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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Jesse walked Angie to work. She jokingly called him "professor" and he called her "doctor." She thanked him for taking the teaching job at Pine Valley University instead of the police chief position.

Angie overheard Frankie asking for a neurology consult for a patient that had a bad head injury. Angie wanted to see the patient, so Frankie led her to Randi. Randi was unconscious in a hospital bed. She had cuts and bruises all over her face. The cops then entered the room and asked if Randi was the "hooker that was beat by her pimp." Frankie snapped that Randi was not a hooker.

Jesse asked Frankie about his relationship with Randi. Frankie said that she was his patient. Frankie further explained that she had two jobs, one as a waitress and one as an office worker. Jesse suggested that Frankie might not know her as well as he thought.

Jesse approached the two cops that were assigned to Randi's case. At first, the cops did not want to talk to Jesse because he turned down the police chief job. Jesse pleaded with them for information, so the cops explained that Randi was found outside of a sketchy hotel with a wad of cash and "enough condoms for a football team." Frankie heard the comment and yelled at the cops to stop talking about Randi like she was a prostitute. Jesse asked if the cops knew who beat her. They assumed it was her pimp. Jesse inquired where he could find the pimp.

A neurologist showed up to examine Randi. The doctor declared that he was taking Randi into surgery right away. Frankie wanted to go into surgery with her, but Angie urged him to let the other doctor do his job. Frankie affirmed that he was going with Randi because she was his patient. Angie looked concerned.

Babe, Amanda, and Annie were at Fusion. They were all annoyed that neither Kendall nor Greenlee were at work. Kendall soon entered with Lucy, the editor of Self magazine. Kendall announced that Lucy was there to observe how the women of Fusion worked flawlessly together. Babe, Amanda, and Annie grimaced. Kendall inquired how the day was going. Babe reported that there was a problem with their Southern distributors and recommended a solution. Annie and Amanda agreed that Babe's solution would work; however, Kendall refused to implement Babe's plan until she checked with Greenlee first. Babe, Amanda, and Annie wondered why Kendall suddenly cared about Greenlee's vote. Babe blurted out, "Is this a company or a dictatorship?" Kendall looked annoyed and escorted Lucy to the elevator. Kendall apologized for the drama in the office. Lucy assured Kendall that Self still loved Fusion.

Kendall confronted Babe about her outburst. Babe was furious that Greenlee was not in the office. Babe stated that she deserved a say in the company since she was at the office more than Greenlee and Kendall. Kendall wondered if Babe was upset about Richie and was taking it out on Fusion. Kendall tried to relate to Babe by recalling her relationship with Michael Cambias. Babe screamed out in frustration, "I did not sleep with Richie Novak!"

Amanda noticed that Annie seemed upset. Amanda told Annie that she was willing to discuss Richie. Annie did not want to talk. Amanda reminded Annie that she too had a person in her life that caused a lot of damage to the residents of Pine Valley. Annie admitted that she was very distraught over Richie's crimes. Annie further explained that she needed Ryan more than ever. Amanda consoled Annie and stated that she and Ryan were really good together. Amanda assured Annie that Ryan would remember her again.

Kendall called Greenlee as Annie called Ryan. Since they could not get in touch with either of them, Annie assumed that Greenlee and Ryan were together. Kendall wished that Annie would cut Greenlee some slack because of her difficulties with Aidan. Annie wondered why Kendall was on Greenlee's side. Annie reminded Kendall that Greenlee kidnapped Spike and left Fusion for over a year. Annie asked if Kendall was letting Greenlee do whatever she wanted because of her guilt over sleeping with Aidan. Kendall did not want to discuss it. Annie accused Kendall of wanting Greenlee and Ryan to get back together, so Greenlee would stay away from Zach. Kendall looked guilty. A little while later, Annie apologized for lashing out on Kendall. Kendall said that she understood Annie was under a lot of stress.

Babe told Kendall that she was capable of running Fusion, but admitted that she was truly upset due to Richie. Babe was mad at herself for believing Richie's lies. Annie said that Babe was not the only person Richie conned. Babe was still upset and wished that she never met "Wes." She regretted having a relationship with Richie because he almost killed JR.

Greenlee rented a sailboat for her and Ryan. As they sailed, they discussed their lives. Ryan told Greenlee about Annie's fear that he might recover his memory and realize that he never loved her. Greenlee thought it was possible that Ryan married Annie to keep her happy, not because he loved her. Ryan then admitted that his brain surgery had more complications than they originally thought. He explained that he could die if he had the surgery. She encouraged him not to have the procedure done. They pulled the boat back into the harbor and walked onto the dock. They laughed as Ryan called Greenlee "Captain Smythe."

Zach and Richie were in a jail cell together. Richie called for a guard, but Zach informed him that there were no guards around. Zach then revealed a wooden bar that he had hidden up his sleeve. Richie screamed louder for a guard, but Zach reminded him that they were alone. Richie looked very scared as Zach grabbed him by the neck and said, "It's time."

Aidan went to see Richie in jail. Aidan saw Richie writhing in pain. Richie's face was cut and bleeding. Aidan laughed at Richie's injuries. Richie told Aidan to leave, but he refused. Aidan explained that Richie messed with many lives, including his. Aidan continued that he was supposed to be getting married on this day. Aidan stated that if Richie eluded his charges then he would make Richie pay.

Zach entered his office with the bar in his hand. Myrtle was sitting at his desk. She noted that it seemed like Zach just hurt someone. Zach confessed that his thoughts were in a very dark place. Myrtle understood that Zach wanted to see a "monster" like Richie pay. Still, she warned Zach that it was not worth putting Richie in hell because it would cost him his family. Zach asked Myrtle for help. She advised him that the love of his family would make him feel better than getting revenge on Richie. Zach thanked Myrtle and gave her a kiss. Zach then went home and played with Spike and Ian.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Colby visited JR and Adam at Chandler Enterprises. She was surprised when Adam gave her a brand new car. Adam said the car would replace what he bought her two years earlier on her 16th birthday. He also handed Colby a key to a lodge at the lake for her use anytime. Colby thanked her father for the gifts, but said it did not make up for Adam hiding Kate from JR and Tad. JR suggested that Adam was trying to get Colby's shares when she turned 18. Adam denied JR's accusations. JR told his father that he was going to relaunch his web site without Ava's help. JR said he was in talks with a top distributor, but Adam said the distributor was already working with Fusion. Babe brought JR breakfast and coffee before going to Fusion. JR told Babe about Adam's gift to Colby right before Colby's 18th birthday. JR said he was not going to let Adam use Colby or Little Adam like Adam used his company. JR told Babe he was going to become CEO of Chandler Enterprises. Babe worried JR was turning into his father, but JR said he would never be like Adam. JR and Babe left hand-in-hand to go to Richie's arraignment.

Cassie and Dre had lunch, but were interrupted by Colby. Colby said her father bought her a new car as bribery for the shares she would get at Chandler Enterprises once she turned 18.

Jake, Kathy, and Tad had breakfast together. Tad explained that they had discovered Jake was related to Kathy. Jake said Tad was being sneaky by trying to get him to stay in Pine Valley. Kathy asked why Jake lived so far away from his mom and dad. Colby dragged Kathy away before Jake could answer the question. Tad said Jake's family needed him to stay in Pine Valley. Jake confirmed that he misdiagnosed a patient once and it almost cost the patient's life. Tad said that Jake could find some hope and restoration in life by staying in Pine Valley.

Cassie said Jesse had taken a job at Pine Valley University, which would be weird if she enrolled there in the next school year. Dre said his dad, Samuel, was too busy sucking up to Erica to notice he existed. Colby said at least their dad wasn't trying to buy them off. Colby suggested they throw a Fourth of July party at the lake house to get away from family troubles.

Greenlee told Aidan that they should find a way to be friends. Greenlee said if she could get past everything with Ryan and Kendall, there was still hope for her and Aidan. Aidan said the situation was different because he loved Greenlee. Greenlee and Aidan agreed to be "mates" and work their way up to "best mate." Aidan said he would rather be Greenlee's friend than not have her in his life at all. Greenlee and Aidan decided to have their first "friend hangout" by cleaning up ConFusion together. But it was not long before the two were making out on the countertop. Greenlee pulled away from Aidan and rushed out of the building. Greenlee ran into Jake at the restaurant. Jake told Greenlee he was going to stay in Pine Valley a little while longer, but did not have a place to stay. Greenlee suggested Jake move into her apartment.

Jackson visited Erica in prison. He asked Erica how she remained so confident Carmen would get a retrial. Erica said she would not break her promise to get Carmen out of prison. Carmen showed up to check the status of her case with Jackson. Jackson said the judge would not approve Carmen working for anyone related to Jackson or Erica. Carmen said her chances of getting a job from a perfect stranger were slim, but Erica said all hope was not yet lost. Erica called Adam to the prison to discuss Carmen's employment. Adam refused to let Carmen live with and work for him. Erica said it was a great way to improve Adam's reputation in the community since getting locked up in the psychiatric ward. If Adam refused, Erica threatened to tarnish his image on New Beginnings once she was released from prison. Adam agreed to let Carmen work for him, but was not happy about the arrangement. Jackson showed Carmen her prison release papers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Randi woke up in her hospital bed and saw Frankie. She asked what had happened to her. He explained that she suffered a serious head injury and had surgery because of it. She looked shocked and upset. He demanded to know who beat her. She refused to give him details. He inquired why she was found outside of a motel with a wad of cash on her. She blurted out that she was a prostitute. She continued to scream and sarcastically asked if he wanted to hear what a cheap slut she was. Angie heard the commotion and rushed into the room. Angie told Frankie that she wanted to speak with him privately.

Frankie was annoyed with Angie because she pulled him away from Randi, just as she began to talk about her life. Angie warned Frankie not to get too involved with his patients. Frankie reminded his mother that he was alive because she got personally involved with his case.

Angie saw Jesse in the hospital hallway. Jesse noticed that Frankie truly cared about Randi's welfare. Angie expressed her disapproval over Frankie's relationship with Randi. Angie urged Jesse not to get involved. Jesse wanted to help Randi also. Angie affirmed that Jesse was a professor, not a cop. Jesse retorted that, regardless of his job status, he would always support his son.

Jesse found Frankie. Jesse wondered if Randi divulged any details about her abuser. Frankie said that it was her pimp, Fletcher. Jesse announced that he had a plan.

Jesse went to a grungy bar to find Fletcher. Fletcher was talking to a girl. He told the girl that he could help her make a lot of money. The girl was uninterested. She tried to walk away, but Fletcher grabbed her. Jesse interrupted and said that he needed to speak with Fletcher. The girl left and Fletcher asked if he knew Jesse. Jesse pretended that he was a former client. Jesse said that Fletcher hooked him up with Randi. Fletcher stated that Randi was out of commission. Jesse said, "So, it was her in the hospital!" Fletcher looked nervous and asked why Jesse made the comment. Jesse claimed that he saw Randi with massive cuts and bruises in the hospital. Jesse added that she was talking to the police.

Frankie went to see Randi. Frankie could not understand why a "beautiful and strong" woman was letting a man abuse her. She stated that Fletcher would not kill her because she was his "number one girl." She affirmed that Fletcher loved her and she loved him.

Randi was asleep when Fletcher entered her room. She opened her eyes and happily greeted him. She was very excited to see him. He was furious and asked why she squealed to the cops. She insisted that she would never snitch on him. He grabbed her arm violently and she writhed in pain. Suddenly, Jesse, Frankie, and a cop entered. Frankie yelled out that Fletcher was hurting his patient. The cop grabbed Fletcher and hauled him off to the police station. Randi shot Frankie an angry look and said, "Why would you do that to me?"

Annie and Ryan were at the courthouse. Annie worried that Richie might be freed. Ryan assured her that there was too much evidence against her brother. She disagreed and stated that there was no evidence to prove that Richie tried to kill Zach and Greenlee. Annie then remembered Richie giving her an ultimatum. Richie demanded that she help get him out of jail or he was going to tell Ryan about her pregnancy scheme.

Zach, Kendall, JR, and Babe arrived at the courthouse. Kendall wondered where Greenlee was. Zach announced that Greenlee was not coming. Zach said that he would call Greenlee with the outcome. JR confidently commented that there would only be one outcome, Richie going to jail.

Richie walked into the courthouse. Everyone gasped when they saw how badly he was beaten. Richie slyly smiled and encouraged everyone to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

Kendall asked Zach if he knew anything about how Richie got beat up. Zach said that he heard Richie was beaten in prison. Kendall noted that whoever beat Richie must have had a lot of pull. She smiled at her husband and said that whoever hurt Richie deserved a medal. He smiled back at her.

Babe confessed to JR that she still felt guilty about believing Richie's lies. Just then Opal entered. Opal and JR affirmed that Babe was not to blame for Richie's crimes. JR reminded Babe that she was not the only person to be tricked by Richie. Opal commented that she knew Richie was bad from the start. She explained that she read his tarot cards and they said that, if Richie did not change his evil ways, he was going to hell.

Richie's hearing began. The prosecutor told the judge that Richie was a convicted criminal with no personal ties to Pine Valley. The prosecutor felt that this made Richie a "flight risk" and wished that Richie not be granted bail. The judge asked Richie who was representing him. Richie proclaimed that he wanted to represent himself. Richie felt that the entire town was against him, so no one would be able to fight for his freedom as fervently as he would.

The judge went to his chambers to consider Richie's request to defend himself. As everyone waited, they wondered what Richie was planning. The bailiff approached Annie and informed her that Richie was allowed to represent himself. He further stated that Richie was going to call her as a witness. She looked petrified.

Richie called Annie to the stand. Richie asked Annie if she gave false evidence when she had him convicted of a crime eight years earlier. Annie admitted that she did give false evidence. Richie then handed the judge a piece of paper and asked if Annie could read it out loud. Annie read aloud that Richie was cleared on all of his previous charges. Richie explained that they finally caught the real culprit for the crime that Annie had him locked up for. Richie declared that he was set up in the past and that he was being set up again.

Since Richie was exonerated for his past crimes, the judge decided that Richie could have bail set at $100,000. The judge stipulated that Richie wear a tracking device.

Kendall commented that Erica was in prison, but Richie was set free. Zach snidely stated that Richie would not be free for long.

As Richie left the courthouse, Opal reminded him about his tarot card reading. She affirmed that he could not cheat death.

Greenlee and Jake were at lunch. He wondered why she did not want to go to Richie's trial. She stated that she would kill Richie if she saw him. Jake thought that the trial might give her closure. She said that she did not believe in closure. She proceeded to ask him if he would be her roommate. He looked surprised by the offer. She promised that she would not eat his food and that he could live in her penthouse free of charge. He recalled living with her in the past and commented that it was a disaster. She declared that she had changed. She joked that living with her would be amusing. He replied that she was a "loud" roommate. He added that Aidan was his friend. Greenlee informed Jake that she and Aidan were friends also. He explained that it was "guy code" not to move in with your friend's ex. Then, Greenlee received a phone call from Zach. Zach informed Greenlee that Richie was out on bail. Greenlee relayed the news to Jake. She was concerned that Richie might try to harm her again. Jake changed his mind and said that he would move in with her. She smiled and hugged him.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Richie received a bouquet of flowers with the message "Enjoy your freedom while it lasts" from "Z."

Annie told Ryan that she was worried Richie would get away with all of his dirty deeds by making it seem he was the victim. She received a call from Richie, but pretended Emma was on the other line so Ryan would not get suspicious. Richie threatened to tell Ryan that Annie paid his bail and that Ryan was fertile unless Annie came to see him. Richie said he wanted Annie to help him escape. Annie told Ryan she wanted to go back to Fusion to get her mind off Richie. Ryan said Annie should stay home while he ran out to grab dinner and a bottle of wine. After Ryan left, Annie went to see Richie. Richie asked Annie to run away with him instead of wasting time on Ryan. Annie said she and Ryan were going to make their relationship work. Annie handed Richie a large envelope of money to get out of town. Annie reminded Richie that his end of the bargain was to take care of Greenlee before leaving town. To make it look like Richie attacked Annie, Richie hit her over the head with a glass beer bottle. Richie snuck out of the motel room and went to Fusion to find Greenlee.

Zach said he needed to take a one-way trip that had been previously discussed with someone on the telephone. Before Ryan interrupted him, Zach told the person they would meet at the airport. Ryan said he wanted to know how they were going to take care of Richie. Ryan said he was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure Richie did not harm his family again. Zach said Richie would not make it to his trial because Richie would be taking a plane ride in only a few hours. Zach and Ryan left to take care of Richie, but they found Annie unconscious in Richie's motel room.

Erica finished the last touches of Carmen's make-up as Carmen waited to be released. Carmen said she was worried Adam would not like her, but Erica said Carmen had nothing to worry about. Erica said Carmen would figure out quickly how to handle Adam. When Jackson arrived, Erica asked him to pump up Carmen's confidence on the way to Adam's house. Carmen came back to say good-bye to Erica in a sparkling new dress and shoes. The two women shed tears and exchanged hugs before Carmen left.

Aidan and Jake worked out at the gym. Jake said Greenlee asked him to move into her apartment, but he wanted to know if Aidan was comfortable with it. Aidan said he found it hard to believe Jake would not make a pass at Greenlee if they lived together. Jake apologized for even thinking about moving in with Greenlee. But Aidan said he wanted Jake to accept Greenlee's offer so Jake could protect her from Richie.

Tad and Krystal enjoyed a nice dinner alone. Tad showed off pictures of Kathy and Jenny and even talked about using them in the family Christmas cards. Tad said he was happy for the first time in a long time. Krystal told Tad she was worried how Babe would handle Richie roaming around Pine Valley instead of being behind bars. Tad got a call from Colby, who said Kathy was missing. When Tad and Krystal got home, Colby said Kathy must have disappeared when she was putting Jenny and Emma to bed. Colby called the police while Tad looked for Kathy outside. But to their surprise, Kathy was hiding behind a chair the entire time. Tad hugged Kathy when he she came out of hiding. Tad figured out that Kathy felt sad and missed Julia.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Samuel Woods paid an after-hours visit to Erica at the prison. He informed her that he had taken her case about the misuse of solitary confinement by those in power to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. After he pled her case, they granted permission for him to write a report for their review, so he took time out to interview Erica about her ordeal and visit the cell where she'd been locked up. Erica was floored that he took the promise he made to her seriously and promised to work with him to the end.

Erica was temporarily released from her cell and she accompanied the senator to solitary. She admitted that she was scared but Samuel assured her that he would be with her through the entire visit and wouldn't let anything happen to her. They walked into her cell and she made him shut the door so that they were locked in. She recounted her first day, how alone she had felt and many other torturous ordeals. She then noted that he looked tired and when he finally admitted that she was right, he continued and told her that his opponents in the congressional race had been less than honest, and that the efforts he had put into his campaign thus far had suffered. She encouraged him to keep fighting, likened him to herself, and said that they were the kind of people that kept the fight alive for causes they believed in.

They talked a bit more about the next steps that would be taken after they completed the report and Erica felt hopeful about the good that would come out of it. They prepared to leave but at that moment, alarms went off and lights flashed as the prison went into lockdown mode. Erica panicked and tried to alert the guards so that they could be released, but Samuel told her that until the crisis was averted, they would be locked in together.

After Angie returned home with the fixings for dinner, Jesse once again proclaimed that he was okay with being a professor. Angie pressed him and said that teaching probably wouldn't give him the thrill that police work did, but he assured her that the benefits of a job with more regular hours more than made up for it. They talked for a few moments about the plans he had to make his classes fun, so that his students would learn something before they realized it. Angie then stepped back for a moment and noted how proud she was that he did a wonderful thing for Randi when he recognized what happened to her and took action instead of ignoring all of the signs.

After dinner, Jesse tried to breeze right into dessert but Angie stopped him before he opened the box. She told him that he should live out the rest of his life by his terms, not hers. He thought that hers were fine because it meant that he had a wonderful life with his wife and kids but she noted that he needed more. She told him when he dealt with both Randi and Richie, she saw a gift that needed to be used. She then allowed him to open the box and inside, he found a hat only to be worn by the police chief. Jesse admitted to his confusion, since they had decided he wouldn't go back to the force, but she told him that his fierce commitment to Randi changed her mind. She noted that while lots of people talked about changing the world, he actually took action. She then gave him the phone and urged him to accept the chief of police position.

Jesse briefly considered a disruption to Frankie's shift at the hospital so that he could share in the good news, but Angie reminded him that their son had taken on extra hours to tend to Randi. Jesse was supportive but Angie was worried and said she thought their son was getting too close. Jesse was certain that Frankie just wanted to work at being a great doctor like his mother but knew that Angie would go to the hospital to check on him. Angie avoided a response when she told Jesse to hurry and eat so he could get over to the police station.

Frankie went to check on Randi but when he got to her room, he found that the young woman had vacated the premises. He called a nurse over and after he read her the riot act for Randi's escape, he ordered her to institute a high alert to find her. Moments later, he heard a weak call and found Randi crumpled in a nearby corner. As she mumbled unintelligibly, Frankie carried her back to her bed. Once he got her settled back in, he chastised her for her attempt to walk. She asserted that she could take care of herself but Frankie listed all of the medical reasons why she obviously couldn't. She then called him out on his hero complex and said that he needed to stop attempting to save her. Frankie told her that as a doctor, he was tasked with the responsibility of saving lives, but she told him that he and his father hadn't done her any favors. Frankie reminded her that her pimp would be locked up for a long time but she said that he would be out on bail and back in her face in no time. Frankie promised that he would keep her out of harm's way but she told him that he needed to stay out of her life.

Angie arrived at the hospital and found her son in Randi's room, and witnessed his more than intimate caress of her forehead. She called him out of the room and told him that he was off of the case. He fought against her decision, said that he had saved her life and that as his mother, she couldn't remove him. She pointed out that she was also his superior and that she felt he had made his involvement with Randi personal.

Ryan and Zach found Annie unconscious on the floor of Richie's motel room. She came to and protested when Ryan suggested they get her to a hospital. Zach then asked her what happened and where she thought Richie was headed, as well as if she could remember what she and her brother talked about prior to her being knocked out. She flashed back clearly to the moment where Richie had thanked her for the traveling money and she reminded him of his promise to remove Greenlee from her relationship equation. Instead of the truth, Annie told Ryan and Zach that, because she wanted her brother out of all of their lives permanently, she had visited him and tried to convince him to plead guilty.

The police arrived a short time later, and under Zach's watchful eye, Annie gave her version of events, and said that Richie had mentioned something about a fake passport and that he wanted to head somewhere where no one could find him. As the police went to call for backup so that they could investigate her claims, Zach's expression told a story of disbelief. Zach asked her if she trusted him, and she confirmed that she did, especially after all he had helped her through. He then asked her again if there was anything that she remembered that she hadn't mentioned. Ryan looked at his wife's face and thought she might have decided to hold something back so he knelt before her to see if he could coax out an answer. Annie freaked out and blamed herself for her brother's misdeeds and the pain he'd caused in Pine Valley. Zach apologized for upsetting her, and after Ryan noted that her behavior was a bit off, he asked if she would reconsider a hospital trip. Annie pleaded with him to take her home, and insisted that all she needed was Ryan.

Zach stepped outside and as he talked to one of the officers, he found that an APB had been issued for Richie. Inside, another officer informed Ryan that Annie needed to go down to the station so an official report could be filed. Ryan protested but Annie overrode his words and said that she would do anything to make sure her brother was caught and arrested. She stepped into the bathroom briefly to freshen up and it was then that Zach took the opportunity and told Ryan he thought something was off with his wife. Ryan managed to say he would handle it and that they would regroup at another time before she rejoined them. She thanked Zach again for all he had done and left the scene with Ryan. As he watched them go, Zach pondered how all of Annie's pieces fit together.

At the Fusion offices, the women found out via broadcast that because of Richie's proof that he had been unlawfully imprisoned, he had been released on bail. Greenlee suggested that they not waste time on Richie and said they should brainstorm about their latest product line. As Babe's frayed nerves made it virtually impossible to concentrate, Richie stared at a poster of the women in the lobby. Kendall tried to rally the girls into action and assured them that they were safe, as she had locked down the elevator and the stairs. At that moment, Richie discovered that his direct access to the women had been compromised and noted that he would have to find another way in. In the meantime, Amanda agreed with Kendall and both she and Greenlee wanted to get to work so they didn't end up at the office all night. Babe was not so easily swayed, as she still felt burned at her perceived demotion since Greeenlee's return. They briefly wondered why Annie hadn't shown up, which started a barrage of insults from Greenlee. Amanda begged her to give Annie a break in light of recent events. They then got to work but it wasn't long until the office talk turned to men. After a few go-rounds, Amanda let it slip that Annie had trashed Greenlee recently and that Kendall had shut her down. Amazed, Greenlee looked to her former best friend for confirmation, and Kendall said that she didn't have a choice since Annie had been completely out of line.

Richie scaled the walls of the Fusion offices and made it to the roof while the women met nearby, completely unaware. They made some progress as they came up with different concepts and ideas, and as Babe checked something on a computer, Richie peered in at her from the roof access door. He waited until she walked away and then attempted to sneak inside. He inadvertently hit something that made a loud noise, and alerted the women to something amiss. They checked to see what had caused the disruption but when they couldn't find anything, they returned to work. The conversation was still peppered with talk of the men in their lives as Richie skulked about and tried to plot out his next move.

The women started to wrap up at the office and Kendall called home and found that Zach wasn't there. She hung up and Greenlee tried to stop the runaway train of Kendall's imagination by assuring her that Zach wasn't out doing anything crazy. Then, Richie flipped a switch on the breaker and caused all the lights to go out.

Jesse returned to the police station and after he congratulated an officer on a job well done, he told him that he had changed his mind and had accepted the position as chief of police.



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