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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Ryan walked into his home and did not see Annie. As he looked around the apartment, he saw broken glass all over the patio. He appeared to be extremely nervous.

Greenlee entered her penthouse and noticed Annie sitting on her couch. Greenlee was startled and inquired how Annie got in. Annie explained that she told the landlord that they were friends, so he let her in. Greenlee noted that Annie's behavior was odd. Annie lashed out at Greenlee and demanded that Greenlee stay away from Ryan. Greenlee stated that she and Ryan were just friends. Annie exclaimed that she and Ryan were supposed to have had a romantic evening, but he went for a motorcycle ride with Greenlee instead. Greenlee promised that nothing happened on the ride. Annie claimed that Aidan was just a substitute until Greenlee could win back Ryan. Greenlee denied this. Just then, Annie's phone rang-it was Ryan. Ryan frantically asked if Annie was okay. She calmly replied that she was fine. He wondered why there was broken glass at home. Annie said that she would explain later. After Annie hung up, she warned Greenlee to stay away from her husband and stormed out.

Annie arrived at home to find Ryan cleaning up the mess on the patio. Annie confessed that she had a tantrum when Ryan never came home. Ryan stated that he went for a motorcycle ride with Greenlee. He admitted that he needed to "escape." Annie wondered if he needed to escape from her. He said no, but added that he wanted to discuss his treatment options with someone other than her. She asked why. He felt that he could not discuss the surgery with her because she had an adverse reaction to it. She commented that Greenlee was supportive of the surgery. She further stated that Greenlee understood him better than she did. She then broke down and asked why Ryan chose to forget her and not Greenlee or Kendall. He affirmed that he did not "choose" to forget her. He said that the surgery might help him remember, so they could recover their old life. Still, Annie was hesitant for Ryan to have the surgery. He insisted that the surgery was their best option. She screamed out that she was scared because if he had the surgery, he might realize that he never loved her in the first place. She looked embarrassed after blurting out her true feelings. Annie started to leave, but Ryan pulled her into a kiss. He declared that he was sleeping in her room and carried her off to bed.

Kendall requested that Josh start a relationship with Greenlee. He was very confused as to why she was advocating a romance with Greenlee. Kendall claimed that she did not want to see her brother lonely. She went on that Josh and Greenlee already had a past, so it made sense for them to date. Josh gave Kendall a stern look and demanded that she tell him the truth. Kendall commented that Greenlee was very unpredictable since she found out about Kendall and Aidan's affair. Kendall wanted Josh to distract Greenlee, so she would stop focusing on revenge. Josh refused to get in the middle of Kendall and Greenlee's feud. Josh suggested that Kendall "grow up" and talk to Greenlee in a civilized manner. She retorted that Greenlee would not listen to her. Josh encouraged Kendall not to give up on their friendship. She decided to take his advice. He was pleased.

Kendall knocked on Greenlee's door. Greenlee refused to let her in. Kendall talked to Greenlee through the door. Kendall stated that they had always worked hard to get past all of their mistakes. She urged Greenlee to make an effort to mend their relationship. Greenlee proclaimed that she had "the night from hell" and did not need Kendall to make it worse. Kendall inquired why her night was so bad. Greenlee was hesitant to discuss it. Kendall stated that "best friends" talk. Greenlee opened the door and Kendall entered the penthouse.

Greenlee told Kendall about her encounter with Annie. Kendall asked if Greenlee and Ryan did more than ride bikes together. Greenlee snidely retorted that Kendall was the home wrecker, not her. Kendall said that she was sorry. Greenlee replied that she was not ready to forgive Kendall, yet. Kendall understood and affirmed that she would wait until Greenlee was ready. Greenlee quipped that Kendall was too impatient to wait. Kendall promised to give Greenlee the space she needed to heal. Kendall looked at Greenlee's black eye and offered to put makeup on it. As Kendall put foundation over Greenlee's bruise, the two women smiled at each other.

Richie tried to leave the hospital without the cops seeing him, but he bumped into Zach on the way out. Richie said, "Sorry man." Zach looked confused and grabbed Richie. Zach flashed back to the night that he was run over by a car. He recalled Richie saying the same words to him after the accident. Just then, the cops saw Richie and brought him back into his hospital bed. Zach continued to recall Richie's voice.

JR wanted a warrant to get a DNA test to prove that Richie stole his bone marrow. The cops needed evidence to back up JR's accusations. So, JR called Trina. Trina arrived at the hospital. She met JR and Babe. Trina was worried that she would get into trouble for her part in Richie's schemes. JR assured Trina that she would be safe and that he would pay her. Trina proceeded to tell the cops everything she knew. JR and Babe rejoiced that Richie would finally get what he deserved.

Zach approached JR. Zach wondered if Richie was the man that ran him down and also sealed him in the bomb shelter. JR believed that Richie was responsible, but could not prove it.

Zach entered Richie's room. Zach choked Richie. Richie struggled to break free. Zach let him go and stated that he wanted Richie to know what it was like to grasp for air. Zach demanded to know why Richie left him for dead. Richie pretended that he did not know what Zach was talking about. Zach calmly stated that he needed Richie's help. Zach grabbed Richie's chart and began writing on it. Zach asked Richie to read what he wrote aloud. Richie refused, but Zach insisted. Richie seemed scared of Zach, so he read the words. First, he read, "Sorry man, you're not looking so good." Next, he read, "Help is on the way." Richie realized that Zach made him recite the phrases he used when he hit Zach with JR's car and then sealed Zach and Greenlee in the bomb shelter.

Zach left Richie's room and overheard the police interrogating JR about kidnapping Richie. Zach announced that he was JR's alibi. After Zach signed a statement to get JR off the hook, Babe thanked him. Zach affirmed that Richie would pay for his crimes.

The cops informed JR that a judge granted a warrant to have Richie's DNA tested. Angie immediately went to Richie's room to conduct the test.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zach visited Greenlee and told her that he remembered more about the night they fell into the bomb shelter. Zach said he recalled the voice of the man who ran him over and realized that the same man locked them in the bomb shelter. Zach said the culprit was Richie and the police were keeping an eye on him. Zach said Richie drugged JR to steal his bone marrow for a transplant, too. Greenlee said Richie's decision not to help them in the bomb shelter ruined her life. Zach said it made him angry when Richie showed no signs of empathy or sadness for what he did to them. Greenlee said she thought about what it was like to almost die every day, but had a hard time getting past it. Zach got a phone call and found out that JR's prints matched Richie.

Angie and Jesse decided to have a picnic, but their meal was interrupted as Angie continued to tell Jesse she did not want him back on the police force. Jesse said he was going to respect Angie's feelings about the job, but hated waking up every morning without a job. Jesse interviewed for teaching positions at Pine Valley University, but he still felt like a cop. Angie said the police force changed their lives and she only wanted to keep the family safe. Jesse said the job would make him feel useful.

Frankie told Jake about his patient who was likely a victim of domestic abuse, but did not want to share it with anyone. Frankie said he wanted to help the girl, but did not know where to begin. Jake said doctors always wanted to save lives, but had a hard time letting go when things didn't work out to their liking. Frankie thought it would be a good idea for him to visit the patient before she went home. Jake reminded Frankie that he could not help the patient if she did not want it. Jake told Richie he was going to prove Richie was guilty. When Greenlee and Zach arrived to see Jake, he was getting arrested.

However, the patient decided to take Jake out for a special event.

Samuel visited Erica in prison before her show began. She invited him to stay and watch the show. Jackson greeted Erica and Samuel. He asked Erica why she was not dressed in more professional attire, but Erica retorted that she did not mind wearing the prison uniform because it was what all the inmates wore. Erica said she hoped Carmen's case would be reopened once Carmen shared her story on the show. Erica gave Carmen a few pointers before the show began. Once the cameras started rolling, the inmates cheered for Erica before she introduced her first guest, Samuel. Erica commended Samuel for prosecuting her for a crime that she deserved to be punished for. Carmen froze when it came time to get on camera, so Erica helped lead the ceremony. Erica got a standing ovation after her show was over.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Krystal told Jenny that her daddy was coming home. Krystal added that Jenny's big sister, Kate, was coming home as well. Colby then arrived with Kate. Krystal welcomed the girls into her home. Kate was excited to be there. Colby and Krystal brought the little girl to her new bedroom.

Aidan brought Tad home from the hospital. As the two men stood outside Tad's house, Tad announced that he needed to speak with Aidan. Tad explained that his brush with death had made him rethink his life. Aidan stated that he was relieved Tad was able to regain his health. Tad informed Aidan that he no longer wanted to be a private investigator and wished to relinquish his half of their business. Aidan urged Tad to reconsider. Tad affirmed that he enjoyed being Aidan's partner, and said that it was nothing personal against Aidan. Tad simply wanted to spend more time with his family.

Aidan and Tad entered the house to find Krystal, Colby, Kate, and Jenny in the living room. Kate ran to Tad and gave him a big hug. Colby said that Kate refused to unpack until Tad came home to help her. Tad was flattered, so he offered to help Kate unpack. Colby said that he had to wait because they all had a surprise for him. Colby and Kate left the room to get the surprise.

Tad and Aidan announced to Krystal that Tad was quitting their partnership. She looked shocked. She felt that Tad should have discussed his desire to quit with her first. Tad assured her that he was making the right decision. Suddenly, Aidan got a call from Greenlee. Greenlee informed Aidan that Richie was being arrested for kidnapping JR. She also divulged that Richie was the man who sealed her and Zach in the bomb shelter. After Aidan hung up, he relayed the information about Richie to Tad and Krystal, then left. Krystal asked Tad if he had the urge to go to the hospital to make sure that the evidence was "air tight" against Richie. He replied that his top priority was his family, not police cases.

Krystal told Tad that she tried to make a deal with God when he was in the hospital. She promised God that if Tad survived, she would love him more. She felt that she did not love him enough before he was shot. She affirmed that she could not imagine life without him. They kissed just as Colby and Kate entered with a cake. Kate had written on the cake, "Welcome Home Daddy!" Tad noted that it was the most beautiful cake he had ever seen.

Tad brought Kate into her new bedroom. As he helped the girl unpack, he saw a stuffed chicken in her bag. He asked where she got it. She replied that her mother gave it to her. He wondered if she was referring to her Aunt Julia. Kate affirmed that her "mother," not her Aunt Julia, gave it to her. Tad looked confused, so he changed the subject. He told her that, although he was not there for her in the past, he would always be there for her in the future. Then, Tad marked her height on the wall. He said that they would measure her height every month. She hugged her father.

Kendall arrived at the hospital to meet Zach and Greenlee. Zach informed Kendall that the cops were with Richie. Kendall comforted Zach by holding his hand. Kendall reached out for Greenlee's hand, but Greenlee coldly turned around and walked away.

Ryan and Annie arrived at the hospital. Annie looked horrified that Richie hurt JR, Zach, and Greenlee. Everyone consoled Annie and affirmed that it was not her fault, but she still looked upset.

JR and Babe entered the hospital waiting room, where everyone else was. JR asked if anyone wanted to get "vigilante justice" on Richie. Zach said that there were too many cops around. Still, Zach said that if Richie was not put in jail, he might take JR up on the offer.

Zach pulled Ryan aside. Zach said that there was a chance Richie would elude his charges. Zach asked if Ryan would try to stop him if he tried to get revenge on Richie. Ryan did not have an answer for Zach. Zach seemed annoyed.

Aidan arrived at the hospital. He talked to Kendall about Richie. Aidan was irate that Richie abandoned Greenlee and Zach in the bomb shelter. Aidan wondered if Greenlee would be able to forgive him, since Richie was finally caught.

Aidan approached Greenlee. Greenlee immediately informed Aidan that nothing changed between the two of them. Aidan looked disappointed.

Kendall apologized to JR for accusing him of running Zach over with his car. JR said that he owed Kendall an apology for almost killing her. He was glad that Zach forgave her for her affair with Aidan. JR remarked that Zach should appreciate Kendall. Kendall stated that she did not fully forgive JR, but noticed a change in him. She commented that JR might be worth knowing again. JR was happy to hear this.

Richie met with his lawyer. The lawyer said that the DNA evidence against him would be hard to disprove. Richie assured his lawyer that he had a "secret weapon."

Babe went into Richie's hospital room. Babe chastised Richie for being a liar. He said that he still had romantic feelings for her, which disgusted her. She affirmed that he would go to jail for his crimes. He denied all guilt and noted that he would not be prosecuted because of his "secret weapon."

Babe told everyone that Richie claimed he had a "secret weapon." Annie seemed extremely nervous, so Greenlee began to interrogate her about the "secret weapon." Annie claimed that she knew nothing, but Greenlee persisted. Ryan told Greenlee to stop harassing Annie. Greenlee snapped and snidely commented that Annie got her "white knight" back. After Greenlee made this comment, she admitted to Zach that she was a "bitch" for yelling at Annie.

Richie's lawyer informed Annie that her brother wished to see her. Everyone warned Annie against visiting Richie, but she went to see him anyway. Richie demanded that Annie post his bail or he would tell Ryan that he never had a vasectomy and that she was secretly trying to get pregnant.

The cops declared that it was time to bring Richie to the police station. The cops escorted Richie out of his room and into waiting area. Aidan punched Richie in the face. Richie laughed as he proclaimed that he would be a free man soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angie told Krystal that she and Jesse had a fight. Angie was worried Jesse would not come home, but Krystal assured her that he would come back. Angie said she felt guilty for thinking the worst would happen each time Jesse walked out the door. Krystal said Angie's feelings were understandable since he was gone for 20 years. Angie said she knew that being a police officer was important to Jesse, but their life together meant more to her than any job.

Aidan told Greenlee that Tad had offered him his share of the business to spend more time with Kathy. Aidan decided to take the deal, but had no plans to leave town. Greenlee said she would not get over Aidan's betrayal, but wanted to remain friends. Josh stopped by to see Greenlee to see if he had left a cufflink at her apartment. Aidan was not pleased when he heard Josh's comment. When Greenlee went to look for the cufflink, Aidan asked Josh if he came over to see Greenlee often. Josh insisted he and Greenlee were only friends. Greenlee returned the cufflink to Josh and he kissed her on the cheek before leaving. Aidan said he did not want Greenlee to be with Josh, but Greenlee said that was not his business. Aidan asked Greenlee if he would ever have another chance with her, but Greenlee said she would never trust him again. Aidan left, but returned minutes later and kissed Greenlee. He whispered that he would never just be her friend and left again.

Tad and Kathy had a tea party, but were interrupted by a visit from Jesse. Jesse said he and Angie got into a big fight. Tad told Jesse to apologize, but Jesse felt he did not need to apologize for anything. Tad said he understood Angie's concerns about Jesse going back to the police department. Jesse said Angie had no right trying to tell him how to run his life. Jesse returned home and told Angie he had accepted the job at the police department.

Erica was thrilled to learn that the New Beginnings broadcast was hugely successful. Carmen said that telling her story on the show made her realize that she did not have much of a life without any friends or family. Erica said Carmen was an intelligent and smart woman who could conquer the world once she was released from prison. Carmen said that she was scared to go back into the real world without Erica. Erica asked Carmen what some of her old jobs were. Carmen had tried her hand at cooking and working in a nursing home. Jackson came to see Carmen with good news. The judge decided to give Carmen a new trial and let her out of prison on bail. Jackson said Carmen needed a job and a place to stay as a condition to meet bail.

JR and Colby walked into the Chandler mansion as Adam learned that JR had leaked the story to the newspaper. Adam said he wanted to find the person who put the story in the newspaper, but JR felt they needed to worry more about revamping his image. Adam said he wanted to plan a birthday party for Colby's 18th birthday. Colby said she did not want anything from Adam after he lied about Kate's identity. JR took Colby's dollhouse for Kathy to Tad's house. Colby told Adam that she was not sure if she could live in the mansion anymore. She said she did not want to end up like Adam, who enjoyed pulling stunts and tricks to manipulate others. Adam said he only wanted to protect Colby, but she was not interested in his protection because it only hurt her friends and family. Colby said she did not want to end up like her mother either. Between both her parents, Colby worried that she would never understand real love. Colby told her father she would leave him unless he could prove he had a good side.

Frankie and Randi enjoyed ice cream as they walked along the pier. When Frankie brought up Randi's injury, she tried to walk away. Frankie grabbed her arm and offered to help Randi get out of the abusive relationship he suspected she was in. Randi threatened to call the police and get a restraining order against Frankie if he did not leave the issue alone. Frankie asked Randi to take his business card, in case she needed help, but Randi told him to find another "charity case." Randi told Frankie to forget he ever met her and walked off. A man grabbed Randi by her injured arm and immediately asked about Frankie.

Friday, June 20, 2008

As they walked on the pier by the water, Greenlee insisted that her vicious cycle of avoidance behaviors were enough to satisfy her, but Jack suggested that perhaps giving Aidan another chance would work better. Greenlee was appalled that instead of wanting to maim Aidan, her father seemed to be on her former fiancÚ's side. Jack pointed out that she seemed to be working on things with Kendall and wondered why she couldn't do the same with Aidan. She confessed that Aidan made her believe in love again and then let her down. Due to his betrayal, Greenlee admitted that she was questioning everything she thought she knew. Greenlee noted that she expected Kendall to disrupt her life for fun, but that Aidan was supposed to be safe. Jack asked her if she'd been clear about her feelings with Aidan, and Greenlee said that she had, but that Aidan still felt they had a shot. Jack tried to delve deeper but Greenlee tried to say she didn't want to talk about it any further. Jack knew that tactic all too well and didn't let her get away with it. She swore her father to secrecy and then admitted that she truly missed Aidan. Jack insisted that her feelings meant she should give him another chance, but Greenlee told him that missing Aidan wasn't a good enough reason, and taking him back wouldn't take the pain away. Jack told her that the only way she could make the pain go away was with forgiveness.

Greenlee insisted that she knew how to forgive, as she'd done so repeatedly with Kendall over the years. She then said that she was jealous of Kendall's relationship with her husband because Zach knew about the affair for months and didn't walk out on his wife. Jack asked if she had any idea as to why Zach would stay, and Greenlee revealed that he probably thought that a life without Kendall was not worth living. Jack suggested that he might be right in her situation and Greenlee agreed-but noted that the realization scared her.

Ryan tried to soothe Annie's fears about the procedure he needed in order to try to regain his memory. She confirmed that she was worried that he wouldn't remember her, and he urged her to have faith in him. He added that Richie's arrest couldn't have made things easier, but she told him she didn't want to discuss her brother. Then, as Jake approached, Annie remembered that she had an errand to run for work and asked that Jake take care of her husband. She ran off and left Jake to start an assessment on his newest patient. Ryan chattered on about his excitement over the procedure and said that he believed it would help him immensely when it came to getting his life back. He then realized that Jake was not on the same page and quieted down. In that moment, Jake revealed that although he'd had hope, an unexpected complication had arisen.

Ryan's world crashed around him when Jake told him that his CT scan revealed a genetic disorder that would increase the risk of fatality with the surgery. Ryan was angry about the news, but Jake told him that he wanted to remove any sense of false hope. Ryan was appreciative when Jake told him that he would look into alternatives, but said that what he really wanted was information on his condition and solid evidence about what that meant for his odds. Jake told him the best thing to do would be to keep his appointment with the doctor in New York. They parted ways, with Ryan headed off for a walk to let the new information sink in.

Jesse came home and told Angie that he took the job, but before he could finish his thought, she assumed he meant the Chief of Police position and tore into him. After a few moments, he managed to get her to calm down long enough to tell her that he was referring to the job with the university. He explained that he would be doing what he loved by teaching criminology, but in a classroom as opposed to an interrogation room. She thanked him for his sacrifice, but he told her that he was willing to do whatever it took to keep their marriage healthy and happy. Just then, Frankie and Cassie walked in and interrupted their parents' celebratory kiss. Angie spilled the good news about Jesse's job but the kids were less than thrilled. They split into pairs and while Jesse tried to convince his son that he took a good and fulfilling job, Cassie impressed upon her mother that even though she didn't see Jesse in the professor role, she understood why Angie wanted him to take it, and why he eventually did.

The Hubbards started to sit down to dinner but Frankie rushed back in from his bedroom and told everyone that he needed to cover at the hospital for a sick intern. Angie made him take some food before he left and once he was gone, the other three family members offered up thanks before digging in.

Angie interrupted the after-dinner cleanup when she went to find an old photo album. While she was gone, Cassie heaped more praise onto Jesse for new job. Jesse was adamant that working at the university was a choice that was good for the entire family. Angie returned to the living room unnoticed as Jesse said that he didn't regret his choice at all.

As Kendall and Spike read and played on the couch, Zach slowly sipped his drink from a glass as he flashed back to the night he was run down and he and Greenlee were left for dead. His anger grew as he saw Richie's face flash before his eyes until, without a second thought, he broke the glass with his bare hands. Although he tried to play it off as something business related, Kendall knew immediately that he had been thinking of Richie. Zach admitted that he didn't understand Richie's motivation, even after Kendall pointed out that Richie probably tried to kill Zach and Greenlee to cover his tracks. He said that he understood how to deal with the enemies he had made in his life, but that Richie didn't fit the mold. Zach was unsure of how he could protect his family from someone who acted randomly.

Kendall pointed out that although Zach liked to control everything, there was no need in this case since Richie no longer posed a threat. Zach felt that wasn't good enough because Richie's actions proved to be the catalyst to all of the things that had gone wrong in their lives. He stated that he wanted Richie to know how it felt when he and Greenlee fought for their lives, and how it felt when Kendall and Aidan thought they were dead. He swore that he would make sure nothing else bad happened because of Richie. Kendall tried to convince him that he didn't need to do the police force's job because they already had enough DNA evidence from JR's case. She reminded him that when she took the law into her own hands and tried to frame Greenlee, he warned her that she would put their family at risk. Zach promised that he would not do anything that would jeopardize their family, and then watched her go as she went to attend to their youngest son.

Alone again with her oldest son, Kendall reveled in how lucky she was to have her family. She told Spike that when Zach came home, they would show him how much they appreciated him.

Annie went to the jail to visit her brother and put forth minimal effort as she tried to figure out how her brother could do the things he did. She was less than eager to give him the benefit of the doubt when he showed her the same attitude he'd had before. He stopped her from an early exit when he reminded her that he still needed to get out of prison, and that she was still responsible for making that happen. She thought it an impossible task but Richie trusted that she could be creative. He warned her that if she didn't come through, he would reveal the secret she was keeping from Ryan about him being able to have more children. She caved once again and said that she would see what she could do, but told him that in return, he needed to get Greenlee out of her life before he went on the run.

Richie egged his sister on and noted that they were more alike than she cared to admit. He asked her what exactly she wanted him to do to Greenlee. Annie said that she didn't care-she just wanted Greenlee out of the way so that she would be free to love Ryan, and have his baby. In sinister tones, Richie agreed to the deed, as he felt that's what family did.

A short time after Annie left, the prison guard disrupted Richie and said that he was needed elsewhere. Richie believed he would be bailed out in short order, and continued to shoot off his mouth until he realized that they weren't headed to the courthouse. They rounded a corner, knocked on a door, and announced their arrival. As the guards left, Zach exited into the hall and locked a laser gaze on the man that would have been the death of him.

Jack and Greenlee parted ways after she noted that she would stay by the water to try to find some answers. Once he was gone, she turned and saw Ryan farther down on the pier at the same moment he saw her. After they shared their depressing trains of thoughts, Greenlee spotted and pointed out a boat called "Blue Skies." She noted that Ryan had told her about his mother and her belief in blue sky days, and told him that they should have one of their own.

At the Fusion office, Annie gazed at a photo of her with her husband for a moment before she flipped the frame over, opened the back and removed a key. She noted to herself that she hated what she was about to do but that she didn't have another option. Kendall showed up then and startled Annie out of her reverie. She mildly scolded Kendall for sneaking up on her but was relieved when Kendall referred only to the mushy moment she was having with the picture. As Kendall crossed behind her, Annie stuck the key in her bra and quickly picked up the conversation to cover up any odd behavior. She then, much to Kendall's chagrin, stated that she needed to run a quick errand even though they had a guest coming. Kendall protested because she was sure that she couldn't show how the company worked seamlessly when she was the only one there.

Annie ignored Kendall's plea and after she got into the elevator and the door closed, she pulled the key out of its hiding place.

Frankie met up with Jake at the hospital. On his way out, Jake noted that a case had just come in where a hooker had been beaten up by her pimp. Frankie took the file and scanned its contents as he walked toward the cubicle where the patient was housed. He was surprised when he found Randi lying unconscious on the bed within.



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