed Dorian. Adriana showed Dorian the anonymous note that Rex received and accused her of the handiwork. Dorian admitted to goading Gigi into interrupting the wedding, but denied constructing the note to Rex. Refusing to believe her mother, Adriana told Dorian that she was forced to admit to Rex that she had become conniving just like her mother. Adriana accused Dorian of only wanting to be in her life in order to gain her inheritance. Adriana said that because of Dorian she had lost her identity and no longer knew who she really was. As Dorian continued to express her love for her daughter, Adriana told Dorian that she was going to do exactly what Cassie and Kelly had done and eventually what Langston would do-get as far away from Dorian as possible.

As Jared paid Charlie a visit in his hospital room, Rex watched unnoticed from the window. Natalie stood outside the room with Rex and encouraged him to speak with Charlie; she told him the only way he would learn the truth was if he asked. Rex asked Natalie how she learned that Charlie wasn't his father. She admitted to learning from Jared, but denied that Jared was involved in deceiving Rex. A hurt Rex blamed himself for believing Roxy and Charlie's lies. Rex refused to speak with Charlie. He noted that Charlie was busy with his real son and walked away.

Back inside Charlie's room, Jared expressed his concern for Charlie to regain his sobriety. Charlie told Jared that there was something strange about his last episode. He stated that in the past, he would always have a recollection of what led up to him taking a drink. Charlie related to Jared that his last memory was of visiting Rex in Adriana's hospital room. He said that he was sober and later woke up in a drunken stupor with Viki by his side. As father and son attempted to gain insight on Charlie's condition, Natalie entered the room. Charlie inquired about Viki and Rex. Natalie told him that Viki was busy caring for Jessica and warned him that Rex was in no mood to speak with him. Charlie expressed his regret over not telling Rex the truth.

Rex visited Bo at the Buchanan Mansion and expressed his concern over the loss of Nash and the fall of Buchanan Enterprises. Rex offered to help dig up some information on Dorian's misdeeds, but Bo reminded him that Dorian was his mother-in-law and suggested that he speak with Adriana about the matter. When Bo insisted that Rex enjoy his honeymoon and worry about BE business afterward, Rex told Bo that the honeymoon was on hold and that he needed to keep busy. Sensing that Rex was hurt over the revelation that Charlie wasn't his father, Bo asked Rex if he had spoken to Charlie. Rex stated that he was embarrassed for believing Charlie's lies and admitted that he had recently learned that Adriana had also been lying to him. Rex acknowledged the wrongs he had done in the past, and wondered if he deserved what had happened to him. Bo told Rex that he didn't deserve anything that had happened to him and suggested that he speak with Charlie and Adriana or else he would be haunted by it forever. Rex revealed to Bo that Adriana had changed right before his eyes. Bo insisted that Rex speak with her before making any rash decisions. Before Rex left, Bo told him that he would always be there for him no matter what. Rex embraced Bo.

Back at Llanfair, Viki managed to calm Jessica's nerves. Jess stated that she would be fine, but needed some time alone before she could face Bree. At that moment there was a knock at the door. Jess opened the door and wasn't pleased to find Natalie standing there. When Nat asked to speak with Jessica alone, Viki expressed misgivings but Jess was adamant that she and Natalie needed to talk. After Viki headed downstairs to check on Bree, Jess demanded to know why Nat chose sex with Jared over loyalty to her family. Screaming, Jess asked Nat how she could look at Bree and explain that she and Jared were responsible for taking Nash away from her. Jess accused Jared of killing Nash. Nat told Jess that she and Jared never meant to hurt anyone, but Jess reminded her sister of the terror she reined on their family when she surfaced seven years earlier. When Jess asked Nat if sex with Jared was worth Nash's life, Natalie exclaimed, "I love him." In a fit of rage, Jess slapped Natalie and demanded that she leave. Jess told Natalie, "If you love him, I want nothing more to do with you!" Before slamming the door in Nat's face, Jess said to stay away from her and her family.

In the kitchen, Viki found Todd upset and Bree with her face smeared with chocolate. Todd told Viki that he had some business to attend to. When Viki asked what was wrong, he stated that he needed to take care of something concerning Blair that Viki had been unable to help him with. Refusing to accept guilt for Todd's problems, Viki warned Todd not to make things worse than they already were. Before Viki could clean up Bree, Natalie ran downstairs in tears. As Viki comforted her daughter, Natalie told her mother that Jessica hated her and begged Viki to forgive her. Viki told Natalie that she loved her, but reminded Nat that the choices that she and Jared made had hurt many people. Natalie told Viki that they had their reasons for not telling the truth and informed Viki that the main reason was because of her. Natalie begged her mother to speak with Charlie, but Viki refused. Viki stated that she had Jessica and Bree to worry about. Viki went to check on Jess. Jess told Viki that she hated Natalie, Jared, and Charlie. As Viki held her, Jess sobbed and said that she didn't want Nash to be dead.

In the kitchen of La Boulaie, Starr became emotional when Blair, Addie, and Langston began discussing her pregnancy. Blair advised Starr that she needed to see a gynecologist immediately, but Starr was adamant that she didn't want to discuss the baby. Blair appeared concerned. Seconds later, a fist came through the glass on the kitchen door. Todd and a shady character entered the kitchen and demanded to speak with Blair. As Blair ran to get Shaun, Todd introduced everyone to his new friend, "Keys." "Keys" stood toe to toe with Shaun-hardly appearing intimidated. Tossing the letter to the floor, Todd informed Blair that he was there to discuss her restraining order.

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