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Monday, June 9, 2008

Tad admitted to Krystal that he was very nervous over having to tell Kate about Julia's death. Krystal assured Tad that she would support both him and Kate. So, Krystal brought Kate into Tad's hospital room. Tad explained to the little girl that her Aunt Julia went to be with her parents in heaven. Tad promised Kate that she would still have a family that loved her very much because he would take care of her. Kate looked sad and ran out of the room yelling, "No!" Tad tried to get out of bed to chase after Kate, but he was not strong enough.

Krystal followed Kate into the waiting room. The girl told Krystal to leave her alone. Adam saw that Kate was distraught and approached her. Adam divulged that he once loved someone very much. He said that he missed that person because they were taken away from him too early, just like Julia was taken away from Kate too early. Adam comforted Kate and stated that it was okay to feel hurt and upset. Adam asked Kate if she felt better as he hugged her. Kate wanted to see Tad. Meanwhile, Krystal was watching Adam interact with Kate. Krystal had tears in her eyes as she listened to Adam's consoling words.

Krystal brought Kate back into Tad's room. Kate immediately embraced Tad. As they held each other, Krystal looked at Adam and smiled.

Amanda was arrested because a cop thought that she was a hooker. Amanda affirmed that she was not a prostitute and demanded to speak with Derek. The cop said that Derek left town for another job. Amanda then saw Aidan at the police station and asked for his help. Aidan helped Amanda avoid any charges. Aidan asked how Amanda was mistaken for a hooker. Amanda explained that she and Babe went to the park to try to get information from Trina, a real hooker. Aidan informed Amanda that their plan was foolish and dangerous. Amanda agreed and called JR to let him know that Babe might be in trouble.

Babe was in a motel room with Trina and two "clients." Babe wanted to leave, but the men would not let her. The men demanded to get what they came for because they already paid her. Babe looked nervous as the men pulled off her clothes. As Babe struggled to ward off the men, her wig fell off. Trina realized who Babe was and encouraged the men to hurt her. Just then, JR busted into the motel room. He stated that the cops were on their way, so the men rushed off. Trina tried to leave also, but JR stopped her. JR divulged that he did not call the cops.

JR and Babe gave Trina an ultimatum. Either Trina could help them get revenge on Richie, or JR would make her life miserable. Trina explained that "snitching" in her line of work could be fatal. JR promised to make it worth her while. Trina needed time to think, so she went into the bathroom.

JR interrogated Babe as to why she went undercover to get information from Trina about Richie. Babe felt that she needed to do something drastic to prove to JR that she believed him. JR looked at her revealing outfit and laughed. Babe laughed also. He thanked her for trying to help him. Then, Trina came back in and announced that she would tell them everything about Richie. They all left the motel together.

Kendall worried about Zach because he had left the house and did not return any of her phone calls. Finally, Zach came home. He seemed upset. Kendall inquired where he had been. He said that she already made up her mind about where he'd been. She pretended not to know what he meant. He assumed that she thought he had sex with Greenlee to "settle the score." Kendall looked panicked. She commented that her husband would never do that. Zach reminded her that she compared him to Ryan, so she probably felt that he would also choose Greenlee over her. Kendall admitted that Greenlee made her "crazy." Still, Kendall did not want to be insecure over her marriage anymore. Zach was glad to hear it and divulged that he was at the gym, not at Greenlee's apartment. Kendall was relieved. Zach noted that Kendall liked to "test" him by pushing him away to make sure that he would come back. He warned her that one day she might push him too far and he would not come back. Kendall declared that she did not want to lose Zach. They agreed to work on their marriage. Kendall wanted to make love, but Zach said that he would rather hold her. They silently embraced.

Greenlee and Josh had sex. They complimented each other on how great they were in bed. As Josh got dressed, he asked Greenlee out on a date. She explained that their tryst was a "one-time" fling. She confessed that she simply needed a warm body to help mend her broken heart. Josh understood and left.

Greenlee went to ConFusion and saw Amanda. Greenlee was in a great mood due to her night with Josh. Greenlee bought Amanda a drink, but when she brought the drink over to Amanda's table, she saw Aidan sitting there. Amanda told Greenlee the details of her arrest and how Aidan helped her get out of jail. Greenlee quipped that Amanda was not the first Fusion girl to be mistaken for a hooker. Greenlee stated that Simone was busted once. Amanda wanted to go home after her terrible ordeal, so she left. Greenlee started to leave as well, but Aidan professed his love, so she stayed. He vowed to prove that he was worthy of Greenlee.

As Annie injected herself with hormones, she imagined that she was pregnant. She dreamed that Ryan was excited to have a child with her. Just then, Ryan entered the bedroom. She quickly hid the needle under a pillow. Ryan apologized for startling her. He wondered if he should move all of his clothes into the guest bedroom, so he would not disturb her. She urged him to keep his clothes in their bedroom. He thanked her for being supportive of his need for "time" to figure things out. Annie began to massage Ryan's shoulders. She said that she wanted to take care of him. He was enjoying the massage when he saw the needle on the bed. He was alarmed and asked why Annie had it. She claimed that her doctor prescribed B-12 shots for her since she was so stressed and tired. He felt guilty for being a strain on her life. In turn, he began to rub her shoulders. She slyly smiled as he affirmed that she needed someone to take care of her.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zach overheard Greenlee telling Josh that they should keep their hook-up a secret. Greenlee said she was through with Aidan, but felt like she was back to her old self. Greenlee said she saw Aidan for the first time since returning his ring, at ConFusion. The news made Zach realize why Greenlee likely slept with Josh. Greenlee told Zach that Aidan thought she was using his mistake not to marry him. Zach said Greenlee once told him that if you love someone, anything could be forgiven. He said he forgave Kendall for having sex with Aidan. Greenlee was sure it was too late to repair the relationship with Aidan.

Angie asked for a few minutes alone with Ryan to go over his diagnosis. Ryan said his memory problem might be a result of a viral infection in his brain. Jake said he might have more information that would help his case. Angie said Ryan was not Jake's patient, but Jake continued to take his own guess at Ryan's condition. Jake suggested using deep brain stimulation, which would involve surgeons inserting an electrical probe into the brain tissue to make the patient remember vivid images. Angie said the treatment was highly experimental and his condition was not life-threatening. Jake said Ryan could lose his wife and children if he did not remember his life soon. Angie took Jake outside of the room to tell him that Jake should not pump Ryan's head full of ideas when he was her patient. Before leaving, Jake scolded Angie for speaking so harshly to him in front of Ryan. Angie suggested that Ryan not consider the surgery Jake suggested because it could kill him. Jake found Ryan after Angie left to ask if he was interested in the surgery.

Samuel told Jesse he was going to receive an award from the town mayor for his efforts to find Papel. Jesse said he did not feel like a hero because Julia died and Angie and Frankie went without him for so many years. Samuel said Jesse was only protecting his family like any man would. Samuel tried to convince Jesse to get back on the police squad, but Jesse was not interested in working for the government again. Jesse saw Angie at the hospital. He told her Samuel offered him the police chief position that was once held by Derek Frye. Angie assumed Jesse turned Samuel down and asked how Samuel took the news.

Jackson visited Lily as she was picking out her courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lily said she was excited about school, but worried that no one would be able to look after Jackson once she was gone. Jackson said he would have plenty of people looking after him. Lily told her father that she wanted to check her father's smile each day to make sure he was happy. Jackson said he would always be smiling because he was so proud of Lily. Lily said that although she was going to college, Pine Valley would always be her home. As she started crying, Jackson took Lily's hand and told her she would never be alone. Zach and Greenlee joined Lily and Jackson. Greenlee said she would watch over Jackson's smiles, but Lily said Greenlee was not always smiling. Lily suggested Greenlee and Kendall keep an eye on Jackson because Greenlee and Kendall made each other smile.

Erica asked Kendall what was troubling her. Kendall said she was fine, but wanted to see her how her mother was before going to work. Erica said she wanted to find out what was bothering Kendall. Kendall said she and Zach had a bad fight. She added that she was worried Zach would leave her if she kept pushing him away. Kendall said she was jealous of the bond Zach and Greenlee shared. Kendall said Greenlee should not make her doubt her marriage to Zach. Erica told Kendall to shut out all of the chaos in her life and focus on restoring life with her family. Kendall said she would not let Greenlee have so much control over what she was feeling anymore. Erica went back inside the cells after her visit with Kendall. Erica was shocked to see a new host on New Beginnings on the television.

Annie read a letter addressed to Ryan. The letter stated that Ryan's vasectomy was never performed and he had been named as a victim in a lawsuit against the doctor. Richie walked into the house and picked up the letter when Annie dropped it on the floor.

Kendall was annoyed to see Zach walking Greenlee to the tennis court.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greenlee and Kendall were at the tennis court at the Pine Valley Yacht Club. They had a match scheduled with potential clients, so they decided to practice together. Before they began to play, Greenlee told Kendall that she was "feeling the love" and hugged her. Kendall was shocked at first, but soon realized that Greenlee had sex with someone. Greenlee slyly smiled. Kendall asked Greenlee whom she slept with, but Greenlee refused to divulge the man's identity.

Aidan and Zach met at the Pine Valley Yacht Club. Aidan officially resigned from his position at Cambias. Aidan accused Zach of hiring him to put him in danger. Zach denied this accusation. Aidan wondered why Zach hired him. Zach admitted that he did not think Aidan would accept the offer, especially since he slept with Kendall. Aidan affirmed that he was not scared of Zach. Zach said that Greenlee deserved better than Aidan and that he would help her find someone else. Aidan told Zach to stay out of his relationship with Greenlee. Zach retorted that he would "bury" Aidan if he ever made a move on Kendall or hurt Greenlee again.

As Zach and Aidan watched, Greenlee and Kendall began to play tennis. Kendall tried to serve the ball, but failed miserably. Greenlee shouted out that Kendall needed to keep her eye on the ball. Kendall daydreamed about Zach and Greenlee spending time together. Kendall looked angry and served the ball straight into Greenlee's eye. Zach and Aidan rushed to Greenlee's side. Greenlee had a black eye immediately. Kendall apologized, but Greenlee stated that Kendall hit her on purpose. Kendall confessed that she intended on hitting Greenlee. The two women began to bicker. Zach urged them to relax. Kendall demanded to know who Greenlee had sex with. Greenlee snidely commented that she "kept it in the family." Kendall looked worried as Greenlee stormed off the court.

Dixie visited Adam at his home. Adam was annoyed to see Dixie's ghost again. She commended him for telling Tad the truth about Kate. She affirmed that his soul was worth saving. Adam yelled at Dixie to leave him alone. She divulged that she brought him a gift because of his good deed. She then asked him what he wanted. He wished that his children would stop hating him. She assumed that he also wished Krystal still loved him. He claimed that he no longer cared about Krystal. He inquired what his gift was. Dixie stated that she brought him hope. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door-it was Krystal.

As Krystal entered the mansion, Dixie said goodbye to Adam and encouraged him to keep the faith. Adam wondered why Krystal came over. She said that she was not sure, but she felt that she needed to see him. She explained that, at first, she was furious with Adam for keeping Kate away from Tad; however, seeing Adam comforting Kate reminded her of the man that she fell in love with. Krystal caressed Adam's cheek with her hand. Adam's eyed swelled with tears. Krystal added that Adam's interaction with Kate made her think about how things could have been between Adam and Jenny. He said that he could still have a relationship with Jenny. Krystal explained that she did not trust Adam anymore and that she loved Tad. Then, as Krystal left the mansion, Adam heard Dixie's voice urging him not to give up hope.

Tad and Joe entered the hospital chapel. Tad admitted that he was nervous about talking to Kate. Joe assured his son that everything would go smoothly. Opal arrived with Kate. Joe and Opal left the room so Tad and Kate could speak privately. First, Tad and Kate said a prayer for Julia. Kate prayed for Julia to make her a rainbow. Tad laughed. Tad reminded the little girl about the first time they met and how she called him "daddy." He explained that she was right to call him daddy because he was her father. Kate smiled and hugged Tad. He wondered if she had any questions. She asked if she could live with him. He said yes. He stated that she would also be living with Krystal and Jenny, her little sister. Kate was excited to have a sister. Tad divulged that she had a big family, including JR and Jamie, her big brothers. Then, Joe and Opal returned. Tad introduced them as "Grandma and Grandpa." Joe and Opal expressed how happy they were to have Kate in their lives.

Opal took Kate to the park and Joe returned to work. Tad remained in the chapel. Tad began to speak to Dixie. With tears in his eyes, he affirmed that their daughter was finally home. He stated that Kate looked just like Dixie. He wished that Dixie was there to share the moment. Just then, Dixie's ghost appeared to Tad.

Richie read the letter that stated Ryan's vasectomy was never completed. Richie asked if Ryan knew about the malpractice. Annie claimed that Ryan knew, but Richie called her a liar. He realized that Annie never told Ryan that he could still have children. Richie laughed sinisterly and stated that Annie was going to trick Ryan into having a baby. Annie denied the allegations, but Richie persisted. He promised to keep his sister's secret-for a price. He asked if he could move in with her. She inquired as to why he no longer lived with Opal. Richie confessed that Opal caught him going through her jewelry box and evicted him. Annie was not surprised, but refused to house him. He demanded that she pay him money for his silence. She wrote him a check. He looked at the amount and thanked her for being so generous. He handed her the letter and left.

Babe and JR entered Babe's condo. They recalled their discussion with Trina about Richie. They were pleased that she gave them dirt on Richie. JR said that the information from Trina was worth the money he paid her. They thought about ways to get revenge on Richie. JR proposed that they get Zach to do their dirty work. Babe inquired how they could accomplish that. JR explained that Zach wanted to find the person that stranded him in the bomb shelter, so they should reveal that Richie was the culprit. Babe did not want to get Zach involved. JR affirmed that he planned on moving in with Babe until Richie was taken care of. Babe refused to let JR move in because she did not want to give Little Adam the wrong idea. JR understood. She made him promise that they would work together to get payback on Richie. JR vowed that he would not try to handle Richie on his own. JR proceeded to thank Babe for her support.

JR found Richie and tied him up. JR threw Richie into a warehouse. JR stated that Richie was his prisoner and punched him across the face.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carmen tried to calm Erica down after Erica found out she had been replaced on New Beginnings. Erica said the television network was trying to ignore her incarceration by hiring another host for the show. Carmen suggested that they bust out of the prison again, but Erica did not think that was a good idea. Erica said she would leave New Beginnings if needed after getting out of prison. Carmen said Erica was the face of New Beginnings and no one would replace her. Carmen set up a mock New Beginnings with the other inmates in the prison. Three inmates thanked Carmen for helping them find a "new beginning." Erica thanked Carmen for setting up the mock show. Carmen said she only wished the world could have seen it. Erica called the governor and pitched the idea of a new show from prison, "New Beginnings: Behind Bars."

Annie was thrilled when a test revealed that she was ovulating. She quickly put the test back in her purse when Ryan came to Fusion. Annie told him that Emma was spending the night with Kathy to give the two adults a chance to have a real date. Ryan said those plans sounded but great, but stopped when Greenlee walked in holding an ice pack on her eye. Greenlee said Kendall hit her in the eye after she tried to make Kendall believe she slept with Zach. Greenlee asked if Ryan and Annie had plans for the evening. Ryan told Annie he was going out of town to learn more about a possible treatment that might help him recover his memory. Ryan said they would do a "date night" at another time, but Annie insisted that they spend time together. Greenlee asked Annie why she was fighting Ryan on his plans if it could help him regain his memory. Annie said Ryan's memories were starting to come back on his own. Ryan said Jake had set up the trip for him and there was no time to cancel. Greenlee told Ryan to go on his trip and Annie told her to butt out of their marriage. Ryan pulled Annie aside to ask her why she barked at Greenlee. Annie said she was just stressed out and disappointed Ryan would not be spending time with her alone. Ryan agreed to postpone his trip to be with Annie. After Annie left, Greenlee apologized for causing trouble, but Ryan said Greenlee had nothing to apologize for. Ryan suggested they take a motorcycle ride before he went home.

JR pulled out a syringe filled with potassium cyanide and other chemicals to kill Richie slowly. JR said Babe told him everything Richie did to him and it was Richie's turn to suffer. Richie said he wanted to make up his mistakes to JR by confessing his sins to the police. JR thought Richie was lying to save his own skin. JR stuck Richie with the needle, but told him he had antidote. JR promised to cure Richie if Richie signed a written confession and made a videotaped confession.

Tad was shocked to see Dixie standing before him at the hospital. Tad put his hand up to Dixie's to see if she was real. When their hands touched, they were taken to another place to make a wish. Tad saw the star he and Dixie shared in the sky brighter than ever. Dixie said she heard all of Tad's wishes while she was gone. Tad said all of his wishes came true, even the one begging God to send Dixie back to him. Tad said Kate was a wonderful little girl, but he wished Kate could know Dixie. Dixie said she would always be with Kate. Tad told a few jokes to make Dixie laugh, while Dixie described heaven. Dixie gave Tad one last kiss before disappearing.

Jesse promised Angie that he would not be in the field with Derek's job. Angie said Jesse would not be able to resist going into the field, and she did not want to worry about his safety again. Jesse said there was nothing else he wanted to do with his life other than become a police officer. Jesse embraced Angie after he saw how upset she got over the idea of him working in law enforcement again. Jesse said he would call Samuel and refuse the job.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The doorbell rang and interrupted Zach and Kendall as they talked over Greenlee's recent actions. The man on the other side of the door asked for Kendall, and when she identified herself, he served her with papers itemizing the suit that Greenlee filed against her best friend. Kendall read the documents and was enraged to find that the suit was for assault and battery as well as emotional distress. In the middle of her tirade, Josh showed up with papers that Zach had requested. Kendall gave him the quick and dirty of what was going on and the events that led up to it. Kendall then revealed that part of her rage was caused by Greenlee's insinuation that she had slept with someone close to Kendall. A look of guilt immediately swept over Josh's face and he admitted that he didn't think Greenlee would use that night against his sister.

Kendall was irate as she thought that Greenlee used Josh to get back at her. She approached her husband with her disbelief and found that Zach already knew. She asked why he didn't tell her and he said that it was none of her business. Kendall begged to differ because of her connection to Josh, but Zach asserted that as an attractive adult man, her brother was free to do whatever he wanted. Kendall apologized to Josh because he got dragged into her argument with Greenlee, but Josh pointed out that he thought he was used to get back at Aidan. Kendall realized that Greenlee's act of defiance had less to do with her than she thought, so instead she got upset that it seemed Greenlee told everyone what she had done. Zach assured her that those things were typical of Greenlee's pattern to act out and then cool off. Kendall was certain that Greenlee had just begun.

Zach and Josh promised that they would work with Kendall to get the suit to disappear and Kendall took their offer as a way to extract pity from Greenlee. She noted that the things Greenlee did were to make her insecure and angry so that she would lash out. Josh pointed out that it worked and when Kendall accepted the error of her ways, she apologized and said that she would be fine with whatever Greenlee threw at her, and said she was relieved it was Josh that Greenlee slept with. She then tried to escape when she heard her youngest son's cry but Josh beat her to the punch and left her alone with her husband. Zach blocked Kendall's path out of the room and told her that he knew what thought had originally set her off.

Kendall pretended as though she had no reason to be concerned because Zach had told her that he was only friends with Greenlee and she believed him. Zach sensed the current of untruth under her words but decided not to pursue the topic any further when Josh returned from serenading his nephew. Zach indicated that he was headed back to the hospital to check on Tad before it got too late, and left the siblings to talk. Josh thought that he had picked up on tension between his sister and brother-in-law but Kendall said they had made peace with everything that had happened. Josh informed her that Greenlee was far from done with her. They then sat down and, as a means to find some peace, Kendall asked Josh what led to him sleeping with Greenlee. He gave her a brief sketch and said that he didn't know if it would happen again. In expected Kendall style, his sister immediately encouraged him in that direction.

After an exhilarating motorcycle ride, Greenlee thanked Ryan for finally granting her wish. She noted that his initial refusal came the night she found out that Kendall and Aidan slept together, and wondered if the new offer meant he was running from something as well. After she explained how she'd arrived at that hypothesis, Ryan admitted that he was confused over Annie's reaction to his trip to New York without knowledge of any of the details. Ryan told Greenlee that the trip was to get in on a clinical trial of deep brain stimulation that might help get his memory back and get him out of the limbo he'd been in. Greenlee easily identified his feeling of disconnect, and Ryan was amazed that it was his ex-wife who could pinpoint exactly how he had been feeling. He thanked her for being his friend and noted that he was glad she was in his life. Greenlee had similar feelings but said that she had a feeling Annie was not on the same page.

Ryan told her that he didn't think Annie hated her, but Greenlee used the fact that Annie nearly bit her head off at Fusion as a case in point. She remarked that she enjoyed pushing the envelope and pointed at her shiner to support that fact. She then revealed that she had filed suit against Kendall in retaliation. Ryan called her on her behavior and got her to admit that it was all about revenge, and not the kind that put a smile on her face. She told him that it reminded her of when she came back to town and pulled every dirty trick she could think of to get Annie not to marry him. Ryan had heard about that, and asked why she did it. Greenlee told him that at the time she loved him with everything she had, and wanted him back.

Ryan wanted to focus on that revelation because he thought it would prove a point. If she would do anything to mess with Annie because she wanted Ryan back, perhaps her recent antics were in play because she wanted her friendship with Kendall back. Appalled that he could think such a thing, Greenlee assured him that she would never want Kendall as a friend again because she would never be able to forgive her. She took Ryan on a trip down memory lane that highlighted all of the bad things that Kendall had done and then said that she knew from the beginning that being friends with Kendall would only bring drama. She couldn't understand why she let Kendall get so close and said that she was finally done with the pain it brought. When she finished her rant, she realized that Ryan was sitting across the table, quietly contemplative. She asked why and he told her that he really hoped she and Kendall found their way back to each other because he loved them both and always would.

Annie returned to the condo and, with flower in hand, plucked the petals off to see what the gender of her future child with Ryan would be. Although either would have been fine, she seemed happier that the flower indicated a son. She then set to work and dressed the table for a romantic dinner for two, and then sent out a plea that Ryan get home soon. She distracted herself for a little while longer as she got dressed and set out the food. When that was done and Ryan still wasn't home, she wondered aloud where her husband could be.

As Richie lay stricken on the floor with seizure activity, JR struggled with him and insisted that the seasoned con man was faking it. When he didn't stop seizing, JR panicked and called Babe. He told her that he psyched Richie out by telling him that he planned to inject him with a lethal drug when really all he had was a syringe of saline. He explained the reaction Richie was having and she instructed him to get Richie to the hospital and said she would meet him there.

Jesse walked Angie down the halls of Pine Valley Hospital as she started a shift she agreed to cover for a coworker. Jesse remarked that people did many things because they loved their jobs. This caused Angie to check in and make sure that Jesse was okay with turning down Sam Woods's job offer. He swore that he was fine and then told her of his plans to meet up with an old buddy from the force. She looked concerned but had little time to invest in it as their son walked by. Frankie greeted his parents briefly on his way to change his clothes and leave the hospital.

Once their son left, Angie went back to the conversation about Jesse's old colleague and hoped that he would soothe her fears. He did as much when he told her that his friend was now a professor at Pine Valley University and might be able to get him on the staff as well. He then kissed his wife goodbye after he noted that he was late for his meeting.

As Frankie headed down the hall, a nurse stopped him and said that the woman he treated a few weeks earlier had returned. Frankie went into the room and found Randi, the woman who he suspected had been abused and had disappeared after he brought a social worker in. She was dismayed because she had asked for any doctor but him. He explained his reasons for what he'd done and asked if she would actually let him treat her this time. She told him that she would stay as long as there wasn't a repeat performance. He reluctantly agreed and when he went to pull her x-rays, she looked into a mirror in her purse and admitted that she wasn't clumsy-just a liar.

Frankie returned a short while later and confirmed that Randi had a hairline fracture and needed a cast. She initially rejected it but after he explained the problems she would have without one, she relented. He tried again to offer help if she had been abused, but she told him that she simply wanted him to do what was needed the quickest way possible so that she could leave. He abided by her wishes, gave her some directives and told her that he would see her in two weeks. She started to walk out but when she saw the cops, she offered to buy Frankie some coffee and used him as a shield to get by them. Once they made it down the hall, she made up an extra work shift that she had to pick up and sped out of the hospital, as a bewildered Frankie watched her go.

Emergency personnel wheeled Richie into the ER and cited his stats and vitals to Angie as Jesse started to walk out of the building. He changed course and followed the group as JR maintained that he found Richie on the street mid-seizure. Angie flashed a light into Richie's eyes and she barked instructions out to her staff. Richie came to as JR spilled out an explanation and denied JR's claims. He instead informed the doctor that JR had injected him with a drug with no anecdote. Angie tried to calm him down just as Babe walked in and demanded to know what had happened. Richie tried to plead for her sympathy but she was in no mood to forgive. JR then told the group that Richie must have thought death was near because he started to confess and said that he had stolen JR's bone marrow.

The police were called and while JR gave his story, Jesse talked to Babe and found that she believed JR. She revealed that the only witness was a prostitute named Trina who knew about the kidnapping but not about the bone marrow. Angie joined them and said that Richie was stable with no poisons in his system but that they would have to do further tests to see what sent his system into shock. Babe related JR's story to her then and Angie agreed that based on what she saw when she examined him, it was very likely that JR's bone marrow had been stolen.

Jesse stepped away and conferred with two police officers about what they had found thus far. They were ready to at least haul JR down to the station, but Jesse felt there was more to the story and they needed to investigate further. Angie spied her husband and made it clear that she wasn't happy about his fall back into detective mode, so Jesse introduced the officers and asked Angie to explain matching marrow donor to recipient so that he could get away. He did as much, and then walked down the hall and shared a moment of eye contact with Richie. After he continued past the room, Richie pulled out his cell phone and called his sister. She thought it was Ryan and said her husband's name with annoyance as she answered the phone. Annie was more than angry to find her brother on the other end and wanted to end the call prematurely. He asked her to stay on the line because he needed something from her.

After she ended the call with her brother, Annie angrily doused the candle flames that had burned low on the table. She seemed to spit nails as she noted that she shouldn't have left Ryan alone with Greenlee. Her ire came to a boil as she wondered when Greenlee would get out of their lives, and then called her a conniving bitch as she trashed the romantic place settings and threw them on the floor before storming out.

JR and Babe reconnected and Babe once again apologized for not believing JR when he first got sick. Babe swore that Richie should spend the rest of his life behind bars, and JR assured her that the con man would pay for his crimes. An officer then interrupted them about needing to contact Trina.

Jesse ran into the officers again and gave them advice on how best to proceed with the case, including an old story of something similar he helped wrap up, and the best judge to approach so that they could get a warrant signed. Meanwhile, Angie checked on Richie's progress and was treated to a barrage of information from the patient about how JR had plied everyone with lies and that the young mogul should be arrested for what he'd done. When Angie didn't jump to Richie's defense, he thought that JR's money had bought him out of another prosecution. Angie insisted that the police were there so that justice could be done, and suggested that Richie's best move would be to put his oxygen mask back on and focus his energy on getting better.

Ryan and Greenlee arrived back at her place and after she thanked him for a wonderful evening, he suggested that she think about everything they talked about. He left and when Greenlee went into her apartment, she found an angered Annie seated on her couch.

Jesse continued to chat with the cops and just as they reached a desk where Angie stood, they indicated that perhaps they should call Jesse boss, since word on the street had him as the new police chief. Angie looked at them sternly so Jesse quickly said that the word was a rumor and made a quick getaway.

An officer went back to Richie's room to ask some more questions and saw the patient was nowhere to be found. In the hall, Richie slouched down under a hooded sweatshirt with hopes that he could get away undetected. He bumped into Zach on his way out and as he apologized, Zach realized that the voice awoke a memory in him. He went after the unknown man and stopped him before he could leave.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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